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Ask to Join The Rainbow Society— Romance RP

Aquilles streamed through the water like a torpedo, keeping close to the surface and looking down at the Pokemon below him. He took note of a specific group of Pokemon who were swimming in a school away from the island, and though they may not be part of the Society, Aquilles dove down to stop them anyway. With so many Pokemon around, it would be extremely difficult to inspect every one of them, especially without Astra or Tammy's psychic capabilities. But what he lacked in radar, he made up for with authority. And power.

The Clawitzer pointed back at the island with his smaller claw, ordering the school of smaller Pokemon to hightail it back towards the shore. Once they began to turn tail to swim back, Aquilles called out to other Pokemon in the area to follow the same instructions. When asked why he was declaring such action his reply was simple: "We're looking for someone."

Soon, most of the Pokemon who were about the area were holding back near the island. Aquilles wouldn't be capable of doing everything at once; searching for suspicious action and locking down the wild Pokemon at the same time. If one of the other Purplehearts could help contain the movement, Aquilles would be able to take care of finding Daniel either swimming away or hiding among the rest. But he couldn't do both.
Daniel peeked over his hiding area, only to see that most of the other Pokémon were heading back to the island. Not wanting to get involved with the Clawitzer after noticing a powerful sign of authority, Daniel decided to stay hidden in his hiding spot for a brief moment. Unfortunately however, some of the Pokémon appeared to be questioning the Clawitzer's order, as a Corsola enquired, "Well, who is this someone... and more importantly, why are we being forced to go back? It's not like we're trying to leave or anything. I'm just relaxing with my friends here for a bit."

After picking up the Corsola's slight protest, Daniel crept out of the patch of seaweed and swam away from the area as fast as he could without a second thought. Being with the crowd likely meant that he would get questioned by the others, likely including the Commander of the society. The small, shrimp Pokémon propelled himself through the saline water with in a swift manner. Care was taken to avoid colliding with the various branches of coral sticking out on the seafloor, for it could likely alert others nearby if he happened to be the unfortunate one crashing into an object. The little Pokémon continued to rush through the area, while hoping that he could reach a good distance away without detection.
"Walked right into it."

Aquilles' entire motivation for containing the other Pokemon would be that he'd single out any Pokemon who'd actively try to escape. If Daniel had made the right choice and fallen in with the rest, the RS would have to go through a tremendous amount of effort to question and check every one of the Pokemon in the area to determine if they were the culprit or not. Because of this, as soon as the other Pokemon had turned inward, the expanse of water was as barren as a treeless field. The tiny, fleeing shrimp was far too easily exposed as he tried to slip along the seafloor. The Lieutenant had laid a trap, and Daniel had fallen right for it.

Aquilles shot off like a bullet, or rather, a cannonball. The giant Clawitzer had the advantage not only in speed, but mobility, thanks to Daniel having picked a bad Pokemon for swimming. Clauncher's larger claw usually offset their swimming, making it difficult to swim in straight lines. Clawitzer, however, could propel water from the back of their howitzer-like pincer to rocket through water and land at up to 60 knots. There wasn't any easy way of getting past one in this open battleground.

Aquilles pursued the impersonation of his pre-evolution with a raging torrent forming behind him, created by the force of the water that propelled him forwards. The moment he was close enough to see its pupils, he slowed and released a disorienting Water Pulse in its direction, its intensity multiplied by the power of his enormous claw. So long as Aquilles could move his body, he'd bring about an ocean of fury unto anyone who dared disrupt the Society he pledged to protect, and unfortunately for Daniel, he laid right in the crosshairs of that oncoming storm.
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"Waaaauuuugggghhhh!" Daniel cried after being assaulted with a powerful pulse of water.

He staggered to his feet, swaying in little motions. He took a cautious breath while a white ring appeared around his feet, as he squalled while sniffling, "I- I'm sorry... b- but... I'm not going to the Commander if you're all going to chase me down to the end of the world!"

