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Your Most Difficult/Easiest Legendary Capture

If it makes you feel any better, Katie, I ran into Registeel on one of the Hoenn series and just threw a single Pokeball before doing anything ^.^



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LoN said:
If it makes you feel any better, Katie, I ran into Registeel on one of the Hoenn series and just threw a single Pokeball before doing anything ^.^


I'd care more if the exact same thing hadn't happened to me in the past. ;)

Ho-oh on the other hand just reaffirmed why I want to roast it for Thanksgiving dinner. <.>
My easiest was Rayquaza in Emerald, the second Ultra Ball I threw caught it. I was so damn shocked as that's never happened to me before. :D

The hardest has to be the Legendary Birds in R/B/Y. Seeing the phrase "the pokeball missed the pokemon." over and over was very annoying, I even put them to sleep and paralyzed them, and it still missed. XD I think Moltres was the easiest of them for me though, while Zapdos and Articuno just would not get caught no matter what ball I threw at them. :)
Easiest: Mewtwo in HG/SS. I threw a Quick Ball at it, it was Lv. 70, full health, and I caught it. I had a hour long screamfest. >_<
Hardest: Kyurem. Wasted all of my Ultra Balls. My last one, I caught it. It also knocked out 5 of my 6 party members. ;_;


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I captured Yveltal in a Quick Ball, and then Mewtwo in one Great Ball. So basically between them they cost me three Balls (two Quick Balls and one Great Ball) xD

Gen VI is kind to me :')


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Rayquaza back in Gen III literally took me a couple of hours and a LOT of supplies. It was enough to make me want to cry! Easiest? Kyurem in one premier ball. Go figure!

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Lugia was actually the hardest for me next to Articuno and Mew.
Lugia kept bursting free from the darn pokéballs and so did Articuno.
Mew? The glitch didn't work for me for AGES and I didn't know what
I was doing wrong. So I was extremely frustrated and then paranoid
of killing the poor darling before capture. I tried doing it again for Yellow.
...No luck as of yet.

The easiest for me to capture was actually Reshiram.
My hardest capture was probably Regice, son of a bitch made me waste about 38 Ultra balls before he was caught. My easiest was Arceus, I caught him, Paralyzed at full health, on my 13th Pokeball. Though what I find kind of funny is that, in my Platinum game, I wasted more Ultra balls on a Castform than on Dialga and Palkia combined. Kind of sad, really.
It was Mewtwo.. First I lower it to, I dunno, 10 hp, then put to sleep.. Throw all of my Great balls.. Nothing. Throw all of my Ultra balls.. Nothing. I spent all of my Pokeballs and I reset. First I go to the PC and take my Master ball. On the way to Mewtwo, I was tired to kill all those Dittos, and i was just throwing my Ultra, Great balls, because I kept the Master ball with me.. There was the mistake.. I battled Mewtwo. Throw a Master ball. -PC BOX full- I was like STUPID GAMEBOY YOU... !! Ugh! I ended up resseting another time.. I did catch it, but from that day till today, I never, EVER want to catch a Mewtwo AGAIN!! Or step in the Cerulian cave..

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My hardest catches were Articuno in Blue and Lugia in Silver. For Articuno I'd battle that thing until I ran out of Ultra Balls. After what felt like several days of this crap I finally gave up and used the Master Ball on it. The following week I learned of Missingno from my cousin. :| Lugia was nearly just as bad but that one only took an entire day to finally get caught and I didn't have to squander my Master Ball.

My easiest capture was Yveltal who I caught with my first Ultra Ball.
Well I Can easily that the hardest capture in my life was certainly the most worth it and my pride to this day:
My very favorite pokemon: Shiny Latias

The Easiest? : well that was Dialga in my first run of Diamond I just saw I had a quick ball in my inventory decided to chuck it at him and BAM capture, I really could not believe it and reset the battle just because I felt bad for the poor thing ;)
Easiest - Catching Moltres with a regular Pokeball. When that fire chicken used endure, I used thunder, kept that 1 HP, threw my first Pokeball and caught it.

Hardest - Ho-Oh, 50 ultra balls, I had 4 in the end because of its annoying recovery move.
My easiest legendary catch would definitely be Xerneas (I probably don't need to state which game I caught him in). I caught him with one Premier Ball, no status ailments, and I barely brought his health down.
I don't know which legendary was my hardest capture, but probably Rayquaza or Zygarde. Rayquaza because of its stupid rest and Zygarde just did not like its Poké Ball.
The easiest ones for me were the cover legendaries for Gen 4-6. I caught Dialga and Palkia with a Pokeball on my first try, same with Reshiram and Zekrom, any Yveltal with 3 Ultra Balls!

The hardest for me was Rayquaza from Emerald. I had to restart multiple times until I said "Fuck it, I'll throw a Master Ball!".
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During my recent runthrough of LeafGreen, I ran into Zapdos as per usual when playing the game. And I kid you not. Great ball, second try. I almost fell out of the chair I was sitting in. That was the first time I'd ever been lucky enough to catch a legendary without much effort at all.
My most difficult? Regice in R/S/E. Without a doubt, I'd always end up having less than ten Balls left when I tried to go after it.

