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Ask to Join Pokemon: Re-coded Afterlife

In the dead of night, Linkon with his two best Pokemon walked alone in the streets of Lumiose City. Until they went inside an antique shop nearby to search a computer nearby. "Terra, Mickey, you both think I'll find the answers in the computer?" Linkon asked. Mickey only tilted his head and Terra growled softly to show that he has no clue. "Let's look around." Linkon said. Minutes pass by, Linkon and his small team has no luck. Until the shop bell rang. Someone has came here.
It was late when Robin finally made it to Lumiose City. The swordsman had spent nearly the whole day hiking there, and had miscalculated exactly how long it took to get to the city. It was only by an hour or two, but hiking in the dark was never fun. All that Robin wanted to do right now was to find a place to set up camp, lie down, and go to sleep.

That was, until something caught his eye. A glistening 'open' sign on an Antiques Shop nearby. Why was an Antiques Shop open so late? The swordsman didn't think about it too much. No, the trainer was thinking more about the few strange items he had found in the backcountry on the way to Lumiose. If he was to be able to sell what he had found, well, he'd be looking pretty good for finances for a little bit. Hopefully.

Robin walked into the shop, the door opening with a ringing bell. It was quite the run-down place as one would expect from an antique shop. Inside, there was a black-haired little kid with a Pichu and a Lycanroc. Robin nodded hello to the kid before looking around the shop. Unable to find the shop owner, he looked back to the kid.
"Is the shop owner in?" Robin asked Linkon.
"No." Said Linkon to Robin. The fact that he didn't know was that he feared he wouldn't understand what fate his former parents left him with by leaving him nothing but an electronic bracelet tag on his right hand wrist. "What are you doing here?" Linkon asked Robin.
Robin raised an eyebrow at the boy's response.
"No?" Robin asked. The swordsman glanced back at the open sign before back at the boy. But before Robin had a chance to ask anything more, the boy spoke up once again. Robin leaned against the counter, taking off his backpack and setting on the floor.

"What am I doing here? It's an antique shop. I found some stuff, and I was looking to sell it. I only just got into town, and to be honest I'm surprised that a shop is open this late." Robin said. The swordsman looked behind the counter, trying to find that anything that might hint to the shop owner's whereabouts. After a moment, Robin turned back towards Linkon. "Are you sure the shop owner isn't in? Because the store says it's open, and the door was unlocked..."
"I don't know if it's open, because what I need to know is what fate my parents gave me." Said Linkon to Robin. Terra and Mickey both nodded their heads in agreement. Until they heard footsteps from above. Someone else was here. "Ah, two customers that are here this late." The shop owner said. "What can I do for you?"
Robin blinked, a little confused at the boy's response. Fate? What was this kid talking about?
"Speaking of parents..." Robin said, looking around the store. "Isn't it a bit late for a kid like you to be out on your own? I mean, you have your Pokemon, but it's a a little late. Do your parents know that you're out here?"

As Robin was talking, another voice spoke up. The shop owner had shown up finally, which was good to see. Robin had been getting a little concerned.
"Uh, yeah. I had some stuff I found that I was looking to sell, if you were buying." Robin said. Reaching into his backpack, Robin pulled out a few items. An older dagger that was mid-way through being restored. An old pocketwatch. An ancient-looking Pokeball. "Do you think you could tell me how much this stuff could be worth? You looking to buy?"
"I don't have any parents." Linkon admitted. "I'm just...an orphan who was raised by this Lycanroc of mine." Terra whined in belief to prove Robin the truth. "When they left me at the orphanage, they even left their Pichu so that it can look after me." Mickey bend his head down and closed his eyes in a defeated pose to show that he was there.

