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Ask to Join The Road to Unova

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The Road to Unova!

Unova, the region of wonder located far, far away from the closest known region. The cool waters washing up on the beaches and the harsh sunlight eating away at the deserts, and the snowfall taking toles on the mountain summits, Unova indeed has it all. With hundreds of thousands of people living all over, Unova offers the most diverse yet united environment known to mankind with the urban streets teaming with polite friendship and business. If that wasn't it, pokemon dominate the lands own by Unova.

The oceans hold unimaginable amounts of water while the forests hold young and friendly pokemon, every one of them looking to live their life one step at a time. From route one all the way to the pokemon league, the adventure never stops, instead growing more and more enveloped as the moon rises and falls every day.

Young trainers from all over the world come to the diverse community known as Unova, some going on to challenge the eight gym leaders of the region while some tackle and shimmer the competitions as fellow co-ordinators! The possibilities are endless and soon, you will learn just how amazing it feels to walk the same land that the famous Hilbert and Hilda did, years ago.

How will your legacy unfold and who will you befriend and defeat on the way to your ideals and dreams?


Nuvema Town, Summer

Yumiko stood in his room located on the top floor of his parent's house. What a day it was going to be for him as it was the day he would embark on an adventure in the Unova region. Yumiko was well familiar with Johto and even some of Sinnoh, but he was mostly excited for his adventure through the Unova region. His family had rumored it to be such a closed off place - being a mere twelve hour flight from anywhere else in the world and so isolated by boat. Still, he made sure he would enjoy it the best that he could with his best friend on his shoulder.

"Pi-Pichu!" Pichu exclaimed, her high pitch and adorable voice wringing out into the room he was in. Yumiko gave a smile to his electric friend and rubbed the top of his head before placing his hat on his head and adjusting it in the mirror. Self image was one of the main things that Yumiko paid attention to and this wasn't going to be a day where he leaves home looking like a Raticate. After all, today was the day he would leave and inquire a pokedex from none other than Professor Juniper, a friend of his mother's who would watch over him as a child when she visited Johto.

"Yumiko, hurry up! Someone is at the door for you!" Yumiko's Mother exclaimed from the base of the stairs, her voice booming through the closed door and shooting into his ears. With that kind of tone, he wasn't going to be long if he had any sort of dreams of adventuring out on his own today. So, he placed his hand on the door knob and threw his door open before bolting down the stairs nearly as fast as he could. When he bounded the base of the stairs, he used the railing as a leverage point and threw his weight to the right, slinging him towards the door while running. When he got there, he was met face to face with his friend that he made in Unova.


"Erica... Hey..." Yumiko mumbled in between gasps for air. His Pichu was hardly holding on but quickly worked to readjust the hair of her trainer. Yumiko was pretty winded from his all-out sprint to the door and didn't try to hide the fact. Erica's purple eyes made contact with his as he covered her mouth and giggled.

"Oh, Yumiko. You don't know how to watch yourself, do you?"

Erica was definitely right, even with her body language showing that she was a little shy at the sight of his dad walking past him in the gap between the door and the actual closing frame. Erica and Yumiko had only been friends for two weeks but she didn't want to meet his parents at all - which was a good and bad sign to say the least. Everytime the topic came up she would deny the possibilities and simply say that they wouldn't like her which wasn't an educated guess whatsoever. Nevertheless, Yumiko liked their friendship so he didn't push the envelop.

However, over the past week he had been hearing rumors from the other kids in the neighborhood speaking about her having a "mean mind" whatever that meant. Yumiko didn't see or understand how anyone could grasp at such a wild idea until she met Pichu for the first time. It was like she was examining his every move - hawking his interactions with Pichu. Whenever he would ask, she would only say, "just observing." Yumiko was told about the history of her pokemon that passed away when she was younger but he didn't connect the dots to why she would treat him differently for such a past.

So, Erica was a weird kid, but she was immensely beautiful and could draw anyone into conversation with her by just cracking a smile. No, she wasn't seductive, just bubbly. If she was fighting a war inside, it would be so hidden from anyone that you would assume she just won the lottery.

"I'm going to get my pokedex, today...!" Yumiko chirped, changing the subject but only in his mind. Not only so, but it was a pretty huge day to say the least. He had owned a pokedex in Johto and Sinnoh, but never one like this. Yumiko had received the newsletter about the newest update for the Unova Pokedex giving even more information due to the observations from a girl named Bianca who works with Professor Juniper each and every day. With this, he may even recognize some of the pokemon that show up on his adventure and that would be a positive plus the sightseeing of completely new pokemon.

Erica kind of picked up on the fact that he was in a rush - not really interested in conversing. Little did she know, he was onto her mindset and that everyone had expressed worries for her behavior not only in school but outside of it. Maybe her family was used to it, but nobody else besides Yumiko. That was likely why they were best friends for the short period of time that he had moved to Unova from Johto to now. Either way, they conversed for a few moments before ultimately, Erica gave him a smile, a bow, and walked back to her house, simply making sure that Yumiko didn't miss his first day as a pokemon trainer.

But, what nobody really knew, was that Erica was the leader of the uprising...

Team Comet.
The sun was streaming through the window. Harper opened her eyes and yawned. Beside her bed. Grotle was also waking up. It stretched out its legs, and then turned to greet its trainer. "Good morning Grotle. Are you ready for today?" Grotle nudged her leg in agreement. She went over to her wardrobe and picked out her clothes. She decided to go casual today and chose a t-shirt and shorts. She stumbled down the stairs and walked straight into her aunt Dana. "Morning sleepy head." She laughed and retrieved an item from her pocket. "This came through in the mail this morning. Its a letter from the Professors assistant. You will need it to present it to receive your Pokedex."

