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Hi! Welcome to Pokemon High! Here you are a Pokemon, any you like except for legendaries or shines! This is the profile form:


Then you can choose friends or enemies along the way! So this is my profile:

Name: Ashya
Age: 16
Species: Riolu
Gender: Female

Here are the rules:
- Chat like this: *{Name}: [Message]
- No swearing
- No inaproppriate talk
- Crushes enabled! :blush:
- Don't repeat a message ~ It's annoying for all of us
- Actions are posted like this: *{Name} [Action]*
Example: *Ashya blushes a little but then runs away in humiliation*

So yeah! Make a profile and you can get started!

* Ashya breathes in the fresh air, observing her new surroundings. She was always home schooled, but It didn't bother her. She didn't just want to learn new things, but to find her inner power, evolution, and a friend. She had always dreamed of having that special best friend and be a duo, but she didn't know who to choose, as she was the newest of all*
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Name: Ben
Species: Rowlet
Gender: Male
Ben was running extremely fast. And then he saw a figure in the distance. "OUT OF THE WAY !!" Ben yelled. " Oof " Ben said .
"Sorry for running into you, what's your name??"
"Yeah! Why not? I mean, I don't have any friends here yet!" Ashya says excitedly. Ashya's eyes light up in happiness as she really wanted to meet a new friend at the school :)
" Yaay , thanks...wait...WE'RE GONNA BE LATE FOR CLASS !!!" "WE NEED TO GO NOW!!!!!" Ben said grabbing her hand and running to class. " Mr.Bisharp is gonna be so mad!!!" Ben said with major vigor.
Ben and Ashya bust through the door. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" said Ben "Are we late!?!?!" "Yes" Mr.Bisharp coldly said. "But since it is the first day I will let you two off easy..." "It's so creepy how he doesn't use contractions" Ben whispered to Ashya.
Grace burst through the door , one of her bookbag straps falling off her shoulder. " AM I LATE ?!! ''
"yeah, I got two, mum says it was from around the times of the gem tree and cocoon of destruction Xerneas and Yveltal. I don't know if it's true though. She says my ancestors crafted two, one for me and another for another person so they can pass it on through their family." Ashya says smiling
"wow! What a great idea! We'll get along great! Speaking about family heritage, I've heard I'm going to evolve to a lucario! That is a reason I came here, to learn more about my evolution! We should also research evolutions! I'm excited to find out what you'll evolve to!" Ashya says excitedly, she seemed to be so excited that she accidently shot an aura blast out the window
"Awesome! Well, I have heard that I have a mega evolution. Since I was little I dreamed of that, that's how I got this " Ashya shows Ben her locket, she opens it and a lucarionite shines out "Lucarionite is the key to my mega evolution, all I need is a close friend to help, will you help Ben?"
Name: Juliet
Gender: Female

Juliet ran to her school and quietly entered the classroom sense the class already started and she took a seat that was next to the window so she could stare outside if she was bored she then softly touched the soothe belle that was wrapped around her neck by a pink ribbon
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Ashya notices Juliet and waves (Btw I'm a riolu if you don't know)
"Okay, ahem, we have a few new students here, if you don't know. There is Ashya," Mr Bisharp says, Ashya suddenly yells
"PRESENT! Oops... Sorry sir..."
The class went silent as Mr Bisharp introduced everyone,
"There is also Grace, Ben and Juliet."
Juliet waved back at Ashya and smiled she then went back to not paying attention and just looked out the window like she wasn't even in class, Juliet was know to easily get bored and it takes her alot of effort to pay attention
Name: Shyla
Age: 16
Species: flareon
gender: female
Shyla rushed to the classroom, worried that she would be late again. She turned the corner and bursted her way through the door, "Thank goodness, I made it!" She thought to herself. Shyla then realised that she made a bit of a huge scene and everyone was staring at her. She blushed, and quietly said "S-sorry Mr B-bisharp, I didn't m-mean t-to start a commotion."


