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Ask to Join Pokémon - The Rebellion Discussion

Welcome to the rebellion.

Hi guys, this is my first RP so I hope you like it! :)

So the story takes place in a safe haven for Pokémon everywhere, called the Rebellion. It was conceptualised and created by a lone Luxray after seeing how some Pokémon were being treated by humans. The Rebellion started roughly 5 years ago and it is now home to a few million Pokémon. It is considered a safe haven by almost all of the Pokémon that are part of it... but lately, a group of Pokémon have noticed strange phenomena occurring. Missing Pokémon, reports of theft...

Will the group of Pokémon succeed in finding the culprit? Is this all just a lost cause? Or, is it something much bigger...


Here are some general rules:
- Follow the Pokécharms rules for RPing and the Global Rules.
- Your character is a Pokémon. I might consider implementing some humans into the story later on depending of how this goes.
- No Mary Sues.
- I recommend you start off as a basic Pokémon, since this is a Mystery Dungeon style RP.
- With moves, I personally am OK with a Pokémon that can learn a move it can't learn in the core series games, as long as it makes sense. A Riolu that has Mach Punch even though it can't learn it in the games is fine by me, but a Happiny that has Blast Burn is just silly.
- No legendaries, mythicals or Ultra Beasts, not even the puny looking ones like Meltan.
- Instead of level, I'll be going on an age system, because I figured level is just an indicator of experience, if that makes sense :p
- Keep shinies to an absolute minimum. If the shiny aspect of your Pokémon is absolutely necessary due to backstory, etc., then I'll allow.
- Have fun! That's what RPing is all about.

Now for Bios!
Post your bios in this format:

Nickname (if applicable):
Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?):
Code: (The code is 8288. This is to prove that you've read the rules.)

Here's mine:
Species: Elgyem
Nickname (if applicable): Elgey
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Like a normal Elgyem
Personality: Elgey is a stoic and determined individual. Very few things can stop him when he puts his mind to something. He can be difficult to warm to but once he's acquainted to someone, he's as loyal as ever.
Moveset: Teleport, Psychic, Hypnosis, Mind Reader, Recover, Ability: Analytic
Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?): Because he crash landed on Earth in a meteor from another planet, Elgey knew nothing about Earth's culture or what creatures inhabit it. After being nursed by some wild Pokémon, he was told that the humans that inhabit Earth are evil, so after hearing about the Rebellion, he decided to join.
Code: 8288

The RP thread will be up when some people have joined. I'm hoping for maybe 6 people, but i can work with more or less.

