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The Nuzlocke Challenge! Pokemon Hardmode!

Congratulations, Luckii!
Anyways, I've put SoulSilver and Ruby on a short hiatus to do my first ever Pokemon White Nuzlocke.
And it was an incredible decision. Why? BECAUSE I GOT A SHINY. But it's just a stupid cat. :<
But it's a stupid cat that will be great on my team. :>
Kevin the Pignite- Lv17(M)
Fluffy the Herdier- Lv16 (F)
Caesar the Pansage- Lv15(M)
Bertha the Woobat- Lv14(F)
Shiny the Purrloin- Lv11(F)

I like how their levels are almost completely in order.
Anyways, I'm training for the Nacrene Gym, blah blah blah, beat the first gym while dangerously underleveled, and now my adventure continues!
Thanks, xxllo!

I've restarted my Ruby Nuzlocke with Andrew the Treeko, my favourite of the Hoenn starters. I caught Warren the Zigzagoon and Lena the Taillow before the first gym. Beat Roxanne with ease, with Andrew evolving in the process! Traveled to Dewford, and defeated Brawly easily with Lena! Delivered the letter and the package, and I caught a Wingull (Forgotten his name)! But his life was short, as he was killed in training against a Roselia. :(

Both Lena and Warren evolved whilst training for Watson! He was a complete pain as usual. I had to beat him with a series of Screeches and Quick Attacks with Andrew. I then caught Henry the Numel! I also beat Maxie on Mount Chimney.

I HATE FLANNERY'S GYM! The Gym trainers... they took Warren's life... I shall never forgive them. I caught a Machop in the Volcano (Forgot the name), but he died in training. I also caught a Machop in Jagged Pass, but he died in training too. I am currently grinding for Norman, he is a team-killer on Nuzlockes I hear. Oh, and I caught a Sandshrew! I named him Tim. ;D

Current Team


Andrew lvl 34 [M], Lena lvl 30 [F] (In-training), Henry lvl 28 [M] (In-training), Tim lvl 21 (In-training).

Lets hope I go well against Norman!
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Ooook, so my previous Nuzlockes are all dead >>; My brother let me play through his Pearl, but I found it so boring that I decided to start a Nuzlocke. I'm playing as a girl named Xion (I was that close to naming my rival Roxas...) My team as of now is:


Leopold the Piplup
Lv. 11


Carol the Budew
Lv. 6


Slaev the Bidoof
Lv. 2


Slaev2 the Bidoof
Lv. 3

Yes, I have two Bidoof slaves >>; Not gonna use em, only one for Rock Smash, Cut, Strength and Rock Climb, maybe. Leopold can have Surf, so I don't need a Surf slave. Let's see how this goes.

I'm planning on doing a Let's Play! Pokémon Emerald Nuzlocke Mode series, and upload it on Youtube, if I can find some good, free recording equipment. ^^; If you'd like to see that, please comment, and please PM me if you have some good programs ^^
Started a Ruby Nuzlocke on emulator the other day. I've progressed really fast...

As for now, heading towards Fortree City:

Vic the Trapinch, lv 26 (training, first priority)
Samuel the Grovyle, lv 32
Mason the Beautifly, lv 31
Selen the Golbat, lv 30
Bomber the Machoke, lv 35
Jill the Goldeen, lv 7 (in training)

Nothing on the bench, and I have had A LOT of deaths. Some bad luck with crits. Roxanne basically ate a Silcoon and two Beautifly...
Ok, using a Purrloin in the Pinwheel Forest isn't a good idea. I forgot Bug is super-effective against Dark.
But Shiny the cat isn't dead. Just almost died quite a few times only to be saved by Kevin.

In my adventure since the update, I beat Gym 2 with Fluffy's Rock Smash and Kevin being Kevin.
Got through the forest with Kevin burning it down, grabbed an experience share to train Shiny, and now I train for the Bug gym.
Kevin- Lv22

Fluffy- Lv20

Caeser- Lv18

Bertha- Lv18

Shiny (THE SHINY)- Lv17

Only one death,
Jolly the Tympole. Died on his first battle.

I beat Burgh, caught Nikolai the Darumaka, trained him a little, caught Sandy the Sandile in Desert Resort, and.. The unfortunate crap happened.
I was training for the Electric Gym, when I lost Fluffy the Herdier.. Almost immediately followed by Shiny the Liepard on the very same Route.. After their deaths, I immediately faced the gym just to avenge them, and won. Evolutions happened, caught Jimmy the Solosis, Cones the Vanillite, blah blah blah, beat Clay, caught Clamps the Karrablast(Futurama Reference) and Webs the Joltik. I'm still upset about losing Fluffy and Shiny. Oh, and I released Jolly because he isn't counted as a team member to me.

Kevin- Lv36

Caeser- Lv31

Bertha- Lv28

Sandy- Lv29

Jimmy- Lv29

Cones- Lv23

Fluffy the Herdier, Level 4 - 24...First pokemon caught..
Shiny the shiny Liepard, Level 9 - 21...First Purrloin/Liepard I ever had or wanted, My first shiny of Gen 5.
And Jolly the Tympole. I didn't care for him.

