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The Person Below Me

In the past? No. Now? Yes, it's really obvious that there's some chemistry going on.

The person below me is afraid that there won't be mega-evolution in Sun and Moon. (I sure am)
False. I don't care about Mega evos anymore, to hell with them. Get rid of the Primal evos as well!

The person below me has almost had their head hit by a spinning fan blade.
Not particularly, no. I'm all about Classical, Rock/Metal, and HARD TRANCE TECHNO. (Yes I realize those genres are drastically different from one another, but meh)

The person below me is actually one of our alien reptilian overlords. Thank you for creating humanity!
Nnnope *hides Krabby Patties in closet*

The person below me was on 'that side' of YouTube today. (A.K.A. Children singing about Pokemon go. Don't look it up. You will need massive amounts of bleach if you do.)
Yes, I'll admit to swiping the last cookie...but not by accident. The last cookie in the jar is a special thing. If I ever take it, you can be sure that it was no accident :D

The person below me has broken something newly bought (by yourself or someone else) in just one day.
Let's see...I've broken my newly bought ds(I was six), a glass table, a computer, a TV, tons of dishes, two chairs, and a freaking vaccum. I honestly forget how I accomplished that.

The person below me has never been to another country than their own..
the person below likes this cartoon character
Eh, I know how to play the Piano, but I haven't had the chance to actually play one in about a year now, so I'm not sure if I should say True or False.

The person below me uses the phrase 'Kek' a lot, especially in MMO's.