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Private/Closed Stardust High (RolePlay)


Previously m1h4jl0
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After whole summer of waiting, Michael was finally there. He was standing in front of Stardust High. He turned around and saw his parents' car going down the road. He grabbed his package and entered school. Inside it was crowded with people. Michael was amazed. School looked much better than he thought.
'This is spectacular!' Michael said for himself.
Somewhere around 10 meters in front of him were few people, with really weird clothes, that were taking package. Michael walked to one of them gave him his stuff and went into Main Hall. Michael found free seat pretty quickly since most of them were still free, he sat there and waited for everyone else to come. Then principal would hold a speech, and after that he could finally go to dorm and take a rest.


Previously OtisRolePlays
“Finally!” Orabelle cheered out loudly when her parents dropped her off at Stardust High. She held all of her stuff in her hands, and she entered the school excitedly. Orabelle ran towards the people who were taking others’ stuff. She quickly handed them her bags, her blue eyes darting around the school excitedly. Once she was done, Orabelle made her way towards the Main Hall. “Whoa...” It was huge, at least to her. She found a seat and sat down, her big yellow sweater gently laying on the bulky chair. The principal spoke for awhile, which slightly drained Orabelle of her excitement. Once the speech was over, she opened up the door that lead to her dorm. She smiled and jumped onto the bed, enjoying it’s soft blanket and fluffy pillows.
"Yes, mother. Of course. I assure you, mother that needn't be necessary." Yero let out an inaudible sigh as he held a thin cell-phone up to his ear with one hand, the other hand tapped steadily on the the trim of the window to his left. The boy sat in the passenger seat of the small car, which moved rather quickly down the small road. Yero had been on the phone for nearly an hour, repeating the same affirmative phrases over and over like a machine- in honesty, he was growing rather tired of the call. The only break he had from speaking was to turn around and yell at his brother, who would occasionally pop into Yero's ear and ask if he could talk yet. Yoshi, who had taken the back seat of the slick vehicle, groaned of boredom, slouching in the seat and throwing his hands up in a dramatic gesture. It was not long ago that the twins had met up, after nearly half a decade apart. Yet the behaved as if no time had passed, in just minutes they fell back into the same routine as when they were children. "I regret to inform you that we are approaching the school. Yes, I'll tell him. Farewell, I will call back by the end of the week." Yero slowly moved the device away from his ear before hanging up- causing Yoshi to let an indignant huff out due to never getting the chance to speak with the woman. But, Yoshi's expression changed abruptly when a large building came into view. Yoshi pressed his palms up against the window, a wide grin spreading across his cheek- while his brother took a deep breath, visibly less excited.
Both boys opened the car door simultaneously, Yoshi nearly exploding out of the back while Yero took a step out before leaning back into the car. "Thank you sincerely, sir." Yero shook the man who was driving the car's hand. The man was a chauffeur, who honestly could care less about the boy's other than their money. So, while some parents chose to park and stick around a bit- the chauffeur's car left even faster than it had arrived. "Oh, and mother wants me to tell yo-" Yero straightened his vest as he turned around to address his twin, but Yoshi had already taken off- sprinting towards the building. Being international students, the boys followed a slightly different procedure than the other students. Even Yoshi, who had lived in the UK for several years prior, didn't have much stuff to bring. So their mother made a shipment set to arrive later that day, which included all of the necessities they needed. "Stop running! You'll embarrass yourself, come back before you slip and cause a scene." Yero huffed as he began walking towards the building, weary eyes scanned the perimeter.
"Oh sorry mom, should we hold hands too?" Yoshi grinned sarcastically, his brother seemingly less amused by the joke. In truth, Yoshi was happy to be by his brothers side. It had been so long, and he was glad to have someone- many of the students would have to start here without knowing anybody. The pair walked into a room, which, Yero assured his brother, was the designated meeting area. Rows of chairs were set up facing a large stage, an introduction speech was to be given. Yoshi stared at the room in awe, only moving again when Yero brushed past him to take a seat.
As soon as Josh arrived he tried to find a seat to the far back right of the Main Hall. He had been homeschooled for most of his life, and he was very nervous. He didn’t know how these big schools worked. He tried to relax and looked around at the other students coming in as he waited for the speech to begin. Not in a creepy way, just to get his mind off his anxiety.
Ryon finally touched the ground, He liked flying and planes,but not that much to sit on his three letters and stay calm. He even thought, that he could make some kind of 'accident', but then they landed in the UK. He took his bags and called for taxi to take him to school.