Now to continue my journey, going to win this for Shiny and Fluffy.
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Hi, I'm baaaaaack!

This will kust be a very short update, as all I have done is a huge amount of grinding (Took me a couple of days), defeated Norman, and caught a Pokemon.

During this grinding session, both Henry and Tim evolved! Henry is a Camerupt, and Tim is now a Sandslash. I first thought Tim would be a bit of a liability, but he managed to take down Norman's strongest Pokemon, his second Slaking, with skill and power (And Defense Curl). I then got out MAH SLAEV, surfed in Petalburg, and caught Rose the Marill! After a bit of sea-grinding, Rose evolved! I am now outside Regice's cave, for no particular reason.

Current Team


Andrew lvl 35 [M], Lena lvl 33 [F], Henry lvl 33 [M], Tim lvl 31 [M], Rose lvl 31 [F].

Not much, but I will have beaten Winona by the time I speak to you again!
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It looks like Arkeis is facing image problems..
Ok, I haven't beat any other gyms yet, no new deaths, about to go into the Flying Gym.
I replaced Nikolai the Darumaka with Cones the Vanillite for typing reasons, Jimmy evolved, Sandy evolved, blah blah blah.
Kevin the Emboar- Lv40
Caeser the Simisage- Lv33
Bertha the Swoobat- Lv33
Sandy the Krokorok- Lv35
Jimmy the Duosion- Lv32
Cones the Vanillish- Lv36

I need to even out thelevels a little more..

Clamps the Karrablast, Nikolai the Darumaka, Webs the Joltik, Romero the Zebstrika, Peach the Litwick.
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Hi, guys, I'm back with some more Ruby Nuzlocke! I have done a lot since my last update. While I was Surfing USA towards Slateport, Andrew completed his final evolution into a Sceptile! I travelled to Fortree, and on the way, I picked up William the Castform! I'm going to do what very few will have done on a Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Nuzlocke, and use Castform as a main team member! I beasted my way through Winona's Gym with Henry and Rose, who also killed all of Winona's Pokemon between them.

I caught the Keclion you have to fight in order to get into Fortree Gym, and I named him Johnathon! He is in the box as a reserve. I thwarted Team Magma's plans a couple of times, catching Xavier the Duskull along the way. He died in training :(. I really wanted to use him too! I blasted to Mossdeep, and obtained HM 8 for Dive!

I'm not sure what people mean when they say Tate and Liza are team killers. I beat them in two turns with Andrew and Rose. After some more grinding, I'm outside Seafloor Cavern, ready to fight Team Magma for the 70000996572474636262535489811111665857655th time!

Current Team


Andrew lvl 43 [M], Lena lvl 42 [F], Henry lvl 42 [M], Tim lvl 37 [M] (In-training), Rose lvl 42 [F] and William lvl 37 [M] (In-training).

Badges: 7

Lets hope I can beat Wallace!
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@Luckii: Good luck with Wallace, and I hope you don't lose any more teammates!
After beating the Flying Gym,I switched out Cones for a Cubchoo named Smokey. Trained him for the last gym, while I used Kevin to blast through the ice gym. My team is now fully evolved, and now I'm training for the League.


Kevin- Lv 50 Caeser- Lv 44 Bertha- Lv 45 Sandy- Lv 47 Jimmy- Lv 45 Smokey- Lv 45

Going to continue my training, might actually make a Semi-Detailed story of the Elite Four battle.
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I have recently rebeat Sapphire (read, 1 AM in the morning 8D)
And have decided to Nuzlocke Sapphire.

...And I just killed the pokemon I was allowed to catch for route 102.

So I only have a Mudkip named Ceria right now XD

Quick Edit:
Backtracked to Route 101 to catch a Zigzagoon. I have named him Raide.

Ceria - Level 16 Marshtomp [F]
Rhanis - Level 13 Wingull [M]
Paciao - Level 13 Dustox [M]
Kreia - Level 13 Skitty [F]
Kelia - Level 13 Shroomish [F]
Jeici - Level 7 Makuhita [F]

Edit 2: Normally I wouldn't update so soon but Raide picked up a Nugget :O Nice find c:

Updated Team Above XD

Edit 3: First Death

Raide the Level 13 Zigzagoon [M] - A Makuhita's survivable Arm Thrust landed a Critical Hit. |:

Updated Team accordingly.
Started a Gold Nuzlocke.

Butterfree, male lv. 15
Geodude, male lv. 20
Croconaw, male lv. 20
Sandshrew, female lv. 8
Togepi, male lv. 5
Rattata, female lv. 8

Badges: Zephyr, Hive

Haven't been to keen on the nicknaming. Gonna get to that later. Some casualties, to be precise 3.


