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Ask to Join The Rainbow Society— Romance RP

At this point, Vladimir wasn't quite sure what to do. The Commander and her allies clearly had the situation under control, but he felt restless being idle, knowing that his friends were in possible danger.

In the end, he decided that the best thing for him to do was to go back to Town and make sure things were running smoothly. In the worst case scenario, he would be there to protect the people if the intruder somehow got past. He hoped that it would never come to that.

And so, he made his way to the hustling and bustling Town.
Realizing the Diglett who had gotten him out of a jam had fainted, Mack knew that he had to help him. Without thinking, Mack quickly pushed the Diglett far away from the battle scene, and nearby tree. He knew he had to act fast, so he went up a tree and retrieved a couple sitrus berries. While this would heal the Diglett, Mack knew it meant nothing if he couldn’t revive him first “Revive, that’s it! Good thing I always carry spares!” The Torchic said as he retrieved a star-like object from a tree and put it on the Diglett. He could only hope it would work...
Don after swallowing the object tossed a bit and opened his eyes. "Wha?"
His eyes focused and he saw a torchic. He straightened it up. Who was that torchic? He thought
He then remembered. It was the torchic who got trapped in the arena trap earlier. He remembered that he fainted using memento on usaring.
He ate the berries the torchic handed him and felt instantly better.
"Thanks for that." Don said. "What's your name? I'm Don."
As Sebastian yanked the Ursaring around like a puppet, Aquilles lifted his enormous pincer into the air and prepared to strike. He looked over to Chervil, then back to Sebastian, who was still wrestling the Ursaring. When the bear Pokemon hit the ground, Aquilles roared and jumped into range of his attack, seizing the first opportunity he had to land a blow on the distracted intruder.

As the claw rose into the air, streams of water began to surround it, compressing against the pincer forcefully. As soon as his attack was prepared, Aquilles let his titanic claw slam down at full force into the Ursaring, unleashing his signature battle-ending strike: Crabhammer.

Aquilles had only used Crabhammer against Pokemon about 6 times outside of training as a Clawitzer, and once as a Clauncher. Four of those strikes completely missed his opponent, and the last three made different kinds of contact. One had slammed into the ground and sent his opponent flying, and another had simply grazed his target, but it was enough to end the fight. Only a single time had Aquilles ever directly landed a Crabhammer on his opponent in a true battle, and that attack was more than plenty to end the Pokemon's resistance. As well as its ability to walk. The attack had been used against a Breloom who found pleasure in tormenting the younger Pokemon of a marshland isle, and when Aquilles told the mushroom Pokemon off, had attacked him to try to prove its might. Aquilles was forced to use Crabhammer to end the battle after the Breloom turned to start attacking the younger Pokemon, and end the fight he did. Safe to say the Breloom wouldn't be causing much harm from his impact crater.

This Ursaring was a notable threat. Powerful and noticeably determined, Aquilles could tell that the intruder had no intention of letting up any time soon. So, in order to bring that end about sooner, and to return peace to the Society, the Lieutenant performed his duty and brought the attack down upon the invader.
"Augh! She's gonna keep going until I give up! I gotta stop this right now!" Daniel thought while diving into a bush to evade an X-shaped slash that would of caused a gash in his chest had he reacted a split second later.

"Gosh, even with that orange berry... transforming really does take a toll I guess," Daniel said in his mind while attempting to shift his body's shape as he could before the purpleheart got to him.

About a quarter of a minute later after managing to nail the mask's details, Daniel floated out of the bush as a shadow-like Pokémon.

"Ta-ta otter, good luck finding me when no one else can't," The spirit Pokémon boasted before levitating several feet above ground level and moving away from the Dewott.

