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The Vending Machine Game!

Hey! I've seen this somewhere, can't remember where ... anyway, I don't see that this has been done before on here, so here goes.

It's simple: The first post inserts something into the 'vending machine' and then the second post gets something out. Then the same post inserts something, and so on. So it might be a bit like this:

1st Post: *inserts coffee*
2nd Post: Gets cocoa beans
*inserts nuts*

So yeah. I'll start.

*inserts my hand*


Virtual Duck Enthusiast
Staff member
You get another sixty-eight legendaries, each more godly than the last!

-inserts some antimatter-
Aaand explosions occur D:

I put in my old Pokemon Yellow version, which I just found on my desk. Warning, I went to glitch city over 9,000 times, and my Pikachu eternally hates me.
The "PLEASE INSERT CORRECT CHANGE" light goes out as 9 of the pies are hurled at your face.

Out Of Gaming- Classics. I like them.

I insert a $100 bill.