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Ask to Join Tournament of Arcturus: Battle Island

Tournament of Arcturus: Battle Island
(The invitation reads...)

Welcome, Pokemon Trainer! Welcome to the Tournament of Arcturus, also known as Battle Island. Here, we hold annual tournaments which bring talent all the way from the furthest regions. On Arcturus, battles are our claim to fame and we take great pride in such recognition. In a one month bundle of exciting events, we open our cabins to visiting tourists and participating battle competition as an average of five hundred people attend the event with only the strongest actually partaking in the tournament itself. For those who wish to seek overwatch on the entire event, here is what you can expect!

- Free seating for the Arcturus Tournament!
- Ten days of free food and service in the cabins!
- Entry in the Mystery Egg! (Which hatches on the last day of the month!)

If you're looking for much more excitement and want victory in the tournament than you'll be delighted to know we have some SPECIAL deals for participating warriors!

- Free food and services in all cabins!
- Free memberships in all gyms!
- Two entrys into the Mystery Egg! (Hatches on the last day of the month!)

(Arcturus possesses:
2 Pokemon Centers,
2 Pokemarts,
3 Exercising Gyms,
1 Airport, 1 Seaport,
20 Cabins,
1 Trading Station,
4 Boutiques, 4 Cafe's)

Here is a little bit of history to explain why we hold this annual tournament...

Several hundred years ago, a boat sank just miles off the coast of Arcturus Island. Out of hundreds of people, only eight people made it to the shore and created shelter. However, with little human contact around and no possible competition, the seamen were forced to battle out their pokemon on the shores to keep their strength up. It took several months, but the men were rescued and out of those eight, four men returned to begin setting up a tournament which they called Arcturus, after the name of the boat they sunk. Over the course of hundreds of years, thousands and thousands of trainers have came and gone and each leaving their name engraved into the streets of the Island with every step they take. President Nakamura, a thirty-six-year-old woman from Sinnoh, is in charge of the island and is opening the tournament once again after twelve months of waiting.

Rules For Entry:
- Respect all guidelines created on Pokecharms.
- No legendary pokemon whatsoever without special permissions from an administrator.
- For simplicities sake, no mega-evolution.
- No OP characters! Having weaknesses isn't as much of a weakness as you think, you know?
- No forcing hits onto another trainer/pokemon.
- Romance is accepted but please don't go overboard.
- Friendships are encouraged!
- No duplicates! I don't want to see five different Garchomp's on five different people. If you're not first you're last!
- No swearing, and keep violence to a minimum.
That's all!

Character Sheets:
Region of Origin:
Pokemon(Minimum 1, Maximum 6):
Physical Description:

Pokemon Sheet: