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Ask to Join Wilderness Wanderers - Minor Violence

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Jakob kicked down the door, screaming. He knew he should have got his father's Haxorus vaccinated. "Help please, a very angry Haxorus is trying to murder me and I don't wanna die!!!" Jakob shouted, sprinting after Anubis. A few farmers just looked at him, confused, when the Haxorus burst through the doorway and charged after Jakob. Jakob looked at what could protect him. There was a pitchfork at a near farm, but it was bent and old. There was the kitchen's which would probably have knives, but not enough to kill a Haxorus. Finally, there was the blacksmiths. A hammer could last a little while but inflict some damage, a poker would keep the beast away for a few seconds. "Blacksmiths it is," Jakob declared, running towards the forge. One hammer and one poker which had been resting in the fire. He opened the window and jumped out as the monster was at the door and couldn't see and he went behind the Haxorus. He gave Anubis the hammer and then pushed the poker into the Haxorus, which shrieked in pain. The only issue was that it didn't calm it down; it had made it madder. It swang its tale at Jakob, which he only narrowly avoided. Slicing back and forward with its head, the Haxorus approached. "Come on, come on, come on..." Jakob muttered to himself. Anubis then gave his loudest roar (which was a yap) and hit the Haxorus' left blade with the hammer, shattering it. The creature was really, really not happy, attempting to fling the little dog wielding a hammer off its head. But it was too late for the Haxorus, as its right blade was also smashed. Anubis gave a little cheer and Jakob sent out Deadwood to finish the job. Deadwood slammed the Haxorus against the wall and then chucked it into the river, where it flosted away, unconscious. "Shoulda vaccinated it. Well, at least I'm not dead. I could have suffered more pain," Jakob said sarcastically, with a laugh
Mike ran out of Hubrak Town's Cave. "Red use Earthquake one more time on that Aggron!" Mike yelled. Red nodded and caused a small Earthquake finishing off the Agron. The Agron fell down, but still alive. "Ok Red lets go!" Mike gestured out of the cave, and Red flew out. The Agron got up, but a falling rock finished it off. The entrence of the cave got caved off by some rocks. Purple was sad about her pretty rocks getting eaten, Red was celebrating it's victory, Blue was flying around, and Indigo was meditating. "OK guys. Even though we are out of the cave, does not mean we are safe. I heard this is happening in other places than just in our Town. We will first need to get some more water, and find other supplies!" Mike said. The Miniors all agreed, and all walked to the nearest water source. "What is that?" Mike asked when a Haxourus floated by the river. It was not moving, and most likely drowned from its face being in the water. "Guys, I think we should investigate how this powerful dragon is dead and now floating down a river." Mike said. "The body is flowing south, so the direction in which it came would be north." Mike started to walk North with the four Miniors close behind.
Kaitlynn's start wasn't nearly as eventful as the other trainers. Or so it seemed, anyway.

The girl had lived on her own for a while now, having recently celebrated her 21st birthday; old enough to drink. She had been allowed to venture at a mere age 17, back when the virus wasn't rampant and she only travelled with a younger Amulet, plotting to become a trainer like most of her family before her, even if the same pattern lasted throughout the family: they try, they fail, they retire. That's all it ever was and ever had been. Kait was ready to break that chain once and for all for the Förstner family. But she couldn't have left then. She was still young and had to train her team. She settled down in an icy hollow, and there she stayed for four long years. Training. Caretaking. Waiting.

Her time had finally come.

Amulet looking on, Kait packed her bag for the trip. It was a relatively large backpack; thick and built for the frigid climate. That means there was plenty of room for her crap.

Kait stuffed the thing, with various stuff both nessicary and the opposite of such, topping it off with a newly filled canteen of water around her neck. She motioned for her partners to follow her outside of what she referred to as "The Den". With a rather unnecessary running dash, she mounted Bear, her staraptor, and took flight, pulling the snow goggles down over her eyes and taking one last look at the swirling snow, desperately hoping it wouldn't be her last.

"Bear, look, down there!"

Despite 'Bear' not being his given name, Amu glanced down from the monster of a bird Pokémon's back, gazing onto the city below. Unlike some of the other areas they had flown over it seemed… peaceful. In a relative sense, anyway. Many of the other cities and forests had dissolved into relative anarchy, but this one was relatively calm.

Kait thought the same, landing nearby the settlement and trudging through the forests, carefully dodging any tall grass. Unfortunately for her, cautiousness aside, the reckless parting of bushes revealed a rather nasty Alolan Ratatta, who brandished his tiny claws and twitched his mustache-like whiskers. With a stroke of luck, however, it turned out to be merely a stray, owned by one of the town's younger trainers, having already received its vaccination. The rest of the trek to the town was without issue, the duo finally walking into a nearby store, sweltering and tired.