"Thank you auntie," Harper replied as she ran into the kitchen to grab some breakfast before leaving the house. Her aunts house was in Nuvema Town and it was only a 5 minute walk from the Professors lab. Harper saw the professors assistant around town often. A blonde haired lady names Bianca. She wondered what Pokemon lived in this region and which ones she would want on her team. If she was going to be in Unova for a while why not try taking on the gyms. Grotle enjoyed Unova much more than Sinnoh. It was much warmer here and there were new Pokemon for it to play with. There was a Pidove that it had taken a liking to and Harper often saw them outside together. She stopped by a pond to greet the Tympole. They were splashing about and nuzzling each other. They beamed up at her and she smiled. The Tympole were simply adorable. She realized she had somewhere to be and waved goodbye. Grotle trotted up to match her pace and together they made their way to Professor Junipers lab.
Professor Juniper's Laboratory had a new look, a sleek black and white building with chrome paint lining the roof and foundation. The two windows on opposite sides of the door were lined with frost white paint while the actual outside walls were a nice black color to match. The building looked more like a professional office than a laboratory on the outside but once inside, nice carpet lead up to linoleum which covered the area where the pokemon and pokedex were being held. Ceiling lamps hung down in the form of hanging pokeballs that lit up the insides barely - all the lighting was provided merely from the outside sun.

Yumiko was already inside, well into his conversation retrieving the pokedex from Professor Juniper and being lectured by Professor Juniper's assistant, Bianca.

"This is your pokedex." Bianca said as she handed over the valuable item, her hands were covered in cloth to not scrape or damage the pokedex with her fingers. "With this, you'll be able to register any pokemon that appears in the Unova regional pokedex. Any pokemon that aren't seen in Unova won't register so be careful to try everything." She said with a smile. Yumiko gave her a firm nod, grasping the pokedex and sliding it into his back pocket while Pichu danced around with the Minccino that belonged to Professor Juniper. Both pokemon looked to be enjoying themselves very well already.

"I'll give you five pokeballs to start you off... Once these run out, you'll be responsible for your own. Remember - to capture a pokemon earlier you will need to lower it's health BEFORE you attempt a capture." Professor Juniper said, giving him the last bit of knowledge that he already knew, but pretended to value at this time. Pokedex was really the only reason he was excited in this building besides being around Bianca and Professor Juniper.

With a wave, Yumiko exited the building and caught a glimpse of a pokemon trainer, a girl, approaching.​
“I’m serious, someone just left their house with a walking bush.”

A young, caramel blonde-haired lass watched a similarly aged lass head towards the famed Pokémon Lab, the corners of her lips pulled downwards while her bronze gaze intently watched the Grove Pokémon, following obediently. Hazel leaned one arm idly against the oak beams of the water-front railing. Talking into a rather old looking piece of PokeTech, held open palm and away from the precarious drop of the water.

“I know, I know, you were good enough to find me a place to stay. I appreciate that, I do, but it’s no Jubilife or Goldenrod. Everywhere I look, there’s hicks…”

Through the glint of her spectacles, the Grotle was stared down yet again, complimented only by the slow shake of her head. Not much of a Turtwig family fan, it seemed. Static scolding drifted into her ears. Her eyes rolled.

“What was that? I think I’ve got a ba—” Blip.

The Tech was shut down unceremoniously, with Grotle-fueled frown turned upside down. No one would ever imagine you’d hang up on yourself, after all. Tucking the ancient machinery, or so it looked, into her bag, Hazel stopped to seemingly stare into the depths of her accessory. It was a darker blue than her frilly and buttoned blouse, navy almost, and pushed out of shape by the contents, as if filled to the brim with something. Round and relatively heavy, it seemed, filling the main pocket.

After a few moments, she removed the tech and carefully slid it into a zipped section on the front.

Now she wondered, what was in that lab that had the bush-owner and, now that she looked back to the lab, a decent looking lad with a…

Hazel squinted a little.

Tiny Pikachu—ah, it must have been a Pichu.

How cute!~

Dusting her hands down to straighten her knee-length skirt, Hazel nonchalantly gave the two quite the wide-berth, much more interested in circumference-ing the building to find a window to nosey on into. Perhaps she wanted to know what was attracting the hicks into the vicinity, or perhaps, she wanted to know if there was a Pichu hand-out inside. Whatever her reason, she was almost squashed up against the glass to see it.

Not very… subtle, if one was being honest.
"Ahem." Yumoki mumbled as he watched the girl. She seemed very cold and distant so he didn't really want to engage in a conversation whatsoever but, She was encroaching on the Laboratory, peaking inside. "You... do know you can just... you know, walk inside. The doors unlocked." Yumiko added, holding his Pichu inbetween his arms on his stomach, placed against himself. "They don't bite. Are you a new trainer? They're handing out pokemon to trainers who are just beginning."

He watched the body language of the girl, still very curious about her and what she was made of. So far, he was feeling a little weird about her.
“Auuagh!?” So intently focused had she been on seeing what the hoo-haa was with the lab, the young lass leapt a few comical paces away from Yumoki, clutching her bag desperately in her fingers, holding it close and perhaps a little too tightly to her chest. Spooked wasn’t quite the word for her, eyes wide, hunched vaguely, one foot twisting behind her like a child caught stealing cookies. A quick look-over of the lad, and her bag was gently let down to hang by her side again.

Her brows angled downwards.

“What if I didn’t want to—oh…”

Those coppery eyes lit up, falling onto the adorable little Pokémon he held in his embrace. Any affronted expression quickly melted away into a soft, almost sleepy smile.

“Gosh, Pichu are so small, aren’t they? How long have you had it? What’s its name?”

