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What if you were a Gym leader?

Every wondered what you would be like as a gym leader?
I, for one, have. I thought it through, and I chose a ground type. I am quite fond with them, yes. Exactly why I chose them. If your just pondering this thought, why not post what you came up with here? Some after E4 party's? Some dialog? The short descriptions sometimes seen somewhere around the gym? Put em down!

My trainer would be...
Lurzorua Boden

Pokemon (Before E4):
Mamoswine (Lvl 47)
Swampert *Main* (Lvl 46)
Whiscash (Lvl 49)
Garchomp (Lvl 50)
Excadrill (Lvl 49)
Dugtrio Alolan form (Lvl 47, Lum Berry)

Pokemon (After E4):
Mamoswine (Lvl 69)
Marowak (Lvl 67, Ground Plate)
Whiscash (Lvl 69, Metronome)
Garchomp (Lvl 69, Garchompite)
Excadrill (Lvl 67)
Swampert *Main* (Lvl 71, Shell Bell)

The gym leads down underground, where six trainers are guarding stone levers. Every time a letter is pulled, a magma spout shoot's out. When all the spouts are activated, A staircase is pulled up. it leads down a path above a fissure, while the lava spouts shoot up in the background as you go along. It leads to a short platform. The stairs fall down as the player steps on.

brown pants with black shoes. He wears suspenders over a white shirt, his hair being brown and shaggy. He has black eyes and a little brown mustache. He wears a cowboy hat.

"The Man of no pain."

Before Battle
Lurzorua: "Huh? Oh! A trainer!"
Lurzorua: "Well, I can understand this is around like...your seventh gym battle?"
*Bar comes from behind both the Player and Lurzorua*
Lurzorua: "Step on it now, laddie/lassie."
*Player steps on it, resulting in both bars going up. They stop at a platform covered in stones, dirt, and a pool of water going to the middle.*
*Both people step off, and the bars go down a bit.*
Lurzorua: Alright! I hope your ready...Cause this tussle isn't going to end anytime soon!"

Last Pokemon
Lurzorua: Wha-!? I'm not going to miss this next gunshot opportunity!"

When Losing
Lurzorua: "Well, I can't blame a win..."
After Battle
Lurzorua: "You know...People usually can't win due to this dizzying height. They usually get butterfingers! But you...Your not so scared of it. Well, this is your badge."
*Tosses the badge, as it lands in front of the player*
*The Fissure Badge!*
Lurzorua: "Lvl 75 and below, laddie/lassie! This also lets you get to the next gym!"
*Gives TM27*
Lurzorua: "Although this can't exactly get RID of anything when you want to, this will do alot of damage to a Pokemon."

Talk Again
Lurzorua:"Sorry, but I'm busy. Come back when i'm not close to my work as much as two catfish on a skillet are to each other."
Lurzorua:"But tell you what. You can battle me anytime after the Elite four."

Lurzorua: "One last thing!"
*He runs over and gives you a card of some sort.*
Lurzorua: "Thats for the club in the next town. It's a club for advise. That card gets you in the party part of it."
*He gives you a piece of parchment*
"My numbers on it. So I can just pop in when I need to."

Call for Rematch.
Lurzorua: "Alright! We can do it here to save time."

After Rematch
Lurzorua: "Well, you beat me 'gain. I can't believe it..."
Lurzorua: "Well, actually, I can expect it from the new champion!"
Lurzorua: "Watch out! I'll send some people to you, Champ!"
No Specific Type: Isabelle, Atlas

Normal Types:
Fighting Types: Gavin
Flying Types:
Poison Types:
Ground Types: Lurzorua,
Rock Types:
Bug Types:
Ghost types: Anonymous,
Steel Types: Benny,
Fire Types:
Water Types:
Grass Types:
Electric Types:
Psychic Types: Brian,

Ice Types:
Dragon Types:

Dark Types: Donavan
Fairy Types: Ninfali,
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If I were a Gym Leader, I'd specialize in Ghost type Pokémon for sure. I'd also try to act as a sort of final boss of sorts.
My name would be "Anonymous", literally.

I'd have six Pokémon on my team, but I'd only use 4.

Before E4
  • Mismagius (Lv 56)
  • Trevenant (Lv 57)
  • Jellicent (Lv 57)
  • Chandelure (Lv 57)
  • Gengar (Lv 58,)
  • Mimikyu *main* (Lv 59)
I would switch between Trevenant, Jellicent, and Chandelure depending on the typing of the starter Pokémon the trainer I'm fighting chose (considering the trainer chooses a Water, Fire, or Grass type), and it would be a type super-effective against the starter. I would also switch my Pokémon occasionally in this battle to better suit myself against the trainer.

The gym would have purple, dim lighting surrounding it, and it would very much resemble a graveyard. The graves surrounding the gym would act as some sort of maze, with areas being covered in shadows while others are not, and skulls and candles placed in every direction.

Such as any final boss, you must face other challenges before facing your final challenge. I will require that you defeat a certain number of trainers before facing me (6 trainers). Multiple trainers will be spread around the gym, hiding in the shadows put out by the maze, but you must figure out where they are hiding and challenge them (there eyes will be glowing in the shadows).

Once the six trainers are defeated, you will be granted the permission to face off against me and our battle will commence.

Appearance: Basically my profile pic, but I'll be wearing a black masquerade mask, a purple cape, and carry a cane with a purple jewel on it. It'd also be difficult for anyone to tell whay my gender was, as my appearance and voice would confuse many trainers.

Before Battle:
- "So, it seems you are one step closer to completing the gym leader challenge and taking on the Elite Four, eventually becoming the champion of this region. Well I'm here to make sure that won't happen! I'll use all of my power to defeat you, as that is my duty as a gym leader! Come forth! I'm ready when you are!"

Last Pokémon:
- "Don't think for a second that just because I have one Pokémon left means that you've one this! After all, I saved the best for last!"

- "Incredible! Your power far exceeds any of my expectations!"

After Battle:
- "*laughs* It has been a while since I've faced such a strong trainer! Though as my job as a gym leader, I have to recognize defeat when it happens and you sure reminded me of the feeling. I will now award you this! *offers Shadow Badge* With this badge, Pokémon of Lv 75 and above will listen to you, even those that are traded.
Now it's time for you to face the Elite Four, I wish you the best of luck! I also want to give you this. *hands TM30* This TM contains Shadow Ball, a devastating Ghost type move that'll be sure to spook any trainer you face!"

Talk Again:
- "Oh, it's you again. Doesn't my gym give off an eery vibe? Truth is, this building is haunted by multiple ghost type Pokémon. The townfolk spread rumors around saying that these ghost Pokémon didn't allow anyone in here, and would scare them away. Truth was that they didn't want to scare anyone away, but instead have them laugh. I soon figured this out, and was able to have people change their mind of ghost Pokémon. Now this building isn't just my gym, but a sanctuary for ghost Pokémon."

- "If you want a rematch, you're going to have to defeat the Elite Four, first. Those are my terms!"

After E4
  • Mismagius (Lv 73)
  • Chandelure (Lv 73)
  • Gengar (Lv 75)
  • Aegislash (Lv 74)
  • Spiritomb (Lv 74)
  • Mimikyu *main* (Lv 75)
Call for Rematch:
- "I've been waiting for this ever since you beat me from our first battle. But don't you dare think this will be an easy win just because you became champion! I've gotten stronger since the last time we battled! You're going to be in for a scare!"

Losing Rematch:
- "I lost again!? Even though I went through the trouble to level up my Pokémon and even change my team. I guess you didn't just become the champ for nothing! I've had a blast battling you. You are the kind of trainer this world needs. A trainer who gets stronger and stronger to be able to face any kind of challenge! I really admire you for that! Until we meet again!"
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Previously PrincessPika~chan
I'd probably specialise mainly in fairy-types; I'd be called Ninfali Kalarina and probably only be the third/fourth gym leader

Teams: Prior to E4: Florges (Red Flower, Lvl 33)
Gardevoir (Lvl 34)
Pikachu (Lvl 38, Light Ball, main)
After E4: Florges (Red Flower, Lvl 65, Leftovers)
Sylveon (Lvl 66, Big Root)
Dedenne (Lvl 67, Sitrus Berry)
Carbink (Lvl 68, Light Clay)
Gardevoir (Lvl 69, Gardevoirite)
Pikachu (Lvl 73, Light Ball, main)

Quotes: Before battle: "Aha! A challenger! Let's see if you've prepeared to face my adorable fairies!"
Last Pokémon: "You do know not ALL fairies are fairy-type. Right?"
Upon being defeated: "I can't believe how much cuter your Pokémon are!"
After being defeated: "Heh, that was an amaizing battle, here you go." *hands over the Pixie badge* "That is the Pixie badge, with it, Pokémon up to level 40, even those whom you got trades, will listen to your every command. Oh, and here, take this" *gives TM99* "That TM contains Dazzling Gleam, the only fairy-type move in a TM in fact! It's sure to dazzle all your opponents!"
If talked to afterwords: "Sorry, but I don't particularly want a rematch yet. You should go onto the next gym now."
Call for rematch: "Sorry if I interrupted anything, but I'd like rematch now; don't hold back!"
Before battle (rematch): "Okay! I'm ready for you!"
When mega evolving: "Gardevoir! I put all my faith into you so you can mega evolve!"
Last Pokemon (rematch): "I won't be defeated, even with my mega down!"
Upon being defeated (rematch): "Your Pokémon are still cuter and stronger than mine..."
After being defeated (rematch): "I didn't tell you how much I envy your strength and style did I? Ah, alas, it doesn't matter, maybe you should consider trying out a few contests and the like, I'm sure you'll be amaizing!"

Gym design: A large pale pink and cream room with a few, small red lightning bolt symbols around. Green and red walls form a maze around the room, bumping into green walls teleports you a bit further into the maze whilst bumping into red walls sends you back, often to the start. at the end of the maze there's an elegant sliver and pink-ish red staircase leading to a medium-sized circular pale pink glass arena.
The Trainers in the gym are located at the many dead ends in the maze and use (up to two of these Pokémon).: Floette, Kirlia or Eevee; one trainer however is at the end of the maze before the staircase who can be avoided and uses Pichu and Sylveon.

Appearance: Tall and pale with brown hair tied into pigtails with pale pink/cream tie dyed ribbons (both tied in a bow) and pale pink eyes with some small cream flecks. Wears a cute cream dress with three pale pink buttons, white OTK socks and sparkly pale pink shoes with cream laces. Also has a scarlet cardigan and a crimson scarf for cold/chilly weather. The ribbon tying up her left pigtail has a keystone on it in the centre of the bow.
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I like this thing, besides, in an old RP I once did, my char was a Psychic type Gym Leader and I really took a liking to him, I was a little ashamed when the RP died out so I figured it would make sense for me to 'recycle' such an amazing character.

