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  1. Hogzilla

    Private/Closed [MHA] The Next Generation

    @Cryronn the Mudkip @Night's Shadow [@Tudor21G @RhythmThief @Schrift007 @Shadow_Pup @Manu456Alola@Pinch Let me know if I missed someone. Okay teamgang here's the new discussion thread. So far the RP has been going very well for the most part, but I just want to put out a few rules so everyone's...
  2. •spirit•

    Ask to Join ~My Class 1A - The Next Generation (MHA Rp)~

    Participants: @~Xero~ , @Shadow_Pup , @Frontier Master , @XanthousXatu , @Tudor21G , @DevVoid , @MegaloX , @Night's Shadow , @Merciless Medic, @Lazy Millenial, @Manu456Alola, @Barefoot_Kittens, @SpoonMan. Discussion thread...
  3. •spirit•

    Ask to Join ~My Class 1A - The Next Generation (MHA)~

    Congratulations! You have been offered a place in U.A High's Hero Course! Next Monday, please come to U.A High to participate in the entrance exam. This will take place on Ground Beta. Please wear comfortable, or sports clothes you can freely move around in. Take this week to prepare for this...