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Open Welcome Home. [Aether Foundation RP]

(none of this is canon, so don't worry about spoilers for US/UM!)
It is the job of the Aether Foundation to protect wild Pokémon and serve for their security. Many Pokémon wake up in the safe, hospitable warmth of the habitats, after being horribly injured, knocked unconscious, or worse. The foundation has even expanded its build to create a new conservation area; one for each type of Pokémon, and it allows the Pokémon to travel between the capsules of types, thus making it feel like a real world. In this new conservation area, no moves are allowed- nor can they be used, due to magnetic forces- for the safety of the Pokémon. However, it seems like there's a bit more reason to why.
The Pokémon being protected have gotten used to it: it seems like the world has turned harsh, and even species that are flourishing must be protected by the Foundation and their leader, Lusamine. But, what's unnerving, is that there's been, Team Skull thugs looming around, their Pokémon with them. And, even though they feel at home at the Aether Foundation, wouldn't living in the wild feel like home again? Perhaps there is another reason, apart from protection, why the Foundation is protecting Pokémon, moderating them in a large, homely room.

♦ Plot ♦
a) You are a Pokémon who has just arrived into the conservation area of the Aether Foundation. From afar, you can see people working about; and as you explore- you discover you're not alone here! But there's something odd, an eerie feeling creeping behind you. Or, sometimes, it feels like your power is draining from you. But you're safe here, right?

b) You've been living at the Foundation for a while, and have gotten used to the feeling of being powerless. Or, maybe you yearn to escape, missing the thrill of the wild. Either way; you've been in the new conservation area for a while, but still are in the dark about Miss Lusamine's plan for you all.

c) You are a Pokémon of Team Skull. From overheard conversations, you're aware of the plan that hangs over the lives of the 'protected' Pokémon- not only is their essence being drained to power the lights, electricity, etc., of the foundation, but Miss Lusamine is trying to summon... something. Maybe you feel bad, and want to help them, or you don't.

I also want to add that in this RP, different rules for moves apply. Since it's an AU, Pokémon moves are what Pokémon are forced to use under the presence of a human (simply the aura of one being nearby dwindled their power to moves) but in the wild, it's different. A Charmander can summon fire without using Ember, and Pokémon of all kinds can bite, scratch, hiss, etc., at different power. Which is why truly wild Pokémon must be 'saved' by the organization- in the wild, Pokémon is much stronger, and like animals. [No killing in RP, however.] Also, since Pokémon age differently than humans, for "Age" put the age they'd be if they were human. Another thing, yup, you can evolve, but do it at a logical time. Also again, choose characteristics and nature that match the personality of your Pokémon.

I encourage Pokémon characters, but you may have Aether Foundation OCs or Team Skull OCs. [human].
Fill out this form! Or, the one below it. Or both, for different characters.

Trainer? If any:
Backstory: optional

Pokémon? If any:

Backstory: optional

There's a totally new map for this RP- except, it's not a map. It's words.
The dock is the bottom floor accessible without elevator use. This port is where a majority of materials, newcomers, etc., arrive and is the entrance to the whole Paradise.
Beyond the crates and barrels of the dock, you'll find the elevator; which can lead you to the following floors:
Floor 1F is the 'entrance', aka the front desk, and the break room. You can go to the outside area from here.
Floor 2F is the old conservation room; instead of holding real Pokémon it has robotic ones for the show.
Main area and Lusamine's room are at the very head of the paradise, floor 6F, and 5F.
Floor 4F is the new build. Here, is the workroom, and miniature laboratory, as well as the examination room. A hallway in 4F leads to the new conservation area; a glass dome, seeming to have nothing within; but as soon as you step inside; everything comes to life. It only appears to have nothing due to an illusion. The dome has 18 areas, each correlating to a type. Pokémon can go to whichever they desire.
Floors for secret labs remain downstairs; however, Team Skull has their own floor 3B, which is for their own planning and use.

