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  1. K

    Ask to Join (Global) Pokemon World Tour

    "This is no longer a game, Khajari..." Giovanni raised his fist to the air. Khajari looks around. There is no hope. Team Rocket grunts guard the double doors leading outside. Will anyone come to his rescue? Panicking, Khajari releases his white Metagross. The blinding shine stuns Giovanni. For a...
  2. TurtleGaming

    Open Adventure in the Kanto Region

    OOC: If you want to join, go to the discussion and fill out the form http://pokecharms.com/threads/adventure-in-the-kanto-region-discussion.14252/ BIC: Hayden walked out of his house, on his way to Professor Oak's lab. When he got to the lab, he was greeted by Professor Oak, who offered him one...
  3. TurtleGaming

    Open Adventure in the Kanto Region - Discussion

    Hey guys, this is my first RP I've ever made! The concept is fairly simple; lots of teens from Pallet town are beginning their adventure in the Indigo League Challenge, and Professor Oak is providing Pokemon to anyone who wants one! To join, fill out the following form: Name: Gender: Age...
  4. Teapot

    Poké Finder, Version Differences, and the Zygarde Cube

    Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, like the many paired games that precede them, have various version differences between them. However, Sun and Moon have some of the most pronounced differences between any Pokémon games. Perhaps the most pronounced difference is that both Pokémon Sun and Moon...
  5. MaybeRyan667

    Have you ever tried an only run?

    What I mean by this is have you ever done a play through of a pokemon game. But you're only allowed to use one pokemon throughout the entire run. It's not like a nuzlock where if your only pokemon faints it dies and you are allowed to use other pokemon only for hm slaves. I have done one before...
  6. Tim_The _Pikachu

    Open Pikachu's Adventure

    This Roleplay follows the Adventures of Pikachu as he roams the region, looking for fun and new friends along the way. Pikachu walks through the forest hungy, he finds a tee with berries on it, he fires lightning bolts to get some down, he runs over next to another tree to eat them,but...