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Private/Closed Viridian WCS Tournament!

August 6th.

Reina Cortez.

Reina watched the display of power. It surely was an odd way to use Shadow Ball, but just like the night before, she was going to top Reggies again. "Your spells won't be enough for our skills, Double Team."

Viridis began flying from side to side, her speed increased until there were four copies identical to her. They were going through the wall, but would give Gengar a hard time once on the other side.

" Doble Golpe! Un dos, un dos! "

Scyther gained a white glow on her ham slicing machete looking scythes. Once all four were ready they went through the small gap in the wall of Shadow Ball, one after they other they rushed through and started heading for Gengar one by one.

Jayden of all Jones.

Clank! The Metal Claw smashed with the Brick Break, both moves equally powered as neither Pokémon moved an inch. Tinkatuf gained a sinister smile as she watched the specimen in front of her.

The clear body of the Metang would be perfect for her mace. She could already picture it. She would use both arms as the base and the head as the top. The spikes would add great damage to it. She would need to get it stuffed since it looked light, but she could use some Magnemite for that. A maniacal laughed escaped her sweet being as the thought drew her lust for battle.

"Oh looks like she likes him. But we have to focus Tintin, don't let their good looks distract you! Baby Doll Eyes!"

Tintin jumped back and shot a look of watery and adorable eyes at the Metang. Once she landed, her body became shrouded in a dark energy. She then started swinging her club in circles and heading towards her opponent with evil intentions, spinning out of control with Brutal Swing.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 6th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Battling: Kurashiki(Hecotoro)

Wilford was thrown off by the sudden amount of compliments he received prior to the match. The announcer was relatively expected, as it was likely a requirement to gas up each of the trainers to build hype, but what was truly unexpected was receiving a compliment from his opponent. A lesser competitor would consider going easy on their opponent because of this, but the rich young man knew better than falling for easy flattery. Refocusing on the battle, Wilford sent out Monferno to meet the opposing Combusken, the latter fire/fighting type wasting no time with an airborne Double Kick.

"Dodge, then Mach Punch!" Wilford's command prompted Monferno to perform a pair of back handsprings to avoid the kicks from Combusken before swiftly springing forward with a punch aimed at the Young Fowl Pokémon.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

"Alright hold him tight!" Adrianne called out as Hubert was taken by surprise and the moment seemed to work to ensnare that the combo blow would work, and it seemed to be a mixed bag. While the Bind landed and she got some damage off with it, Krista was forced to release her grip as Hubert used Struggle Bug to escape and thus the Dragon Breath seemed to miss target and just struck the arena itself.

Adrianne seemed to bite her lip, not only had Krista taken some damage, but her Special Attack was now lower as well.

However, she couldn't dwell on that as Hubert had made a move and moved Accelgor up high and attempted Energy Drain which seemed to spell bad news, as this blow would deal some critical damage and heal up Accelgor and she'd not want that effort of Bind to go to waste though she and Krista knew the target was out of immediate range given how high it seemed to sail. Damn it the Pokedex said this thing had not been a flying type!

"Krista Avalanche!" Adrianne called out as without the close proximity Adrianne just decided to focus on an attack from afar as the Crystal Onix seemed to summon several large chunks of frozen rock and dropped them down on where Accelgor was as Adrianne hoped to land a target in this bit of a sort of desperate offensive.

She knew that if that Energy Drain landed she'd be in big trouble!
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Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 6th.

Milliana was laughing her head off when Jayden ordered a Baby-Doll Eyes, but stopped when The Tinkatuff went for a Brutal Swing. Metang took the Brutal Swing, but the Baby-Doll Eyes made the Steel and Psychic Type laugh as well.

"Metang, You Good?"

The Metang looked at its trainer, preparing for the next plan.

"Bullet Punch!"

The Shiny Steel and Psychic Type went with glowing arms to punch the Paldean native Pokémon with speedy punches.

(@Hecotoro )

Firey Argentston, Rank 26, Viridian City, Kanto, August 6th
Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th->6th)

Interactions: @Cmeriwether (Firey)​

"R-right yeah, want to make sure we don't miss this." Desmond said as he still tried to grasp the figure who happened to be Emma's father. Made him wonder why she had never told him before this but then again it perhaps just had never come up and it had not been his place to press for personal stuff anyway.

Desmond moved to the stands, both to support Emma as well as take photographs as the preliminary rounds seemed to go without incident and the crowd seemed into it. However, the next day came and the real meat of this event had begun with a few of the Quater Final bouts having already begun.

While Desmond of course set up his camera to take a shot of all the action, he waited to see where her match with Billy was to take place as he had a more personal investment in that bout.
The Preliminaries went about as interesting as Firey would expect at that level, except for Volcarona's appearance vs a Copperajah. Firey knew that Copperajah was something Emma had genuine fear of, and Volcarona reacted as Firey had expected. The next Day started and he found Out Emma was up against Billy Carmichael. This was going to be interesting, especially with what Firey knew about Billy and where he was the Last 3 years. Firey had been looking around and found Desmond, having set up for Emma's Battle against Billy.

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

Phantasm's advance was suddenly cut short when the Onix summoned multiple chunks of ice and rock that relentlessly fell upon Accelgor, who'd been left vulnerable in the air and unable to maneuver away from the attack. Hubert winced as the avalanche immediately dragged his partner back to the ground with a crash, and though there hadn't been too major damage done, the dust settled and revealed Phantasm still standing but visibly a little more battered.

"Whew! That's a heavy hitter there. Phantasm, use [Acid Armor]!"

The Accelgor quickly regained its bearings and returned to its original stance, and with a low warble, its exterior began to shimmer, as if becoming almost liquid in form and reflecting the sunlight above. [Acid Armor] was a move that altered Phantasm's cellular structure, and as soon as the process was complete, it now shone with a newfound luster that almost matched that of Krista. Its gleaming figure wasn't only for show, however, as its physically defensive capabilities had now been enhanced twofold.

"Alright, let's keep pressing the offensive, Phantasm! [Acid Spray]!"

Phantasm once again darted into action, taking yet another winding path towards Krista. This time however, instead of taking to the air before attacking, the Accelgor suddenly veered off to the side, now circling the Crystal Onix on foot. The Shell Out Pokemon aimed to spew intermittent blasts of acid as it approached and ran, firing several projectiles that approached Krista from various sides. An added bonus of [Acid Spray] was its ability to lower the target's special defense stat, which would prove advantageous as the battle progressed.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

The attack landed as Adrianne was given a sigh of relief as she avoided the Energy Drain and seemed to put a hurting on the Accelgor. Alright, this was her chance! She just needed to follow up with a move and she might be able to push him to the bring...question was which move. She could try Avalanche again, but then again trainers tended to get punished if they just spammed the same move. She needed to make the right choice or oh damn it he already had been making a move!

"And you ever seem resourceful. Krista use Har..." Adrianne complimented as he built up his defenses and she intended to raise Krista's own defenses all the same but that laspse in timing earlier had come to bite her as Hubert already fired his attack as a spray of Acid was soon called as it launched and she had to adjust on the fly. And she figured the best way to deal with this development was to try to strike this Bug where it had really hurt!

"...Rock Blast! Krista use Rock Blast!" Adrianne called out as Krista roared out and had begun to produce and levitate several rocks in the air but before she'd fire Phantasm had struck first as the Acid Spray landed a clean stream along its crystal body as Krista cried out in pain while it seemed to singe the skin a bit. Adrianne cursed herself for being late to the draw as even if it was one exchange she'd needlessly put her partner in this spot as she expressed her concern.

"You okay Krista!?" Adrianne called in concern as a couple of the generated rocks dropped but Krista pushed through the pain and fired several more as she tried to deliver a Rock Blast offensive to Accelgor!

If this little TM she'd found connected, Adrianne might be able to put this guy away!
August 6th

Kurashiki Ka.

"We can move quickly too, Quick Attack!"

Combusken landed with his arms spread out, watching the Monferno disappear from sight. But his Speed Boost kept his reflexes in tact, using Quick Attak, he matched the apes attack, clashing with a switch quick to his fist. The collision made the chicken fighter jump a few spaces back, getting distance between the two.

"Let's see if you can dodge this, Aerial Ace!"

Combusken let out a battle cry while his claws became covered in energy. He dashed ahead, jumping from side to side, his speed being twice as fast than when the battle started. He would try and confused Monferno by switching lanes, ensuring he won't be able to predict where the attack would be coming from.

Jayden Jones.

"Stand strong girl, show them your charm!"

Tintin felt the impact on her right cheek, but she stood her ground, growling as the Metang landed the blow. JJ's instructions where clear though. Her infuriated expression disappeared, she flashed her lovely eyelashes at the enemy and went in for a Draining Kiss. But she wasn't done, while Metang was distracted with her charms, she was preparing another Brutal Swing, ready to bat the opponent away into a home run!

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

How resilient! Hubert smiled as he watched Adrianne's partner push through and manage a counterattack despite still reeling from Phantasm's [Acid Spray]. The crystal Onix had been able to continue its offensive and now fired several chunks of rock towards the Accelgor, and Hubert couldn't help but admire such tenacity. However, in Krista's bid to counter with [Rock Blast], the force of the boulders she had fired was noticeably weaker, and Hubert wouldn't let that slide.

"Way to force your way through! But we're not letting up quite yet. [Double Team] once again, and find a way forward!"

The Shell Out Pokemon was still airborne after firing its [Acid Spray], and a brief glance downward revealed the rocks hurled its way. Upon Hubert's command, Phantasm sprang into action, projecting several illusions of its figure that now rained down to meet the [Rock Blast] head-on. The horde of Accelgor skipped through, bounced off, and navigated their away along the flurry of rock and debris, some caught by the assault and dissipating instantly while most were able to deftly forge a path to the opponent. With a grin, Hubert watched as Phantasm glided through the [Rock Blast] and immediately made his next move once his partner was in the clear.

"That's the way, Phantasm! [Acid Spray] once more!"

Similarly to its first move of the bout, the Accelgor called back its illusions, now revealing its true figure behind Krista once more before firing yet another burst of acid directly at the Onix to keep whittling it down.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 6th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Battling: Kurashiki(Hecotoro)

Despite her inexperience, Kurashiki managed to impress Wilford in her ability to match Monferno's speed with priority of her own, even if it was weaker. Simultaneous to the Combusken jumping a few spaces back was Monferno finding his footing after landing the punch, ready to take the next move. That move happened to be an Aerial Ace, with the Combusken noticeably quicker than before. Predicting where it'd strike would be a difficult task, but that was only if Wilford chose to entertain the guessing game.

"Dig!" Putting his newly learned move to use, Monferno swiftly dug beneath the battlefield, the dirt flying towards Combusken serving as a distraction more than anything else. Upon ensuring he was deep enough, the Playful Pokémon hit the walls of the hole to cover his entry. Now, the battle had shifted into a waiting game.

Let's watch this chicken squirm...
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

Adrianne seemed to bite the edge of her thumb as she looked worried, Krista bless her heart had pushed through the pain and tried to deliver a stiff strike back in turn, but the pain had not only altered the accuracy of some of the rocks but also their power also seemed to dip, not that it seemed to matter as once more this guy seemed to se Double Team as what seemed to be an army of Phantasm.

"Damn it why is the coolest stuff so frustrating!" Adrianne said, cursing as the sequence of them riding the rocks had admittedly been cool as they sailed high in the air from their targets but she had no time to dwell on that as Phantasm suddenly seemed to be in close range to Krista as Adrianne's eyes widened.

"Shit! Krista look ou...!"


Krista cried out as again, Adrianne seemed to have been caught late as the Acid Spray landed a clean strike as Krista had been unsure of Adrianne wanted to call a counter, a block or a dodge which seemed to deal more damage as that shiny exterior seemed to feel the burn and once more Adrianne seemed to curse herself. On a big stage again she seemed to be slipping as Krista paid the price and she seemed to show visible frustration. Damn it, damn it! Okay okay, not over yet, just pull yourself together. Just pull yourself together...