Yup, we still have rules! I just hid them in a spoiler. -v-
[1] No bunnying, God-Modding, or being OP, a legendary or mythical! Play fair!
[2] Faster Pokémon moves first.
[3] Moves will not work in the new enclosure, but if you do get to use moves, then think of them like in the anime. There isn't any PP, you can use more than four, but you're not a Mary Sue Pikachu.
[4] No megas! Not even if you have permission from a Mod.
[5] No excessive swearing.
[6] Hate the character, not the RPer!
[7] Don't get OOC/Off topic a lot.
[8] No overly dramatic scenes! No spotlighting, where you place all the attention on yourself.
[9] No excessive gore! Wounds, cuts, scratches, and blood are fine but don't get too excessive.
[10] Nothing past kissing.
[11]Ask to catch someone! Pokéballs don't work inside Aether, anyways.
[12] You can RP NPCs, but don't RP someone else's NPC or the main character, e.x, Lillie or Lusamine.
Obviously, Global Pokecharms Rules always apply. Also, you can have a maximum of 5 characters, not counting PART TIME NPCs.

Here's my character, and my Starter for the roleplay! I hope you join and have fun, and join me in Alola!

Name: Wildberry (Nicknamed Berry)
Age: 9
Gender: Male
Species: Sentret
Affiliation: He associates himself with nobody, and wants to escape from Aether, but is bound to the conservation area.
Appearance: Each step he takes is a sparkling beauty: he's shiny. Most of his fur is a sleek, pastel and light yellow; but his white ring remains the same, but his brown rings are a more brick-red, in contrast to a normal Sentret. He's often standing on his two legs, not his tail. He's a bit smaller than any normal Sentret, and a bit more light as well. While the average Sentret is 13 pounds, he's only 11, and standing at 2'1".
Ability: Run Away
Characteristic: Likes to Run
Nature: Gentle
Type: [type]Normal[/type]
Trainer? If any: None

Name: Era
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Litten
Affiliation: She is a Pokémon of Team Skull. She has no specific trainer, and is up for use- any Team Skull member can choose her, because of her loyalty to the organization.
Appearance: Any normal Litten.
Ability: Intimidate
Characteristic: Proud of its power
Nature: Adamant
Type: [type]Fire[/type]
Trainer? If any: None, as she is not bound to a Pokéball; but Team Skull is free to use her nonetheless.


The Sentret poised itself, hissing at its opponent weakly. His yellow fur easily revealed his location from the underbrush, which was a dark green; crowded by brown trees. He had taken several steps back- unable to run, fear-stricken through his veins. The Fearow hung above him, it seemed to laugh and mock as the small woodland Pokémon attempted to scurry back, only to be helplessly corned; and alone. A pack of Sentret would arrive to help another member, but the shiny was left alone; only luck had given him the leeway to survive. His flaxen fur would ruffle, the creases and folds bristling, his eyes flaring, though beneath his attitude was pure fear alone; something mocking him. The Fearow, standing far above him seemed to mock as well, chirping joyously before lunging. The Sentret had gone blind for a moment, toppling down, as a fair, yellow ball of fur, into green, lush grass, folding under his weight. The world darkened around him, shadows looming until he himself, could only see dizzying shadows, consuming his body, mind, and soul. The Sentret collapsed, and the Fearow gave another caw and lunged.

