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Ask to Join The Rainbow Society— Romance RP


Chervil was in her favourite area of the island- Mirror Plane. The iridescent sands never failed to calm her, and a soft smile laced her lips as she stretched her serpentine body. This was truly a lovely place, despite inpending danger- and she did love her Society- but, there was something missing- there always felt like she wasn't whole, like there was some part of her heart that was missing- what could it be?
The lithe figure of a Dragonair glided along the sands of Mirror Plane. Sebastian stopped a few feet away, a small grin on his face as he dipped his head briefly. "The borders along Gilded Pass show no signs of suspicious activity, Commander Chervil." A few moments of silence followed before Sebastian burst into hearty laughter and slithered up next to the Serperior, his Everstone swinging around in the air as he laughed. "Ah, yeah, there's no way I'm ever calling you my commander. To me, your name'll always be Cher'." It was the nickname Sebastian had given her since the two were quite young, and it had stuck ever since. The Dragonair smiled as he watched the dunes of sand blow in the wind. "It really is quite a sight. I can see why you like this place so much."
Chervil playfully rolled her yellow eyes, and gave her companion a sort of 'punch' with her tail. "Thank you for the report, Sebby." she replied, repeating her childhood nickname for the Dragonair. She laughed along with him, before opening her eyes and too looking at the way the colourful sands glittered in the midday sun. Sebastian had taken the words right out of her mouth- it was a sight, such a sight that never failed to impress her no matter how many times she saw it. "It truly is beautiful. I'm glad you can see where I'm coming from," murmured the Serperior, the glimmer of humour still remaining in her citrine gaze. "I am sure you enjoyed patrolling along Gilded Pass. I often assign you there because I know you like it so much," she chuckled.

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The noon sun shone high, only a few puffy clouds marring the bright blue sky that graced the island. Astra herself had spent little time outside that day, though. Upcoming battles were the foremost thing on her mind, and while she may not need to fret over the logistics of it (military strategy was hardly her forte), there were certainly still things that needed her attention. It was on that note that she found herself stepping out the front door of her house, dress trailing down the few steps until she touched soft, plush grass. Satchel laden with medical texts from her own personal library, she set off in search of the Rainbow Society's other resident doctor. Though she hadn't known him for very long, from what she could tell Daniel didn't seem to have a favorite place on the island. "With any luck," she said quietly to herself, "I'll find him without too much effort..."
Cherry was doing what she did best, patrolling the skies and giving an Ariel view to the RS's popular landmarks. She finished her patrol and soon found her commander and Sabastian, he must have already reported to Chervil about his patrol. Cherry landed carefully and smiled at the two sepants"hehe, nothing out of the ordinary, like usual" she padded over to the side of the grass snake and stared at the plains"hmm, I don't see why you like this place so much commander, there aren't any trees..." Cherry exclaimed before she fell onto her back.
Sebastian chuckled as he admired the scenery. "Why, of course. You should come join me sometime; Gilded Pass is just as mesmerizing as this place." He turned his head when a different voice cut through the air and saw Cherry lounging on the sand, prompting a chuckle out of the Dragonair. "Best not to question your commander's choice of scenery, hm, Cherry? We all have our different preferences." He smiled and glanced at Chervil, poking her playfully with his tail. "So, have you ever thought of having a 'significant other'? It'd be amusing to see the serious commander have feelings for another." In Sebastian's case, he had the occasional thought of doing the same, but it was but a fleeting one. Not to mention the fact that the only one in the Society the Dragonair could envision himself in a relationship with was Chervil herself, although he had never felt that way, and he doubted that Chervil felt the same. The two had been the best of friends since their early childhood days, but maybe.. just maybe it was time for their relationship to grow... closer?
Cherry's expression suddenly changed remembering that Chervil was her commander"hehe well I think mirror plains is awesome and who needs trees anyway....." Cherry sighed and lifted off the ground gently flying over her superiors"it's been a while since RS was attacked, think something's up" cherry said partly trying to change the subject and partly because it's been on her mind
A small Pokémon that resembled an infantile plesiosaur sat near the sandy shores of the Mirror Plane, as he had no sort of attention focused towards the nearby chatter going on. Knowing that the briny water would likely pose a hazard for the little Pokémon's body, he decided to stay at least a couple feet away from the waves attempting to greet his tiny, foremost pair of flippers. He caught a reflection of himself for a split second− a small head with the looks of a neonate's, modest-sized baby blue eyes, a small snout, two tiny curly ears, along with a brief glimpse of the tiny shell almost concealing his tapered tail. The shell emitted a faint reflection of the solar light, as it appeared to have a few tiny knobs almost impossible to detect from a normal distance.