Adrianne seemed to slap the sides of her cheeks as she tried to get focused. "Not bad...!" Adrianne called out, glancing up as she noticed the rocks from the earlier Rock Blast begin to descend down and seemed to spark with inspiration. "...but don't count us out yet, Krista Dragon Breath up high!" Adrianne called out.

Krista nodded and looked up at lone Phantasm ahead of her and fired a powerful stream of those vibrant flames as the intent seemed to be to blast it before it had a chance to escape. While this had been something Adrianne hoped for, it was not the full plan as even in the event that the Accelgor avoided it or something the flames shot up high above it as she aimed to brush against the descending rocks that missed their target. The aim to be to have the special Dragon Flames coat the rocks as they descended down and turn them to mini meteorites as gravity and the new flame coating combined for what Adrianne hoped would be quite the effective shower on her foe!

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

Hubert couldn't help but notice Adrianne grow more visibly frustrated, voicing her concerns openly and loudly enough for him to hear. Some of it had been in praise of Phantasm as well, at which Hubert had also taken silent amusement. Not to say he didn't understand nor meant to downplay Adrianne's stress; it was just that... maybe this was a bit of a mismatch in the mental battle.

At least, so Hubert thought, as Adrianne suddenly seemed to snap--or slap--herself back into focus, instructing her battle partner to fire a [Dragon Breath] into the sky. He watched the blast of energy hurtle toward Phantasm, but the Shell Out Pokemon once again found itself airborne and at the mercy of the oncoming attack. [Dragon Breath] found its mark, engulfing Phantasm in draconic flames and continuing on their path, but Hubert only smiled. A brief shine in his eyes revealed a hint of relief that the fight wasn't yet lost for his opponent, and Hubert continued to watch as his partner was overcome by the attack and fell to the ground.

However, a direct hit didn't seem to be Adrianne's intent; the [Dragon Breath] continued to hurtle on its path, aimed at the chunks of rock still in the air from the previous exchange. Hubert's smile brightened as he watched the debris crumble in the energy blast's wake, now reduced to sharp, jagged shards of earth that soon began to rain back down upon the battlefield. There was nowhere for Phantasm to go; not long after it fell, the storm of rocks pelted it relentlessly, making direct contact and kicking up dust everywhere. However, the clouds of sediment soon settled, and despite having taken a beating, Phantasm forced itself to its feet, letting out a determined growl.

"Nice move; way to take advantage of an opportunity! But we're not quite done yet--let's charge 'em one more time, Phantasm! [Acid Spray]!"

The Accelgor lunged forward, breaking into a sprint once again as it crossed the battlefield in a winding path before firing yet another stream of acid at Krista, though this time it remained on the ground. Meanwhile, Hubert watched intently underneath his charming smile as his partner approached its target, waiting for the decisive moment to strike.

It was time to bring the show to a close.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Viridis the Scyther (Hecotoro) vs Emeric the Shiny Gengar

Reggie chuckled, clapping his hands together as he made his command. "Emeric, focus~." The Gengar paused in his wall building and closed his eyes as he focused on the life energy of Scyther, allowing him to pinpoint where it was.

"Now, shoot the wall!" As the Scyther were rushing through the wall, Gengar shot off a small Shadow Ball, causing the wall to have a chain reaction and explode violently, each explosion causing any nearby Shadow Balls to also explode until there were none left.

"Don't let up, Sludge Wave!" Gengar slammed his hand on the ground, sludge exploding out in a wave towards the Scyther, hoping to catch the illusions with it if they somehow managed to get out of the exploding wall.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Battling: Ryder Cox and Circuit the Pikachu (~Patriot~) vs Corvisquire

Cole watched with a deadpanned expression as this guy maniacally laughed and... Was he T-posing? Flying?

And he was now using a Pikachu? Cole felt like he was losing brain cells. He sighed, groaning. "Alright, Corvisquire, Tailwind and Hone Claws." As the Corvisquire's wings glowed and flapped twice to make herself faster, her talons began to glow and she scratched them amongst each other as she focused in on the Pikachu. Sure, that would mean the Pikachu would move twice, but Cole wanted to at least make this Pikachu hate life.
Jayden Jones.

"Stand strong girl, show them your charm!"

Tintin felt the impact on her right cheek, but she stood her ground, growling as the Metang landed the blow. JJ's instructions where clear though. Her infuriated expression disappeared, she flashed her lovely eyelashes at the enemy and went in for a Draining Kiss. But she wasn't done, while Metang was distracted with her charms, she was preparing another Brutal Swing, ready to bat the opponent away into a home run!
The Metang was not amused at the kiss. However, The Incoming Brutal Swing was a problem. Milliana was remembering the Moves it had. Then realized it had a certain move that might make things more difficult.

"Magnet Rise!"

The Metang floated up over the attack as it went where it would have landed. As the Steel and Psychic looked down at the Opponent, Milliana had an order.

"Now Metang, Flash Cannon!"

The Steel and Psychic Type launched a grey beam of metal straight at the Tinkatuff.

Billy Carmichael, Rank ?????, vs Emma Argentston, Rank 39,868, Viridian City August 6th.
@Godjacob (Desmond reacts to this battle.)

As Emma prepared for her Battle, she had decided that Dusknoir would battle who ever Billy would send out. She had steeled herself as she prepared prepared for battle. When she got out there ready to go, she had her hand on a Pokéball.

"Trainers, this will be a two on two match, first to have both Pokémon become unable to battle will end the match. You ready?"

Emma looked across to see Billy Carmichael standing across the field, with a Pikachu on his shoulder. She knew that this opponent defeated the likes of her Brother Jason's Traveling Companion, Maximus, in the Prelimi,naries.

"Battle Begin!"

"Dusknoir, Prepare for anything!"

A Pokéball opened to reveal a Large, mostly grey ghost type with one eye staring down his opponent.

"Skipper, Let's Go!"

A Swampert appeared in front of Billy, looking at Emma and Dusknoir with the usual Swampert look. Billy steeled himself, and even he had some worries about his opponent.

"We don't know if we're good, or should be careful." Billy whispered to Skipper.

Skipper may not have heard that.

"Dusknoir, Ice Punch!"

"Use your own!"

As both Pokémon's fists had an icy coat on them, they met fist to fist, and were frozen to each other.

"Darkest Lariat!"

Emma had only seen that move once, when Francesca sent an Incineroar out on Sliggoo back when they were a Goomy. This was not great, Billy's Swampert knowing Darkest Lariat, but she'll have a Work around. As a matter of Fact.


A small dot of a flame popped out of the Dusknoir's mouth and hit the Swampert. Billy was now worried, not expecting the Will-o-wisp. He knew that Skipper was now on a Timer, and he had to hurry on Taking down the Dusknoir and fast. Skipper, however was a bit annoyed that The Dusknoir was stuck to him, literally, and tried to Shake him off, even with using Darkest Lariat to help him do so, Skipper gave a yelp when the dot hit him.
Jayden Jones.

"Metal with Metal!" Jayden watched as the floating Metang prepared a flash cannon. "Metal Claw!"

Tinkatuff's club became covered in a metallic aura as the small fairy Pokémon swung with all her might. The metal bat collided with the incoming Flash Cannon, forcing the pink Pokémon to push against it with all her might until the collision resulted in an explosion of sorts.

Tinkatuff stumbled backwards until she fell on her botton. An annoyed look on her face as she picked up her weapon and got to her feet. She hadn't taken the full damage, but it had hurt.

"We can't let it fire more shots like that, keep that Brutal Swing coming!"

Tinkatuff rushed forward, her metal club covered in dark energy once again as she jumped and started swinging wildly in the direction of her target. She wanted that shiny metal for her club and she was going to get it!

Reina Cortez

Explosion after explosion covered the arena. Each and every single Scyther disappearing from the area, except one. Viridis emerged from the smoke, hurt but more focused than ever, her red eyes locked on the Gengar as she rushed ahead, Leer.

"Wing Attack!"

The wings of the green attacker glowed white as they spread to her sides, rushing forward to hit the Gengar, not once, but twice thanks to Double Hit activated.

Kurashiki Ka

"Ha! Giving us time is your worst mistake!"

Combusken missed the attack, but the chick Pokémon kept running, increasing its speed again as it ran in circles.

"We won't fall for this easily! Detect."

While the fire fighting Pokemon kept running around the arena, it closed its eyes, feeling the area around it. Once his opponent would emerge, the yellow Pokemon would meet it with a Slash attack, the claws glowing white in preparation.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Viridis the Scyther (Hecotoro) vs Emeric the Shiny Gengar

The Scyther was now hurt, and the Gengar saw the Leer and shivered, its physical defense dropping from the meager intimidation. As the Wing Attack came in, the Gengar smirked, not seeming at all phased by the intimidation despite his defense lowering.

Reggie clapped and spread his hands out in front of him as he made his command, getting more into the fight and feeling as if he were in the fray alongside his Pokemon. "Dazzling Gleam!" Gengar held out his hands in a similar fashion to his trainer as the Scyther's first wing came to hit him across the arm, and a blast of sparkling light blasted in front of him, hoping to sear the Scyther with his light alone.
Darkness in Person, Ryder Cox.

"Pain is only an idea until you feel it, Volt Tackle!"

Circuit sparked up his cheeks, took a step back and bolted ahead. As he ran he became covered in a golden veil, his body full of energy, as he covered the ground between himself and the emo bird in a second. The Pikachu lunged forward with all the power in the world, the electricity buzzing as he went straight to the bird's torso.

"Again! Again, again, again! BUahahahahahahaha!" Ryder hid half his face with his hand as he burst into a loud laughter of pure madness.

Pikachu zapped from side to side, attacking with Volt Tackle, one after another!

Reina Cortez

"Trade blow for blow!"

Viridis closed her eyes as she felt the Dazzling Gleam impact her body, but she had the Gengar too close to give up now. Her wings flared up again as she stepped forward for another Wing Attack. She dashed past the Gengar, landing in front of Reggie with a tired look on her face as twirled around.

"Double Team!"

Scyther began to multiply, creating copies of herself as they began running in circles around the Gengar.
Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 6th. VS: Jayden (@Hecotoro )

The Tinkatuff was standing, somewhat surprisingly. Milliana knew she had to end this, and fast, especially with another Brutal Swing inbound.

"Deflect with Bullet Punch!"

Metang's claws glowed as it deflected most of the wild swinging, taking a bit of chip damage.

"Flash Cannon in the face!"

Metang charged a Gray beam aimed straight for Tinkatuff's Face. It then let the beam go, heading for the opponent.

Emma Argentston vs Billy Carmichael, Viridian City, Kanto, August 6th.

Billy took note that Will-o-wisp hit, which meant he needed to be careful. He then had another idea.


Emma's Dusknoir was forcibly returned, and Emma had to choose her last Pokémon.

"Drampa, Prepare for Anything!"

"Red Trainer has selected her final Pokémon!"

The Drampa looked at the Swampert, preparing for battle.

"Drampa, into the Air!"

Drampa went into the air, aiming himself to fly straight at Swampert.

"Stealth Rock!"

Pointed stones landed on Emma's side of the field, rendering themselves invisible.


"Ice Punch!"

Swampert was prepared for the incoming Drampa, as Drampa went for the attack, Swampert punched it in the face, partially Deflecting the attack. It was at that point, Swampert started glowing blue.

"Torrent," Emma responded.

Billy smirked, but then looked horrified due to the Burn that Dusknoir inflicted.

"Screech, then Waterfall!"

The Swampert gave a loud ringing sound, as Emma and Billy covered their ears. Then, Water dropped down on Drampa's face, causing him to roar in pain. Drampa suddenly started glowing red.

"Berserk," Emma whispered.

"That Drampa's Ability is Berserk, this won't go too well."

