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Sunlight creeps through the holes of the ripped curtains and lands on the dragon type Pokemon. A slight breeze opens the ajar window a couple inches more as it brushes the scaled Pokemon's face. The Hakamo-o twitched it's fingers as consciousness started to flow through him once again. His closed eyes mimicked his fingers and twitched also. The eyelids slowly lifted as the sun gently awoke the scaly Pokemon. He exhaled as he looked at the dusty ceiling. The ceiling seemed to be slanted down as if it was the slanted top of the house. He inhaled and quickly coughed as he got a deep breath of nothing but dust that seemed to have layered everything in the room including the Hakamo-o. He coughed and slightly sat up in reaction to the sudden action. As he raised his hand to his mouth he realised that a necklace that he was wearing got caught on his hand as he lifted it. He inspected the puzzle piece but it had no significant details to it apart from the cleanliness of it and the colour white. He tried to think in that moment but nothing came to mind apart from. "Who? What? Where?" He gulped as he realised that he couldn't recall any information, who he is, where he is or, anything at all for that matter.

He glanced around the room as he deeply inhaled and exhaled blowing away a dust-buneary on the floor. It seemed to be a study. It had an old wooden desk with a few items sporadically spread across the table. The chair that seemed to pair up with the table was on its side and on the opposite side of the room. As he inspected the rest of the room, he deduced that maybe that there was a sign of a struggle since everything was either broken or toppled over. There was shards of what looks like a vase beside his head and shelves hanging of the wall. "Was I in a fight?" He mumbled to himself as he sat up fully. He felt a slight anxiousness as he looked up out the window. "Should I even be anxious about this situation if I can't remember if i should be or not? I guess not knowing is the reason," He pondered for a moment getting to his feet. He grunted as he stood since it felt like he hadn't moved in a while. He noticed the bandages on his thighs which adds to the theory of him being in a fight previously. He felt the bandage and noticed how tightly wrapped it was. He pondered whether or not to take them off or not. "I guess they're there for a reason, I'll leave it for now," Hakamo-o decided before turning to the rustic mahogany desk.

He felt his head hit the bulb that hung from the ceiling as he approached the desk. It swung for a second and fell and smashed on the floor. It startled the fighting type slightly. He brushed the dust off his body and inspected the items on the desk. There was a very clean and shiny key that seemed to not fit the room since it didn't have a speck of dust on it however it did have a small drop of blood on the key. He picked up the key for a closer look for any etchings or anything. The key had the number "34" on the side of the key. He looked at the other item that seemed to be an empty brown pouch that you put things in. He put the key inside and put the pouch on his side, putting the rope over his shoulder. He walked up to the window hoping to find someone that he can ask for help. However, what greeted him was a barren village that seemed to have been deserted a long time ago. He looked down to notice he was on the second floor of the house he was inside. He noticed other houses and a cobblestone path that goes to all the entrances of the buildings nearby and turn the corner behind one of them.

"Hello?" Hakamo-o yelled out the window. He heard his call echo through the village but there was no response apart from the quiet whisper of the breeze. He looked around the room for a way to the floor below and he noticed the door that had so much dust on it it started to blend into the walls. He approached the door and turned the knob, but it didn't unlock. He squinted in confusion as he tried the door once more. He punched the door in frustration as he turned to the room once more. His eyes widely opened as he remembered about the key, he urgently pulled it out if the pouch and put it in the door knob. However, it didn't fit or turn. He sighed once again as he flicked the key in the air and caught it. He raised his eyebrows and felt a bit of discomfort on his forehead. He raised his hand to feel his forehead and felt an inconstancy in his skin. "Is this a scar or something? Did I injure my head as well?" he continued to ask himself. He paced to the window and leaned out of it to get a better view around him and started to look for any sign of life. "Hello?! Is anyone out there!?" He cried out once more.
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The small Skiddo had woken up a few to this strange situation a few minutes earlier than the Hakamo-o. Rather than waking up in a house he had awoken outside, just under a low tree growing in the rustic and overgrown village. It had all been very ... confusing for the young grass type. He awoke with a fuzzy head and a sore body, not knowing a thing about himself but still knowing things? It had all been very distressing and for a while the Skiddo had been to scared to move, glued to the same spot he had woken up but curled up in a crouched position.

It took a while for the grass type to gather enough courage to move and he did so tentatively. Each step was steady and careful, his progress slow but speeding up. He moved from underneath the shade of the tree and out into the sunlight. It’s gentle rays touched his leaves, sending a nice warm feeling throughout his body. For a moment it calmed him, but only for a moment. He was high alert with his ears perked up and his head constantly turning, eyes attempting to look at everything at once. The houses ... He could tell they were houses but who they belonged too or where they were. Where was he? Obviously where these houses were but that didn’t particularly help him. His trail of thought was cut short at the sound of a smashing bulb, muffled by the walls of a house.

The noise had still startled the Skiddo who tended up immediately, his ears twisting in all directions as he tried to pinpoint where the sound at come from. Another noise followed from the same location but this time it was a voice, a greeting. His head tilted a little as he looked across the street to the house. There was someone else here? Were they friendly? Did they know him? Should he find out? No - it was dangerous ... but what if they were friendly? The Skiddo feared the unknown and loneliness more than he did Pokemon. Cautiously he moved towards the house, never taking his eyes off the building as he silently trotted over.