Furret, lv. 4 - lv. 15
Rattata lv. 3 - lv. 4
Caterpie lv. 3 - lv. 3
I have mad a mixed time since my last update. While I did complete a BIG chunkm of the story, I lost two team mates... :'( . I was grinding Tim up to lvl 42 when disaster struck. This FUCKING SHARPEDO GOT A CRIT CRUNCH. He killed Tim! He was one of my most valued team members of the entire playthrough... I will hate Sharpedos forever.

Things went wrong in Seafloor Cavern. I was destroying all these Magma grunts, when an Admin shows up and confuses William. He continuously hit mimself, while the dog (Mightyena) bites away. After 3 turns, William couldnt take anymore, and died a slow, painful death. He shall be sorley missed. The Dragon Elite Four member will be much harder now.

I did defeat Maxie, and I caught Groudon to save the world! Brave nature, too, I might use it on my Trick-Room Ubers team. I destroyed Wallace, naturally because of Andrew. I will defeat the Elite Four for Tim and William...

Current Team - 8 Badges


Andrew lvl 48 [M], Lena lvl 47 [F], Henry lvl 47 [M], Rose lvl 47 [F].

I'm PRAYING for a Lairon in Victory Road!
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Ladies and gentlemen, after a few month absence, I return to revive the Nuzlocke thread here on 'Charms.
I have started yet another Emerald run, and right now I'm grinding for a fight with Roxanne.
Seuss the Torchic
Level 13, Male

JubJub the Poochyena
Level 8, Male

Demetri the Zigzagoon
Level 10, yet another Male.

OIOIJDIOJ the Wingull
Level 10, Male

Charlie the Nincada
Level 7, Male

Hades the Whismur
Level 8, Male
Thank the lord that this is back up. I've been waiting FOREVER.

I have started a Nuzlocke on Pearl. I have advanced a little bit on Ruby, but we'll save that for a later date.

I did not start well on Pearl. I was inside the trainer's school, leveling up Curtis, my Turtwig. I got to the second Abra trainer, and after bringing it to low health, it got a crit with Hidden Power. The attack did 12 HP damage, which also happened to be the amount of HP Curtis was brought down to. There's no way that it can get 2 crits in a row, I though. Hah. Of course. The Abra gets another crit with Hidden Power. And Curtis died D:

I did, however, have a back-up, in the form of Oliver the Starly. After grinding a bit, I encountered a Shinx on Route 204. It was captured and named Natalia! :)

On my way to Oreburgh City, while in Oreburgh Gate, I found Chuck the Geodude, who was weakened and captured! And also, in Oreburgh Mines, I, luckily, encountered an Onyx almost as soon as I entered. He was caught and named Brutus, and is currenty acting as a reserve. I traveled upwards onto Route 207. After grinding on Machop, Oliver evolved into a Staravia!

Current location: Oreburgh Mines
Badges: 0



Oliver lvl 14 [M], Natalia lvl 11 [F], Chuck lvl [M].

Reserves - Brutus (Onyx) lvl 8 [M].

Let's go and get our first badge!
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I didn't expect anyone to reply so soon.. xD
Anyways I realized OIOIJDIOJ the Wingull was of more use than normal disease-ridden birds of prey. He helped destroy Roxanne when Seuss ran out of PP. Seuss missed a lot.Oh, and he evolved. I saved the worthless GOODS and Peeko, and began my journey to give Steven his precious letter(Devon president, Y U NO CALL SON )and... OIOIJDIOJ was 1-Shotted by an Aron who was kicked to death in response by Seuss. OIOIJDIOJ was the greatest bird ever, and it hurts me that he can't murder Brawly along with Seuss. I boxed his body, along with putting JubJub in reserves. I caught Vlad the Zubat, and now I train so I can MURDER BRAWLY AND EVERYONE ON THIS CURSE ISLAND OF DEWFORD.
Seuss the Combusken
Level 20, Male

Demetri the Zigzagoon
Level 12, Male

Charlie the Nincada
Level 11, Male

Hades the Whismur
Level 13, Male

Vlad the Zubat
Level 7, Male.

Wow. Male, male, male. NUZLOCKE, Y U NO GIMME FEMALES
Sorry I'm late posting, but I've been really caught up in my Nuzlocke, too much so to post an update. I'll try to post more often :D


Picking up from where we left off, I murdered Roark with Chuck, boosting him up a gazillion levels. I caed away Team Galactic from the Valley Windworks, where Natalia evolved into a Luxio! After reaching Eterna City and destroying Gardenia and her Grass cronies with Oliver, once again I had to rid a building of Team Galactic. They appear to be a bit of a lucky charm for me, as Chuck also evolved while battling them. I caught some Pokemon, Niall the Ponyta and Henry the Machop! And Brutus died while training against wild Pokemon. :(

Before going into Mount Coronet, I captured Llorenco the Kriketune. I expected him to be little more than a reserve, but he has exeeded my expectations, and is now an essential part of my team. I reached Hearthome, and left almost immediately, after kicking my rival's arse of course. I caught Slave the Bibarel. However, while in the Sinnoh version of Lavender Tower, Oliver was lost... I hate confusehax. Then after that, Natalia was killed off by an Ace Trainer's Kadabra. Llorenco avenged her, but she will never be forgotten...