"One more Waterfall!"

Swampert dropped down water on Drampa's head as Swampert fell over, swirls in place of his eyes.

"Swampert is unable to battle, Green Trainer, select your final Pokémon!"

"Skipper, return, you did amazing!" Billy called out, "Seashell, Let's Go!"

A rather large Lapras appeared in front of Billy after he retuned Skipper, and roared as intimidatingly as a Lapras could be. Drampa was not amused.

"Seashell, Dragon Dance!"

Emma knew she had to be careful, especially after that Screech.

"Dragon Pulse!"

A blue-ish Dragon head started flying towards Seashell.

Reginald Valerias & Reina Cortez​

Date: August 5
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Reggie's Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
Reggie's WCS Rank: 50,000~
Reina's Pokemon Team: Diva the Clefairy, Viridis the Scyther, Peque the Swampert, Storm the Lapras, King the Kantonian Tauros, Maya the Dragonair, Chente the Ludicolo, Blue Demon the Hawlucha
Reina's WCS Rank: ???

Collabed with Hecotoro on Google Docs

That afternoon had been intense. Although Reina had a good team with her, she still struggled to focus. It wasn't easy, her mind trying not to think about the disappointment Chuck would have if she failed to at least qualify for the quarter finals. In the end though, her team managed to push through and allowed her to move on to the next round. With the nerve wrecking experience behind her, the young trainer searched for a good place to grab a bite to eat. Her diet had been only onion and banana juice lately and the thought of something else made her mind wonder with the possibilities.

While walking around the outsides of the stadium, walking by all the trainers who had also won or those unfortunate to lose, her green eyes set on a food stand. Boneless. Now, she was hoping to get an imitation of her home region's food, but boneless were just as good!

Reina took a seat at the empty food stand, smiling as the cook handed the menu to her. Her eyes scanned the most delicious combo she could think of. She swung her feet playfully as her finger traced the different options of delicious goods.

Reggie had scraped by, even going against that stupid Zane guy with the now evolved Z-Splash Gyarados. He wanted to die, but he managed. He even was able to handle seeing a Zoroark in the next preliminary, even though it was absolutely terrifying. He even put on a show, his Pokémon and he, and he was going to continue that. This isn’t a contest, but hearing the crowd’s positive reactions to the way his Pokémon moved or executed attacks was thrilling.

Getting hungry, he walked around until he found the food vendor, his Gengar giving him a spine chill as he disappeared in his shadow. Walking a bit further, he noticed a familiar someone sitting down, kicking her legs as she looked at the food on the menu.

Feeling mischievous, he quietly stepped up to the table she sat at, sitting across from her and resting his head on his hand with a huge grin. “Hiya, Reina!” He greeted exuberantly, his Gengar partially appearing from his shadow beside Reggie and waved at her, getting a chuckle from Reggie as he patted the exposed ear. “Emeric, moving around like that tickles.” His hair looked a bit disheveled. Instead of combed back, bits at the front were sticking up or dangling over his forehead. Seemed he had a couple intense bouts.

“Verga!” Reina called out in astonishment as the ghost specialist was suddenly sitting across from her. She grabbed on to the table as if she was going to fall off while one hand instinctively reached for a Poke Ball. “Reggie?” Reina's frightened green eyes changed to those of delight.

“Alola! I mean, Hola, no, Hello!” She scrambled for the proper greeting as she tried to regain her composure. “What a nice surprise. I didn't know you had a Gengar, that scared me a bit. I thought it was a demon or something.” She cleared her throat, sliding the menu towards the blue eyed blonde. “In case you want to join me for dinner. Unless you're busy, which I understand. Probably not a good time for a date, huh? Well, this isn't a date, it was just a terrible example. More like, bad choice of words. So, anyways, is your girlfriend joining us?”

Reina’s continued stumbling had Reggie trying to contain himself. He hid his smile behind his hand, chuckling slightly at her expense, even snorting when she said she thought the Gengar was a demon. When she mentioned his ‘girlfriend’, his eyes blinked rapidly and he chuckled, shaking his head. “Nah, Adrianne’s like a sister to me. If she were my girlfriend, I’d have kissed her and I wouldn’t bother flirting with you to begin with.” He winked at her, then put his hand on hers that she used to give him the menu. “Also, it’s okay. Relax a little. Take a deep breath.” He took his hand back to grab the menu, looking at the food that was available. “Hmm… I don’t know anything here. This really is different from the cuisine I usually have.” Sighing, he looked up at her apologetically. “Uh… what would you recommend?”

He didn't have a girlfriend? That new information actually surprised the Metztlian, it took her a moment to shake off the astonishment. “Oh really? That's nice.” She pushed her hair behind her right ear and sat up straight. “I just thought because you're really good looking, you would obviously have a girlfriend. Um, we could get boneless of different flavors each and share? If you don't mind eating from the same plate of course. We don't have to, just an idea.”

Reina tried to relax, to keep calm but the situation was so uncommon to her, she was struggling. But, she had been training for this! She took a deep breath and looked at his hand over hers. “So, do you normally flirt so much with girls?”

He noticed she was suddenly interested again. She really was wanting him, wasn’t she? Well, he wasn’t about to fuck this up. Being complimented though was stealing his air, and his cheeks turned rather rosy, a dopey smile on his face. Boneless of each flavor- huh? What was that question?

Reggie chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head as he answered that pressing question first. “I normally flirt with girls when I’m interested in them and around my age. Of course, I’m no womanizer. If it’s obvious a girl isn’t into it, then I will make sure she leaves the experience with a smile and won’t push any further. All I’m looking for is good chemistry whether short or long-term, not to fish for a specific event just because they happen to be nice.” He rolled his eyes. “I’m a gentleman, not an incel.” He chuckled again, then looked back down at the menu. “Well, if we get anything spicy, you’ll have it. I’m not much for spicy stuff, but anything else I’m down for. Oh, and… Thank you for the compliment.” He looked shyly away, apparent that not many have flirted with him back. He was usually unlucky in the romance department. Maybe he finally got his chance?

Well, no, she said she had a girlfriend earlier. He should honestly ask about that, but a part of him was afraid to. He focused on something else instead. “But yes, we can share a sample dish. I don’t mind.”

“Nothing spicy?” Reina covered her mouth as she laughed. “Why are people so afraid of spicy food? I don't get it. But sure, choose something sweet or salty, maybe BBQ for you? I like buffalo flavor but I'm leaning towards mango habanero.”

Reina was looking down at the menu, but her eyes wandered to Reggie as she pointed at the flavors. “So, you only flirt with girls you're interested in? Does that mean…?”

Reina’s last question went unanswered. He just gave her a wink and a charming smirk, then went about with the food topic. “Oh, I’ve had spicy stuff before. I just can’t handle it very well. My nose starts running, tears start flowing, and my stomach starts to churn. Not to mention my tongue absolutely dies. But I do prefer sweet and sour. BBQ is a good one. I do like a bit of buffalo, just a smidgen of it.” He laughed. “I do like the taste spicy brings, I just wish it didn’t try to sabotage all my taste buds at the same time.”

“Well then you might have to choose another Metztlian, cuz I love spicy things!” Reina had a gleam in her eyes as she started listing the spicy food she usually ate back home. “Enchiladas, Tacos with green or red salsa, menudo, pozole with a lot of red salsa, burritos with the spiciest cuisine, agua chile, even the candy I eat is spicy.” She sighed, thinking of the delicacies from her region. “Sorry, I get carried away. You can have some of my mango boneless if you want. Um, should we order then?”

The Unovan listened as Reina prattled off about the many spicy foods they had back at her home, and his eyes widened. New kinds of food? Well, it probably wasn’t ‘new’ in the broad sense, but to his mind, it was. “No no, I’m quite interested in this cuisine your home has. I’m- Oh, yeah, we should order.” He chuckled, getting up so they could get to ordering. “But yes, I may not look it, but I’m an aspiring chef. A bit more of the casual kind though, don’t wanna hype myself up that much.” He sheepishly smiled. “But, I haven’t seen those kinds of food before, so you’ll definitely have to show me later. Oh, and don’t worry about the bill.” He tacked on, already fishing out his wallet to pay.

Reina tried not to let the blush rush to her cheeks. Her momma had always said, make sure he's a gentleman, handsome and has ambitions in life. Reggie was quickly filling up the application for the perfect man to bring home. “My mami would love you.” She thought out loud, quickly realizing her mistake and standing up to change the subject. “Right! Okay, thank you. I um, let's order.”

A nervous chuckle escaped Reina as she walked past Reggie to the front counter. “Half order of buffalo and mango habanero please and a coke.” She didn't wait for Reggie, not ready to face him yet while hurrying back to her seat.

Once the Unovian arrived, Reina tried to remain calm. “Chefs are nice.” She had no idea what to say.

Reggie gave Reina a surprised look as she said something about her… Mami? Probably her mom. He chuckled, scratching the back of his head before paying for their food and ordering himself some Mango smoothie and a half order of BBQ and sweet and sour. After getting his card back, he returned to his seat and chuckled at Reina's attempt at starting a conversation.

He laughed though, finding it endearing. “They are, aren't they? Though, then you got people expecting you to make food all the time. The responsibility is nice until they start demanding it of you. So,” he clapped his hands, then laid his arms at the table as he gazed at her. “What kind of Ghost-Types does your region have? Any new species I likely haven't seen before? Is there any culture surrounding the dead or the afterlife? … As tactful as I could make that question sound.” He chuckled, realizing how weird that was and likely slightly offensive.

“About the dead?” Reina pressed her lips together for a bit, her mind wondering where to begin. “Depends who you ask I guess. We have two versions of the afterlife. The original one was made by our ancestors, who believe that during autumn, the world of the dead and the living align or are close to each other. During the first three days of November we give offerings to those family and friends we have lost. Duskull and Dusknoir help their spirits cross to our world where they can visit us and enjoy the offerings we left at their tombs or shrines. Although our Duskull are different, they're a lot more colorful than the ones in Hoenn definitely.”

Reina rested her eyes on the night sky as she spoke. Memories of her home flashing by. “Then there's the new way, which is heaven and hell. If you're overall a good person and stay away from sin, you go to heaven. A paradise where you will be eternally happy. Of course if you're bad, it's the complete opposite. I sorta believe in both? We were colonized by Paldea a few hundred years ago so half the population holds the old traditions and half the new ones. My family follows the new one I guess.” She cleared her throat as she realized she was going off topic.

“Oh, we also have a rare evolution of Sudowoodo. Oh and Shuppet. Special in this cursed island, they possess bodies of dolls and attack intruders. People go missing there.” She shivered at the thought.

Reggie listened with rapt attention, finding their religion fascinating as well, and he didn't mind that they were on a slightly tangential subject. It all was important to him, and the history was interesting. His eyes flew up when she said there was a new evolution and the Shuppet there is different. He didn't look afraid, but excited.

“Fascinating… Well, not the people getting lost part. If you have a picture with you of these Pokemon, can you show me what they look like? Now as for religion…” He chuckled. “My parents worship Ho-Oh, I worship Giratina, but we both believe in reincarnation and the spirit realm that sits adjacent to the realm of the living. I just also wonder what other religions have and what they say is true, and if there is more to it than just a spirit realm or purgatory. As for ghosts… I'm interested to see this cursed island myself.” He smiled, trying to hide his excitement but was finding it very difficult to control himself.

“Y'see, my parents are paranormal investigators. They go in to scope a place, determine if it's by a ghost or not, and it branches from there. Dealing with a ghost, whether a lost spirit, a vengeful one, or just a Ghost Pokémon, we use great reverence and some tools. We want to be as hospitable and kind to them as possible, including what you would consider evil ones. My father can help a spirit move on by sharing in their pain, being an excellent spirit empath. I have the same ability, but uh…” He looked at the shadow beside him, his tone turning sheepish. “It also lets me see ghosts trying to hide or that are otherwise invisible, so I sometimes mistake living people for dead roaming ones.” He then waved his hand nonchalantly, as if it didn't bother him even though his trepidation on the matter showed on his face.

