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Your Most Difficult/Easiest Legendary Capture

I said Latios was the hardest...... he isn't.Moltres is.I ran out of Ultra Balls and Timer Balls, and all I had left was a darn Dusk Ball and I caught it in the Dusk Ball.If you have a Master Ball, toss it on THIS, not Mewtwo.
My hardest was ho oh in gold very recently...it was ery frustrating...and my easiest capture has to be rayquaza in omega ruby...i caught him with my first pokeball
Been replaying White version over the past week, never finished the whole game through before. I got to Zekrom yesterday, hit it twice with my Chandelure, first ultra ball captured it. I was very surprised like, "huh, well okay!"
I threw out a level 100 Blastoise against the wild Moltres who knew endure, I used Hydro Cannon as he used it. It survived with one health, I took a fire spin during recharge and threw an ultra ball. Caught it, woop woop!
I recently began a new run of Pokemon Ruby, and oh boy, Latios was a bitch to catch. Wasted all Ultra Balls, but a Great Ball was the key to catching it. Wow, what crappy luck.


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With the new rules for the Video Game Championships allowing the use of the box cover legendaries and Mewtwo, I've recently started soft-resetting for some of the legendary Pokemon to try and get some with good natures and IVs to use. Normally this requires constantly resetting the game until you get a legendary with perfect stats, leaving you at the mercy of the (usually cruel) game RNG, but I figured getting a perfect IV/Nature Dialga from Alpha Sapphire in one try would count as an extremely easy legendary capture (plus it's Dialga, 3 Ultra Balls is enough to get him without much of a fight.)
The easiest? Lugia in Alpha Sapphire. That was extremely easy XD All i had to do was throw a dive ball at it without doing nothing and poof! It was mine XD

The hardest? Oh god. Terrakion in Alpha Sapphire. I was so angry that, when i caught it, i just named it Pwe.
My most difficult capture would have to be Mewtwo in Soul Silver. The first two times, he died, and my eventual successful catch took 20 Dusk Balls (My team being about 20 levels lower wasn't doing me any favors. Thank Arceus Lugia's a freaking tank!) and just before he could Struggle the last sliver of his HP away.
I think my hardest catch was Kyogre on Sapphire (!), since I ran out of Ultra Balls, it had knocked out almost my entire team, and I was hella tired of turning off and on my GBA for killing it accidentally. Everytime I managed to lower its HP enough, bam, there went all my team, all my pokéballs, etc... I ended up using my Master Ball on it, so I had to plan before-hand how I would catch Latias. And surprisingly, it wasn't at all that troublesome as Kyogre. o.o
My easiest legendary capture was Lugia on ORAS. I prepared on every way possible and he fell to the second Ultra Ball xD Good nature and IVs also so I was glad.
The hardest that I can remember was Kyogre in HeartGold, the first time I played through it. I had to reset twice due to running out of balls and I remember it surprised me, nothing in that game before (or since) gave me such ridiculous capture-trouble. When I finally captured it it was chipping away at its own low health with Struggle, and one of my last Timer Balls got it. It was pretty painful. Wasn't a day for luck I guess.

Easiest was Cobalion in Black 2. Battle start, Quick Ball, done. Laughed.
I had another difficult capture in Soul Silver - Lugia. It took accidentally killing him with poison a few times for me to finally catch the giant silver bird of awesomeness.
Hardest was deoxys I used all 5 of my ultra balls on rayquaza and had to catch it in a normal pokeball
Easiest was arceus But I only had quick balls and nest balls so that's why my arceus is in a quick ball
My easiest capture was Dialga in Platinum. Once I engaged the legendary in battle I decided to throw a Quick Ball for the hell of it. I was surprised and relieved that I caught him!

Most difficult is a good tie between Articuno in SoulSilver and Uxie in Platinum. Both took repeated retries after I ran out of all my, say, 70 Ultra Balls and a few other types, and no matter how much I'd weaken them the ball I throw would only nudge once or twice before they'd break out.:@
Honestly, sometimes I ponder why I try and catch optional legendaries. It's not like I use them for anything anymore...:/
sheesh...Latias, Ho-Oh, Zapdos, and Groudon were the hardest for me. They burned through my supply of Ultra Balls but I caught them at some point, Latias, Ho-Oh and Groudon all in Ultra Balls, 2 soft resets for Zapdos, ran out of PokeBalls the first time, accidentally knocked it out second time, whittled down its health then sent out my lvl 100 Xerneas holding Leftovers, Geomancy three times, and tanked out Zapdos' attacks while trying to catch it, got lucky and caught it in a Heal Ball. Easiest were Giratina in Platinum, Xerneas in X, Rayquaza in Omega Ruby, and Lunala in Moon. Chucked the Master Ball at 'em right off the bat and caught 'em. Now in case you're wondering why I didn't use the Master Ball on Groudon, I didn't have it at the time because I couldn't find it.


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Groudon in OR was such a pain, I SR'ed like a million times before successfully capturing it in my second Ultra Ball.

Easiest would probably be Solgaleo in Sun, got him first try somewhat easily; might've been some legendary in a warphole that was easier to catch but I can't remember for sure
I believe the worst legendary encounter I have ever had is Kyogre in the original Pokemon Sapphire Games. I went into the encounter with at least 100 Ultra Balls and ended up watching him die to struggle before he was captured. I reset the game another two times (so about 300 or so attempts) and captured him at long last. To this day I have him nicknamed "Ordeal" for the shear number of hours that RNG Fight took.

