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Ask to Join The Rainbow Society— Romance RP

Great. Now it's even bigger. The dewott observed as the torchic's attack grew wider, and used water sports by soaking himself in water while he braced for the impact. Hopefully this'll save my life.
Now that Mack had created the attention he wanted, it was time for the real show. Mack quickly stopped spinning, and aimed at the Dewott. He then used his Peck attack, and now he was twice as fast (since the tornado had flame charge) speaking of flame charge, he used one too to make, a flaming peck, that’s running straight toward Dewott!
After realizing that his energy levels were starting to rapidly decline, Daniel decided to transform into a familiar Pokémon without any sort of consideration towards accuracy. He took a deep breath and placed his oddly-shaped right hand on his chest. His body glimmered for a faint moment, before suddenly disappearing in the pass without a trace.

He appeared back in his safe house about a minute later, as he shifted his body back into his original, blob-like form. The hidden trap outside of his hideout appeared to still be armed, ready to injure any Pokémon that would accidentally stumble upon, or perhaps on purpose in his property.

The little Pokémon decided to lie in his bed while grabbing his wooden bowl of berry juice. He silently sipped on the mellow liquid having a light orange hue.

"Gosh, those body changes sure do take a toll. Might need to get a few more of those small berries soon if I want to keep this up," Daniel thought while imbibing the rich taste and power the mixture contained.
Nilon started the day with a simple mixed berry salad and came out of his house, but of course he didn't forget to wear his favourite scarf and bow. After a healthy breakfast and wearing clothes/accessories he was on his way to a store where his friend sells items such as small rubies to make pretty accessories for either selling of keeping them for himself.

However, on his way to the store he saw a glimpse of fire on top of a hill. Curious, he decided to check on it to make sure it wasn't anything dangerous. Besides, he always wanted to try to become a purpleheart and in order to be one he first needs to become a blueblood but not only that, he was sure he needed to be at least capable at handling a wild fire or a battle of some sort.

Upon arriving there he saw two pokemon fight, a water type and a fire type to be exact. Although it seemed to be obvious for the water type to win, it didn't seem like it. The fire type was putting quite a fight and it put him in awe at the fires he made and it looked absolutely gorgeous.

He saw a nearby pokemon. He was pangoro that was watching the fight from afar. He went to the pangoro and sat beside him. He decided to make a conversation with him, he coughed softly and greeted the panda with a smile, "Good morning, Mr.Pangoro. Lovely morning today isn't it?"
Vladimir scrambled in surprise, as he heard a soft voice next to him.
"H-Hello! I didn't see you there!" He awkwardly replied, while getting a first impression of the Pokemon sat next to him.
Seeing that the Espeon looked quite elegant and somewhat regal, he decided to sit upright, his legged crossed and his arms folded, in an attempt to make himself look sophisticated.
"Yes, it is quite a lovely morning." He said in a gruff tone, clearing his throat.
"Excuse me if this sounds impolite, but... may I confirm that you are indeed a male? It's just that you look and sound quite feminine." He said, embarrassed that he was struggling to find the right vocabulary to sound intelligent.
He shook his head politely, "No worries, I get that question alot and yes I'm a male." Looking at how the pangoro sat made him laugh, "There's no need to sit so regally, I'm just a normal citizen that happens to look like royalty."

He looked at the battle and then turned back to look at the pangora, "Can i ask what actually happened here? Not an argument I hope." He said looking at the fighting pokemon worriedly.
Vladimir relaxed himself, and sighed in relief.
"Oh, those Pokemon over there? I'm not quite sure why they're fighting. I just happened to see them when I was strolling through the forest."
He felt his blue bandana becoming loose, and untied it so that he could re-adjust it.
"However..." Vladimir said while concentrating on tying his bandana,
"I doubt that they truly mean harm against each other. You can see it in the way they fight. I assume they're just practicing."

"Oh! Where are my manners..."
He exclaimed.
"I'm Vladimir, a purpleheart. It's a pleasure to meet you."

He held up his hand flat in the air, hoping that the Espeon would give him a high-five.
At first he sighed in relief that they weren't fight but when he heard the word 'purpleheart' he got excited, "A purpleheart! No wonder you look so cool! I always wanted to be one but I haven't even become a blueblood-" He stopped talking when he realised he was blabbering.

