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The Person Below Me

False. I don't watch all that much TV.
I just play Overwatch and go for runs around the block every morning.
Occasionally I catch a Miraculous Ladybug episode on ABC though, the character models are great.

The person below me has accidentally consumed food poisoning one day.
true and hurricane matthew is a new hurricane that hit Haiti,florida,faytvill,cape fear,and know southern pines where I am right know there are so many trees knocked down doe.

the person below me is sick
True super smash bros. Trying to kill luigi for killing me in a combat i hate him and pac man. Not so much pac man (sorry pac man:( :) )
The person below me is on theie phone right know!!!
Ding dong, I know you can hear me. Open up the door. I only want to play a little...

Sorry, I really like that song. xD

Why, yes, I do have a 3DS!

The person below me likes trains.
Yes true if you want a picture or gif you use the picture icon, insert the picture's link and it will should show up. The plus icon is for quotes and spoilers.
Person below me wants a signature.