He made it to school, it was nicer, than he thought it would be. He gave his stuff to one of those people that collected bags and he sat on a chair in the corner. "We would like to welcome you in your new school, Stardust High.(Blah,blah,blah). We hope that you will achieve here great things (blah, blah)..." Ryon whispered, quite bored to himself and waited for principal to come.
June snapped awake as the taxi she was in drove over a particularly rough bump, immediately regretting the sudden movement as a painful crick in her neck made itself known. She straightened in her seat and yawned, looking through the window to try and keep herself awake. With surprise, she realized that she must've been napping longer than she had originally thought, as she recognized the building that was creeping over the horizon from her research of the school that she would be attending.

Stardust High's campus was far bigger than any other school she had been to. Several different buildings became larger as they neared, and she even began to spot details such as basketball courts and masses of students and parents gathered at the entrance. She ran a thumb over the volume button on her phone. She'd texted her mother when she landed at Heathrow, but at this time she'd more than likely be asleep. Once the cab pulled up near one of the groups of students that appeared to be chatting enthusiastically, June struggled to lift her only suitcase out of the trunk and paid the driver what he was due, taking a bit longer than the man might have liked as she counted out the unfamiliar currency. After the cab had taken off in the direction that it had come, June turned and dragged her few belongings along with her in the direction that some of the other students were headed. She had packed light for travel, but she knew that she needed to head into town sometime this week to shop for anything extra that she might need. The hallway that she was in opened up into a large, auditorium-like room, with chairs set up for what she assumed was some kind of orientation. Busy with her assessment, she nearly ran over a poor student with her suitcase whose leg was a little to far into the aisle. She winced. "Whoa, my bad, didn't see you there," she said, simply taking a seat next to the student before she did any more damage.


Previously Shadow_Pup
Rebecca and Alexander Smith were sitting in their mums car, they stared out the window as they reached the school, their mum pulled up and they got out, grabbing their bags they made their way into the building giving their bags to the bag collectors. One of them tried to ask Alec to hand in the guitar strapped across his back, he refused and walked off towards the main hall, Becca had to jog to keep up with him, "Alec why are you walking so fast, we're not even late." The two reached the hall and took their seats, and sat there quietly speaking to each other, mostly about lessons and clubs.

Ludovica Ippoliti arrived at school, she was amazed, "Wow, this place è fantastico (is fantastic)" she said to her self slipping into Italian as she spoke. She walked with her bags to the school, handed her bags in and sat in the main hall, as far to the back as possible, she looked around at the other people, this could be a good group of people, if she could bring herself to talk with them.
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Alex was calmly checked messages on his phone as he sat in his mother's car. "So, are you excited for school today, Alex?" She asked as her eyes remained focused on the road ahead. "Ehh... is anyone usually?" Alex answered with a light shrug. "Of course they are: It's great place for education and making friends." She replied with a smile. "...Maybe even a girlfriend." She added with a giggle while Alex merely looked out his window with a blush. "Mom..." He said with clear embarrassment. "Oh relax, sweetie, I'm just teasing." She said mid giggle. "If your father were here, I bet he would be proud of you... really proud..." She added with a slightly look of sadness in her eyes. "I'm sure he will, we both know what he's like, but at least he cares about us... to some extent." Alex said in the hope it would make her feel better, she showed a light smile and turned her eyes toward her son, clearly grateful for the attempted support. She stopped when she saw the school in sight... along with many other cars.

