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Gold sat in his desk behind Naga And took out his notebook. "Okay..." He said, doodling a bunch in his book. He saw Naga in front of him, and then he sighed. Then, he gave a small grin, with this being the first time he successfully talked to a girl.
She glanced around again seeing Gold behind her as she shyly smiled to him again. Mr. Samurott assigned a partner project and choose the sign up as she was paired up with Gold the Mudkip as she blushed shyly again as she was shy around guys but shyly turned around to look at him "I...umm...we're partners...lets do our best..." She smiled shyly as she heard the bell ring signaling class was over. "Well...see you Gold..." She smiled shyly as she walked out of her classroom to lunch.-
Juliet grabbed her books and pen then rushed out of the classroom to her locker and placed her supplies inside she then went to lunch and ordered a salad and iced tea she then sat down at a random table and took a bite of her salad and sighed knowing once she got home her parents were gonna interroate her about why she was in trouble
Gold smiled. Then, he went outside the classroom with all his books. He looked around, and pulled out an apple. He munched on it while walking to the next class. Seemed like he was in a better mood than before. He was still blushing a bit though.
She had grabbed a Masalada a sweet one from the cafeteria as her eyes lit up loving the taste in her mouth as she slowly ate it as she smiled as the taste melted in her mouth. "-So...good.....-" she said in thought as she glanced to Gold in the distance giving a smiled shyly blushing as she looked away after. "-Still...too shy with boys....hehe maybe just afraid what they would like of me....because of my disadvantage...-" she thought as her smile was a bit sad.-

Sheen slowly walked into his new school.Sweating with each step."Where is everybody?"Sheen asked."Sheen looked at his nametag,revealing his full name:Switch Sheenera Alpha.Sheen put on his shades and walked into class."Still no one,eh?"Sheen located the clock,showing 12:27."it must be lunch"Sheen guessed.Sheen entered the cafeteria.
Juliet drank the rest of her ice tea then threw everything away before leaving the cafeteria while she walked out she saw a Grovyle then smiled at him she then continued walking until she reached the dance room where her teacher Ms.Gardevoir was Juliet greeted the older woman then started to practice dance moves with the Gardevoir
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Sheen began eating his food and then,he entered his next class.while walking down the narrow hallway,Sheen's eye caught onto a afterschool activity poster.Sheen put in "Coding"Sheen then walked to class."..."Switch became even more calm ever since he chose the name Sheen.
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She finished her lunch after glancing to Gold with a soft smile then leaped off to her next class once the bell rang. She entered the class shyly as she didn't notice the Grovyle and the other Pokemon in the room as she sat down at a desk with her note pad and pencil on her desk.-
Sheen watched intently at the chalkboard."....""I hope I make good time here"Sheen said in a medium tone.Sheen picked up his mini blade that he made out of clay in his latest class.Sheen smiled.Sheen exited the room.
Gold went and sat in the room. He took a look at the board. Then, he drew a picture of a Dragonite and a Zorua in a battle. It was a well detailed picture. When he was done, he pulled out a hat and put it on. It was made of a gold fabric and had a Master Ball embroidered on it.
She finished her class after and left the school grounds as she started to walk home. "-What...a day...but I was just shy and nervous the whole time....-" she blushed shyly suddenly then shook her head to shake it off.-
Sheen went into the gym to work on his night slash attack.Sheen drew back his hand and cloaked in darkness.His blade was cloaked in a dark color.Then Sheen struck.And the blade hit the target hard almost knocking it in Two."well,that's enough training."Sheen said.Sheen walked into the dismissal path and saw a Slyveon walking home.Sheen walked up to the Slyveon."hi"He said.
Juliet walked out of the dance room then went to her locker and opened it she took her punk leather backpack out then placed all her things inside before walking to the library once inside the book filled room and placed her backpack on one of the tables she then tried to get a book about evolution but realized it was way to high for her
She jumped a bit hearing the male voice "Oh..um....hello" She said shyly as she was a bit nervous around guys but smiled to the Grovyle. "Um...whats your name?" she asked shyly looking at him.
"Sheen"Sheen said."I got my newest name because I improved in Swordplay(fencing)."What is your name?"Sheen asked."oh,and i want you to have this"Sheen said.Sheen went in his bookbag and got his spare Choice Scarf.Sheen put the choice scarf around the Slyveon's neck.
Juliet growled in frustration as she had a hard time reaching for the book so she grabbed a chair and dragged it to the shelf she then stood on the seat and successully reached the book,Juliet hopped of the chair with the book in hand then placed the chair where it belonged before grabbing her backpack then checked the book out and headed out once outside the school Juliet sat under one of the trees in the front of the school and opened the book revealing evolutions of diffrent pokemon

"So if I have max friendship I will evolve" Juliet mumbled as she read the book and it's content "but how am I supposed to befriend somebody that much" Juliet questioned herself as she continued to flip through the book
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Gold appeared near Sheen and Naga. He positioned himself in the shadows. He put on a black scarf, which would conceal him. He then pulled out a Walkie-Talkie. "Hello. This is M1-G. I have my position at the gym." He said. "Good. Now make your advancement." Said an unknown voice from it. He nodded.
((Personality update! He's not shy around the secret organization he's working for. He's known them all his life.))
Juliet sighed and placed the book inside her backpack before getting up and walking to the dance room with her bag on her back once in the room she was greeted with silence which was okay with her she placed her bag down near one of the mirrors and turned the music on which blared from the giant speakers on the wall as Juliet danced to the music mostly heard in ballet performances she couldn't help but think about show her beautiful mother evolved "wad mommy always that powerful when she was a Buneary?" Juliet asked her herself as she danced

Juliet stopped dancing and took a breath due to her exhaustion "well that's enough practice for one day" Juliet muttered to herself as she turned the music off then grabbing her backpack and exited the dance room and headed towards the front of the school where she was supposed to walk home
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"Ummm...well its getting late so I should get going..."Sheen said."Seeya later"Sheen said as he walked to his home."I hope she enjoys the scarf I gave her"Sheen said.Sheen looked at his sword,the his house.Sheen smiled.
Juliet walked a few blocks until she stopped in front of a giant white house, the female Buneary opened the gate and walked on the stone pathway before stopping in front of the door, she then got the Keyes from her backpack and unlocked the door before going inside her house and throwing her backpack on the white leather couch before collapsing on the white leather chair and sighed in exaughstion

Juliet sat in the chair but instantly stood up when she saw her mother looking at her with a sweet smile plastered on her face "oh Juliet I didn't know you were home" her mother said sweetly which made Juliet shudder in fear "mom yell at me or ground me just don't be nice it scares me" Juliet stated before she ran up the stairs and into her room and locked the door before laying down on her bed trying to calm down
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