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Hmmmm. Mine were....

Emerald- Treeko :love:
Sapphire- Treeko :love:
FireRed- Squirtle
Diamond- Turtwig
Pearl- Chimchar
Platinum- Piplup
HeartGold- Chikorita
White- Oshawott
X- Chesbin

I haven't played all of the games, but those were my favorites the first time I saw them. Treeko stays my favorite starter even now.
Red - Charmander
Blue - Bulbasaur
Yellow - Pikachu (I got cheated... damn you Rival)
Crystal - Cyndaquil
Ruby - Torchic
Sapphire - Treeko
Emerald - Mudkip
Diamond - Turtwig
X - Chespin

I'll be getting Pokemon Black/2 later on.
firered= bulbasaur(named celery)
heartgold=cyndaquil(named blaze)
emerald=treeko(named celery again)
pearl= turtwig(named kame)
black=tepig(named bacon)
black 2= oshawott(named swords)
havent played x or y but im getting froakie and naming it scarfy
Blue; Squirtle
Red; Charmander
Yellow; Pikachu :p
Gold; Cyndaquil
Silver; Totodile
Crystal; Chikorita
Ruby; Mudkip
Sapphire; Treecko
Emerald; Torchic
Fire Red; Bulbasaur
Leaf Green; Squirtle
Diamond; Piplup
Pearl; Chimchar
Platinum; Turtwig
Black; Tepig
White; Oshawott
Black 2; Snivy
White 2; Oshawott
X; Fennekin
Y; Froakie

So yeah, that's throughout the years...from when I was 4 to me being 17 now..how time flies! If there's gonna be a Pokemon Z I'll choose Chespin, he deserves some love :3
Blue; Squirtle
Red; Charmander
Yellow; Pikachu :p
Gold; Cyndaquil
Silver; Totodile
Crystal; Chikorita
Ruby; Mudkip
Sapphire; Treecko
Emerald; Torchic
Fire Red; Bulbasaur
Leaf Green; Squirtle
Diamond; Piplup
Pearl; Chimchar
Platinum; Turtwig
Black; Tepig
White; Oshawott
Black 2; Snivy
White 2; Oshawott
X; Fennekin
Y; Froakie

So yeah, that's throughout the years...from when I was 4 to me being 17 now..how time flies! If there's gonna be a Pokemon Z I'll choose Chespin, he deserves some love :3
i agree with you there
Silver - Totadile
It was a careless choice, honestly as it had only been my second game after Yellow. So it was the first time I'd ever actually had to pick a starter. In addition said newbness also prevented my rival from getting a name. I idiotically thought it was supposed to be '???' so that's what I told the cop! XD
The first file would still be current but the battery died in 2007. :(

Ruby - Mudkip
Same carelessness as in Silver, It was my first 3rd generation game and I had not realized I was picking my starter.

Sapphire - My memory is not the greatest here but I want to say Treeko.
Emerald - Treeko

Leaf Green - Charmander
First still current

Fire Red - Bulbasaur
Currently working now to soft reset one shiny.

Pearl - Chimchar
Platinum - Piplup

Soul Silver - Chikorita

Black - Oshawatt
First still current.

Black 2 - Snivy
First still current.

X - Fennikin and Squirtle
First still current.

Versions in which I do not recall my first starter:

Versions I have yet to own:
White 2
Heart Gold
My pattern would be electric, grass, fire, grass, fire, but I only broke it once when I picked Oshawott so:
Yellow - Pikachu named Pizza :p
Fire Red - Bulbasaur named Flora
SoulSilver/Crystal - Cyndaquil named Amber
Emerald - Treecko named LeafBlade ♥
Platinum - Chimchar named Cinder
White2 - Oshawott named Atlanta

So yeah, these are my starters on the first run of every of these games..
If I owned X or Y I would pick Fennekin.
Diamond: Chimchar
HeartGold: Chikorita
Black: Oshawott
HeartGold: Squirtle
HeartGold: Torchic
Y: Fennekin
X: Froakie
Y: Squirtle
X: Charmander (yes, i know it's overrated, but still)
X: Torchic
In HeartGold/SoulSilver, you get three starters, Kanto, Jhoto, and Hoenn. I counted the event Torchic because it IS a starter. You get a Kanto starter from Sycamore early on in the game. I did get these is this order.
Red: Bulbasaur and Squirtle (had two copies)
Gold: I think Cyndaquil
Silver: Totodile
Crystal: Cyndaquil
Ruby: Mudkip
Emerald (ROM): Treecko
LeafGreen: Bulbasaur
FireRed: Charmander, then Squirtle after reset
Diamond: Piplup, then Chimchar after reset
Platinum: Turtwig
HeartGold: Cyndaquil
SoulSilver: Totodile
Black: Tepig and Oshawott (two copies; first is lost forever)
Black 2: Snivy
Y: Haven't played yet, but planning on Chespin and Charmander (wouldn't normally pick it, but deciding to this time just for a change)
This was actually posted as a different thread, TWICE, in the wrong forum. I trimmed the bullshit and fused it with this thread. In the future make sure you look around the forum to see if a thread like what you want to post does not already exist!
Gen 1: Charmander
Gen 2: Totodile
Gen 3: Mudkip
Gen 4: Piplup
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6: Fennekin
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Gen 1: Bulbasaur
Gen 2: Chikorita
Gen 3: Treecko
Gen 4: Turtwig
Gen 5: Snivy
Gen 6: Fennekin
I only broke the theme because I wanted Zapdos :p
Gold : Cyndaquil
Ruby: Torchic
Emerald : Mudkip
Firered: Squirtle
Diamond: Piplup
Platinum : Turtwig
Soulsilver: Chikorita
Black: Snivy
Black 2 : Tepig
X: Fennekin
I started in Gen IV, because I was banned from Pokemon for several years, as apparently when I first discovered it when I was little, I grew very, very obsessed. Thus, my list is rather short.