Before his mother could open her mouth, Alex spoke first. "Yeah, I can walk from here, thanks for the ride." He said as he grabbed his bag and put his phone in his pocket. "Sure thing sweetie, have a good time at school!" She said as she quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek. "No promises." Alex said with a smile as he stepped out of the car and watched his mother begin to drive away as he gave her one last wave before he looked back at Stardust High and slowly walked toward it.

"Here we go..." He said under his faint breath.


Previously PrincessPika~chan
Beitris Bhictoria Bachelor grinned as she ran towards the school, “Heh, this year’ll be fun!” she paused and hopped up a little, before she resumed running.

When Beitris entered the school, she took of her fluffy light blue backpack and handed it one of the people who was keeping the student’s luggage; she then ran off to the main hall and sat down at the back next to someone slightly shorter than her with a blue hair bow, “Heya! I’m Beitris Bhictoria Bachelor, what’s your name? Oohhhh, I have soo much I wanna say but I don’t think I’ll have the time to, ooooohhh, it’s kinda warm here too, so I think I won’t need this coat either.” she spoke quite energetically, before she took her fluffy light blue and white coat and put it on the back of the chair.
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Hotel rooms are comfy and all but when you are alone in a new place it seems to make the place seem so big. Tyler had spent his whole life in New York. He is used to big places. He is from the city that never sleeps. That is also sometimes the case for Tyler. He spent almost all night looking up information on his new school. The one he will be headed to in about in hour. "Well I better get up and get ready."

He spent his morning getting dressed and shutting down his laptop. He would need it later on. He was glad the school provided help with suitable place to stay the day before they had to be at the school.

Bags packed taxi called. He was on his way to the first year of high school. Tyler was about 30 minutes away from the school. He was glad that the ride was almost over he had butterflies in his stomach. He was nervous. He wanted to fit in but he also did not want to be anyone but himself. He just hoped that the school was more accepting then his last.

Tyler arived at the school just in time to make it the opening meeting in the main hall. He checked his bags in with the guy who would take them to their dorm rooms. He did keep his laptop and guitar on him though. He would not let them out of his sight. He took a seat close to the middle of the group of chairs. He sat and waited for everything to begin.


Sarah was dropped off in front of the school. She had everything she needed for the school year. Though her parents had given her a debt card for things she might need during her stay. He dads were both very excited that she got into this school. They both went here. This is where they met.

"Well lets get this over with. At least this school might have some challenges in what they offer." She took her bags and headed inside she left them with the guy who takes them to the dorms and walked to the main hall. She sat in the back and took out a well worn copy of the first Harry Potter books. She was glad she had something to read while she waited for everything to begin.
Josh was slightly worried by the amount of people sitting in the back. There was enough talk in the Hall that it would be difficult to read... he was skilled in blocking out music, audiobooks and some levels of conversation, but this might be too much. However, he opened his The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and began to read. It was more to soothe himself than anything else.

At the moment he was reading The Five Orange Pips. It was an adventure involving the Ku Klux Klan. He found it very interesting, since he enjoyed reading about this kind of thing. However, the ending turned slightly dark... it was a very good story, though.
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Abigail left her hotel room. She got entered the UK the day before, due to her parents barely being able to send her here. She was lucky they saw this school as a choice. Of course, her parents had placed her education on a high shelf a long time ago. She had three bags filled with clothes, her toothbrush, pictures, her 3DS, her laptop, and many other things. She also had her backpack on her back. Fitting all of her stuff in one small bag would have been a nightmare.

