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Private/Closed Viridian WCS Tournament!

August 5th, Viridian City, Kanto.

One of the most important events of the year is the World Coronation Series. Trainers from all over the world try to climb the ladder to reach the top rank and maybe become the champion. One step towards that goal is the different tournaments spread across the world, created for participants of the WCS to try and gain points from battling those in a similar level.

The rules are simple, 1 vs 1 the first round, then 2 vs 2 the second round and from there 3 vs 3. It's a simple direct elimination event, but the trainers are given enough team to rest in between matches. The winner of course gains a lot of points in the ranks and some other prizes. Let the best trainer win!

Reina Cortez. Rank ?????

"Another tournament huh? We need to step up our game if we're to win this one. Just remember guys, we have to practice our new skills. Breath and relax, think and react." The Metztlian trainer stood outside the Stadium, stretching her arms into the air along with her fellow companion, Diva. "It feels nice having the team together again, I really missed you guys."

Reina had been training with Chuck and traveling to Alola, she had added new members to her team and even expanded a new weapon to her arsenal. The black Z ring on her wrist looked shiny and new. She only had the fighting crystal for it, but that was all she needed. Who knows, she might not even have to use it. The trainer sat down at a bench, already signed up and ready to get going with the tournament, which was moments away from beginning.

Jayden Jones, Rank ????

"Move it guys!" The ever energetic young man moved ahead of his group as always. His Electrivire following quickly after. It was their first tournament and climbing the WCS ladder was one of their main goals. They were to participate in the Normal Rank division, which wasn't as popular since famous trainers rarely appeared there, but the public loved seeing potential future competitors. Jayden had exactly three Pokemon under his belt at the time, but he was sure that was all he needed to win.

"I'm signing up with or without you!" JJ shouted as he bolted for the stadium. Upon entering he was quickly amazed by the great amount of people inside. It was amazing seeing so many Pokemon and trainers working together. The inspiration only fueled his energy as he rush to the registration counter. All he had to do was have his phone scanned and his information was quickly upload, registering with quickly. "Come one Joyce and Huber! This might be our only chance to get out of Normal Rank!"

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Interactions: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro)

Finally, at his first WCS tournament!

Reggie could feel the weariness of the Orange Island adventure hitting him, and then a visit to Galar and his continuation of his journey in Unova really boosted his Pokemon. Not only that, but he finally figured out his own spiritual abilities and was able to sleep better at night, especially with his Musharna helping him.

He was even working on his fear of Dark-Types, as much progress as that was going.

With his trusty sidekick Musharna hovering by his side and wearing a Giratina-color-themed suit (complete with golden cuffs and buttons, a red dress shirt under a light grey dress jacket, and dark grey tie and slacks), he walked towards the stadium, running his hand along his slicked back short, golden hair and his sapphire blue eyes scanning everyone in front of him. His ears caught wind of a young girl talking to her Clefairy before sitting down at a bench. Then there was another guy who blitzed through a bunch of people before entering the stadium.

Luckily, he already signed up online, so he walked over to the bench next to that girl, his Musharna humming softly as she floated after him. Sitting down and petting the Musharna, who leaned against his legs, he looked over at the Metztlian girl.

"Hey, what rank are you? Have been to a tournament before? Name's Reggie." He gave her a hand to shake, hoping she had some time to chat a little before the event started.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Interactions: Jayden Jones (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Wilford Pine (sSoul)

It was a very quick few days since his first gym badge that made Cole feeling a little nervous.

Hah, him, nervous. How funny.

But seriously, after hearing the WCS tournament was going to be held here, he got signed up online and managed to get Wilford to get him a ride here. How sweet of him~.

After just evolving that Houndour and Morelull he got, and having caught a Snorunt and Axew along with them, he felt like he had this in the bag. The Snorunt and Axew were happened a couple days prior and he wasn't able to do any good training on those two yet. But that Houndour? It was bred from that guy's Houndoom, found it a runt, and he was incredibly lucky this thing had moves that it was born with or taught. Rest with Early Bird? Fantastic.

He didn't have any of his Pokemon out, his eyes scanning the potentials trainers here. A posh-looking young man with a peculiar style of clothes sat next to a young woman on a bench. A Clefairy and Musharna? They best not use those if they don't want somebody finding a strategy around them specifically.

He had heard someone rather rambunctious running into the stadium, and upon entering the stadium, he found the man in question at the registration counter. He smirked, hearing his words as he sauntered in close. Huber and Joyce? Interesting names would mean interesting people.

He chuckled as he stared at the young man, giving him one of his trademark Rattle-activating stares from how cold his dark eyes were and his sneer. Not that this man would see that. "Stuck in Normal rank? How long since you've joined the WCS?" He didn't sound like he was taunting him. Yet. He was genuinely curious. Maybe he was just another new person, starting just a few weeks prior.
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Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 5​

"Yawn~ Yeah, yeah. I'll make sure to sign up too, don't worry."

Trailing slowly behind the enthusiastic Jayden Jones was one Hubert Lee, trudging with visible drowsiness. Though dressed rather nicely in a white tee, a deep indigo button-down shirt with floral print and rolled-up sleeves, casual black pants, and navy and grey sneakers, it was much clearer to see that this man wore a heavy disposition that expressed nothing but exhaustion.

Not a single person who'd seen him could possibly feel, let alone know, the utter tribulation he'd weathered in the span of only ten days.

Another yawn escaped him not too long after his first, and he wiped his eyes as he made his way to the stadium. Normally, such a dense population of trainers and Pokemon alike would be a daunting sight, maybe even an empowering one, but Hubert felt neither, simply trekking along the harsh path that was, in reality, but a mere few more steps to the reception desk. With a sigh, he mustered as friendly of a smile to the assistant at the front as he completed his registration, but as his name and photo flashed onto the screen before him, part of him couldn't help but feel a little excited, a small but much needed jumpstart to his weary spirit.

WCS RANK: 87,492

Turning back to look for JJ and Joyce, Hubert only needed but a brief swivel of his head to locate the former, who now seemed to have struck conversation with a new face. Yawning for a third time, he made his way over to the two and waved, hoping to get JJ's attention.

"Yo, all signed up. This a friend of yours?"

Turning to the stranger, he offered a handshake and friendly grin, though his eyes betrayed his fatigue.

"I'm Hubert. Take it you're participating in the tournament too?"
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Billy Carmichael, Rank ?????, August 5th, Viridian City, Kanto. Currently outside of Pokéball: Clisgeadh the Pikachu.

Billy had finished his Flying Course with Icarus, and had actually been flying over towards Viridian City after his Battle with Falkner, his team was ready for anything, especially with Kusunoki's Mega Evolution. He will use that if he finds it necessary. Otherwise, Kusunoki may sit out this tournament. He looked through his Pokémon, aiming to use either Knight or Kouneli in the First Round. As Billy looked around, Clisgeadh, his Pikachu, pointed a place out where he could land. As he landed, he got off of Icarus. As he looked around, he returned his Shiny Pidgeot, allowing for his Pikachu to climb on his head. When Billy got to the site of the stadium, he made sure everything was ready and had been thorough with his registration. He then sat down on a nearby bench and his Pikachu sat down with him. He held Kusunoki's Pokéball, whispering to the Pokéball.

"I looked over the competition, and from what I see, only one person is capable of handling your Mega Evolution." Billy whispered, "If I face her, I will most likely have to use it."

Billy looked at the Keystone on his collar.

Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th.

Milliana had caught a boat to Viridian, with her Piplup with her. She had returned Piplup when she was ready for unboarding. When she got to the site, she had a Pokéball in her hands, she hoped she didn't have to use the contents of this Pokéball. The ball contained a Shiny Metang that had been gifted to her from her mother. Her and the Metang were getting used to each other, and figuring out commands. As she looked through her Pokémon, she made sure Duraludon had been ready for anything. She had recently saved up to get a TR for Dragon Pulse, and made sure he learned it and had technique down pat before this tournament. As she unboarded the boat, she walked slowly, holding Metang's Pokéball. Her other Pokéballs would shake in various orders as she went to register. She then sat down on a bench, waiting for her match-up.

"Please, I do not need a disqualification from your antics, Metang." Milliana whispered, "I'll definitely use Piplup, and hopefully if I get past round one, Duraludon and Metang might get some action."

She looked around to see all sorts of Competitors. A young man with semi-long black hair sitting with a Pikachu low-key scared her the most, followed by a girl with a Clefairy, then a silver haired girl with a Fraxure. There were others that scared her not as much. Like the person attempting to talk to the scary girl. A Pokeball on her belt opened to reveal a nearly twelve foot Tall Duraludon.


Milliana gave a small smile at the excitedness of her Pokémon. She remembered to text Shiro when she got to Jubilife. She then looked up to see a bunch of people nearby, including the girl with the Clefairy.
August 5th, Viridian City, Kanto.

Reina Cortez. Rank ?????

"Oh hi, I'm Reina." The young trainer shook the man's hand with a smile, unlike the Clefairy, who looked annoyed by Reggie's intrusion. "Oh and this is Diva, but don't mind her, she doesn't like sharing attention with others." She gave the fairy type a stern look, which made the Clefairy turn around and look away.

"I'm ranked around twenty seven thousand, so I will be in the premier rank today. What about you? Your Pokemon looks familiar, very cute." Reina had a look of admiration as she looked at the Mushrana, "I had, or have, a girl friend, I mean, just a friend who's a girl, that had a smaller one. She wore it like a hat, it was adorable. But I think yours might be too big for that now." The found memories started to make Reina a bit emotional, so she decided to use the man in front of her as a distraction.

"What about you? Is this your first tournament? This is my third one, I could show you around and help you out if you want. Part of my training is to help out others and learn from them, why I'm wearing this thing." She looked down at her dojo uniform. "It feels itchy sometimes, but otherwise it's pretty comfortable."

Jayden Jones, Rank ????

"Oh hey! Yeah in Normal Rank, for now. I'm planning on shooting to Premier after I win this tournament." He stood proudly next to his Electrivire. "This here my partner Ele, he's pretty great. Hey, there's my partner in crime, Hubert!"

Jayden place his hands behind his head. "We might have a rival here, with um, what's your name dude?" Jayden looked at Cole for a second, before he continued. "I'm Jayden, friends call me JJ, me and Hubert are rivals, so you can be our third rival. That girl over there is Joyce, she's our love interest and we're both fighting to impress her."

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Interactions: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro)

Reggie was already liking this bubbly energy Reina had, shaking her hand with a firm grip before placing it on his Musharna. He chuckled a bit at the pouting Clefairy. "I have a Shedinja who was pretty similar. Don't worry." Hearing how high she was in rank, he chuckled sheepishly. "Daaang, you're pretty high up."

Hearing she thought Musharna cute, the pink tapir sleepily looked at her and waved her stubby limb with a happy coo. Reggie chuckled at Reina's attempt at explanation of a girlfriend or friend who was a girl. Maybe she actually was dating a girl? Did she need help figuring out if she was straight or bi?

In all honesty, she was pretty cute, and after looking at her for a bit longer, it was definitely obvious she wasn't a kid anymore. He was always wary of people in their late teens as he didn't want to creep them out, but she seemed to be interested in him. And then the flurry of questions again. He chuckled, trying to keep them in order so he could answer everything. "Well, I just got into Premier rank, so my number is very much high-... no, lower?" He looked up, as if the answers were there, then he shrugged and waved his hand nonchalantly. "Ah, whatever, fifty-thousand or something like that. Elvira here used to sit on top of my head for better access to my mind, but now that she's evolved, she doesn't have to do that to eat my nightmares and help ease my mind. Even if the nightmares don't taste that great." He curled his lips in mock disgust, getting a funny coo from his Musharna.

