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Private/Closed PM: TLR 2.0 The dreaming memories

Ryder woke up with in his room with nothing all around him. "This is it." Said Ryder. "Time for me to recover my memories." He looked around for his Pokemon, but they weren't here. Until he saw Circuit in the distance. He then followed Circuit through the house until he went outside. "Could it be?" Said Ryder. And he has already begun. Ryder has entered the sleeping realm.

As he followed Circuit down the trail, he looked at the trees and the tall grass. From the looks of this, there are no Pokemon around here. But he has to recover Circuit first before he can recover his memories. He then looked professor Kukui's house. "Why is the Alola region...with no Pokemon?" Asked Ryder to himself. Until he discovered Circuit was being attacked by shadow Pokemon. Circuit is hopeless without Ryder. "Circuit, use Discharge!" Said Ryder. Circuit heard Ryder's voice, and used Discharge on all the shadow Pokemon. Circuit and Ryder battled the shadow Pokemon just find the lost memories. Until...one fragment was found. 'I remember now, I found Circuit by getting into a physical fight with Team Skull.' Thought Ryder. 'I healed Circuit...with all of my care. In the sleeping realm, do days or years stop within each step? I know the war is over, but something about my memories needs to return back to me.' He then look up at Hau'oli City. "I must hurry." Said Ryder. As Ryder got Circuit back on his shoulder, they continued on the trail. "Pika, pikachu...?("Are you all right, master?")" Said Circuit. "You know Circuit, I haven't felt my memories slip away from me ever since." Said Ryder. "Something isn't right..." Until a flock of Spearows begin to attack Ryder and Circuit with a threatening squawk. "It looks like worse things are brewing." Said Ryder. "Circuit, you know what to do." Circuit then nodded his head and attacked the flock of Spearows using Discharge. When the Spearows flee from Circuit's Discharge move Ryder and Circuit continued on their way. Ryder and Circuit looked at the empty streets of Hau'oli City, Dismayed. "I took it for granted." Said Ryder. "I thought everything would soon be safe by the time everyone would be safe." Ryder and Circuit looked at each other, placed their head to each other, and let out one tear. Sobbing softly, Ryder and Circuit looked around Hau'oli City again, only to feel how they both realized why their memories are gone. 'Here, too.' Thought Ryder. 'Everyone thought that they would be safe from the darkness. Not just only the people...but the Lillipup waiting for it's owner...the Litten curled up in his nook... So much life. Trees and flowers... There's no other sadness or happiness than discovering all that you know is gone.' "The loss of my memories is too much to fathom." Said Ryder. He looked down feeling dismayed, and looked back up acting very serious. "That's enough." Said Ryder. "I can't keep on wishing for what I need." As Ryder and Circuit continued walking through Hau'oli City, the found another fragment of his memories. "I remember again!" Said Ryder. "I taught Circuit how to fly a solar surfer with me. This means...I'm getting somewhere!"

Ryder and Circuit ran towards the Hau'oli City harbor, only this time...there was a giant bridge. As Ryder tried to get across, a dark wormhole tore through the abyss and began to suck up all of the bridge Ryder and Circuit were lucky enough to escape, but not lucky enough to make it to the other side. 'The bridge collapsed when the wormhole opened up.' Thought Ryder. He then looked at one of the gears Circuit was sniffing at. "If only we made it in time..." Said Ryder. 'But there's no time in the sleeping realm, only...the wormhole.' Thought Ryder. He walked up to Circuit and looked at him. "Circuit, use Iron Tail." Said Ryder. "Pika.("Right.")" Said Circuit. Circuit then used Iron tail to attack the gears. The gears then lit up and affected the bridge to rebuild only one third of it. "I knew it!" Said Ryder. "We won't get too far with those gears." Ryder and Circuit looked around the city to search for the gears. And as they looked everywhere, Ryder found one at the beach, and Circuit found one by the Pokemon center. All of the pieces of the bridge was put back together. "Let's go, Circuit." Said Ryder.

Circuit followed Ryder towards the bridge until a giant red blob came out of nowhere and tried to take Ryder with it, but Ryder dodged it after it attacked. "Circuit, you know what to do." Said Ryder. "Pika! ("Understood!")" Said Circuit. Circuit then went head on attacking the red blob. The red blob tried to aim for Ryder, but Circuit kept attacking the red blob in frustration. Until when Circuit let out all of his rage, the red blob scampered away in fear. Circuit then took a few deep breaths, and looked back at Ryder. Ryder then picked up Circuit and took him along to get across the bridge. And they did.

