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Which Design Should Be The Newest Hummingbird Pokémon?

The white belly, or the green belly?

This is Hummingbloom! A Grass-flying type Pokémon from the Mithos Region. I copied a stencil from the internet. The added tail feathers, coloring, and photoshopped red lotus flower are my work. I'm hoping to get it professionally drawn at some point, but for now I'm going to work out the color scheme. If you have any suggestions or comments, please post them below.
Hmm... you could make them gender differences if you really can't pick?
That might work. Female hummingbirds are typically not as colorful as the males. Perhaps I could mimic that in the Hummingbloom some how. Give females green and green-brown feathers and take away the gingko tail feathers. Though, the green belly would probably work as well for them as the males. Hmm.