She left the hotel in general and called a taxi. That took what seemed like forever. Her eyes were half-closed, still tired from her long flight over and the different time-zone. She hoped that she would have time to settle, though, she didn't count on it. A taxi finally came over and she entered the yellow vehicle She fell asleep in the back, not from lack of it but from the big change. When she woke up, she was at the school. She got out her three bags and backpack and gave them to the person who was taking the bags. They then directed her to the meeting room. "Thanks a lot, y'all," she told the staff nicely. She entered the meeting room and took a seat. She then remembered that she forgot to call her mother and get a book from her bag. She facepalmed for her own negligence.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Ludovica jumped as the over excited girl started to speak to her, she hadn't expected any conversations involving her to happen this soon, she was particularly glad that the episode of the kids program she had been in had only aired a few times in Britain, at least to her knowledge. She turned to the girl and said in a quiet voice "I..I..my name i..is Ludovica, Ludovica Ippoliti" she fiddled with her hands nervously.


Previously PrincessPika~chan
“Heya then, Ludovica!” Beitris smiled, still quite energetic, “Soooooo, can you think of anything to talk about by annny chance?” she paused briefly, “Wait, I if can think of a topic to talk about then maaaaybe I don’t need to ask for a topic to talk about; oh boy, this is so fun being at this school!” she resumed talking quite quickly, her voice slowly getting louder with each word.

Crimson Sun

Previously Crims0n
It was just many hours after some heartfelt goodbyes to his close friends back at his hometown before Hyungjun finally landed within the United Kingdom to attend Stardust High. Currently, he was saying his goodbyes to his parents in the airport of the UK before he takes a taxi towards his new academy while his fathers take a connecting flight towards Paris, France for some sort of modeling show. Hyungjun kissed them on their cheeks before waving goodbye and enter the taxi. Picking up his luggage that's supposedly to last him about 2 years, Hyungjun allows the taxi driver takes him away.

Sitting in the cab, Hyungjun only thought of what he would be missing back in Ulsan and what he is to experience at his new profound home. First and foremost though, he's going to have to get adept to his new English name: Ashton. He personally picked it out of course, loving the way it rolls off his tongue and phonetic flow. Ashton Jeon. Camera in hand, Ashton starts a small recording of the surrounding enviroment as the taxi drives by them. The UK may not be home, albeit his new home now, the sights were absolutely magnificent.

Faster than Ashton had expected, his journey was cut short as the cab driver already arrived at his destination. "Thank you so much," Ashton spoke fluently to the driver before paying in Euros. His luggage was quite a bit, but it was for a few year living at his new dorm after all. Camera hanging off his shoulder, a backpack full of his secondary items strapped on his back, one rolling suitcase carrying his clothes, the other rolling suitcase full of extra stuff that didn't fit into his bag, and one hand holding onto a duffel of his hockey equipment, Ashton strolled into Stardust High beginning his new life.
"Well I'm already bored. Are they gonna start or what?" Yoshi huffed as he leaned forward in his seat so that his knees were nearly touching his chest. The energetic boy then turned to face the door where new students were flooding in from, the boy's gaze steadied on each passing face- not really considering how creepy he may have looked. The boy let out a long, exaggerated sigh before flinging his head backwards and rolling his shoulders. "I'm not gonna be able to take 5 more minutes." Yoshi groaned as he pressed his hand to his forehead in the gesture often used in theater to symbolize death.
"We did arrive a bit early. Assuming that the speech does start at the time which it has been designated to begin at, we still have a short wait. If you are going to complain the entirety of that wait time, you are welcome to do so elsewhere." Yero sighed, much to his brother's dismay. Yoshi narrowed his eyes, somebody wasn't in a very good mood. Standing up Yoshi grinned at Yero, giving the other boy a wink before deciding to take his advice. All of these kids were the same age as him, chances are he'd run into them again eventually. It'd be good to make friends with them now. Yoshi looked back over his shoulder, Yero seemed engrossed in whatever he was doing on his phone, before shrugging and looking around for someone to talk to.
Suddenly, Yoshi's eyes fell onto one girl. She was sitting by herself, which seemed more appealing then joining a group that was already mid-conversation. Yoshi, who was never one to shy away from strangers, smiled as he approached the girl ( @PlayfulFox47 ). She seemed distraught about something, which Yoshi figured wouldn't be a great conversation starter. "Hey." the boy began, a wide smile lighting his face. Some people found introductions awkward, and perhaps Yoshi did come on too strong most the time, but his grin was genuine and friendly. "My name is Yoshiro. Yoshiro Saito. But you can call me Yoshi. I guess you'll be a first year too. Exciting, huh? I bit nerve wracking, i guess. What's your name?" Yoshi asked, speaking a bit too fast.
(OOC: I'm doing her accent... since most people with a southern accent say Aah instead of I and mah instead of my)BIC:
Abigail looked at the boy and listened. Sure, he was speaking fast, but Nathen did too. "Aah'm Abigal, and Aah guesses so," she said, drawing out some of her vowels, making it sound like she was speaking slowly. "Cain't really say Aah've been to a scole like this before. Now Ahh really need to call mah Ma. I promised Aah would." Her southren origins were hard not to notice, due to her thick accent that she didn't seem to notice. She pulled her phone out of her blue jean pocket and called her mother.
Gordeau sat in the back of the black cab, gazing at the countryside panorama. While he knew this was what he'd always wanted, he couldn't help but feel a tinge of sadness infiltrate his heart. He dearly missed his friends and family in London, especially after the love and support they gave him on his journey here. He knew he would see them again, as he promised he'd come back and visit during the extended holidays.