Since then, I have captured even more Pokemon. I fished up Alastair the Magikarp, who has been grinded to a Gyrados, Mary the Carnivine in the Great Marsh, Slave 2 the Wingull, and Fergus the Wooper! I have also gotten 2 more badges, with Alastair playing a very big part in both Gyms.

Current location: Solaceon Town
Badges: 4



Chuck lvl 34 [M], Llorenco lvl 32 [M], Alastair lvl 27 [M] (In-training), Mary lvl 26 [F] (In-training).

Reserves: Slave (Bibarel) lvl 17 [F], Slave 2 (Wingull) lvl 20 [M], Fergus (Wooper) lvl 18 [M], Niall (Ponyta) lvl 23 [M], Henry (Machop) lvl 25 [M].

Let's go and take down Fantina!
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After FINALLY finding how to use an emulator, I quit my old Emerald Nuzlocke and started another one, with Seuss the Torchic again.
Had four losses, some meant more than others.
Most notably Pedro the Lombre. He will be missed.
I luckily found my Wingull again and named him MacMillan. At one point I had a full team, but Dewford took two lives and Slateport took another life. My team is now consisting of but three Pokemon.
Seuss the Cobusken, Level 26

MacMillan the Pelipper, Level 25

Hades the Loudred, Level 24

I'm training for Good ol' Wattson. Jolly fellow. Oh, and I put use to my tablet and started a comic for this run. It's rather.. Not good..
.-. Hopefully I'm right in thinking there is a 30 day period before it becomes thread revival (today is the 29th ;D)

Anyways I'm doing a Sapphire nuzlocke so far I'm training before I go to Slateport and onwards

My team so far:
Rico/Grovyle - Lvl 19
Lily/Lombre - Lvl 18
Rex/Mightyena - Lvl 22
Winona/Beautifly - Lvl 22
Winger/Wingull - Lvl 19
Valon/Aron - Lvl 22 (Just need to train this guy)

In my computer:
Zoey/Zubat - Lvl 10

Wilmur/Whismur Lvl 6 - 16 :'( Died of an unfortunate critical + poison damage. Damn you Tentacool D<


Virtual Duck Enthusiast
Staff member
Just to point out, stickies (and ongoing topics like Nuzlocke) are revivable at any time :p
Well... ummm... I lost Pearl on a bus, so that run has to be scrapped. I've started up a FireRed run, although I'm only about 10 minutes in so arse all has happened. This is just to let you know it's up and running.



Bismarck lvl 7 [M]. (I'm playing FireRed, I'm using FireRed sprites)

Like I said, I'm really, really early in the game.
Ooook. My harddrive crashed and wasn't fixed for 2 weeks, and would've cost $100 (USD) extra to revive my emulator save file and decided that just wasn't worth it.
SO my Emerald run has been lost. But I've started a Red Version run!

Freddy M- Charmeleon, Level 32

Nicepeter- Nidoking, Level 30

Mr. Rogers- Kadabra, Level 29

Kassem- Vileplume, Level 26

Dante- Eevee, Lvel 25

Reginald- Beedrill, Level 23

Right now I'm in the Rocket Hideout at Gamecorner in Celadon, trying to get the SilphScope. Yayyy.
I sort of forgot to update, but I started a new LeafGreen run recently... And I successfully beat it ^^ I swear there is no better feeling than beating a Nuzlocke Challenge :D

Team was:
Dylan, Venusaur, lv. 60
Corey, Pidgeot, lv. 55
Cruz, Sandslash, lv. 55
Lars, Snorlax, lv. 55
Ashley, Raichu, lv. 56
LApis, Lapras, lv. 56

Actually I'm not completely sure with the levels, but smt like that ^^

I've been planning to do a Pearl run, and make a proper comic out of it. I just started reading a White one on dA, and it got me inspired ^^
Lots happened. Forgot to update.

Caught Daphne the Rattata, but it died. Caught Henry the Mankey, beat Gary, also caught Adrian the Pidgey. Went through Viridian Forest. Beat Brock, caught Rhys the NidoranMale, bought a Magikarp for a reasonable price but Henry died in Mt. Moon! But Bismarck, Adrian and Rhys all evolved there, so it he was avenged!

I had a reeeeaal tough time with Misty, but I pulled through in the end. Moonstone'd Rhys to eveolve him to a Nidoking! Travelled to Vermillion, soundly beat both Gary and Lt. Surge, and continued onward. Caught a whole load of shit, went through FUCKING ROCK TUNNEL, where Bismarck evolved into a mighty Charizard! Caught Belle the Oddish (named in homage to the great Belle that helped me beat SoulSilver). Ate the Celedon Gym for dinner, recieved a Hitmonchan from the Fighting Dojo, and named him Jefferson. Also recieved Gilly the Eevee!

