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The Post Your Thoughts of the Moment Thread


With a topic like this, we won't need to keep making new topics with random subjects. Just post your random thoughts of the moment here.


I like rain. With lots of lightning. :3 This morning it was raining really hard... hope it starts up again tonight!


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Lolz. It's like Facebook on Pokecharms. XD

I personally can't wait for lunch in 15 minutes. I don't know what I'll buy/eat/etc., but anything will do. It's just too damn quiet right now. No clue where the majority of my students have gone off to, but it's not my problem. It's their classroom teacher's fault. That guy is too lax for his own good. :p
Of the six hours of school I had today originally, I had only four. If my school didn't have such an awesome library, that'd piss me off.
*Choco Cow is currently fighting crime. Please stand by. Thank you for your time and patronage, as it is highly appreciated*


Heehee~ :3


Now that I got that out of my system, I have to say I'm lovin' this thread^^
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I stole the idea from the NinSheetMusic forums--they have one that's over 700 pages long. You can see it in all its glory here.

I hope we can surpass that!

Anyway, it did rain... right when I got off the bus... and I was soaked... yay...

Also, this girl I sit next to on the bus often is in huge trouble--she got driven to school early to go to math help with a teacher. She blew it off, told her mom she went--then the teacher emailed all her students' parents saying that the help session for today had been cancelled. xD

Thoughts of the moment, eh?

"I hope you're right, sir."

"Where's the fast forward button on life?"

"Why is the rum always gone..."

My thoughts at this particular moment, make of them what you will.
Seems like free writing for a journal assignment.

Well, I wish my step father would shut up and get off the phone. He acts like a teenage girl with his friends.

Oh, and I want them to make a sequel to How to Train Your Dragon. Best movie EVAR!

Yep, just like facebook, minus all the stupid comments about how life is unfair, how much their boy/girl/shemalefriend rocks, and all the lyrics from songs that "just seem to describe the moment". Oh, and minus self taken pictures of a girl making her face look like a fish's face.

Oh, and have you heard?.......What? You haven't heard that the Bu-bird's the word? A Bu-bu-bu-Bird Bird Bird, A bu-Bird's the word....
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Grr, my sister slept in my bed, and musta rolled on the remote, and IT WON'T WORK. I mean, it's stuck on some random channel-thingy and I'm like WTF, WORK DAMMIT!

And why, oh why, did she have to take the Italian stuff with her? WHY?! Mother Dearest frolicked off to Miami with Father and two friends. And she took the Italian with her. No, I'm not telling you what the Italian is; use your imagination.

I swear, if He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Given-A-Phone (Friend of mine;don't ask.) finds this place, he will surely find an App for it, I swear.

I am up too late. I love Modern Family to the brink of absolute obsession....

I'm tired, I'm hungry, but I can't get any food because that'd be awkward.... ahh.

Saturday Night Live's funny.
Modern Family is not good in my book, The Middle is better in my opinion... Modern Family could be really good, but it goes... overboard.

And what do you mean, up too late? It's barely 9:30. :-\
He probably lives in an area where it's later than that.

Speaking of random thoughts, half the world is asleep right now.....kinda creepy if you ask me 0_0

And now my ear itches. Why is my ear itching? Random itch is random.

Also, why do they call Hawaiian bread Hawaiian. Sure the original may have been made there, but I'm sure several other buns have been born in other places. Why aren't they called, "California" bread, or "Florida" bread?
SlowPokemon said:
Modern Family is not good in my book, The Middle is better in my opinion... Modern Family could be really good, but it goes... overboard.

And what do you mean, up too late? It's barely 9:30. :-\

Ah, Modern Family's greeeeeat....

Not where I am! Where do you think I am? ;)
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We all live in a yellow submarine~~

Anywaaay... Why does Ho-Oh only seem to be red yellow and green? I mean, its Dex entries say they flash seven different colors, but we only see those three and white! What the heck, man.

Sitting for lunch in the square ~ In this town ~ This town that I'm new to ~ New fellow from my new town ~ Sat me down ~ And explained it to meeee ~

Bahhh I'm like sooo hungry :< I've been up for like 4 hours and I haven't even licked anything. by anything, I mean anything edible I should probably, like, go downstairs and get something to eat but I don't think my legs would agree to such a predicament :C

So everyone's probably like "WOW TUN IT'S 11:08 ON A THURSDAY WHY AREN'T YOU AT SCHOOL" (or not) but it's because I feel like I'm going to throw up. c: I've also got a really sore head but yeah </3 I'm sitting in bed under the covers watching crap TV and being annoyed by Shadow, my cat :> also starving to death

Alsssooooo this weird show that's supposed to be like Doctor Who but for youngin's/people my age is on and the weird rhinocerous people (something beginning with J - Juggons? Judons? I dunno I'm tired) were speaking to each other in their language and I could have sworn that one of them said "Moe moe kun/kyun" and ahhhghhhhhdfgkmgdum.

Hope you get better soon Tun! :< *Gives cake for the hunger*

Megaman 2 must have the best videogame music in history. The Intro theme and Dr. Wily stage 1 are so friggin epic. Only Corneria from Star Fox can equal their awsomeness.
More randomness. As I stated in the Pokemon Oddities thread, I still can't figure out why
Can't fly, but
can. Odd, right?

Also, Goruggo seems to be based off of Gundam mechs. Maybe that's why he flies.

Also, my dogs are evil and want my burger. Thank you for your time.
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Agh. My professor wants me to explain why I identify with being female, and apparently objectively taking the advantages and disadvantages into account doesn't work. >_<
My sister burnt a waffle in the toaster. Why did she do that? Is she emo?

