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  1. Ghostryder30

    Ask to Join Pokemon: Re-coded Afterlife

    In the dead of night, Linkon with his two best Pokemon walked alone in the streets of Lumiose City. Until they went inside an antique shop nearby to search a computer nearby. "Terra, Mickey, you both think I'll find the answers in the computer?" Linkon asked. Mickey only tilted his head and...
  2. Ghostryder30

    Open Pokemon: Re-coded Afterlife

    "What makes a person and a Pokemon enter the afterlife with only their actions? Could it be what they did either they did things right or wrong? Or did they find themselves stuck in the middle of nowhere waiting to be judged?" - N (Play Music "Kingdom Hearts: Re-coded - Dearly Beloved") Before...
  3. Merciless Medic

    Private/Closed The Mt. Moon Escape RP

    Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-mt-moon-escape-ooc.22773/ @ThePlayfulFox, @RisingGarchomps, @Sharksuitguy17, @Gamingfan A young boy who already seemed as tall as an adult with a crew cut walked outside of the Pokemon Center, which sat next to the entrance of the mountain...
  4. Merciless Medic

    Private/Closed The Mt. Moon Escape OOC

    RP: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-mt-moon-escape-rp.22822/ SYNOPSIS: Many aspiring Pokemon trainers from far and wide come to Kanto to go through the gauntlet of rough terrain and gym battles to see how well they'll best the region's top five powerful trainers. However, something goes...
  5. Ghostryder30

    Open Pokemon: The wind sword (Discussion)

    "They can take away your world, your friends, your Pokemon team, your buddy, they can even take away your heart, cut you lose from all of the people you once knew...but...if this is...your fate...then you're always one step ahead towards home..." - Ryder talking to a mysterious Pokemon A new...
  6. Ghostryder30

    Private/Closed PM: TLR 2.0 The dreaming memories

    Ryder woke up with in his room with nothing all around him. "This is it." Said Ryder. "Time for me to recover my memories." He looked around for his Pokemon, but they weren't here. Until he saw Circuit in the distance. He then followed Circuit through the house until he went outside. "Could it...
  7. Ghostryder30

    Private/Closed PM: TLR 2.0 The dreaming memories

    This discussion thread and RP thread both took place after the battle from the dark dimension. The battle is won, but the memories are what Ryder needs to recover. It's time...to experience the lore of Ryder's slumber, how Data Ryder came to life to help others during Ryder's deep sleep, and...
  8. Ghostryder30

    Ask to Join Pokemon: The legacy Reborn (Remastered)

    Midnight was still slowly passing by, as Ryder held Circuit the Pikachu in his arms in bed sleeping restlessly. His beloved solar surfer in which he built by junk pieces at the junk yard was at the wall reflecting the light from the moon. Ryder began to toss and turn from the bed, and Pikachu...
  9. Ghostryder30

    Open Pokemon: The legacy Reborn (Remastered)

    "A true Pokemon trainer keeps an oath as a promise. One oath to Save all others from the depths of despair." -Ryder Kazudo The search for Ryder's brother begins now... Prove your worthiness by talking about your OC character, info, and Pokemon team, and help Ryder fight his way to find the only...
  10. MarshmellowKid44

    Open Pokemon Adventure

    Pick your own path on your journey to a Pokémon master! 1.no harassing other role-players 2.NO swearing! 3.Be Nice! 4.don't break any other role-play rules 5.Have Fun!
  11. MelodyMay

    Private/Closed The Vertia Region Federal Bureau of Investigation and Civilian Protection Sign Ups

    Welcome to the Vertia Region Federal Bureau of Investigation and Civilian Protection (FBICP). As a new hire, I'm afraid I must ask you to fill out some paperwork but we'll get to that later. For now, let's just review how things work here; I know you've been through all this but we'll go over it...