Unknowingly to the little Pokémon however, it appeared to be that he was heading straight for the scene of combat between several Pokémon and an Ursaring.
Realizing that this "Don" fellow has awoken, Mack felt a sigh of relief. "Don't mention it! Mack's my name, and fire's my game!" Mack said enthusiastically. He hadn't seen anyone in a while, so it was nice to talk to someone, even if it was just a Diglett. "So Don, would you mind telling me... WHAT THE [BEEP] JUST HAPPENED?!?!" Mack yelled at the top of his voice. He had begun to realize what had happened, and started to panic.
"I don't know." Don responded. "Some ursaring appeared and he duked it out with the leader, the leader's boyfriend and the deputy. There was some shenanigans I heard above ground so I checked it out. I tried to trap it and hit it with a sludge bomb, but both those failed. I then thought that the best way I could help was when I used memento and weaken the ursaring." He took a breath after his spiel.
"Even with the aura sphere and memento, it's still putting up a solid fight." Don said in the distance. "I think the best thing to do is to go to town and tell everyone that there's no threat, that way they don't get interrupted again. What do you think?"
Mack began to think. If we go back to town and tell everyone, less people will get hurt... But, if I stay here, I might be able to help!. Mack thought to himself. That's when the light bulb went on Mack's head. " OK Don, I think I have a plan. You will go to town and tell them not to interfere, but I think there's a way we can stop the Ursaring from doing any harm. If you could dig a hole, and put leaves over it, we could make a trap." Mack looked around at the tress, and went back to talking. "If I know anything about Ursaring, I know that they love a good berry. So I'll gather the berries from the forest and put them over the trap as the perfect bait... away from the town of course! What do you say?" Mack asked the Diglett, confident that the plan would work, and he would be able to show off to the other Pokémon.
"Uh, I don't think this will work. " Don will be skeptical. "Anyone with half a brain wouldn't fall for it but sure. What is there to lose?"
Don dug downwards and drew a big hole in the dirt. He then removed the soil to form a pit.
"Here is the pit!" He yelled. I need you to get the berries now.
"Ok thank you SO much Don! I'm SURE that this'll work! Even if it doesn't, I'll make sure to take the whole blame!" Mack said in a reassuring manner. "OK, you go to tell the people in town not to get mixed up in this, since we don't need anyone else fainting." the Torchic said in a laughing matter, as he headed towards the forest for berries.
Don slipped into the ground and left the torchic alone. He went underground and slipped past the conflict undetected. He went into the town square.
"Attention." He said. Nobody noticed. He cleared his throat. "Attention!" He yelled.
The entire town looked at the stub in the ground. He looked a bit unnerved with all of those people near him.
"There is a conflict happening outside town." Don explained. "Please don't go near the leader and her deputy and the moment. You might get hurt."
Everyone registered what he said and continued with their day.
Phew. Don thought. That could have gone a lot worse.
With Don doing his part, Mack collected every berry that would relax an Ursaring. Razz, Sitrus, Oran, and even some Nanab berries. Mack thought to himself. He gathered the berries behind the trap, so when Papa Bear over there noticed, he would be too distracted to notice the trap. Now that the easy part was finished, it would be time for the hard part, calling the bear over. Mack thought, and thought of how he would cause enough commotion to get the threat anywhere near where he was. Until however, Mack saw a decently long stick an had and "sparked" and idea.
Once he had made his way to town square he heard chatters and whispers about a supposed Digglet coming here at an earlier time to warn the people about the battle currently occuring in Gilded Pass. He sighed in relief.

"Now let's see how I can be of assistance..."

Vladimir then strolled through the town, performing menial tasks such as helping the elderly carry their loads, and occasionally playing with children. The townspeople seemed to enjoy his presence in the area.
Meanwhile, Chervil has stayed silent, concentrating heavily upon her opponent’s movements- it was well known that the Commander did not have too much of an affinity for head on, intense combat, but was rather one to set up her power and strike with one blow. She had charged a Solar Beam and was circling around the Ursaring, performing multiple Swords Dances in case a large amount of power was suddenly needed. Her concentrated yellow eyes stayed viciously fixed on the tresspassed- Sebastian furiously wrestling the beast, and Aquilles using a move that she was sure she had not seen him use all too often.
Sebastian saw Aquilles unleash the move he hadn't seen used quite often: Crabhammer. The Dragonair quickly backed away from the Ursaring who, after being slammed into the earth, had just begun to get up. Suddenly, the bear Pokemon saw a large claw glowing brightly being brought down with amazing speed upon him. Not having enough time to react, the Ursaring was slammed back into the ground, fissures branching out from the point of impact. The smoke cleared moments later, revealing the bear Pokemon, defeated and unconscious. Sebastian slithered toward the fainted Ursaring and looked at the others, a determined look on his face. "Get Astra! We need to heal him and take him far from the borders." Although Sebastian didn't have the biggest fondness for intruders in the Society, he didn't want to leave them in critical condition once they were out.
Unfortunately, before Mack could put his plan into play, the other Pokemon were able to solve the issue without him. "Oh, that was fast... What do I do with all these berries?" Mack pondered to himself. It was far too many berries than what he could eat. The only thing that came to mind was giving them to the town people. So, he grabbed a basket, and went off on his merry way to the town, and hand out the berries. Once he arrived, he noticed there was a commotion. Odd Mack thought to himself, but nevertheless he left the basket in the center of town and started handing them out.
Poyo had heard what Don said, about not going near the fight; but he was too curious nonetheless and had ran all the way from the square just to catch a glimpse of the battle.
As he ran, he looked straight foward, unaware of the big hole on his path. Once he reached it he gasped as the ground disappeared under his feet and fell down the hole with a loud shriek.
The otter Pokemon hit the ground undamaged but nervously laid there, confused about the situation and annoyed he was missing the fight. What a conveniently placed hole, he thought as he got up. He looked around for any exit.
“... Hello?”