Coo-ing and wiggling her fingers at it, conveniently avoiding much of his question, before further inquiring;

“…What Pokémon, exactly? Did you get a Pichu in there!?”
Elias is awakened by the sound of his Xtransceiver ringing. He figured he'd buy one while he was here, so that he could stay in contact with his parents, and his sister most importantly.

"Have you been well, son? Did you get enough sleep? What are your plans for today? You know Chelsey is leaving for Kanto tomorrow, right?" His mother bombarded him with questions. That woman has absolutely no regard for sleeping schedules, he though to himself, before looking at the clock on his nightstand, which read 11:07.

"I am fine, mom. Don't you worry about me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have matters to attend to." He curtly said to her. They've always had a good relationship, but like every boy his age, he wasn't a morning person.

"I love you, don't you forget that." His mother softly said from the other side of the line.

"I love you too." Elias hung up the Xtransceiver and yawned, groaning as he stretched his arms above his head. He stood up and opened the curtains of his room, revealing the skyline of the Unova region. Or at least of Striaton City. He took a moment to appreciate the morning sun, and got dressed. He tied his hair up in the mirror, sighed at himself, and left the room.

While in the elevator downwards, he heard a new report saying that today was the day that some trainers would be receiving their first Pokémon, as well as a Pokédex, from Professor Juniper. He chuckled, recalling the time he received his starter from Professor Rowan. He picked a Chimchar, mainly because he could use a Fire-type to warm him up in the unbearable cold of Snowpoint City.

Wouldn't it be cool if I started a journey as well, rather than just train here?, He considered, greeting the receptionist behind his desk. But what was that about a letter? What would I have to do in order to obtain a starter Pokémon? Elias had a lot of unanswered questions, and decided not to break his head over them. For now, getting breakfast was more important.
Malcolm huffed out a breath, exhausted with today's events already. Nuvema Town was small, sure, but the Professor had been expecting a wealth of visitors for today. Namely, Trainers who were just starting out. It was definately a busy day, which was why he'd postponed his departure.

He'd finally worked up the courage to bring up his desire to travel to Professor Juniper a few days prior, and to his surprise she'd been incredibly supportive. In fact, she'd gone beyond and given him leave from work, making him promise to keep up on his own studies. His mother, a lab tech as well, had also been supportive, telling him it would be good for him to "get out of this stuffy town already." He'd appreciated the enthusiasm, but since today was such an important day, he'd offered to stay and help out the lab staff in any way he could.

Mal recognized Yumiko the moment he stepped in, and the lab assistant paused. The boy was pretty new around town, he'd noticed that he seemed to be close with the Erika girl who lived just down the street from his own residence. Mal didn't have anything against her, per se, but she was said to be quite troubled. Mal had heard all kinds of rumors about her, some going so far as to say that she was in a gang. Mal thought it was kind of ridiculous, especially in tiny, rural Nuvema, but nevertheless, he kept his head down as Yumiko picked up his supplies. He smiled at the Pichu he'd brought with him, prancing around with the Professor's Minccino, one much older than his own.

Speaking of, the small Pokémon on his shoulder tugged on a lock of the hair that had defiantly escaped its tie. Mal winced at the feeling and turned his head to see what Minccino was trying to draw his attention to, and saw that the tray in his hands was tilting precariously. "Thanks, buddy," he chuckled, righting the tray. "Bianca would have my head if I dropped these guys. Again."

To avoid further potential disaster, he placed the tray of Pokéballs on the steel lab table and looked up through one of the lab's many windows. Yumiko had stopped outside to converse with a girl that seemed to be enamored with his Pichu. She was definately dressed oddly, looking like one of those big-city types.
Harper walked into the lab. Grotle was large and would probably look out of place in a Pokemon research facility so it sat in the grass outside. There were two trainers talking to each other, one had a Pichu cradled in their arms. Harper strolled past them and spoke to the Lab receptionist.
"Hi im here for my Pokedex."
"Please may I have your letter?" Harper handed over her letter to her. "Right ill be back in a moment." She disappeared behind a bookshelf and began to type something on a computer. Harper took this time to appreciate the technology in the lab. It looked like a jungle of tech full of different machines for analyzing Pokemon and evaluating the medicinal properties of new berries. There were also some Pokemon living in the lab. Harper recognized some of them as Lillipup, Patrat and Munna. She was intrigued to see the abundance of new Pokemon in this region and she had yet to see one native to Sinnoh - apart from her Grotle. The lab assistant returned and called over to Harper. "I'd like to thank you for waiting. Here is your Pokedex, its an encyclopedia which fills up with data on any Pokemon you capture. Also, here's 5 Pokeballs, Trainer ID and Badge case. The ID contains all of your information and the Badge case stores your Gym badges that you will receive on your journey as a trainer. Finally, here's a X-Transceiver. It was a gift from your sister and she sent it to us so that you can use it on your journey. Your sister, aunt and the Professors numbers are all in it so feel free to call if you have any questions."
"Thank you so much!" Harper squealed with excitement and ran straight outside to show Grotle. "See Grotle, were officially trainers in Unova!!"
"No, They're not giving away Pichu's." Yumiko complained as he rolled his eyes. "If you politely walk inside and ask for a pokemon and a pokedex, they'll likely just give you one..."

Pichu looked adorably at her, her right ear slightly bent down and her eyes sparkly just in excitement to be with Yumiko. The two had been best friends for a while and she was happy to be at his side.

Yumiko recognised his environments - the lab assistant as well as Bianca and Professor Juniper on the inside of the building. The idea that this girl was planning on stalking everyone on the inside was a bit... odd. But, maybe he just stopped her from doing so. She seemed very sketchy but maybe she wasn't so bad. But, he didn't like how intently she was adoring HIS pokemon. Even though, it was a friendly gesture.
“What’re you being sassy about? Stranger things have happened, right?—Oh my.”

