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Your First Pokémon Game

What was the first Pokémon game you ever played?

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My first pokemon game(s) was pokemon gold and crystal. I got them from my brother when I was little because he didn't like pokemon anymore. My third pokemon (well I guess you could say third) was pokemon emerald, which I still play and also got from my brother. I lost my pokemon gold and crystal but I still have my pokemon emerald and play it to this very day!
Pokemon Pearl in 2006. I'd been playing the card game since 2005, however, so I already knew enough from the cards as well from watching the older kids play on their copies of Emerald while they speculated over the new games.
Oooh what a fun thread!!

I first played Pokemon Red, actually. but I was three, I had no idea what I was doing, didn't know how the game worked, and I only had a Squirtle named Pickle. My mom bought it for me at a thrift store and it didn't save, but it made no difference to me. I just liked playing it.

The first game I actually played through was Gold shortly after, and I just has a Feraligatr. Nothing else. I was five, and I will not say I was good or anything. I just overtrained it and didn't understand teambuilding. My rival's name was "Poop"
I THINK I played Yellow in like, Kindergarten one time. It was someone else's game and I knew nothing about how to play Pokémon. I only ever watched the TV show and I used to think that I was catching every mon I KO'd in the wild, ahaha.

But as far as the first one I actually owned and what got me into the games, I got Crystal for Christmas when I was 6! The game was actually used and had like, four legendaries on it, but I reset it (not that I could've brought those legendaries over to the later game anyway, whoops) and that was where I REALLY started getting into Pokémon!

(My favorite game is Emerald and HGSS tho. More or less a tie between those two. Just, funfax)

And yeah, I always just overtrained my starters as a kid too. I didn't start doing balanced teambuilding until I was probably 12 or something, and for the life of me I cannot remember any pokémon I used besides my starter unless they were legendaries or that red Gyarados in Crystal. rip
I was 8 when Pokémon landed in Finland and watched every single episode on tv. Our parents did not approve of video games though (barely got a GameCube when I was 12) and although almost everyone at school was a huge fan of Pokémon, no one in our tiny 20-person elementary school in the countryside had a GameBoy. We watched the series, bought the toys and collection cards and so on, but the games were nowhere to be seen. Maybe because they were expensive, maybe because they were in English (and we barely started very basic English studies in school at age of 9), maybe because people were not that familiar with video games at that time and place. Who knows! We still nonetheless loved Pokémon and considered ourselves hardcore fans.

Then our family moved elsewhere, years passed, I had other interests like Harry Potter and made some friends who introduced me to horse riding. Then we moved in the middle of nowhere and surfing internet became my only hobby for a while... x'D Anyway! When I was 16, first year of Finnish high school, I bought myself a DS and started up Pokémon Diamond. And I was in love. It was so addictive, collecting a diverse team was engaging, exploring the map was fun and collecting the gym badges was awesome. I feel like Sinnoh was not a bad place to start. I've played every game since (Heart Gold and X were the best for me), but Some Sinnoh designs are still my favorite (Lucario, Luxio, Glaceon). Geeking out with Pokémon has been my favorite hobby and allowed me to make some good friends. It's also actually pretty much the only interest I still share with my best friend.

I've spent years getting frowned on by my family for liking something "as childish" as Pokémon, especially my little sister who rolls her eyes at anything geeky unless one of her friends loves it. But luckily my husband and best friend always shared the same interest for Pokémon. In my experience the group of "grown-up people" (meaning 16+) who still love Pokémon after all these years has been small but geeky and supportive.
But now that Pokémon GO is out, Pokémon is suddenly mainstream again! EVERYONE plays it, including my sister! I have mixed feelings about it. Of course it's nice that it's so popular, but also really strange. It's weird to hear 13-year-old kids in the street say "Hey it's that purple one" when a year ago anyone who talked about Pokémon would have been able to name them. But overall it's cool, it's great that so many people are rediscovering (or discovering) Pokémon again, and I'm definitely happy to see a surge in Pokémon merchandise again. :3
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My first game was my brothers copy of Leaf Green. My brother also had Emerald, but Leaf Green is special to me. I think my brother will be pissed about me deleting his status of the game, but he wasn't lvl 100s luckily.
My very first was Yellow, but I never made it very far because I was probably around 6 or 7 years old and didn't understand the game at all. I just liked Pikachu. The first one that I beat was Sapphire. However, the first game that I owned was Diamond (both Yellow and Sapphire belonged to my older brother at the time).
My first game was actually PMD: Explorers of Time and I got it in the year it came out but then a year later I got a pre-owned Diamond (I actually really wanted Pearl but I couldn't since the preowned games were cheaper and that was the only choice I was given :@ but in the end I'm glad I got Diamond because Dialga is better than Palkia :\=|:)
My first game is Alpha Sapphire(which I couldn't beat)so then I played Omega Ruby, which became my favorite game and I have played it 11 times!
While my first Pokemon game was Pearl, I technically had two. I got both Pearl and Battle Revolution (Best spin off game don't @ me about this) at the same time, on the same day. My dad saw me watching Pokemon like 24/7 and got me a couple games for my birthday. I played them non-stop and still play Battle Revolution.
Pokémon Blue was the first video game I ever owned. I was given a Gameboy Color, and a copy of Blue when I finished kindergarten. I quickly played Blue until the internal battery died, and got a new copy. I still have both copies lying around somewhere.