“Ah, listen to me ramble. I also don't mean to scare you with the topic, so I apologize if I seem laissez-faire, I have just seen a lot.” He chuckled sheepishly. “What I mean to say is, I would like to see this cursed island. I am sure the stories are real, so I won't be checking its validity, but for how truly dangerous it is and why the Shuppet is doing this. And if I can find the missing people along the way and give the families some closure, I'll do that, too.” He smiled, though it was tempered by his reverence on the subject, his tone throughout it showing his respect towards it, as well.

“Wow, that sounds really exciting and really scary at the same time. You're free to go anytime.” She shook her head slowly. “But I'm not going there, wait, you worship Giratina?!” Reina's eyes widened.

While her family faithfully followed Arceus, those who worshiped its dark counterpart were considered evil. Reina leaned back trying to decide if she was actually safe around such individual. “Isn't that bad?” She finally spoke up, avoiding eye contact. “He's supposed to be evil.”

Reggie always got those looks, and he sighed, bowing his head in disappointment aimed towards himself. He was starting to realize that Girarina was pretty much an end to conversations and potential friendships. He chuckled and shook his head, lifting it up to look at her. “Depends on your religion's interpretation of him. I just see his presence as a sign of the unknown in some spiritual void. I don't know if he's evil or not. That's the part of the mystery I want to find out. But I can't just take anyone's word for it. I have to find the answer myself if I were to truly believe in that. So, I'm sorry if I don't take your word or your religion's word for it. If he was truly evil though…” He held his arms out. “Wouldn't we be constantly at war? Wouldn't he be always fighting back at the punishment he was given?” He then shook his head. “If he was evil back then, it's likely his tune changed and he’s a lot more mellow now, but that's a theory. I won't get you to change your idea of him though. I still do worship Ho-Oh, as well, just that Giratina has this enigmatic feel I want to study. So me worshipping him is more for study purposes.” He explained, giving her an apologetic smile. “I'm sorry if I've soured your mood at all… I didn't mean anything by it…” His tone shifted to be quieter and shameful.

Reina felt bad at his reaction, which quickly had her waving her hands. “No, it's my fault. I shouldn't assume things. There's a lot, like a lot, of things the world contradicts according to my religion. I've even been having doubts, which is also frowned upon, but that sounds suspicious to be honest. Like, why are people of the same gender together when that's supposed to be bad? Shouldn't they be unhappy?”

Oh, thank Giratina she was actually reasonable. This was already starting to turn up. When she explained her woes with the religion, he gave her a sympathetic smile. “Not going to lie, I was tempted to follow one of those Arceus religions until I heard they really didn't like bisexuals. Being one myself, I didn't want to put myself in a den of Pyroar, heh.” He sheepishly chuckled, though out of more the thought of discomfort. “But, being bisexual or gay is fine. You should be happy with the person you like, regardless of what they are. That's the whole reason for being in a relationship with someone, right? To make each other happy, make each others’ lives feel full, to show gratitude in having them be a part of your life.” He sighed, shaking his head.

“Some religions just like to control their people or maybe there really was a story back then that showed it wasn't good. Honestly, most of the Arceus religions I find focus on making a lineage, a family. Not for one's happiness, but to be closer to Arceus by creating life, but I have heard they mostly spin it as some grand path to happiness. If you go with someone of the same gender, you can't make a family unless you adopt, but at that point you aren't creating something from your own flesh and blood so it doesn't count.” He then shrugged. “Honestly, them disliking the fact that you have doubts concerns me. I really dislike it when groups - any group for that matter - feel the need to dictate on how others should think. It pushes people away, and doesn't let others express or discover themselves.”

Reina looked a bit disappointed for a second. She sighed and leaned forward, resting her elbows on the table and her head on her hands. “Can we change the subject please?” She showed her green eyes trying to sway the blonde. “I rather not keep talking about religion, not my favorite subject.”

Oh, did he just fuck up? He chuckled sheepishly, getting a chiding poke on the side from his Gengar which caused him to deadpan towards the invisible-to-Reina ghost at his side. “Oh, stop it.” He then focused back on Reina, giving her an apologetic smile. “S-sorry, I tend to ramble. It’s not the greatest subject to be on anyway. Oh, hey, our food is here.” His downtrodden tone immediately shifted to one of fulfilled anticipation as the food was set before them. Reina’s coke and boneless with mango habanero and buffalo sauce sat before her, while Reggie’s mango smoothie and boneless with sweet & sour and BBQ sauce scooted towards him. “So, regardless of what this WCS tournament brings us, I want to go to Metztli with you, if you’d like to take me. I could use a guide and someone who can speak the native tongue. A-and teach me.” His cheeks turned pink, and he didn’t fully know why.

Reina was chewing when she heard Reggie’s request. She felt a piece of spicy chicken hit the back of her throat, causing her to start coughing loudly. She tried her best to cover her mouth and keep her composure, but her body was trying to get rid of the spicy intruder in her throat. With an immense will power of refusing to spit something out in front of a handsome boy, Reina swallowed the piece ruining her life and quickly reached for her soda, drinking down until she felt she could talk again. She cleared her throat several times, her eyes watery from the near death experience until she could speak with a hoarse voice.

“Yes, we could visit sometime.” She looked down at her plate, afraid to meet his gaze. “I can give you my number if you want and when you plan on going let me know and we can figure it out.”

Reggie was more concerned about her health from an assassination attempt from her food than he was concerned about her pride. Maybe he should’ve been, but once she was done coughing and trying to keep any last shred of dignity still intact, he couldn’t blame her for not meeting his gaze. He smiled, nodding. “Sure thing, we can do that. You okay though? That chicken was fighting back, was wondering if I’d have to do some CPR.” He teased, pulling out his phone and setting it off to the side with his phone number displayed on the screen. His Gengar chortled, having decided to announce his presence once more as he chuckled at his human making friends.

“Yeah…” A nervous laugh escaped her lips as she adjusted her hair and took out her phone. She placed it in front of his phone, allowing the Rotom to take charge of the situation and exchanging contact information. Once that was done, she left it there, looking at her food wondering if she should try and attempt eating in front of him. “CPR?”.

Reina’s eyes lit up at the mention and the image of their lips touching sent a shiver down her spine, her blush burning hot on her face as one embarrassment after another kept creeping up on her. She shook her head and waved at him playfully. “That’s okay, I’m fine.” A loud sigh allowed her to cool down a bit, assisted by a drink from her beverage. “So, do you like music?”

Apparently, the mere mention of their lips touching had the poor girl in flustered shock, and Reggie couldn’t help but chuckle at her embarrassing predicament. He didn’t think he was that hot. When she brought up music though, his attention immediately shifted. “Hell yeah, I do. I’m a performer and I’m all for that spotlight~.” He raised his hand and flicked it out outward by the wrist in a flair, chuckling to himself before relaxing and grabbing some more food. “In fact, I am so glad the Kalos Pokémon Showcases are going to allow men to enter, so I can perform alongside my Pokémon!” He giggled gleefully, giving his Gengar a high five as he took a bite of his food, his ghost partner already feeling just as pumped as Reggie was.

“A dancer?” Reina couldn't help but smile. Dancing ran in her veins. She wasn't by all means a professional, but she could follow a good lead. One of the many skills she learned in her all girl's school. “Me too! I mean I am out of practice, but I learned a few steps growing up. I rarely put them to practice.”

Handsome, artistic, passionate? Reggie was the ideal man she grew up thinking about, down to the last detail. They would have beautiful children!

Reina shook her head and quickly popped food into her mouth to distract her thoughts. Still, she couldn't help but look at him and wonder if he was too perfect to be true.

Reggie grinned, waving his hand nonchalantly as he winked. “Just as long as you’re feelin’ the beat in your body and ready to groove, then you’ll be fiiiine. Besides, I do it for fun. I don’t know if I’m anything special about it, but apparently the times I have done it with my Pokémon during a contest, the crowd seemed to love it. Though, it’s been a while since I’ve done a contest like that, so I am a biiiiit rusty.” He then narrowed his eyes as he got playful. “But with a body like that, I don’t think you could ever move wrong. Well, unless I fluster you too much, but then it’s even better.” He chuckled, teasing her further because he found it funny.

If Reggie had good hearing, he would be able to hear Reina's heart trying to escape out of her chest. As much as she tried to be calm, he kept hitting those smooth words perfectly. Reina was speechless, putting more food into her mouth to have an excuse not to talk. It was until she finally stopped chewing she was able to speak once more.

“You're really charming.” Was all she could say, her heart giving her a hard time breathing as she started eating again, hoping Giratina would come and swallow her to avoid the embarrassing situation she had placed herself in.

Fortunately for Reina, he did not have super hearing. But he could see that she was starting to shut down from all this teasing and while it was fun while it lasted, he didn't want to completely destroy her. He just ate his food silently until he finished, looking proud. When she finally got out a compliment, he felt his heart warm.

Ironically, as someone who loved the spotlight and attention, getting compliments from a hot girl had him clearing his throat, his cheeks burning pink. His flustered expression made him want to change the topic quickly without being rude. “Aww, thank you. Now.” He clapped softly, a sparkle in his eyes. “I don't want to keep you for too long. I bet your Fairy ‘mon would like your company, too.” He smiled, graciously giving her an out and remembering Diva's sour expression earlier in the day when he appeared out of nowhere and took her attention away from her Pokémon.

“We should probably get warmed up with some light training and get a good night's rest for the fights tomorrow. Wouldn't want you getting too flustered and ruining your performance.” He winked. “Oh.” He then offered her a fist, for a fist bump. “Awesome battling out there in those prelims. Watching you and your Pokémon fight was a pleasure and an honor. If I do become your opponent, it would be an even greater honor.”

Reina looked up, a bit confused at first but her eyes ignited at the mention of battling. She nodded with a cocky smirk and returned the fist bump. “I hope I get to battle your Gengar. He looks powerful. But, I did manage to survive against Morty, so don't think we aren't prepared.”

She stood up, letting out a sigh of relief after what she thought was a disaster of a dinner on her part. “So, light training? What do you have in mind?”

Reggie practically beamed when she returned the fist bump, already getting giddy. But when she asked about training, he pressed his lips in a tight line, trying not to smile too hard. “Oh, just a little performance. It’s to keep the muscles relaxed, strong, and our minds focused for what we’ll be doing the next time we battle. Helps really get in the game, and so I don’t end up doing something embarrassing like… Forgetting Pokémon types.” He chuckled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head.

“A performance?” Reina looked a bit skeptical. Was it like the Pokémon Contests she had seen on TV? “I mean, that sounds interesting? But contests aren't my thing. I'm a fighter, I prefer physical training rather than dancing or singing.”

Reina crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for an explanation to what he wanted them to do. She usually did get nervous during battles, that was true. But her latest training had helped out with that. Still, maybe Reggie had some sort of technique she didn't know about? Either way, she wouldn't mind spending more time with him.

Seeing that Reina was still hooked on him, Reggie chuckled, setting away his empty plate and standing up. “Ohhh, just you wait. It’s for fighters, too~. I’m not just a coordinator after all.” He was excited, a light in his eyes as he felt the energy rush through him, unable to contain himself. “I train alongside my Pokémon, too. But in a different way. Yes, we train to fight, but we also train to have fun and let loose any excess energies.” Hopping out of the bench, he grabbed his Gengar’s hands and dragged his ghost out of the shadows and spun about with a laugh, the Gengar chortling before letting go of Reggie’s hand and twirling up in the air, spraying sparkling light with Dazzling Gleam from his hands as if they were pom-poms.

Slipping over to Reina’s side, he held out his hand for her to take so she may stand up, as well. “Come on, I’ll show you something I think is cool.” He was practically glowing with vibrant energy - not literally, but he was definitely looking much more alive than he was before their dinner date.