A small, leafy bag lied next to him, as it contained a couple of berries and a folded leaf containing some text when closely inspected. He clutched the bag with his frontal pair of flippers and silently moved away from the small area of water as quickly as he could. Not wanting to attract any sort of attention from the Dragonair and Emolga having quite the conversation, the baby Pokémon decided to head over towards the pass after making a mental note that a Pokémon was likely finished with guard duty.
“Don’t worry. There’s no reason to treat me any different just because I’m your commander,” Chervil murmured- it was quite a common occurrence that she was spoken to slightly differently than everybody else; but, I’m a way, she could understand it. There was always a certain air of fear around someone who was high up in the ranks. She turned to look at Sebastian, her yellow eyes glowing. “To answer your question,” She began, twirling her tail in a circle, “I wish I did. But... there would be a lot of complications if I were to be with someone...” Chervil answered, thinking the same thing as Sebastian, though she knew that she couldn’t do anything about it fit for fear of losing their close friendship.

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Tammy strolled alongside the beach side, walking over the sandy beach with a direction in mind. She adjusted her beret, making sure to brush it off and keep it clean as this was one of the most loved possession, an unusual sight for a Pokemon to wear a hat, and she liked standing out. Satisfied, her eyes went back on the trail that lead up to the Gilded Pass, the beautiful golden forest that was the main landmark of the island. She looked around with a keen eye before continuing her way to her intended destination, hoping to pass and chat with some other pokemons. "Hrmm, I wonder..." She hummed outloud along the way


Previously Swirled
Cinnamon looked on at the Prismatic Springs, being captured by the sheer beauty of the area. Sure he's been to other areas of the island, but in his eyes, nothing could compare to the beauty of these springs. The teal-eyed Bulbasaur knew that it would be time to begin his training for today. So he gathered up his things and reported to Chevril, wondering what task she might make him do today.
The emolga slowly gained altitude as she flew in a circle around the serperior, and thanks to her keen eyesighte, she then caught a glimpse of something shiny and sparkling near the entrance to gilded pass"what could that be?" She wondered"surely the commander would want me to investigate" she said as she flew over to the shimmering object. It appeared to be a seashell but suprisingly clean to be on a beach. Cherry looked perhaps the person who cleaned the shell was still around, she spotted a meowstic who was under the gold trees at gilded pass, she must be female due to her coat. Cherry decided to confront the Pokemon. She flew over and landed behind her, still unnoticed by the meowstic Cherry then tried to talk to her"hey!" He said in a friendly tone
"Hm, well, I couldn't think of any complications that would arise. If anything, it would just give you more reasons to fight for your society, should something arise." Sebastian smiled and glanced at Chervil. Of course, if things did go wrong upon the Dragonair attempting to intensify their relationship, their friendship surely wouldn't be the same anymore. However, if the feeling was mutual...

Mentally slapping himself back into reality, Sebastian sighed and once more turned to face Chervil, a smile on his face. "Anyway, I'm gonna be at Gilded Pass. Would you care to join me? It's a wonderful sight, I promise you."
The Meowstic turned and smiled at the Emolga, "Oh hello there Cherry, I'm just on my way to Gilded Pass then to Sakura Valley. Care to join me?" She said and asked, once again adjusting her beret.
Tammy looked over the Emolga, a fellow Purpleheart on the island. Tilting her head with a meow, "Unless the Commander or Lieutenant asked for me?" She asked with a questioning tone, a paw to her cheek.
There was little chance of finding the other medic immediately, Astra knew that quite well. Sauntering through the town, past houses of every color and style, she finally reached the edge where the town met the rest of the island. Precognition told her Mirror Plane was her best bet-- though, a glance with her psychic powers also showed that the commander Chervil was there. No need to interrupt for something that wasn't truly urgent. Maybe she'd simply study on her own, then? The waters of Prismatic Springs were out of the question for the sake of her books, so Gilded Pass it was. A short trek to the path's opening, golden trees lining the forest.

