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gym leader

  1. Scorbunny Fan

    If you were a gym leader...

    If you were a gym leader, what type would you specialize in? What Pokémon would you have? After describing that, describe yourself as a gym leader! :D
  2. Hecotoro

    Ask to Join GYM Leader Academy (GLA)

    Dear Azumi and Maker Towers, We hope that this letter finds you well. We have looked over your application to join our school, GLA, and we want to congratulate you on being accepted to join us. Please read over our manual and norms to avoid any unpleasant situations. We have included your ID...
  3. •spirit•

    Private/Closed ◈The Valorine Region! (RP)◈

    Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-valorine-region-discussion-sign-ups.22165/ ~~~~~~~~~~ Jade woke up to the scrubbing of rocks on her neck. She rolled around groggily in her bed, before opening her eyes to an orange blur. She got up and rubbed her eyes, and looked down at...
  4. •spirit•

    Private/Closed The Valorine Region! (Discussion & Sign Ups)

    A newly discovered region for you, Valorine sports many different environments that other regions don't have. New Pokemon have been discovered here, as well as the ones we all know and love. This region is divided into 6 small islands, all connected by red bridges and many cherry blossom trees...
  5. TheStargazer

    Open Pokemon Gym Leader Tournament Discussion and Sign Ups

    RP is here!! https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-gym-leader-tournament.15554/ Intro: Congratulations! You and many other Gym Leaders from around the Pokemon Universe have been chosen to participate in a tournament in the Kanto region the where the winner will be crowned a member of the...
  6. TepigTurtwig

    Open Gym Academy

    Headmaster of Academy: Welcome all applicants! In this school, you will be learning the ins and outs of being a gym leader. If you manage to defeat 3 other students and defeat 10 mock challengers, along with having a team of alteast 2 mons of your typing, you graduate, becoming a gym leader...
  7. Bidoof

    [IC]Strega: Gym Leader Academy

    [OOC: if you want to join this RP, make sure to check out the OOC and sign-up thread first! You won't be eligible to join if you don't!] A certain muscular red-haired man sat behind his desk in the newly built Gym Leader Academy. He let out a sigh. Just sitting and doing paperwork was nothing...
  8. Bidoof

    [OOC and Sign-Up]Strega: Gym Leader Academy

    "Test, test... Hello, yes? Does this thing work? Wait, what do you mean we're already recording? Um, hello there, and congratulations right off the bat! The reason you're seeing this video in your mailbox, is because you've been accepted to study in our prestigious Gym Leader Academy! My name's...