Diamond: Piplup
Platinum: Piplup
Soul Silver: Totodile
Black: Snivy
Black 2: Snivy
X: Froakie
I usually pick the fire starter during my very first run through of a game. It's just tradition. I don't even like the Fire/Fighting type starts (such as Torchic's final, whose name escapes me at the moment for some reason), but I still picked them during my first play through. Nostalgia purposes, perhaps? After the first run through, I pick the one I like best. (Barring my current run through's in which I'm picking different Pokemon than I normally would)

Gen I - Charmander
Gen II - Cyndaquil
Gen III - Treeko
Gen IV - Piplup
Gen V - Snivy

And I haven't played X or Y yet. But because of typing, I feel like it'll be Fennekin. Usually don't train dark types, and I don't like fighting types much.
Blue: Squirtle - I had him even when I got Lapras. Blastoise is just amazing. I even have a little toy of Blastoise.
Yellow: Pikachu (Obviously) - I named him Joe Dirt for some reason, probably because I got Yellow a few weeks after watching that movie. And yes, I did evolve him into Raichu before the E4.
Gold: Totodile - In my first successful playthrough, I only used Feraligatr and Pidge the Pidgeot to get all 8 Gym Badges, then I got Entei, Dragonite, and Misdreavus periodically.
Crystal: Cyndaquil - Even though I used it up until getting a Growlithe, it was fun using him.
Platinum: Chimchar - It was pretty good, though I never used it fully. I don't know, I just don't like monkeys that much. 0.0
Black, White and White 2: Oshawott - Oshawott was the only Unova starter that turned me on. It just keeps getting better as it evolves. :3


✧luzrov rulay✧
Fire Red- Bulbasaur
Soul Silver and Heart Gold- Cyndaquil.
Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire- Torchic
Black and Black 2- Oshawott and Snivy.
X- Froakie! and Bulbasaur.
emerald: treeko
platinum: turtwig
black and black 2: snivy
white: oshawott
heart gold: totodile
soul silver: cyndaquil
y: fennekin and bulbasaur
x: froakie and charmander

starters on games im planning on getting

leaf green: charmander or squirtle
colosseum: espeon
or/as: treeko or torchic
Sapphire - Torchic
Fire Red - Squirtle (Bulbasaur on second time played)
Emerald - Torchic
Diamond - Piplup
White - Snivy
Black 2 - Oshawott
Y - Chespin and Bulbasaur
ORAS - Torchic

As you can see I really love my Torchics XD

EDIT: Added a few things.
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Blue - Charmander
Gold - Mudkip
Crystal - Torchic
Sapphire - Torchic
Emerald - Mudkip
FR - Charemander
LG - Charmander
Pearl - Chimchar
Platinum - Chimchar
SS - Mudkip
HG - Cyndaquil
Black - Snivy

Jhan Garc

Formerly AkenabeShiro
Sapphire: Mudkip
Emerald: Mudkip
FireRed: Squirtle
Platinum: Piplup
SoulSilver: Cyndaquil
White: Oshawott
Black2: Oshawott