The split second she’d taken her peepers off the electric cutie, she caught something high-tech being handed over to the ‘country’ lass. It wasn’t PokeTech. No it looked beyond advanced than her old piece of kit. This alone, sent a bit of reddened embarrassment to her cheeks. She could never take a public call in this town, or any town hence forth, until she nabbed one of those sleek little gizmo’s.

It just didn’t look good, you see, to own something so basic.

Then again, neither did conglomerating at the side of a Pokémon laboratory, a curious notion that did she may not have fully realised before distractedly staring on the insides once again, locking eyes with the dutiful Malcolm. What creeps they must have looked—no, SHE must have looked! This other lad was likely local, and thus well known, and thus, non-suspect!

“…I suppose, I mean. I don’t HAVE a Pokémon, per say.”

Not anymore.

A quick glance to her bag was afforded.

Not quite.

A pokedex too? Not that she really intended to scurry about Unova and scan every quadruped she clapped eyes on, but there was something to be said for the knowledge they brought? If some toxic critter moseyed on up to her, she’d at least know about it!

“This could be fun—oh, speaking of politeness. Hazel, Hazel Linton.”

Pinching either end of her skirt, the mid-teen lass lifted both sides in an odd curtsey, briefly bending one knee in front of the other with a lidded smile. Flicking a few breeze-blown hairs behind her shoulder, finished with her beyond strange introduction, Hazel bounced her way through the lab doors. Past the celebrating Harper, who was all too eagerly informing the ‘walking bush’ of their new status in Unova.

Honestly, it made her smile quite genuinely. However, it was time with round two with Malcolm. Who had spied her being the town weirdo, briefly. The warmest smile she could muster was plastered onto her face, witnessing the girl outside, ever so excited with her Grotle, did help.

“Morning! I’m sorry for simply barging in—truth be told, I’m new in town. I saw such a commotion from outside, I was quite curious about this place. Would you mind telling me what’s bringing so many to the Lab?"

She knew exactly why, but... it seemed a little unsophisticated to barge in and demand a Pokemon. She almost afforded herself a nervous giggle. Boy, had she been down that road in her earlier youth!
After introducing himself as, "Yumiko, and this is Pichu," Yumiko nodded to her as she walked into the building. With that, he waited against a large rock outside of the Laboratory in patience for her to come back out - for none other reason than to be pestered by her. It was an odd interest that she sparked in him.

No. She wasn't "attractive." But she wasn't too bad neither. It was just her bubbly and characteristic personality she had that drew his attention like a magnet. So, he would wait outside. A sisterly like annoyance relationship he felt was building between them and it was only his first day knowing her.

Pichu hopped down from the arms of Yumiko and paced around him playfully. Giving back various chirps and squeaks to Yumiko who watched his best friend sprint around, burning off energy that was much needed for later in in the day.

That's right. It's adventure day. Yumiko would leave on his adventure soon if Hazel didn't hurry up. Maybe all three of them could go together? Maybe more? Who knows. Judging by how fast Hazel WASN'T moving, Yumiko didn't have his hopes high.​


Nacrene City, Summer

The newest gym in the region was opened two weeks ago, prior to the beginning of the adventure. The owners of the gym? Two young trainers - the first and second youngest gym leaders in the region. The two young trainers responsible for assisting in the defeat of a very powerful and active criminal gang here in the Unova region were now gym leaders and providing similar roles that Cheren does - giving the young trainers a goal and something to look forward to as they grow bigger and stronger with each day.

Nate and Rosa, the gym leaders of the Nacrene City Gym, stretched in the interior of their respective gym system. It was time for their next challenger who would challenge the gym leaders. That's right, Nate and Rosa team up for a fire-type double battle in the Nacrene City gym, giving the children and teenagers a taste of what double battle heat is.

"Now that I think of it..." Nate said with a stretch, his knee bending to move his thigh closer to his chest with a grunt and an exhale. "... I think I'm getting into the groove of this 'gym leader' thing!"

Rosa, who was standing at his side stretching as well after her and Nate's exercise, bent down and touched the end of her shoes with a moan and a loud exhale as well. "I agree. I love testing the trainers in the same way that they tested me... I just wish I could've learned more from... them." Rosa said, ending her exercise with a smile as the light of the entrance door to the gym opened, and someone entered, demanding a gym battle challenge.

"Let's do this."​
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Malcolm suppressed a snicker as the two teens interacted outside. He couldn't hear their conversation, but the girl's animated expressions and Yumiko's apparent exasperation were definately entertaining. After a few moments, he watched the peppy girl from outside enter the lab, an excited bounce in her step. Ah, it stood to reason that city-girl were here for the start of her travels, as several others were.

What he wasn't expecting, though, was for her to stop before she passed and address him directly. Nevertheless, he smiled warmly as she approached, and was surprised to find that she had not, apparently, heard of the Professor's offer in advance. A tourist, perhaps? It was a seaside town, after all. Still, it was refreshing to meet someone in such high spirits, rather than the clinical atmosphere of the lab.

"Oh, sure," he said in response to her question. "The Professor's the first stop for a lot of new trainers just starting out on their journeys. We raise a bunch of rare Pokémon here, and they just got old enough to be able to start battling. Or, you know, whatever trainers are into," he added.

His eyes dropped to the tray he'd just set down. It was dotted with deep indentations that firmly held several Pokéballs waiting for a home. "You know, if you're interested, these Pokémon are being given away. Bianca and the Professor'll talk your ear off, but it's totally worth it," the last part was said in jest, and he nodded toward both his superiors, respectively. "Are you getting ready to challenge the League, too?"
An eyebrow raised very subtly, something Malcolm had said prompted a look of gentle wonder. Clasping her hands behind her back and swaying subtly on her tip-toes, Hazel inquired, with a note of respect;

“You’re not a trainer, then?”