Soon the shop owner looked at the old items Robin found and said: "Now these are very rare!" Said the shop owner. "I'll buy those for a penny!" And he began to laugh with enthusiasm. "But anyways, sell these items and I'll take good care of those." He said calming down as he soon looked at Linkon. "So you're an orphan?" "Yep." Said Linkon "Just an orphan who came from the Galar region." "I think I seen your parents die in a terrible car crash when they were at the Sinnoh region." Said the shop owner. "And in your father's final words, told me when gave me 'The binary pocket watch'. He said: "Our son is the last member of my family. He must never be in harm's way. Help our son find the lost computer that is marked with angle wings with an angle ring at the side at a nearby graveyard in the Kalos region, and you will find the
beacon that will bring back the light
". I don't that's meant for you but, take it. It's yours." Linkon soon looked at the pocket watch that had binary numbers in it as if to think this item is the key to finding his fate.
"Ohh..." Robin said, not quite expecting that response from the boy. Not really sure how to react, Robin turned his attention back to the shop owner. It was good to hear that he would buy the things, that would keep Robin's pockets full for a little while and give him a break from battling all the time.

But then the conversation took a more... interesting turn. The Shop Owner apparently knew Linkon's parents, and were with them when they died. Robin felt quite out of place at this moment, but couldn't help but to feel a little confused by those strange final words. Lost computer? Angle wings? Did they mean angel wings? And in a graveyard? Who would put a computer in a Graveyard?

Robin was only able to get a small glimpse of the pocket watch that was given to Linkon, but it did appear rather strange. Leaning against the counter, Robin took a better look at the kid.
"What are you doing out so late, anyway?" Robin asked Linkon.
"I came here to find what I was looking for but since the shop owner showed me what I was looking for, I need to know the location of the nearby graveyard here in the Kalos region." Said Linkon. "Any good leads?"
"What, are you asking me?" Robin said to Linkon. "Look kid, I'm still new to the Kalos region. I backpacked across the mountains to Dendeille Town, stayed there for like a day, then hiked Route 16 to here. The closest thing I saw to a graveyard was a creepy old abandoned hotel that I had to stay in for a night on Route 16."

Robin ran a hand through his hair, looking rather tired.
"Look, kid. Do you have a place to sleep tonight?" Robin asked Linkon.
"Yes." Said Linkon dismayed. It was late at night, and he does have to sleep somewhere. Though it may be hard to find route 10, Linkon will need at least one trainer who can guide him to where he has to be at.
"Yes?" Robin said. While the answer was affirmative, the way that the kid said it caused Robin to have some doubt. This was just a little kid, after all. Robin owed nothing to him, and had only just met him. But still, it was just a kid! It would be terrible of Robin if he left the kid in an unsafe circumstance. "Are you sure? Because the way you said yes makes it sound like you're not too sure."
"Yes, I'm sure of it." Said Linkon. "I need a place to sleep for the night so tomorrow I can find what I'm looking for. This should go without arguing with you in a way that only I can only input for a reason." Terra and Mickey agreed with Linkon.
Robin blinked once again, a little confused. The swordsman sighed, running a hand through his hair.
"Sorry. When you said yes, I thought you meant 'yes I have a place to stay'. But alright, kid. If you need a place to stay, I can help you. Follow me." Robin said, walking out of the antique store. Luckily, they were still close to the edge of Lumiose City. Which was good for Robin. The swordsman began to make his was out of the city.
"Alright, kid. Keep your eyes open for a large tree or large bush." Robin said.
Linkon listened to what Robin said. "Okay, lead the way." Said Linkon. "Terra, Mickey, stay close to me." Terra and Mickey followed closed to Linkon as he stayed close to Robin. "I think you should find a nearby hotel." Said the shop owner waving at Linkon and Robin. "Thanks for shopping! Come back soon!"
Fortunately, it didn't take long for Robin to find a perfect tree. It was a large one, with dense leaf cover that was closer to the ground. The swordsman unclipped a Pokeball from his belt, and in a flash a tired-looking Absol appeared. The dark type yawned before looking back to Robin, who yawned as well.
"Hey, Rea. I know it's late, but do me a favor and Secret Power that tree, will you?" Robin asked. The Absol nodded, a mystical green energy beginning to swirl around it. Rea jumped into the tree, disappearing for a moment.