Hello? Wildberry anxiously lifted himself onto his two paws, the rhythm drumming in his ears heavy, teasing, bothersome, coming to no end. He could only see flashing bits of the large bird Pokémon towering over him, before toppling back into the real world, his yellow fur flattening, in a sense of calm. Gently, the Sentret began to pace around where he was; it appeared to be a forest, with birch trees meeting each other's tops and trunks. Warm, welcoming amber light brought itself through the slips and creases, his yellow fur tinted, appearing orange under the sunlight. He let himself have another stretch, bringing himself into the real world: blossoming flora, tints of white, shades of pink dotting the fresh, trimmed grass, which only seemed to grow into long strips in specific areas; the branches of trees nestling small Pidgey, and, by looking far enough; he would see sandy beaches, each grain darker than his own fur, home to Corsola, each at peace with each other- if he took another look, past his new home, he'd see tiny volcanoes and lava, ashes and crimson; but also stalks of crisp grass, or wheat- as it was yellow, a dark sort. He had no interest in identifying the plant. I wonder where I am. he thought to himself again, treading around his new home, shoving his memory of the Fearow as a dream; deep into his mind.

Several miles away was a run-down mansion, thugs, punks, and other mislead teenagers propping themselves into position, the rain lightly tapping against them, the droplets fair and light, dripping along the margins of the fingers and other digits. Within the mansion splattered by graffiti and other markings; was a Litten, nestling herself, cozy on a rug. Magenta, while the floor was a crimson red. She had recalled mention of a dispatch to "Aether Paradise" shy before dusk, at about 4, and the rainfall would hopefully cease by then; the she-cat preferred her fur slick, smooth, and never damp. Opening her jaws to yawn, she gave herself a break- it would be a while until it was time.
You would have it that time flew; and the cat-nap ended as soon as the Litten, among other Pokémon, was boarded atop a ship.
Soon, came into view the "paradise".



Previously pokeyman
Mind if I join?

Name: James
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Dewott
Affiliation: James knows basically nothing about this.
Appearance: James is shiny. Other than that, he's a bit smaller in size.
Personality: James is kind of depressed, because he was abandoned by his family, and they actually abused him.
Ability: Torrent
Characteristic: Quick to Flee
Nature: Timid
Type: Depots are water types. Don't know why you needed to put this.
Trainer? If any: Nope
Backstory: James is shiny, which means his family abused him, made fun of him, and then kicked him out. One day, while he was trying to find his way back to a small den he had made, he was attacked by Usaring, doing great damage. James escaped quickly, but fainted.
Other: James has very little 'essence', so the draining of his essence sometimes caused horrible nausea.

James noticed the Usaring. He shook in fear. "Uhh... sorry, I'll be out of your way!" The Usaring roared, and hit James with great power, breaking the bones in his right arm.

James woke up on the warm sandy beaches of the water area of the Aether Foundation. His head throbbed, and his stomach churned. "Where am I?" James looked around. On one side, there was volcanos and molten rock, and then grasses, and green fields. He could not tell where he was. He looked at his right arm. Lots and lots of bandages wrapped around him.
Name: Smoof, and Fooms.
Age: 10
Gender: We'll go with Female.
Species: Zweilous
Affiliation: Fooms: "What the heck is an Affiliation?" Smoof: "If nature was an Affiliation, then we'll go with nature.
Appearance: Regular Zweilous, spare for the pointless glasses on the right head.
Ability: Hustle
Characteristic: Highly Curious
Nature: Docile
Type: Dark/Dragon

Fooms woke up to another day at Aether Paradise. Or however you spell it. "Hey. Hey. Smoof." She whispered to the other head. Smoof was always sleeping late. She reeled her head back, and smacked Smoof right in the neck, with her own neck. "Agh!" Smoof exclaimed, jolting awake. "Why do you always have to wake me up like that?" Smoof half-yelled, before trying to get up. Of course, Fooms agreed, and they walked out of the small cave Dark types always hang out in. "Oh gosh!" Smoof exclaimed, turning her head to Fooms. "I'm pretty sure there are new arrivals today." Fooms nodded. "Can't wait to see them!" Together, they started walking through the biome things, checking up with other pokemon as they went along. When they got to the water thing, Fooms pointed out a new arrival. "We should introduce ourselves." Smoof said, starting to almost trot towards the Dewott, Fooms quickly picking up the pace. "Hello!" They both exclaimed in unison, stopping beside the Dewott.