Seemed that way, to her. Lab jockeys, which Hazel was sure was the incorrect term for them, must have been a little bit hard come by. Her eyes quickly darted to his feet, up the lads’ face, and any clouds that happened to be hanging with him. He was a tall fellow, and she herself, was vertically challenged. He wasn’t old, no, perhaps ages with herself? Maybe a little older? Or simply more mature?

It was surprising. Folk his age were usually out and about, training, whatever. While he did look like the type who would eventually settle for lab-work (the glasses helped), Hazel reckoned that could have been years into his future.

…Enough staring the poor, hard-working lad down.

“That’s such a cute little angel? What is that?”

Her hand motioned towards the Minccino. Not knowing what it was, but this lab had two of them, and she prayed to high heavens that those little critters were Unova’s Rattata or Bidoof.

“Minccino!” Bianca saved Malcolm from that painful conversation, drawing Hazel’s attention way to the expectant, and jovial Professor! She was a difference from Professor Rowan back home—he low-key terrified Hazel. Something about his eyes, they were intense when combined with the glorious moustache.

“Come now, on a day like this, it’s better to stay focused, isn’t it? What is your name?”

“Hazel. Pleased to meet you.”

“Likewise! I am Professor Juniper. Currently, I am researching when and how the creatures called Pokémon came into existence. To this end, I am enlisting the help of young trainers, like yourself, to set out and discover the Pokemon of Unova. You should visit many places, and record—”

Hazel had, rudely, zoned out a little. Malcolm was not lying, she did go on a bit. Eye contact with the Professor was hard to keep up, those coppery-browns fell onto the tray with Poke balls. What could be in them? Well, Pokemon, but what kinds? Hazel snapped back to attention when some sleek machine was presented to her, with a fashionable pokeball logo glossed onto it.

“—with this! A Pokedex, specifically for Unova! How exciting for you! Now, you’re not from here, are you? I’ve spoken with your current house-mate. Lovely woman, tells me you’re from Sinnoh? Perhaps one of these Pokémon will be of better use to you?”

Bianca was all too happy to reveal the… Sinnoh starters. Hazel grimaced a little.

She didn’t like what Sinnoh had to offer the first time around, and now she was getting caged in with those weird-looking demons in a ball yet again. No. Not again. Not like this! Her eyes darted between the three Pokeballs with mounting horror. She knew what they evolved into. They were no Pichu or Minccino.

“Piplup, please.” Hazel couldn’t help the stress on that plea. With curious stares from the Professor and Bianca, Hazel had to think fast on how she could politely put; ‘It’s the lesser evil.’

“I’m more comfortable with water-types.” Nice save.

“Well, if you insist! Take good care of Piplup!~ I’m sure you’ll grow very fond of each other! Here are some Pokeballs too. To capture wild Pokemon—”

She’d have to explain to Yumiko it wasn’t her being slow. They talked. So. Very. Much. Taking the little red ball in her hands, Hazel swallowed a lump in her throat. Piplup. They were famous for being… difficult. Perhaps in many ways, Hazel was well matched to it. Once Bianca and Juniper had hushed, the blue-dressed lass bowed her head in a little reverence. After not listening, it was the least she could do.

“I’ll do my best, I promise. I’m… not prepping to take on the League, I’ve got other goals in mind. It was wonderful to meet you—and erm.” She directed a more attentive, semi-smile to Malcolm. “You can learn a lot in the field, too. I’m sure you know that, but maybe I’ll see you out there? I really should head, some…” Bumpkin. “Person is waiting for me outside.”

Once she turned tail and walked outside, hello Yumiko, Hazel died a little on the inside. Her eyes were fixed onto the Pokeball. A breathy exhale escaped her. Maybe even her soul.

“…Sinnoh… Starters…”
"Sinnoh... starters? You look like you just got your next fix of... yeah. Are You... erm, okay?" Yumiko joked with a hand behind his neck, his Pichu Jumping down and looking up at the pokeball, wanting to play with what ever pokemon she had just received from the professor.

"Pi! Pichu, pi!" Pichu waved her tiny arms pointing at the red and white pokeball, begging for the girl to let out the pokemon.

"So, which pokemon did you choose...? Obviously it's from Sinnoh since you're practically ' ecstatic. '" Yumiko joked again, covering his mouth with the back of his hand incase she was going to attack him in anyway for the humor being poked at her.
Elias strolled over to the Striaton City Restaurant, in need of a good breakfast. The restaurant was busy, because it was ran by the City's Gym Leaders Cress, Chili and Cilan. Every once in a while they'd battle with a fourth trainer, a spectacle that never fails to draw a huge crowd. Today was not one of those days, but the restaurant was still packed.

Elias sat down at a table in the corner, secluding himself from the locals as best as he could. His efforts have failed as a pair of trainers decided to come sit down right next to him. He sighed to himself and browsed through the menu, wondering which breakfast he would treat himself to today. After a while Cilan came to his table, notepad in hand, asking what it'll be today.

"I'll have a coffee, and a Blissey omelette please." Elias ordered, handing the nervous Cilan the menu to take. When most of the diners received their food, and the fuss had settled down a bit, Elias overheard a conversation from the pair next to him.

"Apparently Professor Juniper is practically handing people starter Pokémon today." The young boy said to the other trainer across the table.

"So I've heard. Someone even received a starter from another region. The Sinjoh region I believe it was." The other boy answered. Elias was subtly listening to their conversation, even leaning a little closer to hear them better. His eyes flared up when the trainer mentioned the Sinjoh region. This is it, this is my opportunity, he told himself, patiently waiting for his breakfast to arrive at his table.

Cilan quickly arrived, setting the platter down on his table. "Bon Appetit!" He bowed, moving on to another table. Elias was lost in thought as he munched through his omelette. If there was any chance of receiving a starter Pokémon and going on the journey he so desperately wanted, this was it. So what was he waiting for.

