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Juliet stared at the window and thought of a great idea so she put her plan in action while their Teacher was walking around getting the names Juliet used ice-beam and made the floor icy around her so when their Teacher was about to approach her he slipped and fell right down which made Juliet giggle cutely and innocently
"Oh she is DEAD." Ben said loudly "See me after class Miss Juliet." Mr.Bisharp said coldy. "Oh shoot!" Ben said "As for you too young man.." Mr.Bisharp replied.
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Ashya wakes up to see the class buzzing, she gets excited to make new friends, that was her main quality
(also I am glad to see the roleplay buzzing!)

"Hey Ben did I miss anything?" Ashya says, knudging him, she looks over at the shiny Dewott, she smiles and waves "Hey!" she says excitedly, she loves the colour scheme of Dewott (or the shiny pokemon, I have been paying attention but I don't remember like ANYTHING lol) She sees Treecko, not knowing his name yet, and the Rotom, and the other new pokemon and gets excited again. "Mr Bisharp when is recess? (little lunch if you don't know, also Jacob check the rules, btw it is the first message)
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Juliet stood up and glared at the teacher "I don't see what's the problem with a little joke" Juliet complained as she sat back down on her chair and made a sound that kind of sounded like a growl

Gold walked in late and sat walked next to Ashya. "Hm." He said, looking away from her. He was used to being homeschooled but due to a shift in his parents' lives he had to go to school. He blushed red, because he had no idea how to interact socially accept with good friends.
Juliet still glared at the teacher who was now in front of the class instructing what they needed to do with nothing to do Juliet took a paper out and scrunched it into a ball the throwing it at the teacher
"Hai" Ashya said, not shyly, or quietly. She wasn't shy because she loved making friends. She just waited for the bell to ring so she could go to recess and meet other friends from other classes
Juliet smacked her head on her desk in anger sense she couldn't go to recess the teacher then looked at Juliet and frowned "Miss Juliet stay after school I'm gonna talk to your parents" the Teacher said with a smirk Juliet just glared at the teacher and slumped down in to her chair
Ashya felt sorry for Juliet. She knew that teachers were sometimes annoying because she dealt with internet teachers and the internet kept crashing. Well, at least she thought that was what they were like. "Mr Bisharp? When is recess?" Ashya asked.
"When I say it is" he said, but then the bell went and everyone ignored him and just ran out of class.
Juliet stayed at her desk and grumbled about how she hated the teacher "Mr.Bisharp do you really have to make my parents come here" Juliet asked as she doodled in her pink notebook with her gold pen that produced pink ink and had fluffy gold puff at the top
She had just moved into Alola so she was shy when she saw other Pokemon as she enrolled in Alola school. She walked into the school into the hall ways as she smiled shyly as she went into the office to get her schedule and locker number and combination. Once she got out she went to look for her locker number but got a bit lost as she looked around a bit "-Where is this locker number I can't find it oh I'm going to be late to class if I don't find it-" she sighed softly as she sat for the moment looking around as she was too shy to ask someone.
Juliet sat her desk and continued to draw in her notebook while grumbling about how the teacher didn't have to call his parents "hello Mrs.Chalia your daughter is in big trouble so please come after school so we can talk" Mr.Bisharp said into the phone before hanging up while Juliet smacked her head on the table and screamed
"Gosh, My Arceus.." He said quietly so nobody would hear as he went outside to Recess and sat on a bench alone...