Current Location: Saffron City
Badges: 4



Bismarck lvl 37 [M], Adrian lvl 35 [M], Rhys lvl 35 [M], Gilly lvl 25 [M] (in-training), Jefferson lvl 25 [M] (in-training)


Caught Kieran the Snorlax, bought Xavier the Scyther from the Game Corner, and both Adrian and Gilly evolved!



Bismarck lvl 38 [M], Adrian lvl 37 [M], Rhys lvl 35 [M], Gilly lvl 35 [M], Jefferson lvl 35 [M], Kieran lvl 35 [M].


Also Weeds, be sure to check out the Pokemon Diamond run the same author!
Been a while since I posted or updated this

Defeated Wattson and grinded since last time

Rico/Grovyle - Lvl 29
Valon/Aron - Lvl 30
Maggie/Slugma - Lvl 29
Lily/Lombre - Lvl 28
Winona/Beautifly - 28
Rex/Mightyena - Lvl 31

Wilmur/Whismur Lvl 6-16
Winger/Wingull Lvl 3-21

In PC:
Prunella/Gulpin Lvl 13
Zoey/Zubat Lvl 10
Gary/Numel Lvl 16
Just finished an awesome Nuzlocke run on Crystal.

Team right now is:

Lynnie the Jynx (shiny)
Swirl the Politoed
Basil the Murkrow
Threepio the Magneton
Snorer the Snorlax
Kaboom the Golem

It was on Emulator though, so I had to cheat a little to get Golem and Politoed. Lynnie, Basil and Swirl turned out to be real bros (yet Lynnie is a girl). I am reporting as of beating Red right now.

Other Pokémon I used were:

Ace the Pidgeot
Totter the Feraligatr
Thorn the Tyranitar
Rageguy the Gyarados
Freya the Misdreavus

Best run ever, did not have a lot of casualities (actually just one, Ballon the Jigglypuff). May she rest in peace.
Training for Norman :p

Rico/Grovyle Lvl 34
Valon/Lairon Lvl 35
Rex/Mightyena Lvl 34
Winona/Beautifly Lvl 34
Lily/Lombre Lvl 35
Maggie/Slugma Lvl 36

Wilmur/Whismur Lvl 6-16
Winger/Wingull Lvl 3-21

In PC:
Zoey/Zubat Lvl 10
Prunella/Gulpin Lvl 13
Gary/Numel Lvl 16
Antony/Trapinch Lvl 19
Norma/Numel Lvl 21
Luna/Spinda Lvl 14
Vex/Seviper Lvl 15
Zuzu/Zubat Lvl 18

My FireRed Nuzlocke has been completed! While hidiously underleveled, too! :D

I'm not going too in-depth about my journey to the E4, exept that I caught a load of crap, and that Rhys passed away just before the seventh gym... he shall be missed...

Caught my first solid replacement for Rhys, Catherine the Marowak, in Victory Road. The Elite 4 were actually, really, really easy. Kieran was a huge help, he destroyed three of the four almost single handedly. But Gary, ooooh he was a different kettle of fish. I have never been so frustrated at a trainer battle in my LIFE. But, I pulled through, and was crowned the Pokemon League Champion!



Bismarck lvl 52 [M], Adrian lvl 51 [M], Gilly lvl 52 [M], Jefferson lvl 47 [M], Kieran lvl 50 [M], Catherine lvl 45 [F].

So, after the perfect Crystal run I just did, I decided to do it again. Crystal this time around again (for some reason I do all my Nuzlockes on Crystal). I'll be updating the team in my signature. I have just defeated the Kimono Girls as I write. (Long post)


Royce the Quilava
Level: 24
Item: Quick Claw
Moves: Cut, Quick Attack, Dig, Ember.

Aria the Pidgeotto
Level: 20
Item: None
Moves: Tackle, Sand Attack, Gust, Quick Attack.

Tumbleweed the Skiploom
Level: 22
Item: Miracle Seed (even though she doesn't know any Grass-type moves)
Moves: Poisonpowder, Synthesis, Leech Seed, Tackle.

Xavier the Growlithe
Level: 12 (in training, he is going to rape Morty soon.)
Item: None
Moves: Bite, Roar, Ember.

Snoop the Koffing
Level: 14 (newly caught)
Item: None
Moves: Poison Gas, Tackle, Smog.

Bailey the Elekid
Level: 5
Item: None
Moves: Quick Attack, Leer, Dizzy Punch.


Orville the Rattata
Batman the Zubat
Eggbert the Togepi


Hulk Hogan the Geodude (will be greatly missed)(lv 3-9)
Alexandria the Sentret (lv 3-3)
Rocky the Onix (lv 5-13)
Freddie the Nidorina (she was a sis against Whitney and her godforsaken Miltank...) (lv 12-20)
Currently just reached Lilycove :) Need to head to the Safari Zone want either Girafarig/Natu/Pikachu to replace Rex as he is struggling (so is Lily but she still has an evolution to undergo)

Quinn/Banette Lvl 42
Valon/Aggron Lvl 43
Rex/Mightyena Lvl 41
Zuzu/Crobat Lvl 41
Lily/Lombre Lvl 42
Maggie/Magcargo Lvl 43