"I ran because I thought none of you would believe me if I said the truth! That spider attacked me yesterday while I was out last night to get some berries to make some medicine paste! He also assaulted me earlier today and got in my way an hour later when I was going to meet with a client of mine in need of a sitrus berry, so I had no choice but to fight! I- I'm s- so- so- sorry... i- if I- I didn't t- tell anyone e- ear- earlier! He was gonna call me a wimp and everything if I told someone!" Daniel declared while attempting to not let the stinging pain get the better of him.

"I- I can't believe it... I told him everything, but I need proof to finish this. I gotta get to my house without letting them see me if I can," Daniel thought while panting and shielding his face with his large claw.
Aquilles stopped himself from firing Water Pulse a second time, but he retained his aim nonetheless. Was he telling the truth? Lying his way out of harm? How could he tell if it was either?

Eventually, he decided it was best if he left the decision to the Chervil. Aquilles had done what he did best, but it wasn't his place to decide the fate of anyone unless given direct permission. And that was exactly what he lacked. His gut told him Daniel was lying, but it could very well be the truth, and his gut acting on the experiences of long ago, not what was at this moment. So, he took the only valid road he could. The middle road.
"You come with me back to Commander Chervil. You tell HER you're not lying. You get proper evidence, if you have any, but if I catch you going under our noses a second time, there WILL be a new mark on the moon, in the shape of your body, whatever it happens to be when I get my claws on you! Understand me?"
"Y- yes sir..." Daniel squealed while his voice quavered with utmost fright.

"I do have proof... but it's at my house. I left my bag in there since I thought the spider would take it from me!" Daniel cried while resisting the urge to fire off some pellets of compressed water.

"I don't know what to do... I can't have him coming in my house! He's gonna probably be even more suspicious when he finds out where I live!" Daniel thought while struggling to keep his trembling body under control.
Tammy snorted. "About time we caught this rascal. As much as I like running around chasing after a single pokemon, lets not do that again." She followed Aquilles to make sure Daniel was under check, one ear unfurled ready to take down Daniel if he attempted to run off.

"After all this is done, I propose a feast for a job well done, what do you think Lieutenant?"
Sebastian looked up as Aquilles Aqua "Jetted" away from view, Tammy following suit. "Huh. Looks like Aquilles managed to catch Daniel, from the looks of all this. It's probably best we follow, should Daniel try anything suspicious." He slithered after Aquilles and Tammy, trusting that Chervil would follow, but looking back to beckon her to tag along, just in case. Not that he couldn't argue with the evidence, the Dragonair was finding it hard to believe that it really was the medic's intention to attack that Ariados.
((Oh ok I guess we're on land now))

The Lieutenant led the still-transformed Daniel off, back towards the shoreline, waving and calling out to the other Pokemon that he had found who they were looking for, and they could go about their business. As they neared the docks, Aquilles continued from behind Daniel, forcing him up to the beach with his enormous claw pointed threateningly at him.
"Then you show the Commander, Daniel. You're going to go find the Commander, and you can bring us to your home from there. Then we'll talk about your evidence." His focus was so entirely trained on the Clauncher that he hardly registered Tammy's presence as they surfaced, and continued to miss her until she spoke to him. Without taking his eyes off Daniel, he replied to Tammy's sort-of-badly-timed statement, notable impatience in his tone of voice.
"Now's not the time for smart remarks, Purpleheart. We take care of Daniel, then we discuss trivial matters like a feast. We could very well have a spy in our midst, or even have found evidence of an incoming assault on the Rainbow Society, and you're concerned with food?"

It was quite obvious that Aquilles was 110% done with this situation. He'd spent the majority of the day rushing about the island, worried that they might be under siege or victim to espionage, when everything here could (according to Daniel) be easily cleared up with a simple explanation.

Sebastian was right on time to help, presumably with Chervil in tow. Using his enormous claw, he nudged Daniel forward towards the Dragonair, still more than prepared to attack at any moment.