“Wow!” Reina couldn't help but admire the sight of the Gengar using Dazzling Gleam. Somehow her mind also couldn't help but make a mental note of the move in case they fought.

The Metztlian stood up and took his hand, a bit nervous, but willing to face the upcoming challenge with confidence. The only thing in her mind was wondering if others who were passing by were looking at them. Yet, Reggie’s energy was a bit addictive.

Uncaring if there were people watching but wanting to give Reina some help in keeping eyes away from her, he helped her up, letting his hand hold hers a bit longer as he pulled her along to a spot away from the tournament and towards the back where there was a pond. Letting go of her hand, he twirled about and released his entire team. A Runerigus deeply groaned as he spun his many earthen body parts, a Musharna rolled into the air, a Shedinja popped up above Reggie’s head and stayed there, a Drakloak shot into the air in a blur, a Basculegion splashed into the pond, and an Annihilape appeared behind Reggie to lift him up, making him laugh. “H-hey, put me down! W-w-wa-wait-!”

Instead of putting him down, the Annihilape chuckled darkly before throwing his trainer up in the air, the Drakloak grabbing his torso and lightly tossing him towards the Runerigus, whose ghostly serpentine body was used to catch him, then lightly toss him into the water. He whooped until he realized where he was going, yelling and getting splashed into the water, his Shedinja echoing in laughter as it slipped to the pond’s edge, the Basculegion giving Reggie a ride to the shore. “Aww, maaaaan, I’m sopping wet. At least this suit’s water proof…” Reggie sighed, shaking his head, then laughing. “But that was fun!”

Reina watched as the man got thrown into the pond of water. She gave him a sympathetic smile, not imagining having any of her Pokémon throw her around like that. She did play occasionally with them, but it was mostly training.

“Careful not to get sick.” She said in a low tone as she watched him get out of the water. It was hard for her not to admire his new look. Her heart pounding loudly once again, a feeling she didn't feel often. “So you have your Pokémon throw you into water? That's your technique?”

Reggie laughed, shaking his head. “Ohh, no no, that’s not the technique. They’re just playing around. C’mere.” His hand went over to his Shedinja, holding the sweet, possessed shell in his hands as he nuzzled his nose on the Shedinja’s forehead, getting a chilling, affectionate coo in return. “Time for you to shine, little buddy.” He then tossed the Shedinja into the air. “Catch the Shedinja! Whoever gets to hold him the longest in five minutes will win! Don’t let him land on the ground!”

The Shedinja had an almost playful giggle as it was tossed in the air, the Drakloak zooming by to try and grab it, only for the Shedinja to use Protect. The barrier formed around it, and the Drakloak narrowly avoided it, using its tail to bash the Shedinja towards the water, where the Basculegion began floating above the water with ghostly energy and then cloaked itself in water, using Aqua Jet to get to the shell quickly. The water dispersed as the fish gently put its mouth around the Shedinja, then quickly disappeared into the ground with Phantom Force’s shadowy portal to appear back in the water, where the five other Pokémon descended onto Basculegion to try and steal the Shedinja from him.

Chuckling, Reggie shook his head as he watched the seven Pokémon play with each other in the pond, the Runerigus attempting to stay away from the water while still trying to get in there himself. “It may look like they’re playing, but they’re training with restraint. You know how to get faster, you run with a parachute attached to you or weighted gear on you, so when you take them off you’re much faster and can run for longer?” He asked, then gestured towards the group. “That is what they are doing, but for fighting. Whether in a performance or a battle, they must show immense control over themselves and their attacks: using attacks then canceling them, then quickly switching to other moves. Fighting is like a dance. They must adapt to an unknown, so to do that they must be on their guard and change tune quickly. For me, whoever controls the battlefield is the lead in dance, and we must go with the flow and usurp that control at the right moment so we can win.” He smiled, looking over at Reina. “I know it might not look serious, or you might be concerned for my sweet bug, but Shedinja can’t feel pain unless they use a move that’s going to legitimately harm it, but he’s got Protect. He’s fine.” He chuckled, showing utmost trust in all of his Pokémon.

“I see.” She watched the Pokémon playing around in the pond, her green eyes darting from side to side to try and keep up with the location of the Shedinja. “That's an interesting way of training, I love it!”

Reina walked closer to Reggie, to get a better look at the playing Pokémon. “You have a really amazing team. I thought they would be scary but now I think they're a little funny.”

The young man chuckled, nodding as he looked over at his watch to keep track of the time. “Haha, yeah, I get that a lot from people after I tell them or show them I’m a Ghost-Type specialist. They’re just big ol’ playful sweethearts. Huh?” He held out his hands instinctively as he saw something fly towards him, and he caught… His Shedinja.

“Oh no.”

The Shedinja giggled, its little pointy arms covering where its lips would be as if to playfully say ‘oops’. All the Pokémon looked at Reggie, and he paled. “Haha, hang on there, oh fuck-” He held his Shedinja in the crook of his arm like a football while he ducked an incoming Drakloak and then sped off, running around in a circle trying to avoid getting caught by his Pokémon. It was plainly obvious the Pokémon were just playing, as they were not going as fast as they could and any attacks they did plan on using barely coated their body with any visually discernible aura. Reggie was pretty fast though, probably because they had done this before. When he finally ducked, dodged, and slid across the ground and appeared beside Reina, he gave a really cheeky grin. “Alright, your turn, haha!” He tossed the Shedinja over to her, the little bug wanting to be snug in her hands so the other Pokémon could chase her.

“What?!” Reina caught the bug ghost, treating it like some sort of antique, cradling it in her arms.

Reina's panicked face slowly switched to a competitive one. They had never faced a pro wrestler before and she wasn't a slacker when it came to agile moves. She took off running towards them, sliding under and then leaping to the right. She headed for the nearest tree. Back home she could run up to the third rope like nothing, the tree was no exception. She ran the first three steps up the bark, defying gravity and then leaping to the nearest branch.

“If this is what I might battle tomorrow, then I don't have much to worry about.”

That was when the Annihilape blasted towards the tree in an impressive feat of speed, catching up to her quickly and chortling as he stood on the branch she was supposed to grab. He reached down with his hand to grab her by the outstretched wrist surprisingly gently and used his other hand to pop the Shedinja out of her grasp, the Drakloak’s Dreepy shooting forth to grab the Shedinja.

“Well that's unfair.” Reina dropped down from the tree and landed on her feet. She dusted her hands and placed them behind her back, walking back to Reggie. “If I didn't know what was going on, this would be really crazy.”

Reina stood next to Reggie, facing the spectacle and stealing glances at him every second she could. “It's a nice night.” She felt her cheeks blushing again, trying to shake away thoughts involving Reggie.

Reggie chuckled, shaking his head as she came over. “Well, you did say you didn’t have much to worry about tomorrow. They’re still holding back. I guess you hit Gordon’s pride a bit.” He looked back over at Reina as she said it was a nice night, his expression softening as he stole a glance of her. “It’s definitely more than nice.” He chuckled, hearing his Pokémon’s movements start to die down. They were getting tired. “Seems like they’re ready for some rest. Five minutes over!” He announced, his Pokémon returning with Shedinja, who hovered in front of Reggie and fit himself in his breast pocket, his little pointy arms peeking out of the pocket like some cute pocket protector. Carefully, the Annihilape came over and ignited his fist on fire, helping Reggie’s clothes get dry as he hovered the flaming fist over his body, snorting a bit here and there as he did his work and making Reggie chuckle. “Thanks, Gordon.”

The Drakloak had won - apparently. The other Pokémon were paying more attention than Reggie was and they had congratulated the newest member of their team, the dragon chirping sweetly at all the praise, making him blush. “Good job, Crolm.” Reggie joined in, then looking back at Reina with a mischievous grin. “Wanna see something?” His suit was progressively getting dryer, only looking damp now.

“Like what?” She couldn't really imagine something more interesting than ghost Pokémon chasing after each other. Still, so far her night out with Reggie had been fun, embarrassing and interesting. The man had his charms, which she was trying to fight back. “Do you have Giratina with you or something?” She chuckled a bit, joking but a bit afraid of a yes in the back.

Reggie laughed at her joke, and he shook his head. “Gods, no. I don’t think I’m gonna get that lucky. Here.” He looked over at his Musharna, who softly floated over to the two humans. Reggie then looked over at Reina. “I know this is kinda sudden, but I want you to trust me on this. Close your eyes. You’re about to see something really pretty.”

Reina looked a bit nervous at first but after a loud sigh she nodded. “Okay.” Her mind raced with curiosity as to what he could possibly be preparing for both of them. Hopefully the psychic Pokemon wouldn't read her thoughts though, it would be really embarrassing. Especially the image of her and Reggie kissing. She would just die on the spot, Arceus would understand.

Reggie smiled, wrapping an arm around her waist and nodding to his Musharna. When he spoke, his voice was quieter and a lot closer. “You’re gonna feel weightless for a bit and like you’re hovering, and you’ll feel quite a bit of wind. Don’t worry, my Musharna and I have you.” The Musharna lifted the two humans up with her psychic abilities, then the Musharna floated over until she was underneath the two. “Now, bend your legs as if you’re sitting.” Reggie said softly, so that the Musharna could be their seat as the two humans were lifted up and over Viridian City.

Once they were high enough to see the pretty festival lights, the nearby Pewter City, the Indigo League gate, and the forest surrounding them, the entire side of Kanto was alight with the soft glow of the orange and pink sunset. Reggie spoke softly again. “Now, open your eyes.”

“Padre nuestro que estas en el cielo, santificado sea tu nombre… “ Reina held on to her prayers as she felt her body be lifted into nothingness. From excitement to fear as she tried to focus on Reggie’s voice only. Even the fact that he was grabbing her waist escaped her thoughts as the wind became stronger and colder around her. Finally, she was allowed to open her eyes.

“A la madre…” Her eyes filled with surprise at first and followed up with delight. The view was breathtaking and for someone who wanted to see the world, this was a memorable moment. Instinctively she grabbed Reggie’s hand, as if that would stop her from falling. “Do you do this often?”

Reggie tried not to laugh at her prayer. This was very spooky, especially if your eyes were closed and were trusting a complete stranger you just met on the same day. But, that’s why Reggie took her trust in stride and didn’t let it scare him off. He felt proud that a warrior like her would even let him do this, and he definitely wasn’t about to take it for granted or abuse it. This was special.

He was oh-so glad that she enjoyed the view, as well. He had forgotten to ask if she had a fear of heights, but this was a surprise, so he didn’t want to scare her off before he got a chance to show the splendid view. His Gengar had left to grab their phones because Reggie forgot his, and the Ghost/Poison-type appeared beside them to hand his phone to Reggie. He thanked his buddy and returned to Reina.

“Yes. Well, rather recently. When I was playing with my Pokémon one day, I was sent off into the sky by my Musharna and I saw just how breathtaking the world was from above. I then began doing this more and more often, enjoying the view so I can remember the times I had here far easier. It’s easy to forget where we are and get wrapped up in all of our events and frustrations and problems, so seeing a new perspective on how the world looks and realizing that our problems are smaller than the insurmountable mountains we believe they are makes living a lot easier. Seeing the world like this puts me at ease and I can relax a little, helps with my insomnia, too. And also, it makes perfect pictures.” He chuckled, waving his phone in hand as he opened up his camera app and took a picture of Viridian City below them, then another picture of the city at an angle with the sunset, and then he turned the camera on them both.

“Smile~.” He chuckled, taking a picture of the two of them sitting atop his Musharna, his Gengar even picture bombing them from behind with a gleeful chortle.

“Tequila!” Reina grinned at the camera and waited for the picture to be taken. She then turned her attention back to the city view. She had been to Kanto before, but it looked like a completely different place.

