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  1. H47E

    Private/Closed Total Pokémon Island [REBOOTED 2.0] - Discussion Thread

    Hello reader, coming back at ya with another Pokémon Roleplay. This one is a reboot of an old series of roleplays based on the 'Total Drama' series. I was originally introduced to the concept on a different forum that no longer exists (RIP Marriland RP forums), where there were multiple...
  2. Jakoboi

    Ask to Join Pokemon Survivor! The reality game show!

    Sign ups here! (Still accepting more rpers!): https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-survivor-discussion-sign-ups-thread.21262/ “Congratulations! Your application and audition for the first ever season of Pokémon Survivor has been accepted! You have been selected because we believe that your...
  3. Jakoboi

    Ask to Join Pokémon Survivor! Discussion/Sign ups thread

    Hello y’all! Been a while since I could get some reliable free time but I wanna give making an rp a shot. Premise: “Congratulations! Your application and audition for the first ever season of Pokémon Survivor has been accepted! You have been selected because we believe that your unique skills...
  4. MelodyMay

    Ask to Join Second Chances Sign Ups

    Introduction: Second chances; everyone deserves one right? From criminals looking for a chance at redemption to the homeless to the deathly sick... the list could never end, really. So many people in need of help; hell, some people are still on their first chance but because of forces outside...
  5. Yaspen

    Art Gift Competition!

    Hi! I wanted to start a competition, and I know how popular requests, art trades, and other reasons for people to draw art for other users are, so I decided to make a gift competition. Here are the rules: If someone asks you to make a gift for them, that is considered a request and is not valid...
  6. ChungHa

    The Grand Festival! : Discussion

    [[ Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-grand-festival.16144/ ]] Hey guys! Basically, I am creating a roleplay called "The Grand Festival!", which is, if you have basic knowledge on Pokemon, is the largest and most extravagant final Pokemon Contest of the year, where any Coordinator that...
  7. EspeonTheBest

    Private/Closed On the Ocean's Wings [Discussion]

    "The Ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul" - Robert Wyland Alola is one, if not the most, mysterious regions of the Pokémon world, and for good reason. No gyms, a league that's years in the making, variations that couldn't be found anywhere...
  8. Nidocool

    Nidocool's drawing competition!

    Hello, Nidocool here! Today I'm deciding to open up a drawing competition where you- Yes, you- have the chance to win a shiny Mew! Since I almost desparately need art of my OC, Mook, I decided to open up a contest. Here is the basic idea: You have to draw Mook. It can be by herself (not...