"Sebastian. There may be more or less to this than we thought. Depends on what Daniel here has to say, and what he's got to prove. Where's the Commander?"
“W- why do you want to go to my house? C- can’t I just teleport there and get the thing for you? It’s from what I saw the spider throwing down near me when everything went black after he shot this weird needle thing...” Daniel whimpered while keeping his face covered with his claw.

“I don’t know what they’re gonna say if they see that rock note... they’ll probably panic or something...” Daniel thought while feeling his stomach full of Butterfrees a minute later.
Sebastian met up with Aquilles and shot a glance at Daniel, an eyebrow arched. "I thought as much. I doubt that this may have been on his own volition. Cher' followed behind me." He gestured to the Serperior behind him with his tail. "Your thoughts on what we should do, Chervil?" The Dragonair inquired curiously.
Chervil was indeed behind Sebastian, and she looked at Daniel with cold yellow eyes as he sputtered an explanation. For a moment, her expression looked as if she was going to refuse; however she eventually murmured her verdict. “Ariados has before attacked other members of the society,” Chervil mused, to no-one in particular. “If you truly did act in self-defends, you must show me this evidence. I would never punish someone without solid reason why; we wouldn’t have needed to attack you if you had come along peacefully.” the Regal Pokémon reassured him, tilting her head slightly.

“Lead the way, Daniel. I will be by your side so you don’t make a run for it, understood?”

ahhh i missed so much i was alseep
“Well okay... I have two solid points of proof, I have an account of last night and this stone note thing that the spider gave me... F- First... we would have to go to Annie, then we would have to go to my house for the note I have in my bag,” Daniel stated after managing to regain his composure.

“Hmm... are you talking about that spider Pokémon again?” Diana blurted after making her way back from the pass.

“Y- yeah... he assaulted me two, actually... almost three times if you counted him about to shoot me with some string and something else before I had to well... yeah,” Daniel replied.

“That good for nothing spider tried to steal my scarf yesterday on an early morning, so I’m not sure if you’re the only one he’s been after,” Diana recalled after adjusting her scarf when a small breeze blew it somewhat out of place.

Diana pulled out a folded note from a part of her scarf the note was hidden in. She carefully unfolded the piece of thin paper, taking care to make sure the paper was not damaged. After unfolding the note, the text read:

Hand over the beautiful scarf, or else someone is going to daisies on the next moon. I’ll tell everyone that you’re a good for nothing wimp if you tell anybody about this. No one’s going to believe your stinking mouth even if you try to say anything, so you should practice your right to silence.
Aquilles, having come from a past of constant battle and other kinds of conflict, was slow to regain trust in Daniel's story. Though the Ariados did have a past with attacking others and theft, and there was usually plenty of evidence to prove it, the Clawitzer remained at attention with his claw ready to fire at any moment, unconvinced that Daniel was telling the truth.

He wanted to believe him, he really did. But his past experiences screamed to him that Daniel could just as likely be lying as he was speaking truth. So he remained as he was, unwavering, as Diana read the threatening note of blackmail the Ariados had written to her.
"What a pathetic Pokémon, that Ariados... we'all take care of him eventually. So what's this about a note he gave you, Daniel?"
Astra watched as the small blue Pokémon-- Daniel, presumably-- was herded out of the ocean by the Lieutenant. Following Chervil at a respectable distance, she wondered about what they were going to do. If Daniel was allowed to go free with no repercussions-- because he was still a transforming Pokémon who hadn't told them about his powers-- then he might stay as medic. She really wasn't sure how she felt about that, after all that had happened. Astra was an altruistic person at heart, but this degree of betrayal was a little too much to take lightly.

The mention of Annie made her perk up. She wasn't very familiar with the older medic, but when Astra had been a Faller she'd had to train with her some. The Audino was the definition of kind and understanding; however, the likelihood that Daniel was tricking her was incredibly low. Annie was an excellent judge of character, and her support would no doubt influence the final decision.