Slowly the Skiddo pushed opened the house’s bottom floor door, entering the building with hesitation in each of his steps. He didn’t even get a good look around when a banging sound from upstairs startled him. The grass type immediately turned tail, dashing back outside and making a beeline to a bush. His leafy coat meant he was well hidden the plants but still noticeable to a sharp eye. Where had that sound come? What was it? As he once again heard a voice he looked at the building but this time at its higher levels, spotting a Hakamo-o leaning out the window. His mouth opened, the Skiddo almost responding but stopping himself before he did. A squeak came from him as a result of his last minute decision, his eyes wide and scared as he looked up to the dragon type in the window. He hoped he had hid well enough.
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Hakamo-o glanced back at the door as he thought he heard something downstairs, because of this he missed the scurrying grass type Pokemon. He thought that it could be another Pokemon but it probably was something falling over after hitting the door. Anyway, they would have responded to him by now if it was another Pokemon. He glanced around the street once more before wiping his face with his left hand. "Ugh, piss it," He sighed as he looked down at the cobblestone straight beneath him and the wall of the house that he could possibly climb down. He lifted his head as he noticed a drain pipe that he could attempt to shimmy down. It was probably as stable as everything else in the house seemed to be but he had no other option. He leaned out the window further to the right and reached out using his left hand to grab the drain. He just could get a grip so he lifted his feet onto the window and exited the window facing it still. He gently shook the pipe to test the sturdiness, it wasn't completely secure but it'll do...hopefully.

He decided to commit and reach over his left leg onto the drain pipe also getting a secure grip before letting go of the window and the rest of his limbs following as well. The drainpipe wobbled which made the dragon type's stomach drop. He froze as he accepted his faith but the pipe remained. He sighed in relief as he cautiously descended down the pipe. He got halfway down before the pipe suddenly disconnected. The bottom half completely collapsing, his legs flailed around as his legs following the falling pipe. He tried to remain his grip on the upper half but his grip couldn't take the sudden descend and gave way. He yelled and flailed around as he fell and crashed on his back. "Ah! Crap!" He whimpered as he groaned in pain. He rustled around the floor as he fought the pain and turned over and sat on his knees. He sadly sighed as he felt so alone in that moment glancing up and reminding himself of the baron village. He grunted once more as he slowly got to his feet. He cracked his back before slowly walking down the path with a slight limp walking past the bush oblivious to the spying Skiddo.
The rather petite Gulpin lied dormant only to be abruptly awoken by nothing. It was a puzzle for the small poison type, no notable sounds were heard and no physical contact was felt. Had it not been for this strange force to wake the Gulpin. he likely would've kept sleeping until death. Perhaps a startling nightmare? The Gulpin pondered very briefly only to realize that despite that being the only viable explanation, he couldn't remember anything at all. It felt as if he himself was fully aware of what he was dreaming of, but he lost all memory upon waking. He could feel the tantalizing memory in the back of his head, but no matter how hard he thought, he couldn't fully grasp the strange sense of familiarity he experienced.

Regaining his memory was only the least bit of his problems, he thought it was just his eyesight, but he was surrounded by total darkness, for the most part. He could feel by the heat and the extremely dim lighting that he was in a room of some sort. Looking upwards revealed the source of said light, it was merely an opening where a small beam of sunlight so fortunately shined through. By checking the most illuminated section of the "room" he deduced that the walls were all comprised of stones and rocks that appeared as if they were merely just stacked on top of each other. He began to trudge his way around the very compacted space he had to bear his surroundings. In the middle of the room there seemed to be soft and very warm pieces of wood that appeared to crumble delicately to the touch.

After fruitlessly dragging himself along the walls to try and find an exit, the Gulpin decided to try an plead for help by shouting through the small opening in the chamber. But once he opened his mouth to take a deep breath, he instantaneously began to have a major coughing fit. His entire body feels as if it had been filled with smoke which he only realized after trying to take a deep breath. The experience was agonizing and Gulpin regretted opening his mouth too wide as he then felt as if he were about to suffocate to death.

Thankfully, the coughing stopped and the Gulpin somehow managed to keep a consistent breathing. He deduced that he was definitely in an oven of somekind, which triggered a burning sensation within him: hunger. Like the sudden wake of his slumber, this feeling came out of nowhere as soon as he thought of anything loosely related to food. He began to wonder how long its been since he's had a meal, and if it wasn't the suffocation that killed him, it would be starvation. This feeling soon turned into a primal instinct to swallow anything he could find, so he turned to the firewood in the middle of the oven and without hesitation, swallowed all of it whole. For a brief moment he felt nourishment, only for it to be followed by the urge to vomit, the charcoaled wood felt grainy and burnt (naturally) which prompted an involuntary action to spit it back out. Surprisingly, no solid matter was ejected from Gulpin's mouth, instead a large chunk of acid was spayed on the wall in front of him which also removed the smoke from his body. It proved vigorous enough to dissolve a rock near the base of the oven, and using his small amorphous body, the small Gulpin was able to escape.

With the victory of freedom came the resurgence of hunger, however, and the Gulpin set his eyes on a creature hiding itself in the bushes. Gulpin was able to flank around, albeit slowly, and reach the bush from the behind but being the dimwitted pokemon that he his, decided to negotiate with the stranger in the most clever wat he could think of. "I SEE YOU HIDING! I'M HUNGRY; PLEASE LET ME EAT YOU!" Hoping that whatever was hiding in the bush would willingly go along with his reasonable request.
The Skiddo remained completely still and unmoving as the dragon type walked past. He’d watched the Hakamo-o climb out of the house in a very risky fashion, injuring itself in the process. The other Pokemon seemed rather bruised and injured already. Was the dragon type just clumsy or had it just fought something? Slowly the Skiddo’s fear of this Pokemon turned more into curiously, the grass type watching as the Hakamo-o walked down the path.

A rustling from behind the Skiddo caught its attention, the grass type turning around to see a Gulpin right behind it, yelling in its face and asking to eat him!? The sudden appearance of the Gulpin as well as its rather terrifying intention which it loudly pronounced was more than enough to cause the Skiddo to completely freak out. “AAH!” It let out a short, terrified scream as it turned around as fast as it could. It slipped over onto its side in the process but immediately scrambled back onto its feet, racing away from the poison type and straight towards the dragon type.

The Pokemon was a green leafy blur as it ran for its life, reaching the Hakamo-o and crouching behind it for protection. He didn’t know this Pokemon’s intentions but he knew the other one wanted to eat him! Anything would be better than that! “He’s gonna eat me help!” His high pitched but soft voice sounded distressed and scared, the Skiddo having such an expression on his face as he looked up to the dragon.
He limped down the path glancing into the windows of houses that he passed, but was interrupted by a rather terrified scream from only a few meters behind. He very sharply turned back at the noise and saw the Skiddo gallop toward him he wasn’t sure to be preparing to or not in this situation but the grass type seemed scared of something rather than charging to attack and didn’t seem that Intimidating anyway. He what he’d as the Skiddo sprint to behind the dragon type Pokemon and explain what scared him.
“What it’s going to ea-“ Hakamo-o reacted turning back from where the Skiddo ran but had an extreme sharp pain in his back stopping him talking and dropping to one knee. He leaned on a fiat on the ground as he looked up preparing to what possible monster was going to appear in front of them. “Must be pretty big to threaten to eat you,” Hakamo-o added as he slightly flinched from the pain still.

He struggled to his feet as he stuck his chest out proudly. He glanced back at the goat Pokemon. He noticed the small size of the Pokemon compared to him and sighed at the situation. He clenched his fist as he looked forward one more time hoping for the best in this situation. Then a thought ran through his head.
Do I know this Pokemon? Do they know me? Do I know his monster? Does this Pokemon have any clue what’s happened or where we are?” The scaley Pokemon thought in a second before reshuffling his priorities remember the possible monster that was going to supposedly eat them.


Previously AceAltaria
The Dratini blinked her eyes open after a long while of just laying there in darkness to see that she had woken up on a roughly textured rock. She lifted her head to drowsily take in her surroundings. She spotted a few small houses nearby, though she couldn't see any other Pokemon. Am I just dreaming? she wondered. The snake-like Pokemon made her way off the rock, now much more awake than she was a few moments ago. It was only then that she realized she didn't even know who or where she was. Maybe once I move around a bit, I'll start remembering stuff.

She found it to be a bit tough to do that at first, but got the hang of slithering around after a moment or two. As she came closer to the cobblestone path--which was a little far from where she had woken up--she spotted three unfamiliar Pokemon: a Hakamo-o, a rather frightened-looking Skiddo hiding behind said Hakamo-o, and something she couldn't quite make out by a bush. "What's happening here?" she quietly wondered aloud as her gaze flickered back and forth between the Pokemon. The Dratini puzzled over what had made the goat-like Pokemon so fearful, but didn't make any sort of movement; she just watched the scene.

She decided not to stick her head into places it didn't belong, although it was quite easy for one of the other Pokemon to see her. She was only a short distance away. She mumbled something softly to herself.
Behind a tree that stood near the cobblestone path, a Kirlia quietly slept as if he were unconscious, most of his body was wrapped by a brown cloth that seemed to be worn like a cape wide enough to cover the entire body. A strange sting from inside his head caught his attention and his eyes slowly began to open, followed by his left arm in a weak attempt to sit up, the tree he was under rustled quietly in the gentle breeze, but it was the first sound the Kirlia heard followed by his own faint groans. "Wh... Wha..." He said weakly, almost like an individual trying to recover from a night of too much alcohol... not that he was a drinker... was he? "Where... am I...?" The Kirlia asked as he successfully managed to sit up and lean his back against the tree and began to look at his own hand with clear curiosity. "Wh-Who am I?" He asked himself with slight worry, as he put his hand to his forehead as if it were in pain... although the head pain was long gone by that point.

He heard a light thump from somewhere nearby and immediately turned his head to where it was, was it another Pokemon? A monster? No... it was what appeared to be a ripe red apple that had just fallen from one of the branches of the tree he slept under. He slowly began to stand up and noticed his cloak was a lot bigger than he thought, not only was it wide enough to cover his body, but long enough to hide his legs as well... where did he get this cloak? As he went to walk over to the fallen apple, he began to feel something a bit uncomfortable within his cloak around his neck, he quickly looked underneath to find a stone tied to a string around his neck... was it a memento? He focused his gaze on it as the mere look of it seemed familiar to him, but he was clueless as to what it might be, but it seemed important.

He decided to pick up the apple and take it with him, he didn't feel hungry, but he thought it was a good idea to bring it so he didn't have to worry about doing it later when he actually was hungry. As he looked across the other trees, similar to the one he slept under, he flinched when he heard what sounded like a scream from behind him, he leaned from behind his tree and saw a few blurry figures in the distance, he couldn't get a good look because he was quite far from them, but he definitely heard the scream. "Those guys might need help." The Kirlia thought as he began to walk toward the individuals and wave for their attention before he noticed a set of houses nearby, he was about to assume there was civilization, but after a harder look, he saw the village looked as barren as his memory.
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In a tree, nearby a cobblestone path, a little monster was sleeping. No, not a monster, a Pokémon. A Purrloin, to be exact. It was laying on its back, limbs spread out across the branch. Suddenly, a leaf fell from a higher branch and landed on her face. She waked up and got super startled so she fell to the ground. The Purrloin quickly got up on all fours and began growling. "Who did this to me? Where am I?...Who am I?" Her thoughts rang through her head. She began looking around, noticing a rather old village up ahead. She groaned and started putting one foot in front of the other, her medallion hanging from her neck.

As she walked along the cobblestone path, she would look around everytime she heard a sound, either being a leaf that's falling down, or the sounds of her own footsteps. "What happened? What is this place? And why do I feel like I want to find somebody to talk to?" She kept asking herself those questions, hoping that she would remember the answer. Then, she heard other footsteps, probably from a bipedal Pokémon. She immediately turned around, smelling the air for an unfamiliar scent. She started walking around, trying to find the possible threat.