What is the point of the new move A Capella? The Pokemon sings, which hurts the enemy. I mean, what's next, a move where the Pokemon puts glasses on to improve accuracy?
Louie Forest said:
I mean, what's next, a move where the Pokemon puts glasses on to improve accuracy?

That works :>

I'm sitting on my netbook in my Halloween costume. Herp-dee-derp, fun~ ♥

Also, I just spent half my money in Pet Society on a rabbit plushie :> How awesome am I :'D
I hate Florida heat. I wanted to go to my calc III class as Sho Minamimoto (Even though my hat is at home, and I haven't distressed my jeans yet), but it's too damn hot to walk around in all black. I postulate that the sun is just one giant trollface. I might still wear something awesome just to freak everyone out XD
The Kingdom Hearts series is mind-bogglingly good. I could KILL to get a PSP and Birth by Sleep. Also, in February; Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded. For the DS. AWE. SUM. SAUCE.
Well, since this is essentially Charmsbook, I'll post some lyrics "fitting the moment".

You've been swell to go around
And bring me every single brain in town
But with all these brains, I can't help but think
That there isn't one left out there to drink.
Now Fess up boy, come on, Heck!
Is there someone that you're trying to protect?
Bring her down here to meet her
And then i promise I'll be your bestest friend.

BRAINS, BRAINS, I won't lie,
I'll eat her brain 'til she's zombified.
Sure she might think it's deranged
But she won't give it a thought
After I've eaten her brain.
BRAINS, BRAINS, It's okay.
It's not a matter if it isn't gray,
And if at first she thinks it's strange,
she won't think twice
If she don't have a brain!

Bring me her Brain.....

Yerp. fits the moment perfectly :3 Happy Halloween er'body. Wants some brains? The bigger ones taste like chicken, which is weird, considering how smaller ones taste like they've been drowned in sugar ^w^ For some odd reason, the medium ones tast like strawberries, in case your wondering :>
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Gumma gumma gumma gumma. I have been banned from Mibbit. :'(

I blame the Emo Jynx over there. See a Jynx, well, she is emo. Live with it.
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I hate Florida in the winter. I'm all "YAY SUMMER" when it's hot, and when the season changes I'm like "MEH OKAY." Then winter comes and I'm "AMFKHKTHYKJ I HATE COLDNESS. *RAGE.*"

I think we should rename this thread "Charmsbook." I think several other people mentioned it, but meh...

I HATE BEING SHORTER THAN PEOPLE. I'm taller than my mother and sister and I have freinds/ relatives who are taller than me and I am fine with it, but when I meet people who are taller than I think "Huh, they're taller than me. I'm jealous."

I want some guava juice. Stupid winter cravings.

Kerauno said:
I hate Florida in the winter. I'm all "YAY SUMMER" when it's hot, and when the season changes I'm like "MEH OKAY." Then winter comes and I'm "AMFKHKTHYKJ I HATE COLDNESS. *RAGE.*"

Cold Florida is the best Florida! XD

I saw the most awesomest kung fu exhibition ever today :3 So much win!
I'm so happy that I got my friends back.. but I feel bad for not having time to hang out with them since we've made up.. I feel overwhelmed and I hope they forgive me.

I miss my buddy since he got temp banned. Things seem sort of dull now. And jeebus, my hamster stinks.

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Have seem the table tennis teacher of my school and the national champ in a match. IT WAS SO DAMN AWESOME. It looked like a table tennis version of The Prince of Tennis. They both were gettin' distance from the table little by little. After some time they were distant from each other as normal tennis players would be. And always sending the ball to the opponent side of the table. It took so long that they decided to simple end that, so it ended in a tie, 0 to 0. It was as cool as The Prince of Tennis, which is so damn awesome. Have nothing better to say, and feel kinda stupid by that, but I know talking useless ramdom things are the objective of this topic.
My mind has officially been emptied of creativity. Which irritates me greatly.

And now I will send over an over-leveled Pokemon to SS to beat those Kimono Girls, and go snatch my free Lugia. X3

You know who I always thought was annoying? Dolores Umbridge. And guess what I found out? She'll be appearing in the Deathly Hallows. I never liked her character, but the way she is portrayed film-wise is so damn awesome. So I have high hopes for the movie.
And pertaining to the aforementioned woman; she has a cat Patronus. So fitting, it is not even funny. Okay, yes, it's hilarious.
And I reeeally hope I get to see Luna Lovegood again. I like her, becuase she's strange and eccentric.

Nothin' ever doesn't change, but nothin' ever changes much ... white knuckles~[/i]


* Tun coughs and sneezes and moans everywhere.

I wanted to go to school yesterdaaaayyy but I'm feeling so ... so crappy. ; A ; We're having a Remembrance Assembly and I'm supposed to be doing stuff for it, but I've been off for three days out of five, we're out all day tomorrow at school, and it's on Friday morning. I feel soooooo dowwwnnnnn. > u <''

Buuuuttt on the brighter side, I'm going to see the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the week after it comes out :'D At the IMAX Cinema, which is one of the biggest (and 3D) cinemas where I am. :> S'all gooood~ ♥

(oh my god I love Damian Kulash)
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So tired... Must stay awake. I can't keep falling asleep between 8-8:30PM or it's going to become a horrible habit to break, and the only show that I watch regularly on TV is on in an hour. It doesn't help that I'm cold. So very cold... @_@