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What Pokemon would you want to have an Alolan form?

The Sun & Moon games include "Alolan Forms" of classic Pokemon from the original.

If YOU were somewhat of the creator, or desginer...

What would Pokemon would you choose for an Alolan form?

(Please use 1-5 Pokemon, and Use Pokemon from the past 6 regions especially Kanto)

I would love to hear everyones thoughts!
the alolan forms were, in my opinion, a massive waste of space. I also don't think a poll is the correct way to ask this question as you've really been too narrow scoped in your choices, most people that think of pokemon past kanto will vote other...

But let me get back to why alolan forms were crap. they mostly just added dark or ice type, to pokemon that are mostly difficult to get excited about using, most movesets got slight tweaks, but otherwise they were just a massive letdown, however i did really enjoy chaining alolan raticate to raise up my mimikyu....

I do not see any value in giving alolan forms to the kanto starters, they already have megas, and again, looking at the types they like, the only real way I can see them changing the kanto starters would be:
bulbasaur - ice
charmander - dark
squirtle - steel

notwithstanding that their names make no sense now their types have been changed... how would you distribute kanto starters in alola? If you were given one as a second starter it'd be a repeat of X and Y, you can never have starters running around in tall grass, and if you were given one post-game everyone would bitch about it. Naturally my opinion of their likely types should not be quoted as gospel but as a likely scenario that i personally find less appealing than putting my own genitals in a blender.

What actually irked me so much about the sodding alolan forms was that they were only for kanto pokémon. As something touted as a new feature of the games, having what feels like a dozen kanto pokémon repaints (for want of a better term) was a huge letdown. Yes, I understand it would have been a massive undertaking to redesign every single pokémon (even if they excluded legendaries) but seriously, the fact they only used kanto pokemon, and didn't redo the whole kanto pokedex was a piss-take. I'd not have been too happy if we'd gotten alolan golbat but not crobat for example, but the decision to do so few just seemed like a waste of potential to me. So many wasted opportunities on logical pokemon throughout the generations is just disappointing.

ok rant over, my surface is messing up and i want something positive to end on.

I would have wanted alolan forms for all non legends, I think it's insulting to fans to not have an alolan form for at least one pokemon from each generation, and i really hate the majority of alolan forms, so i'm offering some fun ideas for pokemon to throw under the bus *cracks knackles*


Murkrow - ice/flying

yes, an alolan form that removes dark type! simple logic here, magpies are crows with amazing monochrome colour scheming. Therefore they're an obvious option. I'd also like the idea of a white witch ;) Now of course, murkrow already got the upgrade treatment in gen 4, I'd be interested to see what they did with honchkrow in this scenario. If it's an 'everybody gets one' scenario i remove this suggestion

HootHoot/Noctowl - fire/flying

the arguably worst early bird, given a firey disposition, would be unexpected and fun

qwilfish - fairy/poison or fairy/water

i've always had a soft spot for the lil guy, i'd love to see a tropical variant, and fairy/poison would be fun, whereas water fairy would give a nice alternative to primarina

sudowoodo - rock/poison

i'd love for alolan sudowoodo to sprout poisonous fruit as a defence mechanism, yes we had exeggutor, but this seemed like a real waste of potential.


lotad/lombre/ludicolo -grass/psychic?
seedot/nuzleaf/shiftry - grass/water

i'm not sure of the typing i'd choose for these lines but ideally i'd have liked to see both present, once again as version exclusives, and i'd really like to see a water based shiftry. Again, ludicolo being skipped was a huge waste =(

surskit/masquerain - water/steel, flying/steel

i really like the idea of a really sharp surskit, and masquerain taking on a kartana style look. biased as being a dick on tcg online with masquerain right now, too much of a soft spot for the thing

Shuppet/Banette Ghost/Ice

I always feel banette is very underrated, but i loved it as a taunt/tormenter in gen 3. would be great fun to see it get an upgrade

Wailmer/wailord - water/flying

because why not have a giant tropical blimp


Bidoof/Bibarel - dark/water

fine game freak, i'll do a dark type, why the hell not, bidoof has always been useless, ta-dah, now 5% less useless and with a new colour scheme, maybe skinnier teeth =/

Shinx/luxio/luxray - electric/water

make a rivalry between luxray and lycanroc the basis of this alolan form, potentially adding more to the split evolution nature of lycanroc =)

finneon/lumineon -fairy/ice

so annoyed to see finneon, which has genuinely been on every gen 4 game i've ever played in my team/party, and it not get any kind of alolan form, massive waste =( huge disappointment. give it the fairy type it needs, and make it ice for fun, alternative to ninetails

cherubi/cherrim - dark/grass

very underrated and niche as a pokemon, show of hands if you've used it on a main game playthrough? I've always wated to do a decent playthrough with one, again. tropical flowers...