The Dark Type saw a cloak moving around. She squinted her eyes at the figure wearing the cloth, trying to make out the specie of the Pokémon. She slowly walked towards it, quietly growling. "If this dude is the one responsible for my amnesia, then he's going to pay..." She thought with a scowl. "But, he looks just as lost as I am. Maybe I should try approching him. He seems a little bigger than me, so it's worth it." She took in a deep breath and began running towards the Kirlia. She jumped over his head and landed in front of him. "Hey, long cloak! Have you woken up in this place, not knowing who you are?" She asked him, trying to be as nice as possible.
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Hakamo-o felt the presence of other Pokemon nearby and multiple eyes on him right now. "Is this...is this an ambush?" Hakamo-o theorised as the sudden appearance of all these Pokemon surrounding him. "Is this Skiddo being the one getting ambushed or are they apart of the ambush?" He continued to think in his mind. The fact that he knows so little causes the paranoia to kick in. He scanned around for a possible quick escape route before they could strike. He looked over at his left side and saw a window that was rather pathetically bordered up. "There's quick cover to my 3 o'clock, If I dive I can get inside and then improvise from then," He planned in his head, a thought passed through that he was overreacting but his primal instincts were stronger and convinced him that he needed to flee to survive. He gulped as a moment passed and he quickly dropped his shoulder and done a couiple of sprints before diving towards the window.
The Skiddo was too focused on the Gulpin to notice the other Pokemon looking at him and the Hakamo-o which he was still hiding behind. He wasn't sure why he had ran towards the dragon type. He didn't know him but he felt a little more comfortable around him than just being on his own. The grass type's body was kept low to the ground, legs crouched and ready to spring if he needed to run again. His gaze went upwards to look at the Hakamo-o's face, noticing how the expression and then frowning a little in worry. Were there other Pokemon?

His ears perked up as he tried to listen out for them, swearing he head a voice. He looked around to see if he could spot anything, swearing he saw a streak of light blue. Panic once again began to swell within him and needing reassurance he turned his attention to his dragon protector, only to see him running towards a house. The Skiddo immediately dashed after him, not looking back at the other Pokemon as he attempted to catch up to the Hakamo-o. When the bipedal dived towards the window he attempted to do the same, leaping off the ground but falling a little bit too short. He hit just under the window and fell to the floor, soon scrambling onto his feet and then pressing his back up against the wall beneath the window. His leafy coat which had cushioned his blow a little bit was all fluffed up, the grass type glancing around ahead of him.

It was all ... a bit much for the poor little Skiddo. He had no clue where he was or who these Pokemon were and naturally he was just very skittish. He whimpered a little bit and lowered his head between his front legs.


Previously AceAltaria
The Dratini blinked in surprise at everything that just happened in front of her. The Skiddo and Hakamo-o had swiftly fled, though she couldn't figure out why. "Did I do something wrong?" she said out loud. She looked around, not knowing what she should do. A thought crossed her mind to approach one of these Pokemon and talk to them. Maybe she could even find out where or what exactly this place was. Not likely for me to get much of a response, though. Ehh..

She darted towards the Skiddo, coming to a halt in front of the grass type. The pale blue Pokemon was silent for a brief moment before speaking. "Hi there," she greeted him, hoping to sound friendly and not like she wanted to harm him. She glanced around, but there weren't any other Pokemon in sight. There were a couple figures she could make out in the distance, however.
As the fighting type crashed through the window and destroying the weak and old wooden planks that were attempting to border up the window. He slams on the ground and lets out a loud groan as too many bones seemed to have clicked from the impact. He struggled to get up and stumbled over to the door and shoulder barged it open. Then falling into his knees as his back felt a sharp agonising pain once again. He glanced around for a place to take cover and temporarily rest but the rest of the houses nearby seemed to be properly locked compared to the one he just exited.

“Ah damn it,” he muttered under his breath. He felt a slight warmth on his left thigh and he looked down and noticed the bandages loosened slightly and blood started to slowly emerge from under the bandage. His assumption earlier about the bandages were correct and seemed to have been their for a clear reason. He tugged in the bandage tightening it and devouring the wound. He wanted to inspect the wound in a more secure location. He widened his eyes and raised his head after hearing some voices nearby. Down the cobblestone path he noticed a Kirlia and a Purrloin conversing. He sighed as he considered approaching them but was still not trusting of anyone so far. He felt a slight bit of guilt as he thought of the Skiddo that he seemed to ditch but the possibility of it being an ambush involving the grass type seemed to be too much of a risk for him. He was wounded badly and he doesn’t know who from so it’s risky trusting strangers for now.

He glanced back to see if any Pokemon followed him and looked back at the conversing Pokemon nearby. He got behind a wall and looked across at the house opposite him and intended to sneak across the path hoping the two Pokemon that were around 20 meters down the same path don’t spot him. The dragon type glanced once more and quickly limped over to their side of the path. Midway his back hurt slightly trying to muffle a groan he held his hand to his mouth as he reached the other side. He fell to his knees as he reached the other side out of view of any Pokemon he was aware of nearby. He stood and continued to slowly limp down the path hoping that he finds... well anything that could help his situation.
The Skiddo was lost in his panic, his body trembling as he attempted to hold back his tears. The amnesia, the worry- it was all getting to him. His senses were muffled but he still heard the approach of someone. He didn't bother looking up, his head buried beneath his front legs as he just waited for the inevitable. Pain never arrived, instead a rather friendly voice greeted him. He lifted his head up to see the Pokemon who had talked to him, looking at a light blue dratini.

"H-hey" The Skiddo sniffled slightly, fear and hesitation in his voice as he slowly stood up. He was scared of this new Pokemon but there was a look on his face that he desperately wanted someone to trust, he needed someone to trust.
As the Kirlia attempted to get the attention of the other Pokémon, he flinched at the sight of a Purrloin who literally jumped right over his head l, he had to admit, it was impressive. “First of all, nice jump, 10/10. Second yes I have, I assume you’re asking because of a similar problem?” He asked as he folded his arms while his cloak swayed lightly in the breeze.