Ryder and Circuit soon walked into another world. "Is this...Kanto?" Said Ryder. Ryder and Circuit looked at a house with the door opened. As Ryder and Circuit went inside a house to see who's inside, they saw someone. "Are you-!?" It was Ventus and Cascade with familiar Pikachu sleeping on the bed. But as he tried to wake him up, he then disappeared. 'What did you come here to tell me?' Thought Ryder. 'I know how you want to become stronger, but I don't know. But I will tell you this, I'll soon return home to see you, once I get my memories returned. I promise.' When Ryder got up and went out of the house with Circuit, he saw a giant mirror standing near the Pokemon tower. "It's a mirror?" Said Ryder. The mirror the sucked Ryder and Circuit in.

Ryder and Circuit woke up in N's castle somewhere in the Unova region in the sleeping realm. "This is N's castle." Said Ryder. "But why is no Team Plasma grunt here?" Suddenly, one big mirror circled around Ryder and Circuit until it went into the middle of the throne chamber. Ryder and Circuit can hear voices that bring doubt upon them. Until he found a Sylveon, a Primarina, and a Dragonite feeling scared and alone. It was Sugarplum, Melody, and Knucker. Ryder ran up to them. "Are you alright?" Asked Ryder to his Pokemon team. "S-sylveon... ("W-we're all right...")" Said Sugarplum sobbing. "Don't worry." Said Ryder. "We'll be out of here once we get all of my memories back." Ryder and his Pokemon team went through all the mirrors and trials to recover his memories. When they found a place where phantoms come to life, Ryder looked at himself in the mirror. "Why is my memories shattered into pieces?" Until his phantom came out of the mirror and only spoke a few words. "Only your heart's too good to be true." Said the phantom. "That's not true!" Said Ryder. "My heart is pure and I know it! I'll prove you wrong!" Ryder's Pokemon team stood up for Ryder, including Circuit. Ryder's Pokemon team attacked the phantom with all of their power to strike back. As Circuit used Iron Tail on the phantom, the phantom faded away. "Why is my phantom fighting me?" Said Ryder to himself. Until more memory fragments came to Ryder. "I remember now!" Said Ryder. Over 50 memory fragments were united together "I need 25 more to recover my memories." Said Ryder. "And then I'll sleep in the real world." When Ryder and his team got out of the mirror's realm, the mirror shattered in pieces. Knucker nodded his head in a serious way. As his team followed Ryder to the mirror that got him in once. He touched the mirror with his hand. "Never would I thought I'd become my own enemy." Said Ryder. "I've held my anger a lot since Dark Ryder came out. But with the phantom, it's like all of my doubts are growing to haunt me. No...I will not give up." He then looked at his team. "Come on team, let's go." Said Ryder.

Ryder and his team then walked into another world again. This time, they're in Twilight City in the Urbem region where the transportation takes place. "So many trains, and buses." Said Ryder. Ryder then saw two more people waving their hands to Ryder. It was Milo and Ralph, they both then disappeared from sight. 'I don't care if everyone is forgotten, or if my memories are gone.' Thought Ryder. 'I miss everyone!' three subway trains soon blocked Ryder and his team's way as they came to a complete stop. "GET OUT OF OUR WAY!!!" Roared Ryder. "PIKA!/SYLVE!/PRIMA!/DRAGONI! ("YEAH!!!")" Roared Ryder's team in unison. Ryder and his team fought their way through traffic to get to the other side. When Ryder and his team found the way through, he saw Team Fear preparing to destroy the one Reactor core. "Hey!" Said Ryder. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" "I only asked for no interference, but since you showed up, YOU'LL SOON REGRET SHOUTING AT US!!!" Said the man who is very angry. It was Kingpin, the leader of Team Fear. "Circuit, do you trust me?" Said Ryder. "Pika. ("Yes.")" "Then you know what to do..." Said Ryder. "Incineroar, make this fiend scream!" Said Kingpin as he send Incineroar to attack. "Circuit, go get him!" Said Ryder. Circuit and Incineroar both began to fight each other with brute force to lower their health. When Incineroar was low on health and so was Circuit, Ryder then commanded Knucker to help Circuit finish the job. Incineroar and Kingpin both disappear in defeat. Ryder and his team then went on forward. Ryder soon found the 24 more memory fragments, "I can almost remember everything now..." Said Ryder. "I need one more piece to take me home." Until an wormhole began to suck them in. Ryder and his team soon fell asleep again when they'er being sucked in.

