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Jade woke up to the scrubbing of rocks on her neck. She rolled around groggily in her bed, before opening her eyes to an orange blur. She got up and rubbed her eyes, and looked down at the Lycanroc who had woken her up.
"Hey Bean." She said, tiredly. "Glad to see you've got energy."
"Roc!" Bean replied, before running out of the room, and down the stairs. Jade walked over to her curtains, and opened them. The morning sun filled her room, and mixed with the pinkness of the blossom trees that resided outside her window, giving the surrounding area a light pinkish tint. Cade town was most beautiful at this time of day, to Jade at least. She sighed. The sight somehow always managed to take her breath away, even though she had seen it many times before.

Halfway through getting ready, a sweet smell wafted up from the kitchen, only urging Jade to go faster. She had got ready in a record time of five minutes, and rushed to the kitchen to see the sight of her family tucking into a stack of pancakes each.
"You're late!" Sakura said playfully, flipping a pancake in the air. "Come, eat up, or you're food'll get cold." She placed the pancake on the pre-placed stack. Jade didn't resist. She immediately sat down, and poured some maple syrup on them, before tucking in, eating them quickly, and soon enough, they were gone.
"That was delicious!" She muttered blissfully.
"So, you're starting your Valorian journey today," Her mother stated. "Which starter are you planning on choosing?"
"Well, it's taken a lot of thought, but i'm gonna choose Fennekin." She replied, getting out of her chair and walking towards the cloakroom, taking out a simple black backpack. She made her way to the front door. "Hey, i'm going to go now! Bye!" She said, leaving the house. She took in the floraly scent of cherry blossoms, and calmly made her way to the Pokemon Lab, where her journey in Valorine would begin.

The Dark Fairy

Previously Eliiiscool
Eli woke up to the light of the sunrise, he rolled out of bed, falling on the floor before getting up, looking at the Eevee and Sylveon that had jumped in his bed to sleep with him, Lix and Veon. Eli picked up their pokeballs, stowing them on his belt as he made their food, putting down, and waking them up, the two pokemon chirped happily as they went to chow down, Eli walking downstairs to get his own food, scrambling some eggs for himself and eating, walking back upstairs and smiling at the two pokemon "Time to go, you know what today is!" The pokemon looked up at him, both of them as excited as Eli. They left the house and walked to the lab, arriving early, waiting outside for a bit to wait for the others, he did not know if he could go in early anyway.
Sasha Lowe, a quiet girl from the region of Kalos. She lived with her dad and his husband, her now step dad. She loved them both as they mean a lot to her. It showed when they let her travel to Valorine region to explore.

As she left for the region she would be in for a while, her step dad gave her a parting gift. It was a feebas, a pokemon that she had been trying to get for a long time. He knew that this was one of the best things that he could have given her. Knowing that he was with her dad, is what allowed her to travel without the guilt of leaving her father by himself.

Waking up, Sasha got out of bed. Snow was asleep at the foot of the bed. Looking around the room, Sasha took one last look at the hotel that she had stayed in the night before. She was in the starting point of most trainers of the region, Lolay Town. After a bit of breakfast, Sasha was out of hotel, and onto the road of her journey in the Valorine region. The only thing was, she still needed to find the professor's lab.
Lucy Mazz looked dully out the window of her hotel room. The sun had risen, it was a beautiful day, and the sakura trees swayed in the gentle wind. Lucy didn't care. She had eaten a granola bar several minutes before, and all her things were packed and ready from the night before. She was ready to go, but she kept staring out the window. She was thinking, wondering what awaited her here in the Valorine region. She was so far from her home in Galar, now, and she didn't want to be. She wanted to be at home, just going through the regular routine of her life and not here, forced to start a Pokemon Journey by her parents. She knew they were just looking out for her, that they were worried for her, but that didn't mean she liked their solution.

Her father had brought her out to catch a Pokemon. After wandering for a while, they had been able to find and capture a Rookidee with help from Mr. Mazz's Drednaw. The Rookidee was hers, now. She had named him Fortune, but she had hardly brought him out of his Pokeball, only when her parents made her. Now, two weeks later, they had shipped her off to Valorine to talk to the professor and face the league. Hooray.

Ten minutes later, Lucy walked out the hotel door. She had checked out, and also gotten directions to the professor's lab. After a short walk she had arrived at the lab's front entrance. After a moment's hesitation, and ignoring the boy standing outside, she tried the door of the lab.
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Clint took a nap as he flew on a... Helicopter. He didn't like this idea to use Corporation Helicopter, but his sister Ophelia didn't wanted him to be in public transport for some reason.. Well, arguing with her is impossible so.. He agreed.

