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Private/Closed The Mt. Moon Escape RP

Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-mt-moon-escape-ooc.22773/
@ThePlayfulFox, @RisingGarchomps, @Sharksuitguy17, @Gamingfan

A young boy who already seemed as tall as an adult with a crew cut walked outside of the Pokemon Center, which sat next to the entrance of the mountain it was sitting on. This kid was Miles Harding. He had just bought a Magikarp and seemed almost as if he wasn't so sure about the purchase. Maybe it had a special move or a special ability? Maybe... But he hadn't used her in a fight yet, so he had no idea of her potential. Maybe the seller was right about it being a special Magikarp, which was why he was selling it for 1,000 PokeYen instead of 500 like he would normally. Was it a worthy purchase though?

He stood outside of the Pokemon Center, staring down at the newly obtained Pokemon he had bought. He stared at the PokeBall for a long moment, trying to see if there was some glimmer of hope for the Pokemon normally perceived as a pitiful weak jumble of mass. His attention had shifted over to the cave's maw, beckoning young trainers to come by. The setting sun was descending below the mountain's ridge, the shadow casting down onto Route 3, and the Zubat exited the cave's mouth to fly about and find food. At least they left. It would be a lot easier to deal with the mountain when most of the Zubat were gone and outside. He pulled out his flashlight and turned it on, a beam of light suddenly appearing and illuminating a large circle on the ground until the young boy shined it into the mountain's cave entrance as he walked forwards.

The mountain seemed ominous today. He didn't like the feeling he was getting and the sign that sat up next to the entrance read with large letters: "INCREASE OF ONIX ACTIVITY. BEWARE. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK."

Onix? Like the creature Brock had? They weren't so bad to defeat if they were as difficult as Brock's, so he walked in with some confidence poorly placed in beating a large rock snake that are likely to be way tougher than Brock's Onix.


Previously RisingGarchomps
Youngster Moey, Moe as he was often called, strolled through route 3 with a pair of shades and a backwards facing cap on his head accompanied by sleek looking shorts. He had been informed that the pair of shorts were cool and trendy by a large group of male trainers of around his age wearing the piece of clothing. One even said they were ‘comfy and easy to wear’. He smiled as he approached Mt. Moon. Although he had only collected one badge, he was extremely proud and believed he was on path to success.

You see, Moe came from a family who were notorious for their failures and giving up at the first hurdle. Aside from his mother, who was a failure in a different way, non of Moe’s family or plethora of older brothers had managed to get a single badge or beat Brock, who was considered easy for his experience. Yet, Moe had managed to do the inconceivable. He had beaten that Brock in an astonishing lucky turn of events.

Moe’s father was the infamous youngster Joey from Johto who had moved to Kanto after a tremendous humiliation against Falkner. There, he met a more successful Pokemon trainer, who had failed in her quest to be good at contests. The two married and had many children. They couldn’t comprehend that out of 15 children, Moe would be the one. Yet he has done it, with the help of his trusty Rattata, a proud claim made that it was also bred from the egg of Joey’s famous mascot, but this claim was disputed as false by the skeptics.

As Moe saw the Mt. Moon sign, he ignored it. He had come in here for one reason only: to get to Cerulean city to beat the heck out of Misty.
As he entered he changed his mind. He has enough poke balls with him, so he commenced a catching fest, catch as many Pokemon as you can within a short space of time.

Moe threw dozens of balls at Zubat because he thought they looked cool. The poke balls ended up landing on the floor after hitting the cave ceiling. He then spotted a group of Geodude hanging about and a tough looking golden one. A shiny? It must be Moe’s lucky day. He chased it down and tossed a ball. He caught it and looked at the specimen.

“Welcome to the bros!” He exclaimed. “You can have this to become a honorary member!” He stuck his shades on the Geodude’s head. She shook her head. She didn’t want to be a ‘bro’. In a matter of seconds, she managed to communicate this to Moe and he was horrified.
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Previously Gamingfan2
"Hey! Come back here!" Ben called out. In front of him was his partner, Auro the Riolu, and in front of Auro was a yellow ball, rolling across the grass. The ball was a sandshrew that had wandered outside of Mt.Moon and had stolen Ben's styler, curious, and was now fleeing from his pursuers.
"Use Vacuum Wave" Ben ordered. Auro nodded, leaped, and waved his arms to send a wave of vacuum at the Sandshrew thief.
The attack barely missed, hitting the floor behind the pokemon. Now terrified, the pokemon swerved and directed itself into Mt.Moon, it's home.
The pokemon rolled right into the cave, and Auro followed suit, with Ben trailing from behind. They all were so caught up in their chase that they failed to notice the warning sign.
"Arba, get off of my face!"