Name: Brian Killian

Type: Psychic

Description: Son of destiny

Pokémon (Before E4)
Gallade (Male, Main)
Gothitelle (Female)
Espeon (Female)
Metagross (Shiny)
Meowstic (Male)

Pokémon (After E4)
Gallade (Male, Main, holding Galladite)
Gothitelle (Female)
Espeon (Female)
Metagross (Shiny)
Delphox (Female)
Raichu (Male, Alolan)

Appearance: Pale skin, Hot pink eyes, Dark blue grayish hair under a White Fedora, closed Black jacket, Purple pants and White shoes. (After E4, he will have a ring on the middle finger of his right hand like Lysandre with a mega stone on it.)

Gym Design: It would have something similar to what a fortune teller would have (As Brian's father is one but he doesn't have his gift.) Smooth Jazz/Relaxing music will play in the background as well as a few incenses on each side of the door will let off sweet smelling aromas to help people relax. The floor will be covered in steam and reveal a Pokémon battle field and the music will change to more of an action style theme upon the beginning of a Pokémon battle. Beyond the field will be a little room that appears to be Brian's office, on the desk has a few office stuff as well as behind it will be a picture frame of what appears to be him and his parents when he was younger.

Before Battle (Before E4)

Brian: *Tips his hat to the trainer* "Greetings Pokémon trainer, my name is Brian and I am the Gym Leader of [Location name]."
Brian: "Perhaps you are the one who will help me reach my destiny…"
*Incense smoke covers the floor and disappears to reveal a Pokémon battle field had taken it's place*
Brian: "Alright... Let's do this!"

Last Pokémon
Brian: *Hat shade covers his eyes and the only thing seen are two pink glowing dots* "Not like this! Not while me and my partner still stand!"

When Losing
Brian: *Sigh* "Damn it..."

After Battle (Before E4)

Brian: "I should tell you something, I've battle many trainers in my time and none of them seemed to match what my father told me... but you; you match what he said in more ways than one. Perhaps you're the one who will help me reach my destiny, but for now, I present you with this badge."
*Walks toward the Player and hands him/her the badge*
*The Zen Badge!*
Brian: "Now Pokémon below Level [N/A] will listen to you. I also give you this to help you advance in your journey."
*Gives TM for Psychic*
Brian: "This TM houses my favourite Pokémon move; it's gotten me out of trouble more times than I like to admit, haha."

Talk Again
Brian: "Good to see you again, unfortunately I have a lot on my mind and can't battle you right now. Perhaps sometime after you defeat the Elite Four?"

*When the player leaves, the camera goes to Brian*
Brian: "Is he/she the one you were talking about, dad?"

Before First Battle (After E4)
Brian: "My my [Player name] you've certainly gotten a lot stronger since we last battled, but so have I. This is the battle that will reveal my destiny!"

Last Pokémon (After E4)
Brian: "I can see it...! I can see what my destiny must be!"

After First Battle (After E4)
Brian: "Yes... My destiny has finally been revealed to me! And I have you to thank for it [Player Name]-no... Champion."
Brian: "This means so much to me, thanks to you, my path is now clear."
Brian: "May your destiny shine bright, Champion. Until we meet again."

Before Battle (After E4)
Brian: "Hello again Champion, it appears destiny has brought us here to battle again."
Brian: "As a man who follows destiny, I intend to fulfill it! Let's do this!"

Last Pokémon (After E4)

Brian: "Let us see who destiny favors more!"

After Battle (After E4)

Brian: "It appears you have destiny on your side, Champion. I'm honestly a bit envious of you."
Brian: "But then again, destiny can't always favor someone forever, which is why I do my best to live up to it's expectations no matter what they are."
Brian: "Thank you for the battle, Champion. And as always: May your destiny shine bright."
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Pokémon (Before E4)
Steelix(M) Lvl 59
Mawile(F) Lvl 58
Metagross Lvl 60
Magnezone Lvl 59
Aggron(Main,Aggronite) Lvl 61

Pokémon (After E4)
Steelix(M) Lvl 69
Mawile(F) Lvl 68
Bisharp(M) Lvl 70
Aggron(M) Lvl 70
Metagross(Rematch Main,Metagrossite) Lvl 72

Normal skin, clothes with grease marks, gray eyes, mega-stone on the glove

Gym Design:
has a factory design, you will need to activate machines to clear the way to the gym leader

The material of something bigger.


Before Battle (Before E4)

Benny: Greetings!i think you did it right,*Player Name*!
i'm Steel professional,my Name is Benny,i hope you have at least one Fire-Type,if you win,you're gonna receive the Machine Badge,just saying,i'm not an random trainer!

Last Pokémon
Benny:Let's do this!go,Aggron!

When Losing
Benny:Wow! Congratulations! you did it!

After Battle (Before E4)
Benny:well,i know this wasn't a haaard battle,but the E4 and the next leaders,they will be much more harder! i Hope you made it to the end!

Talk Again
Benny:i believe in you! give the right shot,i'm gonna train more,than i will ask an rematch!

Before Battle (After E4)
Benny:you have come back!i was waiting for you*Player Name*!
now i'm a lot stronger! but,i have to congratulate you for beating the E4! i knew you could do it!

Last Pokémon (After E4)
Benny:this is the end!you can do it!Go,Metagross!