"Umm.. Mr. Skyscale.. We have reached Valorine region " said pilot and woke him up. Skyscale looked outside, he noticed so many pokemons flying next to helicopter and he saw beautiful green land in a distance. Childish smile arrived at his face as he simply said "Finally! Valorine Region, I am here!"

-Reaching Loray town and pokemon lab timeskip-

Clint reached the lab after a longer while of walking, as he left his transport. At last.. He was free, he was often traveling to many different regions.. But it was always with someone from family and it was always connected with their work in Corporation. He noticed a boy with two pokemons, Sylveon and Eevee. He smiled as he approached him "Hey! Are you also here to begin your journey?"
Neon woke up. Unwillingly, of course. Lucario was responsible enough to wake him up with a light Force Palm. He was asleep in the back of his parent's car. He didn't have a problem traveling in his parent's car, not like he had choice. He had fallen asleep while his little sister was dishing out a bunch of things he should do on his journey, as well as establishing rules on how to stay safe. He found her behavior adorable, but, ultimately useless. He knew how to stay safe. His sister didn't seem to notice he had fallen asleep, as she was still dishing out words. "And be sure to floss, brush your teeth, and comb your hair and use gel every day! You never know, some girl might be attracted to that!" Neon sighed and shook his head.
They finally arrived in Valorine. The new region Neon had decided to explore. He got out of the car, and said goodbye to his parents. He left about 10 minutes later than he wanted to, because his sister kept reminding him about the things she had certainly already explained about 8 times. He was finally able to leave and head towards the lab. He made it there relatively quickly, but Lucario made it a few minutes before him, because he used Extreme Speed. "That's cheating." He told Lucario. Lucario just shrugged. He saw two people by the door already. "Jeez, I thought I was early." He waved to the fellow trainers. "Heya! Are both of you here to start a journey as well?"
Lidia rode on the back of a Lapras. She wasn't hers, but her mother's. Her bare feet rested on the spikes of the gentle water type as she fished for the last time in a while. Although she couldn't see Aqua, she knew the Vaporeon was out in the sea somewhere close by. She saw the sun's position and knew that she should probably head out. "Aqua! I'm heading back!" A blue head popped out of the waves and gave a happy cry as the Vaporeon tried to race the Lapras back home. After repositioning herself, Lidia patted the Lapras and the transport Pokemon went faster. Aqua got to the shore first due to her head start. Lidia laughed and scratched Aqua's head. "Ok, let me get shoes on then we'll head out."

After stopping by her house for some shoes and to tell her parents goodbye, Lidia jogged over to the lab, Aqua following her. She gave everyone a wave and a smile, not saying anything yet.

Professor Nutmeg cleaned up her lab for the upcoming visitors. Jimmy, her Chamelment, rested on her shoulder as she worked. She sighed as she saw people wanting to enter. She wasn't ready yet!
Clint sighed as mote and more people arrived, just smiled and said "Umm, its nice to meet you, everyone.. My name is Clint Sky-" he bit his tongue and didn't end "I am Clint"

