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Ask to Join The Rainbow Society— Romance RP

Aquilles looked to find the source of the voice that called him a "blue crab", reasonably short on patience. When he found it was a young Torchic, he stared down at it as he towered over the small Fire-type chick Pokemon, slightly appalled.
"First of all, 'Mack', I recommend rethinking what you just said. Take a look at me and call me a crab a second time." As he said this, he lifted his titanic cannon pincer into the air, presenting his whole, comparably smaller body to the Torchic. "Second of all, you must be new. I'd be the Lieutenant of the Rainbow Society, Aquilles the Clawitzer. And those-" He pointed at Chervil and Sebastian with his small arm. "Are Sebastian the Dragonair and Commander Chervil the Serperior of the Society. It's only polite not to come running up to another Pokemon calling them something like 'blue crab'. It'd be like me calling the Commander 'grass thing'. If I did that, I'd be halfway to the moon by now."

Though he was still a bit high-strung from the fight, and the concept of an invader, Aquilles found himself cooling down whilst talking to the tiny Torchic. However, it was obviously new to the Society, and as a consequence, was quite unfit to deal with the current situation. Using his large pincer, he formed a divide between the Torchic and the sight of the fallen Ursaring, shielding it from view.
"Thirdly, that Ursaring is none of your current business. The situation has been dealt with, and we're deciding on what to do with him. For now, though, you can move along and go back to town. Do you happen to have a rank here, Mack? Or are you simply a civilian?"
Daniel aroused from his brief nap while giving off a quiet yawn. The first thing he noticed was a tight grip on his body. To his surprise when his eyes opened, he noticed a famliar Dewott keeping him held against her body.

“Hello there little one, or should I say Daniel. I saw you changing forms there for a second when I came for a break,” The Dewott stated while the infantile Pokémon screamed as loudly as he could!

The baby Pokémon emitted an ear-piercing cry and slammed his body against the Dewott! The Dewott staggered to her feet, as Daniel was released a split second later.

“U- urgh! Can’t you stay still for once?” Diana growled while rushing after the young Pokémon.

Daniel took a deep breath and released a harsh gust of chilly air from his mouth to the sky, causing bits of hail to rain down from above!

“Umm... I’m not sure if the weather guy said it was going to be snowing or anything,” Annie said to herself while glancing over the window before continuing to read her book and sip on her stone cup of water.
Eden observed the snow falling down from the sky, distant, while taking a stroll in the hot springs. He had hopped to take a dip to warm himself up; now that it was cold enough to snow, he knew he could risk hyperthermia. Nevertheless, the meowstic was determined to venture himself further into the hot springs, to find the source of this weather out of curiosity. He believed it was a pokemon attack that created this— it was pretty obvious it was unnatural after all this warm weather.
Daniel quickly waddled past the other Pokémon while ignoring the shards of ice falling against his firm shell. Diana continued to chase the baby Pokémon, while not realizing that someone else was headed into the hot springs. The Dewott attempted to scoop Daniel in her arms, though the young Pokémon rolled over to avoid being taken by the Dewott.

Daniel took a deep breath, jumped as high as he could and blasted the ground with a beam of ice! Diana immediately stopped in her tracks when the area was blocked off by a small, thin wall of ice.

Utilizing the brief amount of time bought by the young Pokémon, he decided to transform himself into a small, ursine Pokémon. However, unlike the typical Pokémon recently changed into, his nose appeared to not be runny upon closer inspection.

“I can still see through that ice! Get back here you little baby bear!” Diana commanded while using the blades of her scalchops to shatter the ice wall at lightning speed!

The bear Pokémon whimpered and darted away from the pursuing Dewott! A quick thought made the young Pokémon realize that his movements were much quicker in a hailstorm. Noting his newly gained asset, the little Pokémon decided to scurry through the pass... until suddenly, he bumped into the Clawitzer!