Have fun!
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Species: Weavile (Shiny)
Nickname (if applicable): Shard (People call him “Pinky” as a joke and it really gets under his skin)
Age: 20-ish?
Gender: Male
Appearance: A shiny Weavile, wears a crimson red bandana on his wrist.
Personality: Sassy, he’s always there to make a sarcastic and condescending remark when the time calls for it. Overall, pretty laid-back. Also, he regular gets pissed off by the smallest of things.
Moveset: Icy Wind, Revenge, Night Slash, Metal Claw, and Dark Pulse.
Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?): Mostly because he had friends in the Rebellion, and because he wasn’t treated to well by his former trainer because he was so stubborn and rude.
Code: 8288
Species: Sableye (shiny)
Nickname (if applicable): Saba
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: gold skin, yellow eyes, green jewel on his stomach, a yellow, green ,and white jewel on his back.
Personality: Saba is a very picky sableye, and only wants to keep valuable jewels. Saba is a fairly nice mon that enjoys sharing his less valuable gems if it's with fellow mons that stay on his good side. However he's very touchy with his more valuable gems ,and doesn't appreciate when people look at them too long let alone touch. Despite this he tries to be a good man with good helpful intentions ,but has his moments from time to time.
Moveset: power gem, confuse ray, scratch, zen headbutt, night shade, shadow sneak ,and nasty plot.
Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?): Saba joined the rebellion because he's tired of no good trainers thinking they own everything they find in caves. Saba has always been lucky they never found his precious shiny things ,but he knows a few mon who have lost their shiny things.
Code: 8288.
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Species: Pikachu
Nickname: yellow
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: A shiny Pikachu , wears a yellow bright scarf.
Personality: Modest, likes meeting new people, very energetic, has his ways of being calm always.
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Iron tail, Volt Tackle, Quick attack, Surf.
Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?): Pikachu didnt have any freinds and was always treated bad by his trainer, he alwasy kept his calm but he left his trainer and started to make new freinds. Code:8288
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Species: Ninetales - Alolan
Nickname: Marzanna - Marz, Zanna, Anna, responds mostly to Marz
Age: 45
Gender: female
Appearance: a regular Alolan Ninetales, albeit a tad larger with slightly denser fur than usual; lacks one tail and has just a few vertebrae left of it, effectively looking like a stump; her right ear has a dotted identity number tattoed on the inside part ( 000268 ) but as the years passed it's become barely visible
Personality: Marzanna looks and radiates coldness and apathy. She is seldom in the company of others and prefers the life of a loner, an onlooker on the sidelines with a seemingly permanently etched frown on her face. Achieving her preferred lifestyle isn't exactly hard for Marz; after all, there aren't many Pokemon that feel attracted by the negative energy that is almost always around her. She rarely speaks, and when she does, it's usually a snark comment or snide remark that's short, to-the-point, and laced with annoyance. Oftentimes, due to the fact that she acts like a grouchy old geriatric woman, she's perceived as older than she actually is. Not that she cares much for that, as her only goals in life are to get as far away from even an accidental sliver of human interaction, hence why she currently resides in the Rebellion.
There are, however, a small amount of Pokemon amongst the millions of inhabitants of the Rebellion that managed to get under her skin and to which she doesn't act so frigidly towards. She still acts like an old, grumpy lady towards them - but with much less snark and much more care and affection, even if it isn't as direct or warming as some other Pokemon express affection. Marzanna isn't inherently mean nor does she wish malice upon others - her past experiences and lifestyle forced her to become so cold and unwelcoming as she felt it's easier to live life like that, with no strings attached in case something happens to her. She's also extremely claustrophobic and heavily dislikes physical contact, and so much as a wrong touch to the wrong part of the body can launch Marzanna back to her ice queen personality.
Moveset: Moonblast, Extrasensory, Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Iron Tail, Draining Kiss
Backstory: Born in the dense forestry of Mount Lanakila, Marzanna was the middle child of her little Ninetales family consisting of both her parents, an older brother, and a younger sister. Not even a couple of months into her life, a group of poachers captured her and her younger sister, bringing them to the base of the mountain and into a hidden grotto a couple of miles from the mountain's perimeters. Marzanna hadn't even gained all six of her tails when she got assigned (read: violently tattooed) her BDI - a breeding identification number, which was used to signify her viability in an illegal breeding program. The next few years were torture for young Marzanna - from being forced to do the poachers' biddings, to being forcibly evolved at a far too young age and shoved into a cage far too small for her size and even getting one of her tails docked in an attempt to shove her into an even smaller cage - Marzanna grew to hate humans and everything that had any tangential contact with humans.
After spending the first dozen or so years of her life cooped up in inhumane conditions, the poachers were attacked by law enforcement and Pokemon rights activists, effectively setting each and every caged Pokemon free. There was a rehabilitation team that tried capturing Marz before she tried escaping but to no avail - despite the obviously visible muscle atrophy, fragile bones, and general weak condition, Marzanna gave it her all in a successful escape towards nowhere. Alone, tired, and hungry, not even knowing how many days have passed nor how she even got there in the first place, she somehow managed to stumble upon the Rebellion, which took her in and took care of her, nursing her back to health. Of course, there's a lot of mental scars that are still gaping open and will probably never be able to heal, but compared to her previous life, Marzanna is more than satisfied with her position and health in the Rebellion.
Code: 8288

wheee, hopefully this is okay c: please notify me if i got something wrong or if there's a need to change anything!!

Magic Sparkle

Previously Sparkling Emolga
Species: Altaria

Nickname: Aria, some are also calling him "Melody".

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Aria's eyes are brilliant blue and he wears a yellow ribbon on his head, the ribbon is very important to him.
Aria also has a few scars hidden in his cloud-like body.

Personality: Aria is soft hearted and very caring, he will always try to be positive and cheer up other pokemons. He like to help anyone he can and trust.
Aria hate to fight and battle, he will attack only to protect other or for self defense.
Aria gets very offended when others call him "useless", sometimes he will even start crying.
He is very afraid from humans, and will usually hide in fear or run away when he sees one.

sing, feather dance, disarming voice, hurricane, round, heal bell.

Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?): Aria was raised by a trainer ever since he was a Swablu. He always refused to fight, but he still cheered up his teammates with singing and dancing, even after evolving.
One day, the trainer suddenly started calling him useless and sometimes even physically abused him every time he refused to fight, Aria he was too weak to defend himself.
Aria only suffered since then, but he still refused to battle and stayed positive all the time.
After around a month Aria suddenly woke up on the grass, turned out he was abounded by his trainer.
He felt freedom and relief, but he was badly hurt, he couldn't fly or walk at all.
Luckily a group of wild pokemons found him and took care on him until he recovered.
The comfey in the group, who became Aria's best friend, gave him a yellow ribbon and told him about the Rebellion.
Aria decided to join the Rebellion, in hope he would be safe there.

-a lot of pokemons are thinking Aria is a girl, mostly because he has feminine voice.
-Aria really like singing and dancing.
-Altaria can't actually learn hurricane in the games.