As much as Kait wanted to adventure, there was one thing she had to do first. She opened her bag, revealing the limited amount of ₽ she had brought.

If she didn't want to die of overheating, she'd have to embark on a different journey.
Kait would have to go clothes shopping first.
In the town of Yutbridge some rain lightly sprinkled down from the swollen gray clouds far up in the sky. Most of the streets were empty as most of the town was congregated in the graveyard, in this group was the young trainer Alex Treadwell. Alex sat underneath a tree towards the back of the crowd knees up with elbows resting on them and his hands clasped together just below his nose. His blonde messy hair was matted down now damp from the light rain, he stared down at the grass deep in thought. One could tell he hasn't slept well in the past few days. Beside him stood a large Druddigon named Khan, it's body and face covered in scars. The Druddigon's expression wasn't much better than his new owner's

Alex's mind was racing with thoughts of guilt, "What if I got there sooner Khan?" he finally said something. The Druddigon turned its head and looked at the 23 year old sitting in the grass. "If I wasn't so selfish I could have helped him protect the town, maybe my dad would still be..." he cut off as tears started welling at the side of his eyes, The Druddigon crouched lower to the ground to comfort his trainer. "I'm sorry buddy, I pride myself on being a strong trainer like my father, and brother. I just wish I could've been there sooner, if I hadn't made sure my pokemon got vaccinated first I could have helped him." he admitted. "Drudigon...." The Pokemon responded. "I know its what he wouldve wanted me to do, 'Taking care of ones Pokemon is a Trainers first priority!' he always told me. I guess he really believed it to sacrifice himself to make sure you weren't infected, huh Khan." he said looking up to the Pokemon looming over him. Before Khan had time to respond they were interrupted by the Town's Mayor tapping a mike before speaking. "Were gathered here today to remember the valiant efforts of one of Yutbridges strongest trainer's and Hero during the initial virus outbreak, Gabriel Treadwell." The Mayor began. "Come on Druddigon, lets go. We should be there for this" he said getting up. Alex brushed some of the grass off of his black slacks and dress shirt. He took a deep breath and adjusted his tie before joining the rest of the crowd. The Funeral lasted well into the evening before Alex and his Druddigon made their way back to their home.