Previously pokeyman
James turned around seeing the Zwelious (I had to google Zwelious...) and heard them, it, or whatever, say hi. "Oh, hello. Where is this?" James was still confused, and nauseous.
"Weel, this is Aether Paradise." Smoof said, swinging her head to signify that this was a large place. "The Conservation Area, to be exact. Here, endangered Pokemon are kept safe, and taken care of." Fooms interrupted. Smoof glared at Fooms, and continued. "Not just endangered in the sense of that there's not a lot of them in the wild, but all pokemon who need a safe home." Smoof said, in her softest tone. "I heard, the Aether paradise people-" Fooms said, before being whapped in the head by Smoof. "Don't tell jokes like that!" She exclaimed. "they might be true...." She whispered, before looking back at the dewott. "I'm Smoof, and that's Fooms." She said, nodding towards Fooms. "Sometimes you just don't have any joke ideas." Fooms said, before turning to the Dewott.


Previously pokeyman
"Uhhh... okay." James was still kind of confused. "I was perfectly normal before now, why would they take me here?" James knew that Smoof and Fooms didn't know the little fight he had before he arrived here. He wanted to appear stronger than he was, because James was quite weak.
"It seems you got hit bad in the arm." Fooms said. Smoof flinched, and looked over at Fooms. "You don't just prove someone wrong like that! Just, casually!" She exclaimed. "O-okay." Fooms replied, his voice shaky. What had suddenly ticked Smoof off? Fooms wasn't used to being yelled at, despite being somewhat of a troublemaker. Was it that-no. Probably not, since they're the same entity. "What's your name?" Fooms asked, trying to change the subject.


Previously pokeyman
"Ummm, never mind." James hid his arm, and chuckled in self depreciation. "The names James." James just didn't want to tell them that a Pokemon just smacked him and knocked him out.
Name: Raden
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Species: Slaking
Affiliation: NA
Appearance: A normal Slaking
Ability: Loafing
Characteristic: Likes to hit things
Nature: adamant
Type: Normal

Raden watched the exchange between the Zwelious and Dewot. They have no idea about this place. Raden has been 'relaxing' around and saw many people doing tests on other pokemon. They have happened to him as well. Watching down at them, the large pokemon snorted. What do they think.
Wildberry took a second to accommodate himself, and as he did, he began to roam around on his two legs, the paradise before him coming into a worldly view. He began to take into account the sounds; it seemed like he definitely wasn't alone- nor was he in the wild. At first, he'd thought that this place would be all-normal, but seconds after scaling trees and prodding grasses, his paws had begun to feel heavy. I could just be tired. Whatever- I should find someone. He ran along the coasts of the forest until bordering a beach, lightly hitting the grains with the soles of his paws. It took him less than a moment to spot the Dewott and the Zwelious- two things he'd never seen. "Hello?" the Sentret spoke softly, though loud enough to be heard.

Era groaned; the neverending talk that would go on in Team Skull was simply a bore- yet, her respect for the grunts hadn't dropped an ounce. She was
tasked with a simple duty; there was likely no need to battle. They weren't the ones who'd given her this task, observing the subjects in the Conservation Room. She understood that, although seeming minor, the task was important; the stability and power of the Pokémon would give the Aether Foundation the power they needed to continue their "work".
What didn't she like? Having to enter a room filled with Pokémon, only being free from losing power thanks to a metal wristband.

(OOC: Type is mainly on the form for Alolan Forms, and other Pokémon that can switch forms and have different types, like Oricorio or Rotom)
"Oh, hi!" Fooms yelled out to the Sentret, almost too loudly. "Fooms." Smoof warned, through gritted teeth. "Hello!" She half-yelled to the Sentret. "Pffft Sorry." Fooms replied, and they both shook their heads. "Welcome to Aether!" They both announced, Fooms adding on an "I guess.".
Appearance:A normal bewear
Ability:Battle armor
Characteristic:Will attempt to hug things