Wilmur/Whismur Lvl 6-16
Winger/Wingull Lvl 3-21
Rico/Sceptile Lvl 5-41
Winona/Beautifly Lvl 3-40

In PC:
Zoey/Zubat Lvl 10
Prunella/Gulpin Lvl 13
Gary/Numel Lvl 16
Antony/Trapinch Lvl 19
Norma/Numel Lvl 21
Luna/Spinda Lvl 14
Vex/Seviper Lvl 15
Omi/Meditite Lvl 27
Bernadette/Shuppet Lvl 28
Shu/Shuppet Lvl 27
Aline/Linoone Lvl 32


Resident Furry
Game of Choice: Pokemon Platinum
Completion Status: Roark and Gardenia defeated, working my way up Galactic's Eterna Headquarters.
Trainer Name: Samuel
- Name Origin: Samuel Vekkner, Trainer from Beyond The Horizon's first act, born August 29, 1994, deceased May 19, 2013. Samuel was the first Trainer I ever created for stories, and, along with his Pokemon, is the only survivor of that early period of BTH. I felt it fitting that he would be honored as such here.

Current Pokemon Team

Monferno, male, level 18
Ability is Blaze, Nature is Hasty
Captured Route 201, Starter Pokemon
HP: 55
Atk: 35
Def: 24
Sp. Atk: 34
Sp. Def: 27
Speed: 42
Current Stat Total: 217
Knows Scratch, Mach Punch, Ember, and Fury Swipes
Stat wise, Mikhail is the best of the team. Though the levels are currently uneven, when all is said and done he usually leads in HP, Sp. Atk, and Sp. Def. His moveset is pure attacks, making use of his relatively high speed and good Attacking stats to defeat Pokemon quickly. Despite his higher HP, his Defenses means he can't take too many hits before another Pokemon has to bail him out.
Mikhail is named for Makar "Mikhail" Yakovlev, Beyond The Horizon character. Born October 5, 1965, deceased July 10, 2040. Was one of the longest surviving subject of the early Soviet serums. He was an Infernape, under the ownership of Dr. Spencer Asimov.

Luxio, male, level 18
Ability is Intimidate, Nature is Modest
Captured Route 203, at level 4.
HP: 52
Atk: 33
Def: 25
Sp. Atk: 31
Sp. Def: 25
Spd: 32
Current Stat Total: 198
Knows Tackle, Bite, Charge, and Spark
Being the only Electric type on the team, Frankie acts as Anti-Air, destroying those of the Flying Type with relative ease. Otherwise, he functions similarly to Mikhail, though a bit slower.
Named for a classmate that has long since earned my respect.

Machop, Female, level 17
Ability is Guts, Nature is Serious
Captured Route 207, at level 7.
HP: 51
Atk: 34
Def: 25
Sp. Atk: 19
Sp. Def: 20
Spd: 19
Current Stat Total: 168
Knows Low Kick, Foresight, Focus Energy, and Karate Chop
While originally the primary attacker of the party, Maria has moved to a more background role as she falls behind Mikhail and Frankie. Her slow speed is her biggest burden. She and Ned will primarily split the Anti-Ghost position, with her using Foresight to ensure she can hit.
Maria is named for the Silent Hill 2 character, created by the town in the image of James Sunderland's late wife, Mary. As part of the torment he wished upon himself, he was forced to watch her die at at three intervals, two of which were at the hands of the monster known as Pyramid Head. In the ending entitled "Leave", she is the final boss, James telling her that he no longer needs her to punish him. In "Maria" she escapes Silent Hill with him, but appears to fall victim to the same fatal disease that would have taken Mary had James not killed her first.

Zubat, male, level 18
Ability is Inner Focus, Nature is Docile.
Caught Oreburgh Gate, at level 7.
HP: 46
Atk: 21
Def: 24
Sp. Atk: 21
Sp. Def: 22
Spd: 29
Current Stat Total: 163
Knows Wing Attack, Supersonic, Astonish, and Bite
With a higher resistance to Grass then Mikhail, it is usually Ned that bails the Monferno out in times of need, and was instrumental in defeating Gardenia. With Astonish and Bite in his arsenal, he will be the primary fighter against Ghost Types. Unfortunately, since he is a Zubat, unless he manages to survive to Evolution level he is considered expendable, and I will place him in harms way to save Mikhail, Frankie, Maria, or Archie.
Ned was named randomly.

Buizel, male, level 16
Ability is Swift Swim, Nature is Jolly
Caught Valley Windworks, at level 10.
HP: 47
Atk: 25
Def: 18
Sp. Atk: 22
Sp. Def: 15
Spd: 39
Current Stat Total: 166
Knows Swift, Quick Attack, Water Gun, and Pursuit
Archie has yet to find his place in the team. Originally he played back up for Embry, but after the Psyduck died, Archie is the only Pokemon with a real advantage against Fire Types. When it comes to Rock and Ground, he plays second fiddle to both Mikhail and Maria. He is quite fragile.
Named after Archibald "Archie" Adams, character from Beyond The Horizon. Born April 26, 1993. Used as test subject for a prototype of the serum that would later be administered to Robert "Dodger" Dodgeson. Both tests had mixed to positive results.