To Astra's mild surprise, other Pokémon had made the same decision as her. Both were of the brave Purplehearts If she recalled correctly, the Meowstic had some basic knowledge of field medicine herself, and wielded psychic strength far greater than Astra's own. The other was an Emolga that she'd sighted gliding through the skies around the island, patrolling in case of danger.

Her textbooks hardly made good conversation. Astra nodded to the two in passing, hesitant to interrupt.
"oh! It's just you Tammy, I should have known from that shiny seashell"cherry smiled, she was a little embarrassed that she didn't realize sooner" hm, nope, commander is enjoying the view and Sabastian is getting lovey dovey again, so what brings you to gilded pass, I don't think you weren't scheduled to patrol here today" Cherry asked as she began walking next to the meowstic
Seeing the familiar Bulbasaur give her the report, Chervil smiled graciously and nodded her head. “Thank you for the report, Cinnamon. You are free to relax until the dusk food-gathering, which I would like you to go on.” the Serperior said, her yellow gaze soft as she spoke to the other.

Hearing Sebastian speak again, Chervil felt a flutter in her chest, as she often did around the Dragonair. It was silly to be such a way when she was supposed to be setting an example for the RS, but... she supposed she couldn’t help it. “I would be very glad to. Gilded Pass has always been a lovely place to explore, especially with another.”
Sebastian smiled and dipped his head before heading to Gilded Pass. "As you wish." He began to make his way to Gilded Pass, trusting that Chervil would follow. He looked back and grinned once more, glancing at the Serperior he had known for so long, still as elegant as ever. It would be nice.. though I can't tell if the feeling is mutual. Deciding to break the silence that lingered among the two during the walk, Sebastian struck up some conversation. "It's quite a nice day outside, I have to say."
"It sure is," murmured Chervil, a smile yet again playing on her lips. Her aureolin gaze hovered over the Dragonair. Sure, as a Snivy and a Servine, she had always found the other to be rather attractive- it needn't have been said that she'd had a little crush on him- but, as her matured, she found herself finding him to be handsome and charming, and how could she not love his general demeanor? He was rather chivalrous, but also playful; and she'd always liked that about him. "It always is beautiful here. We're all so lucky to be able to live here... mostly in peace."
The little Pokémon gulped when he barely managed to pick up the fact that he was not the only one heading over towards the pass. While making his way towards the forest, an Ariados stepped in his way and asserted, “This area ain’t for little babies like you. Better get lost, this is my last warning you stupid baby!”

There was no response from the baby Pokémon, as he attempted to move past the Ariados continuing to impede the path into the forest. The little Pokémon heard the Ariados emitting a slight buzz while grunting, “Don’t you know what leave means? Buzz off? Get out? Geez, don’t make me have to slap you and take you to your mommy!”

The baby Pokémon took a deep breath and placed his right frontal flipper on the ground for a brief moment. A small, pale blue ring appeared around the Pokémon at ground level, as the ring radiated a bright light for a split second. The ring floated above the baby Pokémon and formed itself into a three pointed star, as the Ariados derided, “Ooh... is the little baby trying to do something fancy? I bet he’ll just fail and cry to his daddy!”

The star separated itself into three pointed beams directly aimed at the Ariados, as the beams zoomed in on the spider Pokémon at sonic speed! The beams shattered upon contact with the Ariados, forming a huge pile of ice fragments around the spider Pokémon! Within seconds later, the Ariados’s body was encased in a thick layering of ice, preventing it from releasing its ear-piercing screams of agony it would have unleashed upon the aquatic Pokémon if it froze just a second after.