The Ariados... definitely a trouble-maker, but as a medic Astra couldn't ignore the use of lethal force, even in self-defense. If she hadn't been close, they would've had a dead Pokémon on their hands.
“I’ll just teleport my bag here since that seems to be the easiest option right now,” Daniel replied while transforming into a Ralts first after managing to regain some of his much needed energy.

A bright light radiated from Daniel’s right side, as the leafy bag appeared. A stone tablet was lifted with some hard effort after fumbling through the bag, as the etched text read:

Someone will be in daisies if you do not give me the recipe for that powerful medicine of your’s little Lapras. Don’t even try to tell anyone, or else you expect yourself to be featured in tomorrow’s special.
“Indeed.” Chervil murmured, narrowing her eyes, a colder look than ever etched in the aureolin depths of her gaze. She bared her fanged teeth, turning her nose up. “Thank you, you two. Daniel, you have the apology of the whole Sociey for us having pursued you so ruthlessly.” Chervil turned her slender body to the direction of the town. “I shall summon a meeting and see to it myself that this Ariados is no longer welcome in our ranks.”
“I’m sorry if I didn’t say anything earlier... I thought no one was going to believe me... I think I should probably hide in my house since that spider’s gonna well... y- yeah...” Daniel stated while hiding behind Diana, much to her dismay.

“So... now that the case is closed, I wonder what’s going to happen to the Ariados. Strangely enough he didn’t take anything... and he didn’t take the umm... What’s that Pokémon that can be another?” Diana enquired while wondering where Daniel resided.
"Ditto." Tyr said while walking over next to Diana. He gave a slight nod over to Chervio before explaining himself some. "Sorry I took so long, but I'm kinda old." Hoping that summed it up enough. Tyr could still act in his prime, but age still affects him.
Upon reading the inscription on the stone block, Astra held a hand against her head. Threats such as these, in the Rainbow Society? And Daniel hadn't been willing to talk to even her about it! Granted, she'd barely seen him around the town at all (likely due to his powers), but this was still a very unfortunate situation. With a note like this, it was no surprise Daniel had defended himself and tried to run. What an awful thing to have happen to a new member.

"Daniel, I'm... sorry that happened." It was hard for her to get the words out. With her anger finally quelled, all that was left was concern and guilt. I should've done better, she thought. Astra wouldn't be the one to deal with the Ariados-- that matter fell to the Commander and Lieutenant. Her head was throbbing, but... maybe she could still do something. At Chervil's leave and Tyr's arrival, she silently Heal Pulse'd Daniel and the Dewott one last time. After this, she'd take a long nap.
The sun rose up over the town, casting glittering beams of light below. Chervil had rested and then some, the events of the day before having lost their stressful hold on her after the banishment of the traitorous Ariados, and she hoped her comrades had done the same. Her serious frown of the day before had replaced itself with a smile of content as she stretched luxuriously, exiting her cabin with a sleepy yawn. The Serperior's eyes sparkled with anticipation of the next day. She hoped she could get a chance to talk to Sebastian; they had promised to do so the day before, but after the turn of events they unfortunately hadn't had the chance. The leaves that adorned her body, buffeted by the sandstorm the day before, were shining with the bright green they had done before, and as usual she was looking primmed and proper- it was a well-known trait of the Serperior that she always kept her appearance looking top-notch, as she wanted to look both pretty and professional.

She could tell today was going to be a peaceful day.

Sebastian returned back to town with the others, glad that this whole mess of a situation was finally over. Noticing it was quite dark outside, he quietly excused himself to his quarters and coiled up on the soft grass patch, slowly falling asleep.