"Well, I just arrived to this region like... 40 minutes ago..." said Clint as he answered "And I didn't thought that I will be here that fast" then he noticed that something moved in lab window. Or maybe it was his imagination... Well, even if it wasn't, Professor may have an important reason not to let them go inside just yet.
Over the island, an orange smudge could be seen, and if you listen closely, you could hear a muffled voice. That was actually Jodi Kelly riding her Charizard while speaking on the phone.
"Yes, Lipora, I need you, Chad and Masey to look after the rookies. After you all train, you can all go to the Ice Ring... where you can practice ice skating some more... Yeah, I know I'm being a little tough, but you need to train if you're gonna take over for me, even temporary time while I'm out in the region. Yeah, I just need to pick up that Egg. I can't wait for my little seal to hatch! Oh look, I'm just above Lolay Town. Gotta go, don't let the rookies play hot and cold, they're not quite ready for that. Bye!" She hanged up and told her Charizard to go down. The non Dragon Type dragon nodded and landed right behind the Professor's lab. Jodi petted his head and kissed his nose. "Okay, come back, I can't fit you inside the professor's lab." She called the Flame Pokémon back in his PokéBall and rummaged through her bag. She pulled out a shiny PokéBall and threw it into the air. The Ball released white energy and it formed into a little Sobble that landed on her head. It was just about to cry when Jodi started petting it. "Come on, little buddy, where gonna visit the professor. You like the professor, right?" The little chameleon water lizard thing slowly nodded. "Okay, let's enter quietly so we don't frighten her."
Jodi burst through the back doors of the Lab and smiled brightly.
"Helllloooo, Professor Ava! How are you doing? I'm here for the egg." She walked towards the woman, the doors closing behind her. "Oh are you cleaning? Can I help--- Wait. What are those kids doing there?" She stared at the kids outside the Lab. Her smile widened as it dawned on her. "Oh my gosh! They're new trainers, wanting to start their journey!" She began jumping up and down, bursting with excitement. Sobble grabbed her hair, trying not to fall off. "Eeeeeeeee! Oh,hi Chamelment." She stopped and petted the Pokémon on the Professor's shoulder, then resumed her over the top reaction. "Eeeeeee!" If you couldn't tell, she loved the idea of people starting a brand new journey.
Lucy didn’t react to any of the others until she was asked a direct question by the boy she had seen when she first walked to the door. Even then, she merely nodded. She had answered the question, and that was enough. She felt no need to answer in more detail. She heard one of the others introduce himself, but after a moment of looking at them, she turned around and looked at the door again. She wanted to get this over with. However, she still didn’t knock. Just waited.
Lidia sighed as she crossed her arms. "Ok then, everyone, ignore me. Like I wanted to talk to you all anyway," she said a bit grumpily. Aqua pawed her leg. Lidia sighed as she narrowed her eyes at the group that chose to exclude her so far and pet her water-dog. She assumed she would have to make the journey alone, something she wasn't looking forward to.

The professor looked at Jodi and gave a sigh. "Just let me finish up, then I'll get you the egg while I open the lab up." She put her cleaning products away then unlocked the lab as she had Chemelment sit on the table as she went to grab the egg. She then handed it to Jodi then opened the door for the gym leaders, as the lab had multiple entrances. She then walked back into the main room and smiled at the trainers as she held the door open. "Welcome and come on in."
Lucy was... well, not happy, but at least a bit happier, when the door opened to reveal the professor of the region. Lucy looked at the woman as she held the door open, and even managed a quiet “Good morning...”. Then she shifted her gaze around the interior. She knew that she would receive some things since she was a new trainer, but she wasn’t sure exactly what these things would be. She stood off to one side and waited for the others to enter.
Jodi held the egg and looked at it lovingly, like she was the mother and the egg was her baby. She couldn't wait until the little seal hatched and started moving and making messes left and right. But then, the Professor opened the doors and a shy looking female trainer entered. Her smile widened and she put the egg on the desk, next to Chamelment.
"Sobble, watch the egg!" Jodi grabbed her little water lizard chameleon thing and put him on top if the egg. She rushed to the trainer. She grabbed her hand and eagerly shook her hand. "Hello, welcome to the lab! I'm Jodi Kelly, what's your name?" She looked at the Professor. "Prof, bring some starters for this lovely young lady!" She knew she was being a little creepy, but she didn't care one bit.
Lucy’s eyes grew a bit wider as the enthusiastic woman rushed over to her, and then even more so as her hand was seized and shaken so vigorously. She was surprised and very, very uncomfortable with the situation already. Then the woman introduced herself as Jodi Kelly, and asked for Lucy’s name. She felt a very, very strong urge not to tell, but she knew she would probably have to tell the professor anyway. Not like she cared whether her name was a secret or not, after all.

“Mmmm... my name’s Lucy...”

The words felt just a little strange to her as she said them, but she had a feeling that she would be saying it a lot more in the future. She looked where Jodi had come from and saw a familiar Pokémon, a Sobble, sitting atop an egg, and another Pokémon she didn’t recognize nearby. Her eyes shifted back to the professor and the intrance for a moment, and then returned to Jodi. She realized that her hand hadn’t been let go yet, so she slipped it out of the woman’s grasp and returned it to her side.
Sasha was a bit lost, as she had not found the professor's lab at all. It took her awhile, but shr finally asked someone if they could point her in the direction of the lab. The funny part of it all was that she was standing in front of the lab the whole time, and did not know it. With a bit of embarrassment, she turned towards the lab, and walked with her hands in the pocket of her hoodie. By her side was Snow, her trusty Glaceon. She hoped the professor would give her a direction to go in, as she had been a bit undecided on what to do. Though with the people that seemed to have gathered, she knew that the professor would not have much time for her. So she steeled herself, and pushed open the door. Where she found the sight of a girl a little uncomfortable as an older woman shook her hand.