A feeble cry came from Daniel, as he attempted to make a break for the town in hopes that the Clawitzer would not notice the young Pokémon.
Mack looked confused at the Clawitzer. He didn't expect such a stern answer, and he wasn't too familiar with it. "Woah, woah WOAH! You my friend, need to take an Ice Ball, because you are way too serious! First off, I don't think you should take the 'blue crab' thing too serious. I'm no Pokemon expert, so i just call others, by what they look like! Second, I think the Ursaring should be public, as it would calm the people of the village, or at least come up with a decent lie. Last, for your INFORMATION, I am a blueblood right now, and I think that confusing me for your average civilian, is like confusing Arceus, for a bidoof.", the Torchic protested, as he firmly planted his feet in the ground, as if he was ready for a battle.
Eden heard Daniel's tantrum as he ran towards the sound, only to end up next to a massive clawitzer. Hot! He squeaked, backing away a few steps. Eden didn't want to believe a pokemon that big and blinding could have been the source of the cries; they sounded way too juvenile. Maybe the pokemon he was looking for ran away? He stood very still, staring at Aquilles like if he was an monster from an other planet.
"I'm glad you enjoyed talking to me, as much as I did talking to you." Vladimir responded, with a smile.

He held the Espeon's paw gently and shook his hand.
"Til' next time, my friend!"
And with that, the young Pangoro waved goodbye, and disappeared into the forest.
He waved goodbye to Vladimir as he disappeared into the forest. Once he was out of sight Nilon continued to go back to what he originally wanted to do.

After buying the things that he wanted at the store he went straight to Sakura Valley and sat under the nearest tree. He took out a wooden sword and began decorating it with the gems that he recently brought from the store.
Aquilles was completely appalled at the tiny Torchic's retort. Before he could respond, however, a Cubchoo plowed directly into him. Fortunately for Aquilles, the collision did nothing but get his attention; he hardly budged from his spot. The Cubchoo, however, panicked and ran off towards the town, presumably scared of the Clawitzer. Aquilles squinted as it fled, noting its lack of a drippy nose, but disregarded it and turned his attention back to the Torchic. He floated higher, towering over the tiny fire chick by many feet, his claw so large in comparison that he could simply close it and end the small thing's life.
"Ok, now you're just being rude. I usually don't like parading my rank around because it makes me feel like a stuck-up, but if it's the only thing that will make you keep your mouth shut, then I will. You will NOT address your superior in such a rude fashion, especially at a time like this. That Ursaring is none of the town's concern, and for the sake of preserving the peace and keeping the citizens from worry, I refuse to disclose it to them. And if you know what's good for you AND for them, you will do the same. Blueblood or not, you are out of line here, Mack, and for your own sake I suggest you return to the town safely before I send you there myself and await your duties from there."

Aquilles hated talking down to the Torchic the way he was. It made him feel like he was being abusive, even a bully. But his patience had worn thin. After the shenanigans of the day prior, Aquilles was looking forward to a day of peace and calm, but instead was greeted with an angry Ursaring who attempted to attack members of the Society; A decently high ranked member, no less. The sudden appearance and rude tone of the laughably smaller Blueblood Torchic did not make his day better, especially after he specifically gave an order to surrounding members of the Society not to get involved. Mack was going to need to leave the premises for the time being, and talking down unto him was the best way Aquilles sought to make that happen.
Mack was determined to be a part of the whole investigation, since he hated to feel second in command, or feel like he has nothing he can do. Mack knew that the giant blue sea animal was a much higher rank than him, and he still stood up to him. Realizing what he had done, the Torchic finally caved in to accept that he HAD to leave this up to higher authority, for now...
“As I said before, you need to chill amigo. If it’ll make you feel better I’ll leave, maybe attack a tree or something. Just know that the public should always get a piece of what’s going on, or enough so they don’t feel worried. That’s all I’m saying... oh and if it ever crossed your mind, don’t think I’m afraid of you just because you’re a water type. I’d stand up to anyone, because I always have a say in everything, whether that’s a good or bad thing.” Mack said, trying his best to sound professional. He realized that this Pokémon was what one would call intimidating, and started on his way to the village. “Oh, before I go, just wanted to say, I have no idea what you are, so don’t feel offended by the “blue crab” thing. I honestly think you should feel a bit more confident in your boss, and not say that you’d be in trouble for a name.. but that’s my opinion... have a wonderful day now!” Mack said, before disappearing into the forest.
Aquilles watched Mack run off, mere seconds from sending him off personally with a Hydro Pump. However, he retrained the thought and turned his attention back to the Ursaring. Shooting the Torchic wouldn't really help anything, and it would only succeed at making matters worse for both of them, albeit especially worse for the Torchic. The Blueblood's gall to talk to Aquilles the way it did irritated the Clawitzer beyond belief, but it wasn't worth attacking him over. Besides, Aquilles knew he needed to keep his temper under control, even if others were acting childish. It was his responsibility, and he was determined to keep his maturity on the forefront of his mind so he could maintain that responsibility.