Knowing that the loud sound of the cold, fracturing beams would likely attract some attention from the Pokémon nearby, the baby Pokémon decided to make a break for the golden forest.
Astra blinked, but that was her only reaction to seeing her commander appear out of nowhere. And by Sebastion's side! They made a cute couple, that was for sure. It was a little strange to see Chervil, normally so concerned about her appearance and so forth, lovestruck, but Astra was happy for her. All of them deserved to have someone like that.

The sound of some sort of crystalline energy blast alerted her, and Astra went from calm thoughtfulness to focused in a matter of seconds. Lifting herself off the ground with her psychic power, she glided through the golden trees as fast as she could. An attack? Here? Was it even possible?

Glimmering ice answered her question, and with no obvious danger in sight, she set to work. Astra's eyes glowed an even brighter blue, psychic aura enveloping her as she readied first-aid. Heal Pulse. That would keep the frozen Pokémon from dying before the ice could be removed. An Ariados... hadn't this one gotten in trouble for breaking various rules? Heal them now, figure the rest out later. She was a medic, after all.
Sebastian chuckled and nodded in agreement. "Indeed. Despite the occasional intrusions, it's quite peaceful around here." After a couple minutes of more walking, the two finally arrived at the gates that led to the area known as Gilded Pass. The Dragonair smiled as he admired the scenery of the place he knew all too well. The forest glimmered brightly around the two, the leaves aglow in the sunlight. The view was quite alluring, and Sebastian breathed in the fresh air. He smiled before turning back to look at Chervil. "So? What do you think?"

Suddenly, the sound of what seemed like a beam of ice being fired cut through the air, and Sebastian snapped his head to the direction from which the sound had traveled. What could that have been?
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The baby Pokémon waddled over towards the small lake in the forest and took another deep breath after managing to flee the scene within a matter of a good minute. He gently placed the leafy bag on his right side and set his right frontal flipper on the ground. He took a deep breath of utmost concentration and closed his eyes, as a purplish ring surrounded the Pokémon for a brief moment. The Pokémon’s body started to shift itself into another, as the ring gradually disappeared when the process was complete.

He slowly opened his eyes, looking down towards the faint reflection of the lake. He saw his pale purple, newborn body having a cream underside, as his body appeared to be not more than half a foot tall. He gulped after taking swift notice of his two tiny clawed hands and toes. He gave a silent sigh after feeling for the black patch on top of his head while giving a light poke at his cream colored ears.

He attempted to get on his feet, but fell with a soft thud a split second later. He gave another moment of effort, but the same result followed again. After giving a light groan to himself, he decided to crawl towards the forest at a snail’s pace after grabbing his leafy bag.
"You weren't lying when you said it was beautiful," murmured Chervil, her eyes full of wonder as she stood, awestruck, at the sight of it all. It wasn't often that Chervil was caught speechless- in fact, she was notorious for being rather blunt- but here she was, unable to even describe it. The sun's rays were warm on her leafy scales, and she looked at Sebastian, a fang-toothed grin conquering her face at last; the Serperior used Synthesis, drinking in the warm sun and primming her appearance in the meantime. "It's... breath-taking, Sebby." she murmured.
Sebastian disregarded the strange blast he had heard upon Cher's response and turned back to face her, a smile gracing his lips as well. So are you. "I'm glad to hear that." He chuckled and made his way to her side, patting her on the back gently with his tail. Sebastian's grin grew wider as the Serperior used Synthesis, her scales glowing as they absorb ed the light of the warm sun above them. He turned back to admire the scenery, golden leaves dancing in the wind. Watching the view with Chervil, made it so much better.
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What a beautiful land. Trees, springs, lakes... What a world. It was almost a paradise. Unfortunately, he had enough sense to know that a paradise can never really exist. There is always opposition. There is always something that casts a shadow over the beauty of a place like the Rainbow Society. And that's why he was here. Even if there was none, which he knew wouldn't be possible, he was here to protect this beautiful land from anything that decided to interfere with it or anyone who lived within it.

