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Open Gym Academy

Headmaster of Academy: Welcome all applicants! In this school, you will be learning the ins and outs of being a gym leader. If you manage to defeat 3 other students and defeat 10 mock challengers, along with having a team of alteast 2 mons of your typing, you graduate, becoming a gym leader. Remember, these fights aren't a barrage, they are just highpoints of your time here. You will also be able to train your pokemon and interact with other leaders-in-training. Please come prepared with only pokemon of your own typing, such as a dual-type or single-type of that type, and remember that you can use any strategy you want. You can find all items you need to build that team, and become a leader!

Applications in this format:
Name: Jerek
Gender: Male
Age: 15(15-18)
Type: Grass
Personality: Tactical, Serious
Appearance( No Clothing Here Plz, that changes): Brown hair, no facial hair, white skin, hazel eyes
Trainer Card(Not Mandatory, but Recommended):

BIC: Jerek looked around; he was here. He had just checked in with the concierge, and, due to his personality, was given a solitary room. He didn't want a roommate, as that had its own issues. Besides, he like his privacy, which he would have tons of now. He decided to check the academy map while he was here, to see what was on it.
One of the maps depicted showed a forest, a pond, mountain, plains, and a small mountain ridge. He knew he would be frequenting that forest, and maybe the plains. Perhaps he would meet others to go there with him?
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Name: Zachary
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Type: Ghost
Personality: Mysterious, odd
Appearance: White hair, pale white skin, bright blue eyes
trainer card:
Will post soon
((As of right now he just has a rotom)


Zach stepped onto the campus, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. So here he was. Gym Academy. He hardly had any trouble getting in, as he was born from a powerful family back home in the region of Sinnoh.
His reason for coming here didn't stop at his gym ambitions. What he also came here for was answers. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the odd keystone. Apparently it had been passed down from generation to generation, though his parents nor his grand parents had any idea what it was... Though they did know one thing. Legends for told of a mysterious power within it... A creature of spirit and doom...

"And I can't wait to unleash it." Zach whispered to himself, before tossing it up in the air and catching it in his hand.
Jerek looked at the kid next to him. He was muttering odd things, and looked rather strange. "You seem to be a Sinnoh-born, just like me! My family was pretty good, but you seem to be from a very good one. I love Sinnoh, and I want to be the next grass gymleader there!"
The kid was tossing up an odd keystone, which, even throughout his own reading, Jerek had never learned much about. He decided to introduce his pokemon to this boy, "This is twiggy, my turtwig, and windigo, my seedot."

OOC: Team Mystic FTW!
Zach glanced over at the trainer to his right. How long had he been standing there?
"Hello." Zach said. "I see your also here to become a leader. In that case I want to have a battle." As he said that his rotom hopped out of it's poke ball. "This," Zach pointed a finger at it, "Is my rotom. I personally believe the true way to learn about someone is to watch how they battle and get a feel as to the kind of person they are. Do you accept my challenge?"
Appearance:black hair.black skin,brown eyes
Trainer card:making it later.right now all i have is a shinx