But would they still want to see him?

Would they simply be too different to ever be friends again?

To laugh and chat and play like they used to?

These questions raced through his mind, bouncing back and forth before finally being shattered by the sharp sound of the cab horn. He was at his destination.

He silently got out of the cab, and went around to the trunk, ready to grab his two suitcases and large duffel bag. He fist bumped the driver (who also happened to be a relative), exchanging a few farewells before the cab drove off into the distance.

"New school, new life! Let's see how this goes." He whispered to himself, before venturing into the main hall and handing over his bags.

He strolled over to the seating area, quickly glancing at a few of the faces that were sat before him. He saw two girls engaged in conversation, and decided to sit directly in front of them, as he thought their conversation would be interesting.

He shuffled over to the row directly in front of them, and sat, leaning back ever so slightly, and slightly turning his head, to make sure he could hear what was being said.
Josh looked up from his book at the sound of the voice with the strange accent. He had heard similar voices during his visits to relatives in the United States, and he guessed that that is where this student was from. One summer, when he visited some relatives in Alabama, he heard that accent often. The southern accent could be very hard to understand sometimes. He turned back to his book and continued reading.
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Previously Shadow_Pup
(OOC: Ludovica speak with a rather heavy Italian accent)
Ludovica stared at the girl, she seemed to be practically oozing energy and excitement. She thought on her question "w..w..well I find that the UK is kind of..urm..interessante" she couldn't think of the word in English, "kind of cool" she decided to go for, she noticed the boy sit in front of them, she pointed him out to Betris.

Alec leaned back in his seat his was people watching, he noticed two boys talking, as one of them walked of he decided to get up and walk over, sitting down beside the boy on his phone he said "Hello, my name is Alexander Smith, but you can call me Alec" he smiled smiling. Becca noticed her brother leave, she decided to find some people to talk to as well, she stood and looked around, she walked backwards slightly as she looked around and bumped into a girl on her phone who was standing next to some boy. She turned and said "oh my god, I'm so sorry I wasn't looking where I was going, are you ok, my name is Rebecca Smith, but call me Becca".
Ryon was sleeping on his chair until some students decide to make a noise and break his beautiful dream about him, being a last human on Earth or something similar. Why some people just couldn't be calm when He is sleeping, is that something that hard for them. After a while he remind himself that he isn't in home, so he forgave those, that woke him up.

Ryon noticed a boy (Gordeau) who was sitting with turned head, it may not be weird. If He would like move this head or something. Ryon came closer, trying not to make any sound, then when He was quite close he shouted "Hey, the neck hurts you or what, Why you don't move it at all".