Ryder and his team are all frozen in one place and can't escape from their frozen spot. "Now, we've become one with the darkness." Said Ryder. Until the last memory fragment was found by a close friend Ryder once met before their adventures began. @LunarSilvally
She had been searching for as long as she could remember for Ryder who had not returned home for some odd reason but what she did find was a fragment piece that had appeared to be a memory from Ryder. She had kept the fragment safe in a slot on Wolfa's collar her Dusk Lycanroc's neck which she had caught a scent on to find him quicker. She didn't trust that Data Ryder that was created to take Ryder's place for the time being. She kept her distance from him and also reminded her closest friend Primrose, a 16 year old girl with Sakura pink hair pulled to the right side, Lavender Ice colored eyes with a bang covering her right eye and glasses upon her face along with a sun hat placed on the top of her head wearing a white blouse and white skinny jeans pants with white flats on her feet with the straps around her ankles securely as she wore a Sakura flower necklace around her neck with a Leafeon jumping over it and a Sakura flower resting in her hair close to her ear. Just next to her stood a Leafeon named Willow who was also her partner a Grass type since she is mostly a Grass type trainer as she favors them more but she won't tolerate others abusing Grass type as she won't show mercy to them at all despite her being a gentle and shy young girl.

Wolfa was leading in the front following Ryder's scent from the fragment while she took a glance at Data Ryder under her white wolf blue-streaked mask as she huffed before looking away. Her thoughts were interested by Primrose asking a question of her. "JC....who is Ryder?" She said gently looking at her. "He is a very close friend I had met and aided to help save his brother but he is missing so we need to find him and save him, he is actually almost your age" she said looking to her. "I see....he must be...scared right now...or...stuck somewhere..." She added. "It's possible yes so stay close to me" she added as Primrose nodded walking close beside her. @Ghostryder30
"JC?" Said Ryder weakly. "Is that you?" Ryder woke up to the sound of JC's voice and tried to reach for JC in order to break free but he was being pulled away from her. Desperate, he lit his flare threw it almost near Wolfa to grab their attention. @LunarSilvally
Wolfa jumped back a bit to that sudden hit of flare as she had one paw up looking at the ground. JC noticed this and looked at her for the moment. "Wolfa? What's the matter?" She asked her. Wolfa lowered her nose to sniff the part where the flare hit and caught a stronger scent of Ryder. She raised her nose a bit higher as she began to walk again lowering her nose until she came to a stop raising her head again looking at a certain area inspecting closely as her emerald green eyes were focused on one certain area. "Wolfa? Is there something there you see?" JC asked as Primrose stood beside her confused on what Wolfa is looking at as Willow had the same expression. @Ghostryder30
Ryder tried to call her name again. This time, despite his being pulled away, he cried out her name as loud as he could. "JC!!!" Wailed Ryder. Circuit didn't hesitated to do the same as Ryder is doing. "PIIIIKAAAACHUUUUU!!!! ("WOLFA!!!")" Yelled Circuit. @LunarSilvally
Wolfa's sharp ears caught the cry of a certain Pikachu as did Blue. JC wasn't deaf, she heard her name being called by Ryder and believe it or not Primrose and Willow seemed to hear it as well. "Blue, Psychic now!" She said as Blue's eyes turned a blind blue creating a space area. Wolfa looked around closely until she saw an area that was brightly glowing running towards it. "Lycan!("Over here JC!") " She said as the fragment on Wolfa's collar started to react to the glowing part as JC noticed this. She pulled out another Luxury ball as it popped open revealing a Galarian Rapidash. "Artastella, use Dazzling Beam on that glowing area quickly!" Artastella nodded as a blinding pink light was unleashed from her breaking the area until another space seemed to open but more blue and just in front of her frozen in this space was Ryder and Circuit. "Omg....Wolfa the fragment!" She asked looking down at the Dusk Lycanroc. "Lycan!"she said as she walked up to her as JC reached for the fragment on her collar which was in a vial as she carefully opened it before the fragment immediately went Ryder as JC, Primrose, and the girls waited to see what will happen. "Umbre?("Circuit....Ryder...") Blue said worried. @Ghostryder30
Ryder and his team woke up again. This time, in front of JC, Wolfa, Blue, and a close companion of JC's named Primrose. "I remember now... JC, I missed you!" Said Ryder. "How did you-?" SER-M then came right behind JC. "I showed them where you're at, master." Said SER-M. Their reunion was then interrupted when Knucker and sensed something and began to growl. Ryder felt it too, and saw the red blob again. "We're not over, yet!" Said Ryder. "It's that red blob again, I've fought it once, and I'll do it again. Only with my friends!"
Blue ended the Psychic returning to the Pokemon world until she saw Ryder and Circuit. "Umbreeeee!("Circuuuuuit!") Blue said tackling the electric mouse Pokemon causing a bit of a roll over until she stood above him. "Umbreon!("I'm so glad you are ok!? I missed you!") She said wagging her glowing tail. JC knew what that was, it was a thing that sucked up humans but not Pokemon. "Wolfa, Artastella, you must protect us humans, it only sucks us up but not Pokemon since you are not a threat to it!" She asked as she grabbed Ryder's arm and pulled him behind her. "It's best that you stay behind me, I don't want to lose you again from that thing!" She said stern as Blue got off Circuit gently pushing him back to Ryder. "Umbre!("You stay with Circuit and stay safe") she said gently but sternly.