He blinked in surprise and lightly pointed at the Hakamo-o who quickly ran into one of the buildings as if taking cover from gunfire. “Someone doesn’t skip leg day.” He joked before he watched what looked like a Dratini slither toward a frightened Skiddo, he turned his eyes back to the Purrloin. “Look, kitty, I dunno who you are and vice versa, but I feel like we should try and be of use and help out. So are you gonna come with me or what?” He asked as he already began to slowly walk toward the Dratini and Skiddo whilst he looked back at the Purrloin to see what choice she’d make. If she was as clueless as he was about them self, she wouldn’t try anything against him... even if it was only a mere assumption of his.
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Previously AceAltaria
The Dratini looked at him thoughtfully. "Um--don't worry; I won't hurt you. I was just wondering if you happened to know anything about this place? I sure don't. I woke up on a rock a little ways away from here with no memories at all. I don't even know who I am! I thought maybe if I talked to someone else here they'd know.." She talked quickly, but trailed off as she realized she was going to end up on a tangent sooner or later. I also probably shouldn't be talking so fast..

She had a quick glance around her, noticing a Kirlia walking towards them. The light blue Pokemon turned her head back to the Skiddo she was talking to. She stared intently at the ground, attempting to gather her jumbled up thoughts.
There was uncertainty in his gaze and the grass type looked like he was ready to run away in a moments notice. He didn't though, instead remaining where he was, slightly crouched and listening to the Dratini. She didn't know who she was either? It comforted the Skiddo a little bit knowing he wasn't the only without a clue as to who they were or where they was. His body relaxed, a small smile coming onto his face as he straightened up a little. He was still clearly nervous and scared but it was definitely improving. "I-I don't know who I am either ..."

His young sound voice trailed off as he followed the Dratini's gaze, noticing the other Pokemon and tensing up. He attempted to step backwards but bumped into the wall. Due to this he moved more closer to the dragon type next to him for that little bit of extra comfort.
The Purrloin raised an eyebrow as the Kirlia spoke, looking him up and down. "This guy doesn't seem very dangerous. I guess jumping over his head was the right call... Thankfully." She thought, trying to make something out of this particular Emotion Pokemon. But, her opinion of him was set in stone when she heard him call her 'kitty'. "What did he just call me? I'll make him eat his cloak if he ever calls me that again!" Her soft expression turned into a small scowl, since she was trying her best to hide it. She sighed disappointed and followed him with a low growl. "I guess we should help each other, there's no other choice..." She managed to say with a fake smile.

She followed the Kirlia's gaze, her eyes landing on a Dratini and a skittish looking Skiddo. She squinted her eyes at them, trying to figure out if they were in her situation. "Judging by the look of one Pokemon hiding behind another when they saw us, those two don't look really threatening." She took another good look at the Dratini, and began thinking. "Ohoho, you're going to get so pranked later on!" She took a look at the Skiddo. "And you seem like a perfectly jumpy victim of my pranks! No, not yet... I need to earn their friendships, THEN begin pranking them. I may love pranks, but I also love have a few friends." She looked at the Kirlia once more, waiting for him to say something first.
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The young Gulpin remained relatively aloof as he witnessed more and more pokemon start to appear, all he cared about was eating, and the Skiddo looked like an appetizing, perfect meal. Unfortunately the small poison type's speed was no match for that of the fearful grass goat and Gulpin could barely cover a halfway distance by the time the Skiddo and Hakamo-o dove into a house. This discouraging pursuit caused Gulpin to look for some alternative and had it not been for a particularly fruitful bush of Bluk berries situated in a grassy patch right beside him, the poison type surely would've started trying to prey on the other pokemon that began to show up.

After quickly devouring the berries, Gulpin let out a satisfied (and disgusting) burp. With hunger out of his mind, he could finally start thinking like a rational pokemon would, for the time being. He finally took the time to observe the warren and abandoned details of the village around him and wondered why he and the pokemon around him are here to begin with. He felt bad for scaring the Skiddo as well and hated himself for acting on an empty stomach. Gulpin turned back to the crowd and shouted his eloquent apology, "HEY IM AWFULLY SORRY, I GUESS IM GROUCHY WHEN I GET HUNGRY! YOU CAN EAT ME IF YOU WANT!"
"Hey there, looks like one of you's had quite the party go on in the last five minutes, I don't mean to pry, but did either of you two happen to wake up without any memory at all?" He asked with folded arms hidden behind his cloak and a clearly friendly smile, he was very much aware that his question seemed rather blunt, especially toward the potentially innocent Skiddo. Before he could ask his next question, he flinched lightly upon the sound of shouting from... a Gulpin? He was about to ask what scared the Skiddo so badly, but it seemed like his answer came just as quickly. He quickly turned his head back to where the call might have come from. "Or maybe you can try going on a diet and eat things that don't walk and talk?!" He called before he sighed in annoyance and turned his head back to the pair. "Well... guess I know why you were so scared, but unlike whatever idiot's trying to make his best excuse to be a vegetarian, I wouldn't dream of eating you... none of us would." He said as his eyes quickly turned to the Purrloin that followed him, for some reason he got a somewhat negative vibe from her.

"One last question... do any of you know what happened to the scaly dude who jumped through a boarded window earlier? I thought I saw bandages on him and wanted to ask him a few questions." He said as he quickly turned his head around the village to see if any other Pokemon were there, he was tempted to check it out and hopefully find a clue or two about anyone here. Because he knew that things would be better if they traveled together
Hakamo-o stumbled the village for a few minutes before leaning on the door for a temporary rest. He heavily breathed as he looked won at his feet and then glanced up at his hand. Underneath his fingers was the number 40. He looked across the cobblestone path to the house door opposite and noticed it said 41. "House number. It's a house number!" He muttered as he pulled out the key he receive shortly after waking up. 34 was the number on the key. He checked which way to the numbers descend and followed his way to the correct numbered door.

He got to the door and noticed that the number on the seemed to have been scrapped off or tampered with so the number wasn’t readable. He glanced around at the other houses and the numbers on there seemed perfectly fine. He held the key in his hand and inserted it anyway. It seemed to fit perfectly and he took a deep breath before turning the key.
All the Jolteon could hear was the barks from Houndoom. She couldn't call for help since she was unable to speak. All she could hear was her panting as the jingle from her bells echoed in the forest. The one around her neck gave more of the ringing sound since or had more bells. She couldn't find her friend the Ninetales anywhere so was on her own to defend for herself. Eventually she came to a dead end causing her to stop and look behind her. Her ears lowered fearing the Houndoom as she backed up until she felt the back of her touch the wall.