Code: 8288
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Previously Shadow_Pup
Species: Umbreon
Nickname: Wildmutt
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Appearance: He looks like a grizzled Umbreon, he has longer shaggy fur, fierce yellow eyes. He has hu dress of scars including one over his left eye and a bite out of his ear. He wears a metal collar attached to a broken chain.
Personality: Cold and distant, with violent and savage tendencies. He isn't used to anyone or any pokemon being nice to him without wanting something in return.
Moveset: Bite, Throat Chop, Double Kick, Iron Tail, Crunch and Shadow Ball
Backstory: Wildmutt was sold as an Umbreon after he prematurely evolved his trainer sold him to a train of underground fighting rings where he was put up against other pokemon in savage fights to the death. He quickly became the undisputed champions of the cage fights and was a fierce opponent.
One day however the owners of the fights decided he won too often and before his fight they drugged him. He nearly died but a police raid stopped the fight. The owner escaped with him and a few others and started to dispose of the pokemon in a nearby woods to cover their tracks but as they tried to kill Wildmutt he snapped, broke his chain, killed the men and ran.
He heard rumours of the underground and decided to join.
Code: 8288
Species: Hoothoot
Nickname (if applicable): Specs
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Specs resembles a normal Hoothoot, despite the red and white sachet around it's neck containing lavender.
Personality: The Hoothoot is quite rash, and has a rather conflicting personality with those on the strict type. She has a keen sense for adventure, running into situations she sometimes can't get out of. Specs gets extremely protective of people she holds close. She doesn't want to lose anybody she regards as a friend.
Moveset: Peck, Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Astonish.
Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?): Specs was born in the Hoenn Safari Zone into a relatively large family. She had a peaceful life there, and even bonded with a few of the Rangers. On one bright and cheerful day, Noctowl hunters trespassed into the property, and ended up taking home Spec's mother for taxidermy. Her father had a paranoid reaction, immediately labelling all humans as threats. Five years ago, he took his owlets to Rebellion and eventually made his way up to a respected member of the society.
Code: 8288
I'd like to join. Reserve a spot for me.

I'm available usually once a day to make a post, as I have an 8-month-old I take care of. However, I will try to make a post either every day or every other day, as this concept is vastly intriguing.

I will choose a Pokemon nobody has chosen and I may play two characters. A Kantonian Ninetales and a Houndoom. Maybe a Salazzle, too. Also, is it alright if Salazzle is a shiny? I know there are two other accepted Pokemon who are shiny, but her's is directly related to her backstory, as shiny female Salandit are extremely rare and people have tried to capture and sell her to other people. Because they wanted to make her specific shiny female kind rarer, they have taken her to a facility to try and clone her, but she escaped. Is this okay?

Also, @borov.prelac, is it okay if my Kantonian Ninetales came from a similar facility that your Alolan Ninetales was a part of?

Also, my three Pokemon will be in their own friend group, and will end up helping yours. Your characters may have heard of them. They will be at the bar/coffee shop/whatever place it was to hang out and see your group walking by or what have you.
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@Merciless Medic Reserved. A post per day is good, no worries.

I like the idea of the Kantonian Ninetales contrasting with the Alolan one in the story. As for the Salazzle... I'll think about it. It will most likely be a yes, but I might change my mind later.

@Your-Friday-Filet accepted. You will now debut in coming to Elgey's dorm to hear his plans about searching for SEC. Also, nice username :)
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@Merciless Medic i've mostly based marz's backstory to be on par and make sense within the canon - being in alola and in the base of mt lanakila which is alolan ninetales' natural habitat in-game an in-canon. considering that all ninetales unless traded into or caught in hyperspace in alola are ice types - alolan ninetales, not kantonian - a backstory in which they were in the same facility would make no sense since there are no kantonian ninetales in alola. however, with ninetales being the equivalent of foxes irl, what would make sense if there was a branch of those poachers in kanto that worked with kantonian ninetales, and that i have no problem with ^^
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Yea, that's what I meant by a branch. To be fair, I didn't know where the location of the branch your character got thrown in, but the Kantonian one can be more focused on training for combat instead of breeding, especially if it's a male.
You don't mind if I later on have a reoccurring npc do you? A malamar named Mala. Not an important character. Just someone Saba might reference from time to time ,and possibly talk to on rare occasions. (Kinda like an informant)

Also love the "humans bad diamonds good". I'm gonna have to add that in a future post...
I'll finish these when I have time.

: Kantonian Ninetales - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE]
Nickname: Usually called Miles as that is his name, but he's also called Nine or Tails. His nickname by the children is either Dad (if they don't have a dad) or Uncle Miles. He's sometimes called Gramps or Grandpa or any other moniker of that title, much to his chagrin.
Age: 50 - Evolved at age 20.
Gender: Male
Appearance: He looks like a regular old Ninetales, except for a few key details. His coat is a glossy color that is lighter than the usual cream color of his species due to evolving way earlier than he was supposed to. His coat is also rougher in patches, as if some of his fur ripped off in tufts and they grew back courser than usual. His muscle tone is lean and powerful under the fur, but it is difficult to see unless he's currently engaged in a battle. Also underneath the fur are numerous scars from past battles and they can only be seen when his fur parts. His tails are also a little smaller than most. He also has an identification number printed under his left eye in black ink that has since faded. However, it is still visible on his near white fur, labeling him as "12-038K-1". 12 stands for the amount of his kind they have caught within the branch in Kanto. The 038K stands for his number in the National Pokedex, with the K standing for Kantonian, as he is the Kantonian variant of his species. The 1 stands for his gender, which is male. If it were a 2, it would mean female, and genderless would be a 0. Despite his tails being smaller in length than average, he is taller than most Ninetales because of the growth hormones and steroids he received when he was under the "care" of the underground company who caught him. Because of this, it has made him a whole two feet taller than normal, coming around to 5'07" from paw to shoulder.
Personality: Despite his gruff and tall appearance, he is a gentleman and a sweetheart. When he was a Vulpix, he was naive and curious, but these quirks about him have since vanished ever since he was caught and forced to evolve. Ever since then, he had wished upon others the opposite treatment he was dealt. He is now incredibly kind and courteous because he doesn't want to see anybody suffer anymore. People have told him to be a cop, but he doesn't want to become a member of law enforcement, as that could have dastardly consequences due to his PTSD. He is a pacifist and tries his best to stay away from conflict, but will savagely and staunchly protect those he cares about. He makes a loyal friend whenever someone passes his mental test of being trustworthy enough to have his trust and respect. He has gained a reputation of being the friendly neighborhood father to the children when their parent(s) aren't around. Despite his 50 years of age, the steroids have helped in giving him the energy he needs to run around like the best of the children, and he even has them use him as a jungle gym. He doesn't shy away whenever a child asks him where he got the scars from, and even regales in the tales of the underground battle ring he and few others were privy to tell the tale of, but in a more child-friendly manner. Some have considered he open up a daycare since he does such a good job in taking care of the kids, but that is too much responsibility. He just wants to be a good resident without having too many strings to pull and worry about employees and pay. He's good watching the kids for free in a very open environment where they can have many adventures.
Ability: Flash Fire - Whenever he is being burned by any flame, his Fire-Type attacks gain a boost of power, as the fire is absorbed and converted into energy for his own flames. This also makes him immune to fire damage (unless he's thrown in lava, then he's not so very immune to that) and he also attracts Fire-Types to him because of his radiating warmth.
  • Hex - [TYPE]Ghost[/TYPE] | Special | Miles' eyes glow a menacing red and purple before ghost energy appears from the tips of his tails, which relentlessly attack the opponent. They do more damage if the opponent is affected by a status condition.
  • Captivate - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Status | If Miles uses this on a female Pokemon, they become charmed as he looks at them alluringly with a strange pinkish aura resonating from him, lowering their defense towards special damage. Depending on the Pokemon's behavior when charmed, they may help Miles or just flirt with him and get in the way. They may still attack him, though, since they aren't that charmed into thinking he's their idol. This does not affect Pokemon who have the ability Oblivious, or who do not think he's all that cute and actually find him disgusting.
  • Roar - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Status | Miles roars loudly and menacingly, causing some Pokemon to flee (especially if they are smaller or weaker than him). This keeps him away from battling anyone, but this doesn't work all the time, especially if Pokemon think they are stronger than him or are bigger than him. When battling a trainer and the trainer has more than one Pokemon, it will switch the Pokemon out with another. It will fail if the Pokemon has the Abilities Soundproof, Magic Bounce, or Suction Cups, or if they are affected by Ingrain or Magic Coat. It can go through Protect, Detect, and Spiky Shield, but it is blocked by Crafty Shield.
  • Hypnosis - [TYPE]Psychic[/TYPE] | Status | Miles' eyes glow blue and a weak wave of suggestion emanates from him at the target to attempt to put the target to sleep.