He then looked at her again, kindly smiling. "Yup, this is my first tournament. Hehee, this is gonna be fun." His eyes lit up at the prospect of putting on a show, his body bouncing slightly in his seat before he calmed down again. "I just got registered online before I arrived." He recognized the dojo uniform from somewhere, he just couldn't put his finger on it. "Oh? You a part of a venue or did a gym leader nab you?" He chuckled, finding the getup cute. "It looks good on you. Really speaks to that fighting spirit you got." He complimented, hoping that his easy compliments weren't weird or creepy. He had learned not to lay on the compliments so thick like some baby bitch simp, so he was hoping he did well, but his anticipation for her reaction didn't show in his face.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Interactions: Hubert Lee (OmnipotentOnion), Jayden Jones (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Wilford Pine (sSoul)

Cole wondered just how he was going to shoot through the tournament, and he looked up at the... abnormally short Electivire. He remembered his prior conversation with Wilford about how evolving Pokemon like Growlithe too early will cause a stunt in the growth of the evolved Pokemon, and that age and experience was important in earlier forms.

This Electivire... Certainly he didn't evolve it right after it became Electabuzz, right?

Cole was starting to doubt his ability to shoot to Premier. He kept his sneer to himself, waiting to keep the insults until they fought as he listened to his introduction of Hubert and some girl named Joyce. He didn't bother to look at Joyce, his gaze fixated on the Electivire. "Hmph, well. I hope I fight against you so I can see firsthand just how ready you are for Premier. If not... I will have to disappoint you with a loss." He grinned, his gaze returning to Hubert. He gave him a proper handshake. Firm, his hands icy cold. "No, not a friend. I just arrived. But yes, I'll be participating. I'm around 70k in the Normal rank. I came to see strategies and how to improve."

He then noticed Hubert's tired expression and he grinned, though it looked a little off. "You look tired. You should probably get some rest before some stray Sing or Hypnosis puts you to sleep." He chuckled, not as a warning, though it might have been taken as such.
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Firey Argentston, Rank 26, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th.

Firey Argentston had gotten wind of a WCS tournament, but when he tried to register, it gave him a message that his rank was almost seven hundred and seventy times higher than the highest rank there. He saw his daughter was in the tournament, and was going to watch. Either way, he was watching this tournament, which could get new strategies to use in his Facility, or on a call. Firey had two Pokémon out, an Absol and a Vivillon. Sharp, his Absol, had been walking with Firey as Vivillon flew behind his head, making him look like he had wings on the sides of his head. He looked over the people here to see or compete. There seemed to be good reason as to why the league officials said his rank was over seven hundred times higher than was here. He also came to Kanto for another reason, there was an old friend who lived in a pasture a bit distant from this City. He then started wandering around a bit, his Absol keeping him from going the wrong direction. He returned his Vivillon, keeping Sharp close in case someone pulled her tail or some other Trainer's Pokémon tried to attack her. However, he spotted someone, and walked over.

"Hello, you here for the tournament?" Firey asked the Young man.

(@Godjacob Desmond).

Emma Argentston, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th. "Has no idea her dad's here."

Emma had been walking through Viridian City with her Companions, and her Fraxure. She had been looking around the sights, but not as excitedly as her Fraxure. The Axe Jaw Pokémon was wide-eyed, looking like a kid in a candy store. Emma kept an eye on her Fraxure, holding a Fast Ball, containing Volcarona, probably the one Pokémon she doesn't currently want to pop out. As she walked around, she was not nervous at all, nothing like the Galar Tournament Finals, where she had to face a Mega Charizard X. As such she was walking near a friend of hers. Fraxure saw a group, and hid behind Emma's leg, seeing a building . At least Emma didn't have her Gastrodon out, she would have been even more behind her leg. When she looked over to see the group, she saw a Duraludon, then looked to Fraxure. She understood why Fraxure suddenly did that. Emma put in her registration, and made sure everyone was ready to go. She then looked at her Companions.

"I'm ready, find yourself a seat, let me know where you're sitting, bye Desmond."

Emma then went to where the competitors were.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 5th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Interactions: Cole Forrest(@Merciless Medic)
Mentions: Hubert Lee(@OmnipotentOnion), Jayden Jones(@Hecotoro)

Some would admire the progress Wilford had made within his career, first getting a gym badge and now taking on a tournament in short order. His father certainly had his fair share to say about it, though Wilford largely blocked out that conversation. There was nothing of value to be gleaned from the old man's prattling, it always sounded the same anyway. After half-heartedly ending his conversation, Wilford picked up his briefcase and approached the registration desk.

Personally, Wilford was slightly discomforted by the suddenness of it all, but he did appreciate the fire it lit within him. First of all, he finally filled out the rest of his team. Carvanha and Mimikyu proved adequate replacements for Panpour and Togepi respectively, and Drilbur added a much needed ground type to the party. Most importantly though, he gained a powerful new addition in the form of a Kilowattrel evolved from regimented training. Speaking of, it seemed Cole was busy acquainting himself with the competition. Intrigued, Wilford diverted his attention to his newfound target.

"Looks like I underestimated your sociability," Wilford made no attempt at announcing his presence to Cole, turning his attention to the two unfamiliar faces, "Who are you?"

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 5​

Hubert was quick to interject during JJ's introduction, which had also taken the liberty to incorrectly introduce him and Joyce as always. A regular pain he'd found himself in charge of dealing with for the vast majority of their adventure thus far.

"Don't mind the dumb stuff this guy says; we're all traveling together, but none of that drama stuff's actually been happening."

As the newcomer shook his hand, Hubert awaited a name from him that was never said. Instead, only a quip about his visible exhaustion, to which he chuckled as well.

"Yeah, no kidding. A power nap before my first round would be great."

Yet another new face soon came to join the trio, someone who seemed to know the other guy who'd yet remained nameless, and turned to inquire of Hubert's and JJ's names rather curtly. With yet another yawn, Hubert once again offered a handshake and managed a weary grin.

"Hubert. You are?"
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)


A new region, a new adventure. Adrianne had always dreamed of going beyond her island home so all of this should've been quite the thrill to someone who always seemed to take on new experiences so earnestly. And yet, much as she tried not to dwell on it her recent failings had weighed heavily on her mind; that battle with Drake, a chance to prove the Silvers were not just a bunch of cowards that she had what it takes to make a new mark for what her family's story was.

All that, and she got crushed.​

In front of a stadium wide audience, including friends and locals of the islands, she was embarrassed and replayed those humiliating losses to that damned Ditto in her head over and over and over again. Much as she tried to block it out and moved past it, had been quite the blow and even if she had kept up the impression otherwise she had never been quite the same. Her confidence had been at an all time low.

Adrianne thought a change of scenery in a new region might help, heck she even caught a new addition to the bench buddies with Aster recently but all that had done was just have her side step this pit in her stomach and she seemed unable to fully clear it.

This is probably why her partner Aqua the Azumarill had been outside her Pokeball. In contrast to Adrianne, Aqua had gone from a sheepish and unsure new partner to a new trainer and had gained a bit of spirit and confidence. The sort of comforting presence who'd fight to the end for her friends and this comfort as she walked alongside their partner to the city entrance had been appreciated.

"Thanks buddy, maybe our fortunes change today." Adrianne said with a smile as this new WCS tournament granted her a bit of a chance to get back to a groove and she least had been able to project a sense of excitement as she entered inside as she was curious who else decided to enter this, but for now she opted to go towards where the registered competitors were set to wait in.

Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Emma & Firey)
Desmond had entered Viridian City with a clear objective to things. There was this coming WCS tournament coming up and while he had no aspirations of entering it such events were prime material for his catalogue as he ventured through the regions of the world. Besides, he had been tagging along with Emma who opted to enter such an event anyway so it had been mutually beneficial.

Emma seemed to prepare to head off as he nodded along. "I'll send a message of where I'll be stationed, and uh, good luck." Desmond said, as naturally he had been well cautious around Emma's Pokemon out and about but their travels had gotten him more used to her team not unlike Aldon's as he seemed left alone for the moment.

A voice suddenly spoke up which caught his attention as he turned to a guy who had an Absol by his side and a Vivillon behind his head. The reaction had spoken for itself as he jumped back almost like he saw a ghost. "Gah!"

The high pitched cry caused Politoed to pop out of its Pokeball as it presumed there was a threat, but the loveable Frog Pokemon saw the new stranger and the Pokemon with it and seemed to find them a cool group; the Absol especially. "Politoed~!" Politoed said with a happy wave as Desmond worked to settle his heart rate.

"N-no I am not an entry, just here for some photography and to support a friend." Desmond said back with a sweat drop. People had this bad habit of surprising him with their Pokemon out and about and he had grown tired of the trend. "I suppose you are an entry?" Desmond asked this stranger.
August 5th, Viridian City, Kanto.

Reina Cortez. Rank ?????

"Yes, I was taken as a student under Chuck, the Cianwood gym leaders in Johto." Reina half turned so Reggie could see the symbol on her back. "We got sent to Alola for some training and my master decided it was a good idea to test my results by entering this tournament. I'm a bit nervous, I know he will be watching."

Reina sighed, her whole training was about keeping calm and thinking clearly, yet she was already blabbering. "Entonces, where are you from? My guess is Unova or Galar."

Jayden Madafakin Jones.

"A little cocky aren't we?" JJ crossed his arms as he looked at Cole. "We might be new, but my team and I have a ton in the tank. Hubert's lack of energy is the energy I have overflowing."

As he spoke another trainer aporoached them. The dude dressed quite fancy for a Pokémon trainer. Jayden couldn't help but wonder if he was also after Joyce. Or maybe his rival?

" Jayden Jones. " He said out loud, letting his presence be known.
Firey Argentston, Rank 26, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th. "Currently talking to one of two people traveling with his daughter, but he doesn't know it."

Firey noticed the young man be spooked, and returned his Vivillon, as a Politoed popped out of its Pokéball. He was quite surprised that a photographer would have a Pokémon like that. He saw the man's Politoed as Sharp looked at the Politoed.

"No, I'm here to support my daughter, who is an Entrant, I was told my rank was seven hundred times too high." Firey responded, "My Name's Firey Argentston, I think a Frontier Brain would scare everyone, even my daughter."

Firey had his hands on at least three Pokéballs that would most likely want to join in on the tournament, and would probably wreck everyone and everything there. Kommo-o, Drapion, and Burny, his Blaziken were in the Pokéballs that he were holding.

"I know you three want to battle, but you can't do so here, but an old friend will definitely join in when we find him again."

Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th.

Milliana realized that her Duraludon was trying to lean down, which couldn't have been comfortable. She returned Duraludon, and let her Sandshrew out, who was a lot more comfortable. The Ice and Steel type saw a group of people inside, and approached. The Ice and Steel Type was dancing around the group of people Happily, as Milliana approached.

"S-sorry a-about m-my S-Sandshrew, h-he t-tends t-to b-be v-very s-sociable."

Milliana held Metang's Pokéball, alongside Duraludon's so neither would try to get out, especially Metang. Milliana blushed in embarrassment from Sandshrew.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Interactions: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro)
Mentions: Adrianne Silvers (Godjacob)

Reggie finally realized why the symbol was so familiar, and he got a better view as Reina explained and showed the symbol for him to see it better. He listened to where she trained, and now knowing that Chuck was going to be here? Well, that had him wondering if the other Gym Leaders - or even those of other battle facilities - were here. Entonces? Reggie had never heard of that language before.

When she asked where he was from and guess one of them correctly, he flashed her a grin and snapped both fingers, the hands turning into double finger guns. "Yup, Unova. Opelucid City. My dad came from Hearthome City, Sinnoh, and I was born there. Then we moved to Opelucid City. I- hm?" He swore he spotted a familiar girl walking into the stadium. Adrianne?