"Hehe finally got you cornered you Jolteon" one of them said chuckling as the others followed along. She can only speak in her thoughts. "-Ninetales!-". The moment she said so a creamish colored nine tailed fox with a red Levi around her neck appeared in front of her growling. The Jolteon was relieved to see her with her as she stayed put. The Ninetales smiled to her before growling in warning. "Back off or else!" She warned showing teeth. "Hehe aw a Ninetales came to her pathetic rescue she is not going to-" the teeth of Ninetales grabbed him and threw him to the wall whining. "I'm not playing around!" She growled but the Houndoom wouldn't listen as they laughed.-
The dragon type Pokemon slowly opened the door after unlocking and examined the inside of it. It was a rather cosy and cottage like interior in the living room of the house. There was two sofas facing the fireplace that had photo frames on the ledge above it. Straight ahead of the door was the closed door, but he decided to examine the room before entering any other room.
"I wonder if I'm related to this place?" Hakamo-o asked himself as he approached the fireplace and picked up the frame on the far right of the fireplace. In the picture is the back of two Pokemon who seemed to kissing facing the sunset, giving the Pokemon a silhouette. Making it unclear what the two Pokemon are. He placed the frame down and stepped left to look at the frame next to it. A crack of glass was heard from the ground as he stepped down. He looked down to find a picture frame shattered and a picture ripped in half. Hakamo-o crouched down and brushed of the glass on the ripped picture and picked it up to have a closer look.

On the picture was a rather young looking Jangmo-o who seemed to be standing next to another Pokemon but the it's unclear who it is since that's on the other half of the picture wherever that may be.
"Is this...is this me?" The scaled Pokemon asked himself as he gazed into the Jangmo-o's eyes. He noticed the purple scar on the Jangmo-o's forehead where the armour plate should be. Hakamo-o stood as he felt his forehead. He noticed a mirror on the other side of the room and realised the resemblance between himself and the Pokemon in the picture. He sighed in relief as he finally gotten a bit of information about himself. It didn't answer much and it's not even a drop in the bucket of questions but it was something. In the mirror he noticed writing on the back of the picture he was holding and he turned it over.

It read, "and Nikolas" Hakamo-o pondered as he deduced what this meant. He turned the photograph back over and looked at the young Jangmo-o. "Nikolas," Hakamo-o said to himself. He looked up at the mirror and rubbed his forehead once more. "My name must be Nikolas," He smiled as he stared at the mirror as he finally knew his own name. His name is Nikolas.
Darkness... Darkness... Footsteps and jangling... What's going on?.. Who is- where is?..
In a messy corner of a small house, the bird shook his head a bit, his eyes still closed. What was he hearing? What was- he? Who was he? Where was he?
Slowly blinking his eyes open, the jangling continued around whatever room he was in. The ground beneath him was soft- as his eyes finally adjusted to the light, and he was properly able to see, he realized that he'd been sitting on a blanket. He tried to move his body... It felt very strange. Like he was covered in... Not fuzz, but more smooth, yet it still came naturally. When he'd finally stood up, he looked around, standing on one claw. He appeared to be very short, and with an extremely long... Beak? How did he know what some of these things were? Where he'd been facing, he was looking out of a window. Outside looked like a whole lot of grass, a couple of trees, a paved pathway... None of which were relevant to him. But then again, what was relevant to him? Slowly turning around, he jolted at the sight of what'd been stepping all around- a large, hulking monster covered in scales from head to toe! He fumbled about, yelping, wagging his wings around before falling off of the desk that he'd apparently been sleeping with a blanket on.
"SCRAW! W-who are you?! What're you doing here?!"
Nicolas swivelled round towards the flailing Pokemon. He was confused how he managed to miss somebody sleeping on the desk in the room he was in. He was initially startled but it was nothing compared to how the feathered Pokemon reacted to seeing himself.
“Woah! Hey! I didn’t see you there!” Nicolas exclaimed as he stepped away from the distressed flying type. He slyly put the picture in his bag and then held his hands up trying to show he’s not a threat. He glanced back at the front door he entered making sure his path was clear in case for a quick getaway.

“I-i’m Not here to hurt you. I’m Nicolas,” Nicolas assured the Murkrow. He remembered about the other Pokemon he encountered and how distressed they seemed to be when encountering other Pokemon mixing that with them having no memories either. Perhaps this Pokemon has this in common with himself and the others.
“Do you know- I mean, what’s your name? Is this your home?” He asked Murkrow not wanting to be obvious about guessing his amnesia also in case he doesn’t trust him.
He slowly stopped in his tracks, as the voice that came out of this "monster" was much friendlier than expected. In fact, he'd not expected them to do any talking at all if he was a threat, but just get straight to eating. He quickly swerved his head around to face behind his body, getting another good, solid look at the fellow, before his body followed in turning that direction soon after.
"Not here to hurt me?.. Not here to hurt me..."
He let out a long, quiet scraw before getting a better look at his surroundings. Come to think, what would a monster even be doing in a place like this? Surely he wasn't one, then. He shuddered a bit, attempting to un-ruffle his feathers, and craned his neck sideways.
"Name? I don't quite think I have a name, do you? I don't really remember too much of anything at all, if I'm being honest. Do you know if I have a name? Or if I own this house? I'd love to be the owner of this house but I don't quite think I am."
Nicolas was shocked to how quick the Pokemon warmed to him judging on how paranoid he was when he woke up aswell as the others that had amnesia. Another Pokemon with amnesia. Why is this happening? What happened to cause this?