  • Will-O-Wisp - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE] | Status | Miles' eyes glow a ghostly purple and many spectral floating flames erupt from each of his nine tails and they float about before charging at the opponent to burn them. They may also be used as floating light sources that Miles can control the movements of at will.
  • Quick Attack - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Physical | Miles lunges forward with blinding speed to either attack or dodge an attack, making him look like a cream colored blur.
  • Energy Ball - [TYPE]Grass[/TYPE] | Special | Miles creates a green glowing orb from drawing in power from nature. He then fires it at the opponent, and it may lower their defense to special damage. It doesn't affect a target with the Ability Bulletproof.
  • Psychic - [TYPE]Psychic[/TYPE] | Special | Miles' eyes glow pinkish purple and a powerful wave of telekinetic force hits the target, which may lower their defense to special damage. It may also be used to lift or interact with objects. This may also cause headaches.
  • Flare Blitz - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE] | Physical | Miles cloaks himself in fire and charges at the target to deal lots of damage, but the damage dealt hurts him a little too due to recoil. This may also burn, and it will thaw the user and the target out if one or both are frozen. This may also be used to cloak themselves in fire to keep anything and everything away from them.
  • Flamethrower - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE] | Special | Miles shoots out a stream of fire at the target. He may do a lighter version of this to set things on fire. This will thaw the target if they are frozen and it may also burn.
Backstory: As a Vulpix, Miles lived in the forest. He had a mother Ninetales, a father Stantler (where he learned Captivate and Energy Ball from), and two sisters. In the forests north of Kanto was where Miles had lived. However, there were trainers who had decided to travel towards their territory and they had ended up catching Miles and his two sisters. The mother was distraught and couldn't catch up to them. By the time the parents had arrived to save their children, the humans were gone. A little while later, Miles had thought he would be in a good team with a good human, but the human who had captured him was acting kind of off. It wouldn't occur to him that Miles would be sold. He was technically the runt of the litter as his two sisters were better at fighting at first than he was. Females were more common in the Vulpix/Ninetales species and the females were usually the ones who fought for the male counterparts. He was sold to a shady man for an exorbitant amount of money. He hadn't realized what was going on until it was too late. He found himself within a cage, forced to learn a few moves, treated horribly with hardly any positive human interactions, and then forced to evolve when he hardly got his sixth tail.
As a Ninetales, he was branded with a number, and was forced to fight. Fighting was well and good when you wanted to better yourself for your masters, but as soon as you are forced to fight to the death then it becomes less fun and more about survival. Unlike most Pokemon who have either died or gone insane from causing death and destruction, he further resented it. But he had to survive, as his instinctual drive told him that he wasn't ready to die. He was very young as a Ninetales, he should still be hiding in his mother's den for how young he was. He should be with his family, he should be a Vulpix, but he found himself surviving within a gladiatorial sport made by the worst of humanity with the depraved watching on in a psychopathic glee only serial killers and poachers would enjoy. He had received enough gashes and cuts to cut and dice several onions, and his fur was being torn off and had fallen out due to stress and malnutrition. He was fed raw meat primarily to increase his muscle mass. They had also pumped his food with steroids and growth hormones to increase his size and muscle mass further and they hoped that he would become strong enough to become champion of the battle ring.
Finally, after 20 years of fighting and training, he found an opponent he couldn't kill. They had both passed out during a match and their respective teams had to pull them out and set them in their cages. It was then that Miles found out his opponent was next to him in a couple cells over. His opponent, a Houndoom, had enough sense to want to leave instead of staying for eternity until death came to take him away. They were busy discussing how to escape when a shiny Salazzle appeared before them. Confused, they watched as the Salazzle judged them, and saved the two while creating havoc by freeing every other Pokemon trapped within the branch. Some stayed while others were recaptured. Thanks to the Houndoom's Smog, the three managed to flee far enough away. They had stowed away on boats and planes until they made it to the Rebellion. Ever since, they have lived there in relative peace.
While Miles will never forget what the humans have done to him, he is trying to move on. While he stands on resenting some of the humans who have destroyed his way of life forever, he understands that not all humans are like that and he definitely isn't staunchly against them like his friend, Doom, and others that share his friend's viewpoint. He just doesn't trust them.
Code: 8288