He left half of his omelette, took a huge gulp of coffee, nearly burning his tongue, and rushed out of the restaurant, making his way to Nuvema Town and finally starting his Journey Into Unova.
“Oh just peachy.”

She wasn’t peachy. She was pale, with fear of the creature that lurked inside of that shiney red ball of false promises. That sadistic little electric Pokemon of Yumiko’s wanted to release the beast, adorably oblivious, so she felt. Knowing it very well to be quite bratty to mope over a free Pokémon, Hazel opened her mouth, wordless at first, before wording her feelings as delicately as she could.

“I’m from Sinnoh. When I was younger, I, and just about every other child, was bursting at the seams to obtain my first Pokémon. There in lays one problem, when you’re from Sinnoh.”

Her lips pressed together tightly, eyes locking with Yumiko, deadly serious and intense.

“They’re hideous. A walking shrub, and the other one had an open-flame on it’s backside. That left me with… this.” Her eyes dropped like bowling balls to her lucky new partner. Her thumb etched up the curve of the sphere, pressing the seal with exaggerated slowness. A flash of white light, the Pokeball sprung open and revealed…


What was there to hate about it? A Piplup? Look at it’s adorable, coat-tail like body, it’s big head, it’s stubby little beak and button like markings on its tummy. The little critter stared between the humans. Then to Pichu. Infact, it wandered closer to Pichu, pecking her once, gently, on the little yellow noggin.

Clearly, it was a monster.

Hazel stood, arms folded and brows furrowed, staring blatantly at Yumiko as if he was supposed to automatically agree with her, that this little blue bipedal bird was a terror.

"Out of curiosity, what did you pick? Or did you see it was Sinnoh starters on offer and, rightfully, ran out the lab?"

She could swear she saw that penguin-thing's eye twitch.

It knew.
Yumiko watched with his head cocked in curiosity. For someone like him, hating such a pokemon was so weird and different than what he was used to. As far as he had seen, Piplup and the rest of the Sinnoh starters were adorable, and grew up with massive capabilities. What was so wrong with a Piplup?

Pichu danced around the Piplup, happy to have made a new friend. After all, the last pokemon friend Pichu made was in Johto and that was a little while ago.

"I don't see anything wrong with your Piplup here." Yumiko responded with a raised eyebrow as he crouched down to get on the same level as the Piplup before looking it up and down. It was a cute water pokemon and it's evolution, Empoleon, was pretty cool. "Are you being dramatic again?" Yumiko asked before standing back up. "I didn't get a choice on my starter pokemon whatsoever. But, I'm really glad I didn't. Pichu is my best friend~"​
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Harper strolled down Route 1. It was peaceful and the Pidove were gently calling to each other in the treetops on either side of the path. Grotle lumbered behind her. It was enjoying the weather in Unova much more than in Sinnoh, where it was unpredictable and often cold. It then stopped and raised its head. It took on a more aggressive demeanor as it began to growl at the tall grass ahead. A growl answered from the other side before the bush started rustling. Then, a Pokemon jumped out at them, a Patrat. It sneered and then ran at Grotle with its fangs bared. It bit down on Grotle's leg and it cried out in pain, collapsing to the ground. The Patrat then launched its body at Grotle, tackling it. Grotle winced but stood up. It then answered with an attack of its own, "Use Razor Leaf!" Leaves launched from Grotles back sliced through the air and struck Patrat. It dropped to one knee. "Now use Tackle!" Grotle trotted towards Patrat and sent it flying into the grass. It knew it had won and looked to Harper for approval. She gave it in the form of a hug. "Well done Grotle, im so proud of you!!" It nuzzled her back and together they continued along Route 1 towards Accumula Town.
“Piip piip!”

Flapping its miniature wings, the Piplup hovered and jigged from foot to foot. It had no quarrel with Pichu, but it’s build saw it stumble and face-plant. Beak plant. Never the less, the little water-dweller pushed itself back up and puffed it’s circle-pattern chest outwards, filled with it’s own sense of independence.

“That is what’s wrong with it.”

It couldn’t walk?

“When you try to feed them, pet them, love them, care for them, they decide that they’d sooner starve and wither away than accept any help. I mean, it’s not drama!” Hazel shook her head slowly, having a glare-off with her little buddy. Her hand drew the Pokeball up slowly, as if warning it. Somewhere along the lines she decided it had warning enough, and with a red-flash, the little bird was sucked back into his capsule.

“They’re so hard to work with. Better that I get landed with these pieces of work than some little kid gets their dreams crushed by them.”

All she was missing was a setting sun, and a fist clenched pose of dismay. Yes. She was that kid, once.

“He is cute though—I think I’ll call him, erm… Albert.”

Albert. The Piplup.


“You’re lucky you got your Pichu, that’s a fact. So, what’s your angle? Trainer, right? Where are you heading from here? Next Gym? Routes? I mean... it is just a Pichu you have.” She spoke delicately, worried brows and mouth tugged into a trying smile.
Yumiko recoiled at the words from the girl, his timid smile turning into a frown. Did this girl just... him and his Pichu?

"Excuse me! You think my Pichu can't win a gym challenge!?" He exclaimed with his hands now residing on his hips. "It's true that my Pichu hasn't battled before even though I've had her for so long... but she isn't weak!" Yumiko frowned again. "Atleast I'm not afraid of my first pokemon."

The attitude in his voice dripped, as he turned his back.

"Find your way to the next town on your own. I'm heading out with my STRONG pokèmon." While he knew he was being dramatic, it was really a test to see if she would follow him. It wasn't necessarily that he loved the quarrel they were having but he loved having someone who he could argue with instead of Erica who seemed to somewhat adore him while his parents didn't pay attention.