"I hope that he will understand me, I hardly used english at home. So, I couldn't practice it with anybody" Ryon thought.
"Ah, it's fine," Abigail said, looking up. She didn't really like all of this attention, but at least she didn't have to go find people to talk to. "Aah was just tellin' Yoshi here that Aah'm callin' mah Ma." Her mother didn't pick up. She must have been working outside. Abigail shook her head and muttered something about wet hens. She then looked at Rebecca. "So, what ya want to talk about?" she asked awkwardly.
Gordeau jumped when the boy next to him spoke at such close proximity, shattering his focus and almost toppling over his chair.

"Geez louise, you scared the daylights out of me!" Exclaimed Gordeau, his eyes widened in shock, before turning toward the boy, transitioning into a more relaxed facial expression soon after.

"My neck is fine, thanks." Gordeau chuckled, rubbing his neck, before slowly holding out his hand toward Ryon in hopes of getting a handshake.

"I'm Gordeau, your new local eavesdropper." He joked.
Ryon grinned and shaked Gordeau's hand "it is nice to meet you. I'm Ryon, a simple guy with interesting criminal record on his shoulders, handsome, smart and modest. My hobby is people, you will understand one day, don't you worry" He said on one breath as fast as he could. "You know that if you like a girl, you schould ask her for a date, not stalk her." Ryon pushed Gordeau forward "Let's join their little conversation, it is sad to only listen"


Previously LunaLuma
Tobias Miller slowly shuffled his feet as made his way to the school. He was currently carrying a heavy backpack filled with all of his equipment and because he wasnt that strong, he hunched himself over a bit to further support him. He then proceded to walk into the seating area (with his bag still), trying to not give any attention to himself. He scanned the area for empty seats and found a spot with relatively little people around. He quietly sat down, got out a Pen and a notebook, and he began to write.
"I can't like somebody I don't even - "

Gordeau's words seemingly fell on deaf ears, as Ryon pushed him forward toward the conversation unfolding behind them.

He closed his eyes briefly in acceptance. His master plan was foiled, and now he'd actually have to socialise. Gordeau himself was a pretty good conversationalist, but only around people he knew. He wasn't too great at introductions, especially when he had to initiate them.

But, in truth, Gordeau was kind of glad Ryon had pushed him into the conversation.

His neck really was starting to hurt, after all...


Previously PrincessPika~chan
“Oh, who are you two guys? I’m Beitris, I’m from up north by the way,” Beitris smiled at the two boys who seemed to be listening in to the conversation, “Oh, yeah, this place is kind of cool after all,” she said as she turned her attention back to Ludovica, “I’m sure it’ll only get better with some time!”
As Alex walked across the school grounds to make his way to the welcoming assembly, he looked around to see several students had already introduced and started to converse with one another. He would have done the same, but he was in no rush, he just wanted to get settled in and learn about everyone so he knew the right people to be friends with... and which one was mean enough to be asked for their face caved in... Upon his arrival at the main room which was littered with hundreds of chairs, he sat down at one of the chairs closest to the door so he could get out slightly quicker.
June was really starting to rethink her decision to keep her belongings on her as students moved about without being weighed down. She couldn't help it, though; she wasn't used to strangers being in charge of her things. She supposed she'd just have to get used to it at some point. However, as she was in the current troublesome process of stuffing the bag underneath her chair, she was startled by the sound of the chair right behind her scraping as someone sat down. She turned in curiosity to see who it was, and saw a guy dressed in leather, looking like he was ready to bolt out of the nearby door. She wondered if the guy was trouble, but doubted it. "Hey," she said to him after turning completely in her chair. "Are you a Freshman too?" She paused, wondering if the Brits here used the term. "Uh, I mean, 'First Year'?"
Two kids seemed very exited about the assembly. Well, one more than the other but hey, it’s totally chill. Gold Matthews walked next to his best friend Selina Sapphire, her bouncy nature making him a bit worried. With her being a lesbo and everything she’d attract a lot of Female Attention, which he did not want to project back onto him.