"Primrose, will you help me with this?" She asked her. "Of course, Willow let's go" she said to the Leafeon. "Leafeon!" She said before joining the girls in battle against this red blob. "Blue, Dark Pulse, Artastella Dazzling Beam, Wolfa Stone Edge!" JC said. "Willow, Energy ball!" She told her. "Umbre!" "Rapidash!" "Lycanroc!" "Leafeon!" The girls unleashed they power as it came all together into one attack hitting the blob. @Ghostryder30
"Knucker, you're up!" Said Ryder. "Dragonite! ("Understood!")" Said Knucker. Knucker helped Willow, Blue, Artastella, and Wolfa by attacking the red blob using dragon pulse straight towards it. "Melody, Sugarplum, go help the others." Said Ryder. "Don't fail me!" "Prima!/Sylve! ("Understood!")" Said Melody and Sugarplum. Sugarplum and Melody both helped Knucker and the others while fighting off the giant red blob.
Wolfa and the girls worked together to fight the red blob protecting their trainers from any physical contact from the blob. "Blue Shadow Ball, Wolfa Stone Edge again, Artastella Dazzling Beam again!" She said. "Willow Magical Leaf!" Primrose said as she pulled out another nest ball as she threw it up before it popped open revealing a Serperior. "Amaryllis, Frenzy Plant!" "Serperior!" She cried before she summoned huge and thick vines from the ground smashing into the red blob hard to get and slow it down. @Ghostryder30
Circuit wanted to help Blue battle the red blob as well before SER-M gave Ryder the turbo charge serum. "Master, use the serum!" Said SER-M. "It will allow your Pokemon to be instantly healed and ready for battle!" Ryder and Circuit then used the turbo charge serum on their chests to supercharge Circuit's attacks. "LET'S GO!!!" Said Ryder. "PIKA! ("YEAH!")" Added Circuit. And Circuit helped Blue and the others attack the giant red blob with all of his strength.
Blue and the girls continued to fight the red blob except for Amaryllis due to her using Frenzy Plant so had to stand back for a bit. "Wolfa Crush Claw, Blue Hyper Beam!, Artastella Mega Horn! Finish it!" She commanded. "Willow, X-Scissor, Amaryllis Leaf Storm! Finish it girls!" She called as the cries of the girls sounded before all strong moves were released. @Ghostryder30
"Circuit, finish him with our new Volt Tackle!" Said Ryder. And Circuit finished off the giant red blob along with the girls with one direct hit. The giant red blob then dissolved into tiny liquid particles. "Better not push our luck though." Said Ryder. Circuit than ran up to Blue and tackled her while hugging her. "Pika, pikachu! "("I missed you too, Blue!")" Said Circuit. Ryder didn't notice another girl was with JC. "Who are you?" Asked Ryder to JC's friend.
Blue tensed up by the sudden tackle but had relaxed once it was Circuit who was above her as she wagged her tail a bit. "Umbre!(" I know you did Circuit, I was so worried but I am glad you are alright friend") Blue said hugging him back before using her paw to pat the electric mouse's head. "Umbre! Breon!("Don't go missing on me again will you, last thing I need is an Umbreon heart attack") Blue chuckled at her joke.