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My easiest would be Kyogre. In my play through's of Alpha Sapphire I always just used my master ball on it. As for hardest I'm not sure. Maybe Mewtwo in lets go as it took me about 20 tries to capture and left me pretty frustrated.
My very first playthrough of Diamond was full of tough legendary encounters. Diamond having been my first non-spinoff Pokémon game, and thus, 10-year-old me was still a noob to the whole task of catching Pokémon. I emptied my entire supply of healing items and PokeBalls trying to catch Dialga, only to end up using the Master Ball (which I hadn't known had a 100% success rate) on it... as a last resort. My attempt at catching Mesprit -- which took ages -- went similarly, even after I learned that I could use Mean Look to lock it into battle.

More recently, I remember trying to catch Ho-Oh in UltraSun and burning through plenty of PokeBalls. At one point it was paralyzed, down to its last sliver of health, I'd used a Roto Catch, AND the ball made that whistling "critical capture" noise when I threw it. The Ho-Oh broke out.
I think then I just decided to come back and catch it some other time...
Easiest: Uxie on Platinum, got on the first Ultra Ball with full HP.
Hardest: Any roaming legendary counts, but the worst was Mesprit, that creature was running from me on purpose.


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Somehow caught a quagsire first turn with an Beast ball. I don't even know the chances.

Hardest? US reshiram that refused to get caught after being paralyzed and left with a sliver of HP. I ended up soft resetting after using my 50+ ultra balls and the rest of the pokeballs, except the master ball because I always refuse to use it, and catching it after 30 more Ultra balls. Yep.
I don't even like reshiram.
It was a stormy evening sometime in the fall of 2013...

There was the thunderous applause of rain and storms as they crashed against the windows of a lone girls' bedroom. It had been one of the days that she simply wanted to cuddle up inside of her blanket. To immerse herself into the Pokemon Y game from the previous day and to play the second half of the game. At first the game even seemed more innocent as she battled the sinister Team Flare and chased them back to Geosenge Town where the secret base had been exposed.... The time around 8PM as she entered into the secret hideout.

No more than an hour before the insidious Team Flare was defeated and she had come face to face with the object of her desire - the final hurdle to clear before the game could be put away for the day, and to be cleared the next day. It should have been so simple as she saved before the encounter and then loaded up the encounter with a Demon Bird, Yveltal who stared down at her team of Level 60s Menacingly; daring and challenging the team that stood before it as if to say "You will never capture a God" as the battle animation and music began.

The first move a Thunder Wave intended to paralyze the creature and all went well. It struck back and as memory recalls was paralyzed so everything progressed well. The next move a water move from Greninja and the health simply washed away from Yveltal, and then it had struck back with a paltry move that inflicted no damage. This repeated to the edge of the yellow health bar, and then... "CRITICAL HIT" as horror washed across the face of the young girl as the Pokemon she had sought to weaken had instead been slain... and then came reset.

The second round similar to the first and began with a Thunder Wave. It followed a similar path as the moves one by one lowered it down into the yellow and then prepared for the final move to bring it to that necessary sliver of health. And then... "CRITICAL HIT" sore the girl as once more the Demon Bird, Yveltal melted away and perished. Another reset restoring the glorious bird for all to see, as the routine once more commended with another Thunder Wave followed this time to a swap to another weaker Pokemon that had a chance to not slay it!

Good! Move by move the Demon Bird was weakened until no more than two percent of its health remained and it was stunned. Then, the Ultra Ball, of which the Girl had brought more than 120, was thrown. It shook once, and then twice, and then broke free! No matter, a small attack from Yveltal later and another ball was thrown. It shook once, and then twice, and then broke free! By this point the girl was calm and continued to hurl ball after ball for what must have been the eighty or so time and then waited for the next feeble attack to come.

STRUGGLE! The recoil has damaged Yveltal and the glorious Demon Bird has died once more... A twitch came from the eye of the girl as she reset the game once more and used the same strategy. To weaken the glorious beast down to that two percent threshold. And on the final move... CRITICAL HIT... the glorious beast dies and the girl screams in agony. Another reset and the beast is back down to two percent health and the battle with the Ultra Balls commences once more for ten, then twenty, then thirty, and then even more throws again...

The time on the clock now reads well past 10PM as the final ball is thrown and Yveltal retaliates with STRUGGLE! It fades into the black of insanity as the reset button is pressed one final time. And the same method is applied once more and on the last move... CRITICAL HIT to once more murder the demonic bird. ... Another twitch from the girl as she looks at the clock of what has been her three hour encounter with the Level 50 Demonic Bird convinced that by this point it must be taunting her from beyond the grave with every one of its deaths.

No matter, the night remains young... Another reset and another attempt and Yveltal is back down to that two percent range... So far so good thinks the girl as she throws the first forty or so Ultra Balls at the taunting bird.... It is now past midnight... It shakes once and then twice, and then it broke free! Curses could be heard on the other side of the girls' room as she decided to try something new, and then chooses a basic red and white Pokéball to change up the theme . It shakes once, and then twice and then the torment came to an end.

And to this day I can remember the battle as if it was happening now, the trauma forever ingrained into my memory of that FOUR HOUR encounter to capture a Level 50 Legendary I refused to use my Master Ball upon in principle. In the end Yveltal broke free so many times that it killed itself 3-Times with Struggle, and another 5-Times (maybe 6-Times) with a Critical Hit on the final move to bring it from more yellow health bar into the red section for easier capture chance... To this date I have never deleted or re-named the Demon Bird I caught.

All Hail "Zero" - The Legendary who had a 0.05% Catch Chance! (or somewhere along those lines...) ^_^

I hope you all have enjoyed my recollection of my most miserable and traumatic Pokemon Catch!

As for the easiest... Well - It was in the same game file, when I encountered Zygarde and before I used a single move decided to check if a random Pokéball would capture the beast. It shook once, and then twice, and then the story was done. No damage. No status moves... All that was required was a Pokéball - Fueled and Thrown by the Traumatic Memory of Lord "Zero" staring down Zygarde with cruel passion!

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