He turned back to the Ursaring, using his large claw to flip it over onto its back for inspection. He wasn't entirely sure what to do with it, or even why it was here to begin with. If matters required such, however, Aquilles was perfectly capable of removing the Ursaring from the island premises, forcefully or not, should they need the bear Pokemon gone sooner rather than later.
“Stop right there little bear! You can’t be running from me like that!” Diana shouted while attempting to grab Daniel once she caught up with his speedy pace.

The baby Pokémon continued to utilize his quick movements gained from the hailstorm, though it appeared to be that his swift speed could not easily outrun an evolved Pokémon. He soon found himself attempting to break free from Diana’s tough grip after she seized him a few seconds later.

“Man, can he just stay still for once?” Diana muttered to herself after picking up the feeble growl from the young Pokémon. She noticed the ice bear Pokémon attempting to claw her arms, though it turned into a brief session of kicking the Dewott’s chest a minute later once the baby Pokémon realized his paws lacked any sort of nails or claws.

“What’s wrong? Out of those power berries already?” Diana goaded while noting the ursine Pokémon’s clean nose.
Eden quickly jumped into a bush and out of sight, seeing as the clawitzer didn’t notice him; the air between Mack and Aquilles was awfully tense and he didn’t want to disturb them for fear of getting crushed by both. He ran to the village, grabbed a few objects at his house and sat down on a bench under a tree to shelter him from the snow. After he was comfortable enough, he started braiding some fake rose paper stalk to make a thorn crown and listened to the sounds of the village’s street...

Poyo sighted, cracking his back as he got up. Everything hurts... He thought, as he swallowed the last piece of berry Mack gave him. I have to do something to avoid focusing on the pain...
He wished they (the higher authorities) would let him help them for big cases such as the ursaring, but the big jobs were only handled by high ranks.
Oh well, the battle must be over now— I should go ask my superiors if they need me, maybe they’ll have something for me to do... He started walking towards the ancient battle scene, were he hoped the high ranks had stayed.
Leon gingerly picked his way through the lush, golden terrain of Gilded Pass. His tail swayed horizontally, ruffling leaves on the forest floor, as he felt a blissful feeling swell in him to be in the place he admires. The smooth tranquillity the forest held was calming. Dew-laden grass fronds rubbing against his legs and the soft stirring of small Pokemon. He enjoyed the scenery. For the Luxio, the lake located at the centre was his favourite quality. He planned on heading there to fish up a meal.

The Luxio strained his ears against the sound of the rustling forest to hear the faint lapping of water. The lake. He picked up his pace from a trot as he eagerly pelted through the hedges and skidded to the bank of the lake. Upon arrival at the large body of water, he heaved in a breath, prepping himself to fish. First, he sat down, enjoying the scenery. The way light danced at the surface of the water was enrapturing to the Luxio. It reminded him of little sparks glimmering at the top.
Now deep into the forest, Vladimir wanted to take some time for himself to reflect and contemplate. And so, he made his way through the luminous forest, until he had arrived at his favorite area - Mirror Plane. Just the sight of the beautiful, tranquil fields and the dazzling sky caught his eye, like it did everytime he came.

He then climbed up his favorite hill, until he reached the top. He sat down with his legs crossed, and his hands settled on his knees. From where he sat, he had an astounding view of the calm waters, lush grassfields dancing the rhythm of the soft wind.

"It gets more and more beautiful every time." He said to himself.

He slowly closed his eyes and rekindled his senses. From the outside, he looked like a statue. Still, and lost in thoughts, all alone.

Boomer was exercising at the Gilded Pass. He loved that place so much. He thought, "Maybe I should go meet the others on this island. Since then I can show off my friendliness." So then he went on, walking away from the Gilded Pass.
"Maybe Mirror Plane?" he said. He looked around to check for any people at that place. He said, "Anybody here?" He had hoped to see some new people.
"Let's try a little later." he said.
As he was on his way, Poyo took a detour to enjoy the scenery. He was happy to observe the landscapes around him, even if the one he was looking at (mirror planes) wasn’t his favorite. Completely sucked in his observation, he failed to notice Boomer in front of him, and bumped right into him with a bang. “Ah!” He fell on his bottom, getting up and rubbing it to get rid of the pain. The dewott looked back at Boomer with a nervous glare. “S-Sorry!”
Leon recollected his memories of fishing and drew in a deep breath of the fresh air. Keep your shadow off the water, paw poised to swipe for the catch, never put- he cut himself off as the back of a Magikarp rendered near the surface. Deftly, the Luxio dashed his hooked claws into the water, at the same time electrocuting the catch to weaken it. In a clumsy and some-what frantic mistake, he dropped the catch onto land.
It flopped ever now in then as it was on the verge of death before falling limp after a while.