A snap was taken, and then another as Reina looked off towards the rest of Kanto, this second picture having Reggie winking and peeking his tongue out like a goofball before he pocketed his phone, setting it in the same pocket as his Shedinja, who hummed softly. “Wanna get down now?” He asked, his Musharna cooing to question, as well.

“I really don't.” Reina kept looking around despite the cool air on her face. “I could stay here all night.” She sighed and leaned over the edge. “I wonder if this is what Pokémon feel when they fly? I become a high flier for the same sensation. But jumping off the top rope is nothing compared to this.”

Reggie wasn’t expecting Reina to stay up here. It left his cheeks burning pink, and he chuckled sheepishly, unsure of why he was feeling this way, but he did nonetheless. “Oh, uh… Yeah, I’m sure. Right, Elvira?” The Musharna sensed Reina’s emotions and cooed, giving a short nod of her head in agreement. When Reina leaned over, she could feel a strange sensation of a force pushing against her shoulders, as if there were invisible hands lightly nudging against her shoulders to keep her staying atop the Musharna, the weightless psychic hold around her getting slightly more pronounced so as to make sure she didn’t fall.

Figuring they’ll be up here for a bit longer, Reggie kept a good grip around her waist and looked out over Kanto with a soft sigh. “Well, whenever you wanna get down, let us know. Elvira can keep us up here for hours.” He chuckled, resting beside her comfortably and not minding how long she wanted to take.

This was the most peace he felt in ages.

Reina sat back up straight. She moved her hair behind her ear and turned to face Reggie. She had a big smile on her face, under her red cheeks. She looked at him for a few moments until finally she broke the silence.

“I'm not an expert or anything, but isn't this the part where you kiss the girl?”

The poor man was not expecting such a forward question. His cheeks burned an even darker shade and he looked at her with an amused, sheepish expression. “Hah, so forward~. I didn’t think you wanted a kiss so soon~.” He cooed, teasing her to get the embarrassment off of him. “Would you like one on the day we met, or should we at least wait for a bit? Maybe give you one after we fight?” He was trying to be the gentleman here, but it was getting rather difficult now that his heart was beating out of his chest and this woman wanted to go forward a bit quickly. Which, he didn’t mind of course, but he wasn’t sure if there had to be a process for these things. He certainly didn’t want her to regret anything. “To be honest, this is something I’ve never had the chance to do with anyone because they were all too scared of heights, and I have never gotten this close with anyone, let alone so quickly. So anything with you after our dinner has been and will be just as new and wonderful for the both of us. Your pace, you choose.”

They were all too scared of heights… they were all… They. Reina's mind sank back to a defensive set. Maybe she wasn't thinking right or he just said he had done this with others before? So it wasn't something too unique, at least not for him. The romance seemed to fade away as Reina now felt she was in some sort of routine Reggie had played with others.

She laughed nervously and backed away from him a bit, turning back to the city. “Right, too soon. Sorry, we should get down now.”

Reggie was confused. Was it something he said? He suddenly felt like she didn’t want any part of this little romantic thing and he was unsure of why. “Alright.” He said, his grip on her waist slack as the Musharna descended slowly but surely. Once they were on the ground, Reggie got off and smiled as he went to extend his hand for her to take. “Well, regardless, that was my first time sharing the scenery with anyone. I’m glad I got to spend it with you.” She must have had doubts or regrets or something, so he wanted to make sure she knew he didn’t regret anything on this little excursion.

Reina took his hand and got off swiftly, adjusting her uniform. She listened to him and raised an eyebrow at his words. “You mentioned you had others before?”

Now to those who've never treated a Metztlian girl before, jealousy ran in their veins. It was like breathing to them. Of course, she had no right to feel such a thing, but it was sadly in her DNA. Still, there was one more factor about the women in her region that she hadn't applied yet.

Reina looked down at the ground and closed her eyes. At that moment it was like the waterfall that Chuck had forced her to meditate under was on her shoulders. Her master rambled on about how being able to focus properly allowed him to ignore the crushing pressure and focus on the real goal. For that split second, Reina understood it.

She cupped his face in her hands and pulled him down for a kiss. The second factor from her region, marking territory.

Reggie was just about to answer that question. In fact, he was in the process of it. “Oh, I heard about their fears even before they got to-” He pulled into a kiss, and for a moment it was as if the lights turned off in his mind. What happened?

That surprise didn’t last long as he smiled into the kiss and kissed back, hands slowly moving to wrap around her waist in a sort of hug. He chuckled into the kiss, enjoying this immensely. Even his Pokémon decided to look away so as to not intrude on their moment. Of course, his Gengar still stole his phone and took a picture of the kiss, but that's besides the point. Reggie wasn’t so sure if he was supposed to break away from the kiss or if it was seen as rude, so he let the initiator do that herself when she wanted to.

Reina pressed her hands against his shoulders lightly and pushed herself away. Her blushing face looked down as she took a step back. “There.” Her mission for now was complete. “We should, call it a night?” Her heart was fluttering out of control, but in a way she wanted to leave with a victory… And call her mom and Esther as soon as possible.

Reggie felt like the breath was taken from him, and he was loving every second of it. He stood there, slightly breathless before letting out a chuckle. “You sure you don’t want me walking you back to your hotel? Or would you prefer I give your heart a break from my selfish desire to be around you?” He smirked, teasing her again and looking like she needed at least some confirmation that he appreciated that kiss and was willing to continue whatever this was.

Something Reina didn’t know was that as soon as he sets his eyes on someone and they reciprocate his advances, the more devoted he gets for them. She wouldn’t have to worry about her genetically strong jealousy.

Reina cleared her throat and shook her head. “I'm fine. I'm pretty sure I'm stronger than you anyways.” She finally looked up with a challenging look. “See you in the finals tomorrow.” She reached up for a quick peck on his cheek before turning to leave. “Send me a text!”

Reina walked away, her confidence through the sky and her heart the happiest it had been in a long time. Was he an unexpected distraction? Yeah, Chuck would be mad, but she didn't care.

Reggie chuckled, his cheeks warm. “Good night, Reina. And I will.” He let her walk off, and he sighed happily, having to put a hand on his chest to calm his ever-fluttering heart. Taking a moment, he returned his Pokémon and began walking back to his hotel room, wanting to give Reina some space in her pace as they walked back.

Tonight was a good night, and he hoped that tomorrow would be even better.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Viridis the Scyther (Hecotoro) vs Emeric the Shiny Gengar
Scyther = Crit Ratio Up; Gengar = -1 Def

This was bad. Emeric was not a physical fighter. While the Dazzling Gleam hit, the Wing Attack had hit a second time and the bug shot past the Gengar to land behind him, then multiply. Gengar whipped around, only to see multiples of the Scyther. Closing his eyes, he focused solely on the strongest signature of life force the bug had, but was finding it hard to concentrate.

"Sludge Shower!" The Gengar hit the ground with his fist, a large pool of sludge forming into a giant puddle underneath him. He then shot his hand up, the puddle shooting up into the air before raining sludge. It wasn't supposed to hurt too much, but to destroy the copies so he can then hit with another move.

Because this was an improvised Sludge Wave that was generally quick to use, he had another move ready to use soon after. His eyes glowed an eerie purple color, as he readied to set a ghostly malediction on the Scyther: Curse.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Battling: Ryder Cox and Circuit the Pikachu (~Patriot~/Hecotoro) vs Corvisquire
Pikachu = +2 Sp. Atk; Corvisquire = +2 Atk, +2 Acc, Tailwind (1 round of attacks left)

Cole deadpanned. First, the weird guy with the Lanturn, now this?

Why even go for Nasty Plot, then Volt Tackle?

Sighing, he made his command as the Corvisquire buffed herself up with Hone Claws and the Pikachu came in with Volt Tackle. "Hone Claws, then Power Trip!" The Corvisquire flew towards the other side of the battlefield quickly with the aid of Tailwind to avoid the first Volt Tackle, taking a moment to claw her talons together before flying up in a short loop-de-loop to avoid the next Volt Tackle. The Corvisquire's body became cloaked in a hazy darkness as she boasted her strength and accuracy, before going in for a sudden bash with her full body, Power Trip dealing four times the damage now for a decent chunk of damage if it connected.

While Cole knew Pikachu were rather squishy, he figured it would survive this hit if it did hit. If it did get hit, he'd have to make sure his Corvisquire didn't get affected by Static, if the Pikachu had Static. Hitting the an electrified rodent was a stupid idea, but they didn't really have any mud or dirt to protect the Corvisquire from the electrical burns.

At least the Volt Tackle was semi-easy to predict.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

It seemed that even with herself in this funk, Adrianne had a bit of ingenuity to her and for better and worse she would see a battle to the end and now the tide seemed to turn back into her favor. For someone whose confidence had been in the funk since she left the shores of her home, this meant a lot and for a moment she seemed to believe that victory was within her line of sight!

However, her opponent seemed to not wave, not even flinch as the Dragon Breath and the subsequent flamed rocks collided on Phantasm as he seemed to take it all in stride; that determination an will to win was admirable, reminded Adrianne of herself and for that moment she could not help but smile as she tried to adopt that mindset. Give it your all and let what happens happens, but Adrianne knew she needed this win for her sanity's sake and was not about to make it easy for this guy as he seemed to prepare a response.

"Bring it on, we don't aim to stop either! Krista intercept and strike back with Rock Blast~!"

The Crystal Onix roared out as she summoned several rocks into thin air as Krista fired several shots ahead of her; some of the rocks intercepted the Acid Spray as they melted on impact but had protected Krista from further damage, while several more fired out towards the Accelgor at a rapid speed as clearly the intent had been to deliver the finishing strike towards her foe as she figured if she connected with this surely even this tough one had to go down.

She just needed to land one more shot, Adrianne seemed to be on the edge of the figurative seat as she seemed so close!

Desmond Andrews (Unranked)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 5th->6th)





Desmond had been photographing the action of the fights before him, lot of action all at once but from the comfort of his special section in the stands, he seemed to make it work behind his tripod. Desmond's focus naturally had been on Emma's match above the others, as she and Billy seemed to exchange quite the vibrant set of moves one after another as Desmond seemed to sweat drop behind his lens.

Man, Trainers can be an intense group. Still, seems Emma is fighting back strong...

Desmond had never been much of a vocal cheerleader, but he still wished the best for Emma while he continued to catalogue the matches best as he could, during this Politoed and Kricketune seemed to take up the role of more vocal support as they cheered Emma in the crowd. "Politoed Politoed~!" "Tuuuunnne!"

And as Desmond continued to snap pics, he suddenly seemed to feel something glomp his leg as he looked down and saw that Mimiyku had moved from the seats by him and cuddled his leg which got the expected response.

"EEEEEEPPP! D-darn it n-not now!"​

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

Hubert's smile never seemed to stop beaming as he enjoyed every second of these fierce exchanges. Every now and then, he had to admit that the intensity of battle was pretty addictive, and it had certainly taken hold this time in particular. As the acid splashed onto and melted through Krista's counterattack, the smoke and dust kicked up in the impact and corrosion provided a natural smokescreen that obstructed the view of any more incoming projectiles. Even if unintentional, Hubert couldn't help but commend such a sequence, but at the same time, he couldn't allow this attack to hit. Meeting a supereffective move head-on was dangerous, but the frequently airborne Accelgor once again found himself in a scary spot. If only there was a way to slip through and continue the offensive...

Oh wait.

"Hey, there's an idea! Let's try it out, Phantasm! [Water Shuriken]!"

Immediately springing into action, Phantasm's hands became cloaked in a bright blue energy, and as its power grew, the Shell Out Pokemon brought them together at his side. The approaching [Rock Blast] grew closer and closer, but just before it seemed it would surely make direct contact, Phantasm unleashed his attack, firing countless stars of water that crashed relentlessly into every single chunk of rock in their path.