“I don’t remember my name myself but there’s a name at the back of this picture of who I believe is a younger version of myself. That’s how I’ve guessed my name is Nicolas. There’s a chance it could be wrong but I’m going with it,” Nicolas explained as he slowly reached into his bag not wanting to alarm the Pokemon with any sharp movements and pulled out the picture to show the Murkrow. “When it comes to this house, I don’t know who it belongs to. It’s possible it’s yours. I believe the Pokemon that’s in the second half of this picture is the owner of the house since this is where I found it,” The Hakamo-o said as he slowly approached the Murkrow.
Nicolas' movements were a stark contrast from his twitchy, fidgety way of moving. He cocked his head to the other side now, nipping a bit at the air, then at an itch on his side. Nicolas is a nice name... He wished he'd remember if he had a name as well. Impulsively, he picked the picture out of the dragon's hand with his beak and laid it on the floor to get a closer look- well, as close of a look as he could get without his huge beak getting in the way.
How strange. Was this a family photo? He didn't see himself in it at all, so why was he in this house? As he thought on it, he realized that he'd absentmindedly been cocking his head this way and that while in any deep train of thought. He pecked the picture with his beak, holding it, and hopped quickly up Nicolas' left arm, perching on his shoulder. It wasn't necessarily anything he'd thought of doing, but rather, simply did- like his body was telling him to get anywhere off the ground. Picture still in beak, he turned his face towards his new ride to speak in his sqwawkish voice.
"What a shame, I wish I were the owner of this house! But maybe you are, too, Nicolas! How about we go find out together? I'm in need of a ride, I think. It seems like I should be able to fly, but it's not quite coming to me at the moment, and the next fellow to come in here might not be as friendly as you are!"
The Kirlia decided to go and look around, although he many have not gotten answers from the Skiddo or Dratini, he assumed they looked like nice people; The Skiddo seemed to timid to harm anyone and the Dratini was kind enough to try and help him out, they seemed like logical conclusions to him, so he went to check out the houses... one of which seemed to catch his interest, although he didn't know why as it looked similar to every other house there, as he walked on to the porch of the house and opened the door, the inside looked as if it had been abandoned, yet everything remained intact.

The first sight was a large room with a few couches that faced toward a fireplace decorated with stone... and a bit of dust like everything else. Upon a closer inspection of the fireplace was a little shelf on it, on the shelf was a little glass cabinet with a blue/greenish type of round stone that had a glint like an eye inside of it, the cabinet itself was closed with a lock, so unless anyone planned to break it, nobody would get their hands on it and it didn't look like there was a key in sight to get his hands on it... but the stone itself was what caught the Kirlia's attention, not because it looked like a valuable material that could fetch a good amount of coin, but because he felt like it wasn't the first time he saw that stone.

After he eyeballed the stone longer than he needed to, he went to check out the rest of the house, first he went into the kitchen which looked normal to him, then he checked the garden, although it didn't look like anything interesting, he did show some slight interest to the flowerbed there. He went back inside and began to check upstairs, the first room he found was a bedroom... mainly because it had a bed and a little desk nearby, on the desk were two things: The first thing was an empty book with a pencil next to it, the second thing was what appeared to be a photo of a few individuals.

There were four figures in the photo: The first figure he saw was a Machamp with a big grin on his face, each of it's bottom arms were wrapped around two individuals, one was a Blaziken who had his arm around the Machamp while the other was a Gardevior who coyly leaned against the Machamp... one of her arms held an adorable baby Ralts, neatly wrapped in a curious brown cloth, the same color as Kirlia's cloak.

"Is... this supposed to be my family...?" The Kirlia softly asked himself as one hand gently touched part of his cloak while the hand that held the photo looked for anyting on the back of the photo only to find it blank. "Either way, these are mine now." He said as he took the photo, pencil and book with him.


Previously Keet
Ringing. It was the only sound the Chingling heard in his head while his eyes were closed. After a while, he couldnt handle it anymore and opened his eyes. It took a while to adjust to the lighting of the area, but after his eyes adjusted, he started to look at the surroundings. "Where am I...?" the Chingling asked himself. In front of him was a bell, which he poked just hard enough to make a noise. He took it in for a second before continuing his search.

The Chingling noticed a small desk droor nearby. His instinct was to open it, and inside, aside from some dust-bunearies was a small note, containing a drawing of a tree. He took it, and looked outside from the top. A small breeze hit his face, as he saw the breath-taking beauty of the area. He noticed a small village up ahead, and decided to see if it held answers. The Chingling followed the stairs downwards, and opened the door leading outside.
Nicolas felt at ease with his new companion since he didn't feel anxious or on guard since the feeling was mutual. I guess it depends in what setting these Pokemon wake up in that depends on their attitude. Since this Murkrow probably woke up a lot stressed, in a nice cosy cottage like living room and someone else to talk to. Compared to Nicolas' busted up and rusty room he was in and the fact he was alone showed why he was paranoid up until this point.
"Yeah it seems that if we was going to find something about what happened, it will be in here," Nicolas agreed as he approached the door he noticed earlier. He tried to turn the door knob but it didn't budge. "Of course," Nicolas cursed as he glanced around the room once more. "How about you have a look upstairs whilst I try to get this door open." Nicolas suggested as he tried the door knob once more.
The Murkrow pecked absentmindedly at flecks of dust on his partner's shoulder and chest, listening by a tad bit. He honestly didn't have too much of a worry as to what his scrapped memories were as of now- it seemed like there'd be nothing for him to learn in this little cottage. However, it's worth it to help out his new... Friend? Maybe he shouldn't say that just yet, not even five minutes ago he didn't know him at all. But testing the waters on it couldn't hurt. He hopped off of the fellow's shoulders and hopped towards the bottom of the stairs, then turned his head back around.
"Scraw? I'll check upstairs, but if this door's giving you trouble, can't you bust it down? You're a big guy, you're a strong guy. Look at those arms!"
“I would but I’ve done my back in. It even hurts to walk,” Nicolas explained as he reached to the top of the door and felt around to see if the key was placed there. Since he found nothing he turned to a chest of drawers and flicked them open and scavenging for a possible key. He stopped for a second to think. “Why are all of the bloody doors in this village locked. Even the doors inside the houses are locked with a key. I don’t get it,” Nicolas thought aloud as he continued to search for a key.