After Battle (After E4)
Benny:well,even after all my train,i have been beated in the same way,but how could i win you?!
you're like the champion! i'm just happy i had the opportunity of having a battle with you!
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Chunky Ramen

Previously Canadian_Fish
If I were a Gym Leader, I'd be a Fighting type for sure.
Gavin Spinner
Before E4:
Blaziken *main* (Male, Lvl 85, Blazikenite)
Machamp (Male, Lvl 83, Fist Plate)
Chesnaught (Male, Lvl 84, Fightium Z)
Hariyama (Male, Lvl 83, None)
You enter the Fighting Dojo, and four Trainers (In the class of Fighter, or whatever the class was) challenge you, two Double Battles. After, if you choose the right Sparring Bag, the Lead Pokemon of your Party uses a move on it (Must be a Physical to hit the switch) and you are sent into the depths of the Dojo, choose wrong, and try again.
After falling, you land in a cavernous area, there are murals of the Swords of Justice on the walls, Terrakion on the right, Virizion on the left, and Cobalion ahead. You choose a path:
Right: You are dropped, down, down, down, until you get turned upside down, and get thrown back to the main area, it hurts.
Left: you find a meadow, you'll most likely think this is it, so you continue, and eventually, a giant tree is launched, and you are thrown to the Right area, but suffer twice the pain.
Straight: you are in a dark room, a cave, and you feel cramped, so you walk straight, very careful of your movements, one wrong move... the lights switch on and you feelmuch less cramped, you look back, there were swords sticking from the wall, you turn back around, and keep moving. You reach a gateway, two giant horns, you realize are in the shape of Cobalion's horns, are crossed like swords in a duel, and you walk through it, there is a pedistal in the back of the room, you walk towards it... you are stopped, you look down, and see your side of the battlefield. Then a Pokeball is thrown, it conatins Blaziken, and two giant spotlights erupt from either side of the cave, and thus the battle starts.
He has a Focus Sash around his head, and messy black hair, he has brown eyes, and doesn't smile, he has boxing gloves, black and green, and a neon green tank-top, he has gym shorts, which are yellow-green, and yellow Running Shoes. His Mega Bracelet is green, and so is his Z-Ring. He's younger than most Gym Leaders, being only 17, but is the final Gym Leader, and is just as tough as any other final Gym.
"The Boy With an Iron Fist."
Before Battle:
*Spotlights erupt from sidelines*
"Thought this was just a Fighting Dojo, didn't you?"
Yes: "Most do, at least you were honest."
No: "Don't lie, I see through it."
"These traps... they were built to ensure only the toughest could reach me, but I still get people who just bribed the Champion into how to do it."
Last Pokemon:
"I'm no pushover! I can still destroy you!"
After Battle:
"*sigh* That makes the second challenger this past... three years that...that beat me."
*You and Gavin back up, the floor rumbles, and a small pedistal rises up, and reveals the Mach Badge, you grasp it, and you put it on*
"With the pride of holding the Mach Badge, all Pokemon below Lvl 95 will obey you, and take this too."
*He tosses the TM47, TM Low Sweep*
"That's it, you're ready to show the Elite Four your strength, go get 'em!"
*Gavin waves, still unsmiling, and you are dropped, flipped upside down, and hurtled into a foam pit you recognize as the agility training area of the Fighting Dojo*
After Becoming Champion:
*You go to the Fighting Dojo, and you remember to go straight, you do the puzzles again, and reach Gavin*
"Great, you're Champion, it's been a while since I had the adrenaline I had when we last battled,"
*He gets into a fighting stance*
"Show me just how hard you can hit!"
Battle After E4:
Blaziken *main*(M, Lvl 97, Blazikenite)
Machamp (M, Lvl 94, Black Belt)
Chesnaught (M, Lvl 96, Fightium Z)
Hariyama (M, Lvl 95, Macho Brace)
Hitmonlee (M, 94, Fist Plate)
Conkeldurr (M, 94, Focus Sash)
Last Pokemon:
"We're here again, but I won't stop trying here. Let's finish this! Go! Conkeldurr!"
After Battle:
"As I expected, you got me. I don't have much, but here's a little something."
*You are given a Pokemon-Specific egg, based on the Region, (ex: You chose Mudkip, you're given the Treecko egg)*
"Well, you can train here anytime you'd like, and you can also come back and challenge me again, 'course nothin'll change."
I would be a Dark type Gym Leader and my name would be Donavan Lee.

Team before E4:
Zoroark (lvl 46)
Zweilous (lvl 50)
Pawniard (lvl 47)
Malamar (lvl 46)
Absol (lvl 46)
Krookodile (lvl 46)

The gym is a dark building with the only light in it emanating from the flashlight given to every challenger of the gym. There are branching paths that either lead to a trainer in a dead end, a trainer or pitfalls that make the challenger end up at the beginning. I keep an eye on you and give comments on the actions you take, like when you are trying to find me for 15 minutes you will hear "You think that you don't need me, but doll you're in a jam." To get to me you need to fall down a pitfall at the very back of the building.

I'd have a small stature with a black eye, sideburns and short black hair. I'd wear a red jacket with a pocket watch hanging from a pocket. My pants and shoes would be black and I'd wear a gold ring on my left ring finger.

The destructive deceiver

Before battle
"So, you finally found your way here by the looks of it, did you like my puzzle? Really gives you a feeling of lonliness and desperation doesn't it? You know what usually helps for me when I feel like that? A good battle, now give me your best!"

Last Pokémon
"Darkness might disappear when there is light, but it returns with full power the moment the light is gone!"

"Unbelievable, you didn't succumb to the fear instilled in you by the power of darkness.. Perhaps you are more than just an ordinary trainer, I shall keep an eye on you."

"Fall to the darkness and wallow in despair! Darkness is unbeatable!"

After battle
"You are something else, you defeated me so easily yet I don't feel bad. I feel...happy, as if freed from a dark cloud! Here, you earned it! It is TM 97, Dark Pulse! Oh, and before I forget, here is your Night Badge. You deserve it!"