He laughed nervously before speaking again, "Sorry, I got too excited it seems. It's just that it's my first time seeing a purpleheart up-close. Oh! and it's a pleasure meeting you too!" He then looked at the hand that he lifted and realised that it was supposed to high-five him before doing so.
Poyo knew just what to do; he used water sports again, at this point oozing and dripping in water like a waterfall. The torchic hit him with a large and noisy clash and layers of vapor escaped from their harsh encounter. The moment he could see his opponent again and the pain was at least bearable, the dewott violently pulled Mack closer by his gemstone necklace and was ready to hit him with one of his razor shells, the second one already stored on his left flank.
Vladimir was quite flattered that the Espeon had gotten excited over meeting him. It made him feel like a celebrity, but he was careful to not let it get to his head.
"So you aspire to become a purpleheart? How noble!" The young Pangoro exclaimed, adding the finish touches to his bandana.

"Looking at you, I have no doubt that you'll be one in no time!" Vladimir said confidently.

"Also, I consider that high-five a pact of some sort. It means that whenever you're in trouble, or need a friend to help you out, you can come to me! I'll always be here for you!" Vladimir chanted, as if he had rehearsed that line in his own time.

"...Or at least I'll try to be." He chuckled.
Mack, now pinned by the Dewott, felt himself get hit by a razor shell, and felt pain, like his was health was being extinguished. Once he was able to get out of the Dewott's grasp, the Torchic knew he had to do something... He turned over and saw two Pokémon watching the fight. Looks like I have an audience... better give them a show! Mack thought to himself. Mack knew he had to get rid of those two shells, so he decided to do a new move. He aimed a flamethrower at the ground, and propelled himself high into the air. Then, he used a peck, comins straight donw, creating a drill-like peck, going at great speeds.
"Wh-" Poyo felt the hit crush him as they crashed on the ground; the peck had been too quick for him to counter. He propelled himself upward with a water jet while bringing Mack up with him, trying to grab the fire pokemon yet again by the necklace. Last time it had slipped out of his grasp; there was something about this necklace that felt... Important. If he could manage to rip it out, he'd maybe trigger a desperate reaction of the torchic as he try to get it back-- which he could definitely take advantage of right now. Everyone can be weakened by feelings, he thought. I don't see why Mack would be any exception.
Mack saw that Poyo was taking great interest in his gemstone necklace. "Ahh, I see you have an eye for jewelry! Well I'll have you know this is a Fire Gem, a real beauty, but gone in an instant..." Mack said. Realizing that now was a better time than any to use it, the Torchic felt the power from the gem, and used it to summon a giant flamethrower at the Dewott, extra close too! Then, the gem vanished into thin air, leaving a hole in Mack's necklace...
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Poyo ducked while covering his eyes, but still getting hit by a large amount of the flames. He grabbed his adversary by the wing, bringing him down with his weight. How could a gem just disappear like that ? He started covering himself in a large amount of water to protect himself, getting his water gun at the ready. He had to think strategy; however, it was hard to think with the annoying pain that had appeared on his face and in his back. He may be water-type but burns still affected him; he glared at the torchic with a determined yet confused gaze. How could a pokemon be that immune to pain? He didn't look like he was feeling any of it, even with the clashes and the water that Poyo had oozed on him since the beginning of the battle. If the torchic's fire had burned him, how was the water that rained down from his shield onto him felt? Would he have be burn out?
"I can tell you're confused, Poyo... I mean, how could a fire type be unfazed by water type attacks, well let me tell you... Determination! I know it sounds like a Skitty poster, but it's true. My determination for winning makes me ignore the pain. Don't get me wrong, it still hurts like hell, but I've learned to ignore it, and keep fighting! So I hope you understand, and hey, maybe I can teach you about it someday!" Mack said, trying to sound as inspirational as possible. Still in the air, Mack used Poyo as a stool to get higher than him, and used his fire tornado peck, except in a drill like fashion, coming down for one last blow...
Polo turned around, countering the attack with this time not as much difficulty. The otter pokemon spit out his water gun right at the Mack's face; he couldn't have held it in for much longer anyways. "Yeah? Well you talk to much." He said, rubbing his back. Creating a large amount of water was getting tiring, but he needed to keep his protection to sooth his burns.
Feeling the water gun hit him, Mack was shocked by its power. Mack was quickly shot to the ground, feeling his body getting weaker and weaker. I can't take any more hits like that! Mack thought to himself. Then, he realized a piece of information that randomly came to him, "You gotta risk it for the biscuit!". Mack ran towards the Dewott, not with any moves in mind, just running towards it.
"Hu-?!?" As Mack ran towards him and gained in speed, Poyo nervously oozed more and more water from his body, terrified. What is he doing?!? Does he even have a strategy?? Poyo felt highly destabilised about the pokemon running straight towards him, straight towards danger; the dewott was covered in water. Wasn't he scared of that? Wasn't he scared of water??
Once Daniel finished resting, he took a deep breath and shifted his body’s shape with utmost accuracy and concentration. About a minute later, he was a pale blue Pokémon that represented an extraterrestrial being. He utilized the power of telekinesis to place his bowl on his desk without lifting his hands. A leafy bag containing various items floated next to his body, as another deep breath followed. His body radiated a bright, white light before disappearing from his hideout a split second after.