As Alex walked in he was greeted by Keenu, the Joltik. "Hey, Keenu. We're back buddy." he said as the young Pokemon climbed its way up to his head and laid down in his hair. "Hey, I have to change first! We're going on an adventure soon." he said. Keenu climbed down and looked at him curiously. "I suppose you all should hear this." he said taking out the first pokeball on his belt. "Come on out Vinnie!" A red beam emerged from the ball and coalesced into the form of a Snivy. "All right you guys, tonight we're leaving Yutbridge. I need to find a way to administer the cure across the region, I don't want anyone to suffer like we had to. I... also want to go find my older brother, Nathan." he paused. "If he's out there I need to find him, He'll know what to do." he finally spit out. "C'mon, help me pack up you guys." he said and all three Pokemon nodded in agreement. Him and the Pokemon went upstairs to Alex's bedroom. Alex quickly changed into his normal wear -A dark brown pair of pants, a beige sweater with an image of an island with a palm tree on it surrounded by the ocean, and a red hoodie he tied around his waist- he then filled his bag with some items he thought he would need. "We'll pry need to pack another pair of clothes at least" he said stuffing his bag with an outfit similar to the one he had on. "Oh and my sleeping bag! and probably these!" he said picking up a sleeping bag, an old compass, and a map of the region. With his bag all packed he made his way downstairs and filled up his old camping canteen with some water from the sink. All this packing reminded him of when he was younger and would go camping with his dad and older brother. "I'll get stronger dad, I promise..." he mumbled to himself. After screwing on the lid of the canteen he put it on like a satchel underneath his hoodie. "Alright Vinnie, Khan. You two should stay in your pokeball. You might warrant more attention from the wild infected Pokemon. Just because this side of town is safe doesn't mean the surrounding area is quarantined, and flying Pokemon will see Khan a mile away as big as he is." he said. The two Pokemon nodded in understanding. "Joltik you can sit on my head underneath my hood, There's a lot of water Pokemon by the river so I'll want you nearby since your'e an electric type." he told the small Pokemon. "All right." he took a deep breath. "Let's do this!" he recalled the Druddigon and Snivy, slung his bag over one shoulder and walked out towards the end of town into the forest beyond.
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Boom! An aerodactyl was rampaging through skelle town fossil research lab burning down the walls trying to break free of it's prison after being infected straight after revival. John's partner little t trying to stop it in it's track's. " Don't let it get any further we haven't vaccinated amarus and if it becomes infected the town's doomed" yelled john as the guards arrived with there pokemon "dragon rage and men prepare the net we need to calm that thing down." the tyrunt let out a mighty roar giving the guards enough time to net the beast and inject it with the vaccine before taking it over to the study pen of the lab.
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"Oi, kid, get off my tools!" shouted the blacksmith aggressively. Jakob, embarrassed, dropped the poker, while Anubis gave the hammer to the blacksmith. "As I saw you stealing my tools, I'm not going to call the police, but you do need punishing! I think you should help in the weavery." Jakob groaned. The blacksmith, although his job was pointless before the virus, was useful now. He had carried on his family tradition of blacksmithery, selling mastercraft swords and suits of armour to rich families. "Off you go then." Jakob walked slouched towards the weavery. He hated weaving. One the way their he pasted the clothes shop; very little of the clothes msde in Quilka town actually went there, most going to the largest cities. What surprised Jakob was that the still sell things (at even higher prices)! He looked at the community service slip: he only had to go to the weavery by this evening for 3 hours. "He probably heard me screaming my head off about the Haxorus, so he toned down the punishment." Jakob muttered to himself.
Mike and his Miniors continued to walk through the forest. They seemed to have made no progress whatsoever. "Lets just settle down for awhile" Mike said sitting down. Mike ate one berry, the Miniors ate some wild berries that were safe. After a bit they went on. The forest was getting less and less thick. "Guys I think we are almost here!" Mike announced drinking some water from the river. They all walked out of the forest to see a building that seemed like a store, and the river leaded to the store. "We can get some supplies and asked what happened to the Haxorus! Lets hope they aren't violent." Mike told the Miniors. They approached the building. He then knocked at the door.
"Nice floating rocks. They vaccinated?" Jakob asked the stranger who had approached the shop. "If they aren't vaccinated, get out. We already had one murderous Pokémon today due to it not being vaccinated. We don't want another. By the way, my name is Jakob." He sent out Anubis, Deadwood and Slice. He then realised something: he hadn't told Slice about the incident. "Can you wait a second, Anubis and Deadwood, go make some friends." Jakob said pointing at the Minior. He took Slice further away and started talking to it. "Look bud - I know this is gonna be hard and you'll think I betrayed you, but just listen. So your dad got... he got infected. Tried to kill me. I did stop it, but I.... I hsd nothing to cure it with. He flowed down the river... I'm sorry bud." The Fraxure's eyes watered as it hugged its owner, in forgiveness and in grieving. It let out a little yap as it couldn't roar. "Sorry bud. I really am. Really..." Jakob took Slice back into his Pokéball and walked back to the stranger. "Sorry about that. So, what's your name?"