A young boy wearing a grey overcoat could be seen stumbling out of a Pokemon Centre with a small, fox-like Pokemon clutching to his face tightly. He had just beat Brock with the same Pokemon that was seemingly harassing him a while ago, and he was going to traverse through Mt. Moon to face off against the 2nd Leader Misty in Cerulean City and obtain the Cascade badge.
The Pokemon, which was an Abra, uttered a muffled "Aaraa!" in response to the clearly annoyed boy. Abra would not budge, even with the boy's strongest attempts to pry him off his face. He stumbled haphazardly, almost tripping over a small rock, but righting himself and continuing his fruitless efforts to get his Pokemon off his face.

Ren was the son of a doctor and a chef, so there was nothing much that was special about him. He did, however, have a rare genetic condition that made his eyes two different colours. He received his starter Pokemon, an Abra called Arba, when he became ten, a gift from his father, and Arba had just been startled by a small Bug Pokemon crawling on the Center's floor.

Ren stumbled all the way into the mouth of the towering cave that was Mt. Moon, a place said to test the ability of a Pokemon Trainer to the limits, unaware of the sign on it.
Casey sat at a table, pondering about her route. She could try climbing over Mount. Moon, or go through the tunnel system. She hated caves, as they got pretty dark, but at the same time climbing the mountain was going to take a very long time. She sighed and looked at her Vulpix, who was sitting on the table. "What do you think, Blaze?" she asked just loud enough for Blaze to hear. Blaze tilted her head to the side before giving a quiet yap. Casey sighed once more, stretching a bit. "I guess we'll figure out when we get there."

Casey stood up from her booth and left the Pokemon Center, Blaze following her. There was a truck nearby and two men carrying a box, clearly stopping for a few seconds. After seeing how steep the mountain was, Casey sighed and entered the Mount. Moon tunnels, unaware of the Onixes.
As Miles walked into the maw and the light from his torch illuminated the walls and floor, he could hear the distant roaring of Pokemon he didn't recognize. Taking a few steps in, he heard a ruckus behind him. Turning around, he had found a kid who was catching Pokemon so suddenly, Miles had stared for a time until the kid caught a yellowish Geodude and made it "one of the bros". She didn't seem to like being called a bro.

More kids from the entrance came in as dusk began to settle and the revving of a truck nearby caught his attention as it moved its way towards the PokeCenter. He then saw a Sandshrew running away from a Riolu and presumably the Riolu's trainer. Among them, a boy with an Abra stuck to his face hobbled on inside the mountain. Behind them all, a young girl had walked inside.

As soon as all the young trainers had walked inside, Miles made it very apparent that it was probably a good idea to stick together. While he was confident in his ability to get through the mountain, he wasn't so confident when there were rampaging Onix tunneling around the area. He released a green snake that looked close to evolution, as some green leaves have sprouted on his tail, his head and body was slimmer and taller, and his arms were slowly being absorbed into the body as his legs were bigger than the average Snivy.

The Snivy saw the Sandshrew roll into the cave and he smiled deviously as he used Grass Pledge. He knelt down and set his vines into the earth, which caused a multitude of thorny vines to erupt from the ground and cover the floor of the Cavern. It reach out towards the sides so the Sandshrew couldn't get past the Snivy, and the vines in between the two erupted from the ground to ensnare the Sandshrew in its grasp.

Miles looked over at the Riolu's trainer and smirked confidently. "Need a hand?" Not like Snivy already helped, but he thought it would be a good idea to extend the offer to see what the kid was like.

He looked around the room at the four young trainers and proclaimed himself as leader without a vote. "I have an idea. Since it is probably our first time through Mt. Moon, how about we stick together? The caves are slightly dangerous, but if we stick together, nothing can befall us."