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Pokemon Red in December 1999. Charmander was my starter because, in what I can only call the absolute pinnacle of Pokemon stupidity, I didn't know you could walk around the table to pick one of the other two.

Guess you have to start somewhere.
I used to watch the anime and collect the trading cards when I was about a toddler or so, but only played one of the games for the first time when Gen IV came around. One of my brother's friends had given him their copy of Pokemon Diamond to keep. But I was the one who ended up playing it (since he doesn't particularly like RPGs), and I've been hooked ever since.
My introduction was when a friend of mine kept obsessing over Rayquaza. I thought Pokemon was for boys, being a typical princesses-and-ponies type of kid then. One day, my friend had told me that Bakugan had a TV show that aired on Cartoon Network. He had a ton of the toys, and I loved to play with them. So I was waiting for Bakugan--it never came on that day--when Pokemon Black and White came on. I decided to watch it because why not, and absolutely fell in love. I watched the anime religiously, and still do, and bought Pokemon cards. That year, my mom got me Pokemon White Version for Christmas. Though it was my first game, it wasn't my favorite: that was HeartGold.
My first ever Pokemon game was Pokemon Silver. I was around 7 at the time, and it was one of the first actual video game, I had ever played. So i picked it up and played it, without knowing or understanding the concept of saving the game. I thought the phrase, “SAVE” was something you could click when you didn’t know what to do. So it would save you by telling you what to do next. But I read all the dialogue (out loud) and I didn’t think I would need it. So I picked Totodile as my starter, because he looked like he was fun, but cool. So my rival, who was named something random, like AAAAA when I started, because i imagined the rival would scream when i found his ID, and that would be what his name would be. So i caught a bunch of Pokemon, but mainly used Totodile and quickly beat Falkner and swarmed through Sprout Tower, gaining myself a badge and the HM for Flash. I traveled through Union Cave, and always thought it was hard. I don’t know why. Then I continued playing until I reached Goldenrod. Then it died.

So knowing that Union Cave was in my path, I always chose Totodile and played as far as I could, never getting past the National Park. Usually it always became a Croconaw at that point, so I fell in love with his Evolution line.

However years passed, and I lost my Game Boy. I also didn’t hey any more Pokemon games or a DS, so I didn’t get to play for about 4 or 5 years, when I got a DS and a copy of Pokemon Pearl. And that was the first Pokemon game I actually completed.
My first Pokemon game WAS the first Pokemon game. I had PKMN Red, because I thought Charizard was the boss, but my friend had Blue and thought Blastoise was boss. As soon as I got it I was just jumping around and It took me about a week or so to beat the game and about two months to catch all 150 (R.I.P. Mew) And my starter was obviously Charmander

Soon after, I managed to get Pokemon Fire Red, and pretty much the same scenario as PKMN Red happened. This time, I chose Bulbasaur because I felt like I should respect him...

Later about God knows how many years, I got a hold of Pokemon Diamond and just played it, then I got Pokemon Black which I beat amazingly. At that time, people at school were all about trying to trade PKMN and stuff.

And I got PKMN Sun for my 3ds, I beat the game, but am still trying to fill the pokedex.

And I might be getting my hands on Ultra Sun soon...


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My first game was pokemon X for my 3DS......Lets just say that game was the hardest game I've played as soon as I got to snorlax. After that I got a eevee, and now I have all of eevee's forms! Normal and shiny


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My first Pokemon game was a ROM hack of ruby called Light Platinum. I never actually completed it and am trying to complete it to this day. Ironically, the first Pokemon game I actually completed was the non hacked version of Light Platinum, Ruby. I chose Torchic despite everyone saying I should choose Treecko. Basically, my Blaziken carried my entire team.
I grew up with watching the show personally, and I only got my first game in I believe 2015. My first game was omega ruby, and I also received alpha sapphire at the same time. I got X and Y in 2016 and I most recently got the pokemon gold and pokemon sliver downloads for the 3DS.
Yellow for me, in 2000. Age 13.
My best friend repeatedly gave me updates on hers (i.e "I caught a Zubat") and then one day actually showed it to me.
That was it. I had to have it.
When my mom picked me up from her place that day, I asked her for it and she agreed.

Until this point, I hadn't heard of any Pokemon games. I'd just recently gotten into the anime, quite by surprise.
To be honest, my best friend and I used to trash it and on my end, it was just based on the idea and vague descriptions she'd give me, most notably about the episode 'Pikachu's Goodbye'. Not to mention the Pokemon TGs were in trend. Everyone brought them to school.
I thought it was the most idiotic thing ever created.

