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be a pokemon

  1. Sharksuitguy17

    Ask to Join Pokémon - The Rebellion Discussion

    Welcome to the rebellion. Hi guys, this is my first RP so I hope you like it! :) So the story takes place in a safe haven for Pokémon everywhere, called the Rebellion. It was conceptualised and created by a lone Luxray after seeing how some Pokémon were being treated by humans. The Rebellion...
  2. dooto

    Open Welcome Home. [Aether Foundation RP]

    (none of this is canon, so don't worry about spoilers for US/UM!) It is the job of the Aether Foundation to protect wild Pokémon and serve for their security. Many Pokémon wake up in the safe, hospitable warmth of the habitats, after being horribly injured, knocked unconscious, or worse. The...
  3. TJoy Art

    Open Alola Pokemon High

    Hi! Welcome to Pokemon High! Here you are a Pokemon, any you like except for legendaries or shines! This is the profile form: Name: Age: Species: Gender: Then you can choose friends or enemies along the way! So this is my profile: Name: Ashya Age: 16 Species: Riolu Gender: Female Here are...