Of course, he left out word about the sign, since he assumed everyone had seen it and knew the dangers they were getting themselves into.

@Gamingfan @Sharksuitguy17 @RisingGarchomps @ThePlayfulFox
Upon hearing the boy's voice, Arba immediately recoiled back from Ren's face, stumbling into a rock before using his psychic powers to right himself. Ren groaned, clutching a small red scratch mark on his right cheek where Arba's claws had been.

"Wha..?" he muttered groggily, as his Abra innocently stared up at the boy who had just spoken. Arba glanced towards the Snivy, standing triumphantly behind a Sandshrew, who was trapped in thick vines, and shuddered a little. A blue flash emanated from Arba's eyes, as it proceeded to use it's newfound power of reading minds on the Snivy, shuddering more as it did so.

Ren immediately straightened up upon coming back to Earth, and waved to the boy with a lopsided smile.

"Hello!" he said rather cheerily. "I'm Ren, and this... this is Abra..." his smile was now replaced with a more annoyed look, as Abra proceeded to stare innocently into his eyes until his smile returned. He turned back to the boy and his Snivy.

"What's your name?"
Casey nearly jumped when she was being address. She didn't know she was going to have to work with others! "Well, I, you see." Then someone almost ran into a rock before using some sort of power. She shook her head in disbelief for a second. She honestly had no idea what was happening. Her mind was blank except for the normal stuff around strangers. What if she insulted them? What if she wasn't being talked to? The latter would have been embarrassing to go through. She definitely didn't want that. In her hasty decision making, she decided to be silent and stand further away from everyone. She didn't notice Blaze pawing her leg, trying to snap her out of her trance.


Previously Gamingfan2
The sandshrew looked at the vines surrounding him and tried to roll away, but to no avail. Auro caught up, and snatched the styler out of his hands, giving the ground type a glare, and another to the snivy for good measure, giving a "I could have handled it myself" look.
Once he returned to his trainer, he gave him the styler. As Ben snapped it on his arm, he looked over at the guy who helped him.
"Thanks for that. Hastings told me this one to a a while to reprogram. Don't think he'd appreciate me having to make another one."
Hearing his offer, he nodded.
"I suppose that would be for the best. It would be nice to have someone to talk to as well."
Riolu was staring daggers into his trainer, utterly pissed at the fact that he went along with this so quickly, without knowing these people at all.
And he didn't give his partner any praise!

The sandshrew, now having his paws unoccupied, cut through the vines, rolled into ball and surried behind a rock.
Miles smiled at the boy with the Abra, who called himself Ren, and introduced himself more personally. "I'm Miles Harding, and this is Louis the Snivy. Nice to meet you." He then looked over to the other boy and nodded in kind to his thanks. "You're welcome. I'm glad we could help."

Louis had caught sight of the look the Riolu had given his trainer and Louis couldn't help but give a very cheeky grin, glaring triumphantly at the Riolu with a smug look.

Meanwhile, even though the boy with the Riolu didn't introduce himself, he saw the girl from earlier seem to be frozen, caught up in herself. It was then that he remembered his father saying something about social anxiety. Not everyone is okay around people, as they are more complicated to understand and more anxiety-inducing than Pokemon. He wondered if that was what her problem was. He held up a finger at Ren and Ben before walking over to the girl, hoping to help her with at least trusting them.

He spoke in a soft voice meant for comfort. "Hey, I know I came off kind of sudden. Sorry about that. I just get excited, you know?" He scratched the back of his head before continuing. "Anyway, I know it is not really mandatory that we go together in a group, but I feel like it would be beneficial for us all. We have each other's back, just in case. Is that alright? You don't have to say anything, just nod your head yes or no." He smiled the entire time, but not in a creepy robotic fashion. That's what others consider a slasher smile. No, his smile was soft and his tone filled with gentle concern.
Casey snapped her head up when she heard the boy who suggested teaming up. She so he was talking to her. She gave an extremely nervous chuckle as Blaze gave a sigh of relief. He seemed very friendly. Like someone you could count on. Was that weird? Knowing her, it probably was. Also, though he said she didn't have to say anything, she had a feeling he probably wanted her to talk. Her father and teachers always wanted her to talk in response. Except for a few of her teachers, the ones she really liked. But still! Casey got back on topic in her mind and saw the reasoning behind it was very solid. While her team was 'good', she doubted it could get far here. Especially when her face was a fire time. She gave a nod. "Y-yeah. That sounds good," she said meekly.
Ren smiled, and as he did, he thought he heard a rumble in the distance. A foreboding expression appeared on his face, but it was soon replaced with a smile as he turned and saw Arba messing around with a rock. The catlike Pokemon threw it up, and recoiled when it hit the ground.

