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The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread

I can officially move from Galar to Paldea with a big smile on my face knowing I accomplished what I set out to do; Acquire a Shiny Axew, Fraxure or Haxorus.

Even as I move to Paldea, I'll always cherish Galar for what it's given me, especially since it's based off my home country.

Psycho Monkey

Member of the Literary Elite Four
Massive existential stream of consciousness rant ahead. You have been warned.

Where the hell did 2022 go? It feels like it wasn't that long ago that I was getting ready for Christmas, welcoming in the new year, and getting Legends Arceus. Then we just kind of skipped most of February until we got to Pokemon Day announcing Gen IX. The next thing I know I have Gen IX and practically beaten Violet! Now I'm getting ready for Christmas again (which in only a couple dozen hours away!) and I'm just like, hold up! Didn't I just do this? How is it that I've played and beaten two Pokemon games and yet still feel like I should be prepping Christmas 2021? The passage of time makes no bloody damn sense to me most days. Now, I don't want to blink and wake up in Christmas 2023, so can I blink and wake up in Christmas 2013 instead? I mean yeah, it would be disorienting to suddenly go back in time a decade, but at least then when time magically jumps forward again, I won't be left feeling like I lost a year or three.