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Ask to Join The Pokemon of Ridgewater

Nicolas’ eyebrows raised as Murkrow mentioned getting help. “Just a warning. There’s quite a few other Pokemon waking up who also have amnesia and not taking it as well as you are. They seem pretty on edge. I didn’t feel safe so I avoided them but they’re just confused. I also was rather paranoid so it could’ve just been that talking,” Nicolas warned.

When Murkrow started to gently peck where it hurt it reminded him of finding an baby Ducklett shortly after hatching and thinking that your it’s parent because it’s the first person it sees in its existing so it follows you. It’s nice having a bit of company in this distressing situation so Nicolas is certainly not complaining. There’s a knocking on the door followed shortly by a soothing bell ring. Nicolas tried to get up but the pain restricted him and pulled him back down.
“You expecting anyone?” Nicolas groaned as he looked to the door.
"Scroooo... Well, I wouldn't get far without you. I don't think I can do much of anything to protect myself until I can fully fly."
And then there was the unexpected knocking. Who was that going to be now? A REAL monster? Hopefully not, if nobody else here knew who they were, they'd likely be running of of curiosity and instincts, and there's about a 50/50 chance that those instincts would be to hurt whoever they didn't know. So he hopped down again, gliding towards the empty fireplace, and picked out a sharp poker with his beak, pointing it towards the door.
"I don't know who in the world this will be, so you might want to brace yourself. Should I let them in, or hope they go away? They could easily break down such a small door, I'd think."


Previously Keet
While waiting for a response from whoever was inside the house, Chingling started to think about all the happenings that have occured in the small time period he was here. You cant just wake up inside of a bell tower every day, how did this even happen in the first place? Chingling wondered. But, when trying to figure out what happened last before he got to this area, all it was in his mind was just foggy, and he couldn't remember. All he could do right now is try and figure out how he got here by exploring the area.
(I’m going on holiday now, even though this is kind of an awkward time to go idle I’m just gonna make my character go idle and if I can post just post about the town that everyone’s in and possible events that are occurring)

Nicolas’ eyes flickered and became drowsy. His arm became heavy as he pointed to the door.
“I would answer the door. I’m case it’s important,” Nicolas mumbled as he sunk into the seat further. His body as worn and torn and needed some good rest so it was trying to sleep. “Im just gonna close my eyes for a moment,” Nicolas said as his arm slowly went limp and his eyes closed. A slow exhale came out as he drifted off.

At the foot of the hand bell tower, was a small market place and the Ridgewatertown center. There’s small markets and a bulletin board where town announcements are put up, the most wanted criminals list are stuck up and some stranded market stalls. Possible a good spot to investigate. The silence in Ridgewater was broken by a thunderous gong from the bell tower drawing most the attention to it. Perhaps the village is not as abandoned as once thought.
Panicking, the Murkrow bounced around, not knowing what to do. There were loud noises, doors knocking, and his only friend suddenly had fell asleep- the worst time for any of this to happen! Worriedly, he flapped a bit to get perched on his friend's shoulder again and pecked hurriedly all over his face, pinching him a bit.
"Hey, w-wake up, wake up, I don't know what's going on! We gotta get somewhere from all this chaos, you need to get up now!"
As the Kirlia walked out of the house with everything he took put in a recently picked up bag hidden under his cloak, he jolted and covered his ears when he heard the earsplitting sound of a loud bell which clearly irritated him. "Agh, dammit!" He cried, when he could no longer hear the sound of the bell, he began to race walk toward where it came from. "One thing I've learned about myself: I hate loud noises." He thought as a way to laugh it off which only made him smirk lightly.

As he made his way near the middle of town, he looked up to notice a bell tower. "Huh, how the hell have I not seen that before?" He rhetorically asked himself as he walked toward the bell tower and look to see if anyone was inside... but as he passed a bulletin board, he noticed posters of a few wanted criminals. "Huh, I wonder if they remember what they did and how much their heads are going for?" He asked himself with a grin. "Hopefully whatever caused us to lose our memories made them forget how evil they are." He added as he walked over to the bell tower and looked up. "Hello?" He called, his voice echoed lightly against the walls.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
The Krokorok pulled against the chains, struggling and making a terrible noise that could be heard for awhile. Soon, he had slumped down and observed the keyholes on the shackles that he was stuck in. Looking around, a glint of light caught his eye and as he adjusted his position, he could clearly see a key. He quickly stood up against the window. “IS ANYONE OUT THERE?” He roared, closing his eyes tightly.


Previously Keet
Soon enough, the Chingling left and went off to do other things. During his walk, he heard some cries for help. The Jailhouse seems to be where the cries are coming from... I should go check it out! the Chingling thought in his mind.