Bidoof, male, level 8
Ability is Ignorant, Nature is Timid
Caught Route 204, at level 4.
HP: 29
Atk: 11
Def: 12
Sp. Atk: 12
Sp. Def: 12
Spd: 13
Current Stat Total: 89
Knows Tackle, Growl, and Cut
Ted is a temporary team member, used to enter and exit the Galactic building, due to the Cuttable trees blocking the door. While valuable as an HM Slave, his uses otherwise are little to none, and training him is neither a concern, nor a priority.
Ted was named randomly.

Nel: Geodude, level 15
Lionel: Buneary, level 11
Hershal: Wurmple, level 13

Albert: Starly
Clementine: Starly
Embry: Psyduck​
I literally just started my Red Nuzlocke:

Charmander, Lv 5, "Guan Yu"

And Gary gets consecutive crithax and depletes me of my potion, and kills me. What a jerk.

So yeah, five seconds in, and I lose. BEST. NUZLOCKE. EVER.
Sapphire Nuzlocke is now complete

Champion Team:
Quinn/Bannete Lvl 66
Lily/Ludicolo Lvl 64
Valon/Aggron Lvl 65
Zuzu/Crobat Lvl 65
Katie/Raichu Lvl 63
Maggie/Magcargo Lvl 67

Wilmur/Whismur Lvl 6-16
Winger/Wingull Lvl 3-21
Rico/Sceptile Lvl 5-41
Winona/Beautifly Lvl 3-40

In PC:
Zoey/Zubat Lvl 10
Prunella/Gulpin Lvl 13
Gary/Numel Lvl 16
Antony/Trapinch Lvl 19
Norma/Numel Lvl 21
Luna/Spinda Lvl 14
Vex/Seviper Lvl 15
Omi/Meditite Lvl 27
Bernadette/Shuppet Lvl 28
Shu/Shuppet Lvl 27
Aline/Linoone Lvl 32
Rex/Mightyena Lvl 45
Pelly/Pelliper Lvl 30
Pearl/Clamperl Lvl 28
Neil/Spheal Lvl 31
Hana/Hariyama Lvl 39
And so, it is done! Another succesful Crystal Nuzlocke. This one went extraordinarily well, perhaps not as great as the last one, but still great. Very pleased with the outcome of the team.

The following beat Red:


Royce the Typhlosion
Level: 87
Item: Charcoal
Moves: Flamethrower, Cut, Dig, Sunny Day


Bailey the Electabuzz
Level: 85
Item: Amulet Coin
Moves: Thunderpunch, Iron Tail, Light Screen, Dizzy Punch


Aria the Pidgeot
Level: 85
Item: Sharp Beak
Moves: Wing Attack, Fly, Agility, Mirror Move


Snoop the Weezing
Level: 86
Item: Leftovers
Moves: Sludge, Toxic, Haze, Hyper Beam


Shrimp the Kingler
Level: 85
Item: Mystic Water
Moves: Crabhammer, Stomp, Surf, Icy Wind


Eon the Espeon
Level: 87
Item: Quick Claw
Moves: Morning Sun, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Swift

Had a couple of deaths and of course some Pokémon that were used more or less. Most of my main team Pokémon did not know any HMs.
Congratulations to everyone who's beat the challenge! I didn't have as much luck with the Pearl one (I cheated... I couldn't stand my Infernape dying u.u), so after a few failed White and Sapphire ones, I'm working on another Pearl run. I just lost several significant team members (including a Croagunk. A LEGIT CROAGUNK. The FIRST thing I found in the Great Marsh. I was so friggin psyched.), but this is my team so far. I'm trying to train some guys so I can challenge Fantina.


Gregory the Torterra
Male, lvl. 38
Gentle Nature
- Leech Seed
- Earthquake
- Bite
- Razor Leaf


Jeanette the Golduck
Female, lvl. 33
Jolly Nature
- Blizzard
- Confusion
- Surf
- Water Pulse


Bruce the Zubat (in training)
Male, lvl. 9
Naughty Nature
- Leech Life
- Supersonic
- Defog
- Astonish


Chelsea the Meditite (in training)
Female, lvl. 26
Modest Nature
- Detect
- Mind Reader
- Feint
- Calm Mind


Eris the Haunter (in training)
Female, lvl. 29
Relaxed Nature
- Night Shade
- Confuse Ray
- Sucker Punch
- Shadow Ball

Bruce is the most... I dunno, desperate, team member so far. After Isaac, my Staravia died, this previous Defog whore found himself as a new addition to my team... I've had VERY bad luck with this run...
Ruby Nuzlocke, about to face Wattson.