purrloin/liepard - fairy

meowth going dark made me want puerloin to go equally opposite but within nature, if that makes sense?

dwebble/crustle - bug/ghost

hey, wouldn't it be really cool to have dwebbles in a bunch of different shells, even possibly a crabrawler's empty one at a weird angle/upside down? I thought so too. naturally ghost typing makes it immune to fighting moves to make light work of a crabrawler.

joltik/galvantula - poison/electric

i love joltik, yes i do,
in japanese, it's bachuru
with poison threads,
and powerlines
alolan galvantula,
sounds mighty fine


i know it's very recent, and some might say unnecessary, but it's all or nothing in my world...


didn't even need a new type, it just needs different wings for every region its hatched in, from now to eternity.

flabebe/floette/florges - grass/psychic

the original fairy that people think is grass, make it like a wood nymph =)

binacle/barbaracle - rock/grass

throw some moss or something on them, make them floral, idk, barbaracle could have been mega-ampahros levels of gorgeousness alas, obscurity...

inkay/malamar - poison/electric

brightly coloured lethal squids, tell me you're not excited?! (i'm not even sure if i'm being facetious here, been making tentacle porn jokes for too long...)

meh, i wouldn't say any of my ideas are much better than anything game freak released... I would actually be really more than just ok if stars added in a whole load more alolan forms, just as long as there's a good ratio of dark types when they're done ;)
I have 3 that I would've loved to see.

Hear me out, but my first choice is Snorlax. Snorlax was always a Pokémon that I loved to use in the games. But I never felt like it was ever used to its full potential. Heck, the Snorlax I used in Gen 2 was a Status lead. In Alola, the Snorlax were always in danger of being attacked by Pokemon in the wild. Enter an Alolan Snorlax, where Snorlax had to adapt to being hunted, so he stopped eating so much and stopped sleeping, simply because it had to in order to survive. So Snorlax became a buff Fighting Type Pokémon.

My second choice would be Mankey and Primape. I say Mankey and Primape because they was never used. I feel like they could be great Pokémon if they had better diversity. This is where Alolan Primape and Alolan Mankey come in. They would be Water/Fighting types, and this is because they were starting to go hungry because all of the food was in climates they couldn't go in. So, they adapted to be able to search in the sea for food. I imagine they grow fins on their arms and feet, and gills. I can see Mankey having like a Dolphin Tail. So, now Primapes would be vicious Sea Predators, too.

My last choice is Alolan Vileplume. Vileplume was always a Pokémon that I loved to use, I always had it in a Double Battle with Shiftry, and I had Shiftry use Sunny Day. In Alola, the type of plants that Vilplume usually fed on weren't around anymore. As such, Vileplume had to adapt to a hotter climate and different plants. Alolan Vileplume would be a Grass/Fire type, because it is taking in a lot more sun and would have to adapt in order to withstand the heat. I would imagine more vines growing out of the flower, the body is now orange, and the flower and the vines are now a deep red color and have hints of yellow.
I have one and only one request.

1. Alomomola.
Due to the vast climate change between Unova in Black and White 2 (blame Team Plasma), many Alomomola mirgated over to the fiery beach waters, giving them a fire/water typing. I can imagine it being like a regular Alomomola, but colored completely with a red organe color, and it's previous heart shaped body resembles a stock image of a fireball. It's a bit of a stretch...but I just wanted to be able to say Alola Alomomola.
Well, Since mostly were thinking of Kanto,
1. Machop, Machoke, Machamp
Rock Fighting (Machop), Ground Fighting (Machoke/Machamp)


The survival Pokemon

Due to change of location, Machop's species had to adapt to eating rocks, plants, and berries.
Due to this, they gained rock like
attributes and very sharp teeth for eating them easier.
They easily cut rocks in half with their teeth. But they still rely on their fist, too.


The survival Pokemon

The fact they Live mostly in rocky climates makes them hardened.
Machop's are quite smarter than normal Machops
and can crack open Coconuts with both muscle and experience.


The survival Pokemon

Machamps use their four arms to break boulders into little pieces.
They can stomach down anything due to their tough organs and stomach acid,
making them quite a tough opponent.

I don't know how they would look, however. If anybody has any idea's on that, Please do let me know.