Previously TheJustinMan
As Frosty floated along, he heard a voice say”...Hello?”. He was a bit close to a battle, but didn’t understand where the voice was coming from. “Yes? I heard you! Where are you? You need help?” Frosty asked back. He was unaware of the giant gaping hole in the ground, and kept looking for where the voice had come from.
"H-Here! Over here!" Poyo squeaked, trying to get the pokemon's attention. "I'm in the big hole, over here! I can't get out! Help!"
He was starting to mildly freak out because he strongly believed that if one of his superviser or Don were to find him in here they'd be very mad at him for coming that near to the battle. The last thing he wanted was the angry gaze of his supervisors when they discover what happened; they were like idols to him, fighting evil and bringing justice to his town. He couldn't let them be disappointed in him. Then again, maybe he wouldn't have to worry about that if he followed the rules...


Previously TheJustinMan
Frosty looked in the hole the voice was coming from to see Don. “Oh, you fell? Let’s see...” Frosty said, then making a staircase of ice. “I would let you get on me, but you’d probably freeze to death if you touched me. This should do.” Frosty said, waiting for the Dewott to get out of the hole. “Man, I wonder how he got down there!” Frosty thought.
"T-Thanks!" He said, carefully choosing his step as he walked on the staircase. When he finally arrived on top, a little out of breath, and made sure he wasn't walking on ice anymore, his nervous gaze turned towards Frosty. "I'm so sorry you had to make this super-awsome staircase just to let me out! If it drained too much energy, I'd gladly give you some berries! It's the least I can do!"
Once Mack was finished handing out the berries, he sat down and started realizing what had happened... “I had a pretty good trap, it had bait, a lure, and even a big hol-“ Mack said to himself. Realizing he left the hole wide open for anything to fall in, he ran as fast as he could to where he left it (or at least as fast as he could on two chicken legs). When he arrived, he saw a Dewott and a Cryagonal, right next to the hole. “Is everyone alright?!? I’m probably in a hole lot of trouble, aren’t I?”
The dewott stared at the torchic as if he was a ghost, trying to understand who the hell he was and what he had to do with the hole, but his pun made him giggle. Why am I laughing? it's not even that funny, he thought as he addressed to Mack: "Yeah, we're fine... Are you the one who made the hole?"
“Well, technically I wasn’t the one who made the hole, but the hole and everything that it caused is my fault...” Mack said replying to the Dewott. He looked inside the hole and realized how deep it was. “I can imagine it left you with a sinking feeling, but you seem to be safe because of this is Cryagonal... cool” Mack said, making sure to be as punny as possible.
The otter pokemon giggled once again. "Ah- it did, actually..." Poyo said while thinking of a good pun to use. "It left me very hollow."
After a few seconds he realised the word he used was pretty depressing and nervously blabbered "Nah I'm just joking around; I'm fine!"
He looked away, flustered he had made an idiot of himself in front of Mack. "Can you show me the way to the village, please? I'm a little bit lost now."
“Of course, the village is over this way, south of where we are now” Mack said, pointing in the direction with is beak. “Actually, do you mind doing me a favor? I’ve been itching for a fight ever since the Ursaring, and I would LOVE to have one with you... What do you say?” Mack asked the Otter
"What?" Well, that caught him by surprise. A fight? In the beginning, what he wanted was to see a fight, not to take part of it. He shook his head, trying to empty his brain of thoughts. He needed the training. "Y- Yeah..." He said, not very loudly. He continued with a louder determined tone. "-- You know what, yeah, Okay! I need the training anyways; where would you like to fight?"
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“AHA, I like your spirit kid!” Mack said, relieved that he would be able to show off his skills. “I think that place on the top of the hill would be nice, away from any trees... or holes” Mack said giggling, as he slowly marched to The hilltop
If there was one thing Vladimir wasn't good at, it was being decisive. After he had helped all the people he could, there was seemingly nothing else left to do. All he could think about was the fight with the Ursaring. Perhaps if he'd been there earlier, maybe he would've...