"This is a trick I picked up when I was traveling through Hoenn. A secret secondary of the effect Secret Power, it allows you to create this small living areas in certain things. People back in Hoenn called them 'secret bases', but I just call it easy camping." Robin explained to Linkon. There was a small flash from inside the tree, and a bundle of vines suddenly dropped down. The tree seemed to become a little more opaque, but otherwise nothing really changed. Robin began to climb the vines before gesturing back to Linkon.
"Come on up."

Robin climbed into the secret base, looking around. It was a simple, square space with the floor made of wood and the walls and ceiling made of branches and leaves. It looked waterproof enough. Taking out a device similar to a laptop, Robin booted it up. Making a few selections on the screen, a beam similar to that of a beam from a Pokeball shot out from the device. Slowly, a few things began to form. Cushions began to appear on the ground, as well as a table and two chairs. It was a simple set up, but then again Robin didn't need anything extravagant.
Shocked with amazement. Terra, Mickey and Linkon looked at the tallest tree in awe while they were at a loss of words when Robin was talking. "Come on, team." Said Linkon. "We better follow him up the tree, so we can rest up their." Terra and Mickey nodded their heads in agreement.
Having set up the secret base, Robin took off his backpack and sword and set them to the side, laying them both on the floor. He considered for a moment making a meal, but decided against it. It was far too late for that, he'd just wait until morning. But there were a few things that Robin figured couldn't wait until morning. Finding a comfortable cushion, Robin's Absol curled up and began to already sleep.

"Welcome aboard, kid." Robin said as Linkon and his team made their way into the base. "I put out some cushions for you and your team to sleep on."
Robin looked over Linkon and his Pokemon before sitting down at one of the chairs. The swordsman scratched his forehead before deciding to just go with it.
"So... kid. I don't think I ever introduced myself. My name's Robin." The swordsman said. He hesitated once again. "You know it's dangerous to be out here by yourself, right? Even with your Pokemon."
"Actually...Terra looks after me, Mickey, and himself." Said Linkon. "And thanks for the bed." As linkon and his team lay down on the bed, Linkon looked at the pocket watch and thought for a minute. Did his parents really gave him a fate? What fate was it? If it had anything to do with his parent's death, what will he do?
Robin watched as the kid seemed to just brush of his question, and moved to lay down on the cushions. Robin watched the kid a moment more, weighing internally if whatever this kid was doing was really his business. The swordsman's concern for the kid won out, and he decided to continue with the questions.
"So... You want to tell me what all that was about? With the pocketwatch, and the computer, and those really strange final words? I mean, what was that? Did you know that shop owner guy?" Robin asked Linkon.
"I think 'HE' knows me because of my parents." Said Linkon. "And I think my parents placed an old computer box at a graveyard somewhere I think. And they made this pocket watch right before they died. And I think the final words the shop owner mentioned were supposed to be me taken to the graveyard to uncover what was hidden for me." Terra and Mickey pondered for a minute and looked at each other not knowing what was going on.
"Okay..." Robin said, taking what Linkon said into consideration. He wasn't sure he liked this. To the swordsman, there was just something fishy and strange about this whole situation.
"So... The thing that was hidden for you... That was the computer he was talking about, right?" Robin asked. The swordsman scratched his head, his expression matching that of the Lycanroc and Pichu. He too had no idea what was going on. So Robin decided to switch up the questions a little bit.