Then one afternoon at home, with all homework finished I was scrolling through our Comcast guide and noticed it was on. It was the episode in which Ash is searching for Haunter to use to defeat Sabrina. I decided to turn it on just to see the idiocy of it for myself and ended up getting hooked instead.
It was a long time ago. (Well not so long, but still I'm aging so yeah). Back in Elementary School, I remembered watching a lot of Pokemon ANIME on the old VHS that my father used to buy for me. And then one day I recieved a Gameboy Advance SP with a Crash Bandicoot game on it (I'm a huge fan of Crash). But as time went on, I started to wonder if Pokemon game existed, and that's when I found them. I was with my mother at Walmart (yes yes) and Pokemon Yellow, Blue and Red were there at the store! Kinda surprising because they were already at least 6 or 7 years old, but it didn't matter.

I begged my mom to atleast by me the Yellow version (Pikachu was on the cover and I loved pikachu at the time) And guess what? She actually decided by pure kindness, to buy all 3 versions for me.

So my first games were Red/Blue and Yellow, but the first one that I inserted in my GBSP and played with was Pokemon Yellow. I had a blast with thoses games. Ever since I've been deeply stuck into the world of Pokemon, but guess what? I don't want to get out of it :)


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Omega Ruby, started playing the day after got it (which was on my 10th birthday, which is kinda funny), and I played it all the way through, expect for when I lost to Steven and forgot to train my Pokemon up and got Pokemon Y and completely forgot about OR until I decided to go back and finish up both OR and Y not so long ago last year (Before I got caught up play Fire emblem awakening and Pokemon super mystery dungeon), where I trained my Pokemon and beat Steven and the Delta episode. Though I'm standing right in front of Deoxys in OR trying to get a timid/naive one 'cause that's where I saved before swapping my game out for a different one...
My first Pokemon game was Pokemon Pearl and Diamond. I got the game when I was 8 after my parent's divorced because it was also a cool ass game that I had after I got my DS, and I had gotten the Pokemon Trading Card starter game deck that had the Plusle and Minun deck. When I had gotten the game, it was my favorite thing to play and I tried catching them all. However, I was scared of battling because I didn't want to lose and end up forfeiting money, so I had traversed most of the routes as far as I could with the minimal amount of fights I could get. I get to the point where my Empoleon was at Level 64, my Palkia was at Level 56, and the next strongest Pokemon was a Tentacool at Level 30. XD So uh... Yea, I deleted the save file because of how bad I tried cheesing through Cynthia's team with a Mono-Water only moveset Empoleon and a severely underleveled Palkia with a team of horrid Pokemon. XD
The first Pokémon game I ever played was Soul Silver, but the funny thing is, it never belonged to me. My uncle introduced me to Pokémon when I was younger, and he let me borrow his Nintendo DS whenever I was over at his house.
I think I spent a whole year on the game before finally finishing it. At the end, my Meganium was at level 100, which was an incredible accomplishment for me. I also had a very high-level team, including a Gengar, an Espeon, a Kingdra, and a shiny Ampharos. Those are really the only Pokémon I can remember, but I really loved that game. It was my first introduction to Pokémon, so it's always something I'll treasure. The only thing I try to forget is that I was really, really bad at battling. I struggled a lot with the Gym Leaders, and I spent most of my time getting experience points through random encounters. My shiny Ampharos, bless her, was really only for show.
Then again, I got better as I purchased other Pokémon games. I got much better at balancing out Type differences and choosing Pokémon that could actually help me. So, to cap it off, Soul Silver was incredible, and I have fond memories of that game.
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My first Pokémon game was Blue! But before that, I already owned Pokémon Stadium and played Pokémon Gold at my cousin's house. At first, I didn't understand the game at all, but who cares? I could have my own Pokémon finally and that's all that mattered.
It took me a while to understand some stuff, but eventually I learned a few things and continued with the story.
My first Pokémon ever was Squirtle, but since I didn't know I could save the game, I restarted it a few times before I found the "save" option, and then I chose Charmander as my starter.


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Well i used to play Pokemon games on the emulator before i got my 2DS XL with Pokemon Ultra Moon on Christmas.
So Ultra Moon is my first REAL game
I grew up in the 90s and my father didn't believe in video games... nevertheless, I convinced him to purchase us a Sega Genesis. That was my first and last video game console until 2013.

I was 25 at the time and I was wandering around Wal-Mart with my roommate. We were in the electronics section just looking around when I saw the Nintendo DSi. I commented on my short history with video games growing up. My roommate convinced me to get the DSi since it was on sale. I saw that Pokemon Black was priced down as well--So I took the plunge!

Pokemon Black was the best re-introduction to video games anyone could have ever asked for and it will always hold a special place in my heart as my ultimate favorite Pokemon game.