"Sorry little guy." He mumbled before gently grasping it between his jaws. it dangled and carried a tempting aroma but he supposed he should carry it back to camp first. The catch made a triumphant feeling swell inside of him. I hope no Gyarados gets offended. He thought, chuckling half nervously to himself.
“Gah! That burns!” Diana cried after Daniel punched her with a force of chilly ice!

The ursine Pokémon managed to slip through Diana’s arms after her grip loosened up, as he made a break for town!

“Get back here right now young bear!” Diana shouted while charging at the fleeing Cubchoo like a raging Tauros!

There was no response from the baby Pokémon, as he decided to take a sharp turn back into the pass after getting enough distance away from the Dewott. The hailstorm ceased a brief moment later, as the little Pokémon hid in a small patch of tall grass soon after. Thinking that the young Pokémon scurried into the streets, Diana swiftly made her way into town; hoping she could find the Pokémon she was after.
After a while of walking in the woods, Mack finally reached town, and then realized: he didn’t know what to do. There was nobody around to talk to, and nobody around to battle. For once in his life, Mack had a reason to be quite. “Ugh, this is just great, now that all the action’s over, there’s nothing to do! No enemies to fight, no mysteries to solve, no blue crabs to-“ Mack said, seeing a familiar Diglett, digging a new whole. Obviously there was nothing else to do, so Mack went to investigate what Don was doing...
Seeing Aquilles tell off the Blueblood was not a particularly comfortable experience, but Chervil had come to understand him over the many years they had known eachother; he was stern, but not mean, and he was undoubtedly loyal. Sometimes, she doubted that she should be Commander in his place- but, that was why she had chosen him as her leiutenant, in the end.

"Bluebloods are young," remarked the Commander, shaking her head while healing hersel up with Synthesis. "They often do not know their boundaries. I must see to it that they are being trained properly." she sighed. Her aureolin gaze held disapproval at the Blueblood's rudeness, but she was grateful for Aquilles' usual professionalism in the situation.
Leo trudged on with the catch between his maw, holding his head up high to prevent it from dragging in the dirt. He pondered what would be best to do with the Magikarp. Should I trade it, share it, or eat it... His face furrowed thoughtfully. A faint feeling of guilt built in him as he found himself steering towards the last option the most. He shook the thoughts off she decided to worry about it later. He would prefer making it to camp first.

The Luxio felt relief waft through him as the view of the island's town rendered into his vision. He eagerly bounded across a bridge linking the forest to the town, making his way to the camp dotted in many beautifully structured homes, embellished in painted designs.
While Diana continued to search the city for Daniel, the baby Pokémon continued to sprint in the opposite direction from the city. Suddenly, he bumped into a Serperior! The young Pokémon fell face first and attempted to get back on his feet before realizing that he was right next to the commander of the society. After swiftly noting the groomed impression of the serpentine Pokémon, Daniel decided to make a run for camp.

“Oh my god! Please tell me that she didn’t notice!” Daniel thought while not seeming to realize that he was back at his normal pace after the hailstorm was over.
After a while, it seemed to have finally clicked. After minutes on intense focus, the young Pangoro found his center. The bamboo leaf held in his mouth began to glow a soft white. In his mind, he was completely at one with nature. He was one with both the trees and grass, as he felt the wind's soft embrace. He was one with the tranquil waters. He felt his spirit gently flow. He thought he had heard a noise, from the outside. Almost like a voice. But, he ignored it. He thought that his meditation was of greater importance.

Meditation was akin to a 'secret technique' among Vladimir's kind. Using the bamboo leaves they carry in their mouths, they can tap in to what Vladimir called the 'Spirit Realm'. Here, he can become a medium for the spirits, and communicate with the spirits themselves. It takes much time and practice to master, but is a very useful skill simultaneously.