Friendly competition?

Who knows. But he enjoyed whatever rivalry they were building in just the first thirty minutes of knowing each other.
“That’s exactly what I think.”

Shots were fired! Crouching onto the ground and attempting to squeeze one of six Pokeballs into a bag that has no capacity for them, her opinion was fired off like… it was fact, almost. As if she truly believed there was just no way for him to win. While he continued to be, rightfully, offended by her words, Hazel released another portion of her soul / breath.

“You new trainers are all like this. You think some… what, magical bond of friendship and love is going to protect you both? That’s a BABY Pokémon. Don’t you DARE pit that poor thing against a Gym! I’m—You know? I’m not going to let you do it.”

Matter of factually may well have been her common tone at this point. As if she’d been appointed Queen of the region and her word was law. Grabbing her frilly bag and whatever boulder of an object she was carrying around inside of it, Hazel put her foot down. Both feet, actually. In front of him.

“If you’re this offended by a comment, imagine how you’re gonna feel when that poor angel get’s slam dunked by an…I don’t know, Onix or something. You think about that!? An ONIX. Big ol’ boulder-built Ekans. That gets thrown out into the arena, and you, what did YOU bring to the table. A one-foot tall mouse that occassionally throws out a jolt of electricity.”

Her eyes narrowed. Her nose creased. She shook her head dangerously slow.

“Not on my watch.”
Yumiko stopped in his tracks and spun around, enraged as ever. Not only was it him and his best friend, but she was doubting their capabilities like it was healthy to do. He set his Pichu down and crossed his arms.

"You know what!? If you're so negative - thinking that pokemon can't beat other pokemon soul based on the fact that they're larger, than you obviously DON'T know the first thing about being a Pokèmon Trainer! I've traveled through Johto and parts of Sinnoh and sure, Pichu is still a Pichu, but that's because I never battle with her! So, if you think I can't do everything with the power of love and support, I'll happily prove you wrong someday." His rant was almost over when he turned around. "If you ever learn to appreciate the pokemon YOU have."

With that, Pichu felt a little bit of power growing inside her. It was like she was getting more confident and... stronger? Mere words couldn't do that, but she felt powerful now. Someday, she would evolve. Hopefully.

Picking up his Pichu, Yumiko waved a farewell while his back was turned, Not saying a word before picking up onto Route 1.
Harper put down the X-Transceiver. She had finished her call with the Professor who told her that there were three other trainers who had started out that day and that she should look out for them and introduce herself. She had changed her clothes and was in the Pokemon Center in Accumula Town so they would have to pass through here. She stepped outside the center. The town was mostly empty and barren except for a few Pokemon dozing around under trees and next to buildings. She took a seat on a bench and breathed. It was so peaceful here. The sun was at its peak but the temperature still felt moderate. She decided to wait for the trainers the Professor had mentioned. If she made some rivals, maybe her journey would be more enjoyable and possibly even result in her making some friends. It might even allow her to stay in Unova instead of going back to Sinnoh. It was her home but it wasnt as nice as it was here. She had always felt out of place in Sinnoh. Her only companions had been Grotle and Julie and she was off working now. She had even begun her own journey because she had gotten so lonely only to be stopped at the very beginning. Harper unzipped her jacket and glanced down at her Coal Badge. It was the only item she had brought with her from Sinnoh. She treasured the memory of her little Turtwig evolving to win her the fight. She raised her head and looked over at Grotle, which was resting next to the Pokemon Center. She knew then what she wanted to do. She wanted to treasure every moment with her Pokemon and raise it to be the best it can be. All the thinking made her eyes grow heavy and as she focused more and more on the road ahead, she drifted to sleep.
“Larger!? Experienced!”

If she had a coffee, you could bet she’d be spitting it out. The incredulous stare, when he told her that she didn’t know the first—Oooh! Her blood boiled! For a split second she looked around for a rock, something, to lob at him. One of the spare Pokeballs?—no.

No no.

Hazel took the deepest inhale through her nose. She’d be calm, so she told herself. She would not rise to this. With balled fists, and really, not having any reason to stay in Yokel-ville any longer, the young woman steamed past him. Ideally, she’d throw her toys out the pram, and stalk the other direction but erm, that would have landed her in the ocean. That might have been the better outcome, she had no idea of where she was headed. She wasn’t local, but right now, Hazel couldn’t see for steam.

“I don’t care what you think about me but get this into that thick skull of yours. I loved my Pokémon.”

Loved? Past tense?

She would get tired eventually. Trying to power-walk down the route faster than him.
Yumiko said nothing more, watching the girl walk past him a little faster than he was. It bothered him, sure, but he couldn't let it get to him. After all, he and Pichu were best friends and she was all that he needed.


The way that girl spoke to him was so out of line. What was so wrong with believing in your own pokemon? If they trust each other, anything can happen.

Pichu picked up on the frustrated mindset coming from Yumiko and climbed onto his shoulder. A sad looking Pichu tried cheering him up by rubbing the cheeks on her left cheek against him gently to not shock either of them. "Piii?" Pichu asked, doing her very best to cheer up her best friend.

"Maybe we shouldn't take on the gym challenge..." Yumiko started before looking down at the ground. Every gym leader of Johto lost at his feet when he battled as hard as he could there, and the thought of him just flat out dropping the challenge. That's what he was raised on doing. "I mean... I want to battle with you but I don't want you getting hurt. Maybe that's the part of our friendship I wasn't looking at..."

Pichu's eyes sparkled in emotional feelings, wishing that her trainer could understand that everything that they've done has lead up to this adventure.

In a swift motion, Pichu jumped off of Yumiko's arms and into the flat ground in front of him, standing tall and extending her two short arms to the left and right.

