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Your Favourite Pokemon

wurmchu, your post is short, pointless and rather annoying to rayquaza supporters, not that I know any that immediately come to mind.

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I fell in love with Absol the first time I saw it, because the way they designed it's head reminds me of the yin yang symbol, which is ironic since it is the disaster Pokemon. My second favorite is Smoochum, because of how adorable it is! I haven't gotten to work with one yet, but I'm looking forward to it when I finally breed Jynx and hatch the egg.

I've always loved the fire type starters, but I can never get far with them. I always do better with the others, for some reason.
I've always liked the fire type starters and quilava is cool but i hate cyndaquil- so i chose chikorita for silver, and im going to choose totodile to mix things up in heartgold.
Suicune. That's the one legendary dog that instead of destroying things, also has the ability to help things. Because it's based on a water element. Because it's a dog. And not only a dog, but a free dog.

...and because in 3rd gen, that was insanely hard to kill it off after it got several calm minds under its belt.

It's not a pokemon that I've used all too often, but nevertheless, it's my favorite.
I've been a fan of Umbreon since the first time I saw it. I've always thought it's design was awesome. I also find it very useful competitively.
I like Scizor, Zapdos, Scarmori, Gloom, Yveltal, Gardevoir, Staraptop, Hitmontop, Orbeetle, Cinderace, Lucario, Mega Charizard, Raichu, Heatran, Luxray, Mightyena, Greninja and Gmax Blastoise
If I had to build a team of my favorites it would be: Venusaur, Butterfree, Arbok, Typhlosion, Aggron & ... Not sure on the last one. Probably Marowak, Galvantula or Crawdaunt.
Because... my god... the amount of times this topic is redone has driven me mad X)

So, it's staying here, stickified, for now. And with that, you may answer once and for all one of the most asked questions since "Which starter did you pick?"

What is/are your favourite Pokemon? If your favourites change, feel free to update with that.



Previously Muddie
My favorite pokemon are Mudkip, Hisuian Typhlosion, and Gallade. Mudkip actually has sentimental value to me; I've liked Mudkip since 3rd grade. Hisuian Typhlosion looks high, which is sick, and Gallade is just bad***.

(If I had to choose another one, it would be Goodra.)
hoo boy ,, ive had a lot of favorites over the years , but my current favorite is pretty obscure all things considered . i introduce to you a pokemon that definitely made a lot of dexiters angry due to it's obscurity and inclusion in sw/sh, maractus !


my love of this pokemon began in mid 2019, i'd say. at this point sword and shield had been announced, and it was a couple of months away from release. i have no clue if dexit was a thing yet, because i really don't care too much about it, i personally think it's an incredibly dumb controversy. point is, i was 13, obsessed with a little puzzle game called puyo puyo, and was a couple months away from my pokemon adventures phase. so here i was, middle of summer i assume, sitting in my little bed and watching pokemon videos on my phone. i think it was either theauraguardian or jethrotex (which, rip. he was one of my favorite youtubers in 5th grade.), doesn't matter who, but point is, it was a top 10 list. top 10 most forgettable pokemon or something. somewhere on this list, probably number 5 or 6, maractus came up. it was a choice that peeved me a little in the way that it made me a tiny bit sad. i knew of maractus, i knew it was a pokemon, i knew it was cute, and up until that point i had been pronouncing it as "mara-cactus", because i had (and still have to a certain extent) a habit of pronouncing easy names extremely poorly (i used to pronounce anime as... uh-nigh-me.). i didn't know anything about it, but i liked it. it was cute. but it was one SPECIFIC thing that the youtuber i watched said that made it my favorite, something along the lines of calling it forgettable and saying that nobody remembered or liked it. at that very moment i thought "you know what, i'll remember it. i'll like it" . and from that moment on, my favorite pokemon swapped from butterfree to maractus. silly reasoning, i'm well aware, but god do i love this fucked up little cactus. i even had one on my winning team for shield !