Ren fished around in his pocket for two Pokeballs and flung them out. A glow came from inside the Pokeball, followed by a semi loud bang. A Drifloon and a Venonat flew out of the balls, stretching in the rather unfamiliar environment and joining Arba in the rock investigation.

The dissimilar eyed boy turned to Miles and his Snivy expectantly, for he was now part of their little group.
Miles nodded happily, thankful that the girl was just not good around crowds and wasn't too shy around one-on-one conversations. "Well, if you ever need me for anything, please let me know and I'll help with as much as I can. Oh, and what's your name? I'm Miles, and my Snivy is Louis."

Louis had waltzed up to the Vulpix and looked at her with curiosity. While he wasn't all that keen on Fire-Types, she didn't have fire erupting from her body at this point in time. She could be a good ally. Deeming her appropriate for the task of walking into a dark cave, he gave her an approving nod that wasn't needed nor asked for and walked off.

Miles sighed and shook his head from Louis' rude behavior before hearing the cave rumble. That was weird. Was that from the Onix that he saw on the sign?

I was then that a loud roar rang out from deep within the cave. It rumbled the floor, the ceiling, and the walls. It was enough for some Geodude to roll outside and some Zubat to fly out in the increasing dusky evening before rocks fell from the ceiling near the entrance, blocking the way out.

Choking dust plumed out everywhere inside, bringing visibility to a mere few feet if one could even open their eyes without the dust clinging to them and stinging them. Miles had found himself hovered over the girl and her Vulpix protectively, with Louis having rushed over during the cave in, his vines shooting outwards and almost enveloping his own trainer and the girl, but not enough to actually touch them.

He glared at the cave in, the rocks too big to move and too dense to destroy with any of the Pokemon the trainers had at their disposal. It was going to be a nightmare. More roaring was heard, and Miles looked towards the inky blackness, where the young trainers were supposed to head forwards.

He was planning on sleeping in this morning. He wasn't so sure if he wasn't so glad for skipping out on some sleep or if he was glad to help these kids out of here. Well, if he knew the way. It was likely, to him, that the Onix have collapsed and remade tunnels, making Mt. Moon unrecognizable right now.

Miles looked to the girl, assessing if she got hurt at all. "Are you hurt?" He looked over at the other two guys, trying to discern if they were hurt, as well, but it was too dark. "Is everyone okay?" He yelled out. The darkness was more suffocating than the dust, and it was actually starting to worry him.


Previously Gamingfan2
Ben grinned at Miles, obIivious to Auro's furious glaring.
"Great! If no one has any objections, we should -"
Before he knew it, he was coughing, and everything went dark. He felt something round on his side, and picked it up. It was was warm and...shaking? That was probably him. The cave in shocked him more than he expected.
He heard barking nearby. Likely Auro, who can actually see through the darkness thanks to his aura sensing.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine. Just a little shook." he said in response to Miles." Oh, and my name's Ben, by the way. Not the best moment to say so. ..but better now than never eh?" he said sheepishly.

Auro reached Ben's side, now more tense than ever, bringing his paws up and looking at everyone suspiciously.
Casey opened her mouth to answer Miles, but was cut off by the attack. Well, rockslide, in Casey's mind. She clinched herself into a tight hug, trying to calm herself, but instead she found that she got even more anxious as the cave got even darker. Her field guide said nothing about cave ins! What was she supposed to do? How was she supposed to get out of here? As the thoughts swirled in her head like a tornado, her breathing rapidly increased. She had to leave! Then she heard the roar and her eyes widened. Onix, she thought to herself.

