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The Mary Sue Test

yeah, but eevee doesnt evolve through levelup. you need specific requirments which take time. i didnt say they DONT evolve, but it takes time to evolve and it wont happen straight at the beginning. you probably have a problem with normal types. simple as that.
Question in Pokemon black two a Zoroark disguised as a human with illusion gives you the snarl tm and explains what it does.Then it disables the illusion showing you it's true self and runs off.Does that mean that Zoraus and zoroarks can speak human in illusion of a human and it not count against them or does it still count.
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Also I think giving your oc flaws and such should subtract Mary Sue points. For instance being gullible or distrustful of even those you should know are friends can both allow a villain in the rp to use your oc against their friends aka an imperfection and Mary Sues are supposed to be perfect.
I've been busy with attempting to get some of my Fakemon OCs below 12 since most of them are like in the range of 18s, while one's even got a 28 despite being only the basic form of a pseudo-legendary. (Didn't really include the 5 points for the Fakemon since it would be a bit detrimental then.)

Balancing is definitely something that I might need to polish upon since it's definitely hard for me to do...
I just counted how many OC's I have in this particular 'verse.... I have 16, not including my villains... 20 with the villains.... Wish me luck...

EDIT: Not including all the other questions from above and on Snapdragon's Mary Sue test, Pyros got a 10; Miel, Stror, Lorenza, Poito, Erato, and Marija got a 9; Shadara got a 13, but most of the points were from her using 30 years of her life to work really hard to get where she is; Catrina got a 7; Mira and Daskar got a 6; Chu and Zarda got a 2; Rinji got a 4; Lyria got a 5; Gar got a 3; and a Dead Mr. Mime, and really creepy Hypno and Mr. Mime got a 0.... Well then, I make better non-Mary Sue/Gary Stue villains XD

EDIT #2: On the universal Mary Sue test, Pyros, Stror, and Shadara got 4; Miel got 7; Catrina got 3; Lorenza got 5 (the most); Poito, Marija, and Daskar got -3; Chu, Zarda, Rinji, Dead Mr. Mime, Creepy Hypno, and Creepy Mr. Mime got -4; Lyria got 1; Mira got -8; and Erato got -10!!!! (lowest).... wow XD of course my 5 Pokemon got into the negatives, but that's because it's not aimed toward Pokemon XD is there a Mary Sue test for Pokemon species?
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I have thirteen characters to test...Dear Arceus, this'll take a while...

For now, Yu'amikan, the goddess of death that was SUPPOSED to be a Mary Sue because A) GODDESS, B) "What is a Mary Sue?" "Well... *describes Yu'amikan*" and C) I just wanted to go somewhat all out. She got 41 here and 44 on the general test. Yet 50+ is the score you need for kill-it-with-fire territory, which is what I'm going for. Maybe if I counted all five Fake Pokémon, she'd've scored 61 here and been alright. Most of those points, by the way, were for owning Astrayshi (a Legendary, so plus 25 points, and a Fake Pokémon, like there weren't four others, so plus 5 points). My main question there is, is orange a natural hair color? I mean, like the orange of my profile picture. (Yes, my profile picture is temporarily Yu'amikan. So what? It's TEMPORARY.)

EDIT: Mahina scored 74. This time for purple hair, being a Lunala, having a Degraynjr (there you go, plus 60 points), and having any Fake Pokémon whatsoever. I'll update this periodically with scores from the rest, but for now: MAHINA IS MORE OF A MARY SUE THAT YU'AMIKAN. WHAT THE ACTUAL DISTORTION WORLD.
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Four! ^^'' most of it came from the name and Shiny pokemon, but the character is a "Pokefan" //maybe even PokeManiac? I only use the game titles because it seems most relevant// and is heavily involved in the "aesthetic" of their team, I imagine they poured quite a bit of blood, sweat, n tears to get the perfect team. I'm fairly confident in him, but characters can always change ^^''
My god... most of my Fakemon OCs got around five to ten points... except for one particular one that has quite a bit...