Well, she didn't look too good, but he was in the middle of a conversation. He quickly shook his head, uttering a quick "sorry, I thought I saw someone I recognized" and continued to talk to Reina. "Given the word Entonces-" he did his best to parrot the unfamiliar pronunciation but he thought he did a pretty good job. He continued. "-I don't think you're from any region I've heard of. Well, what's an exotic beauty like you doing here and where are you from?" He gave her a cheeky, yet sweet smile, already laying down that charm. He hoped it wasn't too much. He was much like a blind man feeling for the line of 'enough'.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Interactions: Hubert Lee (OmnipotentOnion), Jayden Jones (Hecotoro), Wilford Pine (sSoul)

Cole chuckled as Hubert came to quickly defend himself from Jayden's apparent "accusations". What an odd pair. And a power nap would be in order for this poor boy. But Jayden's overflowing cocky attitude had Cole shaking his head. "I think you're projecting. Your arrogance is showing." He sneered, only for Wilford to arrive and get a more genuine chuckle than the chuckles he'd been giving for pleasantries. He genuinely smiled, patting his shoulder. "Ahh, nice to see you again." He let Wilford's name unsaid so he may have the displeasure of saying it himself. He then spoke quietly at Wilford's ear as he looked behind him to shield what his lips were saying, so it didn't sound like he was speaking at all to the two boys. "Just scoping the competition~." He then turned back to the boys with a look of surprise on his face. "Oh, I almost forgot. I'm Cole." He set a hand on his chest.

He eyed the Electivire again before chuckling. "I have to ask. When was your Electivire evolved? He seems... Pretty short for an Electivire. In fact, he barely looks any bigger than an Electabuzz." He was trying to hold back a cocky grin, thinking that if he just threw a Ground-Type at him, he'd have it in the bag. Unfortunately, he didn't have a Ground-Type like Wilford. But, he did have a Thwackey, a Shiinotic, and a Perrserker. They'll be fine, given this thing didn't have any other types of moves.

That is, if Jayden had some intrinsic battle sense or intelligence. But the more he spoke to him, the more Cole realized that Jayden likely didn't have the sort. He was interested to know just how ill-equipped the Electivire was to help with a battle. The only one who seemed to have some semblance of intelligence was Hubert. Nobody should sleep on the sleepers, especially if the reason for his tiredness was because of prior training with his Pokemon before the tournament. Or keeping Jayden alive. He does seem to be the sort to just get into trouble and nearly die at every occasion.
August 5th, Viridian City, Kanto.

Reina Cortez. Rank ?????

Exotic beauty?! Reina's cheeks blushed with red as she lost composure, leaned forward and placing her hands on her laps, looking away from Reggie. She laughed nervously before clearing her throat. "Oh um, from home. I mean, my home, it's the region, oh crap I can't remember." She blew out some air from her mouth as she gathered her words. "Sorry, you got me off guard. I'm from Metztli." She finally turned to face Reggie with a smile.

The nervous trainer couldn't look at Reggie for too long as her eyes avoiding his. "It's not that well known. We don't really have a league yet. We're planning it, well I'm not, but the people over there are. Por eso estoy viajando para prepararme y estar lista- I mean, I'm traveling so I can be ready when it opens. Do you want to get something to drink? It's a little hot here."

Diva watched the entire mess with her jaw open. Ever since Cianwood her trainer had stumbled into similar situations. Was part of her training making her more dumb? If she was going to produce and egg with someone else she might as well get it over with. Though Diva didn't like the idea of a first stage child, they took years to evolve.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Interactions: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro)

Reggie chuckled as he watched Reina absolutely burn up at his compliment. He was surprised, was she not used to this? Better to not use it again unless it's subtle.

He did shoot an apologetic smile her way, but he let her ramble on and compose herself before explaining where she came from Metztli? Sure a place he had never seen before, and with a language he's never heard of before to boot, it was surely going to be an interesting place.

He wondered what kind of Ghost-Types they had there.

A future league in Metztli? This was certainly interesting. She came here so she may help establish a league back home. That's actually really sweet.

Now that he thought about it, back home... His parents would like him to take the family business...

It was such depressing and potentially dangerous work though. It honestly scared him a little.

He noticed the Clefairy was dumbfounded and looked a bit pissed, making him rather amused. His Musharna hummed before floating above him, as Reggie spoke to Reina. "Sure thing, Reina. There should be a vendor here with some refreshments. I don't mind taking some time, the brochure said preliminary rounds are right after sign ups, but since we're so high up in the ranks, I'm sure us Premier folk aren't needed for our preliminaries until after the Normal rank people do their own. Our actual matches will be tomorrow."

He then swiftly stood up, twirled in such a way his coattails fluttered in the wind, and held out his hand for her to grab as his other hand laid against the small of his own back. "What would you like, Reina?"

Regardless of her decision to take his hand or stand up by herself, he kept an easy smile, not letting the rejection hurt him. In fact, he had never really gone through a shitty reaction to being rejected or his advances denied, so he wouldn't have minded either way.
August 5th, Viridian City, Kanto.

Reina Cortez. Rank ?????

Reina looked a bit surprised by the modest gesture coming from Reggie, he was like one of those gentleman that her mom used to talk about. Back when she was younger she didn't pay much attention to such things, but now that she was older, it was something she noticed constantly. She took her hand and stood, tiding up her uniform and signaling Diva to follow them, despite her pouting face, she did.

While Reggie was a nice distraction, the mention of the preliminary rounds got her focused again. "Well I hope I don't run into you today. During the tournament I mean, I don't mind outside of it." She stopped for a second to realize what she said and shook her head. "I mean, not that I want to see you, or more like, if we just happen to casually run into each other in any moment outside the tournament, it's okay. But I'm not looking to find you on purpose, not because you're ugly or something..." She cleared her throat. "I hope we don't face each other in battle today so I don't have to eliminate you early." She turned and smiled at him as they walked towards the vendors set outside the stadium.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Firey)​

A Frontier Brain? This seemed to catch Desmond by surprise. Of all people to bump into here that probably wouldn't have made his list but he supposed he was always in for surprises on this journey.

"Suppose that is fair, would be shocked if anyone competing is at that level today..." Desmond said as he understood Firey's reasoning as it seemed both were in the supportive role on this day.

Politoed of course had kept up its friendly demeanor as it glanced at Sharp the Absol and tried to offer a friendly wave and even approached up to it though Desmond seemed sheepish. "C-careful there don't want to get too close to one's personal space..." Desmond muttered to the frog as he held it back a bit though Politoed seemed to not be discouraged. "Sorry he is uh a an overly enthusiastic one." Desmond apologized to Firey.

Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)

Interactions: 2 @Merciless Medic (Reggie) @Hecotoro (Reina)​

Adrianne moved into the large stadium entrance and wow, this place was quite packed for the event. Granted her experience with Drake had one benefit amid her less than flattering memories in that she better was able to soak in the full house of a stadium sized crowd. Course she hoped this experience would got a little better than before but she had mind to dwell on the details.

She glanced around with Aqua at her side, as most of the other contenders seemed to mingle and she naturally had not known most of them. About expected really though as Adrianne tried to soak in the scope of things something seemed to catch her eye as she swore she saw someone who looked like Reggie. As she looked on this guy seemed to be in a chat and she seemed to confirm it was him which was a bit of a shock, though Aqua saw the familiar face and seemed to wander over to them.


"A-aqua wait!" Adrianne called out as she raced to catch up as the Azumarill moved by Reggie and Reina and seemed to smile happily at their old traveling companion. "S-sorry uh she tends to get excited at times..." Adrianne said in apology to the pair, Reina in particular before she glanced to Reggie and indeed seemed to confirm it had been him.

"Oh uh, hey Reggie. Been a while."​
Firey Argentston, Rank 26, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th. "He and the young man he is interacting with don't know they're referring to the same person." Interactions: Desmond (@Godjacob )

Sharp saw the Politoed, and did not either run or attack, instead slowly approaching the water type. Sharp looked at the Politoed, who seemed very friendly. Firey looked at his Absol, to make sure she didn't attack the Politoed. When he saw she was slowly approaching, he sighed in relief.

"I definitely understood when that came back to me, don't worry about your Politoed, this Pokémon seems rather Tame compared to my Kommo-o. My Drapion, however, is a completely different. Sharp here is a curious one, and one of my longest teammates." Firey responded, "My daughter talked about a very friendly Politoed on a call about several weeks ago, and she said she witnessed the Politoed's trainer catch a Kricketot in the National park as she caught a Weedle on her head, can I get your name, young man?"

Sharp looked at the Young man, not getting anything from him when it came to her abilities of detecting disaster. She kept Pressure at an all time low at the moment due to no potential Disasters at the moment.

Billy Carmichael, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th.

Billy looked over his team, he is going to rotate through his team, using Kouneli in the First match, Knight in the Second match as he went through the Preliminaries, and if any particularly strong opponents, like his Rival, Maximus, or his cousin Jason end up here, he would Use Kusunoki's Mega Evolution. Billy shook his head at the thought of Jason being here, last Billy heard, Jason was around rank 2,200. His Pikachu sat with him as he got up, and prepared to pass a group, with the girl with the Clefairy, that he specifically noted he'd use Kusunoki, or more likely, Skipper. Billy knew that Skipper was hoping to improve on Darkest Lariat.

Now that he cleared his mind, he went in, immediately seeing a Sandshrew running around a group, as the trainer sheepishly apologized about her Sandshrew to at least four other trainers. He understood what the Trainer's Sandshrew did, Clisgeadh, who was currently on his shoulder, would do that from time to time. Someway, somehow, that landed him a date a while back when he had nothing to do while training with Professor Sycamore back in Kalos.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Interactions: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro), Adrianne Silvers (Godjacob)

OOC Note: Given permission to slightly auto Adrianne and her Azumarill by Godjacob.

Reggie, feeling all kinds of fluttery Butterfree nonsense in his stomach because she let him help her up, absolutely beamed with energy and confidence. Even if she did have a girlfriend - as he was sure she did - he was going to make her day today. When she hoped she didn't fight him today, and then fumbled over her explanation and tried to make it better, then failed, Reggie actually laughed and patted her shoulder. "Hey, it's okay. If I get eliminated by a beauty like you early, I'll take that as a compliment." He looked like he meant it, too. He continued as they walked, his Musharna humming above him to get his attention, which he promptly accidentally ignored. "To be honest, I hope I get to battle you. I want to see just how well you've trained your Pokemon. You look like you care for your Pokemon a lot, so I would like to see that care in the form of a fight. You have no idea how much of an honor it is to fight well trained and taken care of Pokemon, especially from a disciple of a gym leader."

The cry of a familiar Azumarill had Reggie whipping his head around. "Oh, one moment, is that-"

Then Adrianne and her Aqua came into view. Sparkles in his eyes as he saw his friends, he let out a surprisingly high-pitched squeal and quickly got the Azumarill into a Bewear hug, twirling in place as he nuzzled his cheek into hers. "OHHHHH, AQUUAAAA it's been FOREVERRRR!!" He then realized the poor thing had rabbit ears and he chuckled sheepishly, rubbing the ears and then setting her down. "Oh, haha, sorry, didn't mean to yell so loud."

As soon as he set down Aqua, he was on Adrianne in a flash, getting her in a Bewear hug and lifting her off the ground. "ADRIAAAANNE!! OHHHH, I've miiiiiissed youuu!" He then set her down, chuckling as a familiar release of a Pokemon came out to see their traveling companion again.

The Annihilape, Gordon, squeaked and jumped in the air, his red eyes surprisingly devoid of anger at the moment as he also tried to get Adrianne in a hug and lift her up. Reggie chuckled, looking back at Reina as he casually rested his arm on her shoulders in a sort of hug, now feeling quite touchy-feely and comfortable again. "This is Adrianne and her starter, Aqua. She and I traveled through Orange Islands together to compete at the league there. Oh, Adrianne, this is Reina, a disciple of one of the Johto gym leaders!" He looked absolutely excited about that prospect too, the idea of being taught by a gym leader - let alone being one - was an incredibly appealing prospect.