Casey knew quite a bit about Onix, in her personal opinion, anyway. Onix was a giant rock snake that was said to go fifty miles per hour while it burrowed underground, eating and absorbing rocks to build it's hard shell. But her feild guide said nothing about them causing cave ins. Why did she enter this cave? It would've been so much easier just to go over the mountain. Sure, she could've taken longer, but that honestly didn't matter to Casey.

Then the shaking stopped. Casey then noticed that Blaze was trying to protect her from the threat. Casey couldn't help a smile as she saw the fox growl at the Onixes. She straightened herself up a bit before looking at Miles. Did he still want her name? Or was it now a bad time?
Just as Ren was about to examine his Pokemon's behaviour closely, the earth shook. A loud bang followed soon after, and he found that he, along with everyone else in the cave, was swallowed by a thick darkness. It was nearly impossible to open his eyes, which were filled with dust from the collapse of the colossal Mt. Moon.

Arba let out a great scream and teleported on Ren's head, which made everything all the more worse. Drifloon and Venonat huddled together in fear.

"Argh..." Ren coughed, finally opening his eyes. He whipped out his bag blindly and fished around for a cylindrical torch, flipping the switch on and pointing the light to the other distressed people. He then pointed it at Venonat's eyes, which reflected the light, and cleverly lit up a part of the cave, albeit tiny, with an eerie red light.

"Gosh... what happened?" Ren spluttered. It was only then he heard a roar. The roar of an Onix. Arba's grip tightened on Ren's head.
Miles had heard Ben's introductory after the rocks fell, pulling out a flashlight and his PokeBall to let out another Pokemon. The flash of light from releasing the Pokemon illuminated the caves for a brief moment before a more steady light source was seen flickering around the immediate area of the Pokemon. A Charmander, who had red blotchy skin, claws almost forming at his fingers, and being slightly bigger than most Charmander with a bump on his head. The Charmander looked around at the dark cave and, even though his tail illuminated a good portion of it, he still cowered at Miles' side. Sighing, the young boy turned on his flashlight as soon as Ren turned his on. The beam of light drifted over the walls of the cave before settling towards the tunnel they had to traverse through.

The light from Charmander's tail illuminated the area where Casey and Blaze were, as the Charmander peeked out from behind Miles' leg as he got more accustomed to the dark. The Charmander looked around to make sure everyone was okay and practically jumped out of his skin once his trainer began talking. "I'd like your name, too, miss. Better late than never." He gave her a cheeky smile that seemed out of place given their current situation.

The impromptu leader then tallied up everyone here, drifting and bobbing the light of his flashlight as he counted their bodies, trying to avoid blinding them by shining his flashlight at their faces. There was Ben and his Riolu, the girl and her Vulpix, himself and his Snivy and Charmander, and then Ren with his Abra, Drifloon, and Venonat. Right now, there were eleven of them standing around the entrance. He also made note that everyone probably had other Pokemon. They all needed a game plan in order to get out of here safely, and knowing all of their Pokemon and what they are capable of would be a good idea.

The young boy stayed near Casey until he got her name, and because she seemed more distraught than everyone else. "Well, looks like we are stuck in here until we get out on the other side. But, have no fear, as we have Pokemon by our side." He felt himself wince at that corny saying, but he kept going regardless. "We should know what our Pokemon can do in this situation. My Snivy can repel Rock- and Ground-Typed Pokemon and my Charmander can break rocks and give us more light with his fire. I have other Pokemon, as well, though they are more suited for outside use. I have a Rattata and a Magikarp on me. To be fair, I'm not sure what Magikarp can do since I just bought her, and Rattata is at a bit of a disadvantage here. Plus, he's gotten bigger so there aren't that many holes he can fit himself into now, but he can aid Chardon in breaking rocks. Though," he looked back at the entrance, shining his light at the massive boulders that suffocated the outside. "I don't think the combined efforts of any of our Pokemon can destroy this wall." He shined his light back to everyone else.

Miles tried to assess the other's Pokemon, as well, but it proved to be difficult as he didn't know how experienced any of them were and his growing worries and doubts made it difficult to focus. At his feet, he can sense his Snivy's growing unease, but the Grass-Type didn't show it. Now that Miles was thinking a bit too much about their predicament, his determined and focused features faltered. His lips were pressed tight into a thin line and he looked worriedly at the floor and at the cave walls. He didn't have claustrophobia or a fear of the dark, but this still unnerved him enough.