Yea,i'm a little addicted to the water starters,except in Johto,and i'm planing to choose Chespin when i get the Y version and my 3DS
Well, here goes..
Crystal - Totodile
My first starter ever was a Totodile. He was really good, and I will remember him forever, and ever and ever!
Ruby - Treeko
He was so cool, and fun to use! I remembef beating a Blaziken with my Grovyle.. good times..
Leaf Green - Bulbasaur
Even though it wasn't the greatest I used, Burb was very useful ( yes I named it Burb, cuz I was 4-5 years old.. :T)
Platinum - Turtwig
Yet another Grass type, Turtwig was fun to use, but not extremly. It was the only one I liked ..
HeartGold - Cyndaquil
The first (and only) fire starter I ever used. I wanted a difference , and Cyndaqnil was a good choice . . I had fun...
White - Oshawott
Again, the only one I liked in this Gen , but it was really fun using it :)
Y - Froakie
I really, really ,really like Froakie's evo-line. Just pure awesome :D
Blue: Squirtle (Squirtle was the cutest, and Bulbasaur was growing on me, but Squirtle was cuter!)
Green: Bulbasaur (Cause why not?)
Yellow: Pikachu (Only choice.)
Gold: Chikorita (I can't get over the cute leaf giraffe Pokémon winning over my heart!)
Silver: Cyndaquil (Let's get fiery!)
Crystal: Chikorita (KAWAII!)
Ruby: Torchic (Cool contest sweeper!)
Sapphire: Mudkip (Cute contest sweeper!)
Emerald: Mudkip (So you heard I like Mudkipz.)
Firered: Charmander (Why not?)
Leafgreen: Squirtle (Still the cutest Kanto starter!)
Diamond: Piplup (Penguins are cute!)
Pearl: Piplup (Piplup FTW!)
Platinum: Turtwig (I've grown on Piplup too much, how about a change?)
HeartGold: Chikorita (A shiny one, too!)
SoulSilver: Cyndaquil (SHINY AWESOMENESS!)
Black: Oshawott (Why not? Cute otter Pokémon are cute!)
White: Snivy (Won over my heart! But Squirtle's still the best!)
Black 2: Oshawott (SHINY!)
White 2: Snivy (SHINY SNIVY!)
X: Fennekin, Squirtle (Still the best ones!)
Y: Froakie, Bulbasaur (See the similarity?)
Omega Ruby: Torchic (There are other starters you can get, but I'm too lazy to type them in.)
Alpha Sapphire: Mudkip (THE BEST CUTE CONTEST CHAMP!)


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Since it's been awhile that I initially replied to this thread I figure that I may as well fill in answers for the games that I've played since. ^^

White 2: Oshaswott
Black 2: Swapped my starter with Chimchar
Y: Chespin
X: Swapped my starter with Bulbasaur
Omega Ruby: Treecko
Alpha Sapphire: Torchic

By the time that I played Black 2 I'd already trained Oshawott's line twice and Snivy and Tepig's once, so I opted to swap out my Unova starter for a different starter (Chimchar!). As for my X playthrough, I ended up training my "Dream Team" for it (which involved much breeding and trading) and as in my head Bulbasaur has always been my "starter" for that team it was only proper that it be my starter on X as well. :)


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May as well start from the top:

Red: Squirtle
Yellow: Pikachu (duh)
Gold: Cyndaquil
Sapphire: Mudkip
FireRed: Squirtle
Emerald: Treecko
Pearl: Piplup
Platinum: Chimchar
HeartGold: Chikorita
White: Snivy
White 2: Snivy
X: Froakie
Omega Ruby: Treecko

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Update since I has more stuffs nowww

Y: I don't even know anymore, I've restarted about 30 times already and each time I went through with a different starter. I think I chose Chespin the most, though?
AS: Mudkip. Just because Watson would've been 1000x easier to beat (and Watson was the bane of my existence back in the RSE days).
If I can remember:
I mainly tend to use my favorite, only once I used on team, multiple copies, I boxed it since I had my team planned out. I couldn't resist and always went for favorites.

Never played originals (RBY, FR/LG, RSE)
Pearl: Chimchar - have not played Diamond or Platinum
Soul Silver: Cyndaquil - have not played Heart Gold
Black: Oshawott
White: Oshawott
Black2: Oshawott
White2: Oshawott
X: Fennekin
Y: Fennekin
AS: Mudkip
OR: Mudkip
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I only keep my starters for the first three generations, and typically I pick:
Kanto - Charmander
Johto - Totodile
Hoenn - Mudkip

The other starters don't interest me so I pick whichever and ditch them ASAP.
Hmm... let's see:

Blue: Charmander
Red: Squirtle
Yellow: Pikachu ;P
Gold: Chikorita
Crystal: Cyndaquil
Emerald: Torchic
LeafGreen: Bulbasaur
Pearl: Chimchar
Platinum: Piplup
HeartGold: Totodile
White: Tepig
White2: Tepig

There isn't much of a trend here, I guess...
First game I ever played was Sapphire, in which my starter was Treecko. While Tyranitar may be my favorite Pokemon, Treecko's evolutionary line will always hold a special place in my heart. I always choose the grass starter, as a result.
red charmander
green charmander
gold(budder:3) totodile
ruby treecko
saphire treecko
diamond turtwig
black 2 snivy
white 2 snivy
omega ruby treecko
alpha saphire treecko
Since we're talking about first runs, here's my list.

Blue/Firered- Squirtle
Yellow- Pikachu (obviously)
Sapphire- Mudkip
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum- Chimchar
HG/SS- Totodile/Cyndaquil
White/White 2- Tepig
X/Y- Froakie

Weird how I never picked grass on my first run even though it's my favorite. Maybe that will change if there's a Generation 7. Over the years, I've been liking water types less and less. Probably from using Totodile and Oshawott. It was frustrating for me and good thing I didn't pick Oshawott first time.
Very first time playing through:

FR: Bulbasaur (always went with Charmander afterwards, I've never done a Squirtle play through!)
SS: I honestly can't remember, I absolutely love all three, I believe it was Cyndaquil...
Emerald: Treecko
Diamond: Turtwig
B/W: Snivy
X/Y: Froakie
ORAS: Mudkip

Never really went with fire types.