A small walk away, he found the Jailhouse. Peeking through the window, he saw a Krokorok in shackles. The Chingling decided for a bit whether to save Krokorok from the jailhouse, as he could be stuck, or if he was a wanted criminal. Eventually, his urges told him to save him. "Don't worry, im coming for you!" he responded through the window, and rushed to the door.

Mr. Machiavellian

Previously riskyie
The Krokorok sighed a sigh of relief. “I saw a key over there, I’m not quite sure if it opens these shackles or the cell door!” He responded back, excited to be freed from this torture. ‘Hopefully he doesn’t assume I’m some sort of villain, I would sure hate to not be trusted.. but I guess that’s what I get for being immature and locked up at the same time. Oh well,’ He snickered to himself, and quickly regretting it as the Chingling could of heard it and concluded that he was a villain.


Previously Keet
"Ok! I'll help you!" Chingling said. Rushing towards the key, Chingling grabbed it and headed to the cell. He was careful to open it so the key wouldn't snap and break, but eventually Chingling got it out. Using it on the shackle, Chingling was a tad bit disappointed when it didn't work. "Uh oh..." Chingling said. "Do you know any other ideas to unlock this?"
The Hakamo-o groaned lightly as the bird Pokemon urgently pecked his face. His face move sharply as if a fly had landed on his head and his eyes flickered. He took a moment to fully wake up and he looked around to the Murkrow.
"Oi Pecky, cut it out," He groaned as he leaned forward rubbing his face. "Did I fall asleep? Sorry about that," Nicolas said as he stood. He heard a faint chime outside the door. Without thinking he waltzed over to the door and reached toward the door knob. He sharply withdrew his arm before opening the door as he remembered that he didn't know who was on the other side of the door. He glanced at Murkrow and then back to the door. He gulped as he contemplated the next move.

He took a deep breath and cautiously opened the door. He looked through the ajar gap and failed to see anyone to who have causaed the sound outside and alarmed Murkrow. He glanced at Murkrow once more before exiting the house to investigate further. An empty breeze passed down the path was the only thing that Hakamo-o noticed as he scanned around for the source of the sound. "I dont see anyo-"

Loud bells could be heard from somewhere deeper within the village. That sound undoubtedly could be heard from miles away and would attract within the radius of the village. "Never mind,"

"I guess we haven't got much choice but to follow that. The only thing I can think right now is someone who knows what's going on or another Pokemon has woken up and found out a way to attract everyone else," Those were his most hopeful theories at least but he wants the Murkrow to feel at ease.
The Nidorina, woke up, face down on a rough wooden floor, her body stiff and aching. She couldn't remember anything. "H-Hello?" She called out, her voice hoarse. With a surprising amount of difficulty, the little pokemon pushed herself up into a sitting position, and surveyed, what she could see of her surroundings. The room was barren, other than a tattered old rug, some kind of photo frame, and a window. Try as she might, Nidorina simply couldn't make out anything out of the window or in the frame; both looked like a distorted blur.

After a moment, she decided to try and stand. Forcing her aching muscles to move, she struggled to get up, first putting down her front left leg, and then her rig-

Nidorina crashed back down onto the floor, hitting her face against the wooden panels. She glanced down at her leg and gasped in horror! Her right leg, was completely, utterly, missing! She poked the spot where her leg should be. It didn't hurt, and she didn't seem to be otherwise injured... Had it always been gone?

'I guess I'd better try and get up again...' she thought to herself nervously. Determined, Nidorina, forced herself to stand up, and this time, she was successfully, albeit wobbly. After taking a few cautious steps, she decided to explore her surroundings.

She stumbled towards what looked, to her at least, somewhat like a doorway. A few more steps, and she suddenly found herself screaming as her legs seemed to cave away in front of her as she tumbled and crashed, painfully, down what she would soon realise was a flight of stairs...
Anxiously, the Murkrow flapped his wings idly from atop his new friend-slash-perch, bobbing his head this way and that. As they listened to the loud, distant chiming, he nervously asked random questions to avert his own attention to what could be causing something so loud, yet so far away. Crowing in a muffled manner, he asked-

"Pecky? Is that my name? Did you remember something while you took that nap? If you had been remembering things while you slept, I would've felt bad about it and not pecked you so hard!"
Nidorina landed with a painful thud. She felt dizzy, and everything hurt, even more than before. Still lying dazed on the floor she looked at her surroundings. She could clearly make out a door, windows, furniture, and some kind of kitchen or dining room but the details were a little blurry... She noticed that the door was open a crack. Perhaps she could call for help. She called out weakly, but somewhat loudly, hoping to catch someone's attention