The clash kicked up yet another dense cloud of dust that quickly obscured the Accelgor, and the stadium fell silent, filled with tense uncertainty as to how the climax would unfold. However, just as the dust began to settle, a figure suddenly darted out of the clouds, revealed to be Phantasm now diving directly towards the Crystal Onix. Hubert grinned and pumped a fist before calling out an instruction once again, but this one would be much more decisive.

"Here we go! [Mega Drain]!"

With a growl much fiercer than any that came before, Phantasm became cloaked in wisps of glowing emerald, and he wasted no time in firing several tendrils of energy from his hands, snaking towards Krista with the intent of sinking into its crystal skin and draining what energy it had left.
Jayden Jones

"Keep swinging until we can't anymore!"

A close up Flash Cannon was a great idea, if Tinkatuff hadn't used the momentum from the Bullet Punch to swing even faster! The impact against her hammer had forced the fairy type into a spinning menace. The dark energy going against the up close Metang. It was impossible for her to avoid the Flash Cannon but more impossible for the metal Pokemon to even consider moving out of the way. A Brutal Swing in exchange from a point blank Flask Cannon, both Pokemon would be hit and both would suffer the consequences.

Reina Cortez

One by one, the clones disappeared, but that was the least of their worry. There was poison on the ground and then on the air. Viridis was in a difficult situation, her only choice being to go in for the kill before the Gengar did. "Double up, Wing Attack!"

Scyther agreed with her trainer's option, it was all or nothing now. The Double Hit energy covered both her scythes as she dashed across the venom filled area and her wings ignited with flying energy. It was down to her face to face with her opponent, leaving it all on that one combo!

Ryder Cox

"We won't hold back, we won't stop, until lady death takes us home! Direct attack, all out VOLT TAH-KLEEEEEEH!"

There was nothing else in this world to worry about besides the demise of their opponent. Circuit bounced of the side of the stadium and dashed around his trainer, gaining all the distance between him and his opponent as he locked on the emo bird once more. The audience would just see a lightning bolt crossing the arena as the world's most misunderstood Pikachu broke the ground with each quick step. His opponent getting bigger and bigger as he got closer, as they prepared to clash...


Ryder's insane laughter was the only sound after the impact from Volt Tackle crashing with Power Trip. Only one would come out alive, only one survivor. But, in the end, it doesn't even matter.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Viridis the Scyther (Hecotoro) vs Emeric the Shiny Gengar
Scyther = Crit Ratio Up; Gengar = -1 Def

Emeric watched as the Scyther charged at him, and realized Curse was a bad option to be using right now. "Switch, Shadow Ball!" Turning the energy for Curse into a spherical ball, he canceled his first move and quickly created a large ball of ghostly energy. The first Wing Attack hit, making him growl with a concentrated frown. Instead of throwing it at the opponent, he grabbed it and lightly hopped into the air to smash it over Viridis's head- or whatever limb she tried to defend herself with.

Of course, Emeric knew he was too close for comfort. The fighting spirit of this Scyther might have her find a way to hit him, even as he went to dunk a Shadow Ball in her face. He hoped he did significant damage with this attack, otherwise his next partner was going to be in trouble.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Battling: Ryder Cox (~Patriot~/Hecotoro)

An explosion occurred as the two moves hit, Cole waiting for the dust to settle with his arms crossed. No way that Pikachu would survive the Volt Tackle's recoil and a boosted Power Trip. But he knew his Corvisquire wouldn't last from that Volt Tackle either. Not really her fault anyway, she was a bird.

Now... If she weren't a Flying-Type and she somehow got knocked out from this, that would be a different issue. One that he'd have to address later. But since she biologically couldn't stand a chance against that mouse, he would cut her some slack.

The dust settled, his Corvisquire did not move, yet she was standing. Somehow. Her wings held against the ground, panting heavily. "Hm... Bit of a risky play, suicide running my Pokemon like that." He clicked his tongue, waiting for the dust to settle to see if his Pikachu is even alive after that, and to see if his Corvisquire could still stand a bit longer.
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Reina Cortez


The first Wing Attack slashed through the Shadow Ball, causing the explosion to hide both Pokemon amongst the smoke. The second Wing Attack was lunged, but it was tough to see if Viridis had knocked out her opponent. As she flapped her wings to jump away, the smoke cleared, leaving both Pokemon at the sight of the crowd as the Scyther landed on her side of the field. She let out a loud sigh and dropped to the ground, unable to get up once more.

"You did great girl! But we can't let them regain their posture, go Storm!" Reina switched out her Scyther with one quick movement and sent out her Lapras, a technique she learned from Bugsy.

The Lapras landed on the arena and wiggled her ears joyfully before gathering several Ice Shards around her by freezing the air. "Think fast, Ice Shard!"

No time to think, Gengar or whatever came out next had to face the incoming projectiles!

Ryder Coxilian-Rex.

"Ess- Stellaaaaaaaaah!"

The edgiest of edgy, Ryder fell to his knees as his Pikachu, Circuit, hit the ground rolling. The impact had been amazing, static still spreading through the field as the electrical rodent laid on the ground unconscious. His hair covered his eyes as he returned his trusty partner back into their Poke Ball. He slowly stood up, his arms dangling as he hunched his back.

"Revenge will be ours."

With those words, Ryder disappeared into the darkness of the tunnel he had emerged from, on his way to find some buildings in Unova. Will he ever emerge again from the pits of hell to tournament those who dare defy him? Only time will tell.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Storm the Lapras (Hecotoro) vs Gordon the Annihilape

The Shadow Pokemon was barely holding on.

He was on one knee, his characteristic smile a frown as he focused on trying not to fall over. He was capable of making one more ditch attack. If the next Pokemon won't resist Grass-Types, he can try and pop off a Giga Drain.

A Lapras was sent out, and Emeric had his chance. He went to create glowing spheres of energy, but the quick use and launching of the icicles from Ice Shard hit their mark first, throwing him back and skidding to the ground in defeat.

Smiling sadly, Reggie returned his Gengar and kissed the Luxury Ball he rested in. "Thanks, bud. You did really well." He then looked up at the Lapras, and smirked. "Alright, that was really good, Reina. But here's my next buddy~." He threw out a Pokeball, and out came his Annihilape. The Annihilape had a Life Orb within a cuff on his wrist, and he screeched in preparation for combat. Rage seeped from his body like miasma, which fluttered around his body in ghostly, silvery wisps. His eyes glowed red.

"Now, get in and use Thunder Punch!" Gordon screeched as both fists crackled with lightning and he charged with speed he only showed once during the play-training session Reina was witnessed to. He covered the ground quickly, rushing at the Lapras to aim at her face.

Cole Forrest​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Thwackey, Croconaw, Corvisquire, Perrserker, Houndoom, Shiinotic
WCS Rank: 70,000~

Interactions: Ryder Cox (~Patriot~/Hecotoro)
Mentions: Milliana Barlowe (Cmeriwether6), Jayden Jones and Kurashiki Ki (Hecotoro), Wilford Pine (sSoul)

Tch, what a joke.

Cole returned his Corvisquire before she passed out, satisfied by the close battle. If he had brought out his Croconaw, it was likely she would have fared far better, but he didn't want to show off his ace.

He just scoffed and turned on his heel to walk out, seeing as the guy was too busy malding about his loss to even want a handshake. "Alright, see ya later, loser. Your 'Revenge' won't be swift, and I don't intend on making throwing the first punch." A joke considering the move Revenge does more damage if the user gets attacked by the target and it was very slow.

He walked out, wondering how well Wilford's fight fared against that Kurashiki girl. But for now, he had to get ready for the next fight. Whoever was going to win the Milliana and Jayden fight. It was mostly likely going to be Jayden who will lose. He had no faith in that boy. Last he saw pieces of Milliana's fight, she had Steel-Types. Well, glad he had a Houndoom.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

Adrianne of course seemed to feel a surge of emotion herself, a mix of anticipation, worry and this desperation. Even if she seemed in control at the moment, she knew this Hubert was quite good and had the ability to turn it on a dime so she needed to capitalize on this window and finish him. With Accelgor airborne, if this super effective move landed she was sure she'd be able to pull victory, but it seemed Hubert had a gambit up his sleeve.

Crap! Come on Krista get to it first before it cuts them!

Adrianne knew the Water Shiruken wasn't meant for Krista as Hubert probably guessed she'd be immune to it, however it could cut through the Rock Blast and she sensed that would be bad news. As the explosion of rock and water hit a dust cloud seemed to form in the air as Adrianne bit her lip while Krista looked on as she seemed unsure of what to do. Call an attack? What if Phantasam had fainted? Adrianne seemed to not want to waste a move on a foe she'd struggle to see.

"Just keep guard Krista."


However, this choice would bite Adrianne hard as out of the spoke Phantasm suddenly appeared and worse Hubert called Mega Drain right at point blank range! Tendrils shot and this time latched onto Krista as the super effective blow worked to drain Krista's energy and rejuvenate the Accelgor's which put Adrianne in a desperate position as she called out her frantic response.

"D-dragon Breath now!" Adrianne screamed out, and in pain Krista groaned out as it let out a cry and tired to force out one powerful burst from its mouth in the hopes that she'd be able to take Accelgor out before critical damage finished Krista off. It was do or die time and Adrianne needed a miracle!

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

A direct hit; Hubert pumped a fist as Phantasm's attack made brutal contact, sapping away Krista's health at a frightening pace. Victory seemed ever closer as he watched the scene unfold, but a sudden burst of desperate resolve erupted from the Onix in the form of a powerful [Dragon Breath], fired even as it staggered from all the damage it had taken.

"Seriously? Talk about resilient!"

Phantasm was wrested off of Krista in the draconic energy's wake, launched back as the tendrils of emerald light soon dissipated from the crystal snake's body. Such a blast point-blank dealt a scary amount of damage to the Accelgor, who now tumbled to the ground, and Hubert watched intently for what was surely now the conclusion of a well-fought battle. Phantasm had taken a bit of a fall, and with words of encouragement from his trainer, he was eventually able to pull himself back onto his feet with a pained warble.

Hubert was ready to heave a sigh of relief when his partner regained his footing, but suddenly, the Shell Out Pokemon seemed to jolt in pain and fall once again. A squinted glance revealed ominous sparks of electricity crackling around Phantasm, carrying the same hue as the wave of [Dragon Breath] that had engulfed him, and Hubert sucked in his teeth. Of course the attack's small chance of inflicting paralysis had come through in this decisive moment. However, the Accelgor seemed far from backing down, forcing himself back to his feet, determined yet visibly shaken. Hubert smiled and nodded, ready to play out the rest of what was surely the conclusion to a well-fought battle.

"Way to push through! But stay as alert as you can; no telling how much this guy can take."
Reina Cortez.

"Back off!" Reina called out, punching her fist forward.

Storm's ears wiggled furiously as a big aquatic sphere appeared above her head, before blasting towards the incoming attacker. At the speed it was moving forward and the momentum from the Water Pulse, Annihilape would have to stop on its tracks to avoid it, giving Reina and Storm a second or two for another attack.

"Baile de Lluvia!"

Lapras let out a loud cry as she wiggled her flippers, tail and ears. Dark clouds gathered around the sky, covering the field and letting loose a downpour. The field covered in waves of rain as Storm splashed the ground around her.
Adrianne Silvers (Mystery Rank)
Viridian City, Kanto (August 6th)

Interactions: @OmnipotentOnion (Hubert)​

Resilient and stubborn tended to go hand and hand, Adrianne had no way to know if Krista could stomach the super effective Energy Drain on top of the other blows the Crystal Onix had taken so she seemed desperate to try and put away Phantasm before the worst happened. Thankfully the blow connected and knocked the foe back as Krista gasped and panted as the large crystal snake seemed to have taken the worst for the ware as Adrianne looked on with worry.

"Come on Krista, hang tuff, this guy has to be a-all but done!" Adrianne said as she tried to encourage her.