Then he spoke to Adrianne again, releasing Reina's shoulders as his Musharna, Elvira, hummed delightedly and bumped her nose against Aqua with a giggle. "So, Adri-gurl, how you doin'?"


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 5th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Interactions: Cole Forrest(Merciless Medic), Hubert Lee(OmnipotentOnion), Jayden Jones(Hecotoro)

"Wilford Pine," Offering a name in tandem with the handshake, a part of the rich young man empathized with Hubert, unserious name aside. Clearly he wasn't entering the tournament at his peak performance, preventing him from truly attributing his results to his skill as a trainer. This empathy was quickly quashed however, Wilford knew that empathy had no place in competition. Hubert's travelling companion, Jayden, was significantly harder to empathize with, primarily due to his loudmouth mannerisms. Perhaps if Wilford wasn't focused on more important things, he'd thank Jayden for reliving his soul of such a burden. On the topic of more important things, Cole both acknowledged his presence while stating his purpose for interacting with these two. Though Cole's sociability came as a surprise to the young man, the same could not be said of his meticulous analysis of the competition.

"I think I get what you were talking about regarding premature evolution now," Wilford whispered in Cole's ear after examining Jayden's Electivire prompted by his initial comment, "Once again, you prove deserving of more credit than I give you." Simultaneous to this analysis was Wilford's own thoughts on the Electric type.

Though stunted, that Electivire still has fully evolved stats. Additionally, if Jayden took the time to teach it Ice Punch, I'd be unable to wall it out with any of my ground answers. Then again, its possible he is completely unaware that an electric type can even learn an ice move.
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Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 5​


It didn't take long for Hubert, even in his severe fatigue, to notice the palpable tension between the two groups that had formed. Cole and Wilford clearly knew each other, and they both seemed to share a judgmental glint in their eye when they spoke. More often directed to Jayden, for reasons Hubert couldn't say he didn't understand (no offense). Anyways, the two whispered to themselves, and when Hubert realized there soon wouldn't be much more conversation to have on his end, he moved to excuse himself.

"Well, I'm all registered, so now's a better time than any to get what rest I can before things get started. Nice meeting y'all; feel free to give me a shout if you need anything."

With a quick wave, Hubert began to take his leave, though part of him felt it wouldn't be right to at least respond to the clear challenge both Cole and Wilford currently seemed to impose. As he met their gaze, his weary eyes remained rather dark, but there was also a visible lack of uncertainty in their focus. As if warning against any who would count him out too early.

"If we face off in the tournament, let's put on a good show, yeah?"

One final wave to Jayden and Joyce, and Hubert was off, navigating through the stadium's large common area to find a place in the stadium where he could settle down. A subtle but felt rumble from his backpack alerted him to the Pokeballs containing his team of partners, and he managed a smile as he ran his hands along the capsules.

"Can always count on y'all to be fired up for a good fight, huh? Even though it's our big debut in an official WCS event. Well, we've prepared as well as we can. No matter the opponent..."

His eyes fell on a plush-looking couch, vacant and wide enough to accommodate most of his body, and he wasted no time in getting comfortable, stretching out his legs as far as the couch would allow and resting his head on his bag before closing his eyes.

"We'll do what we do."
August 5th, Viridian City, Kanto.

Reina Cortez. Rank ?????

Reina tried to remain normal, but the man was smooth with his words. She couldn't help but giggle a bit from his complements. Yet, when he mentioned a battle between them she felt a tug back to earth. A tug that transformed into a pull as she crashed back into reality with the arrival of the Azumarril. Even Reggie's attempt of a hug went over her head.

That water Pokémon looked strong, something Reina would love to test her own water type against. Then, the weird Primeape came out. She had never seen anything like it! The Metztli native felt a bit bad for it somehow. She snapped out of her thoughts as she was present to the Azumarril's trainer.

"Reina Cortez, nice to meet you." She gave Adrienne a small bow of her head. "Orange Islands?" She asked herself, the name sounded familiar, but her brain couldn't come up with an answer. Now with Reggie having found someone he knew, Reina figured it was time to focus on the tournament.

"Well I hope we can battle later today. You two have some interesting Pokémon. Hey Reggie, I should get going. I'm supposed to be really focused on this tournament and I don't want to disappoint not qualifying for tomorrow. I'll see you two later, hopefully."

Jayden Madafakin Jones.

Jayden had a smirk on his faces until Hubert decided to leave. The young man's jaw dropped as he watched his teammate walk away.
"Damn." He placed his hands behind his head and sighed. "I felt like the perfect scene for a double battle had been played out. Typical Hubert."

JJ shrugged and turned his attention to the two very nice and well mannered trainers. "Regarding my partner, Ele, you're right. He evolved early. We wanted to get stronger quick and we went for it. We don't regret it though. I heard when a Pokémon evolves it gets a lot of new energy but it takes it a while to get used to it." He scratched Ele's head and smiled. "Trust me when I say, we're damn well used to it. If you let this guy land a punch, you're not getting back up."
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Firey)​

"Yeah uh, I'll take your word about it on the Drapion..." Desmond admitted as he'd rather this guy not pull out this Kommo-o as he had a hard enough time adjusting to the Absol even if it seemed to be more docile though Politoed seemed to enjoy the added company.

Though as this Firey seemed to outline details of his daughter and her trip, Desmond's face began to show bit of surprise as the details...they sounded quite similar to his own experiences, and the sudden though that perhaps his friend and this guy's daughter had been one in the same began to creep into his mind as he was asked his name and Desmond decided to answer.

"Name is uh, Desmond. Desmond Andrews, would this daughter of yours happen to be named Emma by any chance?" Desmond asked as he decided to try to confirm with himself whether this more than likely guess had been a reality or not.

Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)

Interactions: @Merciless Medic (Reggie) @Hecotoro (Reina)

"Ngggggg h-happy to see you t-t-t-ooo now please I...n-need to breath....Reggie ole buddy o-oggg le pal..."​

Adrianne of course seemed to be overjoyed at seeing one of her original traveling companions and Aqua enjoyed the big hug as the Water-Type seemed to snuggle its body against him even as Reggie seemed to squeeze oh so tight. However that loving embrace was soon transferred to Adrianne and while she returned the hug and expressed similar sentiment she still desired to breath again as Reggie seemed to get a little carried away.

At the moment he finally seemed to set her down which allowed Adrianne to get a much needed breather as she and Aqua seemed to meet up with some more familiar faces; Gordon the ever personality filled Annilihape and Elvira the ever comforting Musharna as the latter seemed to rub its nose on Aqua which the Azmarill had returned with great affection.

"Ah Elvira, Gordon nice to see yoouuuugggghh~!" Adrianne began to say before Gordon lifted her up for a hug and once more she felt the crushing force but tried to take it in stride. "Nggg s-seems you missed me I take it?"

Eventually Adrianne had a chance to put her back in place, as Reggie seemed to introduce her to this girl that he had chatted with and even made mention of the Orange League which had caused her expression to soften ever so slightly but she tried not to let it hang for long as she smiled back at her.

"The pleasure is mine Reina. I look forward to seeing you in action, whole atmosphere is quite exciting and sure it will do us all good." Adrianne said as in the end this event was a means to get everyone some experience and if it went well she'd get her ranking up with the dawn of a new season in the WCS around the corner.

Soon enough Reina seemed to wave the pair off as she smiled back. "Alright see you around, I look forward to what you got...and that goes for you as well." Adrianne said to Reina and then Reggie as it had been a bit of time since the pair had last seen one another.
Firey Argentston, Rank 26, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th.

Firey Argentston had a surprised look on his face, and that face showed on Sharp, his Absol. He was not expecting anyone to mention his daughter, much less possibly travel with her. Sharp looked over to her trainer as she sat attentively.

"Yes, Desmond, my youngest daughter is named Emma, why are you asking?" Firey responded, with a bit of the surprised look on his face still there.

Firey was thinking, due to the sudden question about the name of his daughter, was this young man possibly one of her traveling Companions? Who knows until the questions he was going to ask were answered. He was lucky his wife was in town, meeting with a Breeder to trade for an Aqua Breed Tauros. Since he was watching the tournament, he sent Hawlucha to assist her Hydreigon, Houndoom, and Dragapult in case of unwanted Contact or behaviors towards her. His wife would have blown the young man's ears off if she learned what he was possibly learning.

Emma Argentston, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th.

Emma had been walking to find somewhere she could release her Pokémon to give a pep talk when she heard her Dad, Firey Argentston, speaking with Desmond. Emma sneezed.

"Why do people sneeze when they're being talked about?"

She then went to her intended spot, opening her Pokéballs, revealing a Cinderace, a Dusknoir, a Drampa, a Gastrodon, a Fraxure, a Sliggoo, a Kakuna, a Togekiss, and A Shiny Volcarona.

"Alright, team, we're going to do our best, and Prepare for anything, who knows what we'll face, which is why we're going to be prepared, if I have an easy opponent, I'll have Fraxure battle, if I have a tougher opponent, I'll use Cinderace for preliminaries, and rotate accordingly except Volcarona, and Kakuna." Emma explained the game plan, "Kakuna is too Inexperienced to be fighting at Premier level, and Volcarona will only make an appearance if certain people are in play."

Emma was expecting Francesca, her rival back in Galar, to appear today, and if so, Emma was going all out. Her hope was that Maybe Desmond could get a Good Photo Opportunity from the battles.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Interactions: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro), Adrianne Silvers (Godjacob)

Ah, something was up with Reina? She asked about the Orange Islands and he was about to explain, only for Reina to want to leave. He raised an eyebrow, unsure of what was wrong. Did he do something? Or was it just the tournament? He just gave a chuckle. "I'm sure you'll do fine today. Good luck. We can get drinks after the fight." He waved, letting her run off on her own.

With Adrianne here, Reggie was absolutely ecstatic. Did she grow as much as he did? Was she in Premier, too? Regardless of barely even beating Drake's Ditto, that didn't matter. It's been a month, maybe she got better. The funny choking noises she made when she got bear hugged had Reggie chuckling though. It was pretty funny.

The Annihilape nodded happily, giving a cheerful squeak. When Adrianne said she was looking forward to what he had in store, he bounced on each foot alternatively like a Hoothoot, looking so odd when dressed up so nicely. "Oh, yes, yes, yes, I've gathered even more Pokemon and have been making my team. It took a bit, BUT I think I'm finally getting somewhere. What about you? What's your rank? Oh oh, wanna get a drink and relax our nerves a bit before the preliminaries. Oh, wait-" He then twirled about and appeared by her side, arm on her shoulders as he pointed to the entrance. "Did you get registered first?" He asked with a sort of silly purse of his lips, his tone quieter as if it were a secret or something.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Interactions: Hubert Lee (OmnipotentOnion), Jayden Jones (Hecotoro), Wilford Pine (sSoul), Milliana and Alolan Sandshrew (Cmeriwether6)

Wilford's whisper of now being aware of premature evolution had Cole grinning from ear to ear. Yes, just what he wanted to hear. Hubert quickly left the group, with Cole giving him a parting wave as he left, a smirk on his face as Hubert returned the challenge with putting on a good show. "Hm, yes, we shall."

It was then that Cole just noticed an Alolan Sandshrew near them, and a small girl had been trying to apologize with a god-awful stutter. Unable to understand what she was saying, he ignored her, first looking at Jayden as he looked shocked his friend left and then explained Ele. Wanted to get stronger quick?