Species: Houndoom - [TYPE]Dark[/TYPE][TYPE]Fire[/TYPE]
Nickname: Doom. Very original. He also is called Scar from time to time.
Age: 20 - Evolved at age 10.
Gender: Male
Appearance: He has longer, curled horns and his entire body is scarred, giving him a very rough appearance. He is the average height of most Houndoom, but he seems to weigh more as his body is more muscular and lean. The other bony areas (the "stripes" on his back, cuffs, and collar) are a dingy grey and don't shin like they used to. His coat is rough all over and can feel spiky when rubbed the wrong way. He has a few chips at the end of his tail and he has a nasty scar going down one eye. His teeth are also sharper. He has an identification number under his left eye in white ink that reads "38-229-1", but it has since faded to a light grey. Like Miles' identification, it reads "number of Pokemon species caught - National Pokedex number - gender".
Personality: He has a sour personality, and usually the debbie-downer of the group. While Mo'o is an optimist and Miles is a realist, he's a pessimist and that's due to his treatment from humans within the branch's battle ring. When he was a Houndour, he was aggressively curious, but he wasn't naive. No, he fought his way to freedom several times. He was always aggressive and he doesn't shy away from causing to joining in on fights. He hasn't gone insane from the many battles he has done, but it is a constant itch - like an addiction. The Rebellion, while it is nice, is too peaceful for him, and this sometimes gets to him. He is usually the muscle behind his group and doesn't mind taking commands from Miles, as he is more of the brain of the group. However, he is his own leader and will directly go against someone's orders if it means to get a good fight in. This causes him to be banned in certain areas where fighting is not allowed, and especially of the kind that Doom is used to. He resents humans for not giving him a life that he was meant to have, and he is staunchly against them, more so than most Pokemon.
Ability: Early Bird - Wakes up faster after falling asleep, whether forced by others or himself.
  • Thunder Fang - [TYPE]Electric[/TYPE] | Physical | Doom's fangs become cloaked in electrical energy and he bites down on the opponent. This has a chance to either flinch or paralyze the target. He can also use this attack to power generators/electrical appliances or cause a blowout when charged with enough electricity, which can then lead to a blackout.
  • Beat Up - [TYPE]Dark[/TYPE] | Physical | He commands the other Pokemon nearby to attack the opponent. The maximum amount of participants is five, and they can't attack if they are asleep, frozen, or if they have fainted, or if they are unable to any other way. This allows the other Pokemon to get one simple hit in (no other attacks like Ember or Bite, just a simple attack like tackling them or weakly hitting them).
  • Fire Fang - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE] | Physical | Doom's fangs become cloaked in fire and he bites down on the opponent. This has a chance to either flinch or burn the target. He can also thaw the target if they are frozen, and he can use it to light the way if need be.
  • Iron Tail - [TYPE]Steel[/TYPE] | Physical | Doom's tail becomes cloaked in metallic energy and he smashes the target with it. This will also lower the target's physical defenses. This attack may also conduct electricity and heat, leading to a combination of attacks.
  • Counter - [TYPE]Fighting[/TYPE] | Physical | Doom waits for the opponent to attack them physically. Once they do, he uses their momentum against them and attacks, absorbing the power of their attack and deals double the damage back on them. It cannot be copied by Mirror Move, and Ghost-Types are immune to this attack.
  • Feint - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Physical | Doom either vanishes and then reappears within the protection to attack the opponent or he breaks through Protect, Detect, Quick Guard, Mat Block, Spiky Shield, King's Shield, Baneful Bunker, or Obstruct (usually before they are put up), and it doesn't suffer any negative effects of its target's Spiky Shield, King's Shield, Baneful Bunker, or Obstruct. It also removes Crafty Shield and Mat Block, and it lifts the affects of the other moves suggested, as well. It can also be copied by Mirror Move.
  • Flamethrower - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE] | Special | Doom shoots out a stream of fire at the target. He may do a lighter version of this to set things on fire. This will thaw the target if they are frozen and it may also burn.
  • Giga Impact - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Physical | Doom charges at the opponent with all the energy he has, a whitish-greenish aura cloaking him as he does so as he glows white. He has to recharge afterwards and can't move much (he can still move a little bit) until he has regained his strength to make attacks again.
  • Foul Play - [TYPE]Dark[/TYPE] | Physical | Doom uses the target's physical attack against them and deals more damage depending on how powerful the target's physical attack is. He turns purple right before doing so and he does a myriad of different things to turn their physical attack against them, usually waiting for them to attack before he does anything. This attack, he doesn't have to absorb the damage dealt like Counter, but he can still dodge the attack and still use their body against them.
  • Odor Sleuth - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Status | Doom uses his snout to sniff out where the opponent actually is and identifies an opponent based on that scent. He can attack Ghost-Types with Normal- and Fighting-Type attacks, and he can hit regardless of Double Team or Minimize being used. It can be reflected with Magic Coat, and it can also be used to sniff out danger, nearby Pokemon, or follow a trail.
He used to have Smog, but he has since refused to use it after he escaped.
Backstory: As a Houndour, Doom was born into the world of illegal underground battles through his mother, a Houndoom (where he learned Thunder Fang, Beat Up, and Fire Fang), and his father, a Lucario (where he learned Feint and Counter). His parents had since perished, but he hadn't seen them nor cared to. Because of this, he later gets mad whenever parents seem to take having their children for granted and vice-versa. Anyway, he was fed growth hormones and steroids at a young age via raw meat. However, he didn't grow taller like the other Pokemon. He just became more muscular and his horns curled at an unnatural rate when he evolved. He was trained extensively, to the point where that's all he wanted to do. Unlike the other captives, he relished in being able to hurt and maim without recourse or restrictions. However, after he evolved, he soon found out that battling in a death ring was not what it was cut out to be. Yes, he killed to survive, but he did it more out of survival instead of his usual bloodthirstiness. He had always wanted to escape, to feel the sun hit his scarred, leathery skin and feel the breeze caress around him, but he was forced into a cage too small for him, and then into a pit that was hardly too small for two decently sized Pokemon.
That was when he was pitted against Miles the Ninetales. They exchanged names and they fought. Aggressively. Savagely. Doom was never beaten before and he had received his infamous eye scar from Miles. However, he wears this scar proudly, as this wasn't a mark of humiliation but a mark of comradery. A mark of a budding friendship and respect. It is funny that mutilation would cause such a reaction, but Doom had met no equal within the pits until he was forced to fight Miles. Upon hearing Miles' proposition to break out of here, he joined in. They were busy talking amongst one another when a shiny Salazzle appeared. Dazzling as she was, she wasn't Doom's type. She overheard them talking to escape and she proceeded to release every Pokemon locked in a cell or cage by melting the bars. After using a Smog, which he had never used since, he and his two new ragtag friends ran away. They kept running, as far as they could, until they found the Rebellion through Wingulls gossiping, like they usually do.
Since then, he has been gaining a reputation as the bodyguard. He usually stands guard over Miles, Mo'o, or other areas needing a bodyguard or bouncer. His appearance lends him the ability to scare Pokemon away with a glance or his presence. While this gets lonely for him, he doesn't fault them for disliking his rough and veteran-like appearance. He likes the space he gets, and he can cure his loneliness with Miles and Mo'o, but he wants more interactions. But he would never admit this.
Code: 8288