If talked to again
"Hah, (Player)! I was just thinking about you and wondered if I could join you on your journey? Nah, just kidding. Who would take care of the gym then? Can't let any of my Gym Trainers be in charge, none of them are qualified enough. Now that you are here, do you know why Dark types are commonly thought of as evil Pokémon? They are not evil at all, just a bit more mischievous than other types."

Zoroark ( lvl 82)
Hydreigon (lvl 85)
Bisharp (lvl 83)
Malamar (lvl 83)
Absol (lvl 82)
Krookodile (lvl 82)

When asking for a rematch
"Hello there, did the League give you permission to wander around and you decided to visit me? I am touched, but you are not here for small talk now are you? I am expecting good things from you!"

Last Pokémon
"This takes me back, back to our first fight and I still get the same rush from it. We'll win or faint trying! Let the power of darkness consume any shining hope you might have!"

"So this is how it feels, to go all out and still get destroyed. Well, can't say I expected anything less of you, Champion! You certainly deserve that honorable title!"

"Did you slack off during your training? Watch out, otherwise you'll be consumed by laziness and left unable to escape that dark place."

When spoken to again
"Phew, I haven't smelled the stench of a loss in a long time. It is nice though, it reminds me to keep improving myself. When you return, I will do better than today!"
If I were a Pokémon Gym Leader, I would not have a specific type. (Sry for my bad english, I'm german)
Team before E4:
~Tyranitar (M, lvl. 47)
~Crobat (F, lvl. 47)
~Leafeon (F, lvl. 47)
~Metagross (lvl. 50)
~Feraligatr (M, lvl. 52)
~Typhlosion (Main, M, lvl. 53)

The Gym:
It would be a Gym, with a teleport riddle. 8 Trainer, matching the 8th badge. You could fight me ONLY at sunset.

white jacket, a bag that looks like Red's (in Alola), a black trousers with a Pokéball at the side, a dark blue t-shirt and gold shoes.

"Call me, Isabell the artist!"

Before battle:
"Finally you're here! I hope you are not dizzy, after the riddle! However, only your rival, [name of the rival], has made it to me so far! He has defeated highly...I'm curious how it works for you! Let's battle!"

Last Pokémon:
"So fast?! I do not want it to stop now! Don't give up!"

"What? I lose? *sigh* Whatever, kid, you're really good!"

"Yes! I can't believe it! Hey, train your Pokémon for a while, and come again."

After battle:
"Oh man...I'm very surprised by you! I hope in the league goes on the same way! Here, your 8th badge! *gives you the colour badge* And: my favourite TM, Overheat, take it. *gives you the TM* Take care, and good luck!"

If you talk to me again:
"What's up? Do you need help or something? (yes) I can't help you! You're so damn good! (no) Alright then, see you after the league!

~Tyranitar (lvl. 77)
~Crobat (lvl. 76)
~Leafeon (lvl. 77)
~Feraligatr (lvl. 79)
~Metagross (lvl. 80, Metagrossite)
~Typhlosion (Main, lvl. 85)

Asking for a Rematch:
"Dammit... Oh! It's, [name of you]! Nice to meet you again! So now you are the Champion, huh? You look so much stronger than before! Come on, let's have a battle! And I'm still stronger!"

Last Pokémon:
"Come on, don't give up, Typhlosion! I knew you can do it! We will destroy your entire team!"

"No! Not again!"

"Yes! I won! But, it was very difficult..."

When spoken again:
"Hey, what do ya want? Nothing I guess... WAIT! I have a gift for you: a Cyndaquil! So, what do you say? (yes) Cool! I hope you will train this little creature. Please, take good care of it! (no) Oh come on! You're so mean... If I had not expected you!"
I'd personally be a sort of Giovanni like character who is sort of the "Villain" of the game and as a sort of "Boss" before facing the E4 so i would have a mix of multiple strong Pokemon from different regions.

Name: Atlas (Sort of nickname)

Mix of powerful Pokemon from diff regions

Pokemon: Before E4

Tyranitar (LV.59 )
Moves: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Crunch, and Stone Edge

Dusknoir (LV.54 )
Moves: Painsplit, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Shadow Punch

Gardevoir (LV.57 )
Moves: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Calm mind

Golisopod (LV.56 )
Moves: First Impression, Sucker Punch, Aqua Jet, and Leech life

Charizard Y *Main Pokemon that mega evolves* (LV.60 )
Moves: Heat wave, Dragon Pulse, Solar Beam, and Roost

The Gym:

It would appear as a laboratory holding multiple strong Pokemon and analyzing them. The trainers would either being scientist with multiple steel or normal pokemon, Or a worker/grunt with a mix of pokemon of different types

A sort of tall man with large white coat and long black hair. Also with a cane that looks sorta like the one Ghetsis has


"Atlas... the collector..."

Before battle:

"Hhmm... You don't look like much... I wonder why those good for nothing guards couldn't handle you?..."

Last Pokémon:
"Pallet town is where i was born... a quite peaceful town... Thats where i chose this pokemon... My companion..."

"IMPOSSIBLE!!! my pokemon where made to perfection!!!"

"Ha... knew you where nothing..."

After battle:
"I can see it know, you beat me cause you loved your Pokemon... I understand it now! Thank you (TRAINER)!!! For this i shall reward you!!! *gives multiple TM's*

If you talk to me again:
"I will never forget what you've done for me (TRAINER), Infact do you want a tour of the lab? (Yes) *Full tour of the gym* (No) Alright suit yourself than.."