Cole couldn't help but laugh derisively at the notion, holding his arm on his gut as he gave him a cold stare. "Oh, evolving your Pokemon early thinking you'll win? With that dwarf of an electric monkey?" He grinned wide, his eyes now widened as he lost all sense of niceties. "Yes, new energy, but now there's all that energy and no techniques to handle it, which is something you would train your Pokemon before they evolve so there are no mistakes when they do evolve. Now you'll have to train it even longer before you can get anywhere, as last evolution Pokemon tend to take longer to train. I bet you don't even have other attacks to save yourself from a Ground-Type." He chuckled darkly, then looked at the Sandshrew with a sadistic glare.

"Hello, quadruple-weak-to-fire-and-fighting and a poor excuse for an Ice-Type." He said in a mocking coo a dog would still find pleasing despite the meaning behind the words. He looked up at Milliana, grinning wide. "Your Sandshrew did nothing besides appear in the middle of a conversation. I would suggest you stay away from Evolution-Express McGee here, or else he'll suggest you evolve your Sandshrew immediately." He chuckled, before turning on his heel, attempting to walk away, but of course if Jayden said something - which he assumed he would - he'd stop and hear him out, but wouldn't give him the pleasure of turning all the way around to give him his full attention.
August 6th, Viridian City, Kanto.

Reina Cortez. Rank ?????

The preliminary rounds had gone smoothly for Reina. She had swept with her Dragonair and Swampert to secure the in in each match. The day had been tiring, but after a fun night and a good sleep, she was back up and at it again. She had shown up to watch the Normal Rank battles, which just got her pumped up and hyped to continue with her own. Once the last of the Normal matches were done, Reina rushed to the locker rooms, to prepare for her match.

Chuck's young pupil tightened the belt around her uniform, looking at herself in the mirror as she waited for the results to demonstrate who she had to battle. The quarter finals had been a piece of cake for her, but now that she was in the semi finals, she needed to really concentrate. To ensure a victory, she had carefully chosen her two Pokemon for the match, Viridis and Maya. She turned to face the screen to check who her opponent was going to be, her jaw dropping at the results.

"I'm fighting Reggie?!"

The shock soon turned into excitement at the though of testing the man out with a battle. A smile spread on her face as she rushed towards the battle field, hearing the crowd cheer and the announcer already saying Reggie's name as he stepped out.

@Merciless Medic

Jayden Madafakin Jones.

"Man you sure are mean." Jayden laughed and brushed aside the comments made by the kid with the stick up his ass. He wasn't the first to insult him and Ele and probably no the last. The energetic kid shrugged and began walking away. "Hope we get to battle!" He called out as he waved back at them.

The rest of the afternoon had included the Preliminary rounds, which Jayden barely managed to get through. After a hard earned series of victories, JJ and team felt fired up.

The next day they found themselves being the last match of the day, he was facing some girl named Milliana. He could only use one Pokemon, but he was more than ready for it. With confidence in his stride and pride in his heart, Jayden stepped out into the battle field, a Heavy Ball in his hand as he prepared to face his opponent.

Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto.

Milliana had her Sandshrew scolded before her preliminaries by some guy who she never met, and was about to say something, when two of her Pokéballs shook. Milliana saw which two balls they were. To her, this was not good. Duraludon and Metang were both not ones to take insults to their teammates kindly. Luckily she had been called to her preliminary matches, and Sandshrew one-shot a Gible, the others were not of note, except a match where Her Piplup, which when she got to Sandgem, was the one that evolved into a Steel type, had evolved into Prinplup.

The next day revealed her first round opponent, a young man named Jayden. As she looked on, her confidence was as ready as she could ever be, a Fast Ball on her hand, ready to take her opponent.


Emma Argentston, Rank 39,868, Viridian City, Kanto August 5th-August 6th.

After her pep talk, her Preliminaries were revealed. Emma faced a young man named Richard with a Metang, to which Cinderace took out fairly quickly, then Francesca, who recently caught a Greedent to face her. It was close, but Fraxure won out in the end. Her final round of preliminaries had a Pokémon she never wanted to see again, a Copperajah. This Scared the crap out of Emma, however, Volcarona picked up what was going on from his Pokéball, and fought the Copperajah with Emma's commands. Volcarona went All out with Emma's commands. Copperajah's trainer was dumbfounded by Volcarona's power.

The next day, Emma found out who her opponent was for the semi Finals. Billy Carmichael!? This was not good, she knew Volcarona can Handle most of his team from what she knew, but Skipper and Kusunoki were two she wasn't even sure if her team could handle. When she got to her Match up, she prepared to face the toughest fight of her life, tougher than even Alain in the Galar Tournament Finals. She then held Dusknoir's Pokéball, prepared to face off as best as she can.

Meanwhile, Billy had his preliminaries pretty easy, except when Maximus showed up, and dropped his Duraludon against Billy, who knew that going all out was the best Option and the only strategy he had when facing this opponent. It was the next morning when he found that he had to face his cousin Emma, and even he didn't want to face Volcarona, but if he had to, he would, if not, he would Use Skipper. He then prepared for battle.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Firey)​

Well that seemed to confirm it, though as Firey asked this it either suggested he had not caught onto it yet or needed a moment to process it but Desmond had decided to clarify things to help have made a smoother transition.

"Well, that guy your daughter talked about who caught a Kricketot happened to be me. Though uh it has since evolved. I will admit learning Emma's dad is a Frontier Brain is a bit of a reveal on this side..." Desmond admitted, though really it was not as if he ever asked about her background as he figured that kind of stuff was her right to reveal or not but it none the less seemed to make for a bit of a chance reveal here.

Some mumurs began to sound in the stadium as it seemed the action was soon to begin as he turned to Firey. "Well, let's uh both hope Emma does well. I need to find a seat and it's been a surprise, but a welcome one." Desmond said to Firey as he prepared to go photograph the opening rounds and beyond to root for Emma.

Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th->August 6th)

Interactions: @Merciless Medic (Reggie)​

As Reina seemed to walk away which thankfully seemed to pivot them away from more Orange Islands discussion, Reina suddenly got blasted with question after question from Reggie as he seemed to be quite excited to bump into her again. The feeling had been more than mutual, but it was a bit hard to follow as Reggie seemed to show a lot of energy and bounced from different talking points it had almost been enough to make her head spin!

"Uh hey happy to have you here too but uh can only focus on one talking point at a time." Adrianne said sheepishly as he seemed to ask about her being in Premier. Damn, he had progressed that far!? Adrianne had admittedly tried to up her rank since Drake but with her confidence where it had been motivation seemed to be lacking a bit and thus while she had improved...was not by leaps and bounds like Reggie had.

"Well, you see..." Adrianne had began to say before announcements of the preliminary rounds sounded off and Adrianne decided this would be best discussed another time. "...uh, gotta get ready. Wish you luck and hope we both make it through the opening rounds!" Adrianne said as she moved off before Reggie had a chance to press anything as she hoped some battles would help get her out of this funk of hers when it had come to her progress.

Adrianne herself managed to score two victories, with both Aqua and her Fearow Ace delivering well in their bouts even if Adrianne seemed to have moments where she second guessed her moves. Regardless she performed well enough and made the cut which had been a sigh of relief on her side.

She took a night to herself to rest a bit, and before that came out as the matches for the quarter finals were displayed as Adrianne seemed to match up with someone named Hubert. This would be a step up in challenge from her first two bouts but she had not been prepared to lay an egg again as she made her way to the arena.
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Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 5th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Interactions: Cole Forrest(Merciless Medic), Hubert Lee(OmnipotentOnion), Jayden Jones(Hecotoro)
Mentions: Milliana Barlowe(Cmeriwether6)

Wilford wordlessly watched Hubert make his exit, focusing more on his gaze rather than his words. It appeared like he was trying to assert himself, his eyes full of certainty. Despite silently wondering if Hubert would be capable of validating his confidence via a good night's sleep, he merely met Hubert's gaze with a deadpan expression. The only way he'd find out for sure would be to meet him in battle, and given his options for training partners, its unlikely he'd make it past the first round.

On that topic, Wilford rolled his eyes as Jayden not only confirmed his observation, but demonstrated his naivety about Pokémon evolution. A part of him understood where Jayden came from, earlier in his career he might have conceded the logic. After meeting Cole, he knew better, and now his travelling companion made sure Jayden got the same lesson, albeit in a much harsher manner. Wilford was admittedly unnerved, less by Cole's demeanor and more the sudden shift he employed. If by some circumstance Pokémon training was ill-fitting, he always had a shot at an acting career, though that would likely go even poorer.

He had nothing more to add to the interaction until a young woman with a stutter frantically followed her Sandshrew. Though she apologized for her Pokémon's behavior, that did nothing to deter Cole from continuing his tirade, mocking both Trainer and Pokémon. Her departure followed a quick summon to her preliminary matches, prompting Wilford to follow suit. However, he wasn't going to leave without making a remark.

"She should put a leash on that thing."

August 6th
Mentions: Kurashiki Ki(Hecotoro)

The preliminaries were easy enough to overcome, personal highlights including Drilbur stomping out an Aron, and Mimikyu proving its superiority in a mirror match. However, now that Wilford had entered the quarterfinals, he couldn't rely experimentation as much, he had to go with tried and true performers. With his hand tightly gripping Monferno's Pokéball, Wilford waited for his opponent to make an appearance.
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Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 5 -> August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Interactions: Adrianne Silvers (Godjacob)
Battling: Reina Cortez (Hecotoro) vs Emeric the Shiny Gengar

First Preliminary: Reggie and Legion the Basculegion vs Zane and Gyarados
Second Preliminary: Reggie and Runes the Runerigus vs Anaya and Zoroark

The sudden excitement had left Adrianne's head in a spin and Reggie felt pretty bad for it. "Oh, uh, haha, sorry." He let go of her then, not wanting to crowd her space and keep her feeling alright. That was when the preliminaries started and Reggie's eyes widened. "Right now?" He groaned in exasperation, rolling his eyes. "Of course." He shook his head, speaking to no one in particular. "Anyway, I'll be watching you. See ya, Adrianne!" He cheered for her and Reina when they did their preliminary battles, though noticed Adrianne was second guessing herself. Was she okay? Was the defeat against Drake that hard on her?

He wanted to hug her.

Then it was his preliminaries. His first opponent was Zane.


This was probably the sixth or tenth time of fighting Zane, he had no idea how many it was. He just knew he met him a handful of times in their run through Orange Islands, and then again in Kanto.

Thankfully, he came prepared for this very moment.

As Reggie walked out, he saw the familiar young boy. The stage held some water as per the trainers' request. Still barely looking older than thirteen, his face still dull with a tired expression with untidy black hair and dark eyes. Instead of the usual black clothes he saw him wearing, these ones had splashes of color. Looked like he just had an accident with a spray can exploding. Still, his posture, despite being lackadaisical, showed some tension. He was ready at least.

Reggie sent out his first Pokemon as did the kid. The Basculegion, grumbling and ready for battle with his Assault Vest tailored to fit around him, found himself squaring up a Gyarados. The same Gyarados that beat him over and over again.

This one was huge - probably bigger than Ivy's Gyarados. The Gyarados roared, and the battle commenced. Oddly enough, Legion didn't seem affected by Intimidate. Did it even have Intimidate?

"Z-Splash!" Zane shouted, the Normalium-Z on his Z-Ring shining as he pressed the crystal and did the little dance, making a diagonal line with both arms then creating an invisible box with his arms. The Gyarados then received the energy from the move, and he hopped about, causing massive waves to churn about. The Splash caused his body to glow with a bright vivid red, and the Basculegion growled as he awaited Reggie's orders, keeping his position as much as possible despite the waves moving him about.

"Alright, Legion, let's play cautious before we get reckless. Liquidate!" Liquidate wasn't a move but Liquidation was. However, this was code, something Reggie had been experimenting with. The Basculegion roared before surging forward in a burst of speed, his body cloaked in water as he charged directly towards the Gyarados.