The Dragonair grunted softly as he stretched before emerging from his abode, drinking in the morning sunlight. It was quite peaceful, and Sebastian was quite relieved that the society was back to normal, recalling the events of the day prior. He smiled to himself, excited for the new day to unfold. He and Chervil had promised each other to have some conversation about their exchange yesterday, and the day had finally come. Sebastian slithered out into the clearing that sat in the center of the array of cabins, and he noticed no other than Chervil, a sparkling look in her eyes as she gazed upon the society. He slithered up to the Serperior and sighed softly, hoping it would grab her attention. "It's a beautiful day outside, wouldn't you agree?" The Dragonair started with a soft voice.
"Indeed it is," replied the Regal Pokémon, citrine gaze glimmering with the light of the morning sun. A smile managed to conquer her face as she laid said eyes upon the Dragonair she had become so familiar with over the years. "It always is. And it always seems so much... nicer, after an ordeal like yesterday." Of course, Chervil knew why Sebastian desired to speak to her; their agreement to discuss what they felt, the day before. She looked around the bustling town, all getting ready for their morning routines. Chervil had already told them all what they would be doing for the day, and had deliberately put Sebastian on the dusk patrol so her and the Dragonair would have a chance to talk before duty called. "Perhaps we should find somewhere quieter?" suggested the serpentine femme, tilting her head. "Somewhere such as... Sakura Valley?"
Pre time skip
Cherry followed Tammy around for the few events of the day before things were sorted out...mostly.
Cherry said her "see ya laters" in her classic cheerful tone before she was dismissed by the commander, she waved to all the other RS members like she normally did before flying off.

Later after a little while of flying she reached Sakura Valley where her home, a small tree house, was. She landed in front of it on the small homade wooden balcony before she went inside, took her bow off, and lay on her bed of straw"ugh, another tiring day" she groaned staring at the ceiling and yawning, she then stood up and stared out her window at the nightly lit valley and pink cherry trees.

Cherry frowned, and her tone changed suddenly"I wish I was a bigger help to the RS, all I've done today is scout an already scouted area, distract another purpleheart from their work, and get a concussion... I hold them back, if it wasn't for me Astra could have spent more time searching instead of dealing with my wound" Cherry wiped a tear from her eye before she went and layed back down to sleep"they'd be better off without me..."she mumbled as she dozed off
Time Skip

As the sun rose up over the forest and shine upon the Rainbow Society many Pokemon began to wake up, including several other members. The sun's rays also woke Cherry up, she strected her arms and flapped a couple times to get the dust off her loose skin that she used to fly, she then put on her bow and walked to her balcony" feels like today's going to be a nice one, I guess we don't have a mission today since Astra hasn't gave an alert with her telepathy yet,hmm, maybe I'll see what Tammys up to" she said flapping her arms and lifting off before she started to fly towards the town
Sebastian smiled and nodded. "Sakura Valley sounds great. I guess that's why you assigned me to the dusk patrol," He added with a small chuckle as he continued to gaze upon the towns, beginning to stir with activity. In truth, the Dragonair hadn't the foggiest what would be exchanged during their time together. He was hoping that both of them would have similar feelings on the topic of having a relationship. Maybe it was time to have a mate, after all. It would give Sebastian more than just the safety of the Society to fight for. Snapping back into reality, he began to make his way to Sakura Valley, turning to gaze into Chervil's eyes with the warm smile still lacing his lips. "Shall we?"

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Chervil let her smile grow, chuckling slightly at his statement. “Indeed it is. You know me very well.” the Serperior murmured, the glimmer of humour etched in her gaze. The chartreuse vines that crowned the top of her body blew softly in the calm morning winds. It was a fairly hot day, and Chervil loved soaking up the light of the sun- mainly because she was a grass type, and she needed such a thing to grow and heal. “We shall,” answered Chervil, a giggle escaping from her parted lips. She too began to slither toward the Valley, at Sebastian’s side.

“I’m... not sure how to begin this,” she admitted. Letting known her faults was something Chervil was notorious for being reluctant to do, but she supposed she had to be completely honest, for solution’s sake.
Sebastian laughed and nodded in agreement. "Honestly, neither am I. I guess we should start with.... I think I've had feelings for you since our early years, yet I had no idea how to express them to you fully. I was just the overall 'buddy' to everyone in the society, and I treated you no differently. But now...." He went silent as the two made their way to Sakura Valley, which was about a 15 minute walk from where they had started. The Dragonair smiled and directed his gaze to the ground, a rosy hue fading into view on his cheeks.