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
Name: Kyle
Age: 17
Species: Treecko
Gender: Male
(Can I have 2 characters?)

Kyle swung out of a branch and into the classroom through a window. He grabbed a seat in the back of the first row. But for some he didn't notice until 5 minutes after he walked in someone made a huge distraction for the class. Kyle did a small fake cough and said something that may have been rude. "Smart... S M R T E" Kyle said as spelled smart incorrectly.
Juliet turned her head and saw the Treecko she then rolled her eyes at him " it's spelled S.M.A.R.T idiot" Juliet stated she then turned back around and stared outside the window hoping class would be over soon


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
Kyle didn't react to badly to this comment but it hurt a little. "I know it's spelled that way... Take a joke" Kyle said. Class hadn't really begun yet it just a roll call. But it seemed to take forever. As he waited he drummed his fingers on the desk waiting for the assignment.
Juliet ignored Kyle's comment and continued to look outside the window she knew that she was being rude but Juliet didn't really understand how to interact with other pokemon sense she was secluded from them her whole life


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
Kyle started to use pound and drum his fingers at the same time. As he did that he had hummed the song "Centuries". It was as if all things started to disappear and he was in own quiet place. But it wasn't he was in school with a bunch of other Pokemon. He looked around waiting for something amazing, random, or great to happen.


Previously pokeyman
Name: James
Age: 17
Species: Dewott
Gender: Male (Interested in Females)
Personality: A little bit shy, but enjoys the company of his best friends.
Appearance: James is shiny, which means he is sometimes bullied. Other than that, he is a lot smaller.

James, holding his blue and white backpack, bursted into the classroom. He was tired, and sweaty. He lived farther away, and he was a little late so he had to park his car further away. "Am I late?" James stopped to take a breath. He was shiny, which made him look weird. His backpack contradicted the colors of his fur, but he was okay with it. Backpacks were expensive anyways.


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
Kyle looked at the dewott (My fav water starter :D). "I don't know are you?" Kyle said. He didn't feel answering the question so he asked one. It seemed right but it also may go bad. Still drumming his fingers and using pound while humming "Believer". "It's taking forever hurry up." Kyle said in whisper.


Previously pokeyman
(one of my favorite pokemon too, except I imagine Dewotts being more fluffy because otters are fluffy.)
James walked over to his desk, and plopped down. He took out a plain white binder from his backpack. He also took out a piece of paper. School was kind of easy for James. Well, the actual learning parts. He was very intellectual, and you could describe him as nerdy. He just couldn't manage his social life. He was bullied a lot for being a weird colour. (He was shiny.) "Well, I'm here now." He muttered, leaning back in his chair.


Previously Kyle From Hoenn
Kyle the one who had been humming stopped. School got to the point to where it's so boring you could die. He looked at the dewott then around the class around. "The only shiny here huh?... Pretty cool." Kyle said while looking at the dewott. Kyle tried to keep himself from dying of boredom during this but it quite hard.
Name: Let's go with Clorf.
Age: uhhhhhhhh 15 or something
Species: Rotom.
Gender: does Rotom have a gender? if so, male i guess.

Clorf zapped into the class, only to discover that he was late. Really late. "Dang." He said to himself, floating over to a seat he assumed was his. He had only glanced at the seating chart, spotted his name, and just guessed where his seat was. Clorf dragged his backpack over to the seat, and too out one of those lego robots you can build that actually work. He zapped into the thing, picked up a pencil, and looked around. "ayy lmao." He said, spotting a shiny.


Previously pokeyman
"Shut up." James mumbled under his breath. Oh boy, can school be over all ready? James wanted to go home. Oh well. "When the heck will class start?" James mumbled. It was boring waiting for the class to start.
Oh crap. Clorf thought to himself. I didn't mean to make fun of him. He didn't want to make enemies, especially on the first day. He figured he'll apologize later, as just apologizing in the middle of silence seemed weird. He clacked his appendages together nervously, also wanting class to start. Being in a lego robot was weird, since he wasn't used to being corporeal.