Zane however, squinted his eyes. The straightforward approach concerned him, and his tone had a bit more inflection this time due to the stress. "Power Whip!" The Gyarados's tail shone with a bright green, his body twisting about and sending the tail the fish's way.

Reggie twirled on his heels, then stopped when his side faced the battle, pointing in the air and grinning like a confident madman. "Disappear!" Before the tail made contact, the Basculegion phased into the next plane with Phantom Force, the tail hitting the shield of water the Basculegion had around him. It was used as a distraction, the water making the opponent look like they hit it, but after seeing nothing despite how hard the slam was against the water cloak, Zane realized it had, indeed, disappeared.

"Gyarados, Bounce!" The Gyarados's body shone bright blue like the sky, his body bouncing once in the water.

Then Basculegion reappeared, his body covered in ghost energy and his Adaptability activating, making his attack much stronger. It hit the Gyarados, causing it to roar in pain. His body then twisted and he shot into the air.

"Legion, Ice Fang the fin!" The Gyarados was none the wiser as Legion's teeth glowed bright before he bit onto the fin, going up with the Gyarados into the air.

"Gyarados, throw it off of you!" The Gyarados looked around and saw the Basculegion attached to the last fin on its body, the prolonged Ice Fang freezing the fin and his jaw to it. Roaring in frustration, its body failed to uphold the Bounce. Instead, it switched to Crunch, its teeth shining a dark crimson as they rushed in at the Basculegion.

The fish aggressively shook his head and the ice broke, freeing the fish from its own icy embrace and causing the Crunch to land on the Gyarados's own tail, causing it to screech in pain.

"Oooh, negative points..." Reggie chuckled despite flinching from second-hand pain, then snapped as he pointed at his faithful fish. "Alright, now, disappear!" As Legion fell from the sky, it twirled about, creating a slight tornado of ghostly energy before completely fizzling out of existence. The Gyarados dove back into the water normally and breached the surface, trying to look for the slippery fish.

Only for Reggie to make another command, twirling once again and facing his opponent fully this time. "Reappear with a SMASH HIT!" Just as he threw his fist in the air at his exclamation, Legion erupted from the ghostly plane, body holding wisps of ghostly energy, only for it to quickly turn brown as he charged towards the Gyarados at speed.

"Quick, Waterfall!" Cloaking itself in water, the Gyarados charged head on with the speed and power of scaling a waterfall. The Head Smash smashed into the Waterfall head on, causing both Pokemon an exorbitant amount of pain. Both Pokemon were blown back by the subsequent explosion of their attacks, and Reggie heard Legion aggressively bubble from the pain. The dust settled, and both Pokemon didn't move as they laid belly up in the water.

Right as the referee was about to sound off the fight, Legion rolled over and shook his head, then smiled up at Reggie at the tough display.

Ecstatic, Reggie threw a fist in the air before running to the edge of the battlefield to hug his fish, rubbing his cheek against his head. "Good job, buddy. You did wonderfully!" With an affectionate scratch, he returned his happy, yet hurting fish and met Zane halfway on the side.

"Had me worried there." Reggie said, smiling a little, only to realize Zane's sour face.

"How come you would always get so mad when we lose, and now it's like you didn't even lose all those other times?" Zane crossed his arms, getting a chuckle out of Reggie.

"Actually, through getting beat by you, I learned how to not let that bother me anymore. And once I figured out not to let it get to me, I didn't. Thanks, Zane."

Going up the rankings felt great, but hoping the kid didn't beat himself up over it too much would make him feel a lot better. He patted Zane on the head. "Good luck, and I hope you surpass me some time soon. Can't let the prospect of being a winner get to me too much." He got Zane to smile, got a handshake from him, and they both parted.

Healing Basculegion and giving him a well-earned treat and a massage, he was then pulled into another preliminary round.
The next round had Reggie pumped and ready to go. When the next opponent came up, a young woman with pink hair and bright blue eyes and wearing all manner of color splashed on, Reggie thought he was going up against a Fairy-Type user.

He was so wrong...

The next Pokemon he was against was a Zoroark, and it sent a visible chill down his spine. "Haha... Oh, how funny, fate. How funny..." Remembering when a Zorua had Encore, he was so glad he had Runes learn Crafty Shield. He sighed, then sent out his newest and rising star of a tank, Runerigus. His Chesto Berry hung within a nook of his stone slabs, the slabs slamming shut to show the artwork written on his stony surface and prevent the opponent from knowing how far these slabs can separate from one another.

It was almost like a funny target practice.

"Nasty Plot!" The Zoroark's head had a shadowy mist swirl around it as its thoughts churn deviously what it was going to do to this poor ghost.

"Substitute!" Using the time Zoroark used to set up, Runes's body shuddered from slight pain then glowed white, his form disappearing behind another form just like it, but paler in comparison and didn't move as much.

"Hmph, Encore!" The Zoroark sent a bedazzling sphere towards Runes, and Reggie smirked.

"Crafty Shield." He said it with relief, Runes's body and double fluttering pink before a sudden shield made out of pink hexagons fluttered to life in front of him, the Encore hitting it fizzling with the rest of the wall's light.

Crafty Shield one out of ten uses. Encore, one out of five.

Anaya looked impressed. "Alright, then. Nasty Plot." She assumed that the Runerigus she was fighting was a more defensive variety, so decided to set up to break through this wall.

Reggie smirked. "Alright, Runes, let's show them how steely we can get!" He snapped his fingers, and the Runerigus's body glowed in a metallic sheen behind the substitute. Iron Defense.

Anaya realized what he was about to do and seemed to panic a little. "Grass Knot!" The Zoroark yelped and smashed his green claws into the earth, causing grass to appear in a straight path towards Runes.

The Grass Knot hit the substitute, destroying it immediately. However, the Runerigus shot forward, it's body creating a vortex of sand, around it, then summoning more sand nearby it. The multiple Sand Tombs allowed the Runerigus to get close, moving between each one so that the Zoroark couldn't find where he was coming from. It was like some kind of absurd magician's cup trick.

"Fine then, Night Daze!"

The Zoroark's body cloaked in darkness, his eyes glowing a bright red as his attack charged up around his arms in a crimson glow before he fired it off in a blast, the Night Daze creating a thick, painful haze of darkness in the immediate vicinity, destroying the sandy vortexes.

But there was no Runerigus.

"Body Press!"

The Runerigus had jumped into the air with the help of slamming its hardened stones into the ground, allowing it to gain air and land on top of the just-now realizing Zoroark with a red body. The beefed Fighting-Type defense-based attack had the Zoroark slammed into the ground, a crater having formed, abilities swapped with Wandering Spirit, giving Runerigus Illusion - not like he had any techniques to use this.

As if to rub sand into the wound, the Runerigus backed up and created a vortex of sand around it, trapping the Zoroark in a Sand Tomb.

"Grass Knot!"

The grass erupted from the ground and grabbed at the Runerigus's body, causing great pain as he fell over.

"Rest!" Obeying, the Runerigus fell asleep, healing himself of the damages incurred after being so close to getting knocked out. Just as he fell asleep, the smell of the enticing Chesto Berry had the ghost eat it, its kick waking him up and coming to his senses immediately.


"Crafty Shield!"

Another blast of Encore, another quick fairy shield prevented it.

Anaya was sweating bullets, her Zoroark's health was being chipped away by the sand, and she was getting walled.

She then had an idea. "U-Turn." Surely, this should help get the Zoroark out of its bind. While the U-Turn won't bring him back, he can surely use this as a boost to move.


As the Zoroark's body was cloaked in pale green energy and charged forward in a blast of light, the Runerigus's body shuddered as a ghostly mist emanated from him, then the same mist appeared around the Zoroark.

The curse was laid, and the Zoroark hit its target and gained his ability back, but the damage was a pitiful amount. The Zoroark, however, used this time to be flown upwards, the Sand Tomb chasing after it.

"Night Daze!" The Zoroark readied a point-blank Night Daze, only for the next command from Reggie to seal the fox's fate.


What the Zoroark ended up hitting was the Runerigus's double, and the subsequent curse damage and sand knocked it out.

Whooping, Reggie jumped in the air and was subsequently met with an ecstatic Runes, the Ground/Ghost-Type wrapping its stony body around his trainer in a careful embrace, getting a chuckle from the man.

"Good job, Runes." Returning him and giving Anaya a handshake, he left to give Runes a different item and heal him up.

The next day proved to be an exciting one. It was time for the quarterfinals, and he was ready in the room right before he would be walking out on stage. While it did show who was going to be up against who on the lobby screen, Reggie kept himself from knowing who his opponent was.

That was when he walked out, walking out with his hands up and slowly spinning as he walked carefully to his position, even giving out a few silly bows, then spinning on his foot to meet-

"Reina?" His eyes gleamed with excitement. "Oh, I have been dying to fight you! Don't hold back! Give me all you got!" He held his two Pokeballs ready, then throwing out his prized Pokemon.

Gengar, the Shiny Pokemon glittered despite the slight palette change. The Dusk Ball he emerged from had given his entrance a darkened, ghostly swirl and he spun about before landing with a bow, then his red eyes gleamed at his opponent, his smile growing ever wider.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 5 -> August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Interactions: Jayden Jones (Hecotoro), Wilford Pine (sSoul)
Mentions: Milliana Barlowe (Cmeriwether6)
Battling: Ryder Cox (Hecotoro)

First Preliminary: Clair and Kantonian Persian vs Cole and Perrserker
Second Preliminary: Freeman and Lanturn vs Cole and Shiinotic

Cole sneered at Jayden, wondering just how much it would take to get under this man's skin. Either way, he gave the young man a little wave before walking off, laughing at Wilford's leash comment. "Oh well, she doesn't even look like she can comfortably put her foot down with her Pokemon, so disciplining them is a lost cause to her." He shrugged, going to his first preliminary match, giving Wilford a genuine smile this time.

"See you later." With another wave, he was off and away to meet his first opponent.

The girl was an avid fan of Claire, Cole realized, and even her name was similar. He sighed, finding this a little annoying. He didn't mind fangirls or fanboys, but when they actively tried to look the part? She was wearing a wig fashioned after the Dragon-Type Johto gym leader. Embarrassing... She even dressed the part. The only difference was, she was a bit on the chubby side.

Rolling his eyes, they both sent out their first Pokemon. His Perrserker against a... Oh, a Kanto Persian. Cole grinned wide.

"Ohhh, Perrserker, looks like we found your cousin. Too bad we don't have a Fighting move, but I'm sure we won't need one, yes?" The Perrserker growled in anticipation and agreement, his body shining with his Steely Spirit activation.

Kanto Persian had either Limber, Technician or Unnerve. Considering Perrserker had no berries or paralysis moves, there was no point in having either of those. As for Technician... That might be a problem, if this Persian specialized in having weaker moves.

Clair ordered her move first, and Cole unusually attentive with a lack of a smile. "Fake Out!"

"Fake Out!" Cole tried.

However, the Persian was much faster and clapped in Perrserker's face, making him flinch. At least he wouldn't have to worry about it doing too much as it was resisted. Then again, the thought to Technician would likely have made that moot.

"Substitute!" The Persian jumped back, creating another version of itself that didn't move.

Cole hummed and sighed. "Oh? Interesting. Too bad none of my moves can go through Substitute. Looks like we'll be going about this the long way, Perrserker. Hone Claws."

The Perrserker's claws shone with a dark light and elongated as he scratched them against each other, honing his mind with his claws striking each other to sharpen them.


Cole deadpanned. This was about to get annoying.

Perrserker used his second Hone Claws to slice his claws and then covered his face. It did hurt, but it did prevent him from getting the mud in his eyes.

Either he had Perrserker continuously use Hone Claws four more times and use Flail, or he gets aggressive and doesn't let the opponent's guard down.

