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Unpopular anime opinions


Previously AceTrainerGold
Yeahhh most Isekai nowadays are just otaku pandering shit, or just full of unnecessary fan service. But when an Isekai is done right it tends to be really good, I really like most of the shows you mentioned actually. Konosuba is still my favourite Isekai, and Devil is a Part-timer if you really count that. But yeah to conclude most Isekai now absolutely suck.

And seeing as you mentioned Demon Slayer. I actually don’t think I liked as much as everyone else. I didn’t watch Demon Slayer when it was airing mainly because I was watching much new shows at the time, but I watched it at the start of this year, pretty late I know. And when I watched it I really didn’t think it was anything that special, I did like it but I didn’t think it was amazing like most people seemed to, Dororo is better.

Though I will admit Ufotable did god works in terms of animation as they always do, but even then I still don’t think it had the best animation I’ve seen.
it’s weird how i’ve seen over half of Monster Musume No Iru Nijicho but other than that i don’t really like harem type anime. a couple years ago, my friend tried to get me to watch Diabolik Lovers, and i just wasn’t feeling it, but i had previously watched Ouran High School....and i was fine? idk, maybe i just find reverse harem anime boring?


Previously SwiftSwoobat
Oh, I forgot this forum existed. Now that I think about it, my signature is literally what this is for:

What is my least favourite anime trope you ask? The entirety of Toga Himiku from BNHA. Just... why? She’s supposed to be some sort of fan service or edgelord (kind of?) or.... just supposed to be a ‘quirky’ or ‘interesting’ character they are trying to make me like. Dabi is also trash, so is Slade, so is Todoroki, Bakuguo, and Tokyami. They are just too edgy, overrated, powerful, all with a blend of fan service to top it off. Don’t get me started with how much I hate Deku. He’s just a pathetic piece of trash that congregates in a sad corner with himself whilst crying so much and then acting so ‘inspiring’ at the end of the day. All Might should’ve just kicked him off his foot in the first episode. Oh yeah, All Might. Just garbage. Too heroic, way too muscular, and overall bad character design. And for some reason everyone I talk to says ‘Kirishima best boy’. KIRISHIMA!? Is this because of his hero costume? Am I surrounded by perverts? If Kirishima was always in his school uniform I guarantee you he would just be a ‘meh’ character. And, finally, Kaminari. Who in god’s holy name would name their son ‘electricity’. I don’t really see a reason for his quirk behaving the ways that it does, or if the writers just needed a lazy explanation for a weakness of his quirk.
I'd like to see Yuga Aoyama pull off a win. So far the closest two things we see of that is him saving deku from as training bot ,and using his belly laser as a rallying point.
oh my god i’m in the season with Chisaki and so far it’s like they’re only focusing on those characters. I loved the Tamaki episode but Kirishima’s backstory was kind of a letdown. i thought it’d be more dramatic, also i think they should have shown mina’s lasting relationship with him earlier.


Previously PrincessPika~chan
...entirety of Toga Himiku from BNHA. Just... why? She’s supposed to be some sort of fan service or edgelord (kind of?) or.... just supposed to be a ‘quirky’ or ‘interesting’ character they are trying to make me like.
Those... aren't quite the right words I don't think. 'Creepily cute quirky yandere' would probably be slightly to the point.
(Also her name's spelt 'Himiko' but eh)
And for some reason everyone I talk to says ‘Kirishima best boy’. KIRISHIMA!? Is this because of his hero costume? Am I surrounded by perverts?
To be fair I don't see why that's the case either. He's not really that stand-out at all.
He's pretty funny though whenever he and Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu interact though~
And, finally, Kaminari. Who in god’s holy name would name their son ‘electricity’.
Oh please don't get me started on the nuanced names... I can pass it off as coincidence or something like that for last names but the first names like that are just... don't let me ramble about that. Kaminari is probably the third most nuanced name in all of MHA as far as I could possibly think. (Though, both of the ones more nuanced were noted to be pretty on-the-nose in some of the volume extras)


Previously AceTrainerGold
Ehhh I don’t really like Toga all that much, she’s one of the most overrated characters in the series. The yandere trope has always came off as really annoying to me and I don’t really understand why people can find it attractive, I don’t judge people that do I just personally don’t find the attraction.

As for Kirishima, I mean I think he’s best boy. And I’ve never really heard anyone say he’s best boy because of his costume tbh, but there a probably people like that, like Momo fans. I much prefer Kirishima over Deku, who is also quite annoying sometimes to me.

Also I like Mineta.
Goku was/is a great father. Chichi is an amazing mother for pushing her son education wise to study ,and be the best he could be academics wise. This allowed Gohan to realize ,and achieve his dream of being a scholar. Because Gohan spent so much time studying he never got to become as powerful as he would have if he trained his whole life like Goku would have wanted ,but I digress.

It's weird when people say Goku was a bad father. He spent more time training than bonding with his family. That's sad. Both of his sons would have benefited from family time together outside fighting and training. His kids and wife would. Goku would potentially be bored of of his mind ,but he'd have been making his family happier. He also would be weaker if he spent more time working in a job like his wife complains about him not having ,and if he spent more time with his family not training.

Think about the villains beyon Cell for a second. This is around the time Gohan really started to focus primarily on academics. When he started becoming softer. Weaker. The resurrection of Frieza is an amazing example of someone Gohan couldn't beat. Maybe if Gohan trained like Goku he'd be able to become super saiyan god blue? Maybe he would have given Frieza a actual fight. Instead we got Goku and Vegeta who trained, and trained ,and trained. If Goku had been "A better father" to whatever expectations people think "a good father" should be he probably wouldn't have lasted as long as he did in his fight against Frieza.

The tournament of power. Another great example. Would Goku have been able to unlock ultra instinct had he not trained his whole life? Jiren would have won the tournament of power hands down if goku lost no questioning it. Goku didn't play catch with his son "like a good father" he likely didn't walk him to school on his first day ,or tell him everything is going to be okay when he had a rough day at school ,but what Goku did do was save the world. So his kids could continue living their happy lives not having to constantly train like Goku did.

Sorry for ranting... I intended to make this short ,but this post is anything ,but... I'm not even entirely sure if this is an unpopular opinion ,but I figured I'd post it anyways.


Previously TheJustinMan
I don't like Bloody Stream. It's nice and cool to listen to, but there are like, 8 other JoJo openings, and this one sounds so bland and uninteresting compared to 7 of them. (Sono Chi No Sadame is the exception here.)