The little Pokémon found himself in the marsh several seconds later. A Pawniard stood by a large boulder partially covered in moss, tapping his right foot and emitting a light whistle. As the Pawniard turned towards the young Pokémon and noticed his unique bag, the Pawniard enquired, “So, you’ve arrived quite early. You got the goods and everything like we said?”

“Yes, they’re right here,” Daniel replied while raising his right arm. Several berries of varying colors and shapes floated out of the bag, along with a smaller bag containing a mysterious, gray powder.

“Good, good. Here’s that jewel and other thing you wanted. I’d be careful since that blue stuff can make my dad sleep for who knows how long,” The Pawniard stated before handing over a gem with an essence of ice and a small bag containing some light blue powder. The Pawniard scanned the area and waved to Daniel a few seconds later. The two parted ways, as Diana took a mental note of the shady deal happening before her very eyes.
Mack swiftly ran torwards the Dewott That was using multiple water coats,but something seemed off, as if they were sloppy? It seemed that Poyo wasn’t shooting to in his best accuracy or efficiency... Anyway, Mack was eventually able to get right in from the Poyo, and used his beak to grab a scalchop that was rested on his skirt thing. Now the real challenge was running away...
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"H-hey!" He unsheathed his other shell, completely letting down his water shield but still dripping wet. At Mack's slightest move, Poyo wanted to make sure he'd be ready to stop him. He felt the burn damaging him a little, but he could live with it-- at least until the fight was over. He was actually starting to understand the fun the torchic was having in battle. The adrenaline rushed through his blood as he waited patiently for his opponent's next move.
Mack made a run for it, trying his best to escape the Dewott. But, as soon as he moved, he saw a she’ll come swiping down... though it did close to nothing compared to Poyo’s other moves. That’s when it hit Mack: Burn lowered the attack power of a Pokémon... if razor shell is a physical move, then it’ll do have the damage it usually does... Mack thought to himself. Feeling unfazed by the razor shell, Mack used flamethrower to get into the air, and used a flamethrower again, this time aimed for Dewott, with the scalchop in Mack’s feet. Mack felt a bit exhausted actually...
The flamethrower hit Poyo with a violent blast, dangerously bringing him close to KO-- between the burns and the flame attacks, Poyo believed he wasn't going to be able to take an other flame attack. He drained in his last force to charge up a water gun and spit it at Mack's face.
Checkmate Mack thought to himself. Mack used the newly retrieved scalchop to reflect the water gun that was shot, and shoot it back at the Dewott... The Torchic then did a Peck Flame Tornado, to show a firework like show for the audience...
Taking the last hit with as much defence as he could, Poyo was propelled against a rock and still ended up defeated; the burns on his body were minor, but his whole body ached.
The Torchic landed swiftly on the ground, tired from all the tricks he had to pull. He look at the Dewott, and handed him a Sitrus Berry. “Here, take this, it’ll heal you right up! Good battle, you battled hard, but kinda lost it in the end...” Mack said as he gave Poyo the Sitrus Berry
He looked away blushing slightly at the comment, "You think so? I'm not really good at fighting." He then realized something slapped himself softly on the forehead, "Ah, How did i forget." He looked back at Vladimir and smiled, "My name is Nilon by the way, I forgot to mention it and also, I'll count on you to help me. Not entirely of course."