Aquilles lifted his enormous claw away from Daniel, whilst palming his forehead with his smaller one. The giant Clawitzer was exhausted from jetting about the island and chasing down Daniel, just to find that it was the Ariados' meddling.
"I swear, I'm going to pulverize that little pest... Apologies, Daniel. But next time something like this happens, come to one of us rather than fleeing from the evidence. You sent us into hysterics." With that, the Lieutenant was off, likely to help Chervil with the... expulsion... of the Ariados.

Ok now we're back up to speed

And so the world was as it should be. Sun rising, night slowly fleeing back beyond the horizon, and Aquilles was finally beginning to wake up. Although, it took him a moment to realize where it was he was asleep in the first place. It wasn't his room. In fact, it was inland. In water. Warm water.

Oh. He was at the Springs.

The Clawitzer had been so drained of energy from the day that he had fallen asleep while relaxing at the Prismatic Springs. He awoke to find himself still lying in the warm multicolored waters of the Prismatic Hot Springs. The exhaustion from the day prior had melted away, and the Lieutenant was feeling as energized as a Jumpluff on fifty gallons of caffeine.

Ok, maybe not that energized, but he still felt ready to wrestle a Wailord. With a hearty leap out of the springs, Aquilles began his trek back to town, perhaps to check up on the citizens, or more specifically, the Society medics, after yesterday's fiasco.
Chervil, for a moment, found nothing to say; she just looked intently at the ground, her analytical mind desperately seraching for something to say. "I... had a pretty big crush on you, when I was a Snivy..." Chervil began, laughing as she remembered their early years; when Chervil would often make it very obvious that she wanted to spend a lot of time with the other. "But, when I became a Servine- and Lieutenant- I... I kind of ignored it. But it's all coming back," she smiled to herself, turning her head finally to face the Dragonair.

"I'm concerned about it, though." she muttered, shaking her head. She had only been Commander for a short few months, after Sol- the Infernape who had lead the RS before herself- had died, and she took her responsibilities very seriously. Yet, she didn't know whether the RS completely trusted her as their leader yet. "What if the Society think I'm becoming soft, or that I will favour you over them? I have so many responsibilities..." her voice hitched in ther throat, and she found herself again speechless, her stomach churning with excitement and concern.
Tammy after taking care of the situation with the Commander and Lieutenant in solving this conundrum of a chase. She groggily made her way back to her home in town, not caring as she reached her paw into a rucksack and pulled out a warm bottle of a liquid, giving it a sniff before drinking it. Warm soda... good enough. She set it down and made her way to bed, setting down her beret on the ground, next to a pile of pillows and blankets. She always liked dens rather than beds to sleep on and promptly curled up on it, dozing off to the next morning.

Morning came quickly for the cat pokemon as she stretched ontop of the blankets and pillows she nestled on and raised her head. Her paw reached around blindly for her beret, feeling it and quickly putting it on her head. She felt instantly better the moment the hat was on her head and stood up, getting ready for the day. She looked around her small but humble home in the town, smiling softly. She liked having a small humble abode, being in a comfy place was always nice. She saw the half finished soda bottle and put it away in an ice chest to keep it cool before getting ready to leave, seeing Cherry fly towards her home. She waved at the Emolga and smiled.

"Morning Cherry, care to have breakfast with me before I go on my shift?"
Sebastian chuckled softly and slithered over to Chervil, touching his tail tip to the top of the Serperior's head softly. He gazed into her eyes with warmth and smiled before replying in a soft voice, "Cher', you're thinking too hard. I know you. I know that whatever may arise, you'll make the right decision. Remember what I said? You need any help, you can come to me. I understand that you have a lot of responsibilities, but why do you think you have a Lieutenant and other ranks? I trust you, your entire Society trusts you, but you need to trust yourself too."
Chervil chuckled along with him, the light beginning to return back to her eyes. She felt herself relax slightly under his touch, and she continued to move beside him, smiling softly. "It always reassures me to know others are here," she hummed, "And it comforts me to know you are here. You're the familiarity I have with the Society, Sebby. I think that's why I've gotten so attached to you," the Regal Pokémon laughed, before adding, "That, and I find you incredibly attractive."

