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Private/Closed Warriors:The Valley

"Ok!" The said simataneosly. The padded out into the misty air and look around carefully. They hadn't been out of the nursery before. Leaf kit walked over to the fresh kill pile and started looking for good prey. Mouse kit was busy staring at her reflection.
Ravenkit woke up a bit later. Once again, his paw jabbed harshly in Nightkit's side, but it was even worse this time. She woke up and stretched. Cindercloud woke up as well. "Mom? Can we go outside of the nursery?" Ravenkit asked.
"No, not until you're old enough." Cindercloud responded. "Please?" Ravenkit and Nightkit asked at the same time. "Fine. Only when the others wake up. I'll probably be in enough trouble having my kits out of the den early. The Clan probably wants to get it's rest, so it doesn't need two kits making so much noise it scares the prey all across the territory." Cindercloud sighed, rolling her amber eyes. Ravenkit was meowing loudly in happiness, but was soon silenced by a tail to the face. Nightkit giggled, but Ravenkit shoved some of Cindercloud's fur into her face, silencing her.
Once Mousekit had enough of studying her self in the water, she began helping Leafkit carry the large squirrel he chosen from the pile.

After a little while they managed to get it too Bluesong. It was nearly as big as Leafkit.
Slashkit, Spotkit, and Ashkit all woke up before Rugo and Twilightkit. They began to play, pouncing on each other and purring with delight. This woke Snowheart, who also purred happily. Soon, Twilightkit and Rugo awoke, and they starred at each other for a minute. Then, Rugo turned away. Twilightkit laughed a bit, pawing at him gently and standing up. Rugo, still of course healing, stayed laying near Snowheart's warmth. Twilightkit laid back down, wanting to stay with him.

[will it be winter in the RP soon?]
Soon, the two black cat siblings, Nightkit and Ravenkit, left the den. Cindercloud smiled as her two kits were play-fighting. "You be the mouse and I be the warrior!" Ravenkit meowed at Nightkit. "But I was the mouse last time!"
"No you weren't!" Ravenkit retorted.
"Yes I was!" Nightkit countered.
The two kits were bickering over who got to be the mouse and who got to be the warrior. "Fine. You can be the warrior." Ravenkit growled reluctantly. The two kits rolled around, but accidentally rolled into their father, Darkthorn. "Watch where you're rolling." He scolded. Ravenkit and Nightkit continued to play-fight.
(Yes it is winter! But the valley has a different climates so it mostly gets rain, but it does get cold)
Willowfur called her kits over. "Get some rest." She said softly. Mousekit purred before falling asleep and Leafkit was right behind her.
[thx. plot spoilers for my characters: Ashkit, Slashkit, and Spotkit don't survive the winter. Should I have greencough/whitecough take them or the cold?]

Rugo stayed oddly silent, not speaking a word to the kind and curious Twilightkit. She stood and told him she was going to play with her siblings before running off to do so. Rugo stayed by Snowheart, his injuries holding him back.
Sudddenly, a gust of cold wind blew right past Nightkit and Ravenkit, causing the two to shiver. They rushed back to Cindercloud. "I knew I shouldn't have let you two out there. You're staying here for the day unless you have to leave the den." Cindercloud told her kits who nodded. The two kits curled up next to Cindercloud, becoming warm in her thick fur. They swiftly drifted off into sleep.
Ripplekit sneezed as Splashkit and Reedkit walked outside. Almost instantly, Splashkit's brown pelt fuzzed up. "Aww... Now I look like a big hair ball..." The tabby complained as she sat on the cold ground and started to lick her white chestfur down. Her two grey brothers snickered in hilarity as they watched their kin mumbled in embarrassment. "See? I'm glad we don't have a long pelt like Splashkit does. Must be in the brown tabby line." Ripplekit teased causing Splashkit to ruffle up even more. "Hey! At least I got Bluesong's pretty blue eyes!" The she-kit retorted. This statement caught both of the blue-grey toms off gaurd. The blue eyes was a huge deal to the three kits, considering that all of them admired their mother's bright blue eyes and only one was blessed with the same coloring. "W-well. I bet Wolftail had bright green eyes like we do." Reedkit popped in with a huff. Splashkit let out a large sigh, watching her breath float away on a wispy white cloud.