After that he continued watching the two battling pokemon and sometimes couldn't help but feel worried everytime one of them got hit. Sometime later the battle finally ended and the last finishing blow left him in more awe then before.
Aquilles stood victorious over the Ursaring, feeling successful, yet sort of regretful, about having downed the assailant in a single swing. Albeit a swing boosted with Swords Dance and a high chance of landing with a bit of extra oomph. Either way, he had defeated the Ursaring, and done his duty. But now he needed to clean up after himself.

Aquilles gently pointed his massive pincer at the downed Ursaring, charging a move that, like Crabhammer, he oft neglected to use. Heal Pulse. Being the Lieutenant of the Rainbow Society, Aquilles was usually able to call upon the nurses to deal with injured Pokemon whilst he dealt with other matters, but in a situation of convenience, he happened to have Heal Pulse for his own usage, say, if a nurse was too far from immediate contact, or they weren't necessary to call upon to begin with. Given the situations of the day prior, Aquilles preferred to let Astra out of the problem and give her at least a day where she wouldn't have to trouble herself more than she already had.

So he used Heal Pulse himself, and given his Mega Launcher ability, the pulse was especially efficient. The Ursaring would still be long unconscious after direct, powerful blow like Crabhammer, but at least it would be perfectly fine afterwards. Aquilles looked to Sebastian, having finished his Heal Pulse on the Ursaring, more than a little concerned about what this intrusion might mean.
"Sebastian. You ran into this guy first. Did it say anything? Any mention of anything at all, or did it just outright attack you?" he asked the Purpleheart. He knew that Sebastian wasn't the most intimidating target, despite his actual combat capabilities, but was still not usually the first considerable prey of an assailant, unless said attack was planned to take down a higher-rank, stronger member of the Society. It had happened before, and Aquilles was determined not to let it happen again.
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Poyo grabbed the berry and cleared his throat; he wasn’t feeling that bad physically but his mind was drifting away, trying to pull him into a restorational coma. “My- my shell... Can you give me back my shell, please?” He voiced in a weak tone. He was disappointed he had lost , but was even more disappointed he had lost to a fire type. Had he really lost? He could still move, despite the pain; if he could just get Mack to move a little bit closer, maybe he could ...
No. He shook his head as he started chewing on the berry to regain some force, disappointed in himself to had had such thoughts.
"What a fight!" Vladimir exclaimed.
"That Torchic was very creative with their attacks! But I'm more impressed that he managed to overcome his type disadvantage! Not to mention that Dewott endured a lot! And-"
The Pangoro stopped, realizing that he was getting a bit overexcited. It was a very good battle, and that was exactly what he was trying to express, but perhaps not in the most calm manner he could have.

"Anyway, I'm glad I stopped by to watch that. I even met a new friend!" He said, looking back at the Espeon sat next to him.
"It seems this is where we part ways for now, Nilon. It was a pleasure meeting you."
Daniel teleported back in his hideout in the blink of an eye after managing to understand how the particles of his matter had to be aligned a certain way. He placed the gem hidden behind some books on a shelf while leaving the bagged powder in his leafy bag for the time being after placing the bag under his desk. He took a deep breath, as an white orb appeared in front of his hand. The orb was directed at his body, as he would become translucent for at least an hour, or possibly two if luck was on his side.

He decided to warp near the location of the inert Ursaring, hiding in a bush near the scene of the brawl the moment his body reappeared in the site of the recent battle. He peeked over for a split second, as his body shrunk in terror. It was the same Clawitzer from before, only now that it appeared to be using some odd healing move of some sort on the bear Pokémon.