“Hello Everyone! Selina and Gold, first years, coming through!!!” Selina yelled out, while Gold slightly cringed as he adjusted his jacket. “Hey...” he said simply to everyone who turned at Selina’s loud remark.
A few hours ago, Isak had gotten on a plane going from Stockholm in Sweden, to London from England. He was very excited about going to a new school but was sad to leave his dog, bunny and sister behind in Gothenburg. They would still be able to talk to each other and his mother had promised to come visit him a few times over the semester with the pets. He was also worried that people wouldn't like him. His behaviour wasn't appreciated by everyone to say the least. But he still pranked people no matter how many times he got beat up about it.

He left the terminal and got in a taxi. They drove for a while before they finally arrived at the school he was gonna go to for three years. He paid up, got out his stuff and entered the school with lots and lots of luggage. It was heavy, but he managed to carry it all. He walked in through the school gates and headed for the Main Hall where the principal was gonna give a speech. There had come an Email 2 weeks before about when to show up and what was going to happen on the first day. He had hoped to go to his dorm first, but he hadn't had the time so he just had to wait until the principal had spoken before he could leave his things.

He entered the Main Hall right after two other kids, one of them shouting out to all other students that had arrived. That made Isak a little more confident. Maybe he could get friends here that was similar to him. He glanced at the student who had just shouted and it appeared to be a girl. He saw the other one who was a boy that looked more shy and a little anxious because of the girl.
"I'm also a first year so make way for the king of poopoo, Isak!" he said with a very confident, yet joking grin on his face.

Cassie had stayed at a hotel for a few days so she wouldn't be so late to the first day of school. The first day at London had only been filled with sleeping so she could adjust herself after the jet-lag. But the following days had been filled with a bunch of sight-seeing and a bit of gaming on her Switch. She had been sad to leave her dog behind but she knew she could go and meet it during winter and summer.

She ate breakfast at her hotel and checked out before she got out to take a cab to the new school. She arrived a little while later with all of her belongings and entered the Main Hall. Right infront of her was 3 people, 2 of which seemed waaaaayyy too extroverted for her taste so she sneaked past them and stayed close to the wall a bit away from the doors. She didn't like big crowds so that place ideal for her. Atleast in this big room.


Previously Blue_Flash4 de Lafayette
Nick had just gotten inside the school. “Wow,” He said. “This place is AWESOME!” He said. People around stared at him. “Oh my bad,” He said. He was from France so he had a French accent and would probably never sound English so he would obviously not fit in. He has traveled frequently between France and America so he was hoping to find a home in the UK. He found a seat in the Main Hall entering behind 4 other people. He sat by a lot of the people who also just sat down but didn’t look in their direction cuz he didn’t feel like socializing yet.
Yero looked up from his phone when another boy approached him, promptly tucking the device into his pocket and greeting the stranger with almost-too-intense eye contact. "Good morning, Alec. My name is Yeroto Saito, it is an honor to meet you. Feel free to call me Yero." Yero nodded as he extended his hand to shake the other male's hand. "I am excited for what this day may entail, they do say that first impressions are most important. I intend of making the very most of this first day attending, I find it fair to believe you will do the same. So, Alec, what plans do you have to kick off the year?" Yero asked with a faint smile. Most hadn't planned out every day like Yero had, but Yeroto found it hard to think that someone would have zero goals for the year.

In time, another girl joined Yoshi and the 'mah'-calling-girl. Sort of joined, more like accidentally bumped into. The frantic apology caused Yoshi to snicker. Becca, he'd have to remember that- the boy never was much god with names. Abigail put down the phone in time, Yoshi figured it was safe to assume that her mom wasn't picking up. "Oh isn't there just too much?" Yoshi chuckled at his own comment to Abigail's question. "What do you guys like to do? I mean outside of school, obviously." Yoshi asked as he spun around and sat on it backwards so his chest rested on the back and he still looked at the girls.
Gold slid over near Cassie to avoid his friend, not talking or interacting with her because he was too much of a wuss to talk to girls. He yawned and pulled out his Nintendo Switch which he had been keeping in the back pocket of his luggage bag, and booted up Hollow Knight and continued his Steel Soul run though the Royal Waterways, adjusting his jacket again.