He turned to see if the Murkrow has gone upstairs yet but the turn cause a sharp pain in his back and he dropped to the floor groaning in pain. “Ah damn it! Not again!” He groaned as he struggled to one of the arm chairs. “Give me a minute. I just need to sit down for a bit,” he said with a pained look feeling his lower back as he sunk into his comfy arm chair.
"Scraww, are you alright down there?"
Though nearing the top of the stairs, he heard the one downstairs groaning after the thud- he'd probably fallen! And so, he hopped his way back down, holding out his wings on both sides. Surprisingly, he nearly flied- an unexpected outcome, as he'd seemingly forgotten! As he went down, his descent transformed into a glide towards the first floor. Nearing his friend, he flapped a bit to slow down and touch the ground.
"You really aren't in that great of shape at the moment are you? Does the door have a keyhole? I may be able to unlock it with my beak if I'm careful enough!"


Previously Keet
Chingling took in the fresh air from the valley. "Ah.... this feels good!" he said. Going up to the river, he took a small sip from the river. "Mmm...." Chingling said. After hydrating, he continued on moving towards the town, hoping to see anyone that knew what and why he was here. Hopefully they aren't hostile, he thought.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
Awakening with a gasp of breath, an exhausted Krokorok, covered in bandages, sat in the middle of a cell-like area. He took a deep breath, and attempted to stand up and walk. But he couldn’t walk. Soon, the Pokemon realized he was shackled by chains. Looking around frantically, he saw a window with bars on it, and looking down, he saw nobody below the large stone building. “Hello?” His voice rang out through the barren side of town, and he sat down, the chains on his arms and legs weighing him down. ‘Oh, what will I do?’ He thought hopelessly, before unsuccessfully trying to snap the chains.
Purrloin looked after the Kirlia. "Wow, some jerk you are just walking away for absolutely no reason." She began thinking. "Welp, can't blame him. These two weirdos are very quite and uninteresting. Hm, I suppose I could walk around, trying to search for clues... or supplies for pranks. I don't know what I have with pranks, but I will still prank people. It seems like a lot of fun, especially since this village looks really barren, and the fact that I don't know who I am or how to entertain myself properly." She looked at the Dratini, Skidoo and the Gulpin who just arrived, and decided to leave.

She walked around the village, trying to spot where the Kirlia went. She reached a two story house, which didn't really stand out from its other house neighbors, but she supposed it was a start to her 'investigation'. She tried to open the front door, but it was locked. "Of course." She said with an irritated tone. She looked the house up and down, and spotted an open window on the second story. "Bingo." She looked around, trying to see something that might help her. Wait, that's it! There's a tree that is tall enough for her to reach the open window. She stretched at little, a determined look on her face. The next moment, she took off running towards it. As she reached it, she used her claws to climb all the way up. She reached a high branch to rest on. "Phew, that was easy. Now, to enter the hou-" Her paw slipped, making her lose her balance. She was about to fall off of it when her claws suddenly pierced the branch's skin, stopping her fall. She quickly climbed back on the branch, ashamed of herself. "C'mon girl, get yourself together! It's just the first day in this darn village... town... potential crime scene, and you're already slippin'! Ugh, I hate this place..." She walked to the end of the branch, and jumped through the window.

Purrloin landed on a bedside table, which was to the side of a bed. Of course. She hopped on it, enjoying the relaxing sheets. That she may or may not slash with her claws. She then hopped off the bed, onto the other bedside table. Which she only now realized that it had two drawers. "Huh, didn't notice those before..." She said with a surprised expression. She slightly opened the top one, expecting some kind of threat to come out of it. That's when she saw a paper in the shape of a small rectangle.

"Huh, what's this?" She said as she picked up the note. It's edges were burned, and the piece of paper didn't feature anything. Wait, it was the wrong side. Purrloin noticed that and turned it over, her eyes widening when she saw what was on it. "Is this... m-me?"

The piece of paper was actually a photo, and she was in it! There was a little Purrloin in the center with the same exact silver medallion that she had. She dropped the paper, still in shock. "W-What?! T-This is unbelievable!" She said with a shaky voice. She hopped off the bedside table and picked the photo again. She was right, it truly was unbelievable. But, she noticed something else. In the right corner, there appeared to be a round beige ear with a black outline, and in the left corner there appeared to be a pointy pink ear with a purple outline. "Do those ears belong to my... p-parents?... Ugh, useless much?" She yelled as she threw the paper to the side. "How can I know which Pokémon do those ears belong to? I mean, the pink and purple one should be a Liepard, but the other? UGH!!!" She jumped on the bedside table and bellyflopped on the in defeat.


Previously Keet
Chingling finally reached the town, but was a tad bit dissapointed to see nobody. "Hello?" he called out. "Anyone here?" Chingling went over to a house door and knocked politely. Hopefully this plan doesn't go south quickly, Chingling thought to himself. He made a small bell noise just to signify he was at the door.
“I need sometime to rest to be honest. I’m not in the best of conditions I feel out of the first floor of a house and messed my back. I was climbing down the drainpipe but that collapsed just like my dignity,” Nicolas said to Murkrow. “Hey um...did you wake up with any items like a necklace or something?” Nicolas then asked as he remembered about his. Nicolas looked down and gently felt the bandages around his legs as he pondered. “I don’t look the best of condition do I?” Nicolas thought aloud.
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"Scraw! That's fine, I suppose! I wouldn't recommend getting up anyways!"
Hopping back up on his shoulder once again, he pecked around on the dragon's body, trying to find the areas that hurt him most. He really didn't look all that good- based off his expression alone, and the bruises covering his friend. Surely, even if he was able to fly now, he'd not be able to carry his friend with him.
"I've not got a thing on me, but I do remember a small wooden box I couldn't open being next to the blanket I'd woken up on! It looked almost like a chest- when you feel better, you and I should try to open it! But should I go try and find some help in the meantime?"