(Which I could understand since he's pretty much the embodiment of all my other character's negative emotions...)
I took the PRP Mary Sue Test, and of my 3 Main OC's, all of them only have a 2, which is being able to communicate with their Pokémon and befriending most Pokémon they encounter.
I used the general test. My tested characters:

Lunarwing the furry: 84. (Well, she's not a Pokemon character for one. She would have been a general roleplay character but she's a Mary Sue so I just have to try again.)
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This is a nice read.
I can use this to better streamline the characters in the Pokemon RP I've been doing with my friends for the past 11~ish years.
But...since we started it when we were...10 or so, there are some things that are moreso due to being a kid when these characters were made.
The late joiners got a better bargain on name selection, and all parties got a say in specifics of Pokemon looks that could be logically different, on top of how movies would play into how the world works. Shuckle has a differently colored shell due to the berries it fermented while an infant, for example. And there are multiple Genesect in the world, as the anime and movie had shown.
And the most of the backstories don't do much besides add depth, or a reason of fear.
Also omitting "7. A weapon that's extremely out-of-place in the setting/universe they belong to. A modern-day trainer carrying a katana, a crossbow and a battleaxe is going to get some very strange looks." due to the "ninja boy" trainer class being a thing.

Time for scores, as well as the biggest offense they have!
KJ: 12(He's a lab experiment who's got humanoid-insect biology. His abbreviated name is now my preferred nickname.)
Sammy: 10(Our Psychic trainer is quite potent.)
Blaine Jr.: 14(Basically a Tyranitar in human form.)
Briar: 7(Space plant.)(Hilariously, he's the lowest and least plausible in our group's eyes.)
Demitra: 10(Related to Lance in some way)

And currently, they are all our actual age...so 21-23. A little bit of unwanted trivia for ye.
Kaleb got a 6 because he won the Sinnoh League in an RP that takes place 7 years before his current RP. Jason got a 6 too because he won the Kalos league 5 months before that. Jeremy, Luke, and Killian all got 0’s.
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*Tyle rolls his eyes and looks at Tyler with a bit of envy after recieving his score from the Mary Sue test*

Alright, so I decided to see how Lil' Tyler would do and he got 8, while Tyle on the other hand got 17... (I don't count the 5 points for Fakemon since well... it wouldn't exactly be fair for the two.)
*Simon growls a bit while his trainer gives a note*

Well, it seems that lil’ Simon got 8 here... hopefully he doesn’t know since he kinda doesn’t like to have mistakes and stuff.
Wait... If you're character ISN'T a mary sue, and you get a score of 0 (Since he's a new trainer)... Doesn't that mean you're character is perfect at not being a mary sue? So doesn't that mean my character is too perfect? Lmfao

if thats the case i better add one or two of these things to him
Wait... If you're character ISN'T a mary sue, and you get a score of 0 (Since he's a new trainer)... Doesn't that mean you're character is perfect at not being a mary sue? So doesn't that mean my character is too perfect? Lmfao

if thats the case i better add one or two of these things to him
oh also, I didn't make my character a trainer card, since they're a starting trainer. so it's not one of my trainer card characters, as I don't roleplay with them.
Wait... If you're character ISN'T a mary sue, and you get a score of 0 (Since he's a new trainer)... Doesn't that mean you're character is perfect at not being a mary sue? So doesn't that mean my character is too perfect? Lmfao

if thats the case i better add one or two of these things to him

It's okay if your character has no special qualities or traits that define them, but being a Mary Sue is kind of hard to pin down. In my opinion, a Mary Sue is someone that has a lot of unique qualities about them and it gets kind of absurd with how many qualities they have. If someone has heterochromia OR different colored hair/eyes OR special little power OR something magical about them, that is unique but that doesn't make them a Mary Sue. They only become a Mary Sue if they have heterochromia, their parents were deceased, have legendary Pokemon, have differently colored eyes and hair that isn't died, have some kind of magical power, and some kind of magical amulet.

It also depends on how you write a Mary Sue, as well. In roleplaying, it is generally avoided to create one in the first place, but in fanfiction and stories, you can make a Mary Sue and make it entertaining to read through, like Saitama from One Punch Man. He can kill with just one punch, and yet the anime and manga he was in was so interesting that I couldn't stop watching/reading it. You can have a Mary Sue, it's just frowned upon within roleplays, although you can make it super entertaining in stories and stuff.
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In roleplaying, there are lots of things I'm going to call, 'Mary Sue Behaviours'. In other words, annoying things that people who make Mary Sues do to make their characters seem the best. The most annoying one, I think, is pity-baiting, by which you have your character constantly getting hurt/kidnapped/whatever, just so that the other players will give your character attention and/or sympathy
I was curious on my only Pokemon OC, (Peter) so I decided to try it and JUST got underneath "Mary Sue Territory", 11 points. I thought my score was going to be much higher... glad it isn't.


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is the dark past one ok if its like necessary to the rp and almost everyone has the same thing happened to them? like lets say a zombie apocolypse or somethin