Easiest is probably a tie between Entei in HG/SS and Tornadus in Black. In the case of Entei, I wasn't even looking for the guy--I was just going to start grinding below Ecruteak and he was the first thing that appeared in the grass (admittedly, I had been trying to catch him earlier, but I had stopped). I chucked a single Quick Ball at him and he was in there. As for Tornadus, I was actively searching for him. I found him, and threw a Quick Ball, expecting him to break out and for me to have to keep chasing him. However, that first one nabbed him.
Oh! I forgot most difficult. I would have to say that Articuno comes to mind. I remember one time as a kid, playing through Blue, I literally went through every pokeball I had. I had to restart so many times. I tried ten times with the same set of pokeballs, ultra balls, and great balls. Finally... FINALLY I caught him. With a pokeball. :@
All of my HeartGold legendaries were relatively easy. Suicune and Moltres both took a single ball after weakening (pure luck, I know). Articuno and Lugia each took less than 10. Zapdos took maybe 30. Haven't gone to get Ho-Oh yet.
I'm not sure it would be considered hardest if I didn't actually catch it, but I cried many tears at the loss of this one. I stayed up all night (without permission) on Soul Silver, chasing down the stupid ice chicken, Articuno. About 3 times I found him, using up my entire Pokeball storage each time. Eventually, I spent ALL of my money on 'balls, and found him. Guess what? SHINY. And I think you all know the result of this.

Easiest were the Lake Guardians, Dusk Ball on Uxie, and Quick Balls on Azelf and Mesprit, first try for each.
Easiest? Excluding the ones captured in Masterballs, Mewtwo in gen VI. Hardest? I'm still trying to catch that damn Zapdos in SS. I've attempted to capture it so many times, but I always either kill it or run out of pokeballs.


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Easiest? Articuno. Quick ball. first turn, first time.

Hardest? (prepare for the raging) ENTEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I used literally 50 of every kind of pokeball after using mean look. And then Gengar fainted. By the time Blaziken was out, Entei was gone. about 30 times like that.
My easiest would be Kyogre. I used a Net Ball on the first try and it was caught (not full health though)
My hardest would be Rayquaza. Rayquaza made me waste 70 Ultra Balls and knocked out 5 of my Party Members. It also almost knocked out my last Pokemon :@
My easiest capture of a legendary Pokémon (not using a Master Ball) will be; Rayquaza from Pokémon Sapphire with a "wait for it" single Great Ball.:) Long story short, first move was a Ice Bream from my Kyogre, took it down to red and then I picked the wrong ball (Great Ball) and then bang, Rayquaza was sent to the PC.

Hardest capture that I can remember would most liking be Articuno from Pokémon Red. I remember it died which I had to turn of my Gameboy and turning it back on:@ or it took out my Pokémon as every ball that I used had no impact on Articuno, in which Articuno was like naw brah used that Master Ball on me if you really want me...I finally did capture Articuno after so many tries with a Ultra Ball. I feel like Gen 1 was harder to catch Pokémon, compare to Gen 6.
Oh, man, easiest catch, huh?

Zekrom, on Black 2. It was so easy it was a joke. Hit him once, used a Premier Ball. Rock once. Rock twice. Snap. He was mine.

Zekrom and Reshiram are jokes to catch, but, I've heard from alot of people that Xerneas and Yelveltal are even easier to get. My friend threw one Great Ball at Yelveltal and it caught it. Man, the legendaries are getting easier and easier to catch. it's dissapointing, really. When I caught Dialga on Diamond, i had trouble, and I had to strategize. THAT's what I like to see. Not catch a Legendary with one Pokeball.

I hope on Omega Ruby and in Alpha Sapphire Rayquaza, Groudon and Kyogre are harder to catch.

  • Rayquaza(Sapphire). I never caught him. >8(
  • I accidentally killed Mewtwo(Pkmn Y) and didn't save the game beforehand. God, I am so stupid...
  • Lugia. Idk. He's hard to catch in my exp.
Easiest would be Kyogre and Yveltal. Used a Master Ball. <.>


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Xerneas had to be the easiest. I used a premier ball, and it's caught.
The hardest has to be giritina. I remember back in Pokemon pearl my manaphy kept killing the darn thing, or I'd run out of pokeballs.
my easiest was possibly cresselia in black 2. i think i lowered its health to yellow, tossed an ultra ball and got it

the hardest was for sure azelf again in black 2. i even got his health low and he kept spamming last resort and breaking out. also another hard one is mewtwo in y as i accidentaly kill him EVERY DAMN TIME!!! and i forget to save
The easiest legendary Pokemon to catch for me is always Suicune, which also happens to be one of my favorite pokemon. He's probably the easiest to catch because he's almost not optional, you come to a point in the game where you have to go to Tin Tower to fight Suicune in Pokemon Crystal, Gold, and Silver. One problem I always had though, was on one playthrough, after grinding all of my pokemon before fighting suicune I ended up restarting multiple times after defeating Suicune multiple times.

The hardest was Lugia, it took me forever to weaken it enough to a point where it's catchable, and I died a little after realizing I was out of ultra balls and left to work with only great balls.
My easiest was Regirock and Regice in the remakes, but Registeel took me HOURS to catch. The hardest however was probably Mesprit in DP. The thing just won't be caught and keeps roaming around all over the place.
Easiest: I throw 1 pokeball at primal kyogre and it is caught. What are the odds?
Hardest: I throw 90 ultra balls and 7 premeir balls before primal groudon decides to stay in he ball.
For me, Xerneas and Yveltal were easy and Giritina was hard for me. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST STAY IN A POKEBALL!!! I don't think I ever caught it or I might of, I can't really remember...
It would have to be Moltres. My Blastoise was able to inflict some heavy damage and I used a couple of ultra balls but I finally captured it. Legendaries are so stubborn. Even Mewtwo in Pokemon Y was a pain to catch. I couldn't use my master ball because I used it on Yvetzal.
I kid you not, I caught Kyogre with a pokeball, if I recall correctly, on the first try. Cried.

There was a legendary sometime back that ate through my not so infinite supply of ultra balls... I was so desperate I just started tossing whatever I had, I recall it ended in a forced restart. Darn, can't remember who though; I think it was Mesprit??