"We should stick together and keep a head count of everyone and all of our Pokemon. I can keep track of you guys, but you must keep track of your Pokemon. We don't want to get lost or separated."

Miles tried to summon the urge to move, but found himself unable to. Why? Why was he having such issues right now? His step to move forward visibly faltered and he felt weak at that moment while everyone else was around, probably counting on someone to be the brave leader. He shined his light around the tunnel they were supposed to be traversing through, and there were no Pokemon around them. Odd. However, he did see a white blur that escaped into the darker recesses of the mountain. What Pokemon was that?

The sudden realization of being food for the Pokemon here filled Miles with more dread than being trapped here, and he quickly tried to compose himself by taking in a few deep breaths, focusing on keeping his breath from shaking. Finally, a brief moment of composing himself found the strength he needed to walk around a bit. Taking a few steps forward, he heard how his footsteps echoed throughout the chamber.

That was terrifying.

Miles looked back to everyone else, hoping they'll join him as he really didn't want to be the one in front. Louis the Snivy and Chardon the Charmander stood right behind Miles, clearly uneasy in their wide eyed expressions.


Previously Gamingfan2
Ben looked up gratefully as the darkness was chased off by Mile's charmander.
"Oh! I have one too." he almost smacked himself for just realizing it now. He took a moment to remember which it was, and proceeded to release Fuegar the charmander. The fire starter gave a jolly cry, before looked around, confused. Ben had to explain, and charmander did not take it well, clutching onto his tail in fear.
Ben sighed, before noticing, with Fuegar's light, he could see the ball he was holding.
Turns out, it was the sandshrew he chased before, curled up and trembling in fear.
"Um, hey there, little guy." he said awkwardly in an attempt to catch his attention. When it didn't move, Ben poked its hide.
Like a jack-in-the-box, the ground type suddenly leapt and clung onto Ben's shirt, burying its face in it. It trembled uncontrollably.
"Um, okay. And ouch." Was all Ben could say. The little pokemon was obviously scared, and probably didn't know a way out. Ben motioned his two pokemon to follow as he jogged over to Miles' side, flinching a bit as the Sandshrew dug its claws slightly deeper as he moved. Auro went ahead, sighing in annoyance at the fear everyone radiated while retaining his stoic expression as he probed the darkness with aura-sensing. Fuegar looked over at the other charmander and waved timidly.
Casey gave the Charmander a smile and wave, clearly more comfortable with the new Pokemon than the new humans. To her, Pokemon never judged. She never had to worry about making a wrong move, or them not liking her. As long as you remained friendly with a tamed Pokemon, then they'll remain friendly. And wild Pokemon were mostly aggressive. Sure, each kind of Pokemon had it's own personality, as does every Pokemon, but humans still were much more unpredictable than Pokemon.

She snapped out of her thoughts as she heard Miles ask for her name again. She blushed with embarrassment. Why did she always mess up with these sort of things? "I-it's Casey," she stuttered, trying not to stutter. "And my Vulpix is named Blaze." Blaze sat up proudly and shook her tails. Casey twiddled her thumbs. "I have a Pidgy, female Nidoran, and a Pikachu," she muttered to the point she was barely audible, much less what she said understandable. She listened to Miles the rest of the time nothing she thought about being a good thing to share in her eyes. Then Miles walked away, with the precious light. Her heat thudded in her chest as she walked on, Blaze loyally following her, hiding her own fear of the dark. Miles carried light, and because of that, Casey followed, mostly because she forgot she had a light herself.
The light that the two Fire Pokemon and Venonat gave was enough to let Ren survey his Pokemon.

'Well... because of the abundance of Rock types here, I doubt it would be a good idea to have Drifloon out here...' he thought, taking out Floon's Pokeball and returning the Flying Pokemon to the ball. He looked at the other Pokemon. Then, he looked at the cave. He looked at his Pokemon again. The two Basic Pokemon looked up expectantly.

Without saying another word, he took the beam of the flashlight away from Venonat's eyes, and pointed it in front of him, following the rest of the little group. There was no doubt he was scared.