The Clawitzer was blasting his way towards the salt flats of Mirror Plane. He had just been on a short, short patrol around the edges of Fuchsia Marsh and Sakura Valley, Aqua-jetting his way around the borders with his enormous claw. Finding nothing of importance, the Clawitzer named Aquilles turned away from the border and blasted inland, towards the one area in the entirety of the Rainbow Society that was his commander's favorite. As he sped along, riding the steady stream of water, he looked up and watched a Pokemon, an Emolga, rise and fall from the sky as she completed her own patrols. The commander was probably about to receive a few reports at the same time, if he was there fast enough. And so, the Clawitzer kicked the Aqua Jet up a notch, knowing that his commander would probably be leaving Mirror Plane pretty soon.

He was just approaching Mirror Plane when he noticed an odd sight: A hunk of ice sitting in the middle of the stretch between Mirror Plane and Gilded Pass. And a Gothitelle was next to it. Specifically, the medic known as Astra. Swerving on his water stream, he turned and began to rapidly approach the spot of Astra and the evidently frozen Pokemon, who, as he neared, recognized as a particular Ariados that was know for making unnecessary mischief. The large Pokemon let out a sigh as he entered hearing range, calling out to the Gothitelle.

"Astra! Ho, it's me. Aquilles. What in Arceus' name happened here?" Asked the Clawitzer. He could almost guess the answer, though.
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A bead of sweat fell from her forehead as Astra focused her strength on keeping the Heal Pulse going. The Rainbow Society may have been peaceful during its downtime, but she knew all too well what they went through defending this island. Ice against an Ariados made strategic sense, of course. Dealing with the aftermath was hardly fun, though. She could do it. She'd handled with far worse. A single attack wasn't enough to seriously shake her up, usually, but seeing the Ariados' lifespan ticking away... The ice needed breaking, and fast. Having no physical strength to do anything about that on her own, Astra was left to wait for it to thaw, unable to leave and seek help. With any luck, someone would notice and come by.

The call from the distance almost broke her concentration, on-edge as she was, and she very nearly prepared an attack before realizing the voice was familiar. Lieutenant Aquilles. Responsible, intense, maybe a little too focused on keeping a distance from everyone... but definitely strong. She'd seen his claws blast through steel during battle. If there was anyone she'd pick to rely on, it was definitely him. Letting out a small sigh in relief, she shouted back to him. "Lieutenant! A Pokémon was frozen by an unknown enemy on the edge of the Gilded Pass. Whoever the attacker was has since fled, and I need your assistance."
Aquilles looked the frozen Ariados over before responding.
"Aye. Wonder what it was.. Here. Hold on a moment, this should do the trick." He stated, rearing up his giant claw. He knew just as well as Astra did that the Ariados needed to get out of that ice as soon as possible. As he lacked a fire-type move, he prepared to try something different. Being a Pokemon who had natural experience with fighting, Aquilles had enough of a brain to know that rushing water could thaw the ice quickly enough to get the Ariados out of it without risking physical harm... more than it had already undergone. A pause for a moment, and the Clawitzer released a decently powerful Water Gun over the frozen Pokemon. As the water rushed over the ice, it began to melt it away, stripping the frozen chunks off the Ariados by the second. It wasn't even nearly as efficient as a fire-type move, but due to his lacking of one or any related available option, this would have to do. Aquilles grunted as he maintained the water stream. "Come on now, mate, I'm getting you outta there..." he said under his breath, increasing the intensity of the water stream. It's now or never, Aquilles. He told himself. This Ariados could likely be riding on your shoulders...
The baby Pokémon heard what was likely a stream of powerful water rushing nearby, as he thought, "Uh oh... I guess it might be time for me to move..."

Before he could attempt to sprint away towards the forest however, it appeared to be that he did not take into account of his previous falls he had just a few minutes ago as a result of his inability to move around effectively in such a young body. He gave a light groan to himself, while thinking, "Oh great, I'm already out of power? Ugh... I guess those changes really do take a lot of energy if I want to make everything accurate. I guess I'll have to wait a few. At least it's better than having to inch around like a worm I suppose."