"Pichu...?" Yumiko started before watching as Pichu closed her eyes.


The last part of her name was exclaimed as Pichu leaped into the air and enveloped herself in a harsh blue and white light, nearly blinding Yumiko as he bent his arm to cover his eyes. Still, he tried his best to spot just what was happening to his best friend.

The light kept shinning even as Pichu landed on her feet...

It wasn't a Pichu anymore.

When the light faded, the Pichu he called his best friend was now a Pikachu, with a heart shaped end of her tail and long pointy ears.


Yumiko was practically teary eyed, seeing his best friend evolve right before his eyes. Knowing that Pichu only evolve through experience and a high friendship, he felt better about himself.

But... he didn't battle with Pichu? How did it evolve...?

Either way, Yumiko was beyond thrilled.
Hazel’s often light-weight gait felt conflictingly heavy. In a midst of racing thoughts and shaking justifications. Young doubt replayed the scene over and over, and young stubbornness told her that the experiences she had were just, correct, and unfalteringly guiding in her words and actions. She told herself that, simply, she wanted much, and needed few to obtain it. That, after all, was normality for her.

Halfway down the stretch of the route, a horde of ever alert Patrat glaring suspiciously from the grassy hides, a dazzling concoction of pale light cast shadows of the local flora upon the ground. Hazel’s eyes could not have gaped any wider, her hair whipping around, and arms braced around her bag, tight and protective. There was a certain unfamiliarity in her expression, a note of worry from her angled eyebrows.

The emotion that was left with her, when little Pichu was unharmed and quite astoundingly evolved, was not pleasant. What should have been warmth, and gentle awe of this little miracle, was clouded by something crooked. Something that just shouldn’t have been there.

“Congratulations. Maybe you can win that Gym Badge.”

It was all she could muster, all she felt she had to, before pointedly, albeit much less hurriedly, continuing down the path, fingers curled intensely into the navy threads of her bag, nose wrinkled with a grimace. No need to rain on Yumiko’s parade further. It was supposed to be a happy moment for him, and Pichu—Pikachu, rather.
Elias reached Accumula Town rather quick, and decided to enter the Pokémon Center to pick up some supplies for when he goes on that journey. Some Pokéballs, some Potions. Maybe an Antidote, or a Parlyz Heal? Elias considered as he held the both in his, doubting which one to get. He finally decided to go with the latter, and picking up the Parlyz Heal.

He was all set to leave the Center until he saw a Grotle outside. Now, in the Sinnoh region Grotles weren't all that noteworthy. But, since he was in the Unova region, it came as a big surprise to see one. He saw it was asleep, or better, he heard it. He glanced around to see if he could spot its trainer, and could only find a girl sleeping on a bench nearby.

He slowly edged closer to the Grass-type Pokémon, and slowly waved his hand in front of its eyes to see if it would wake up. To no avail. Elias petted the Grotle on its head, and it slowly woke up. It yawned with a gaping mouth and stood up on its legs, totally ignoring Elias and strolling over to its trainer.

"Excuse me, hello?" Elias said as he approached the sleeping trainer. Elias bowed down, dropping to the level of the girl. "Is this your Grotle?" He asked the girl, as if that wasn't apparent enough.
The route one was known for many reasons. The main one was that it was the stepping stone required to push a trainer or a man or woman of any kind of proficiency to really think about the opportunities they'll receive in the future and what they would die with those said chances.

For Yumiko, it was just another day on an adventure. The route was long - bushes and trees sprouted everywhere like a fountain of youth, the pokemon so young and healthy. It was like everything here was so user friendly that he couldn't help but feel excited to adventure out. Even with the drama with that... weird girl, he wasn't going to let it overtake his positivity to now have a Pikachu.

"I'm so glad we're on this adventure together...!" Yumiko chirped as he walked along, So much pep and energy in his walks as he did. "We're going to dominate the first gym!"

While the diner where Cilan and his brothers ran while also having daily dinners and cook-offs was an old gym area, Cheren had moved his gym down here as a place closer to home and more adventure friendly for the older area of trainers like himself and his old friend, Hilbert. Of course, it was two towns away from Yumiko as he walked, but he was eager to face off against the trainer who helped save the world years ago.

"Pika!! Pika-Pi!" Pikachu exclaimed, climbing onto the top of his head acting as a lookout for herself and her trainer.
"Excuse me, hello? Is this your Grotle?" Harper woke up in surprise and lashed out, striking a young trainer in the face. "Oh my gosh im so sorry are you ok?" The trainer was around her age. He must have been one of the trainers Professor Juniper had mentioned. "My name is Harper and this is my Grotle. Whats your name?"
"Boy, what are you still doing here?" Mal turned to see his mother in her lab coat, with an exasperated expression on her delicate features. "I told you, we're fine here. If you keep on waiting around, you'll be an old bat like me."

"You're not old." The response was automatic without thinking, and he grinned at her. "Fine, fine. It looks like the visitors are winding down, anyway."

She looked him up and down, her exasperation morphing to concern. "Are you sure you don't want to take one of the Professor's Pokémon? The one you've got isn't exactly a...roughhouser."

"She's tougher than she looks," he defended. As long as she didn't get muddy, the priss. "Besides, those Pokémon should be given to people who really need them. It's not like I'll be taking on gyms. We can defend ourselves just fine," he reassured.

Within a few minutes, he'd said his goodbyes, and a few of the lab staff saw him off. The town slowly faded away to calm forest, with the wind rustling the trees a bit and the distant waves lapping at the nearby shores. Minccino had climbed down fom his shoulder and was leading the way, beaming.

He chuckled at her antics and focused on his future actions. He needed to head north of he wanted to reach Accumula, and he considered staying in Striaton for the night when he arrived. It was a large city, and would give him time to explore what it had to offer.