Pokemon: After E4

Tyranitar (LV.78 )
Moves: Earthquake, Swords Dance, Crunch, and Stone Edge

Dusknoir (LV.75 )
Moves: Painsplit, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, and Shadow Punch

Gardevoir (LV.79 )
Moves: Thunderbolt, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and Calm mind

Golisopod (LV.76 )
Moves: First Impression, Sucker Punch, Aqua Jet, and Leech life

Charizard Y *Main Pokemon that mega evolves* (LV.80 )
Moves: Heat wave, Dragon Pulse, Solar Beam, and Roost
Asking for a Rematch:

"My my! You've became champion?!?! Quite amazing, it would be an honor to have a rematch..."

Last Pokémon:
"Charizard GO!!!"

"As expected...Champion"

"??? This is unexpected"

When spoken again:
"Oh hello it's you (TRAINER) again, Our lab happens to have quite a few of these specimens... I trust you with one..." *gives ditto*


Previously RaptorPack21
Has there been a Poison Gym yet? This is based off of my own Fakemon region: the Tanden Region based off of Greece
Name: Toxin
Badge: Toxic Badge
Type: Poison
City: Virdeen City
- Drapion ( Lv. 47 ) Ability: Battle Armor
  • Sword's Dance
  • Night Slash
  • Cross Poison
  • X-Scissor
- Toxtricity ( Lv. 48 ) Ability: Punk Rock
  • Boomburst
  • Sludge Wave
  • Overdrive
  • Volt Switch
- Scolipede ( Lv. 47 ) Ability: Speed Boost
  • Sword's Dance
  • Aqua Tail
  • Poison Jab
  • Megahorn
- Dragalge ( Lv. 47 ) Ability: Adaptability
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Sludge Wave
  • Draco Meteor
  • Toxic
- Nidoking ( Lv. 50 ) Ability: Sheer Force
  • Earthquake
  • Poison Jab
  • Rock Slide
  • Ice Punch
I don't know what the dialogue is gonna be just yet, but ill show you guys my whole region book sometime soon.
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Previously RaptorPack21
Has there been a Poison Gym yet? This is based off of my own Fakemon region: the Drakone Region based off of Greece
Name: Toxin
Badge: Toxic Badge
Type: Poison
City: Virdeen City
- Drapion ( Lv. 47 ) Ability: Battle Armor
  • Sword's Dance
  • Night Slash
  • Cross Poison
  • X-Scissor
- Toxtricity ( Lv. 48 ) Ability: Punk Rock
  • Boomburst
  • Sludge Wave
  • Overdrive
  • Volt Switch
- Scolipede ( Lv. 47 ) Ability: Speed Boost
  • Sword's Dance
  • Aqua Tail
  • Poison Jab
  • Megahorn
- Dragalge ( Lv. 47 ) Ability: Adaptability
  • Dragon Pulse
  • Sludge Wave
  • Draco Meteor
  • Toxic
- Nidoking ( Lv. 50 ) Ability: Sheer Force
  • Earthquake
  • Poison Jab
  • Rock Slide
  • Ice Punch
I don't know what the dialogue is gonna be just yet, but ill show you guys my whole region book sometime soon.
yes i have found out that koga is a poison gym leader. just getting that out of the way before you grab your pitch forks
I'd be a normal type gym leader. The gym leader would be a man named Dolan Larch. In Dolan's spare time hes a health and fitness coach. He helps manage people's day to day exercise routine as well as help people manage their dietary meal routine. Though not a professional coordinator he is quite the enthusiast and enjoys hosting small contests at his gym.

Dolan appearance; slightly tan, somewhat muscular, short Dull brown slightly messy hair. left eye blue and right eye green. He wears a cheerful grin everywhere he goes.

Dolan wears a T-shirt that used to be solid white but is now covered in various markings, lines, dots, splatter spots ,and all sorts of color. Very little white actually can be seen on his shirt. His pants are loose baggy grey sweat pants with stripes going up the sides. He had paint on his shins and around his ankles. He wears running shoes with various colors(His shoes are surprisingly spotless). He usually can be seen wearing a faded brown leather jacket with red, blue ,and green lines decorating it.

Imagine walking In town ,and seeing the world's biggest rubik cube. This thing would be bright and colorful. At night it would light up for the entire town to see. It's a three story gym ,and each floor of the gym rotates horizontally similar to a rubik cube vibe. Sadly it doesn't turn vertically, but it does have vertical lines like you would see on a rubik cube. In the very center of the gym is a large metal shaft that allows the three floor to spin. Surrounding the shaft is a large slippery slide. If someone makes it to the second or third floor they can use the slide to leave. Don't try and climb it though. The gym leader took that into consideration. The slide is very slippery. And the landing is cushioned so no worries about getting hurt upon landing. His gym was safety regulations approved.

Upon entering the first floor you'd be met with an official standing by the entrance. If you talk to him like in game he would give you a fresh water.

To the gym itself. The first thing you will see is mirrors and glass walls. That's right. This is a trick room. There are also traps on the floor to confuse and make things generally difficult for the challenger. Tiles that spin you around and tiles that create colorful smokescreens(the smokescreen ls will fade away in a minute).You can tell which tile is which trap by its color. Spinning tiles are blue. Smokescreen tiles are red. However all the tiles on the first floor are red and blue ,but most of the tiles aren't traps so knowing which tile is a trap or not is impossible without trial and error. On the second floor your met with a third trap. A pitfall trap. As you step on it you'll fall to the first floor(don't worry. The tiles below the pitfalls will be replaced with soft cushioned mattress squares so to avoid injury. On the third floor you have red(smokescreens) and blue(spin) tiles ,and now green(pitfalls).

