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What did you nickname your Solgaleo/Lunala?

What did you nickname your Solgaleo/Lunala?

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My Lunala is Sprinkles!

I was most displeased when Lillie still called her nebby after I caught it. I enjoy naming legendaries stupid things like "mrbiteyface" the rayquaza and "cuddlemuffin" the groudon (let's not forget Buttmoose the Xerneas for wondertrade purpose)
If I had the games(Arceus dangit, Mom!>=O), I would probably name my Solgaleo/Lunala Nebby for obvious reasons(GET IN THE BAG!). If I didn't for some reason, I'd name Lunala Princess Luna and Solgaleo Simba. Both because reasons. :p
To be honest, I also nicknamed him Nebby just for the sole purpose of keeping up with the theme of Lillie. (Especially since she left for Kanto and left me and Hau alone in the post-game!)
For me, I only nickname Pokemon that I'm going to use on my team. (Except this one Dunsparce which I named Teapot in tribute to you know who @Teapot) Since by this point I didn't have a sixth member nor a steel or psychic type, I brought Solgaleo into the team roster. I decided to name him Solion, a pun on his name and the animal he's based on (a lion).
Solar Nebby? That's pretty amusing. I, of course, had to name my Lunala Nebby because it didn't seem right to change it. My other Neb-er, I mean, Cosmog, I named Moses because I'm going to send him to another world and have him come back to me completely changed. XD
Yep, I also nicknamed my Solgaleo Nebby. I also vowed to leave it in the box waiting for Lillie, but then Mohn said that it wanted to travel with me in PokePelago and I was like AAAAAAA OF COURSE.
I named mine Jack O'Neil. I'm a big fan of Stargate SG-1 and going to the Ultra Beasts world is like going through a Stargate and Jack was kind of the lion of the show for the first eight seasons. I also named Cosmog Cam Mitchell.
My first Lunala was named Mahina because... well, it just said 'mahina' a lot. My second was called Kalani. I don't remember why I chose that name, but I think it has a nice ring.
I named mine Nebby and caught it in one of the Luxury Balls Lillie gives you. Maxed out its affection and everything. SuMo had a great storyline ♥
I named my Lunala "Nyx", after the Greek Goddess of Night. I thought it was fitting to give it a mythical name. :angel:
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I named my Lunala "Nyx", after the Greek Goddess of Night. I am pretty sure Lunala is -supposed- to be female & Solgaleo male, so I thought it was fitting to give her a mythical name. :angel:

Yes Lunala is female and sogaleo is male, according to lots of fan theories
In Pokemon Sun I called my Solgaleo Nebby
In Pokemon Moon I called my Lunala Nebbie

Solgaleo is actually the "male evolution" of Cosmog/Cosmoem, and Lunala is actually the "female evolution" of Cosmog/Cosmoem according to the Pokedex. Yes, I know they're genderless, but I'm stating from the Pokedex, not my opinion. So, I called Solgaleo Nebby, because I loved Nebby, and wouldn't just change his name to something like Sunstrike. Lunala got the name Nebbie, I didn't want to copy Nebby again, and I knew this male/female thing so I called it Nebbie which sounds more feminine, not offending anyone if it's a boy name or something. :'|

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I don't actually have one, but a good name for a lunala would be starla, right? Because on the cover of the games it's in the night sky- and there's stars in the sky!!!!! I'm still not sure about solgaleo. How about sunny?
I initially didn't nickname my Lunala, but in November of last year I nicknamed her Faith, because when Cosmog evolves into Cosmoem, it has to put all its faith in its trainer to protect it since it does not and cannot move.
That makes sense, right?

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I was never very creative with names, lol. My Lunala was Nebby, however. When I got a Solgaleo I named him Sole. And then in US/UM my Lunala was Nebula and the Solgaleo (which I didn't get until a bit after the Let's Go games took over, I got it from a friend who planned on quitting the game.) I had it nicknamed Nebulous before he traded it to me.
Lunala not yet, haven't caught one

I called Caesar to my Solgaleo,
after Kimba's father, as Caesar is a strong white lion, thats what came to mind first