BIC: Tyrese steps onto the campus, as he yells out loud "yes I'm here gym academy,I'm going to try my best"tyrese had a hard time getting into gym academy. "ok where am i suppose to go again"
Jerek saw Tyrese panicking, and decided to help him. "I accept your challenge, but let me first point out where the registrar is to Tyrese," He said to the ghost kid. Jerek showed Tyrese where to go for the registrar and help desk, and readied up for battle. "This will be a 1v1 battle, may the strongest trainer win." As an apprentice to Gardenia, Jerek had a pretty nice turtwig, and he would use him.
Jerek knew this battle did not count towards his necessary completion battles, as the academy wasn't hosting those yet, but he would still try his hardest. After all, what's a battle when it isn't at its best? He knew this kid might also have gotten in very easily, as most sinnoh trainers do. It is the toughest region of them all, a fact almost none dispute.
"Actually, I think it would be more fare if you used both your pokemon..." As he said that, rotom vanished into the ground, before reemerging in a few seconds except this time he was taking the shape of a microwave. "You see... Rotom has the power of possession, and in this form, he has the secondary type of fire. (I hope the academy doesn't mind me borrowing a microwave...) Anyway, I have the clear type advantage, so it's only fair I give you a slight handicap. Agreed?"
Jerek knew that with that rotom-heat, he had a low chance of winning. Well, other than one thing it gave him. But, windigo was pretty young, and this may be his first big battle. If he lost, well, he would be disheartened. Jerek decided, "No, I would prefer a one on one. If I do become a gym leader, everyone will bring fire types and flying types to fight me. I should be able to fight one. Besides, don't underestimate this guy. His four moves are very good."
"thank you so much"tyrese finish registering and get a dorm assigned to him,and he walks up to his dorm"man this is awesome i can finally relax"Tyrese opens the door get and lay down on his bed"i should've introduced myself to that guy well ill do it later then right now ill just relax"those two seemed serious and strong man hopefully i can beat one of them "
"Fine, but don't expect me to go easy on you. Rotom, battle stance!"
Rotom floated Infront of Zach, at the ready. This battle would be a sure win.
"You can make the first move. It's only fair."
"Alright, if you insist. Twiggy, let's start in a surprising way. Light Screen!" A light pink screen was formed in front of Twiggy, shimmered, and disappeared. "Well, I guess that didn't work. Umm..." Jerek was a very smart trainer, easily getting into the academy. He had some more tricks, even if that one didn't work.
He took the chance to look around the arena. It was basic, no cover. Just sand, to soften falls. Maybe he could use that?
"well it wouldn't hurt to watch their battle,just to see how their play style is like" tyrese walk out of his dorm and walk all right where he first say them and watch them battle from a distance"ok i time to observe he he"
Zach chucked to himself. He was clearly very inexperienced. This should be a breeze.
"Rotom, sunny day!" Just then the sunlight became much more harsh, and a massive flame grew around Elton's body. "That increases the power of his fire moves significantly, incase you didn't already know."
"I know, don't worry." Jerek was very excited to see what his opponent could do. "Twiggy, let's use our other secret: swords dance!" Twiggy danced in a ferocious manner, and very ready to go. Now let's see what he does next.
Well, someone has to finally get the ball rolling with an offensive attack.
"Rotom! Ember!" Miniature red flames shot out of rotom's mouth, hitting the turtwig.
BIC: Jerek smiled, "and now you see why I am a good gym leader candidate." As the ember flew hit twiggy, a pink glow eliminated in front of him, revealing the light screen. "Did you think I would have actually failed a light screen? No, I was actually looking at the arena while I helped Tyrese. I saw that the lights were very bright, and, from a certain angle, would hide the light screen until triggered or activated. And now, you are wide open for an attack. Twiggy, seed bomb!" The seeds exploded upon rotom-heat.
Rotom was knocked aback by the seed bomb, but due to grass resistance no substantial damage was done, though it certainly left a mark.
"Hm.... Interesting. I think I've seen enough. Rotom, let's finish this with overheat."
Just then a massive amount of fire exploded from Rotom's body, scorching the grass and leaves around them. A substantial amount of flames rammed into the turtwig.
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Type: Ice
Personality: Noah is more calm,but violent,too.He will try to show no mercy while battling.He also tries not to be noticed.He's also hot-headed.That's weird for ice type trainer,too(Bum dum psst!).
Appearance: Noah has cyan hair with green eyes and fair skin.
Trainer Card:


Noah looked up at the gym academy.His Sneasel,Claws was looking at the other trainers around.His Snover,Kori,was standing next to Noah's leg.Noah put his fur coat's hood up.He didn't want to be noticed.He walked around,looking for something to do.He saw a few people talking,two people battling.He continued to walk around.He found a tree a few yards away from the battle.He beckoned Claws and Kori over.