"First: Yes they are vaccinated." Mike answered. "Second I am Mike, nice to meet you, and lastly, they are not floating space rocks they are Miniors." Mike looked at his team of Pokemon. "I see you have some nice Pokemon. A Faxure, A Riolu, and A walking Pine Tree? OK I have barley any knowledge of any Pokemon besides ones in caves, but why is that Pine Tree Walking?" Red looked at Anubis as a rival, due to the marks on his face, Red assumed that he beat the Haxorus, and he would need to beat this new Pokemon to become the best. Blue gave Red a look, that said do not do it. Violet was just floating around some shiny steel. "Anyways, what do you have to sell Jakob?" Mike asked. "And were you the one that beat the Haxorus?"
"There is a reason I'm not trying to make you buy some wool and silk." said Jakob sarcastically. "And yes, I did kill it. I was saving myself as it got infected." Anubis punched him for Deadwood. "Fine, the tree killed it. Still, nice to meet you Mike. Where you going? I heard a rockslide at Mount Hubrak, so I presume you left there."
"Neat, how did you even know that there was a rock slide there?" Mike asked. "It was only 2 Hours, and no one is around there when it happened." Mike turned around to see the rock slide was not even a mile away. "Oh. I am not fast I guess." Mike turned around and gave 20 Pokedollars to Jakob. "Do you have any food, or anything like a tent that I can buy?" Mike asked. Red turned his attention from Anubis to Deadwood. Red felt a chill, due to his fear of ghost types. He thought he can challenge it another time. Light Blue was taking interest in the Riolu, since it is the first thing he saw that was the same color as him.
The sun was just coming up, peeking through the thick leaves of the forests canopy as he was walking. Keenu was nestled on top his head underneath Alex's hood. Alex was visibly tired, sneaking out of town and past the barricade in the middle of the night was exhausting. He made it to a small clearing and plopped down underneath a tree pulling his canteen to his lips and taking a big gulp. Alex took a big gasp of air after drinking "Ahhh, hey Keenu you doing okay up there?" he asked his green eyes looking up to the top of his head. "Joltik!" exclaimed Keenu happily while sticking his head out from under Alex's hood. "That's good." Alex replied, but before he could say anything else they were interrupted by a loud rustling noise on the far side of the clearing. Alex slowly stood up letting his canteen sit back at his waist, and lowering his hood so Keenu could see. The rustling next came from his left, as he jumped facing that direction he held his right arm close to his belt where Khan the Druddigon's pokeball was. Alex sat motionless while Keenu's hairs stood on end electricity flowing across the electric Pokemon's hair. After what seemed like an eternity a Scolipede erupted from the bushes charging Alex and his pokemon! "Shit! Run Keenu!" he yelled taking off into the forest The angry infected Scolipede in pursuit. Alex knew he would'y get far before the Scolipede caught up to him with its great speed. "Keenu use Spider Web!" he yelled. The Joltik nodded in understanding flipping around on top of Alex's head and spitting out two webs. The Scolipede dodged the first, but was hit by the second slowing it down. "Nice job Keenu, but were not done yet." he said between breaths. "Use Electoweb on those trees up ahead when we run past, He should be caught there!" he ordered running as fast as he could. The joltik waited for the perfect opportunity to strike and when the parallel trees came into vision he unleashed his attack making a perfect spiderweb strung between the two trees. The angry Scolipede ran right into their trap, it thrashed violently as the web electrocuted the creature unable to escape the web. Alex's heart leapt as he heard the Pokemon become immobilized. panting for air he looked at the creature struggle to escape roaring in pain from the Electroweb. "Alright, we don't have a vaccine, So we're going to have to finish it off" he said while catching his breath. "Use Thunderbolt on its horns!" he said and Joltik leaped off his head firing off a powerful blast of lightning directed at the Scolipede's horns. The Scolipede roared in pain for a few excruciating moments before finally giving off one last roar before hitting the ground with a thud, lying motionless. Alex sat back in the grass in relief still catching his breath. After a minute of quick rest he called his Joltik back onto his head, "Let's get going Keenu, The next town shouldn't be far" he said solemnly. Keenu whimpered from atop his head as Alex pulled the hood back over making sure he was well concealed.
"Ok...look at that..Watch Carefully and.....NOW SPARKY USE THUNDER ON THE GYARADOS!"Commanded Shadow as she points at the gyarados.Sparky uses Thunder Then All of a sudden Nyan comes and uses Pursuit and Sammy uses Slash all knocking the gyarados downstream."Great Job Guys!Exclaimed Shadow as she praises them."Meow Me?"Questioned Nyan as she spot a haxorus floating downstream."Guys Ok see that Pokemon now use those vines to Pull it out of the water!Commanded Shadow.Her pokemon do as she commanded and the Haxorus is dragged onto the land."Hmm....He has a low slow weak pluse we can save it but if it attacks we have to be ready.."Shadow calmly said as she starts to do cpr on the Haxorus.It soon gets up and stares."Great your ok now go on"Said Shadow with a smile.The Haxorus attacks in a rampage but shadow uses a pokenet."Hah New it well take this my last vaccine!"Yelled shadow as she Injects the Vaccine into the haxorus and it finally calms down."Whew ok Here Nyan go to the store and quickly get some meat i wanna try and tame it here is the money"Said Shadow as she Passes the Money to nyan and she runs off."Now All we need to do is wait"Said Shadow 10 mins later "Meow!"Exclaimed Nyan as she gets chased by a growlette and then she throws the meat to Shadow."Ok now here you go Haxorus and here you have a little cut there"Said Shadow as she gives the meat to The haxorus and then heals the cut."Hax...rus..Or?"Questioned the Haxorus."Now you can go i desided ill help you get to your child i can sent it!"Exclaimed Shadow