Species: Shiny Salazzle - [TYPE]Poison[/TYPE][TYPE]Fire[/TYPE]
Nickname: Her name is actually Mo'o, but other Pokemon call her Newt.
Age: 25 - Evolved at age 18.
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is a Shiny Salazzle and is taller than the average Salazzle, standing at 5'04" instead of 3'11" due to growth hormones she was given to seem rarer. However, there is nothing else that has scarred her body, as she hasn't been in many battles.
Personality: Mo'o is very much a flirtatious Salazzle, even when she was a Salandit. Not much has changed over the years. She has come to resent humans a little bit for what they have done, but she doesn't outright hate them. She is not as trusting about people, or other Pokemon, however and tends to just use them to get what she wants. Although, she is still sweet and pays attention to help others and does favors for them behind their backs. Her services towards others goes unnoticed and they don't even realize that she has given them gifts or made their lives easier. She doesn't want them to know that she is actually a sweetheart (all thanks to Miles), and so she keeps up her reputation as the seducer so as to not "sully" the interactions she gets from others.
Ability: Corrosion - Can inflict the Poisoned status condition on any Pokemon, regardless of type. This doesn't affect the use of Toxic Spikes from poisoning others, but it can poison Pokemon with a Toxic Orb-Fling combination, a Poison Barb and attacking. It can poison Pokemon with Synchronize without getting poisoned themselves, and when a move that can Poison gets reflected by Magic Coat or Magic Bounce, it won't poison any Steel- or Poison-Type Pokemon as it bounces back.
  • Fire Lash - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE] | Physical | Mo'o's whips on her back become cloaked in fire and they lash out at the target, which also lowers their physical defense.
  • Captivate - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Status | If Mo'o uses this on a male Pokemon, they become charmed as she looks at them alluringly with a strange pinkish aura resonating from her, lowering their defense towards special damage. Depending on the Pokemon's behavior when charmed, they may help Mo'o or just flirt with her and get in the way. They may still attack her, though, since they aren't that charmed into thinking she's their idol. This does not affect Pokemon who have the ability Oblivious, or who do not think she's all that cute and actually find her disgusting.
  • Leech Life - [TYPE]Bug[/TYPE] | Physical | Mo'o bites onto the opponent and sucks the life force out of them, regaining stamina and health while draining their's. If the target has Liquid Ooze as its ability, Mo'o will take damage as their life force is toxic to her. She cannot use this move if she is under the effects of Heal Block.
  • Sweet Scent - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Status | Mo'o excretes her sweet-smelling pheromones around her. When she isn't trying to enchant male creatures, this attack usually causes the Pokemon to be less evasive as they want to be near her or spend time smelling her from afar. It may also be used to lure in Pokemon and people, and usually by the droves if they are Pokemon. When she is mixing her usual enchanting pheromones, she can make male creatures fall for her and do her bidding, but is usually results in flirtatious advances or doing favors for her she is too reluctant or lazy to do herself.
  • Dragon Claw - [TYPE]Dragon[/TYPE] | Physical | Her claw becomes covered in draconic royal blue energy and she slashes the opponent with them. They may also stop elemental attacks (like Water) from hurting her so much if used to protect herself, but they'll still hurt.
  • Poison Fang - [TYPE]Poison[/TYPE] | Physical | Mo'o's teeth are dripping with poisonous venom and she bites down on her target, causing a high chance to badly poison them.
  • Heat Wave - [TYPE]Fire[/TYPE] | Special | Mo'o releases a hot wave of fire from her body, which may burn anything in its wake. It may also destroy small to medium-sized rocks.
  • Venoshock - [TYPE]Poison[/TYPE] | Special | Mo'o releases a wave of special poisonous liquid at the target that deals more damage if the opponent is poisoned or badly poisoned.
  • Helping Hand - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Status | Mo'o glows with orange energy before passing it off to an ally, whose next attack gets boosted. She can either whip them with this energy (which may hurt) or set her hand on them.
  • Attract - [TYPE]Normal[/TYPE] | Status | Mo'o glows with pinkish energy before winking at her target. Hearts appear out of this wink, formed by the pink aura from her and it charges at the opponent. Once hit, it will cause the opponent to be infatuated. They may still attack, just less often. Depending on their behavior, they'll do and say different things. This will only work if the target is male, but this can work if the target is male and doesn't think she's attractive.
Backstory: Mo'o, as a Salandit, was heavily regarded over the other female Salandits because of her color. Usually, a Shiny Pokemon is either ostracized for being too noticeable while others are regarded as deities or royalty depending on the societal standards differing from species to species. It helps that male Salandits are all about helping the females survive, even to the detriment of their own nutritional needs. Because of this, she was always protected, and she never strayed too far from her territory. When rumors started spreading about a shiny Salandit in Wela Volcano Park, people began flocking to the location. Mo'o had to hide, and managed to for awhile. However, there was a trap that she fell into: A metal cage. She wasn't able to utilize her Corrosion ability before she was taken away. She decided to ride this out and leave to find her family again, but she was too late playing the "my Ability is actually Oblivious and not Corrosion" game. The trappers fled before the male Salandit can catch up to them and they shipped her over to Kanto for a client. They had tested her to be female and were very excited to sell her for lots of money. When they had arrived in Kanto, they had sold her off and the client trained her extensively (and fed her a diet of mainly spicy and sweet berries with growth hormones to help her grow and evolve faster) to help her in evolving. The client wasn't all that bad of a guy, he just wanted her for his collection. Being captured and flaunted like a trophy was something she was not used to as male Salandit were the trophies that females of her species held, not female Salandit. This was a disrespect to her, as she wasn't taken care of and doted on like her family of Salandit, but was more held like a status symbol. She left him by melting through her cage and destroying her PokeBall before heading towards a facility. She still held her curiosity and wanted to wreak havoc on the people who had trapped and sold her off.
When she went inside a certain portion of the branch, she found cages upon cages of Pokemon. Some were silent and asleep, others were whimpering, and even more were barking and growling and making a ruckus. Luckily, the ruckus caused helped her to slip in and about unseen. She found two Pokemon talking about freedom, so she did them all a favor and freed everyone from their cages. She made an immediate friendship with Miles and Doom and had helped those two survive. She honestly found them pretty cute and wanted to help them more than the others because of that notion. They ran away together until they caught wind of the Rebellion's existence and have since moved to live within the Rebellion.
Her reputation is known as the seducer. She constantly goes around the Rebellion, finding single male Pokemon and using her pheromones to have fun teasing them before leaving them high and dry before anything actually fun happens. She loves flirting, and loves being worshiped even more. Seeking constant validation is why she teases and flirts so often because she misses the constant doting she received from her Salandit family. Here, it's very varied in the kinds of responses she gets and she doesn't mind it, but she still misses her home. She has found a group of Salandit she can command, but it's not the same. Because of how many Shiny Pokemon there are in the Rebellion, the worshiping they do is short of royalty, and Mo'o just has to suffer with the fact that she can't go back to her home, for fear of being trapped and caught again.
The Rebellion is much safer. Or so she thought...
Code: 8288