Time for the latter. "One more Hone Claws, then charge with Metal Claw!"

The Perrserker walked forward as he used his third Hone Claws, while the Persian reacted.

"Icy Wind!" The Persian fired off a breeze of freezing ice, making the Perrserker slower. The Steel-Type then charged, his claws now sharp and elongated with a new sheen of metal. He attacked the clone with Metal Claw, causing it to disperse. The real Persian danced around the Perrserker, causing him to stop as he watched it.

"Mud-Slap!" The Persian went to throw another bout of mud at Perrserker.

"Iron Head!" Cole yelled, concerned he might actually slip up. His head glowed and he bowed his head to avoid the Mud-Slap and charged. The Persian jumped to avoid it.

"Perrserker, Night Slash!" The Perrserker skidded to a halt, the attacks shifting from his head to the points on his horns. He then turned and jumped forward, the Night Slash activating on the horns of his helmet-like hair to attack the unsuspecting Perrserker.


Second Substitute. Cole smirked. "Metal Claw." The Perrserker attacked the clone again, only for a third Substitute to appear. The third Metal Claw - infuriatingly - still didn't increase his attack but it did destroy the clone rather easily.

"Power Gem." The Persian fired off a series of glowing rocky orbs from the glowing red gem on its forehead, the Perrserker rushing at the Persian with a grin.

"Metal Burst." Cole felt relief wash over him, the attack landing just as the metal let out a bright shine and blasted the Persian with increased damage from the Power Gem.

"Snarl!" The Persian snarled, dark energy emanating from it.

"Night Slash!" The Perrserker's claws elongated with dark energy, letting the Snarl hit as he slashed at the Persian, finally knocking it out.

Cole groaned and returned the Perrserker wordlessly, showing good sportsmanship by shaking hands with the Claire-wannabe and returning so he may heal his cat and rest up.

Then his next preliminary. He wanted to die.
His next foe was a funny looking man. Why was he wearing a divers suit? Why did he get to fight the fucking weirdos?

Turned out he had a diving team - as he so loudly boasted - and he sent out his first Pokemon. Cole realized why there was water in the field now, with circular spots to land on. A Lanturn appeared itself and Cole sent out his next Pokemon.

The Shiinotic waved about eerily, the mushroom hat shaking and shivering as the creepy, seemingly eyeless gazes locked onto the fish.

"Alright, then. Let's finish this. Shiinotic, Sleep Powder." The mushroom shot forth a ball of sleepy blue powder, the Lanturn firing off a Confuse Ray as per her trainer's instruction.

The Confuse Ray's light managed to reach the Shiinotic, and while it did get confused, it didn't last for very long. The Shiinotic's body moved about in a circle, the Shiinotic humming about dizzily before suddenly shaking itself out of it.

Unfortunately, because the Lanturn was focusing on using Confuse Ray, she accidentally sniffed the Sleep Powder as it reached them and she fell asleep in the water. The Shiinotic hopped about the different circular stands before coming to stand in front of the Lanturn, its smile widening.

"Leech Seed. Sunny Day." Cole ordered, the Lanturn fast asleep as a seed landed on the fish and the sun began to get harsh. Her trainer yelled desperately for her to wake up.

"Okay, now that the set up is done, Mega Drain." The Shiinotic giggled as it began to sap the fish's energy, but she woke up immediately, causing the mushroom quite the fright.

"Signal Beam!" The Lanturn blasted a colorful beam of light at the Shiinotic, but due to his Fairy-Typing, it thankfully resisted the normally strong move. The Shiinotic skidded back, about to fall into the waters. Cole was feeling the pressure again.

"Sleep Powder, spin on your head." The Shiinotic giggled emptily as he flipped over on its head and spun, causing the powder to explode outward in a circular wave. It did look dazzling, but it was causing the Lanturn to stay under the water. The Shiinotic landed on his feet, looking about as if wondering where the delicious fishy went. While the opponent took a moment to figure out what they were going to do, Cole continued. "Confuse Ray!" The Shiinotic hummed as lights began to dance around, eventually hovering over the surface as if to entice the Lanturn to get close and get confused.

The lights did nothing, as the Lanturn breached the surface and targeted a Signal Beam at the Shiinotic again, sending it back and into the water. The Lanturn rushed at it in the water like a Sharpedo to fresh prey, only for the water to become polluted in more Sleep Powder. Despite the type resistance, Lanturn used Shock Wave, the wave of electricity frying the Shiinotic, making the poor mushroom frown.

"Mega Drain." The Shiinotic grinned and his head jerked to stare at the Lanturn. Lights flowed out to nab the Lanturn's energy, pulling it back to him as the light continued to shine down upon them.

"Stockpile and Spit Up!" The Lanturn began taking in nutrients from the water, and Cole took this time to let Shiinotic set up a bit.

"Growth." Due to the shining sun, the Shiinotic was able to get more strength. When the Lanturn used Spit Up, releasing the bile it had stored, the Shiinotic was ordered to use Mega Drain once again. The attack hit, but the Shiinotic didn't seem too deterred as it just took the Lanturn's energy again.

"Signal Beam!" A blast of light again, but the Sleep Powder in the water got to such an amount that the Lanturn couldn't continue and fell asleep once again. The Shiinotic pulled itself back to the circular platform, humming to itself as it used Mega Drain again.

The Lanturn couldn't continue any longer, and Cole won. Of course, he had to return his Shiinotic quickly and heal it up, lest his bloodlust got too much and tried to actually kill the Lanturn.

That definitely wasn't good.

A day passed and it was now the quarterfinals. Cole saw the name of the guy he was to be up against and he couldn't help but snicker. Ryder Cox...

What a unique name.

He made his way to the battlefield once his time was up, throwing a ball in his hand as he awaited for this trainer. He just couldn't wait.

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

"Mmmm there we go..."

With a deep breath and a big stretch, Hubert drank in the afternoon sun with a contented smile, enjoying his quiet walk to the stadium. Despite his exhaustion yesterday, he'd managed to cruise through the preliminary rounds with relative ease, slowly but surely building a name for himself as he climbed the Normal Rank. The competition would only be heating up today, but with a good night's sleep, Hubert felt as cool as could be. Whatever happened, all he need to be satisfied was to have done everything he could.

He'd arrived just in time for the tournament officials to call his match, and with the same grin, Hubert stepped into the waiting area. His first opponent today would be one Adrianne Silvers, one Pokemon each. With his selected partner already in hand, he held the Pokeball to his forehead with a grin and closed his eyes.

We'll do what we do.

A referee called his name, and Hubert promptly stood, ready to get the battle underway. Another deep breath, and he pushed the double doors open, stepping into the arena.
August 6th, WCS.

Kurashiki @sSoul (Rocky Field)

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the quarter finals of the Normal Rank World Coronation Series tournament! First, we have the stylish and always ready to make a business proposal, Wilford Pine!" The announcer gave the crowd a few moments to cheer on the first trainer as he stepped out into the battle field. "And his opponent, sponsored by Greasy Slakoths, Kurashiki Ki!"

"Let's do this!" The purple haired girl stepped out of the tunnel with a gleam in her eye and a confident smile. "Wilford? Cool name! You can call me Kura or Shiki, but not Kurashiki. I'm kind of just learning the ropes, so I hope I give you a good enough challenge." The Poke Ball in her hand enlarged as she waited for the battle to start.

"Both trainers are only allowed to use one Pokemon each. The winner will advance to the Semi Finals tomorrow, trainers are you ready? Let the battle, begin!"

"Let's secure that semi finals position, Combusken, go go!"

The sphere popped open and the fighting fire Pokemon jumped out, landing swiftly on the dirt covered field. Combusken began jumping from one feet to another, his red eyes set on his opponent as he prepared to attack. "Hop to it, Double Kick, let's go!"

The fire Pokemon nodded and launched ahead, leaping into the air as his spun in circles to, throwing one kick after another towards his opponent.

Jayden Jone @Cmeriwether (Rocky Field)

"Let's goooo!" Jayden threw the Heavy Ball as high as he could, "Tintin!"

The gray Poke Ball opened up, unleashing the cocky Tinkatuff. She bashed her metal club on the ground a few times and then aimed it at her opponent. "Let's go, Metal Claw!"

The small fairy Pokemon let out a loud battle cry while her weapon gained a shiny metallic glow. She rushed ahead, swinging her club over her head before jumping into the air, aiming the Metal Claw at her opponent.

Reina Cortez @Merciless Medic

"We're not holding back Reggie!" Reina tossed her Pokeball into the air, letting the Scyther out of her Poke Ball. "Viridis, let's show off the fruit of our training!" Reina displayed a big grin when she saw the Gengar come out. "Good choice, that Gengar owes me one for scarying me last night."

Reina closed her eyes as she tried to channel her concentration. At the same time, her Scyther did the same. Alola had helped them out with Scyther's fear of strangers, not having to rely only on Focus Energy anymore. "Ready!" Reina tightened her belt patted her thighs as her green eyes set on their opponents. "We'll move first, Viridis, Focus Energy!"

Scyther remained with her eyes closed as a white glow covered her body. She removed the crowd, the announcer and even Reggie from her mind, leaving only the Gengar in sight as she opened her eyes. She began rapidly moving her wings as she hoovered over the ground, getting ready to strike.
Ryder Cox
August 6 - WCS

A man dressed in black stood cloaked in the dark shadows of the tunnel to the battlefield, preparing himself and his team for their quarter-final bout. He raised a clenched fist, which dropped his sleeve revealing fresh white bandages around his wrist and forearm, and PUNCHED! the concrete wall with his entire might.

It hurt. Good. While his mind was usually plagued by the pain of his past, the pain in his fist focused his thoughts—and focus was exactly what he needed. The stage was set, his team was ready, and the performance of a lifetime awaited.

All he had to do was step out of the shadows. Heh, who would've guessed that would happen?

Ryder Cox emerged into the light, and kept his gaze down so as to not disgrace his sight with the visage of the government-worshipping, society-creating, chaos-averse civillian rabble populating the stands. Instead, he honed in on his opponent across the way. Cole Forrest, eh?

A pokeball dropped into Ryder's hand from up his sleeve, and he stood stock-still while he waited for Cole to send out his first battler. Did he really think that the Ryder Cox, the Legendary Outlaw, the Collapser, Mastermind of the 2/23 Plot would cede the first appearance?

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Viridis the Scyther (Hecotoro) vs Emeric the Shiny Gengar

Reggie smiled as Reina revealed her Scyther, Emeric giggling as Reina wanted to get some playful revenge for scaring her. Reggie hummed as both trainer and Pokemon focused on the fight, the Scyther using Focus Energy.

He thought to the battle-ready moves Gengar had and he concluded only three were not resisted. He was starting to regret not having a Fire-Type move on Gengar's battle-ready set, but oh well.

Though, that Scyther is an absolute specimen. He also had one, and he wondered if he should have the two meet.

Musings aside, Reggie snapped his fingers and pointed towards the field. "Let's give this sweet Scyther some obstacles, Emeric!" Emeric giggled as a tiny Shadow Ball was made in front of him. Instead of going to its full size, he quickly shot out multiple of these Shadow Balls. They flew forward, but then slowed down to a near stop in the middle of the field. Emeric's handle on his ghostly energy was exceptionally fine, something Reggie had been training since the Orange Islands. What he ended up making was a wall of small Shadow Balls that would explode with minor damage done unto anybody who touches it.

Of course, there were spaces in between each. The setup for this attack looked like he left Emeric open, but Emeric was waiting for the Scyther to get close before acting.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Battling: Ryder Cox (~Patriot~) vs Corvisquire

What the fuck is this freak?

Cole looked at the man in front of him with barely veiled disgust. He literally did just walk out like that, didn't he? Whatever.