He decided to make his way in the forest while skulking from bush to bush as quietly and as quickly as he could with the effortful works of his hands and feet. After his eyes adapted to the outside lighting a couple of minutes later, he managed to catch the sight of the Ariados and a Clawitzer aiding the spider Pokémon through the use of firing a continuous flow of forceful water at the frozen Pokémon. Knowing that a baby Pokémon wandering off without adult supervision would likely catch some attention from the others, the little Pokémon immediately hid behind a rock while keeping the bag tightly gripped. The object would most certainly be up to serving the purpose the baby Pokémon wanted in spite of the solid material being worn off from constant weathering, since it was more than capable of concealing anyone up to roughly twice his height. He decided to remain hidden behind the rock while taking in a series of quiet, rapid breaths to regain some much needed energy for his immature body.
Watching as the Water Gun melted the ice and the Ariados began to stretch their legs, Astra allowed herself to relax. However this assault had happened, they would soon find out. With a witness report there would be no need to worry. The Rainbow Society's Purplehearts could handle it just fine, she'd be there if any of them got injured further. And she had the Lieutenant by her side now, one of the strongest Pokémon the island had to offer. It had really been a stroke of luck that he'd shown up, she didn't know what she would've done otherwise... "Thank you, Aquilles," she murmured.

Another gentle wave of Heal Pulse, and the Ariados was blinking and upright. Should she stick around for questioning? Astra couldn't deny that she was curious to hear the details-- an attack directly on the center of the island was practically unheard of, especially with the Commander and Lieutenant both at home. Whoever had done it had to have been quite powerful and had a decent understanding of battle strategy, but she hadn't heard of anyone noteworthy arriving at the island recently. A spy, then? Someone capable of getting past their guards... Astra would leave the actual interrogating to the higher-ranking leaders, but she was eager to know more. Should Aquilles ask her to leave she could use her own rank as an excuse, if need be.

"Once more, thank you for helping. I didn't catch sight of anyone when I heard the blast, although I arrived as soon as I could." Astra floated closer to Aquilles, dress fanning out under her psychic power. "Do you know of any dangerous Pokémon that could have done this?"
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Tammy looked at Cherry and replied, smiling "Well I just about finished my Patrols and I was just making my way to the Gilded Pass, wind down a bit, maybe with a berry or two" She giggled before she sensed one of the Medics. Astra the Gothielle, she could see her clutch her textbooks and hurry past. Strange. She continued talking with Cherry before the telltale sounds of energy being blasted.

Quickly facing the direction of the sound, deeper into the Gilded Pass, she crouched before quickly dashing towards it, using her Psychic abilities to help her quickly cover the distance, passing by the Commander and another Purpleheart. Stopping to a halt, she examined the scene, a Clawitzer blasting away the frozen ice surrounding an Ariados. And the same Gothielle waiting by with Heal Pulse ready.

"What happened here?!" She asked her Lieutenant and Astra, seeing the Frozen Ariados she readied her own move, drawing upon her training and readying Heal Bell, a move that could help the frozen Ariados once the ice was blasted off it. Once the ice was all but gone, she combined her Heal Bell with Astra's healing pulse to quickly bring the pokemon back to healthy standards. Making sure the Ariados doesn't catch a cold.

"Lieutenant Sir, I can hunt down the Culprit if need be." She said, unwavering in her own abilities to find out who had frozen this Ariados
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Aquilles nodded towards Astra, preparing to speak before Tammy approached from behind. He turned to face the Meowstic, a Purpleheart who apparently happened to be nearby, and helped with the Ariados' recovery.
"Oh. Tammy. Yes. Search the area, and do it fast. Chances are high that the Pokemon responsible for this little assault here is still in the area. Keep an eye out for water or ice Pokemon. And Astra-" A swift about-face to the Gothitelle. "Haven't the slightest idea. We'll figure that out later. You keep this Ariados here. Don't let him leave. I'm going to find the Commander, understand? We'll handle the situation when I get back with her." The hefty Clawitzer didn't wait for a response from either Pokemon before blasting Aqua Jet out of the back of his enormous claw, rocketing himself away at high speed, out of sight withing mere moments.