Group Name: Blazing Trio
Group Members: Mo'o the Salazzle, Doom the Houndoom, and Miles the Ninetales
Group Reputation: They have different reputations individually, but as a group, they are helpful. They are well known for muscle and distractions, and they are also well known in helping the local children with any needs they have. Despite their personalities, they mesh well together and they hardly have any issue with society when together (despite Doom's reputation of getting into fights). Whenever someone needs something, they can always count on them.

Not sure how many attacks a Pokemon can have, so I listed all the ones Miles knows. If you want me to decrease the amount, I can decrease it to a manageable amount.
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Great, now two more and I have a question explained at the bottom of the character sheets. I have trimmed down the number of moves known by Miles from 16 to 10. I will make sure to keep the moveset under 10, but I thought it made sense for Miles (and later Doom) to have more attacks to utilize as they have similar backstories. Mo'o won't have that many moves and the status moves she will have are geared towards her seductive self.
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OK, now for a quick update: I'll move on to when the group goes to Weepinbel Avenue when @Lynxses , @Your-Friday-Filet and @Sparkling Emolga have posted, but if they don't post after about a week, I will move on. As for Medic, I'll start a PM to discuss how they can introduce their characters.
Species: Snivy
Nickname (if applicable): Ankha (She often goes by Ank, Hara, but she never responds to Ahara. Though she most likely responds to Hanu.)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ankha is known for having two of her tail points slashed off, though that's really her main feature besides being half blind, using a large maple leaf as a patch (reason in backstory). All her limbs are smaller then normal, her only working eye has blue specks in, and her lower body is bandaged up. Needless to say, Ankha has it rough.
Personality: Ankha is the silent type. She doesn't socialise much, and due to her past, she would always flee from things unless allies are involved. Though when she does actually speak, her voice is weak and barely heard. It's all the more evidence she doesn't trust easily.
Moveset: Growth, Leaf Tornado, Tackle, Vine Whip.
Backstory (why did they join the rebellion?): Ankha normally lived a good life. She was owned by a bold girl who always got her entered into Nimbasa's Musicals, and it was all good for her. Over time, Ankha noticed her owner was more determined to see her succeed, and ended up using her mother's Ponyta to burn her whenever a show didn't go well. It was eventually gotten used to, until her punishment was trained from burning to poisoning. The Toxic used to punish her was always worse each time, as her Trainer left Ankha in a room to slowly faint. This cycle was repeated for years. But when she became 15, her Trainer treated her harsher then one would reckon. When Ankha flat out refused to train like her friend, a Panpour the trainer owned, she and the Panpour were beat hard by the Trainer, which resulted in Ankha to flee with a severe eye injury and Her tail slashed badly. Her friend couldn't get away, and he was never heard of since. After that event, she never trusted anybody. Even the few nice humans weren't trusted, she believed they were faking it. She was right about that, as she trusted one person and found herself in a cage for half a year. After finally escaping from that toxic area, she resorted to travelling to different regions. After she turned 16, she eventually found the Rebellion. She was healed up there, and was willing to get revenge on all Trainers like hers, mainly to see that Panpour again.
Code: 8288
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@Alternate_Mystery Accepted! Nice bio! I recommend you introduce Ankha as a Pokemon that is already at Weepinbell Avenue and is also trying to find out the mystery of the room, and ends up joining Elgey and co, just for a bit of cohesion. But that's just my opinion!

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As stated in the letter from Luxray, SEC was in production in an abandoned place in Weepinbell Avenue. So, the group are going to find SEC, but before that, Elgey needs to pick up a Pokemon from the cafe, so the group are going there first.

The cafe is also vital for introducing Merciless Medic's characters.