"You know what this feels like?" murmured the serpent, her voice edged with the tone of humour, "It feels like, finally." She breathed the final word as if it were a sigh of relief.
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Tyr walked around the village, unsure what to do. He was part of the Purplehearts mainly for his wisdom and knowledge about battles and experience from when he was a high ranking member. The captain, Aquilles, seemed to be walking around the village without much to do. "Hey, Aquilles. What's going on?" Tyr asked the captain. "Peaceful day today."
Sebastian laughed as he continued to make his way to Sakura Valley with Chervil. "I'm always happy to help, whether it be through encouragement or looks." He smiled and chuckled once more at her comment and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, confessing your feelings tends to do that. You keep your emotions bottled up until you finally let them out, and it feels like an extremely heavy burden just.... brushed off your shoulders." After more walking, the two finally arrived at Sakura Valley, and the Dragonair admired the scenery around him. "Wow. This place is... quite beautiful."
"You're absolutely right," the Serperior agreed, smiling softly at the other, a chuckle breezing her lips.

"I'm curious as to why people don't come here too often," Chervil mused, tilting her head. Her aureolin gaze followed the light-pink petals fell gracefully to the ground. It was truly one of the quietest places on the island where the RS dwelled. The Serperior slithered to under one of the cherry blossom trees, trusting Sebastian would follow, and coiled herself up, relaxing her muscles. "I'm sorry it has taken so long for me to realise I felt this way about you." she murmured, shaking her head, as if in disapproval of herself. "But... oh, thank Arceus it happened eventually. I feel liberated."
Sebastian smiled as he made his way over to where Chervil was coiled, coiling up as well next to her under the tree. "It's okay; I feel like I should be the one to apologize. I wanted to tell you so many times, but it was fear for our already close friendship breaking that kept me from confessing." He chuckled softly and softly touched his tail-tip to the Serperior's head, a warm smile on his face. "So, I'm assuming this makes us mates now?"
“I think we both feared that same thing,” the Serperior said, a sweet smile adorning her maw. She closed her eyes under the touch of his tale and let out a long exhale, feeling her body relax as if all the bottled-up tension inside of it had been released. It felt wonderful, to finally be able to be like this. At Sebastian’s question, the Serperior nodded gently. “As long as that’s what you want,” Chervil chimed, blinking slowly. She reached her tail-tip to his and began to wind her lower tail around his.
Sebastian smiled and nuzzled his head to Chervil's, murmuring, "That's just fine with me." He basked in the scenery, drinking in the sunlight and watching the cherry blossoms fall like fresh snow. It really is quite beautiful. Sitting here with Chervil... it definitely was a moment the Dragonair would never forget. He looked back at his new mate and smiled once more before closing his eyes.
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Aquilles continued to jauntily flow through the town streets, doing what the Lieutenant does, until he happened across the unmissable figure of Tyr. The massive Tyrantrum was impossible not to notice, given his intimidating size, but still seemed to have a friendly demeanor about him.
"Ho, Tyr. Yes, it is a nice day. And a much-needed one, might I add. After that mess yesterday, I could use an easy day. Anyway, have you seen the Commander about? I figured I'd drop by and ask if there was anything I needed to take care of. She works hard enough as it is, but she never exactly writes a to-do list. That I know of, anyway."
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(Tyrantrum, not Tyranitar)
Tyr gave a slight head movement no. "Never had, probably never will. But what I did hear is there isn't much to do, as she's on what seems to be a date with Sebastian." Tyr made a slight motion to the path to Sakura Valley. "You here quite a lot through the birdies around with what happens." He stated. There isn't much to do around this place without much action, honestly. "If you need anything, you know where to find me."