The challenger will need to navigate through the many mirror and glass walls lining the maze. In order to go to the next floor you need to go up an escalator. It will be going down, and the only way to go up will be to search for a gold tile hidden somewhere on the floor. By stepping on the gold tile the escalator will reverse directions allowing you to go up. Upon reaching the 2nd floor you will need to find two gold tiles to proceed to the third and final floor which is the gym leaders floor.

On the first and second floor you will meet various trainers to battle. These trainers will be entertainers and performers. On the first floor you'l meet a pyromancer, a juggler, a mime ,and a comedian. On the second floor you'l meet a clown, a dancer, a magician ,and a riddle master. Despite whatever type these trainers would normally have sense they work at Dolan's gym naturally they too would specialize in normal pokémon.

The gym leader's room features an open arena with the same large shaft in the center of the arena. The interior walls are mirrors with clear thick glass bleachers. The floor features all silvery shiny tiles with various gold tiles here and there.

Upon reaching the gym leader for the first time he will be either be hanging out with a group of visitors hoping to visit his gym or educating a group of students(kids most likely on field trip).

I used the term "visitors" instead of challengers because with his gym filled with so much entertainment he welcomes his gym for people to visit. Gym challengers are given a bracelet that lights up letting the performers know who is a visitor or a gym challenger. If a gym challenger wishes to give up they just have to press the button on the bracelet to turn the bracelet's light off.

Every saturday the gym leader hosts small contests at the arena. He welcomes novices and inexperienced to participate. As well as encourages people who've never participated in contests to give his small contest a shot. Dolan is friends with a retired contest judge who assists him in allowing his contests to run smoothly. Dolan's best friend fills the spot of 3rd judge.

-Gym battle-

Fun fact; Whenever he's battling a challenger the front side of the gym becomes a large screen so that anyone passing by can see the gym battle(just the bottom two floors turn into a screen as the top floor continues to rotate to create minor confusion for the gym battle). *only during the gym battle does the top floor constantly spin as when there are no gym battles going on the floors only rotate three times per day; Each floor makes one complete rotation during morning, midday ,and afternoon*


Dolan would be the fourth gym leader you meet. He would use three pokémon.

a level 34 Kecleon(Idche)

a level 36 Loudred(Nachhallen)

and his level 38 Ditto*shiny*(Bao)

introduction, "Oh hey! Almost didn't see ya there! I can tell by your bracelet your a gym challenger. In a way I wasn't expecting you! But its really cool that you made it all the way! Actually I lied. I knew you would make it here. I just knew it! and you want "extraordinary badge don't ya? Cool! lets battle!"

- The Extraordinary badge looks like an explosion with with all sorts of different colored lines branching out from the center.

Last pokémon, "Ah man!... I thought for sure that plan would have worked! Come on Bao! Like good old times!"

during fight with ditto, "Wow! Your not getting tired are you Bao? Sorry! looks like were gonna need to put more effort in this! Lets do this!"

upon beating the challenger, "You did great! Really. Come again when you feel like challenging me! I look forward to it!"

Upon losing to the challenger, "Aw shoot! I blew it! Good job! Here's your badge! Don't forget to visit us later on some time m'kay?"

- As the match ends whether win or lose, a small door near the center automatically opens revealing the slide from earlier. The challenger can stay and visit a as long as they wish or they can leave via the slide -

Outside the gym, "Can you feel that cool breeze? It's nice to get some fresh air from time to time. Great for your pokémon. Great for yourself. This is great weather for exercise"

Rechallenge, "You visited! I knew it! I just knew it! Awesome! This time I won't be holding back. Best of luck!"

Rechallenge upon defeating challenger, "Your pokémon have improved a lot! Your not the trainer I met last time ,but you still have room for improvement"

Rechallenge upon losing to the challenger, "Lost again... Well shoot! What was the score again? I forgot. I love our little battles! Do challenge me again some time! This was fun!"

-After elite four - rechallenge -

a level 75 Spinda(Waen)

a level 76 Kecleon(Idche)

a level a level 77 Exploud(Nachhallen)

a level 75 Smeargle(Skizzi)

a level 78 Porygon-Z(daten)

and his level 80 Ditto*shiny*(Bao)
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Cáscara Olas

Previously IExistToo
I choose a gym leader from a fakémon region I created I wasn't sure if you were allowed fakémon so I made 2 just in case.

Gym Leader Mom (in the story your mother is the gym leader and this is her gym)

Type: she specialises in beach Pokémon not a specific type but will have more water types on average.

With fakémon:

Krabby Lv: 23

Skrelp Lv: 25

Seesneet Lv: 26 (its the middle evolution water type starter, looks kinda like a piloswine but the face is fully hidden, the trunk is much longer and the hair is replaced with seaweed. Water)

Slizzy Lv: 28 Ace (Looks like a teddy bear fused with a dog with a giant head. Water/Normal)

Without fakémon:

Skrelp Lv: 23

Staryu Lv: 25

Krabby Lv: 26

Sandygast Lv: 28 Ace

I ain't good enough too wright the dialogue sorry :/


The gym leader herself will change depending on what skin colour/ eye colour/ hair colour you choose but will look pretty much like the trainer in this trainer card.

the gym looks like a sand castle on the outside with a giant tower protruding through the middle. you enter through to the middle level and here you must go to each corner and collect a token. in order to advance to the gym leader you must collect four tokens and return back to the middle tower. you will then enter the tower and battle with the gym leader herself at the very top. on the middle floor there will be patches of weak ground where you will fall through and enter the bottom level where you will fight the trainers. also in my region each gym has a wild zone where high level Pokémon spawn, this will be the bottom level. you must find a ladder on the bottom floor to be transferred back to the middle floor.
Name: Nuer

Team: (Before E4)
Lv. 48 Druddigon

Lv. 50 Dragonite

Lv. 52 Goodra

Lv. 54 Hydreigon

Lv. 55 Haxorus

Team: (After E4)
Lv. 64 Druddigon

Lv. 66 Goodra

Lv. 68 Salamance

Lv. 72 Hydreigon

Lv. 74 Haxorus

Lv. 75 Garchomp (Mega)

A boy with black tousled hair and black-gray eyes. He wears a white long T-shirt and long knee-length blue shorts, and with absolutely normal sneakers.