"C'mon,guys.Let's watch this battle," Noah told the ice types.He sat down and watched the battle against the Rotom and the Turtwig.
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This guy is pretty rough. However, we looked into this arena even more. Twiggy surfaced behind rotom. "Now, you are probably asking how I did that, Aren't you? That flash of light from when overheat hits light screen was a chance any pokemon I've trained would use." Twiggy fired another seed bomb.
"GG, sir. Twiggy, facade!" Twiggy absorbed the will-o-wisp, striking with double power from it. "I was out of good moves, so I plopped this on to counter status teams. Unfortunately, burn halves damage, but swords dance negates that."
Zach was at a loss for words as rotom was defeated. He returned it into his poke ball. Zach sighed before smiling at Jerek.
"I'm impressed... The odds were impossible yet you overcame. I feel like I've learned a lot from this battle. I'll look forward to our upcoming rematch."
Zach glanced over at the ice trainer.
"Oh! I didn't see him there. I would introduce myself but I should probably attend to my dorm. And let rotom rest."

Zach checked in, and was given his room key. He had no preferences on company, so he was given a room fit for 2. He placed his suitcase on the bed and emptied it out. He brought clothes, of course, several poke balls, some generic items, and his journal.
Jerek needed to heal his turtwig and look for more grass types, he decided to check out the forest, but, first, ask the ice trainer some questions. He approached the trainer.
"man those two are strong...i have no chance of winning against one of them welp I'm gonna try my best"Tyrese yawned and looked at the ice trainer"hmm he's probably strong too man I'm pumped up to battle someone"Tyrese yawns again"first I'm gonna go take nap"Tyrese walks all the way back to his dorm"wonder who my roommate will be"Tyrese opens the door seeing Zach"...your that guy that battling the person with the turtwig well um hi...."
Name: Samantha
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Type: Ground
Personality: big headed, melodramatic, weird, extra everything
Appearance: long bleach white hair and thick framed glasses, unusually tall for her age, pale white skin
Trainer Card(Not Mandatory, but Recommended):

Samantha had been waiting a short distance away watching the battle between the turtwig and the rotom, unfortunately for her in her focus on the battle, she had forgotten to run in and make her big entrance. to remedy this she ran to the dorms and rushed through her signing of forms signing herself up for a double room, just before heading to her room she questioned the staff about the person with a rotom who had just entered. in moments she was at their door giving it a knock before posing dramatically with her Pokemon for the moment when the door opened.
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Noah walked to the front desk to sign in.He got a slim key card and walked to his room.He liked his room a lot.It was cold,big,and quiet.Noah sat on his bed and Kori and Claws would climb on to the bed.Kori would sit on Noah's lap and Claws would play with Noah's hair.Noah and his ice types would sit there for a while,just resting.But,his stomach growled.He hadn't eaten all day.So,he got up and called his Sneasel and Snover over.

"C'mon,guys.Let's find food," Noah would tell his Pokemon.He would then wander aimlessly around the building and campus.
Jerek noticed some girl posing near the ghost kid's door. Man, I should have asked his name. Jerek left him to deal with her, and went to the help desk to learn where the restaurants were. There was one that served good meat, and he went to it. He decided to wait at the ice cream store for that ice trainer, and see if they could talk a bit.
OOC: So, I was doing some thinking, and I got some ideas to develop this academy. Every area is named after a legendary: Shaymin Fields, Celebi Forest, The three mountains after the trio of legendary birds, Manaphy Pond, and Mew Mountain. Also, battles will count towards your score once we get 6 people on this rp. So Close! Thanks for rping guys! Atleast 2 people will probably not be able to get that score of three wins, but don't worry about that. If we don't get enough winners, there is a back-up plan.
Tyrese opens the door seeing Samantha outside."um can i help you"Tyrese stare at her Pokemon thinking to himself*i wonder how strong she is at using her pokemon
Samantha holds her pose with an over the top and obviously faked laugh. going to start her speech she freezes "your not the right trainer!" without waiting for a response she sprints off only to come running back moments later her gligar holding onto her shoulders and flapping like a cape as her swinub pootles along the floor after her. "Im samanth btw" just as swinub catches up she sprints off again grabbing it off the floor and placing it one her head where it clings for dear life "YOU WONT BE FORGETTING THAT NAME"
Tyrese awkwardly looks at her running away"what a very...interesting person"Tyrese looks at its shinx and smiles and the looks away"well wonder who she was looking for anyways are you, hungry little fellow"shinx nods a yes Tyrese walks out the door and closed it"now where do I go buy Pokemon food"