"Snap out of it!" Vladimir cried, slapping himself with his giant fist, realizing that he was blaming himself over something he had little control over in the first place.
"Perhaps I just need to take a walk. To clear my head.." He concluded.

And so, he waved goodbye to all the townspeople and disappeared into the forest.
Don watched everything from a distance. He saw the dewott fall into his trap, the cryogonal help him out and that torchic, Mack was his name? He wanted a friendly battle against the dewott. He sighed and dug downwards into his tunnel. He wanted to practice his trapping skills that way that didn't happen again. When he looked at his great tunnels, he got reminded of the fact that he spent countless days making them. He knew it like the back of his, well...you get what I mean. He dug downwards and wanted to find a good rock that way he could practice trapping it.
"Bingo!" Don found a rock and moved it up to another pocket of earth. He concentrated.
After closing his eyes, an orange circle surrounded the rock and himself. Perfect.
Suddenly, he sneezed, causing the orange circle to rapidly increase and completely block of the pocket from the tunnel. He sighed. It was allergy season, and he hated allergies. They had often screwed up something he was trying to do.
Anyways, he dug downwards, taking the rock and wanted to find another room he could use. However, he found something else.
He found a huge tunnel leading seemingly out of nowhere. He did not build the tunnel and he knew that people could climb that to get to the island.
"Oh no." He said. "This is not good." He dug up, ditching the rock and headed towards the incapacitated ursaring.
“Ok then, I guess since we already know the rules we can start right now!” Maid said enthusiastically. “Since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll let you go first, but you are going to Dewott with it?” Mack asked, feeling maybe a bit overconfident...
"Heh." I don't get it, the dewott thought as he got into a battle position. The shells on his flank started to shine as he unsheathed them like swords, trying with every precaution to keep a stable and correct stance. He had trained this. He could do this. Without an other warning, the water-type pokemon dashed towards the torchic, his shells glowing, ready to slash him with them the moment he gets close enough. I'm water type, I have the advantage.


Previously TheJustinMan
Frosty noticed the two Pokémon leave, as well as another that was watching them. He didn’t feel abandoned, he was about to leave anyways. Frosty floated high in the sky to see the island. He saw the golden forest, the Mirror Plane. It made him feel happy. He then floated down, and headed toward the town.
“I bet I know what’s going through your mind right now, that you have the advantage... Well I’m here to prove you wrong!” Mack’s beak glowed, as he propelled it to counter the water scalchop in ominous closeness, he had to push, for every fire type out there!
Once Vladimir had found a nice, spacious area in the forest, he lay down and rested his head against a giant rock.
As he attempted to get comfy, he noticed something moving on a hill in the distance. After squinting his eyes, he managed to make out what looked like a Dewott dashing toward a small figure.

"Entertainment, is it?" He chuckled to himself.
"This should be very interesting to watch. Either that, or it'll bore me enough to put me to sleep..
it's a win-win for me either way."

And so, Vladimir relaxed himself and watched the battle from afar.
"Ah!" He backed away from the clash between his shells and his opponent's beak, hurt. After a few seconds of instability, he steadied himself on a rock and charged a water gun, measuring the space between him and Mack to make sure not to get hurt.
Mack knew he had to react fast, so he focused his energy and mind into a state of calmness, and he shot a powerful flamethrower, countering the water gun in a ray v. ray fashion... Once the two blasts had countered each other, Mack new it was time for a new spin... Mack balanced himself on his beak, and used peck in a circular motion, creating a spin peck... but that wasn’t all, he also charged up a flame charge for good measure, so now he was a spinning flame tornado, and it was headed straight to the Dewott...
"Oh- Oh my god..." Seeing the flaming tornado approaching, Poyo charged a water gun as fast and powerful as he could, then spitting it on the tornado. He reacted on instinct, for he didn't know anything as scary as a torchic spinning flame tornado. The otter pokemon silently regretted ever starting a fight but there he was nonetheless, and he might as well survive.
The Torchic felt the water gun impact him, and he sustained tons of damage from it... Luckily, he was able to keep his balance and charge a flame thrower in the tornado, and spread his attack on a wider field. I’d like to see him try and dodge this! Mack thought to himself