Selina grinned at Isak. "King of Poopoo, huh? What was your first command to your kingdom then, flush?" she asked jokingly, her hair bouncing a bit as she grinned at the young kid her age. "Sounds like you have a lot to get straight buddy." she said, and whipped some hair out of her face.
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"First thing to get straight, i'm not!" He said outloud and laughed. That was what he always said when someone told him to get something straight. Which didn't happen a lot in Sweden. That would maybe change now that he lived in an English speaking country, but it probably wouldn't happen as much as he wanted it to. He stretched out his hand for the girl to shake.
"We need a proper introduction though. As the king of Poopoo, i need to act more civilized. Excuse me for my behaviour back there. And as you may recall, my name is Isak" he said with a clearly fake polite tone, as if he was making fun of people who talked that way.

Cassie glanced at the guy who had just planted himself next to her. He took out a Switch and that was Cassie's cue to talk.
"You have a Switch? Cool. Which games do you have?" She asked and looked at what he was playing. Hollow Knight. She had only heard of the game herself but never played it. She was more interested in games like Zelda, Super Smash Bros and Pokémon. Though there were currently only two Pokémon games out on the Switch right now and they weren't exactly the best games that Gamefreak had produced


Previously WildFlower
Kana entered the main hall, just coming out from a cab. He pulled out a small notebook and a pencil. He considered it his own diary if boys even do that. He was writing about how his first day of school could possibly go, as well as his social life. He'd put his hand on his side, closing his notebook, and resumed to stare at the groups of people. He'd bite his pencil, and just walk with a big business suitcase ( x 2 ). He had about 5 art cases in the first one, also including a makeup kit, his game systems + games, And art notebooks. The second one was a surprise however~!

He walked around till finally reaching Dorm 46. Kana grabbed his key and opened the door, eventually just lying on his bed. He sighed and looked at his second suitcase. He had a small smile, and then just shut his eyes, waiting for the first-period bell.


Previously LunaLuma
As more and more people began to enter the school and socialise with each other, Toby was getting scared that someone was going to talk to him. He decided to get some headphones out of his bag, and listen to semi loud music, so that it was loud enough so that he couldn't hear most conversations while also being able to hear people nearby yelling if he wasn't supposed to be listening to music at that time. The music was loud enough so that people around him could just hear it so Toby hoped that no one would get annoyed by it. Toby then proceeded to continue writing in his small notebook, waiting for the assembly to start.
Josh looked up from his book when the group who just entered the main hall began yelling. He gave up reading as a lost cause and put his book down. Someone nearby had just put on headphones.

Smart move. Wish I had thought to bring some. Well, maybe I can get some later. Or maybe just a pillow. Can’t people be quiet? Now I know why I was homeschooled most of my life.

Those and some other similar thoughts ran through his head. He but his book down beside him, and gazed around the hall. He, like others, was wishing that the assembly would just begin already. He wanted to investigate his dorm.


Previously WildFlower
He finished setting all of his things up and was done waiting. He walked out to the Main Hall again, still keeping his notebook and pencil. He saw more and more groups, and just sat on the bench. He started to begin his art on a dragon with a flower crown as well. He wondered what type of flowers but just went with basic daisys.
"Right, umm.... I'm Gordeau. It's a pleasure to meet you." He replied to Beitris, clearly nervous about the introduction.

"I'm actually from London, as you could probably tell from my voice..." He chuckled awkwardly, looking down toward the floor briefly.

"Have you guys checked out our dorms yet? I really wanted to, but looks like we have to sit through this assembly first, eh? Ha ha ha..." He said, somehow even more awkwardly and nervously than before.

He looked over at Ryon, giving him a panicked facial expression.