'I wish I was brave enough to Make friends..." He sadly thought.
While Mr.Bisharp wasn't paying attention Juliet ran out of the classroom and went out to recess she then saw a Mudkip all by himself so she went up to him and introduced herself "hello I'm Juliet and I noticed you were all by yourself so is it okay if i hang out with you" Juliet asked as she sat next to him on the bench
Eden was new to this school so he went to the office to get everything and headed off to his class but then got really lost. He was on the opposite side of the school. He didn’t know what to do so just went to find his locker by counting up the number till he found it and put his stuff in there. Then he just waited for the class to end so he could ask for help.
Before Juliet could talk to the male any longer the teacher went up to her and yanked her arm and dragged her all the way back to the classroom and made her sit back down in her desk before he went to his own teachers desk and continued to do paperwork,while at her desk Juliet continued her doodles while trying not to smack her on to the table again
"... Huh." Said Gold, frowning. Nobody had approached him in such a friendly matter. Then, he Began to blush, realizing it was a girl. "Oh man.... Not good around girls...." He whispered.
"Juliet you know you are in big trouble" Mr.Bisharp said as he started to sign papers "No the fact that I made you fall and that my parents are coming after school didn't really hint that I was in trouble" Juliet sarcastically said while she gently fixed the soothe belle that was tied around her neck
She found her locker number then placed her items inside grabbing her book inside for class then closed her locker leaping off. She arrived in the class room seeing a Mudkip and Buneary as she went shy "People...oh I don't know what to say...too shy....." she said softly as she past the Buneary and Mudkip as she sat in the desk just at the end moving her paws slightly with one resting on her paw as she waited for class to start. "-My shyness is getting the best of me-" she blushed shyly giving a smile to herself.
"Ms.Juliet please try and restrain yourself from being sassy" Mr.Bisharp said as he gave Juliet a glare "oh fight me old man" Juliet smugly said which earned her another glare from the teacher but before Juliet could make another comment a beautiful shiny lopunny walked in holding a pink purse and right next to her was a male Lucario with really tinted sunglasses to hide his eyes,once Juliet saw the couple she instantly dived under her desk and hid
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Gold said nothing and walked into the schoolyard, scanning the area. "Hmm... This seems to be no cause for alarm." He said, looking around. "No girls would notice me." He said, giving a frail smile.
Once class has ended she end up chasing after a butterfly into the schoolyard as it landed on her nose as she smiled then chuckled as it flew off. She looked around seeing she was lost again. She noticed a Mudkip alone and gave him a sweet smile before glancing away shyly "-Boys..um too shy to approach...-"she said in thought as she leaped off shyly.-
While Juliet was hiding under her desk she felt a hand gently pulling her out of the desk and when she turned around she came face to face with the lopunny "hey mom funny seeing you here" Juliet said as she sat back down on to her chair "Juliet what did you do?" Her mother asked "Well I um made the teacher slip and fall when I used ice beam on the floor" Juliet admitted as she tried to avoid her mother's gaze,Juliets answer made the Lucario look at her before taking of his sunglasses and looked her dead in the eyes "Juliet why did you do it?" He asked in a fierce tone "I'm sorry dad I was just bored" Juliet said as she glared back at her dad "I swear she gets that attitude from your side of the family Ian" her mother said to her father Ian "oh don't put all the blame on me Callie that's also your daughter" her father stated with a smug smirk which earned him a glare from her mother,Juliet placed her head on her desk and groaned
Gold saw the smile and blushed. "People... Are... Nice here. I should.... No." He said, walking to Naga but stopping before he got into range. "..." He said nothing, red-faced.
"Mr.Bisharp why do I have to be here?" Ben said sadly "Oh you can go now that's why I let the girl go." "Ok thanks!" Ben said as he ran out the classroom and saw a few pokemon sitting on a bench and waved slightly "Hey."
She noticed the Mudkip from afar as she smiled shyly blushing "-...Is he...coming...close...oh dear....what...should I say.....-" she said in thought as she watched him from afar ears down to the side shyly.-
She smiled shyly "Hi...." She said softly as well just a bit shy around guys. "What's...your name.....?" She asked shyly blush still on her face wanting to make a friend at least.-
She smiled shyly "I'm Naga nice to meet you....and you seemed to be in a hurry....but lets...at least be......friends..." She smiled shyly as she hears the bell ring. "There goes.....the bell...see you.....Gold..I like...your name its pretty...." She smiled shyly before leaping off to her class. "-I....can't believe....I talked to...a....boy-" she thought but shook her thought away heading to class.-
He starts walking around looking for mr.bishops room. He finally finds it and sees Juliet and her parents and goes in. “Uhhh... I’m the new kid” he says nervously “ahh good a fire type so he can clean up whenever Juliet uses ice beam” Mr.Bishop says “my names Eden”.
"Juliet do be more nicer to the teacher" her mother said before her parents walked out of the door once her parents were gone Juliet went up to Eden and smiled at him even though she had to look up to smile at him "hello I'm Juliet and I hope we can be friends" Juliet said as she held out her paw for the Eden to shake
Hello =D

Name: Aura
Age: 17
Species: Riolu
Gender: Male
Aura rushed to class knowing he was late, he opened the door and said "I'm so sorry I'm late I lost my way in the halls." Mr. Bisharp said coldly It's the first day so I'll let you off but don't let it happen again." Aura took his seat and took out a pencil and notebook.
She arrived in her classroom shyly looking around as she sat at her desk moving her paws. She had blush on her face from being so shy as she looked to the front seeing Mr. Samurott teaching the class about moves and strategies as she took her notepad out an pencil as she wrote down what he was teaching.
Juliet saw Aura sit down so she went over to him and introduced herself "hello I'm Juliet" she said while smiling sweetly before going back to her desk and doodling in her notebook