Adrianne seemed distraught that the foe somehow still had not fainted yet, but even as it managed to avoid being defeated the sparks of a paralysis seemed to show. This seemed to cause her eyes to widen, now its movements would be hindered if not outright halted for a period and this seemed a golden chance to seize victory! However, before any such action could be taken it appeared the more tragic reality of the situation finally came to a head as Krista tried to remain strong but she seemed to be at the end of her ropes. A cry of exhaustion hit as she collapsed with a mighty thud.

"Krista!?" Adrianne cried in concern as the referee seemed to glance over to it before a decision was made.

"Onix is unable to battle, the winner is Accelgor. Therefor the match goes to Hubert Lee!"

The crowd roared at the conclusion of what had been a thrilling bout, though the cheers went muted as Adrianne seemed to struggle with the realization that had come with the outcome. Once more, on the big stage before a packed crowd she had fumbled as her body seemed to twitch a bit in place as she tried to contain her emotions. Her hands balled into fists as she glanced down and fought back the urge for tears, but this had not been the time to be a sore loser as she managed to breath easy and turned to Krista as she returned her into the Great Ball and offered a sad smile.

"You did great girl, get a good rest." Adrianne said before she turned to Hubert and tried her best to be a good sport.

"Congrats, you and your partner were awesome out there. Wish you luck in the next round and beyond." Adrianne expressed, though internally the wave of disappointment had been hard to brush aside fully as she'd have to evaluate her career thus far but at the moment she extended a hand to give a congratulatory handshake.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Storm the Lapras (Hecotoro) vs Gordon the Annihilape

Gordon saw the Water Pulse and snorted angrily. "Vault it!" Reggie shouted with a twirl of his body.

Putting power into his legs, he leapt towards it, then smashed his hands down on the pulsating water sphere. The energy collided and created an explosion, which caused Gordon to get some insane air before landing on the ground.

He rolled on the ground and saw Rain Dance had activated, but he still continued his charge near unimpeded, his crackling fists swinging towards the Lapras's chest.
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Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 6th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Battling: Kurashiki(Hecotoro)

Wilford was stone-faced as he watched his opponent run circles around the arena. Increased movement over time meant decreased stamina, though whether his opponent was aware of this remained to be seen. The supplementary Detect was unsavory, priming the Combusken to intercept Monferno's next move. The Playful Pokémon patiently waited beneath the surface of the battlefield, silently taking notice of the ground's change in vibrations to detect Combusken's presence. Remembering Monferno's location, the rich young man watched as Combusken made its rounds before choosing a moment to strike.

"Emerge with Rock Tomb!" The moment Wilford chose allowed Monferno to peek out of his hole without getting run over. Noticing the Combusken's path, the Playful Pokémon hurled a collection of boulders to obstruct the Young Fowl Pokemon. In preparation for its next move, Monferno returned underground and dug toward his opponent, aiming to strike again.

Good luck slashing through rocks.
Milliana Barlowe, Rank ?????, Viridian City, Kanto, August 6th.

The Brutal Swing that was incoming landed, however, not before the Flash Cannon fired into its intended destination. Metang was launched backwards from both the impact of Brutal Swing, and the recoil of the Flash Cannon and its point blank shot. When Metang Landed, the Iron Claw Pokémon got up, and Floated, waiting to see what its opponent would do. Milliana looked on, seeing what the Opponent's Tinkatuff would do.


The Iron Claw Pokémon gave a Resounding beep.
August 6h.


"Wash them away!"

Storm charged another Water Pulse, twice as big thanks to Rain Dance. The ferry Pokemon shot the attack to the ground, in between herself and the Annilihape. The impact created a big wave of water, the wave rushing strongly against the the ghost fighting type.

"Ice Shard!"

Lapras created several icicle spears around her and shot them forward, one after another like missiles.


"Double Kick!" Kura's fists tightened as they had to use their offense to defend themselves from such a move.

The Combusken smashed the first stone to the side with the first kick, followed up with parting the second stone in half with the second kick. However, he still got hit by the next boulder. Combusken barely took damage, but landed awkwardly, enough for the Dig attack to hit. The fire fighter hit the ground, aching as he tried to stand back up, only to collapse in defeat.


The impacted sent both Pokemon flying. Tinkatuff landed on the ground, her hammer hitting the ground next to her. The fairy reached for her weapon, trying to use it to stand up. Thud! Both the hammer and the wielder fall to the ground.

"Aw man, what a match." Jayden smirked and returned his Pokemon back to her Poke Ball. "You did your best girl, we'll get em next time."

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Storm the Lapras (Hecotoro) vs Gordon the Annihilape
Rain - 2-3 rounds left

Of course, as soon as they got closer, there were attempts to push them away. Reggie had thought of something, but he wasn't sure if the elemental attack would be thrown forward like a punch would. He was at disadvantage...

Why didn't he choose a different Pokemon? Like Basculegion? Or Drakloak?

Either way, seeing the Ice Shard and the water that Gordon jumped to avoid, he pointed at the water underneath him. "Punch the shards into the water!"

Gordon had swapped punching moves, his Thunder Punch having fizzled out. Instead, his fist glowed with shadow energy, the Shadow Punch with increased accuracy hit the Ice Shards as they came. Some were destroyed, others were punched into the water to freeze portions of it, which Gordon was able to land upon before jumping towards the Lapras.

He had grabbed one of the Ice Shards and threw it at the Lapras, the impromptu move hopefully aiding in distracting the Lapras long enough so his crackling electrical fist can make its first impact.
Reina, August 6th.

The Ice Shard thrown at Storm barely did a thing, besides breaking on Storm's chest. Her eyes were concentrated on the incoming attack. Of course they would go Thunder Punch again. It seemed they were desperate to get close. Even if they knew Reggie's strategy, Reina and Storm's options were pretty limited.

"We have to keep him away, Water Pulse wave!"

Lapras raised the aquatic sphere above her head, the water gathered looking impressively big due to the rain. Once, it was built up, Storm smashed it to the ground, creating a gigantic wave.

"Now's our chance, Sing!"

Storm wiggled her ears and began emitting a soothing lullaby around her. If her enemy decided to punch through the wave or jump over it, they would fall victim to the water Pokemon's song.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 6th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur
Battling: Kurashiki(Hecotoro)

Wilford was pleased by the turn of events before him. Combusken did its best to fend off the Rock Tomb but was caught by one of the many boulders, allowing Monferno to strike while emerging from the ground. Overwhelmed by the assault, the opposing Pokémon couldn't fight, leaving Wilford as the winner. Monferno raised his fist in celebration before Wilford recalled him to his Pokéball. At first, Wilford wanted to leave since his victory eliminated any reason to remain on the battlefield. However, the rich young man felt more generous than usual, prompting him to offer encouragement before departing.

"You have some potential; with time, you could actualize it."

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Storm the Lapras (Hecotoro) vs Gordon the Annihilape
Rain - 1-2 rounds left

Reggie had other strategies, of course. He just wanted Gordon to get as close as he possibly could.

But, they still had another move in their arsenal for later, but it required getting hit. Judging by the Lapras's attack, Gordon should only be able to handle two hits at least from that Water Pulse. he heard the command, and he had to at least keep the soundwaves from affecting Gordon. "Hit the ground and brace!"

Gordon's fist slammed the ground with fighting power, creating a deep divot where he stuck his foot in and leaned forward, his arms up to cover his face from the wave of water. It surged past him, but because he was submerged now, the Sing's soundwaves didn't reach him, keeping him from falling asleep.

This was going to hurt himself too, but since everything was now soaked in water, it wouldn't be too out of the equation to shock everything. Gordon pushed out his fist against the water and activated Thunder Punch, also shocking himself in the process but for minimal damage. Hopefully, the water - if it was under Lapras - or the rain and soaked ground would cause the electricity to hop over and shock the Lapras. He wasn't far away now, he just hoped it would hit.

Hubert Lee​

Viridian City - August 6​

Ten long seconds. Hubert watched with bated breath as the battle came to its ultimate conclusion, both Pokemon staring each other down with determined resolve. Once more, the stadium fell silent, further adding to the tension, as everyone watching knew only one fighter could remain standing. Though his eyes studied the field with piercing intensity, Hubert's smile couldn't grow wider. Not even when the crystal Onix let out a pained groan, finally succumbing to the damage and toppling over with a crash. Not even when cheers erupted from the stands as the battle was decided. Win or lose, he'd gotten his wish regardless.

Only allowing himself a muted but triumphant pump of his fist, Hubert recalled Phantasm and tapped it against his forehead, whispering words of gratitude and pride to his partner. He then clipped the Pokeball to his bag and turned to glance at Adrianne, who now approached. She'd congratulated him with a smile and offered him a handshake, but it didn't take long for Hubert to notice the disappointment lacing her tone and the sadness flickering in her eyes. He accepted her hand and shook it briefly, nodding in gratitude, but he knew he couldn't leave without attempting to console her.

"It was a great battle! You and that special Onix really put up a strong fight; I'm sure we'll run into each other again at even higher levels than this, and we'll put on an even bigger show then. Take care of yourself, yeah?"

With that, he left the field with a friendly smile and wave, preparing himself for the next round of the tournament.
August 6th, Reina.

"Water conducts electricity, we were expecting this!" Reina clenched her fist as the electricity crept up her dear Lapras. "Hang on!"

Storm cried out as the electricity shocked her body, causing the ferry Pokemon to grit her teeth as she tried to hold out. As soon as the attack ended and the steam emerged from her body, the Lapras looked at her opponent, with a vengeful smirk.

"Life Dew!" Reina called out with a similar smile.

The water around Lapras began to glow, returning some energy back to her as she took a deep breath, looking a bit better. "Keep the pressure up, Confuse Ray!"

Lapras gathered an odd energy on her horn and then shot a beam of light towards her opponent, looking for the confusion.

Reginald Valerias​

Date: August 6
Location: Viridian City, Kanto
Pokemon Team: Emeric the Shiny Gengar, Elvira the Musharna, Bob the Shedinja, Legion the Basculegion, Gordon the Annilihape, Crolm the Drakloak, Runes the Runerigus
WCS Rank: 50,000~

Battling: Reina Cortez and Storm the Lapras (Hecotoro) vs Gordon the Annihilape
Rain - 0-1 rounds left

Rain was almost over, and the surge of water pushing against Gordon had abated enough for the Annihilape to charge forward again. Only for the Lapras to not only heal itself, but also use Confuse Ray.


But, the Confuse Ray was a beam of light instead of some glowing, ethereal orb that Reggie was accustomed to. That was thankfully easier to dodge.

Gordon was hit twice, which meant it was twice as strong now. Once by the Water Pulse he vaulted, and once from the surge of water that hit him due to Lapras's attack.

Annihilape charged forward, then slipped to the right to avoid the beam of light. His fist charged up with ghostly power, his silver tufts of rage built up and shone with a brilliance as the Annihilape unleashed his fury, going in with Rage Fist to the side of the Lapras.


Previously Swirled
Wilford Pine
Viridian City, Kanto Region
August 6th
WCS Rank: ~70,000
Team: Monferno, Thwackey, Carvanha, Mimikyu, Kilowattrel, Drilbur

Mentions: Hubert Lee(Omnipotent Onion)

Before anything else, Wilford visited the venue's Pokemon Center and healed his Monferno. Though Monferno remained relatively healthy from the prior fight, it only benefitted him to be completely healthy. Upon receiving his healed Pokemon, the rich young man let the Monferno out of its Pokéball. Feeling generous, Wilford praised the Playful Pokémon for his stellar performance.

"You've proven yourself to be a consistently capable team member. Well done," Wilford watched his Monferno beam with pride before returning him to his Pokéball. As he put the ball back in his briefcase, he closely examined his roster to determine the Pokemon he would bring to the next round. His decision was finalized simultaneously with his opponent selection, prompting Wilford to enter the battlefield with a small, confident smile.

You seem to be the better trainer between you and your idiot friend. Let's see just how wide the gap is between you two.