Chardon the Charmander waved sweetly at Casey and then looked behind him to see another male Charmander. He waved out boisterously, his awkward appearance against the light of the flashlights and his tail probably not helping his silhouetted visage. Chardon's current feel of the place and situation forgotten. Louis the Snivy looked at Auro and scoffed internally, doing his best to keep a brave face on to hide his emotions from himself and walk forward with dignity.

Miles nodded as Casey introduced herself and her Pokemon and smiled sweetly at her Vulpix and at Casey's light blush, thinking it pretty cute. He took in the account of her Pokemon and his mind whirled about. Taking a moment from his plan, Miles looked to his side to see Ben beside him with a clutched Sandshrew to his chest and chuckled a little. "Seems like this isn't very common around here. You'd think they'd know what would happen during the Onix breeding season. Though, maybe they are too young to know."

"Anyway," he focused his attention on Casey. "If you have a light, please use it. It would help us out tremendously. And as for your Pokemon, I believe your Female Nidoran may be of use if she knows Double Kick and your Pikachu if they know Flash." His beam of light swayed in the darkness, hovering over walls and the floor before shining it towards the areas they needed to head to. It was then that he had to ask the question: "Does anybody here know how to do first aid or setting up a camp in a cave safely without angering the Pokemon here? Well, I think the only angry ones will be the Onix and maybe a Steelix, but that's it."

A few Zubat flapped overhead, their screeching causing Miles' ears to ring as they were no doubt using Supersonic as a panicked measure of self-defense. Though, while Louis was relatively unaffected by the Supersonic, Chardon was and he was swaying about dizzily before shaking his head, trying to get over the noise.

The tapping of feet on the stone floor echoed throughout and Miles couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. Looking around, he thought he saw something white again before sneaking behind a boulder. As soon as the white creature vanished, the normal route down to the second floor to get to the other side disappeared as more rocks tumbled from overhead. Luckily, they weren't that close, so the plume of dust and gravel filled the air, but not quite touching the group. However, next to the debris was a large hole leading into the second floor. Fallen rock were unsteady steps down to the next destination and Miles couldn't help but feel that this was some kind of trap. They hadn't seen any Pokemon around here besides a few panicked Zubat, a white unidentified Pokemon, and a few Geodude that have hidden themselves among the walls and floor.

This place was clearly too dangerous for kids their age to be walking in, but they had no choice. "Well, the normal way to the second floor has been replaced by a hole. Seems like the entire layout of the mountain is shifting, so any maps of this place is useless. Dang, I had a good map of the place that I was hoping to use, too." Disappointment filled his voice and he groaned a bit in irritation before pointing his flashlight at the debris and then the hole, the beam of light also catching on the small particulates in the air after they had been stirred by the rocks falling.

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Casey nodded and let out the Nidoran. "Volt doesn't know Flash. A-at least if he did, I didn't know. And I d-don't want to let him out. He's uh, difficult." She looked away from the group as she fumbled with the items inside her bag, remembering that she had a flashlight herself. Why couldn't she organize properly! Everyone else seemed to have no problems! Man, she sure was failing this whole 'trainer' thing already, and she hasn't even gotten that far! She bet that every single one of those people were getting upset at how slow she was. At how she always seemed to stutter. How she had to be asked questions twice. She gave a sigh, pulling out her flashlight and turning it on, it flickering with life.

Casey's heart thumped even quicker in her chest, the cave starting to get to her. Blaze and Lass, her Nidoran, tried to comfort her. To make her stop freaking out, but she hardly noticed them at all. At this point, she was lost to her own fears and imagination again. She broke away briefly when the rocks fell, then she fell deeper into her fears. Why did she have to be trapped in a cave with no known escapes!
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"Oh geez." Ben sighed at the sight of the hole. Auro looked over it's edge, while Fuegar timidly kept his distance. Ben looked down at the sandshrew still clinging onto him.
"I'd ask this guy for help, but I don't think he's used to this. I guess it makes sense. I found him outside the cave after all."
Auro looked down the hole as well, trying to sense any sort of being down there. He could barely sense far, and the mound of people behind him, especially one that radiated loads of fear, with the screeching of Zubat really made it hard to concentrate. He shook his head, attempting to regain focus.
Ben looked over at Miles.
"What's the plan. Do we go down?"
Ren made a face as he looked down the seemingly endless hole. Barely anything was visible, even with a flashlight poked into it. He contemplated going down. Arba did much the same.
Ren whipped out an apple from his bag, taking a nibble nervously. Arba then snatched it from him and wolfed it down.