"Young Dragon Master"

After entering Gym, you are standing on an iron platform from which 4 dragon heads exit. The heads of dragons are hooked on 4 platforms near the walls. There are trainers on the platforms, and a button next to the trainer. You need to click in a certain order (Hint: you need to fight with a trainer who will say which button this number is with which he stands) After you clicked the buttons in the correct order, a dragon head comes out of the platform at the exit, which hooks onto the platform next to the door. After entering this door you get into the corridor, and after passing through the corridor you get to the observation deck on which stands Nuer who stands and looks at the ocean.

Before Battle Speech:
"You never thought the ocean was this time. It is infinite and never stops. Nobody knows what will happen if you cross it, the same with time."
"Oh sorry I'm distracted."
*Nuer's turns around*
"I apologize for my thoughts"
"My name is Nuer and I am Dragon Type Gym Leader...... Nice to meet you (Trainer Name)"
"I don’t really like talking before the battle, but I want to talk to you."
"I saw how you fought with other Gym Leaders, and I want to say that I am impressed!"
"Your courage and determination has never left my head. I thought that you will become the best champion of this region, no! On and the best champion of the whole world! But you understand that you cannot become them if you do not defeat me. True, you will surely defeat me, but at least I’ll try to stop you. Well, I'm your last Gym Leader, I hope I at least keep you for a while. As a Gym Leader (city name) I accept your challenge!"

Last Pokemon Speech:
"Well, meet my main Pokemon, go Haxorus!"

Defeat Speech:
"To be honest, I thought you would win me."

After Battle Speech:
"Well, I expected such an outcome of the battle. Well, you won, congratulations! Now you have all 8 badges. You can go to the Pokemon League. I hope you win it and become the new champion. Now hold this badge!"
*(Trainer Name) got a Fang Badge!*
"Oh wait! I forgot what you need to give TM."
*(Trainer Name) got a TM02*
"I don’t know that this TM will not really help you, but still let it be with you."
"This TM contain Dragon Claw, move which is quite powerful if used correctly."
"Once again, I hope you win and become the new champion, at least I believe in you. Good luck to you!"

After defeating the champion, Nuer can be found in the supermarket where he will choose new pokeballs.
"Oh, hello again, i see you the new champion. Congratulations! Ehhh I used to be a champion too, only now I am Gym Leader. Hey, can you write down my number? In the end, we are almost like friends.
*(Trainer Name) registered Nuer's*
"You can only call me on Saturday because I’m busy on other days. See ya later!"

Call Speech:
"Hello? Oh hello (Trainer Name)! Yes, I'm free right now, in principle, we can fight. Waiting for you next to my Gym!"

Before Battle Speech:
"Hey hello again! I can’t wait to show my new Pokémon and my new knowledge in battle!"

Last Pokemon Speech:
"Yes, I thought you would defeat me again, but I won’t give up!"

Defeat Speech:
"Congrats, again!"

After Battle Speech:
"Wow, you haven’t changed in all this time! You're still as strong. Hmmm, but I have an idea how to make you even stronger! Do you want to take this Mega Stone?
*(Trainer Name) answers yes*
*(Trainer Name) got Garcompite!*
"Yes, I knew that you want to become stronger. Well, maybe we'll see each other, call again, goodbye!"
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Gym Main Type: Electric

Gym Number: 2

Leader: Zarnia

Puzzle: Electric pads that dashes the player into an direction (Like Team Rocket's Hideout).

Trainer 1:
"I can feel the power of electricity!"

●Elekid Lv. 15

"You beat me like an lighting!"

Trainer 2:
"I feel dizzy from those dashing pads..."

●Mareep Lv. 11
●Mareep Lv. 13

"Now I feel dizzy and sad!"

Leader: Zarnia
"Congrats! You made all the way till' here, i'm truly prepared for this match, challenger!"

●Magnemite Lv. 12
●Flaafy Lv. 15
●Luxio Lv. 16

1 PKMN Left: "I would never run from an shocking battle!"

"I got zapped, you defeated me well... Here is your ZipZap Badge".

Reward: TM?? (Don't Remember) Volt Tackle

☆Rematch☆ •After E4•

"It's time to see your power again, I trained a lot since our last encounter".

●Magneton Lv. 54
●Electivire Lv. 54
●Plusle Lv. 55
●Minun Lv. 55
●Ampharos Lv. 58

1 PKMN Left: "This is it, full power of a shocking leader".

"I'm done, totally zapped again, you have shown me, i'm going to be better and concentrate on strategy..."


Previously Caleb LaMont

Puzzle- Just defeat the gym leader

Arbok lvl 6
Toxicroak lvl 60
Salazzle lvl 62
Venomoth lvl 63
Gengar lvl 65

She doesnt say anything except after the battles "Congrats dude, heres the Ivy badge."

After E4
Qwilfish lvl 80
Arbok lvl 81
Venomoth lvl 81
Toxicroak lvl 82
Salazzle lvl 84
Gengar lvl 86 (Mega)
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