"What do you know about your parents? Does hiding a computer in a graveyard and making stopwatches line up with the things that they would do?" Robin asked Linkon.
"I don't know about my parents, but all I know is they left me at the orphanage somewhere in the Galar region." Said Linkon. "And sadly to say this but hiding a computer in a graveyard and making stopwatches doesn't line up with the things that they would do. Besides, they're not narcissists." Mickey squeaked arguably at Robin while agreeing with Linkon. The question that Robin said about lining up with the things that they do made Mickey very upset.
Robin knew getting into these questions that they may be a bit upsetting for the kid. But these answers were starting to interest Robin. The kid didn't even know his parents, but Robin didn't blame the kid for wanting to follow this. It was just a bit too coincidental for Robin. The kid had just 'happened' to wander into the right shop all the way in Kalos? Heck, the kid said he was from Galar! Granted, Galar wasn't the farthest region from Kalos, but it was still a good distance.

Robin looked at the Pichu in surprise when the small mouse Pokemon squeaked angrily at him. Whatever he had said had offended the small Pokemon, for some reason. But right now, Robin was a bit too tired to think of why. The swordsman yawned, taking a tarp from his backpack.
"Alright." Robin said, deciding to give up questioning the poor kid for tonight. "I'm going to give you and your Pokemon some privacy and sleep outside. I'll be close to the tree, you'll know where to find me. Rea?"
The swordsman looked over to find that his Absol was already asleep on the cushions. Deciding to let sleeping Pokemon lie, Robin just shook his head and climbed down out of the secret base.
"Okay." Said Linkon. "We'll be sleeping outside. Come on, team. Let's go sleep outside." Terra and Mickey agreed with Linkon but Mickey was still suspicious about Robin questioning Linkon like that. It would take time to get along once they make the journey.
Robin was about halfway down the vines when he noticed that Linkon and his team were going to sleep outside. The swordsman was slightly irritated, having set up the secret base for the kid to sleep in. Shaking his head, Robin made his way back into the secret base. He had put enough trouble into putting it up, if the kid wasn't going to sleep in it then he was. Laying on some of the cushions, Robin was asleep in seconds.


Robin woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. It took the swordsman a few moments to remember the strange occurrences of last night. That kid... Robin looked through his bag, checking to see what food he had left. There wasn't too much, but enough for a good breakfast for two people. Grabbing his bag, the swordsman put everything in the secret base back into the device and climbed out of it. With one last command to Rea, the Absol jumped up and dismissed the secret base.

Looking over to where the boy was sleeping, Robin began to set up and make breakfast under the tree. The swordsman set up a small portable cooker, sending out his Blastoise at the same time. Having the water-type fill up a pot of water, Robin heated it up over the portable cooker. Having started that, Robin got out the breakfast. An oatmeal buffet. A few packets of oatmeal, along with various other things one could add if they wanted to. Some cinnamon, chocolate chips, Oran and Pecha berries, various nuts, even a small miniature bottle of maple syrup. Robin began to cut up some of the berries into small chunks, to put easier into the oatmeal.
As soon as Linkon woke up, he could sense the sweet smell of breakfast in the morning and tapped on Terra and Mickey to wake them up. Terra and Linkon excited to eat breakfast, but Mickey had the same problem with Robin last night and wouldn't even let it go while he had the chance. "What's for breakfast?" Asked Linkon. Terra sniffed the sweet scent from his nuzzle.
Robin glanced over as Linkon and his Pokemon woke up, turning off the portable cooker. The water was hot enough already.
"Nothing too extravagant. I didn't have the chance to pick up any pancake mix in Dendemille Town, so you're just going to have to make due with a build-your-own oatmeal." Robin said. The swordsman tossed some slices of berries over to Terra and Mickey, as well as Rea and Turk. The large Blastoise looked down at the Lycanroc and Pichu. It had a few scars on its face and shell, and seemed to have a continual stony expression. It gave a small grunt of hello to Linkon's Pokemon before eating his few slices of berries.