Daniel primed some energy in his body in case if the Clawitzer were to spot him peeking over. The young Pokémon attempted to keep a normal outlook, so as to not stand out from the rest. However, even his body’s age could only go so far in transformations to those that were far more observant enough than a typical passerby.
Mack realized he was still holding on to the scalchop, so he quickly gave it back to Poyo. "You battled hard, and endured many of my attacks... but I could feel your fear slowly control you during the battle. Nonetheless, here's to a good battle!
"Mack said to the Dewott, feeling confident as ever. He then turned to the audience, which consisted of two Pokémon. "And as for the audience, I hope the show of fire was entertaining! I seem to find my fire very destructive, but gorgeous in a way! Thank you for spectating our battle!" Mack said as if he was a famous shoe performer. He noticed a crowd of people somewhere near the Ursaring, so he went to check out what was going on... "Hey fellow Pokémon, what seems to be happening here?" mack asked the group hat had formed.
“U- umm... I guess he tripped. I kinda just got here after having a late breakfast, y- yeah...” Daniel said in an infantile tone through the use of telepathy to the Torchic enquiring towards the group of Pokémon.

The cerebral Pokémon rubbed his oblong head for a brief moment, while hoping the extraterrestrial impression of his would not stand out too much from the group.

“I can’t tell him what really happened... or else that blue shrimp thing is gonna probably kill me if he knew that I wasn’t with everyone!” Daniel thought while the colored digits on his hands flashed for a brief moment.
"WOW! That was a neat magic trick! You were able to talk without moving your mouth!" The Torchic exclaimed. He realized it was the same Ursaring from before, and remembered the events of earlier... "Actually, it looks like those powerful Pokémon defeated Ursaring in a battle, and now they are talking about it..." Mack said, pointing to the damage on the ground an trees. "Oh where are my manners? My name is Mack, how about you?"
“Umm... uhh... I don’t really remember my name or even how I got here. I think we should probably get out of here,” Daniel replied in telepathy while floating towards the Torchic.

His hands radiated a bright light for a brief moment, as a deep breath followed. A wonderous wall of light was placed along the cerebral Pokémon and the Torchic, which would grant cushioning against special-based moves for the two.
“Get outa here? But we just got here!” Mack protested. He noticed the barrier that was placed, and realized that this Pokémon, whatever it was, was scared... “Don’t be shy! HEY OTHER POKÉMON, WHAT SEEMS TO BE THE MATTER?!?” Mack shouted at the crab like Pokémon to gain it’s attention
Nilon nodded his head in agreement, "Indeed it was!" After saying that Vladimir began talking about the battle but stopped a few moment later, Nilon giggled lightly at the fact he did the same thing as well.

Nilon smiled at him happily, his tail behind him wagging rapidly, "And I'm glad I got curious and decided to check out what happened, If not I wouldn't of met you here." He then realized it was time to part ways, "Talking to you was a lot of fun, I'll see you later!" He held up his paw to him.
“Well I’m sorry, but I have to go to an appointment with the nurse. I can’t be hanging around here when I gotta run,” Daniel retorted with a rather hesitant tone in telepathy towards the Torchic.

The baby Pokémon took a deep breath and floated away from the Torchic as quickly as he could. He could only hope that no one would dare follow such a young Pokémon to the area that a typical Pokémon in his age range would normally dread.
“Well that was a bit... rude...” Mack said to himself, but he tried not to think much of it. Mack walked over to the Blue Crab, and decided to make a friendly introduction. “Hey there, blue crab! I’m Mack, what’s your name? Actually can you answer what happened with this Ursaring?” Mack asked the Pokémon, hoping to get an answer maybe...
Daniel took several breaths and hoped that his untruth would buy him some time, while also hoping that the Clawitzer did not notice a thing about him earlier. The baby Pokémon decided to warp into the hot springs after knowing that there was no purpose for him to hang around the other Pokémon for the time being.

Once he arrived at the site of relaxation, he decided to carefully transform into the Pokémon that the Ariados encountered before it was sent away from the society. The young Pokémon decided to slowly place his right foremost flipper into the small, bluish body of water that felt rather warm and soothing to the touch. Once the baby Pokémon mustered up the courage within a couple of minutes, he decided to allow most of his lower body to descend into the shallow end. A lengthy yawn followed, as the infantile Pokémon decided to nap in the mellow pool.