The air tasted stale and left a foul taste in his mouth when Armello took a deep breath in defeat. He had settled down in a rudimentary inn by the side of the Yut River, where the menu was comprised of milk two days past it's expiration date and a sandwich with a slab of Miltank meat seething between two slices of dry bread, and the only recreation was laying alone with your own thoughts. Armello took part in this willingly, staring up at the cobwebbed ceiling while the Abra called Jethro restfully slumbered on his chest. He was propped up on a blanket spread over the hardwood floor with only his coat to keep his comfort.
How had he gotten himself in this situation? He'd left home in search of something more to his life, without a cent to his name at that.
Armello gently stroked Jethro's smooth head, whom only shifted his weight and nuzzled his hand affectionately in response.
Armello was particularly melancholy that he was unable to afford to vaccinate his two partners and protectors. He was fearful that Jethro would become feral without any warning and attempt to end his life.
On several occasions, he had dreamt of his partner attacking him and had woken, convinced that what he had experienced was real. When he realized they weren't he often scooped the Abra into his arms and thanked whatever forces that were above that Jethro was safe.
More so, he was scared of his uncle's Pokémon, the Houndoom, whose maw could chew through steel.
The sun was setting and Jakob was late. "Mike, I have things in my house but he gonna need to go qui..." Jakob was interrupted by the blacksmith and the mob behind him. "HE IS A THIEF WHO DOES NOT WANT TO BE PUNISHED. WE NEED TO KEEP ORDER, NO MATTER WHAT! LOCK HIM UP!!!" The blacksmith shouted with a thrill in his voice. Jakob knew what he had to. "You are helping me get stuff and then we run. I've been living here for years and I forage in the forests around here. After my father was consctripted to protect the large cities from the virus, I am the only person in the town who knows the forest and its paths." Deadwood poked Jakob, i plying that he knows it better. "Deadwood, we don't have time for this. Do you want to be turned into a table?" He shook his head and they ran down the alley way.
Alex finally emerged from the Forest. He took a deep breath through his nose before surveying the new land in front of him, "Looks like theres some kind of town up ahead Keenu." he told the half asleep Joltik hiding under his hood. As Jake and Keenu got closer to the town they heard a loud commotion. "I wonder what that's all about?" He asked himself as he carefully approached. He spotted a store off to the side and decided to check it out, as he walked down the street he caught a glimpse of an angry mob and ducked down into an alley way. "Phew that was close, Huh Keenu?" Said Alex. Keenu was pulling on his hair trying to get his attention. When Alex turned around he caught the tail end of a small group of Pokemon and trainers. What looked to be like a Floating rock and a Riolu. "Let's follow them Keenu." He said as he snuck behind the group hiding behind whatever objects he could find to stay out of sight while he trailed them through the alleys.
Finally, after what seemed like ages of browsing pointlessly, waiting in lines, and lingering patiently in the incorrect aisles multiple times due to overworked curstomer service; she got out of that treacherous place. Normally Kait wasn't impatient; but this was an excruciatingly annoying exception. The purchase as a whole had cost a ridiculously overpriced 10,000₽. She chose to look on the bright side, at least she wasn't sweltering anymore. This outfit could hopefully work for climates that weren't as... extreme.
It consisted of a lightweight, black shirt with yet another meaningless graphic; a simple, olive green jacket littered with pockets (a necessity); a baggy pair of grey jeans that didn't look much different from her previous garb; and a pair of sneakers in a shade of washed-out blue and white that were extremely overpriced (but unfortunately the only thing they had. She kept the ski goggles on her head, as they were still useful for preventing the wind from drying out her eyes while flying.
Kait marched out of the shop, Amulet in tow. In the spur of the moment, Kait crudely shoved her other jacket into her backpack, having not thought of such before, balancing it on one strap around her shoulder whilst doing such. It was only then that she spotted the mob. It was well-nigh impossible to decipher what they were saying– or doing– but Kait managed to not get run over in the first three seconds; which is a good step in the right direction. Past the crowd, however, was a flicker of movement. They seemed to be in a rush, but their Pokémon gave away their location. It seemed to be something along the lines of... a living tree? That was new. Then again, so were the multitudes of other Pokémon that couldn't survive in the north. This one, however, was different. Fixing her backpack and scooping up her Meowth in a single sweeping motion (much to his shock), Kait weaved her way through the crowd, unintentionally creating small pockets of chaos and shouting as she went.
After several minutes of stepping on feet and excusing herself through the rowdy crowd, she carried on in persuit after the Pokémon and its trainer as they slunk into the forest.
Anubis turned and pointed. "You two, get in here now!" Jakob shouted while unlocking the door to his house, "If they see you here, near me, they will get you as well, so you help or you die. I would choose the first." Anubis had spotted a girl and a boy following them through the back alleys. The boy had a Joltik on his head while the girl had a cat; it looked like a Meowth. "Mike, you get in here too! You check the store room, I'll check the kitchen. You two, just get some stuff and tell me when you are both in or else the mob gets in!" Jakob ran into the kitchen and pulled open all the cupboards to find little food and a rattata eating into the rice. "Snap!" He pulled out two loaves of bread, the remaining of the butter and a large amount of berries and herbs; foraging had been worthwhile.