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Trainer Card Maker 4 Trainer Sprite Submissions

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Previously PrincessPika~chan
Name: Aiyana.
Category: Other.
Category: Video Games (Kurohebi from the Len'en series)

The sprite does not follow Kurohebi's costume design exactly. Based on the Ninja Boy trainer class from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.


  • Kurohebi transparent.png
    Kurohebi transparent.png
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Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
Hey, I made a couple sprites for my rps, some of which already exist outside the Rps. I will post a transparent and white version of each here, just in case you require any of the two:

Belowski from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and fiction RP:


Kai from Naruto Rp:


The first should go in the ‘General Anime’ category, as Belowski is from existing material. The other, Kai, should go in the ‘other’ category, as he is original. I hope these two get approved, and they will be used :) thank you
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Previously turnt3chGodh34d
I am not exactly accustomed to creating sprites, or very good at it, but this was my go at it.
Shen, whom is the post above mine, inspired me to do some sprite creation of my own, and who did I choose?
Well, here's a transparent image of the man himself;

NEGAN - The Walking Dead

I don't believe there's a category for live action TV show characters, so I'd assume Negan here would be put into the 'other' category.

Shen: King of Digimon

Previously Shen: King of the Mist
A fresh batch of sprites here, and these one are pretty well known too. Meet Rex and Weevil from Yu-Gi-Oh!


Rex Raptor (left.) Weevil Underwood (right)

Since they are from Yu-Gi-Oh!, General anime seems to be the best spot for them.

Rex was made using several parts from different pokemon characters, from gold’s face, lance’s flipped right arm, pearl’s pants, and gen 4 waiter trainer’s body. A lot of winging it after that.

Weevil was far more simpler, having the net of bugsy, nejiki’s feet and right arm, collector trainer’s modified head, and schoolboy’s base legs and body
Here ya go. It's me. Hope it works.

Name: Chat (I made him up)
Category: Others
Sprite used: Pokemon Emerald version pkmn trainer Brendan


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    pixil-frame-0 (1).png
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This is just the trainer I wanted for my Pokémon card its a edit of the rocket grunt from Pokémon silver but with changes to the head and my current favorite Pokémon


  • Heathertrainerwpokemon.png
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I have been making custom sprites for a while so i figured i would finally muster up the courage to submit them here
here are all of my custom sprites from the Ace Attorney series
mia png.png

Name: Mia Fey
Category: Video Games
edgeworth sprite.png

Name: Miles Edgeworth
Category: Video Games
phoenix sprite.png

Name: Phoenix Wright
Category: Video Games
maya sprites.png

Name: Maya Fey
Category: Video Games
godot sprite.png

Name: Godot
Category: Video Games
fran pkm sprite.png

Name: Franziska von Karma
Category: Video Games
kristoph trainer sprite.png

Name: Kristoph Gavin
Category: Video Games
pearl sprite.png

Name: Pearl Fey
Category: Video Games
klav trainer sprite.png

Name: Klavier Gavin
Category: Video Games
manfred sprite.png

Name: Manfred von Karma
Category: Video Games
Created my own character sprite using Gen 4 Volkner and Ace Trainer M as a base.

Name : Ayezadd
Category : Other
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My first attempt at creating a sprite. This is Jade. I hope it doesn't violate any of the rules here but I'm confident in my art skill at least. The category is Other.


  • Jade.png
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Greetings all.
Over the past... however long it's been since the latest TCM community update, we've received multiple questions and comments - some more polite than others - regarding when the next update might happen and whether we even examine the submission threads at all.

Rest assured that yes, we do - and no, it's not that nothing submitted in the past however long has been worth consideration - there's been quite a bit of good stuff that would definitely be a fine addition to the TCM. Alas, technical issues that we've yet to resolve have gotten in the way of adding new assets in and... unfortunately remain in the way for the time being.

However, since submissions HAVE been piling up - and as it is unfair to both you as a community to feel as though your work is being ignored (and just adds more volume to the already ridiculous amount of submissions we'll need to wade through and curate when the time comes) - it is with heavy heart that I must announce that asset submissions to the Trainer Card Maker are closed until further notice.

Thank you all for your contributions over time - and once the issue is resolved, we'll be looking forward to reviewing and adding new assets, as well as opening submissions again. ^^
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