And so he was off again, whizzing past the golden trees of the Guilded Pass so fast that the colors blended together. Aquilles, being as he was, sped along with a worried pace. His mind raced with possible conclusions, but his experience was in fighting, not forensics. As far as he knew, the Pokemon responsible for the assault could very well be a Ditto, or anything that wasn't even an ice or water-type at all. Pokemon can learn all sorts of moves, so the category of suspect Pokemon expanded by the second as he thought about it. As soon as he realized that train of thought would lead him nowhere, he dropped it and focused his efforts on finding the Commander. The Serperior had to be around the area somewhere.

Pretty soon, he caught a glimpse of blue, and green. Both next to each other. Both serpentine. Both easily recognizable. Aquilles swerved on his claw and shot straight for them, waving his smaller left claw whilst calling out to the both of them by name.

"Sebastian! Chervil!" Was all he called as he rapidly approached the pair. As he neared, for just a moment, a thought flashed through his mind. The commander usually was just as Aquilles himself was: a strong, independent leader. But seeing his commander here, admiring the view, with the Dragonair beside her made him wonder for a split second if she was beginning to soften, or even begin considering a significant other in her life. Within milliseconds, the thought was gone, replaced with the urgency of the situation at hand. When he reached the duo, he slowed his pace and stopped before the Purpleheart and Commander Chervil. "We have a problem down near the edge of Guilded Pass. A Pokemon was attacked by unknown means." He proclaimed, mostly towards Chervil, hardly even fazed from the wild dash he had just made.
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The baby Pokémon listened in on the nearby conversation while fidgeting behind the rock when he could not sit on his own for even a full second. He gulped after hearing what the Meowstic said once he heard a chiming sound integrated with a pulse of healing that would bring the Ariados back into health. His body shivered for a moment, knowing that it would be almost impossible to bail himself of trouble out if he got into more trouble. Even though he was the other medic in the society, not many other Pokémon knew him as a result of his appearance constantly shifting throughout the day. He could be a lizard Pokémon at one moment, then a completely different Pokémon at the next.

His mouth dropped in fear the moment after taking a mental note in his mind and recalling the thought, "Search the area, and do it fast. Chances are high that the Pokémon responsible for this little assault here is still in the area."

He felt his heart racing like a marathon runner attempting to finish a five kilo run, as he attempted to keep his breaths as quiet as he could when they became rapid. He clutched his bag while emptying his thoughts the moment he picked up the presence of a psychic Pokémon nearby. As he continued to stay behind the rock, he struggled with maintaining his composure after a thought kept recurring in his mind for a couple of excruciating minutes.
"hm" cherry turned as she heard the sound, and watched as Tammy darted away"h...hey wait up!" She stammered before she bagan to fly behind the meowstic in the direction of the sound

He soon Rached the victim frozen in ice, who then was broken free and healed by a luitenent and a medic, as well as Tammy"huh, I didn't know you had a healing move Tammy?" He asked

When Tammy was told to search for the offender Cherry quickly chimed in" I'll go too!.... I...I mean if that is okay with you luitenent" cherry bowed her head embarrassed, she was always acting careless around the higher ranks and she was afraid that it woiwo come back to bite her later
The jet of water was kept out of range of Astra and Tammy, but the Gothitelle still smiled internally as she watched Aquilles fly off, a faint mist falling down on the three Pokémon below. There was little to do other than keep a watch on the Ariados. That Heal Bell had clearly helped; they were standing and shaking their head to get their bearings. Freezing was incredibly dangerous for bug-types, as it could cause permanent damage if left alone for too long. Astra was grateful once more that she'd had friends arrive and help so quickly. Actually, that thought made her remember something...

Where was the other medic? She'd left her home to look for Daniel, and he'd been... at Mirror Plane, right? Her psychic sight was never wrong, so that had to have been it. But then, where was he? The sandy area between the salt flats and the Gilded Pass showed no signs of the baby Pokémon she'd met previously. That was concerning... maybe something had happened to him. He'd seemed capable of holding his own despite his size, but the island was vast and, as evidenced by the wounded Ariados, not without its dangers.

"Tammy, Cherry. I just realized I don't know where the other medic is." Her voice was monotone as usual, but her blue eyes were wide and her bows and dress blew in some unseen breeze. "He may be hurt. Keep an eye out for him, he's a small Pokémon." Astra had to stay and make sure the Ariados didn't spontaneously faint or something, but she clearly wanted to go search with the others. Knowing that another Pokémon may be injured sent her straight into sympathetic concern.
The Meowstic gave a mock salute as her Lieutenant water blasted off, spraying her in a soft mist of water. She turned around and saw that Cherry had just arrived, nodding to her. "I know many things, knowing many things can help save lives as is my duty." She said proudly before turning to Astra.

"Cherry and I will go seek out the culprit and we'll keep an eye out for Daniel." She said, nodding to Astra as she unfurled her ears, closing her eyes and sending out a Psychic wave hoping to sense anybody nearby. Her wave noticed a small pokemon nearby, hidden behind some rocks as she folded her ears and opened her eyes. She pointed at the nearby boulder. "Over there, I think I found your Medic, Cherry go and check them out." She said, once again adjusting her beret ontop of her hair.
Cherry nodded her head in compliance, she made her way over to the rock and jumped over from one end of it to another getting the drop on the Pokemon"your not the medic" she said a distraught, she then looked at the young kangaskan and noticed a green bag"huh, Daniel?!" She shouted confused at why he would hide behind a rock iwhen his comrades were close by"Tammie! Nice job we found the other medic!"Cherry smiled knowing half her mission was complete
The baby Pokémon gulped the moment when he soon realized that his location was compromised, as he took a deep breath and placed his left hand as firmly as he could on the ground. He did not seem to take into account that all that was needed to find him was a simple wave of psychic energy capable of sensing other nearby Pokémon. After noting that the green, leafy bag of his was a big giveaway, he decided to give his best attempt at executing a move that he thought would be almost unusable in the state of his current body.

He took another deep breath and focused as much energy as he could, as a pale white ring appeared around his body. His body glimmered for a brief moment, before suddenly turning semitransparent under the warm sunlight after the ring disappeared seconds later. He decided to scamper away as fast as he could towards the lake, being extra careful with the works of his hands and feet being put to full use since the bag was a bit delicate. He hid under a tall tree while taking a silent breath, as his body was almost invisible due to the large shadow casting over his infantile body. He hid the bag in a small patch of grass on his right side, as he carefully lied in the patch in hopes that his scheme of sudden evasion would work.
Tammy frowned as she sensed energy from the boulder and saw something translucent slunk away. "Hey Astra, do you think that there's a chance that Daniel may have caused the Frozen Pokemon? I'm asking you as you're both medics..." She said as she pondered the current situation. Grabbing her beret and pressing it down on her head, she slowly made her way to Cherry and the boulder.

"Daniel, if you're out there, please come speak to us. We just want to know what happened" She shouted out towards the trees. Frowning, she sighed and said to Cherry. "Can you go after Daniel please?"
Daniel frowned when he heard the Meowstic yelling towards him, as he thought, “Should I really come clean or what... I’m not sure if she’s going to believe me... Maybe I should give it some time or something...”

He continued to stay hidden under the patch of grass while taking in a slow breath. He placed a intense amount of focus towards his hands while placing both of them on the ground in a firm manner. He took a deep breath and got out one of the empty leaves. He decided to etch some text on the large leaf after utilizing the tiny, delicate claws of his hands. After he was finished with his peculiar method of writing on the leaf, he deposited the leaf in the bottom area of his other leaves in his leafy bag.

Upon closer inspection before the leaf was placed in his bag, the etched area of the leaf read:

If you wish to discuss this matter with me, come to the marsh when the moon hits. Do not bring anyone or disclose anything to anyone at all. This is between you and me only. (The cat Pokémon with psychic abilities.)