"So, did you sleep well?" Robin asked as he got out a portable mess kit. Robin took the mug, handing Linkon a small bowl. The swordsman went on add two packets of oatmeal to his cup, then added a bit of hot water and stirred the cup. To finish off making his meal, Robin added some chopped berries, cinnamon, and a dash of maple syrup. The warm meal complimented the cool, misty morning.
Linkon soon grabbed some slices of berries and a packet of build-your-own oatmeal. Terra and Mickey looked at the battle-scared giant Blastoise and greeted him in a nice and timid manner due to Blastoise's scars and size. "Yes, I slept well." Said Linkon following the same steps as Robin was doing. He was cooking his oatmeal very carefully.
Robin nodded as he stirred his oatmeal, mixing all the add-ins together.
"That's good to hear." Robin said. The swordsman took a moment, eating a few spoonfuls while the oatmeal was still hot. It was sweet and filling, a hardy meal for a morning. Robin leaned back against the tree, letting the meal warm him a bit before continuing.

"You got any big plans for today, kid? Last night, you seemed fired up about what that store owner said to you and gave you." Robin said. As the swordsman spoke, the Absol made her way over to Robin and rested her head in Robin's lap. Robin stroked Rea, petting the Absol behind the ears.
"Yeah, I have to get Route 10 now..." Said Linkon while he was eating his breakfast. "If I don't get there in time, I'll go crazy. Any good leads?" Terra and Mickey soon looked at each other and then back at Linkon.
"Route 10?" Robin echoed, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. "Well, let's take a look."

The swordsman looked around in his backpack for a few moments before finding the map of Kalos he picked up in Dendemille Town. Robin spread it on the ground in front of himself and Linkon so that everyone could see, and pointed down to it.
"Right now we're on Route 16, right next to Lumiose City. It looks this Route 10 that you're trying to get to is right outside here, Cyllage City. So it looks like the fastest way to get there would be through Lumiose City to Route 5, which takes you to Camphrier Town. There you can take Route 7, which brings you to this 'Connecting Cave' that leads into Cyllage City." Robin said, tracing his fingers across the routes as he spoke.

Robin leaned back against the tree again.
"It's quite a hike. I'll estimate it will take you anywhere from a few days to a week to get there. But I could be wrong." Robin said to Linkon.
"Then Route 5 we're taking!" Said Linkon. "This should be a whole lot fun than going backwards. Besides going backwards is WAY awkward like the last time I went backwards." Terra and Mickey agreed what Linkon said after they ate their breakfast.
Robin couldn't help but to smile at Linkon's upbeat attitude, and began to put away the cooking supplies and food from breakfast. The portable stove was rather easy to put away, and with his Blastoise's help Robin began to wash up the dishes that were dirtied from the breakfast.
"Really?" Robin said, smiling. To be honest, he wasn't to sure what Linkon meant by 'going backwards', but Robin could make a few guesses. The swordsman began to pack up his backpack, putting away his mess kit.

"So what happened when you 'went backwards', huh?" Robin asked Linkon over his shoulder.
"Well...I rather not say it." Said Linkon. "Why? Because....................Don't make me do that again..." Terra and Mickey both gagged in disgust after agreeing with what Linkon told Robin about going backwards.
Robin's smile slowly faded as he listened to Linkon's story. So by 'going backwards', the kid meant backtracking, huh? Finishing packing up, Robin put on his sword and backpack.
"Jeez, kid. That was a close call for you." Robin said. His Pokemon almost being eaten by a Rhydon? Robin had his own bad run in with a Rhydon, but he had no idea the Pokemon was carnivorous! He thought they ate rocks, or... something.

"I can't promise we won't backtrack, but we'll try our best to keep moving forward. I'm going to have to stop in Lumiose City to pick up some food though." Robin said. "We should get moving if we want to make some headway."
Robin paused, returning Turk back to his Pokeball before glancing back towards Linkon and his Pokemon.
"That is, if you're okay with me traveling with you." Robin said.
"We'll travel with you." Said Linkon. "It's more less likely that we'll encounter a wild Pokemon while we're together in this adventure I think." Terra and Mickey soon took a few sips of medicine from Linkon and they were getting ready to leave with Robin for the road ahead.