With my Dynasty Warriors motif:
Marshtomp, M, 21, "Huang Gai"
Taillow, M, 20, "Lu Xun"
Aron, M, 19, "Wei Yan"
Zigzagoon, F, 17, "WangYuanji"
Oddish, F, 15, "Cai Wenji"

Electrike, F, 12, "Xingcai"
The Pearl Nuzlocke became too tedious... I am not a patient person, and the amount of grinding required was daunting... Instead, I started a White Nuzlocke, and so far it's going better than any of my previous attempts on White :D


Cid the Dewott
Male, lvl. 24
Timid Nature (Special Dewott FTW)
- Rock Smash
- Razor Shell
- Water Gun
- Focus Energy


Edward the Herdier
Male, lvl. 19
Serious Nature
- Rock Smash
- Take Down
- Work Up
- Bite


Jess the Woobat
Female, lvl. 19
Careful Nature
- Confusion
- Heart Stamp
- Gust
- Assurance


Oscar the Pidove
Male, lvl. 19
Brave Nature
- Gust
- Air Cutter
- Roost
- Quick Attack


Isaac the Sewaddle
Male, lvl. 15
Calm Nature
- Tackle
- String Shot
- Bug Bite
- Razor Leaf

Trying to train Isaac against various Plasmas in Pinwheel Forest. Fun fact; when I came out of Wellspring Cave, I had the exact same team as Kynim in the White comic I mentioned before :D
Double post because a lot has happened and no one else seems to have been playing Nuzlocke over the weekend :D

I was just about to challenge Clay when my game decided to plop out of my 3DS when I had it in my pocket, so tedious catching up ensued. The good thing is some of the things that were dead are now alive again, for which I'm thankful ^^; I have the last grinding session left before I can challenge Clay, so I've almost caught up :)


Cid the Samurott
Male, lvl. 36 (freshly evolved ♥)
Timid Nature
- Grass Knot
- Water Pulse
- Water Gun
- Aqua Jet


Edward the Herdier
Male, lvl. 28
Serious Nature
- Dig
- Strength
- Work Up
- Crunch


Isaac the Leavanny
Male, lvl. 28
Calm Nature
- Tackle
- Protect
- Bug Bite
- Razor Leaf


Debbie the Dwebble
Female, lvl. 29
Sassy Nature
- Bug Bite
- Dig
- Rock Slide
- Stealth Rock (it was hilarious to see Elesa's Emolgas destroy themselves on these :D)


Andrea the Archen
Female, lvl. 28
Lax Nature
- Acrobatics
- AncientPower
- Agility
- Dig


Lydia the Solosis
Female, lvl. 29
Careful Nature
- Recover
- Hidden Power [Ground]
- Psyshock
- Charm

I'm trying to get everyone to level 32 (I know Edward and Lydia evolve then :>), and then I'm going to destroy Clay with Cid ♥
Really? No one has Nuzlocked in a week? Oh well >>;

I BEAT WHITE! It was SHIT hard but I did it in the end! :D N's Reshiram and Ghetsis' Hydreigon were absolute monsters, but with a little bit of hax, I managed to beat them. Zekrom managed to take out Reshiram (why does that thing have no Dragon type moves?!), but its sheer power had me worried... The rest of N went fine. Ghetsis' Hydreigon I managed to beat by sacking Zekrom (who LIVED a Dragon Pulse and managed to take out half its health with a DragonBreath!), and then switching in my Archeops and going for U-Turn. Now the thing is... Even though they were the same level, and Archeops has 20 higher base Speed than Hydreigon, it outsped me and went for a Surf... WHICH MISSED because I had given my Archeops the BrightPowder to hold! That was WAY too close, my heart was racing at that... After that he took out my Crustle, but I prevailed in the end.


Cid the Samurott
Male, lvl. 60
Timid Nature
- Grass Knot
- Water Pulse
- Surf
- Blizzard


Andrea the Archeops
Female, lvl. 54
Lax Nature
- Acrobatics
- Rock Slide
- U-turn
- Fly


Irina the Chandelure
Female, lvl. 54
Serious Nature
- Night Shade
- Will-O-Wisp
- Flame Burst
- Shadow Ball


Lance the Escavalier
Male, lvl. 56
Brave Nature
- X-Scissor
- Slash
- Swords Dance
- Iron Head

Deaths (in order of occurance):
Isaiah the Purrloin, lvl. 5
Tyler the Blitzle, lvl. 9
Jason the Pansear, lvl. 12
Jess the Woobat, lvl. 20
Olivia the Darumaka, lvl. 20
Oscar the Tranquill, lvl. 24
Edward the Herdier, lvl. 30
Isaac the Leavanny, lvl. 39
Amelie the Lilligant, lvl. 44
Lydia the Reuniclus, lvl. 53
Zekrom, lvl. 51
Debbie the Crustle, lvl. 54

You will all be sorely missed :(

I've started one on Black. Got a bunch of shit and the first badge. No deaths so far, lets hope to keep it that way!

Current Location: Wellspring Cave
Badges: 1

Current Team


Rendall lvl 17 [M], Brent lvl 15 [M], Patrick lvl 15 [M], Thomas lvl 15 [M], Melissa lvl 15 [F].
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