He sent out his first Pokemon, one of his tried and true ones. A Corvisquire cawed as she was released, flying in place as she eyed the opponent with equal disgust. She looked back at Cole over her shoulder, and he gave a shrug. She awaited for the Pokemon to appear, so she may attack.
Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, August 6th.

Milliana looked at Jayden with a serious look, opening the Fast Ball. A Shiny Metang appeared in front of Milliana prepared an order.

"Metang, Brick Break!"

The Shiny Steel and Psychic Type went towards the incoming Pokémon using Metal Claw, with an Arm glowing, intending to meet the Steel and Fairy type's incoming hammer.

Firey Argentston, Rank 26, Viridian City, Kanto, August 5th going into August 6th.
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Firey)​

Well that seemed to confirm it, though as Firey asked this it either suggested he had not caught onto it yet or needed a moment to process it but Desmond had decided to clarify things to help have made a smoother transition.

"Well, that guy your daughter talked about who caught a Kricketot happened to be me. Though uh it has since evolved. I will admit learning Emma's dad is a Frontier Brain is a bit of a reveal on this side..." Desmond admitted, though really it was not as if he ever asked about her background as he figured that kind of stuff was her right to reveal or not but it none the less seemed to make for a bit of a chance reveal here.

Some mumurs began to sound in the stadium as it seemed the action was soon to begin as he turned to Firey. "Well, let's uh both hope Emma does well. I need to find a seat and it's been a surprise, but a welcome one." Desmond said to Firey as he prepared to go photograph the opening rounds and beyond to root for Emma.

Firey looked at Desmond. He was not expecting to bump into his daughter's traveling companion literally immediately, but the fact that A Frontier Brain's daughter was young man's traveling companion was a bit of a reveal to the young man. He then realized that the battles were starting, and made sure the three Pokéballs that were shaking were calmed.

"It usually is a bit of a reveal when I come across my children's traveling Companions or significant others, I met my son James's girlfriend Arabella recently." Firey responded, "We should get to seating, although people may be a bit surprised about my appearance. Emma will do great, Volcarona and Dusknoir are pretty strong,

Firey then prepared to head to the stands to cheer for Emma. He hoped his Pokémon, except for his Carbink, decided not to pop out with the prospect of Emma battling, especially ones who would want to join the fray.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

Adrianne seemed to stand in the middle of her area of the stadium as her opponent made her way through the double doors as this Hubert seemed to move across from her. Adrianne needed to focus, whatever funk she was on had not been helping matters and she knew she'd need to avoid this indecision against this level of competition. She seemed to bounce a bit in place to help with the anxiety and patted her cheeks as she worked to get a game face on.

You can do this, you can do this...!

As Adrianne watched her foe arrive, the arena they seemed to do battle in had been a plains field from the looks of it; a safe enough venue that really offered no immediate advantage or disadvantage which seemed fine enough. The randomizer landed on her image so she would be the first to select her Pokemon as Adrianne seemed to mill that over a moment.

Adrianne looked across to her opponent as she seemed to hold a special Pokeball, a Great Ball, in hand as she seemed to have someone special in mind for this battle. Given it was a one on one a curveball of a selection only the Orange Islands could provide seemed a reasonable enough course.

"Alright, let's do this Krista!" Adrianne called out, as she released her Pokemon of choice today which seemed to be an Onix. Though unlike any Onix likely much of the crowd and her opponent had likely expected to see; as rather than a rocky skin, this one seemed to shimmer with a crystal exterior as Krista stood tall and let out a massive war cry as she stood tall over whatever her opponent prepared to send out. Crystal Onix, native only to the Orange Islands has been set for battle!

Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th->6th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Firey)​

"R-right yeah, want to make sure we don't miss this." Desmond said as he still tried to grasp the figure who happened to be Emma's father. Made him wonder why she had never told him before this but then again it perhaps just had never come up and it had not been his place to press for personal stuff anyway.

Desmond moved to the stands, both to support Emma as well as take photographs as the preliminary rounds seemed to go without incident and the crowd seemed into it. However, the next day came and the real meat of this event had begun with a few of the Quater Final bouts having already begun.

While Desmond of course set up his camera to take a shot of all the action, he waited to see where her match with Billy was to take place as he had a more personal investment in that bout.

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

Stepping onto his place at the field, Hubert looked around, drinking everything in with a contented grin. The energy of the stadium felt electric, despite it not being quite as packed as it would have been for battles in higher ranks. A feeling courtesy of his lowered standards, he supposed; the preliminaries had been a decent taste, but something about the atmosphere felt different, much more intense. Were the stakes really this high in the quarterfinals?

Well, looking across the field at his opponent, he'd noticed a bit of an anxious bounce in her step in tandem with visible attempts to get her head in the game. Seemed the pressure was that high for her, at least. Although Hubert far from intended to dismiss her nerves, he couldn't exactly say he'd felt the same. Excluding Jayden's very existence, very few things stressed the Unovan out, and while he understood the heat of competition often brought its own share of anxieties, today was no different. Time spent in the Paldea region had provided ample time for Hubert to train and build his team, and the knowledge that he'd made the most of his travels was more than enough comfort.

Before the battle began, Hubert waved to get Adrianne's attention, flashing a friendly smile in hopes that his easygoing demeanor might help to ease her stress.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Hubert; let's have some fun and put on a good show!"

Finally, the whistle blew, and the match had begun. Adrianna was called to summon her chosen Pokemon first, and Hubert watched as the Great Ball she'd thrown opened, sending forth a burst of light that climbed high... higher...


Hubert whistled in surprise, his smile growing as the light formed the silhouette of the massive Rock Snake Pokemon, but when the light subsided, his amazement only grew when its body was revealed, shining with the luster of the world's brightest crystals. The unique Onix let out a mighty roar, sending a frigid chill through Hubert which only increased his fascination, and with a laugh of almost child-like wonder, he pulled out his own selected Pokeball, flinging it onto the field.

"What a way to start our run, eh? Let's do this, Phantasm!"

The Pokeball burst open to reveal Accelgor, having come a long way since its struggles as a Shelmet, and though it stood at about one fourteenth of the Onix's total length, Phantasm showed no lack of spirit, leveling a defiant stare at the massive crystal snake before it.

"If you don't mind, we'll make the first move! Phantasm, [Double Team] then [Water Shuriken]!"

The Shell Out Pokemon silently dashed forward, darting towards Krista with speed that far eclipsed that of its previous form, and as it approached, its figure began to blur, dispensing countless illusions of identical Accelgor that simultaneously rushed the Onix head-on. Leaping up to meet Krista face-to-face, the Phantasms began charging up a throwing star made of powerful water, but when it seemed they would all unleash their attack at once, the illusions vanished, leaving only the true Phantasm, who was now directly behind the Onix with its Water Shuriken at the ready. Remaining silent, the Accelgor fired its projectile, aimed point blank at Krista's head, but as the shuriken approached, it split into several smaller stars, all sent on a trajectory to pelt the Onix relentlessly.
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Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

Adrianne of course seemed to feel the pressure of this, after her last showing before a capacity crowd she wanted to do better this time. She needed to do better, as her competitive zeal tended to cause her to feel big matches like these were must win even if she had never held anything against those who bested her.

Really, much as she tried not to admit it, that Drake match really messed up her head.

However, she was snapped in her efforts to control her bit of anxiety when Hubert called out to her and by contrast, he seemed to be calm as can be. Excited, eager for a battle and expressing no hard feelings....Adrianne used to be like that, and made her wonder what her problem had been but decided to try and put that thought behind her as she nodded.

"Y-yeah, let's put on a show!" Adrianne called back as she least tried to show enthusiasm and for a moment she seemed to feel the air of excitement hit the back of her neck as Hubert called out his Pokemon Accelgor which Adrianne seemed to note had that resting cool guy pose and heck, seemed deserved. Adrianne scanned its information into her Pokedex before Hubert elected to make the first move as he called for a Double Team and Water Shiruken!

"Try to keep focus on the real one!" Adrianne called Krista though oddly had not called her Pokemon to dodge or try to attack back, as the Crystal Onix's eyes as she focused on following Phantasm as the real one used illusions to produce a dazzling display that seemed hard to follow but as the fakes vanished Adrianne noticed the real one behind Krista who fired its Water Shiruken as Krista turned and the attack had made full contact!

Yet, nothing happened. The water did not seem to damage it even though by right the move should've been a critical blow, in fact the water seamed to sink into its polished skin and be absorbed into the the Crystal Onix! Adrianne had been quick to take advantage of this moment.

"Krista use Bind to wrap it up, then fire with Dragon Breath!" Adrianne called out as Krista attempted to wrap and bind its tail around the Accelgor before it or Hubert had a chance to respond. Her aim had been to wrap and squeeze the Bug Type to deal damage, but more importantly have it held in place to where Krista could fire a stream of Dragon Breath at point blank range!

Given the smaller foe was a speedy one, if Adrianne could kept it in Krista's clutches she'd have the advantage.
Ryder Cox
August 6 - WCS


Ryder's cackled maniacally as his hands unfurled and his arms spread like glorious wings that soared on the winds of change. Perfectly, he'd predicted his opponent perfectly!

"SHOCK THE WORLD, CIRCUIT!" The black-clad man cast his first poke ball, and a super cool-and-tough-and-awesome looking Pikachu manifested in a flash of white light. Electricity crackled on the electric mouse's cheeks, and his tail twitched in anticipation of a furious battle.

"MANIFEST YOUR VICTORY, <<NASTY PLOT>>!" Ryder shouted with a swipe of his hand, and Circuit happily obliged. A malicious grin spread across the Pikachu's face, and the electricity crackled with a higher intensity as arcs raced across his fur from cheek-to-tail and back.

Ryder could see it now! This battle would be over almost as quickly as it began!

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

"For real?"

This Pokemon was just full of surprises! Yet another delighted chuckle escaped Hubert as he watched Phantasm's attack make direct contact yet deal no damage. As the shurikens crashed into the Onix's crystal skin, the water even seemed to seep into the Rock Snake's exterior, further hitting home the lack of visible effect. Water Absorb, maybe? Certainly an interesting ability for an interesting Pokemon. Hubert continued to watch intently as Adrianne and Krista launched their counterattack, an attempt to ensnare Phantasm in the Onix's tail and fire a point-blank blast of draconic energy. A scary position to be stuck in, but Hubert's smile didn't waver as he thought fast and called his ally to respond.

"Can't have that happening, now! Phantasm, [Struggle Bug]!"

Krista had successfully bound the Accelgor in its tail, but in its effort to constrict around its target and deal some damage, it had guaranteed that Phantasm's own counterattack would succeed. With a growl, Phantasm tossed and turned, fighting fiercely to wrest itself from the Onix's clutches. In its struggles, the Accelgor suddenly released a bright green energy of its own, which barraged Krista with pulsating waves. A direct hit that caused the Onix's grip to loosen, and Phantasm had spared no time in escaping before Krista could fire its [Dragon Breath]. Hubert breathed a sigh of relief as he watched his partner get out of a tight spot and manage to counterattack in the process. An added benefit of [Struggle Bug] was its guaranteed lowering of the target's special attack, which meant future attacks like [Dragon Breath] would be substantially weaker. However, Hubert had no intention of letting Krista get any more chances to get a clean hit in, promptly calling out to his partner to continue pressing the offensive.

"So Water Shuriken was a bust, but we won't let up! [Mega Drain]!"

Phantasm darted forward towards Krista once again, this time opting to dash in winding paths with its astounding speed rather than project illusions once again with [Double Team]. The Accelgor took to the air once more, leaping up as its arms began to glow with emerald light, a much brighter hue than the energy released by [Struggle Bug]. As soon as the Onix was within reach, Phantasm unleashed its attack, shooting tendrils of light that snaked towards Krista like roots that aimed to embed into its crystal exterior and drain its health.

Surely this thing didn't have Sap Sipper as an ability, right?