Having felt he had spent enough time in the Spirit Realm, Vladimir opened his eyes to the dazzling scenery of Mirror Plane. He yawned.

"Bedtime." Vladimir sighed.

And so, Vladimir stood up, and decided to walk back to Gilded Pass, where his home was located. However, he purposefully walked quite slowly, so that he could soak up the beautiful landscape of Mirror Plane as much as he possibly could.
As he sat on a chair, Eden’s eyes twitched around his room— the curtains where pulled, his only source of light being a small space-themed kid lamp. There were quite a few books he could read if he wanted to and the ambience was perfect for sleep; however, he regretted having ran into his home the moment he had seen danger and was getting awfully curious of the outside world.
He jumped from his chair and grabbed a few things — four berries, a book, an amulet — which he shoved into a bag before opening the door. The moment he took a step outside the light blinded him a little, forcing him to squint— he took a berry out of his bag and started chewing on it as he walked into the forest, wondering what was happening in there.
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Mack slowly worked his way down the tunnel, wondering what anyone would be doing down there. He noticed that the walls... transitioned from one design to another. Almost as if they weren’t by Don at all... he continued to go down the tunnel as he realized that it was surrounded in various crystals. One sky blue crystal stood out to Mack, so he grabbed it, and placed it in his necklace “A Sky Crystal, perfect for my peck” Mack said to himself, being cautious to not make a huge commotion.
Eden dashed in the forest and stoped in front of a hole— a little bit more and he would’ve fallen right into it! It was particular; after further notice, the meowstic concluded it was a tunnel entrance. Eden decided he might as well take advantage that no high ranks were around to stop him as he jumped into the hole, curious to investigate. He saw a blazing, glowing and distant figure that was already far into the tunnel; he ran towards it (Mack), silent, and finished his first berry in a single gulp.
Leon slumped down beside the river dividing his town and Gilded pass from each other. With a heave, he pressed his unsheathed claws into the Magikarp and began feasting on it. The town seemed to be isolated at the moment and he knew he wasn't bound to get any deals so figured he should fill himself up on it instead. The Luxio was now fervent to explore as what seems the other Pokemon were occupied with doing. He bounded from his meal, with scraps and remains still left behind, and pranced through the town, planning his directions to Fuschia Marsh.
After Daniel realized that some of the other Pokémon were likely in the area Daniel was heading towards, he decided to make his way back towards the pass. Once he reached a particular area that no Pokémon wandered off towards, he removed the small patch of grass.

From there, he stepped down into the hole and carefully arranged the patch to have it blend it with the surrounding environment on the surface. He carefully tiptoed his way past the armed spikes placed a day ago while walking towards the small boulder once he slunk past the trap.

He took a lengthy breath, as his hands flashed for a split second. A surge of strength and utmost vigor filled his body, as he slowly pushed the dense rock with ease. The rock was carefully pushed back into place once the baby Pokémon was inside the hideout.

The young Pokémon decided to grab his bag without having to lift an arm after transforming into a familiar, cerebral Pokémon. Once the infantile Pokémon had a good grip on his bag with his mastered mental work, he decided to warp over to a place near an entrance of what seemed to likely be a cavern of some sort.

Sensing the presence of other Pokémon in the cave, the baby Pokémon took a deep breath for a brief moment. A white orb appeared on his right hand, as it was slowly directed towards the top of his oblong head in a careful manner. Once the tip of the orb touched his head, his body slowly faded away from visual perception until he was invisible to the naked eye a minute later.

After his body was no longer visible, he decided to float over into the cavern like a raccoon creeping past a Class V system. He decided to hide behind a small pile of stalagmites when he picked up the sight of another Pokémon scurrying past him at the last second.
After a while, Vladimir had finally reached his home in Gilded Pass. It was deep into a mountain, masked with lush, green grassfields and bamboo trees. His home was a simple cave, with a boulder for a door. While his home looked quite plain from the outside, it's exterior was quite vibrant, decorated with many bright coloured oriental souvenirs, quite big furniture (to comply with the Pangoro's bulky build) , and carpets.

After entering his humble abode, he walked through until he had reached the other side, greeted by another round boulder. After rolling it aside, he was greeted to a 'backyard' like area, on a cliff, with a small spring, and a fantastic view. He sat, cross legged, still, and tranquil. He was at complete piece with his surroundings.