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The Mary Sue Test

I didn't really count, but I know I scored high. I've made multiple characters (in my head not in writing yet) and ALL of them have alternately colored pokemon. In fact, in my version, not two pokemon look exactly alike. If you have 2 golden labs sitting next to each other, you could see that they don't look EXACTLY the same. Why do pokemon? My Blastoise has green eyes and is bigger than most. My Raichu is smaller and color is more saturated. And yes, my Umbreon has oddly shaped purple makings and evolved from a shiny Eevee. I think I can pull it off because my main character (in existing an region) isn't that special.

We do KINDA share a name. I'm Megan Sher'ee Chidester and she's Sher'ee Chestnut, and I did base her off me. But I also based twos other off me too. My bad-ass side and my somewhat of an alter-ego.

I still don't know if I'll ever write this fanfic, but still
Cassie scored an 8, but that was because the 'being champion of a region' had a whopping 6 points. I wasn't sure if I could count it, because although she did technically defeat the Sinnoh League and Champion, she declined the title and went back to traveling instead. (She challenged the League just to get her retired Veteran Trainer mother off her back) But, just to be fair, I counted it anyway. The other two points were that she had a telepathic Ninetales (though to be fair, in the anime, Brock did encounter a telepathic Ninetales), and she happens to be multi-talented (she just picks things up very quickly, though, it's just to the point of being able to do it, and not necessarily mastering it in the first try. She does like trying lots of things, since she mostly travels for new experiences).

However, I do think that there is more to an interesting character than what they look like, what powers they have, and how special their Pokemon are. What really makes a character interesting for me, is their personalities and how they interact with others and their Pokemon. Their quirks and trademarks. That's what makes Cassie interesting, so, without the six points from being Champion, she would've scored a frigging 1 because she is just one of a million other ace trainers in the world. (It took her nearly a decade to get to her position of Ace trainer so I think it's fair)

So, give characters all the powers and tragic backstories and special Pokemon you want, but without a solid personality that can organically grow over time, they're still bland characters.
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I got 21 on the universal one. At first I was like :"YES! Pulled the clutch baby!" But now I am scared to do anything to not go over 21. Then I tried doing the pokemon one and I got 9. Leaf, you crazy serperior...you made me grow a few white hairs XD.
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What's funny is I see people being happy over threes and fours, when that's risk of being under developed. Also, mary sue is probably a bad term to ee using. If a character is a sue is completely subjective, and based off the person, so a good objective word to use would be something like "godlike." You guys use the term sensibly and well, but I can't get the instant reaction out of my head that whenever people use the term Mary sue they are a bad critic. It's just developed in my mind into being the kind of critique used by 4chan and Gamergate.

Anyway, my character lily got a 7, and although I haven't used her in any stories, having only been on pokecharms a single day, I think that's an accurate score. I'd be actually happier with an 8 or 9.
My character Deo got -9001...somehow. I-I don't even...what?

Naw, in actuality he got 13. Since owning a shiny is the only thing keeping him from the dangerously-low anti-sue score of 3 (Although I consider him fairly developed), I'm comfortable with it. (Even though I question why owning a shiny is worth more than being a friggen regional champion.)
Ummmm I don't think my scores were very accurate on 4 of my newest roleplayers.

Rose the lopunny got a 29 I am not so happy about it but kinda relief it didn't go over 30.
Blade the Excadrill got a 200 I fainted. Doesn't he takes a very risky path to save others?
Im not gonna be using blade
Eclipse the Umbreon got a 34
Sunshine the espeon got a 6

Me: .......
I kinda have to object to the 'stronger than other Pokemon of it's species' thing, because A) all humans aren't the same fighting strength B) IVs and C) Ash Ketchum's pikachu is the most overpowered pikachu I've ever seen. You ever tried using thunderbolt on a Latios? It doesn't do that much. Or used thunderbolt on an Onix?
Some of this is just ridiculous.
Why in the world is owning a shiny worth almost enough points to go out of said "safe zone" on it's own?
Why do all Pokemon have to look the same? Real animals have variations.
Why is beating a regional league so awful here when people think Ash is an awful character because he HAS'NT beaten any?
I know it's not set in stone or anything, but I just have issues with some of it. :/

That said, my new RP character got like a 4. But that's because I haven't gotten around to making his team yet.

I didn't bother finishing the test for Blue even though he's the main char of my personal fic because he's a Gym Leader and Champion but that's not even my fault. :(

Sorry for the long winded post, this just got me a bit worked up '^^
Sem edit: Okies, since we have two of these I figure we should just merge the two into one superspecialawesome amazing topic of doom and despair.~

Ahem. SO. There's two different quizzes. Snapdragon's is aimed specifically at fictional characters that are pokeyman trainers. Fictional means they can be for either RP or a fanfic or both.

I will edit in a link, provided to us by Tatile who stole it from someone else. That's right. Stole. Anyway, the link takes you to a quiz that is more general and for characters who are not in the Pokémon Universe: your vampire/werewolf/warrior/persona/whatever character for example.

The link for the general test is here.

The following is Snap's original post which I shall leave in quote-forme. Snaps' quiz is for your Pokémon characters.

Both of these are good quizzes for determining how disgustingly perfect and godmoddy your character is.

Have fun.
Woot woot! Only 13 points!
I got a 6.
1 point for making my character look like me, even though I'm really awkward and dorky in real life.
2 points for naming my character Xena (as you can see, my username and nickname IRL is ALSO Xena.)
1 point for being from Ultra Space (it is in the universe of Pokemon, but I counted it anyway.)
2 points for being a character who doesn't have a backstory yet (I can't think of anything good that won't edge into the Mary Sue territory).
@Dancing Xena i don't necessarily have any (high-quality) pictures of my characters, but i can give a brief description of one that i plan to use in rp.

issac is a trainer that specializes in ice-type pokemon from sinnoh. his team consists of glaceon, froslass, lapras, sandslash*, vanillish, and abomasnow.

*alola form
@chesnaughtV2 he doesn't really matter, since he's not a main character, or even really important in the story. If he were though, giving him an eevee, especially as a starter, which does not evolve, would have been a terrible choice. If your character's pokemon don't evolve, there's no physical indicator of them growing and/or getting stronger as a trainer.
aha, @Roi De La Nuit Sans Fin~

there are many different reasons for not evolving pokemon. pikachu/eevee might HAVE an evolved form, but it doesnt need one to indicate growth or development. they have qualities that are unique to their current forms, and take time to evolve, be it through stone, friendship, moss/ice rock, or affection+move. it takes time to do this, and some may not have gone out of their way to achieve evolution, as it may not have been their top priority at the time. i.e. a stone might take time to acquire.
Without an everstone, any eevee will eventually evolve. If it doesn't, it's bad storytelling, simple as that. Pokémon get stronger as they evolve, often gaining secondary types, to add an extra mechanic to the gameplay, and in written works, extra weaknesses, and/or abilities, that a trainer is forced to work around, in order to get the most use out of their pokemon. If your character's pokemon stay the same throughout the story, without at all changing, then they'll be horribly boring, and I won't want to read about them. None of this, 'not seeking evolution' nonsense, unless your character decides, for whatever reason, to use an everstone. It's hard to make using the same pokemon, with the same typing, weakness, and abilities, interesting for ten chapters straight.