JC looked to her friend Ryder was referring to before she spoke. "Oh my apologies, this is my good friend Primrose, with her partner Willow the Leafeon and Amaryllis one of her teammates the Serperior" she introduced. "Primrose, this is Ryder and his partner Circuit the Pikachu" she added. "Ryder, Primrose is just about the same age as you I think" "Greetings Ryder, it's a pleasure to meet you...." She said gently but shyly. "Leafeon!("Greetings to you all, I'm Willow") "Serperior!(" Greetings all, I'm Amaryllis") the girls said giving a bow.

"Primrose is mostly a Grass type trainer since she favors them than any other type but she is a very experienced trainer so no need to worry about her struggling with the weakness of grass types" JC said. @Ghostryder30
"I'm glad to have you on the team, Primrose." Said Ryder to Primrose before turning to SER-M "SER-M, how long have I been down here with my Pokemon team?" "About...10 days...And JC and her team were disgusted the data form of yourself." Said SER-M feeling dismayed. "10 days...?" Said Ryder. "Hmm...interesting...It's been 10 days since we won the battle against Dr. Ivor." Ryder then shook his to snap out of it and looked towards Primrose. "This is my Pokemon, Melody, Sugarplum, Knucker, and you this Pikachu of mine, he's Circuit." Ryder Pokemon team greeted Primrose and her Pokemon team with kindness. Ryder then looked back at JC. "So, how did you guys find me?" Asked Ryder to JC. @LunarSilvally
She gave a slight smile. "Well, you can thank Wolfa's nose for that, it never fails her to find a scent like yours" she said as she patted the Dusk Lycanroc's head as she barked to Ryder wagging her tail. Wolfa came over to Ryder as she placed her paws on him to lick his face. "Besides....she is very fond of you and she is your family to her so she was persistent in finding you until you were safe again" she said as she petted Artastella as a job well done before pulling out her Luxury ball sucking her back into it before placing it away. Wolfa got down from Ryder as she whined to JC. "Lycanroc...("I'm worried about his health...maybe we should get him checked out JC....please...") Wolfa asked. JC nodded to Wolfa's response before looking to Ryder. "Ryder, I think you should get your health checked out first and Circuit along with the rest of your Pokemon I mean you did look a bit weakened when I first looked at you....you don't want to worry Wolfa more do you? I mean I'm a bit worried for your health as well" she said folding her arms against her chest.

"I believe JC is right Ryder....just to make sure your well...I will gladly escort you if that's alright Ryder...." She asked gently placing her hand on her sun hat that was woren on her head as Willow smiled to Ryder as Amaryllis stood just next to her watching Ryder. "I think that is a good idea Primrose, you two can go ahead there is something I need to check in this area" JC said. @Ghostryder30
"Yeah, you're right." Said Ryder. "I should get my health checked, and it's a great idea to escort me and my team out of here." Ryder then looked up at the celestial sky of the sleeping realm.

"My Pokemon and friends...are my power" Said Ryder.

"That's the same phrase you used during the battle between you and Dr. Ivor, master." Said SER-M. "And it still computes." "Pokemon trainers use that phrase when their buddy Pokemon shines the light to clear the darkness away." Said Ryder. "And now, it's something I like to try to remember from this day forth." "Pika, pikachu. ("That's true.")" Said Circuit agreeing to what Ryder is saying. "Now, all we need to do is close the sleeping realm gate and everything will be over. As Ryder and his friends and his team traversed their way to the exit, Ryder found nothing but his mother's old car. A car that looked similar to ones in a Japanese street race called a Toyota AE86. "I got an idea." Said Ryder. "It's time to upgrade mom's car into something better." So Ryder got to work on mom's car and improved it with electromagnetic hover wheels he found near a forgotten junk yard. "These should work." Said Ryder. "JC, Primrose, I need your help, please. Can I trust you two?" @LunarSilvally
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