"Don't think we should go down here," he finally said, "we don't know where it leads."

He then turned to Miles after a while. "Well, you have the final say, Mr. Leader."
Miles took in the information he acquired from Casey about her team. He watched from the corner of his eye how nervously and anxiously she rummaged through her bag. Miles was able to tell that this wasn't her cup of tea, and a more casual adventure might have suited her better than being flung into such dangerous situations.

Miles had inhaled a bit of the now airborne dust and coughed slightly, his Charmander sticking by his feet and his Snivy rushing towards the hole in the ground. Miles looked over at Casey and saw that she was completely gone. She had to snap out of this, or else she may get herself and her Pokemon hurt. He stood in front of her, trying not to shine the light in her eyes or his light in her eyes. He then softly gripped her shoulders and held her still for a moment. "Hey, Casey. Everything is going to be okay. Just take a deep breath, but not in this dust cloud, and then we can move on. You have three people here who can help you if need be. I don't care if you are too scared to go along, I will make sure you and your Pokemon are safe. Understand?" His voice was soft as he tried to console this girl, hoping to Arceus above that she may find a bit of strength to keep moving forward. "I know you are afraid, and so am I. But we need to get through this together or else the fear will win and we won't get out of here if it does."

He hoped that sufficed.

The life signs Auro tried to sense were fleeting at best. Though, there were some life signs from the likes of other Sandshrew and Paras, as well as a few Clefairy running away. Though, there didn't seem to be any hostile emotions, just more fear or apathy. Louis the Snivy looked down at the hole, his eyes picking out a few shapes, but it was still too dark to see, even with the light from Ren's flashlight. He felt like he was getting tired from the lack of sun and he kept himself upright. His face never faltered, and neither did his emotions falter from the determination he felt to keep going. He was going to make sure his trainer and his comrades make it to Cerulean City.

When Miles was asked what to do from Ben and Ren calling him Mr. Leader, Miles bit his lip as he let go of Casey's shoulders, his Charmander staying near Casey just in case anything happened to her, even though he was petrified of the darkness and was clearly shaking a little.

"Well, it looks like we can't go anywhere else. The only way forward is down the hole. We can have our Charmanders in front of us and your Riolu in front them." He gestured towards Riolu, recognizing the aura-sensing abilities they had. "If there is a dangerous Pokemon, we'd be alerted and we can deal with it. No one lags behind, or else something can pop up from behind and take them without us noticing. We'll have to stay in a line, with our Pokemon to our sides or in front of us."

His head was reeling with the now expanding dust and it was getting difficult to think. "I want to be out of this dust. I'll go on ahead and make sure the way is safe. Once it is, I'll turn off and on my flashlight a few times. If it isn't, my flashlight will turn off. Or you might hear me scream." He smiled at that, no matter how morbid that was. "Don't worry, I'll be fine." He caught the look his two Pokemon gave before walking forward. Seeing as Snivy wasn't getting in his battle stance, it was probably safe. He then stepped cautiously down the rocky decline towards the second floor, facing his flashlight on the rocks below him and towards the ground.

When he made it to the bottom, he looked up and saw that it wasn't that far down, the clouds of dust were just thick. He saw a light source be filtered through the dust in what looked to be a wider, dimmer shine. Looking about, he didn't see anything out of the ordinary. Paras fleeing from the light, Geodude glaring at him when he shined a light on their bodies, Clefairy running away, and Sandshrew digging into their burrows to get away. Nothing seemed to be amiss, besides a weird stalagmite protruding from the ground further into the cave. Everything besides that seemed fine though.

It actually looked familiar, but after throwing a rock at it, he deduced that it was just a regular stalagmite and began flashing his light at the hole he came down from, turning off and on his flashlight a few times to signal the others to come down.

Snivy quickly ran down while Chardon the Charmander waited for Casey to move before following her.