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    New Trailer Reveals Gigantamemes - erm, new Gigantamax Forms

    So now we have a chunckychu, floofy eevee, charizard becoming a satanist, butterfree finally getting some love, and a long as hecc boi longcat
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    Galarian Ponyta officially revealed

    The new ponyta design looks interesting tho know I'm just gonna wait here for the mlp jokes here
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    Farfetch'd Evolution Sirfetch'd Officially Revealed!

    It's been 3000 years but now farfetch'd finally has an evolution
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    Happy 16th Pokécharms Day!

    Another year is over my dudes and dudettes lets look foward to more exciting and joyful years in the future
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    First Trailer for Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Released

    This looks like a lot of fun but I don't know if it's a sequel or a remake of the first movie or if it's a stand alone film
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    Happy Pokécharms Day 15!

    it's suprising that 15 years has gone by it's truly suprising
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    Physical Release of Detective Pikachu Coming This March

    this sure seems intresting and i hope i can play dis when it comes out
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    21st Pokémon Movie Revealed

    how in the name of arceus r we getting a new pokemovie if the recent one didnt come out for a year yet
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    Team Rocket Make Their Return In Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon

    praise the all mighty helix fossil that team rocket is returning, but lets hope that they actually pose a threat and use stronger pokemon then a full team of zubats and rattatas
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    Latest Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Showcases New Z-Moves and Rotom Dex

    i legit thought that the rotomdex had a z-move but maybe he can still get one
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    Marshadow Event Begins for North America

    praise the almighty helix fossil
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    Marshadow Distribution Coming to US and Europe

    I so want it so flipping badly
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    Exclusive Z-Moves Confirmed For Ultra Sun/Moon, First Revealed

    If i would get the z move i would get this z. Move
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    Packaged Versions of Pokémon Gold & Silver Revealed For Europe

    Well if this come. To america i so would like to buy them